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The Detectives And The Dominatrix

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2018 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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Story continued from part three

Part 4: An Idea And A First Shared Session

Emily is not one for brainstorms, but this one she thinks might actually work.

Ruby and Carol.

She’s not one for pushing people together, she hates the idea of match-making, but well, she has a feeling about this. It takes Emily only a couple of weeks to work out a plan. She has two committed, wonderful women here, and they are both, very clearly, single. Perhaps a little lonely, and yet they have so much to give. She has never considered herself a cupid, quite the contrary, although she is a dom and takes care of business in the stables, how people lived their lives outside were their business, and she would never interfere in their private lives. At first sight perhaps these two women don’t have that much in common, except their visits to Emily of course.

But she thinks again of Carol – so bright, wise, assertive, commanding even, classically beautiful, very well educated, and in the real bloom of life. How does Emily think she would be interested in Ruby, Rubberuby?  Ruby - smart, assertive, confident - almost pushy, businesslike. Emily can tell that she’s had a hard life, had to fight lots of battles, but she has made her way up the ladder, in still what could be considered primarily a man’s world. They are so alike and then, well, not so much. But they have several connected things in common… rubber, the stables and all that it offered, herself, being a proud sub and accepting being affectionately and professionally punished. Is that a good enough base for a relationship? Well it really couldn’t do any harm, she thinks.

A further week later, all is in place, even Emily, ice cool normally, is a little nervous, certainly excited. She dresses in a cream blouse, with a high buttoned collar and loose sleeves tucked into wrist length black rubber gloves. Her ample breasts are pushed out the front, but this time there is no corset, the blouse being tucked into a very short flared skirt of cream and black swirls. Underneath she has her white peep hole bra, crotchless white frilled rubber panties and cream rubber stockings, her feet in comfortable three inch black pumps.

As she works her way through a demanding session with Ruby she gains confidence that this might work. Ruby, even though this is only her third session is moving in leaps and bounds, and now getting familiar with her body’s reactions to Emily’s ministrations. She is becoming a superb sub already, even thriving on the pain, for Emily has in this session moved to the cane. Ruby laps it all up, and is now pushing Emily to create more elaborate scenarios already. Emily has already had her in the vacuum bed and has paddled her hard. Ruby is wearing her favourite pink catsuit, so there are two layers of rubber to protect her. Even so Emily doesn’t hold back and after the paddling gives her a caning with four strokes, at least a 4 or 5 on the pain scale. Ruby grunts and yelps as the cane lands noisily on the two layers of rubber covering her sublime buttocks.

Emily is delighted that Ruby is adjusting brilliantly, riding the pain, unable to move an inch, just aaaaahhing through her breathing tube. Then Emily has strapped her, face down to the whipping horse, but just played with her for fifteen minutes, her fingers moving, exploring her stretched pussy and her slowly adjusting anal passage. Ruby soon is groaning, imploring her with her eyes for release, but Emily is the one to decide that, and chooses to leave her for a few minutes, panting. Finally, she returns and unforgivingly presses a gleaming lubed butt plug against Ruby’s sphincter and eases it into her rear. This takes a couple of minutes, Emily stroking her buttocks, encouraging her, complimenting her, relaxing her, until with a last thrust it plops inside her, elicited only by an aaaarrgh from Ruby. This is an important step, for Emily now knows Ruby is becoming anally experienced and accepting, although perhaps not comfortable yet, and anal stretching and training is a requirement for all top subs.

Emily releases her with a flourish, then with a smile she opens the back of the inflatable body bag, which she knows is Ruby’s favourite. Over a very short time Ruby has grown to love its unforgiving embrace, and looks upon it like a womb, a warm comforting place where she can drift off, dream, and if she is lucky, be played with by her mistress. She steps inside and slides her hands in the sleeves, waiting for the wonderful sensation as the air line is attached and the bag expanded, enclosing her, trapping her, squeezing her until, suspended above the floor, all she could do is breathe, and if pushed, perhaps bend her legs a little.

Now Emily comes around and faces her.

“You have done well today, Rubberuby, I didn’t expect any less, but you know I like gags for many occasions.” She presses her lips against Ruby’s, her tongue exploring her mouth. Ruby is ready to wilt, returning the kiss, before Emily parts and places the large red rubber ball gag in front of her, eyes raised. Ruby gives her a dirty look – but she’s not really serious - and opens her mouth, gripping the hard rubber as it slips between her wet lips.

“Good girl, I know you like this, biting down on the hard rubber, so don’t pretend.” She pulls the double straps behind her head, she has remained unmasked throughout the session, and adjusts them, settling the ball immovably in Ruby’s mouth.

“You look good enough to eat.” Emily lowers her head and licks Ruby’s exposed nipples, running her teeth over them, gently biting, her finger running up and down her labia.

“I’ll have these ringed someday Rubberuby, a nice thick horizontal rod and U shackle, but it’s your choice, just tell me when, your call hhmm?” Then they both hear a car approach the cottage over the gravel driveway, and Ruby sees a look of alarm on Emily’s face.

“Ohmygod, who’s that? What time is… I can’t believe… look at the time, I can’t believe we’ve overrun so much. That’s my next client, she’s a few minutes early but we’ve overrun quite a bit, I suppose I was enjoying myself so much, you’re such a responsive sub. Well we don’t have time to release…. look Ruby, sorry, but I’m going to have to leave you there.”

“Aaaargh, mmmfff.” Ruby shakes her head, no way, no way, she grunts. She isn’t wearing her mask, which she is happy to do so, and she is gagged, her pussy exposed and her bum plugged. She won’t leave her like this, will she?

“Sorry, Ruby, you’ll have to wait, there’s not enough time to release you and get you changed and out, look, just hang in there – no pun intended – and watch my next session? You’ll be fine. Hey, you might like it.” They hear the side door open and the new client move to the changing room. Why can’t they wait for me to leave first? Thinks Ruby. Why must I stay like this? This is going to be so embarrassing. Shit, I’m not ready for this. She doesn’t mind private sessions with her mistress, no matter how she is dressed, or gagged or plugged. But now she will be on display, unmasked, admittedly in front of another sub, presumably.

No, she is quite upset now. She doesn’t want to be seen like this by another client, strung up in an immovable bag and gagged in rubber. She feels so exposed, vulnerable, her gleaming pussy visible to all. She doesn’t want some other client - wait a minute Emily said she - okay, so it’s another woman, although she’s not sure if that really makes much difference, even if she is a rubber addict or subbie or whatever, getting a good leer at her. But as Emily sympathetically strokes her head and kisses her cheek, then leaves, she realises she could do nothing at all about it.

Rubberuby Has Company

Ten minutes later Emily returns, and again Ruby is amazed at her transformation. She is now dressed as a nurse, a very saucy rubber nurse, a perfect parody of course. She has a blue tunic, front buttoned down to the tight waist of a very short flared skirt. The tunic enhances her ample breasts, has a high white collar, and the long sleeves end in white cuffs, covering white gloves. Her legs are sheathed in shiny white stockings, Ruby can even see the stocking tops as she saunters forward, in four inch high white pumps. Her head is covered by a white rubber balaclava, tucked under the collar of her tunic, with her face framed by a curved heart-shaped open portion extending from under her lower lips, across her cheeks up to her eyes and along her eyebrows. Yes, a strange parody for sure, but a very erotic one and Ruby can feel herself moisten just by taking in her beauty. Ruby’s eyes however don’t dwell on Emily long, but on the woman following her into the room, and she is an even stranger, and also a curiously erotic sight.

The woman is perhaps mid to late 30’s, it is hard to tell, for she has a classic ageless beauty, a model’s face, she could pass for mid 20’s if not for the tinge of grey in her long blonde hair. She is tall, as tall as Emily, and well contoured, not a model stick-insect frame, but a full-bodied beauty, as if from the 50’s movies. She is dressed as a schoolgirl, a very voluptuous schoolgirl, all in rubber, of course. Her blonde/grey hair is pulled back in a ponytail, exposing her almost perfect high-cheeked features. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt, buttoned to a collar around which is tied a school tie of maroon and green rubber. Below is a short, flared skirt of maroon rubber, to mid thigh over white stockings. But two things immediately catch Ruby’s eye. One is that her legs are encased in tan knee-high boots that end in a shoe resembling a hoof. Only her toes touch the ground for her insteps and heels are raised by contoured steel soles, and there are no heels to the boots at all. In her travels Ruby has heard of pony play, but has never seen these boots before. The woman however walks with ease. On closer inspection Ruby sees that she is being led by a ring through her septum, from which Emily holds a long, gold, narrow chain.

It is the oddest sight, a mature woman, well mid or late 30’s anyway, dressed as a sexy parody of a schoolgirl, being led by the nose, literally, by a balaclaved rubber nurse. Ruby can tell from her perfect posture, her cool demeanour, that this is a woman from a class above her. There is an almost imperious carriage to her. Ruby has worked hard to move up the classes, but is well aware that the class structure in the UK still exists if in more subtle ways. And that is what makes it so odd, here is a woman from the upper echelons, she can see that just by how she holds herself, a bit like Emily actually, a woman who is prepared to be paraded like this, a rubber schoolgirl led by a ring and chain through the nose. How degrading or humiliating is that? But who is Ruby to judge? For she is a respected and hard working detective, yet now swinging in an inflated rubber bag, gagged and anally plugged, and with her pussy exposed for all to see.

It certainly is a strange world.

Then the woman sees Ruby, and clearly she does not expect to see her there. Emily had said that most clients liked to be masked, but not this beautiful, cool woman, and Ruby can see immediately that she is more than a little embarrassed. She stops, but Emily pulls the chain attached to her nose ring and the woman jerks forward, with an aaaahh, to stand right in front of Ruby, who now she has got over her initial shock, she now examines closely.

Both of them are embarrassed to be under mutual scrutiny. Emily can feel the tension in the room. Both women are clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Both expected a private session which they would be comfortable with, but are now embarrassed to be dressed like this in front of another woman, albeit another sub, under the complete control of their mistress. Emily decides she has to explain the situation.

“Well ladies, an apology and an explanation first, and then an introduction. Firstly, this is all my doing. Ruby, yes, this is Ruby, or I prefer Rubberuby, and I were having such a good session that we ran over, and I have to confess I made a mess of my timing this evening. Carol, Ruby, this is Carol, had already arrived and there was really no time to get Ruby out of her favourite bag here, and so I decided that it would be best to continue with our session Carol. And Ruby could observe, and so here she is, and she’ll stay here for your session. Don’t worry Carol, you will get my full attention, Rubberuby will just observe. I think on reflection it will do her good to see an experienced sub like you show how it’s done.”

During her speech, Carol and Ruby had locked eyes. Ruby gently swung in her inflated bag and Carol stood by Emily, her arms behind her back, her feet apart, the chain dangling from her nose. Then Ruby, who could do very little, cocks her head to the side and raises her eyebrows, as if to say, well we’re both in quite a pickle, aren’t we? Carol studies her, her eyes moving down to her crotch, and she sees Ruby’s juices glistening, then locks eyes again and returns an imperceptible nod and tight-lipped smile. Yes, they really can’t do anything about this, Carol thinks. And she also thinks, well this is quite a cute looking girl, a good bit younger than me, but really quite pretty, even with the ball gag stuffed in her mouth. I wonder if she prefers the ladies?

“So, introductions. Carol this is, as I have said, this is Ruby. She’s fairly new at being under my tutelage, but is doing very well indeed. She already loves her rubber, and this body bag in particular, it makes her so helpless, and Ruby likes that, don’t you Rubberuby? As you can see.” She glances down at her glistening pussy. “We have only had a few sessions but she’s a natural, and will be challenging you Carol as my super-sub, ha ha.”

Emily pulls Carol closer, tightening her grip on the gold chain, making Carol wince. She leads her to the rear of Ruby.

“As you can see she’s getting used to the butt plug. Now this is only a number 4, but soon her anal passage will be accommodating a number 8, like you can take Carol. Ruby doesn’t like the sound of that, and Carol can see out of the corner of her eye Ruby’s eyes widen.

“She is a cutie, isn’t she Carol? She’s young and has lots to learn, but she’s a quick learner, aren’t you sweetie?” Emily runs her hand through Ruby’s short spiky hair. Carol does indeed think she is cute, although she can’t see a lot of her, but what she sees, she likes, yes, young, at least by Carol’s age, but there is some steel in those eyes. Her breasts, squeezed out through the openings in the bag are full and Carol is pleasantly surprised to see her nipples are hard, and fine, large brown beauties they are too.

Emily returns to face Ruby, looks down and smiles, and places her gloved finger over Ruby’s labia, then eases it into her pussy, accompanied by a groan, it seems of pleasure from Ruby, and comes away with it gleaming. Carol looks at her glistening finger, and then Ruby, and their eyes lock, sisters in arms perhaps?

“See, what a rubber subbie she is, ha ha. And a sweet one too. Try this for taste, Carol.” And Emily positions her finger in front of Carol, who takes a nervous look before sucking it into her mouth, tasting and savouring her. Ruby looks at her, and Carol shrugs, as if to say, well what could I do? Emily pulls the chain tighter until Carol is barely a foot in front of Ruby. 

“And this is Carol, Ruby, a superb rubber subbie as well, as you will see in the next hour. She’s a very experienced sub, and as you watch the next hour you will learn a thing or two from her. We’ve known each other quite a while now, and make a good team, as you and I will do very soon I know.” She stroked Carol’s blonde head.

“Look at her Ruby, beautiful, classy, imperious even, and a wonderful, receptive sub. A few weeks ago, she came to me and asked if she could have her septum pierced and grommeted. Nice and clean and hygienic. And I would like to do this to you someday Ruby, keep you perfectly under control. And believe me it is so easy to control someone with a ring and chain connected to that tiny grommet embedded in the nose, completely out of sight.

Now she places her arm around Carol’s waist, hugging her.

“I’m not sure she thinks it’s such a good idea now, but too late, haha. As you can see she likes to play the naughty schoolgirl, ready for her punishment, I’m sure it’s some strange private school catholic thing. Carol had the best of educations and has not wasted them, she is much respected in her profession which like yours Ruby, is stressful. So she feels compelled to come here to, well not exactly relax, but let’s say forget the troubles of the world out there. She puts herself, body and soul in my hands and goes away relaxed, happy, and perhaps a bit sore too. You may be wondering about the boots, beautiful, aren’t they?” Ruby naturally nods, saliva now dribbling from her gagged mouth and down her inflated rubber-encased torso, and well aware that Carol is now staring at her glistening pussy.

“Well, as you know I have a few acres here, very, very private acres, not a soul to be seen from one week to the next. Carol here, being a good private school girl rode a lot when she was young, and still does, and this gave me an idea. Maybe she would like to be on the other end of the reins and bit, hhmm? And the whip too ha ha. I thought we would try the boots first, get her used to them, walking, trotting even on her toes, then we’ll see how we can make it a bit more intense.” She strokes Carol’s cheek, who closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, already Ruby can see she is aroused.

“Carol also used to do ballet as a young girl and was very good I understand, but got too tall and voluptuous by the time she was 16. Ah well, ballet’s loss and our gain. So walking in these, and even running, will be easy eventually, but small steps first, this is her first time, and you can see she’s a bit nervous, although of course that could be you Ruby, as well. Oh my, she does look so pretty like that, doesn’t she Carol? And you are still almost dripping down there, you naughty girl Rubberuby, and perhaps you’re the reason for that, Carol. Yes, you are a stunner, and I’m sure you would like to lick her clean down there. But maybe we’ll leave that for later as a reward if you perform up to my high standards. Right now, we need to warm you up and get you walking in those boots. Come on Carol, let’s show off your assets.”

She pulls on the chain and Carol is forced to follow her to a side of the room where Ruby had earlier seen a treadmill/running machine when she had helped her move in. She’d assumed that Emily had used it herself to keep fit, she certainly is very fit, but now she realises that Emily has other uses for it as well. Carol steps onto the rubber treadmill, seemingly quite comfortable in her hoof boots. Emily takes her nose chain and shortens it, clipping it to the front of the machine.

Some Exercise For Carol

“This should keep you nicely in step. Now bend over Carol, we have one more addition to your tackle. Good ponies have pretty tails, and so will you.” As Carol bends down, Emily raises her short skirt, and coolly pulls down her panties.

“Mmm, isn’t that a beauty, Ruby.” Ruby stares at Carol’s fine muscled globes, with just a hint of bald pussy hidden beneath. It is a stunning sight, this cool, calm upper-crust lady baring it all, and Ruby starts to breathe heavily and feel herself get wet again. Emily runs her gloved finger between Carol’s cheeks, who shivers at the contact, then she goes to a drawer and extracts a large butt plug, quickly smearing some lube over it.

“As I said earlier, Carol is now very experienced in accommodating butt plugs, considerably larger than yours Ruby. Now this is a number 7, not the largest she’s taken, but ideal if she is to do some running here.” Ruby is genuinely shocked to hear this, and to see the size of the plug, but Carol stays calm, still bent over, her hands on her knees.

“All right, easy does it now.” Ruby had been interested to see that throughout the scenario Carol had been left uncuffed, and ungagged, she could have resisted but no, she was accepting all this. She spreads her legs further, as best she can with her white panties now around her knees. Emily rests the plug between her rounded cheeks and waits for Carol to relax, then presses firmly on the curved base. Carol oooohhes and aaaahes quietly as the probe enters her, not moving, just gripping her knees. Emily presses further, and the plug, getting thicker and thicker, stretches her sphincter wider. Quickly, all too quickly, with an almost audible plop, it disappears into Carol and the curved base settles between her cheeks. Carol takes some deep breaths as Emily pulls her panties back up, slaps her playfully, and lowers her skirt.

“You really do like that inside you, don’t you Carol, you are a bad girl.” Carol now stood, wiggling her bottom, until she is satisfied she is “comfortable”, if that was possible.

“All right, we’ll start off this with a brisk walk for five minutes and then move up and get you to a trot and canter.” And with a press of a knob Carol is off, mindful of her nose chain attached to the front of the machine. Ruby watches silently as Carol strides, erect on the rubber rolling treadmill. Emily stands beside her, admiring her form, then after a minute or two says.

“Well this is almost too easy for you, let’s take it up a notch.” Now Carol is trotting evenly, her superb breasts bouncing wonderfully, her strong thighs working on a good rhythm. After a further five minutes Emily has increased the pace to a good canter, and Ruby is amazed at how quickly Carol has adjusted to this forced exercise in the strange boots, and more important, having a butt plug in her rear. She is hugely impressed. This is a woman who is clearly in great physical shape. Emily places her hand gently on Carol’s firm bouncing buttocks.

“You know Carol, we’ve talked about this, but you would look so much better, actually perfect with a beautiful grey/blonde tail sprouting from your bottom here. Your hair in this pony tail is thick and wavy, it will grow again, your friends and colleagues may question you for a couple of weeks about your short hair but they’ll move on. And you would have the most sublime pony tail here, swishing away, tickling your bottom cheeks, matching your growing head hair.”

She carries on stroking Carol’s jiggling buttocks.

“I know you’ll agree to this, I know you will eventually, haha, you are a perfect subbie, and soon you will come to me and ask me to have it cut it off, I will, and then we can talk about other additions I have planned for you. Oh, rings, and shackles and further piercings and maybe a brand on your lovely bottom, all good exciting stuff.” Carol listens to all this silently, she could have spoken, she is not gagged, but silently she continues to run, concentrating on keeping the nose chain loose. Her face shows no reaction to Emily’s “suggestions”.

Eventually, Emily slows and then stops the machine. The nose chain is released from the machine and Carol steps off, sweat dripping down her beautiful face, taking gulps of air. Emily rubs her cheek.

“Wonderful, what a fine sight you are. All those early morning runs and sessions in the gym have worked wonders, you look superb, a beautiful filly. Next time we’ll have you with a nice bit, you will have to get used to that.” Emily places an arm around her waist, kissing her cheek tenderly.

“Now listen closely. I have a job for you, my dear, and don’t forget this. I want you to design, and you should be an expert at this being of the horsey set, I want you to design a head harness, bit and bridle for yourself.”

Carol stares at her, still panting. Emily dabs some perspiration with a paper towel.

“Well, you should know how they work, you’re a well-bred horsey girl, I’m no expert and can buy one from the net, but you will be wearing it, won’t you, so I want you comfortable… but still under my control of course.”

She is now stroking Carol’s breast, whispering to her.

“Let’s see. Soft leather or rubber straps, nice brass rings and buckles, a steel bit will be hard on the teeth, but I know you can get rubber coated bits. They can be straight or even with a curved pad to cover the tongue and not stretch the mouth too much. You won’t be able to speak of course, but that’s the point, and you’ll be easy to control.” She tenderly pats Carol’s bottom. “I’m going to leave it to you, my dear, whatever you design I’m sure it will be perfect. You will do it for me, won’t you?” Carol stares at her mistress, still getting her breath back. She knows, little by little, she is being led down a road that, perhaps, she had not originally considered, but then perhaps it seems destined for her. Their eyes lock for a few seconds, and then Carol nods.

“Good girl.” She slaps her buttocks playfully but a little harder this time.

“Now I think you need a reward, and I know you want this, come over here.”

A Caning for Carol

She leads her to a chain hanging from a pulley in the ceiling. Then she pulls open the studs of the breast pockets of Carol’s rubber shirt. Ruby can see they were false pockets, for now her nipples, held by a black rubber bra, are exposed. They are bright pink/brown and Ruby can see they are rock hard. Emily takes a Y shaped gold chain and attaches the single end to the oval ring hanging from Carol’s septum, then attaches two plastic coated crocodile clips to the other ends, and looking up at Carol, closes the teeth around her nipples. Carol winces, but no more.  A further chain is connected to the ring at the join in the Y and clipped to the chain hanging from the ceiling. Emily adjusts this and now Carol’s stands gingerly erect, her booted legs two feet apart; the chains aren’t taut but there is very little wriggle room for her nipples and nose. She is still ungagged and uncuffed, but has remained silently obedient.

“Now raise your skirt at the rear, Carol.” Carol does so, and Ruby now has a front row view of her muscled buttocks, the outline of the butt plug under her panties, and her splendid white stockinged long legs.

“How many did you have last time?”

“Erm er, ten… er no, twelve.” She says in a deep, cultured voice. The first time Ruby has heard her speak.

“Yes, twelve, you were going to say ten, weren’t you, you naughty girl, well twelve it is then. Now Ruby here has just graduated to the cane, she had a good paddling earlier and we followed it with the cane. Not too many strikes and not too hard for the first time. But you Carol, well, much like the butt plug, you’re an expert at this now, the cane, aren’t you?”

She takes a cane, makes a couple of air swishes for practice and then without preamble begins to swat Carol’s firm rubber covered buttocks. Carol remains erect, barely able to move, her nose and nipples chained together and to the ceiling. She grips the sides of her skirt and begins to pant, her eyes closed now, in another world, her teeth gripping her lower lip. But the look on her face isn’t pain or anguish, well perhaps it is, but there is also a look of sexual pleasure as well. Yes, she has thick rubber panties on, but Ruby knows by personal experience that this hurts – a lot. By the time Emily has planted twelve firm strokes on her rear and the tops of her thighs, which are unprotected, Carol is panting, groaning, sweat springing out on her face. And Ruby is astonished to see that she had come, shaking and shuddering. How the hell could she do that?

“Good girl good girl, you liked that, didn’t you?” She releases the nose and nipple chains and Carol bent over, catches her breath.

“Oh, what a gorgeous saucy schoolgirl you are, Carol, and I’ll prove it to Ruby. She places her hands under Carol’s skirt and pulls down her panties and Carol steps out of them. Triumphantly she opens them inside out, showing Ruby the gusset, almost dripping with Carol’s juices.

“Let’s see, maybe you should get to know Carol more intimately, Ruby. Would you like that?” She has a devious smile on her face as she approaches Ruby and places the panties over Ruby’s head, the gusset of the panties over Ruby’s nose and mouth. Then she tucks a portion of the waistband under Ruby’s collar at the front, then roughly stretches the panties back over her head and tucks the remainder at the back of the collar. The gleaming wet gusset is now firmly clamped over her nose and gagged mouth, and Ruby can only peer out through the leg openings. She draws in a deep breath through her nose, for her mouth is crammed with the rubber ball, and is not surprised to smell pungent, warm rubber together with… well, warm wet Carol. She should be shocked, perhaps a little ashamed, but she isn’t. In fact she rather likes this truly bizarre situation in which she has been placed. Carol looks a bit sheepish as Ruby closes her eyes, trying to calm herself and adjust, inhaling the sweet feminine aroma.

“I do believe she likes your fragrance, Carol. But I think you’ve probably had enough in that bag, haven’t you Ruby, you must be sweltering in there, let’s have you in the frame here. Then Carol can get a good look at all your wares, and I know she’ll like them.”

As Carol stands obediently to the side, dropping her skirt to cover her bare pussy and plugged bottom, staring silently at Ruby, Emily deflates and unzips the bag and with a sigh of relief, Ruby extricated herself. Sweat pours down inside her suit, but that is not evident from the outside. Now, dutifully she stands within the steel frame, Carol’s panties still glued over her nose and mouth, as Emily affectionately gives her a hug, giggling at the panties, then cuffs her wrists and ankles to the side posts and expertly stretches her out in an evenly weighted X-shaped spread-eagle, her toes just off the ground.

This exercise allows Carol to take a breather and inspect Ruby. She is very attractive in the pink rubber suit, which doesn’t hide any of her charms, a bit smaller than either Emily or herself, but well muscled and with fine breasts and firm buttocks. Carol does indeed like the look of what she sees, Ruby is solid, yes, a little smaller than herself, but with curves in all the right places. She has a pretty, rather elfin face – what she can see behind her panties - and the spiky hair is rather interesting.

“She is a beauty isn’t she, pretty in pink, and such a rubber subbie too. So young, and yet so naughty. You can see she’s wet there, really wet, but that I’m sure is down to watching you get a good beating, Carol, hhmm?”

Emily strokes Ruby’s breasts through the tight rubber, then tickles her hard nipples.

“Lovely breasts, and hard buttocks here, and just like you, getting used to a snug butt plug. She’ll get accustomed to bigger ones over time. And it looks like she doesn’t have any problem inhaling your juices either. We’ll leave your panties on her for now, you will have no need for them. Come on, no time to lose, let’s have you in the gyn/ob chair there. We have twenty five minutes, let’s give Ruby a real show, and I’m going to play nurse.”

Good Vibrations    

Emily is very pleased with how things have gone so far. After the initial nerves and embarrassment, both women seem to now be getting into this, a joint sub/dom session.

Carol lies back in the chair, placing her hoofed feet in the stirrups as Emily calmly straps her in. While she does this something seems to change in Carol, for her eyes now don’t waver from Ruby. She is no longer embarrassed at both of them in their rubber and bizarre situations. She sits there coolly, comfortably, aware that she is the central attraction, and well aware that Ruby is her audience. This encourages Emily. 

Straps at wrists, biceps, above and below breasts, thighs and ankles soon ensures she has very little wriggle room. Carol looks quite serene now, untroubled, and settles in as the upper part of the chair is tilted back 45 degrees, allowing Ruby a perfect view of her bald, inflamed wet pussy, and just behind, the curved base of the large butt plug. Now Emily takes another set of plastic ended crocodile clips and attaches them to Carol’s exposed and still hard nipples. Wires connect from the clips to a small box by the chair, and Ruby knows for sure that poor Carol is in for some shock treatment.

“You will enjoy this, I promise Carol, I’m not going to torture you, well perhaps a little, ha ha. But the current will be very low, just give you a nice purring vibration, and then we will get to work down here.” She turns a dial and sees Carol immediately shake - aaah aaaah.

“That should be enough, now nurse needs to show her skills.”

She places a rubber hospital facemask over her mouth and nose, it is identical to a surgeons’, and ties it behind her head over the white rubber balaclava. Now all that is visible are her eyes. She breathes in hard, and the rubber billows over her nose.

“Hhhmm, ooh lovely.” She draws on surgical gloves, almost transparent, over her own white rubber gloves and the forearms of her blue tunic. She takes her time, stretching her fingers, easing out any wrinkles. Then she pulls a stool over and sits between Carol’s parted, elevated legs, but just allowing enough for Ruby to have a good view. She adjusts the chair, stretching Carol’s legs further apart to over 90 degrees.

“Oh, look at this jewel.” She murmurs as she places a gloved finger over Carol’s stretched labia. Now rhythmically, she used one, then two fingers, gently, then more forcefully as Carol begins to pant and whimper. But this isn’t enough, for after a couple of minutes Emily goes over to the drawers, returning with a pencil vibrator. She eases a finger under Carol’s clitoral hood, exposing her nubbin, which Ruby is able to see is large, pink and inflamed. Emily lays the small vibrator on it and turns it on. Ruby is able to hear the faintest buzzing and immediately Carol begins to shake. Emily continues, with a finger, and then two, rubbing Carol’s insides.

Carol is now grunting, and moaning loudly, mouthing half words…. fuck..fu..fu…fu, she continues. Emily looks up and Ruby can see in her eyes a smile. She shows Ruby her gloved fingers coated in moisture. She goes to the cabinet again and returns with a familiar rubber mask. This was the one she saw Benson wear those few months ago, the one with the large rubber cock gag inside, and even more intimidating, the re-breather bag.

“You really are making quite a racket, Carol, I’ll give you something to chomp down on. I know you’re not partial to cock, but this will quieten you down a bit, and you can clamp down on it.” She goes behind her and loosens her ponytail, and Carol shakes her head, her face now framed with her wavy, grey/blonde hair.

It is beautiful hair all right, Ruby wonders if Carol would be willing to give it all up for an equally stunning pony tail and attached butt plug. I wouldn’t, thinks Ruby. Emily places the open portion of the mask in front of Carol, who without objection dips her face into it, aaarrgghing and hhhmming as the large cock enters her mouth. Emily arranges the blonde hair and then zips the mask down the back. Ruby can see Carol close her eyes, trying to calm, and breathe slowly, her chest rising and falling and the re-breather bag starting to inflate and deflate.

Emily returns to her stool and pencil vibrator, and begins again to tease and torment the woman. Soon Carol’s head begins to rock side to side and back and forward, it is clear she is in the throes of a violent orgasm. Only a faint hhhmmm can be heard. Emily, seeing her head hit the curved headrest of the chair several times, calmly rises and stands behind her, and taking a rubber strap attached to the rear of the headrest she brings it over her masked head and adjusts it on the forehead portion of the mask, effectively fastening her head to the headrest. Then with a smile to Ruby, she resumes her position on her stool, with Carol now completely immobilised. For a few minutes she continues, Carol moaning loudly through the mask until finally Ruby saw something she had heard of, but had never seen before. Accompanied by a series of convulsive jerks of her body, a small jet, syringe like, of Carol’s juices, forms a tiny rainbow in the air, as Emily leans back. Then another jet, as Carol appears to faint with the exertion.

Emily stands, turns to Ruby, a smile behind her mask, and then leans over Carol, stroking her masked head, the re-breather bag now inflating slowly. Ruby has never seen, even imagined anything like that. She has now been a witness to a woman in her prime, yes, dressed as a rubber schoolgirl, but a full-bodied voluptuous woman, completely yielding herself, unashamedly to this other woman, perhaps eight or ten years younger than her.

Now Emily is releasing her from the chair, taking off the crocodile clips, accompanied by a muted yelp from Carol, Ruby has almost forgotten about them. She helps her stand and carefully unzips the gasmask, and Carol’s hair is now damp and flattened to her skull. Emily pulls off her gloves and surgical mask, and with a broad grin, musses Carol’s hair. She kisses Carol on the lips, a long, languorous one, with Carol perhaps still in a bit of a daze. And Ruby, after what she has witnessed, suddenly feels jealous.

She continues to embrace Carol, stroking her affectionately, bringing her down from her high, and Carol is now getting her breath back.

“All over, and I think we had a good session, don’t you?” Carol nods mutely.

“I’m sure Ruby was impressed.” She strokes her cheek. “Now remember what I said about the pony head harness and bit, give it some thought and come back with your sketches, Carol, my dear, you will look superb, we have lots to do, oh, and think again about your hair, it really would make a wonderful pony tail sprouting from those delectable cheeks, and the head hair will always grow back.” She holds her cheeks in her hands and gives her one last kiss.

Ruby And Carol Get Acquainted

“All right, I’m pooped. That was a good session, I think. I hope both of you liked it. So I’m going upstairs for a quick towel down and a glass of wine. We’ll leave Rubberuby here to reminisce. Are you going to join me, Carol?”

“No, erm mistress, I’m sorry but I have to get back, I would love to, but another time.”

Emily smiles coolly and  looks over at Ruby, still gagged and with Carol’s panties over her face.

“Well then why don’t I leave you two for a few minutes, hhmm? Then Carol, you can change and go, and I’ll come down and release Ruby. Carol, leave Ruby as she is, I’ve been thinking that I might want to give her a reward for being such a good girl for over two hours now.”

With a satisfied smile and the turn of a heel Emily strides out. Carol is left standing, still catching her breath, Ruby can actually see her juices on the insides of her white stockings. Carol now looks at Ruby, still strung up, spread-eagled in her pink rubber, gagged, butt plugged and panty faced with Carol’s rubber panties. What a sight she is. Carol blows out some air and grins, there had been some initial embarrassment between them during the session, but now that was all over, Ruby can see that Carol seems pensive. Both know that now the session is over there is this slightly awkward moment. Carol takes her time inspecting Ruby, and approaches her.

“Well, I don’t suppose you’ve seen anything like that before.” Ruby notes the slightly upper-class accent, yet deep throated, and this normally puts her off. She has a sort of inverted snobbery, but this woman has a cool demeanour, and a dirty laugh, and warm eyes. An interesting mix. And more to the point, after what she’s seen and what Carol has experienced over the last hour, well, she is very intrigued by this rather commanding woman. She also spoke with a bit of a croak, perhaps sucking on that rubber cock did that., Ruby chuckles to herself.

“I have to say, I was really surprised when I saw you here when our mistress brought me in, ha ha. I thought that I had a private session booked, as always.” Ruby chuckles at the “mistress” bit.

“I was a little embarrassed to say the least, at first, you can see I have a schoolgirl thing,” she seems a bit shy to talk about that topic, which amuses Ruby, seeing as what she has just done, or had done to her, “but if you have a fabulous mistress like Emily, you forget all your inhibitions and really get into it, don’t you?”

Ruby nods vigorously as Carol comes closer, her tongue between her lips, a mischievous smile forming.

“I think we have a few minutes, so what if I…” And she begins to pull her panties off Ruby’s face. Ruby shakes her head.

“Yes, I know if mistress finds out, I’ll be for the high jump, another good caning probably, but she knows I can handle that, something else perhaps, equally nasty, ha ha. Anyway…” She looks at Ruby, smiling and raising her eyebrows. “I think it will be worth it, don’t you? We can chat for a couple of minutes, all I’ve heard from you are grunts and mmmmffs up to now.” She laughed her throaty laugh, and after a second’s thought Ruby nods. Then Carol extricates the large rubber ball from Ruby’s mouth.

“I admire you, your jaw must be sore after an hour or more of that. So you are Ruby, hello Ruby, very pleased to meet you, in these rather interesting circumstances.” She gives her throaty laugh again. She seems to now have got all her composure back, she’s having fun.

“Rubber Ruby, Rubberuby, ha ha, I can see why, you like the rubber don’t you?” Another nod from Ruby who is swallowing and licking her lips, adjusting to not having a large ball crammed in her mouth. Carol comes closer and Ruby can see the beads of sweat dripping down her face.

“Hhmm, I’m a rubber addict too, no idea why, where does it come from? Childhood I suppose, all very strange. And I’m Carol, as you now know. And I don’t have a nomme de stables, I should think of one.  Caoutchouc Carol? Gummi Carol? That’s rubber in French and German, no, it doesn’t really have the ring to it. And Ruby, you erm I assume, prefer the ladies, I think, from what I have seen, yes? Good, and you’re very attractive, Ruby, very… toned, muscled, I like that. You feeling better?”

“Yes, yeah, a bit thanks, you really shouldn’t have done that, Emil… mistress will have your guts for… and mine as well.” Carol places a gloved finger on Ruby’s lips.

“Never mind that, as I said, it will be worth it.” She places a hand gently at her waist, her eyes locked on Ruby’s.

“I’m sorry about my panties, they were very wet, weren’t they? Although they did look rather good on you. Look, I have only about 5 minutes and then I have to change, otherwise mistress, will wonder where I am, so the chat will have to be quick, I’m afraid.” Ruby cocks her head to one side, still breathing in the aroma of the woman in front of her, now serenely calm.

“I’m sorry if you found my… aroma is not to your…” Now it is Ruby that laughs.

“Ha ha, no, they were fine thanks. Jeez, did I just say that. It’s kind of funny, this chat, here we are in rubber, you a schoolgirl, a very beautiful one and me stuffed stretched out in this frame, my goodies on show. Now the session is over it seems a bit strange.”

“Well I’m happy about the panties, ha ha, but  you did look rather funny with them clamped over your nose like that, but I can see down here,” she moves her gloved hand tenderly over Ruby’s glistening labia, then places it on her tongue, and swallows, “that all is well, haha, and you’re pretty tasty too. I suppose after the last hour I have no secrets from you, that whole scene in the gyn/ob chair was really exhausting. Painful all right, but fun too. Have you had that butt plug in all of two hours, that is pretty impressive.”

“Yeah, it’s fine though, well, erm you know what I mean, you get used to it.”

“Good for you, I have a good sized one in here and well, you’re right you do adjust, and but mistress will have you accommodating bigger ones, for sure. Don’t look so shocked, you’ll be fine. I see you’re nice and bald down here, did mistress get you on the cream? Hhmm, me too, so much nicer and smoother now.” She’d moves her hands to Ruby’s full breasts.

“I have you at my mercy, don’t I? And these are divine, that pink suit is perfect for you, and these nice hard nipples peaking out. Has she talked to you about ringing your nipples? She has to me, never stops, but I’m not ready yet, but sometimes she punishes them awfully, I almost faint with the pain,” then she looks saucily at her, “and the pleasure of course.”

“Why did you have your nose...”

“My septum pierced and grommeted? It’s out of sight, no one can see it, tiny, plastic and immovable, and I thought…” she cocked her head, dwelling on the reason, “I don’t know, well, just giving up everything, all decisions, all power, to her, being in her complete control, I’m rather ashamed, no not ashamed, but shocked perhaps to say that is what I want, I desire. I don’t even know the grommet’s there, until she slides an oval ring through it and then gives a gentle pull on the chain,” she chuckles, “believe me you do exactly what she wants, which, as you know is why we are all here, hhmm? I wouldn’t have it done frivolously, it was for my mistress, Emily, who I think you will agree is very special. There’s no one I feel more comfortable with, no one.” She smiles winsomely. “But what about you, Ruby? I hope you don’t mind my saying this, you are not “model-beautiful” but I think you are very cute, very cute indeed, very… edible. And I love your hair, spiky, perky but non-punk, it really suits you. Oh, I hope I didn’t say anything out of order? Sometimes after a session I feel so good my brain becomes scrambled.” She looks genuinely concerned. Ruby takes a second.

“Well, I don’t generally take compliments well, but that’s nice, thanks.”

“I can’t think why now, I could eat you in one sitting, ha ha. You have a great body, you work out a lot I see.”

“Hhhm, yeah, I need to in my job…” and then she rather regrets opening up that page.

“Oh, really, and what is, oh shit, no, none of my damn business.”

“Well I’d rather you didn’t know, for now.”

“Of course, of course.” Carol almost stutters, realising that things have been moving on at a pace.   

Ruby is fascinated by this quirky, funny woman, she is so beautifully elegant and in control, and yet so comfortable in talking about being a sub. She wants to ask her questions, lots of questions, the ridiculous hoof boots, and how she walked – and ran - so easily in them, the nipple clamps, the pencil vibrator. God, what a scene she’s been an observer to. But there just isn’t enough time. She stares at her again. She is a classic beauty, the blonde hair with just a hint of premature grey framing her face, a face that has lived, experienced. This isn’t a silly flippant girl, this is a woman in her prime, and she wants to see and to hear more from her.

And then… what? Carol looks at her, there seemed to be a sort of unspoken communication between them for the last few seconds.

“You’re wondering, hhmm, the boots, the hoof boots? Well that’s easy. I was born into a very favourable world, I had the horses, and I had ballet lessons until I was sixteen, then kept growing so was far too big for that world. But I kept it up, still do, it’s wonderful for posture, flexibility, strength. I still love it. Can still do a good en pointe. Oh, I must sound like a spoilt brat, I’m sorry.”

Ruby would have normally thought so, but not this woman, she shook her head violently.

“No, no I like listening to you, it’s so different form my, well upbringing.” In her imagination she sees her in her full ballerina gear, long shapely legs, tight waist, tight panties, tutu, oh she would have loved to take her, really take her like that, lick her clean. God, Ruby, get control!

“Erm, er, what about caning, my god.”

“Yeah, it hurts all right, but somehow for some reason I get off on it, bloody crazy I know. You’ve had a paddling, and light caning, yes? Yep, it’s bloody painful at first and yet then wonderfully arousing, gives you a real buzz. Mistress pushes my boundaries, and I’m excited by that.”

And Ruby nods. “Yes, me too, absolutely.” She knows that for sure now, allowing Emily to take care of her, to push her boundaries, to allow her to experience new and enhanced pleasures.

Carol comes closer, her face inches away from Ruby’s and leans over, pressing her lips to Ruby’s, stroking her hair.

“You do look pretty in pink, like a strawberry ice cream, good enough to lick and lick to the cone. I hope you don’t mind.” She drops to her knees, ohnonono, thinks Ruby, please not now. Then a tongue runs up and down her labia.

“Just cleaning up, you were almost dripping there, hhmm, you are sweet and succulent, oh, I do like you Ruby. I’m sorry, do you mind this at all?”

Ruby, who was almost shuddering, shaking, shook her head.

“Nonono, I just would like to…. reciprocate…. ahhhh.”

“Some other time perhaps. Look, a minute ago you said, you’d rather not tell me your job, profession… for now. And I’m cool with that, but Ruby, does this mean that,” now Carol is getting nervous again, “we could see each other again perhaps, I don’t mean here, although that would be fun too, incredible fun, but perhaps, you know, outside. In the ha ha real world.” Ruby rather likes her when she is nervous like that, the cool competent professional talking, babbling like a teenager. But she doesn’t want to see her like that for long.

“Yes, yes, Carol. I would like really like to see you again. Look we’re not exactly like two peas in a…”

“What, you mean because of my posh… Ruby, jesus, forget that, okay, it was my education my parents chose for me, and I could do nothing about it. Underneath, well you’ve just seen what’s underneath over the last hour. I think I’m pretty normal, if what we get up to is normal, I mean, we all need company, it’s hard out there and…” she actually looks a bit worried.

“Okay, okay, stop. I… you see I’m the one who has issues with… anyway, I would like to see you again, how’s that?”

“Oh, phew, glad that’s over, you know the second I saw you in that inflatable bag, my heart took a jolt, it actually did. It could have been seeing you so vulnerable in the bag of course, and your luscious pussy in it’s glory, but it was something else. And then I see you in the pink suit here, oh, yummy. Gosh, I’m going all weepy, yuk! I have to go, mistress will be wondering where I am, I have to shower and see her before I go.” She puts her lips close to Ruby’s ear.

“You don’t suppose that this meeting wasn’t exactly an accident do you? Our mistress doesn’t make any mistakes, never, as far as I know? It was all a bit staged, don’t you think?” She laughs and runs her tongue over Ruby’s.

Ruby can taste herself on Carol and almost swoons as Carol’s lips met hers again.

“Oh well, it all worked out very well, for me anyway. And I can look forward to coming back and taking a bit of my punishment next time. It really was worth it. Right now, I’m really so tired I think I’ll have a glass of wine in the village pub down the road, it’s quite nice there, did you know.” She kisses her again.

“Hhhmm, luscious, I hope you don’t think I’m overdoing the kissing bit, but you look so wonderful like that. Now mistress probably knows what’s been going on down here but just in case I’ll gag and panty you, if that’s okay.”

Ruby nods, she is still in a bit of a daze, she is going to see this stunning woman again. She opens her mouth obediently as Carol crams the large ball back in.

“I don’t know how you had this in for an hour, I’m really impressed. Now the panties, my erm, juices have dried but I think, well, never mind.” She draped them over Ruby’s head, positioning the gusset over her nose and gagged mouth, then tuckd the waistband under the collar of her pink rubber suit.

“Bye now Ruby, Rubberuby, haha I love that name. It’s perfect for you.” She pecks the front of the panties, says nothing more, just turns in her saucy rubber costume, and leaves, as Ruby continues to happily inhale the heavy aroma of the rubber panties, and Carol. 

Match Made

Ruby needs no encouragement to take Carol’s hint about the pub in the village. After Emily had released her she changes quickly and after a peck and a kiss from Emily she leaves. Emily has a hankering -well, a hope – that her matchmaking will bring rewards.

Ruby sees Carol in the pub, not surprisingly several men are ogling her, who can blame them. When Ruby approaches, Carol rises and kisses her lightly on the lips. They know they are being watched, but it wasn’t a full tongue-job so why the fuss? Ruby looks down at the table and sees two glasses of red wine, then looks at Carol, who smirks.

“I took the liberty of ordering a glass for you.”

“But how did you…”

“I didn’t, I just hoped, hoped you’d come,” she grins, “and you have.” Ruby sees she is beautifully dressed, a charcoal grey power suit, tight shirt to below her knees, silk blouse, loose jacket, Ruby feels scruffy in her shiny leggings, t-shirt and loose cotton jacket.

“You look, erm fantastic, that suit of yours will probably cost me a week’s wages.” She jokes trying to break the ice.

“Probably a month’s actually, look Ruby, don’t go overboard on this money stuff, okay. Yes, I was born into it, and I make a very good salary, but Ruby, I’m interested in you, not the thickness of your wallet, okay? You look so saucy in those shiny leggings, almost rubbery, and jacket. I have to dress the part in my work, I’d rather be wearing what you are wearing,” she leans closer, “or rubber, ha ha. But let’s not talk about the session today, it was fantastic, and having you there as well, made it even better. I want to know about you. You know what,” she downs her wine, she had a good half hour start on Ruby, “get that down you, I would like, if it’s okay by you to carry on this conversation in a more private setting, then we can relax.” As Ruby takes a good mouthful, Carol leans forward.

“I have a nice apartment in town, here’s the address,” she hands her a very fancy business card, and Ruby recognises the address, this is a very chic area. She raises her eyebrows.

“You’re going to have to get over this money thing, really. Will you follow me to my place for a chat and wine, please Ruby. No strings attached.” She places a hand on Ruby’s. “Actually I’m so tired, and my bum is so sore I feel I haven’t got any more energy other than for a nice intimate talk, okay?”

Of course Ruby wants to learn more about this woman.

“Okay, okay, how can I refuse?” She follows her into town, she knows the street, and even the square she lives on. This is on a different planet to Ruby’s flat. Amazingly she gets a parking spot and sees Carol up ahead, parking in a resident’s only spot. They come to a beautiful terraced house, columns either side of the door.

“Don’t look like that Ruby, I don’t own it all, just one of the flats, all right?” as they enter her flat from the elevator, Ruby thinks, well there are apartments, and then there are this. It’s not a show suite, it’s comfortable, even a bit unkempt, books, papers strewn over the couches. But it is big, very big by her standards. Carol comes behind her and helps her off with her jacket, then lightly kisses her neck. She senses Ruby is a little intimidated, just a little, and goes to the kitchen, and opens a bottle of red, as Ruby slowly moves around the room, taking in the art, bookshelves, the view from the window of the private park in front. They sit on one of the couches, Ruby taking a good swig of the wine. She’s not an expert but she knows this is the good stuff.

“So, where do we begin? I’ve seen your body, and in rubber, even better ha ha, and tasted you, so we are over that hurdle, but I just want to get to know you better. No pressure here Ruby, leave whenever you…”

“I don’t want to leave,” she blurts, “but this is all, well a lot to take in.”

“Forget about all this, we should maybe have stayed in the pub. It’s just me, Ruby, me, how about me?” She stands. “I have an idea, we have to get your mind off all these distractions. I’m most comfortable with my thoughts when in the dark, yes? So,” she holds her hand out, “let’s go to my bedroom, now don’t panic, we can strip off, hell, you’ve seen everything I have anyway, sneak under the sheets, and chat. If we want to go further, great, if not we can well, chat, okay?”

And Ruby thinks this is actually a very good idea. As Carol pulls the curtains and leaves a single light on at one side, Ruby notes the bedroom is large, comfortable and not too feminine, with more books and clutter on the floor. There is one huge oak wardrobe, with three doors with mirrors inset, Victorian probably, and Ruby ponders how the hell they could have got it in the room. The bed is a queen with lots of pillows and crisp white sheets.

“Welcome to my boudoir,” she laughs and takes off her jacket, “on first nights I’ve never quite done this before, so say stop, whenever…”

“No, no, it’s a lovely, erm, warm room.” She kicks off her ankle boots, then slowly pulls off her t-shirt. Carol watches silently as she takes off her blouse, and they chuckle as they now see themselves in similar full support bras, Carol black, and Ruby white. Now Carol steps out of her skirt and Ruby takes a breath as she sees she is wearing tiny panties, almost a thong, and sheer black silk stockings with delicate suspender belt.

“Oh, you approve?” Carol asks coquettishly.

“Oh, yes, you look, wooo.” Now Ruby slides out of her shiny leggings and Carol looks down.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod, look at you, I love them, they’re fantastic, ha ha, oh my.” For Ruby is wearing the girdle panties, Playtex style in shimmering white rubber with ventilation holes back and front, that Emily gave her. Ruby had been a bit nervous taking off her leggings but she feels much more relaxed when Carol comes to her, then onto her knees, dipping her face into the seamless rubber.

“These are brilliant, I want a pair, oh, you smell so sweet and so warm. My gran and even my mother I think wore these, keeps the tummy nice and flat, although you certainly don’t need them for that. Look at your bum, perfectly rounded, and the holes at the back too, ha ha. Hhhmm” She inhales deeply, as Ruby, now more comfortable, places her hands on Carol’s head, stroking her.

“Emily gave me them as a present. I don’t know, erm, anyway, I love wearing them, yes, you get a bit hot and a little sweaty, but the holes help. I just love the firm embrace, almost caressing me. I’ve worn them at work and got away with it, so the rubber aroma can’t be too intense.” Carol now, without ceremony, takes off her bra, and Ruby stares at her full, firm breasts, then cocks her head as if to say, okay my turn, and takes hers off as well.

“Leave the girdle pants on, you look so sexy in them.” Carol looks at the bed.

“Which side do you prefer.”

“I don’t care.” And so they slide in either side, and Carol giggles as she turns out the light. They lie there for a few seconds, each with their thoughts, then Carol rolls over on her side and sees Ruby’s profile by the faint street light.

“Okay, who starts? Me?” And Ruby nods, this has all been happening so fast she needs a breather.

“Hello Ruby,” he says mock-formally, “I am Carol, Carol DeVilliers, yeah I know a ridiculous name, old French apparently. Age, 37, status, single.” She chuckles. “Parents rich, live in the country and have a pied-a-terre in London. One sister, one brother, both married with children. We all get on pretty well, they know I’m gay, have for decades, and bless them, love me to death anyway. I am a lawyer, corporate, and without false modesty, good at my job, in the city, and am well paid for it. It’s hard work, stressful, I am in a senior position, and not many women in my work. And by the by, I see Emily to relieve stress, strange though that sounds when she sometimes gives me a good caning.” She stops for a second, leans to the side table and takes a sip of wine.

“ I was very bright at school, and uni, double first, and am perceived as being successful, which I am I suppose, but I am single, I have had flings but nothing too lengthy, don’t know why, commitment or lack thereof. Men are attracted to me, I’m not naïve enough to not realise I am attractive, and so I have to fend them off.” Carol has moved her hand to Ruby’s belly now and is stroking her rubber panties, Ruby likes this comforting move.

“Women in my profession are none too many, and even in these days one has to tread carefully. But why am I a subbie? I have no idea, I had a crush on an older girl at school, and she was very much the dominant one, it could be that. And at uni a few flings, fumblings in the dark, but I get for the most part my release with Emily, and like all her clients, male and female have a major crush on her, who wouldn’t?” Ruby smiles in the dark, and imperceptibly nods. She has parted her legs slightly and Carol’s hand has moved to her crotch and her middle finger is moving up and down the rubber covering her labia.

“That’s about it, I make quite a lot and don’t spend much, the flat is not fully paid for, nearly, so that takes care of a good bit, but apart from some nice clothes, good wine, yes, and occasional holidays. I don’t own a horse any more, but go to the stables regularly and there’s always a horse that needs exercising, oh and I still do ballet, amongst all the pilates and gym stuff. And Emily of course, I still see her regularly, and so that is my rather unexciting life.” By now Ruby is getting quite warm, Carol seems to be doing this unconsciously, talking at the same time, but her finger, fingers are working their magic.

“That, ss...sounds like a pretty good life to me, plenty exciting. Ooooh, I’m finding it hard to focus here.”

“Sorry, can’t help it, you look so tasty, and these panties are so, vintage ha ha.”

“Okay, me. Ruby Adams, born in the north of the city, lived here all my life. Happy family really, two brothers, older than me, moved away now. Mum works in the beauty department of Boots, and dad is the manager of the local DIY shop. They’ve paid the house off, a nice semi and want to retire and travel, they’ll give it another three or four years, they’ve been very frugal, honestly, great parents. I got a few O levels, and even 3 A’s, so I’m not too dumb.” She chuckles, and Carol’s hand moves to her breast.

“Don’t be silly, I can see that Ruby, you’re sharp and funny, oh and fiendishly sexy too.”

“So, I could have gone to uni, not the top end like you, I could have gone somewhere but I’ve always been a pretty good girl, behaved myself,  not too much trouble and I’ve always wanted to do good, you know in the community, it wasn’t a bad area where we grew up, hard working people, but not a big criminal element, and my parents kept me on a short leash – and I thank them for that. And I admired the force so, so I went to the college in Hendon.” Both of them are silent for a few seconds.

“Yes, yeah, the police college,” she sighs, “so yep, I’m a copper, so… is this going to be… I really didn’t want to tell you, right at the start, but…” Carol leans over and kisses her cheek, and whispers.

“Now, why the hell Ruby, would you think it would be a problem. I’m impressed, really impressed, that’s a job I could never do, oh dear, on the beat, putting up with all the crap people…”

“Well I’m not on the beat anymore, no, I did my time though, and I’ve done all right, moved up. I’m a detective now, in a major crime unit, erm sergeant actually.” She says rather shyly, then chuckles. “Yes, Sergeant Ruby Adams, here to serve and protect.”

“Well, Sergeant Ruby Adams, you can serve and protect me anytime.” Carol stops, thinking. “Sergeant Adams, Adams, you’ve been in the paper, yes, yes, I remember now.” She raises herself on her elbow. “You were the, you and an inspector, you were the ones to apprehend that woman, the one that murdered her husband. Wait a minute, that woman was in the process of threatening, killing Emily. There wasn’t much in the paper I remember, because she pleaded guilty and it was just a sentencing, but they mentioned two police officers getting into Emily’s basement somehow, which I have to say I knew very well, and saving her. My god Ruby, you’re a bloody hero, you saved Emily’s life.”

“No no, well no, it wasn’t like that actually.”

“Oh but yes, don’t be shy, when Emily called me and told me she was moving because of the gutter press, she told me, very briefly, the story that you and the other detective, can’t remember his name, managed to overcome the woman in the basement, she had a gun, I remember, and you saved her life. She said that to me Ruby, she told me, so don’t be shy about it.”

Why would Emily do that, Ruby wonders, she was the heroine all along, Ruby stays quiet, thinking on this. Was it that Emily wanted no part of the heroine scenario, just wanted to disappear and start again, out of the limelight. Well, Ruby thinks, her secret is with me, if that is the way she wants it.

“So,” Carol is just getting to terms with this, “you see Emily now, were you a client before…”

“No, no, it all happened so quickly. She was actually one of our suspects - I can’t believe I’m saying that - and so we had interviewed her a few times, in the basement as well, and I don’t know, just like you, I got interested in the equipment and the rubber gear and having someone in complete control and I surrender, relax, something just lit up in my head. And so I asked if I could have a session with her, and it was incredible, and so… yeah, here we are. I don’t know what makes me so horny when I’m there, I have a tough job too, lots of stress, murders, rapes, gang violence, you name it, but when I’m with Emily it all disappears and I’m floating on a cloud, yeah, ha ha, it’s sometimes painful but, but, I love it.”

Carol has now moved close, her head is resting on Ruby’s breasts and she takes a nipple into her mouth.

“Ruby, oh Ruby, you know, hhmm, hhm, I owe you, all her clients owe you, for saving our wonderful mistress, hhmm. How can I thank you, and if it hadn’t happened that night, well,” her hand moved under Ruby’s rubber panties, she was now wet, despite the long speech, as Carol stroked and caressed her, “well, even more important, we’d have never met.” She continues to kiss her nipples, her breasts, then her lips.

“Serendipity? Yes, certainly, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, but somehow don’t you get a sense of destiny? We come from different backgrounds, and ages, ha ha, and yet with Emily being the catalyst, we seem to be getting on quite well, don’t you think?” and Ruby gasps.

“Oh, oh, yes I think so.”

Ruby stays the night, to neither’s surprise. Throughout the night they explore each other, pleasure each other, and take breaks just to talk, and a couple of very short sleeps, and both of them become, minute by minute more relaxed with each other, more at ease, in tune, realising that they have more in common than either might have believed. Fingers, tongues, lips and teeth work their magic, Ruby is amused that Carol won’t allow her to take off her girdle panties, she sees that Carol loves them nuzzling her whole face between her legs, inhaling, pressing her tongue into the ventilation holes, giggling. Ruby in turn is entranced by Carol’s saucy sheer stockings, suspenders and tiny panties, which allow her easy access to her moist jewel.

Ruby can’t believe what has transpired in the last 14, 18 hours, she‘s on a roller coaster of pleasure she never wants to get off. This stunning woman, cultured, and witty and amusing, is also silly, giggly, and very dirty. What she sees in Ruby, well, she’s not going to dwell, but ride the wave.

At around 6.30 in the morning, both of them pleasantly exhausted, Carol whispers.

“We should call Emily, mistress, I think.”


“Come on Ruby,” she fondles her breast tenderly, “she was behind all this, setting us up, the least we can do is tell her it went, ha ha, very well, come on.”

Ruby takes Carol’s hand and kisses her palm, tasting her own juices.

“Isn’t it a bit early for that?”

“Well we both have to go to work, god knows how we’ll make it, and anyway she’ll be up, she’s a quick starter I’ll bet. Let’s give her a bit of a treat.”

Carol rises and goes to the huge wardrobe, opens one door to the side and Ruby can see rubber clothing on hangers, not many, but it perks her interest.

“So you have your own rubber too? For around the house, relaxing, or do you go out in it?”

Carol, still in her stockings, suspenders and panties turns and smiles.

“Hhmm, I like to relax in it sometimes, not always by any means but I find the material very soothing after a hard day, and they’re plenty of them, and yeah, very rarely I go to a rubber club or the ball. I keep in the background most of the time, not sure I want my face all over the fetish mags yet. But it’s fun, everyone is very cool and non-judgmental. Hey,” her eyes widen, “ we should go together some day, there’s one coming up in a month or so.”

“Oh, I don’t know, like you I prefer to keep this pretty private, a cop all dressed up in rubber out there in…”

“Easy,” Carol laughs and holds up two identical rubber masks, “we just wear these. Come on laxy-bones up you get.”

She hands one mask to Ruby, who sees it has no zip, and just eye and mouth holes, this will be tight, she thinks.

“Come on, let’s give her a wake-up call, her subbies calling their mistress.” Ruby can see that Carol is like a teenager, getting all exciting, and it’s catching.

“Why do you have these? For the clubs as well?”

“Yes, and also I like to sleep in them sometimes, again it relaxes me.” Wow, am I learning a lot here, thinks Ruby, this woman has no inhibitions at all. Ruby stretches the neck and pushes her head through the opening, then adjusts the eyeholes until they are perfectly aligned.

“Oh, don’t you look good, now my turn, here hold onto my hair.” And Carol pulls the mask on in one quick move. They stand and admire each other, Ruby in her girdle panties and Carol in her stockings and skimpy panties and Carol now gets some silicon spray, hands Ruby a cloth and they both slowly, sensually shine their masks, grinning like two schoolgirls.

“I think something is missing, if we’re real subs, then don’t you think…” She holds up two identical red rubber ball gags on tick rubber straps.

“But how will we communicate?”

“Oh, we’ll find a way, the usual dom/sub way. Come on I’ll get the laptop up and running and we’ll skype her, ha ha, this will blow her away.” Carol is on a roll, and Ruby is in no mood to stop her now. They sit in front of the laptop in the living room, side by side, and naked from waist up, except for identical shiny black masks.


Ruby nods, realising she is now excited, and they kiss longingly and then they both ease the big rubber balls into their mouths, pulling the straps over their heads. Then Carol phones Emily.

storycontinued in part 5


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