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The Detectives And The Dominatrix

by Rbbral

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Story continued from part two

Part 3: Is This Heaven?

Everything is black, but very calm, very quiet, there is no pain. He feels as if he’s floating. Who, what said that? Something wet is on his lips, he hears a voice, a familiar voice. Leave me alone, I’m comfortable like this. He feels a slap on his face, then another, really hard, and then a pump on his chest and then another, and air is pumped into him, sweet air. Stars are in front of his face, he coughs, wretches, coughs again, and rolls over on his side. Now the pain in his chest begins. He opens his eyes, where is he?

“Come on Chief Inspector, wake up, damn it.”

There are bright lights above him, and a strong smell of rubber. He is breathing now with difficulty, his chest hurts, and he coughs again, and again, but he realises this isn’t heaven, or hell, he’s alive. He tries to focus, his eyes finally get some perspective and he almost jumps. There is something, someone squatting next to him, the face masked in burgundy and wearing a skin-tight suit of…. rubber?

Now it’s coming back, slowly. This is… Miss Gunn, Emily, yes? She’s smiling behind her mask. Beside her is an rubber gas mask with re-breather bag.

“Welcome back, Chief Inspector. Didn’t think you would make it there for a while. Here, sit up and get your breath. Don’t say anything, all right, just get your breathing going nice and easy. I have to take care of your sergeant and Mrs. Kemp here. She is one vengeful woman for sure. Is it all coming back to you now? Take slow even breaths, nice and easy, I’ll be back in a minute.”

He nods his head, looks down and sees his flaccid cock, oh yes, it’s coming back now, what a fucking mess this has been. Then he sees Emily, Miss Gunn, turn the unconscious Mrs. Kemp, murderer and potential multiple murderer, over on her side, the recovery position, then cuffs her hands behind her back.. There is blood around her nose but she seems to be breathing all right, god if she should die now, in his custody, well Emily’s, he chuckles, that wouldn’t look good. Actually it doesn’t look good anyway. Oh, what a mess, how does he explain all this to the investigation team?

Emily rises and moves to Ruby, still suspended in her inflatable bag, butt plug in her rear, clamps on her nipples, butterfly gag keeping her silent, tears rolling down her eyes over the rubber surrounding her face.

“It’s been quite an evening, sergeant,” Emily says calmly, “let’s get you out of this, this will hurt I’m afraid.” She takes the clamps off her nipples and Ruby scrunches her eyes and is thankful for the gag, for she screams her lungs out. Ruby now stares in silence as Emily deflates the gag and removes it. She says nothing, just gasps for air, swallowing slowly, just thankful to be alive, and all due to this woman in front of her.

Emily releases air from the body bag and Ruby groans in relief. Then Emily unzips it and helps her out the back. Now Ruby, pink and soaking wet is aware she’s naked except for the strange feeling of the butt plug in her rear and the tight rubber balaclava covering her head. But embarrassment is the last of her emotions.

“Here.” Emily hands Ruby her clothes that had been lying in a corner, and Ruby, still in a daze, looks at them for a second and then nods silently and begins to put them on, now unashamed or perhaps unaware of her predicament.

“You might want to…er… remove the butt plug first, there is a bathroom over there. Unless you are getting to like it.” She sees Ruby’s look, not horror or shock, just relief.

“Sorry, bad joke. I have mine in, and so I know how it feels. Sergeant, I am very sorry for what happened, this whole farce. Christ, what a night.” Emily smiles, there is no malice between them anymore, she’s trying to lighten the mood which had been pretty black. Ruby nods again, and smiles weakly, drops the clothes and embraces Emily, as if her life depended on it, which on reflection, about five minutes ago it did. She won’t let go, Emily can feel her breathing heavily, gripping her around the shoulders.

“It’s okay, all okay, it’s all good.” She strokes her back, her rubber covered head. Ruby whispers, her head resting on Emily’s shoulder, her face close to her ear.

“I don’t know what to say, I’ve never seen anything like, you were like fucking Superwoman there. I mean we could all be… Jesus, you saved us all, you deserve a bloody medal, I mean…”

“It’s fine Ruby, no medals thanks, I hardly need the publicity.” She chuckles quietly. “Now go and change, I think there is a lot to do here, yes?” she gently pats Ruby’s bare bottom, cheeks still separated by the butt plug, and they separate, and Ruby, eyes glistening and after a second’s hesitation, kisses her on the cheek.  

As she goes to the bathroom, now aware of the plug in her rear as she takes her slow, small steps. Ruby checks Mrs. Kemp, still out cold, but breathing easily. Ruby turns back and says.

“You saved my life back there, you know that, it was a serious fuck-up for sure, all of us, but you saved both our lives there. Thank you for that. Jesus, you are one seriously tough woman.” Emily nods and dwells on this for a second.

“Thanks for the compliment Ruby, coming from you I do appreciate it, I do, but you know if you hadn’t turned up, well I’d be fucked too.” She enjoys this expletive. “Remember that, you don’t owe me anything, sergeant. Neither of you do.” As Ruby goes to the bathroom, Emily returns to Benson, still lying on the floor, getting his breath.

“Feeling better, Chief Inspector.” She’s in her domain again, cool and in control, squatting beside him. Benson is stunned at her calm demeanour. She’d be one hell of a cop, or commando, he thinks. And as he looks at her, so beautiful in her rubber catsuit and mask, and furtively glances down at her exposed pussy and shamefully he feels he might be getting an erection. This is insane, he nearly died a few minutes ago and now he’s getting a hard on. Emily looks down and sees this and chuckles, she’s seen plenty of hard cocks in her time.

“Hhmm, well you appear to be just fine, maybe after Ruby has finished cleaning up and dressing you should go to the bathroom and put your clothes on as well. Your crime scene guys and fellow cops might not be quite so accepting of you dressed like that.” But she smiles. “Although you look pretty good to me.” Their eyes meet and he nods. Now that the fight is over and won she can see he’s reverting back just a bit to his former slightly shy persona. And he’s serious again too.

“You know, you did save both our…”

“Oh, don’t you start, it’s all over, it’s all good. I saved your lives, you saved mine, yadda yadda. Now, no more.” She is so cool about this, he thinks. He’s still in a daze, and stares at Heather Kemp, still out cold.

“How’s your throat?” She looks at him, the start of a smile forming.

“Well having a cock at the back of my throat, I’ve had before, just not half way down.”

“No nono, I mean when you were hanging.” And she just gives him the gotcha look.

“Oh, right, you were joking, yes, very funny.”

“It’s fine thanks, just a bit sore, some bruising maybe, but better than being dead, yes?”

“Of course. Phew, and what about her? She’s one mad cow, if it wasn’t for you… okay, I’ll stop. How the hell did you, I mean, how is she lying there…”

“I’ll show you in a second, just calm down.” She says, and she can see he’s already on the case, worrying about how to explain it all, and now, rather strangely he’s unsubtly covering himself, crossing his legs, draping his arm. She should be amused, considering she’d just had it in her mouth, but she’s actually rather saddened.

“But how do we prove anything of what happened here? She can lawyer-up and get out of this mess somehow, our word against hers, and still we have no solid evidence against her. This could get really nasty.”

Emily Explains

“All right, you want to know, I’ll show you.” With a broad grin, her brilliant white teeth offset by the tight burgundy rubber mask – and he has to notice Ruby’s drying juices surrounding her mouth. She doesn’t seem interested in taking it off, and doesn’t seem interested in removing her butt plug. She is back in control, comfortable with herself, he can see that.

And she likes being with this man. His shyness is attractive, but she starts to think that perhaps it can be a bit too much. She wouldn’t mind him making a pass at her, but maybe after all that had happened, that’s a bit of a long shot. She points to three upper corners of the room, and then to the middle of one wall at waist height, located close to the inflatable bag and the two steel frames. Benson follows her arm, tries to focus, and sees three small cameras near the ceiling, and a fourth in the wall.

“Jesus, you mean…”

“All my clients like to have a memento of our sessions, I film them with their knowledge, okay, Mr. Detective? Not against the law. And when we are finished I provide them with a copy, all right?”

Benson holds his hands up in obeisance, then realising he’s exposed his cock and balls again, sharply returns them to his lap.

“Miss Gunn, right now I don’t care what you do with your clients, just tell me…”

“I can trigger the cameras from a pad on the wall by the stairs, she never noticed it, so from the moment she arrived in this room she has – well, we all have been on camera, or cameras, and I have audio too. Four cameras and a single audio, which goes to my hard drive.” She sits back, facing him, well aware that her exposed pussy is within his view. He thinks she’s doing this on purpose again, getting him uncomfortable, for that is what he is right now.

“So I think that should be enough for you, shouldn’t it? Even you may be able to make the charges stick.” She smiles at her small sarcastic shot.

She is really incredible, he thinks to himself, to have the peace of mind, with a gun on her, to make sure she would be filmed. Then somehow, he doesn’t know, manage to escape, tackle and overpower the woman, and win the day, saving them all. She stands, quite comfortable in her wrinkleless rubber encasement.

“Let’s get you out of that suit, and you can shower and change. I’m fine as I am.” She stares at him as she now helps him up, and is then helping him out of the rubber suit. The gas mask she had removed earlier to give him mouth to mouth, something she didn’t find unpleasant at all, and perhaps wished had gone on for a bit longer. He pulls his cock, semi-hard she notices, through the hole at the front, and now stands naked, sweaty and just a little embarrassed.

“Chief Inspector, I have seen a lot of men naked, so please don’t be so embarrassed, and if it is of any interest at all, yours is one of the better bodies I have seen. But I think you want to get rid of the plug, yes? Or had you forgotten, haha.  Ruby is still getting herself sorted so I will turn my back if you wish.”

But Ruby returns immediately in her street clothes, looking a lot better. But she’s very quiet, there’s a lot for her to dwell on.  Benson wraps the suit around him – plug still in his rear – and with a silent chuckle from Emily, Benson grabs his clothes and replaces Ruby in the bathroom.

Ruby keeps an eye on their captive, not saying anything to Emily, it’s clear she’s not sure what to say, it’s all a bit uncomfortable. But Benson is back quickly, washed, dried and dressed in his city clothes. All of them remain quiet, almost chastened, still no doubt in shock. He notes Emily still seems uninterested in changing, she’s still in rubber suit and mask and hasn’t even removed the butt plug, Benson supposes, chuckling, she’s in her work clothes after all. Benson explains to his sergeant the cameras above them, and she just shakes her head in admiration.

“Brilliant, unbelievable. But what about the cuffs?” She asks. “How the hell did you…”

Emily smiles and takes the cuffs, and shows them to the two officers, then locks them on herself again, in front this time. Then they watch as she dexterously turns her wrists and with a single finger press a tiny, almost invisible button between the cuffs, and one pops open.

“My design, this tiny catch here you can press with a finger and one cuff springs open. My clients don’t even know about it, have never found it so never used it, but it is just a bit of insurance if anything goes wrong.” She looks seriously at Benson. “As I said Chief Inspector, I’m a professional, I take no chances with my clients, they demand discretion, professionalism and respect, and they get it, in spades.” They stare at her, for they know that Miss Gunn, Emily, does indeed offer an exemplary service. Nothing is said for a while.

“And isn’t it time you called this in, or whatever it is you do?” Emily looks at them and nods at Mrs. Kemp. The two officers look at each other in silence, for that is an irrefutable fact. This will take some serious explaining, even with the video.

Benson thinks for a while, then he calls his Super, he wants him there first, not a mob of coppers and SOCO having a giggle over Emily’s playroom - and their colleague’s predicament. They will view the tapes together, and think up a strategy. He’s embarrassed that his boss will see everything, Jesus, all the rubber and the bondage and Emily having oral sex with them both, but Benson knows that is the only way. He’s just have to suck it up, and accept the consequences, at least he’s alive.

Meanwhile Ruby gets the glory and takes the crazy woman, who is now stirring, to the station. Benson is happy to let Ruby do this, it’s the least he can do after what he had got her into. Then SOCO will arrive and do their bit, and Benson will then take Emily to the station for a statement. She laughs at this, asking if she should change first. Benson, normally so businesslike, drops his guard for a second, and looks at her, this time without averting his eyes, saying.

“Not if it were up to me, you look… but perhaps you should, I don’t want the more impressionable officers going all silly and fainting.” She gives him a quizzical look.

“Just the impressionable ones, Chief inspector?”

All Tied Up And Ruby Pays A Visit

It has been just a month since the sentencing hearing. Emily has sold her house and found a very pretty cottage in the bucolic countryside, and yet not far from the city. Now she was packing and moving. Much of the upstairs had been packed, but it was the downstairs that would take time. Packing all the rubber clothes, accessories, dismantling the complicated and in some cases heavy equipment would take quite a lot of time and effort, and Emily wasn’t really enjoying it. She will miss the place, but is looking forward to settling in at the new address. It is entirely different from her city townhouse but she thinks she will be able to make a go of it.

She takes a deep breath, she needs some help, but this is hardly something she could ask her friends and family to do, and her clients, well, she cancelled all her appointments until further notice, so she’s on her own. With the gutter press still taking an interest, a lessening interest admittedly, she has advised her clients that she would be unavailable for a while, and this, to a man, and woman, they understood.

The doorbell rings as she is carefully folding and placing a rubber catsuit into a box. Great, she thought, more press. When will they give up? Surely there is a new, salacious story to cover. She looks at the intercom screen which she had installed after the famous night in the basement, and with an intake of breath, sees Detective Sergeant Ruby Adams, looking up at the camera, and she is on her own.

“Sergeant Adams, hhmm, this is a surprise. Come to arrest me again?”

Ruby looks up to the screen.

“Yes, very funny, no Miss Gunn, the case is well over now. Actually I wondered if I could come in, come in for a chat, a talk. If that is okay?” She drops her head and Emily can’t see her expression.

“But you just said that this was all over, aren’t we done now? You might have heard I’m moving, starting over, so to speak.”

“Oh yes, Miss Gunn, Mrs. Kemp’s been put away all right, for a very long time, and the insanity attempt didn’t work, so you can rest easy.”

“It’s not her I’m getting away from, it’s the gutter press.”

“I understand, and I’m sorry, we really did keep it under wraps as much as we could, and believe me I wanted that as well, considering my co-starring role in the video. Look, can I come in, I’m not here in my capacity as a erm policewoman. This is a personal call.”

“Oh, really, well I don’t know, I’m very busy right now, packing and sorting and well, whatever.”

“Yes, and I’m very sorry it turned out like this for you. It was a real mess, I know it could have been a lot worse, but I’m sorry. I really am.”

Emily thinks on this for a second and then raises her shoulders and presses the entry button, another new addition, but one which the purchasers were happy to pay for in their price. She goes upstairs and is met by the Sergeant, smiling nervously, who opens the conversation.

“How have you been, you look very well.” Emily is dressed as scruffily as she could have been, packing and moving stuff, and she looks down at dirty jeans and floppy sweatshirt.

“Well, thank you, haha, under the circumstances. You look well too, Sergeant.” She is dressed in tight jeans and t-shirt, almost her uniform, with short boots and her ubiquitous leather jacket. She has cut her hair and it is even shorter than before, a kind of Peter Pan cut, boyish, pixyish, but cute.

“How’s work, more murders to solve with DCI Benson?”

Adams looks down at the floor, making a face.

“No, well, yeah, I suppose you haven’t heard.”

“What! Heard what? What’s happened to Chief…”

“Nothing, nothing, calm down. Well, I’ve moved on to another squad, still murder, serious crimes, you know, but out of another station.”

“Oh, really, oh, erm that’s a pity, you seemed a good team. Do you mind if I ask why?” They are now moving to the kitchen.

“Yeah, well we were good together, but after what happened here, you know, the boss, well I could see he was a bit changed, you know. I could see he was racked with some sort of guilt. He even said to me, oh I don’t know ten, fifteen times, how sorry he was. Yes, it was his fault, it was but I’m well over it, it all turned out fine, it got a bit hairy for sure, but you, yes you saved us both. So for me it was all over, but he can’t seem to let it go, he’s a perfectionist, and he knows he messed up, unintentionally but he did. I don’t care any more, it’s over, again thanks to you. Anyway I sort of felt uncomfortable, I don’t know, hell, we’d seen more of each other, and doing things you know with you, I mean, than we should have perhaps, erm well, you know. Time for a change, I thought. So I’ve been in this post a week or so and it’s all good. I miss him though, I do.” Emily approaches Ruby, their eyes locking.

“Sergeant, I’m very surprised, what happened downstairs was hardly his choice, or certainly your choice, was it? It just happened, and it turned out very well. You saved my life, both of you. I’d have been strung up like a rubber chicken, and she’s have got away with it. I could see you and Benson had some chemistry there, you don’t want to listen to the tittle-tattle in the office, you know, and screw the gutter press. You should have given it a few months and you would see your relationship back to before, and maybe in a different light.” And she smiles then. “And as for your role in our video, I was the one doing the sucking and licking, wasn’t I? You were hardly in a position to do anything.” She places an arm around her. “And if I recall, you came all over my face, ha ha. Is that what you feel guilty about? If it is, you shouldn’t. Well okay, it’s your choice, but I hope you are both still friends.”

“Well we haven’t actually talked very much, it’s odd I know, but what we saw, what we did, experienced, well, it kind of stuck with us. And he knows he has to get over it, but it will take a bit of time perhaps. Maybe over a few months we’ll get together again for a beer or something.”

“Oh, I do hope so. Look, Sergeant…”

“Ruby, please, or Adams, Adams I prefer.”

“Hmm, well you know I prefer Sergeant for now, it suits you. Look, I’m really happy you came by but I’m busy dismantling and packing downstairs, and well… erm if you want to talk can we do it while I pack, and I could use a hand.”

“Downstairs? In the… well, okay, sure, and we can chat there, sure.” Emily gives Ruby a knowing look.

“Yes, we can chat, we probably have plenty to talk about, okay leave your jacket there, it can get hot down there, as you know, ha ha. I hope the aroma of all the rubber won’t overpower you.”

“Oh, oh no, I remember that all right, I’ll be fine.” And Emily smiles again.

“Yes, I’m sure you will.” And she opens a cupboard holding a bottle of red wine, raising it to show Ruby.

“Might as well enjoy ourselves, did you drive here?” Ruby shakes her head.

“No, took the tube.”

“Good, then we can work and relax at the same time, and you can tell me the real purpose of your visit, come on, you know where my office is. You like red, I assume.”

Boxes, large and small, are strewn over the rubber tiles of the basement.

“Well, where do we start, why don’t I get you to pack some of the loose stuff, yeah, over there in the drawers. You remember what’s in them, don’t you?” She gives Ruby a box and points to the set of drawers, which Ruby draws back and there, arrayed in line upon line are dildos, vibrators and strap-ons of all sizes and shapes. Ruby remembers these all right, and takes a breath and picks one up, then another, wraps them in tissue paper and places them in the box. Emily looks over at her and says quietly, almost in confidence.

“Remember what you said when I first showed you those, when you and Benson came over the first time? I prefer the real thing you said, ha ha. Sergeant, Ruby, Adams, whatever you wish, it’s just you and me here now, within these walls there are thousands of secrets, and they stay here. Remember? All right?” She comes over to Ruby, who takes a good mouthful of wine, playing with a black rubber mask in her hands.

“Ruby, my profession deals with every sexual predilection, do you think I didn’t know you were gay the moment I saw you, please give me some credit, I have the most acute gaydar of any person I know, I have to have, it’s part of my profession, understanding what people like, fear, desire, it’s what makes me so good at my job, although I say it myself. Oh, and the other thing is, I don’t judge, ever, at all.” She chuckles and places her arm around Ruby, who is still looking down at the dildos.

“I know that in your job it’s best to keep things private, but in here, the secrets stay. You’re gay, so what, great, you are very attractive, Ruby and probably have half a dozen girlfriends, lucky you, you know…”

“None actually, no girlfriend right now, they don’t stay long, it’s hard, hard in my business, hard enough being straight, being a cop on the job all the time, and being a woman, there’s still plenty of prejudice there, so I have to play it pretty safe, so not much time for, well… I’m not saying that some of the people in the station don’t have an inkling, but I’m not one to flaunt it. It’s got better certainly, but you tread a thin rope.”

“Yes, I’m sure, and how to relax, blow off steam, that gets harder too.” They are back to packing, sipping wine, Ruby inspecting garments as she folds them and carefully put them in the boxes. It takes some time and during this their conversation turns to trivialities. They are now more comfortable with each other and Emily is going to let Ruby do it in her own time. Eventually the smaller items, the loose items are packed. Now it is the equipment that needs dealing with, and here Ruby is a great help. Together they begin to dismantle the suspended inflatable body bag, and Emily can see that Ruby seems about to confide. She isn’t surprised that she feels she has something to say, only that it took so long, but she lets her take her time.

A Confession

“You know, it wasn’t the gay thing I actually came to see you about. I’m okay with all that, I just have to be careful at work, that’s all. They are good with me to my face, but behind my back, who knows what they say. I know it’s the 21st century, but some professions are a little slower getting on board.”

“Yeah, I understand that.” Emily stops working on the steel posts, and Ruby does also, looking to the floor.

“That night, you know, that night when you forced me into this bag here, or you were forced to force me, haha, well I don’t know, but it was all very strange really. You see, how can I say this?” She bites her lip, unconsciously stroking the rubber bag, knowing that once the cat is out, there’s no going back. 

“My life was in jeopardy, Benson was spread-eagled like a butterfly in a display case, and I was crushed inside this rubber bag and this nutcase was going to kill me… and I felt so…. I don’t know… horny. It’s insane I know, absolutely crazy, but being so utterly defenceless, crushed by the rubber, well, I felt what? Perhaps frightened a bit, but my one abiding memory is I felt content, warm, and then, well as you know, I was wet. I should be ashamed of myself. My life in balance, and I’m getting wet.”

“Yes, well I did actually note that, seeing as my face was clamped to your pussy. I didn’t put it all down to my oral skills. You were certainly dripping there.”

“I know I know, I felt so powerless, so vulnerable, so exposed, within the complete control of another, even if the other was a murderer, I can’t explain it, I had never felt like that before, and I should have been terrified. I was I suppose a bit, but above all that I was coming, coming like a train. Fuck, I have always prided myself in being in control, in charge, certainly of my emotions. I don’t know how I can explain it, sometimes I feel so guilty about it.”

“What, are you insane, woman? You survived, I survived, you put the madwoman away, you and Benson together. You’re a hero. What else went on in there was just normal, well I don’t mean normal, but we did what we had to, in order to survive. Look, for what it’s worth, Benson got his erection pretty fast once I had his cock in my mouth, excuse the French, and I don’t credit all that to my oral skills either. Sometimes we - yes, you, me and Benson - have stuff going on inside us that we don’t know about, it’s hidden deep, and it only comes out under stressful times. And it did that night, so don’t feel guilty about it, remember we survived, and well, really bizarrely, we had just a bit of fun along the way.”

“I never put myself down as a submissive woman, I mean look at me in my job, but I have been thinking about that night a lot, shit, all the time actually, and I realised that maybe, I don’t know, sometimes I want, I need to be taken under control, just give myself up, to a lover.” And she looked at Emily… “Or er a professional. And I want to be played with, and I can do nothing about it. I have no control then and, and that’s what I want, or I think I want, desire, not to have to make decisions just once, not have any say in anything, just be in someone else’s hands, and… played with.”

There was silence for a few seconds, as if a huge weight had been taken off her shoulders. She had been talking faster and faster, determined to get it all out. Emily, an expert in guilt confessions, decided to lighten the mood.

“Professional eh? And would you have anyone in mind, Sergeant?” She moves closer to her, face to face, Emily a good four inches higher.

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that, and yes, yes, I just feel as if I have this compunction to experience that moment, those minutes again, as they were so intense, like nothing I’d ever experienced before, it needs to be with someone I can trust, someone really competent, who knows exactly what they are doing. It sounds a bit sick, is that so strange, really?”

Nothing, absolutely nothing surprises Emily when it comes to the human psyche, and human sexual activity. She’s seen it all, heard it all, and partook in a lot of it. She never, ever judges on any sexual or pseudo sexual practices, as long as it involved adults, consenting. What also doesn’t surprise her are the number of people that take on an enormous, and quite unnecessary weight of guilt, when considering their particular predilection. They always think they are the only ones to feel this, sometimes Emily has to stop herself from chuckling, for they are never the only ones, quite the contrary. She deals with it, and eliminates it every day.

“Strange? To some people, a bit perhaps. Sick? God no, certainly not, we’re consenting adults and if that is how you want to gain pleasure, then why not? Actually Serg… Adams,” she smiles, “I am very flattered. You were a hard nut when I first met you, I knew you were gay, and you had a tough shell, I am very happy, and flattered that you feel you can talk to me like this. I really am.” She places an arm around Ruby.

“Now then, so you want me to take you in hand, so to speak, let’s see, shall we look upon this as an acid test? An experiment? I owe you and Benson my life, no, no arguing! So it’s the least I can do.” She squeezes her waist.

“I would be very pleased to take control of you for an hour or so, we can get you into this body bag, no problem, or perhaps the vacuum bed here, you can’t move a millimetre in that, or even stretch you out like Benson. I’m not sure my oral skills on women are…”

“Oh, oh Miss Gunn, allow me to say this, they are more than good, I don’t know how a straight woman can be so skilled, oh shit, did I say that, god, I’m worse than the sexists in the station, you are straight aren’t you?”

“Mostly yes, haha, but when I see an attractive woman, an assured no-nonsense one like you, well you are attractive all right, so why look a gift horse? Why do we all have to be labelled, Adams? Yes, my natural inclination is towards the male, but I am erm, persuadable, by a beautiful woman like you.”

They left it like that for a while and continue to dismantle the body bag and the vacuum bed, they work together well, Emily is enjoying this. And now Ruby is relaxed, a weight is off her shoulders and she is good company. Later, as they finish and go back upstairs Emily says to Ruby.

“You have worked hard and saved me a load of time and effort, now I need to repay you, in a small way. Adams, how’s this? Here's my new address in the country. Give me a week or so and then call me on this number. I will need to set this up again, and I would like you to help me, how’s that? And as a reward perhaps you’d like to take a test drive in them, I have to be sure they work properly, don’t I?” She grins.

Ruby nods, a big and now relaxed grin on her face.

Test Drive

It is a very long week for Ruby, for now the cat is out of the bag, she has had her confessional with Miss Gunn, and now she is a much happier, contented person for it. She calls Miss Gunn (she just couldn’t call her Emily, not yet anyway) and drives over to help her install all the equipment, and more she hopes. She loves the cottage, albeit a big cottage, and is impressed with what she has done to the stables, no expense had been spared. She takes a gulp of rubber-scented air as she views the rubber tiles, rubber drapes along the walls, sets of drawers, full height closets, glass fronted cabinets containing weird helmets, masks, harnesses on full display, and the tiny cameras in the ceiling corners and, she is sure, also hidden elsewhere. Emily has acquired a gyn/ob chair and has adapted it with straps along the arms, stirrups, and torso. Ruby takes another deep breath, she is already getting hot, and tries to imagine herself strapped into it, her legs stretched wide, and Miss Gunn settled between them, ready to do as she wished.

Oh dear, she thinks, do I know what I am getting myself into? Her heart is pounding inside her. But it is pounding through excitement, anticipation, and she has her own answer within a millisecond, oh yes, this is where I want to be, here, in this bizarre rubber chamber, under the capable tutelage of Miss Gunn.

There is no wine this time, Emily says she and her clients always play sober, but we can have a wine after. For the first couple of hours they work hard, professionally, putting back together the equipment and machines. This is serious, nothing should go wrong here and Ruby is impressed with Miss Gunn’s approach, the games would be for later. Finally they are done and Emily is more than satisfied with how everything is exhibited. Ruby is also happy to see she is quite excited at how everything fits just right.

“Well Ruby, I am always as good as my word, now is the moment of no return. Thank you for your help, and of course I would like to repay you, and more, and you know one way how I can do that. So, do you wish to take a walk on the wild side, with me?”

And for Ruby, by now there is no hesitation. She has enjoyed putting everything together, and breathing in the intoxicating aroma of the rubber, which seems to permeate everything. She isn’t sure what to expect, and what her reactions will be, but she knows she has to take that step, into the… well, she’d see soon enough. She nods, now aware that this is for real.

“Good, I’m delighted you have put your trust in me, for that’s what it is all about, but some rules first, remember it is all mutual trust here, we are essentially a team. Ruby, this is going to be fun. But you must remember this now. Although this is called roleplay and will be exciting, I think, for you, this is not a game, there are very serious rules to be obeyed, I am the mistress and you the sub, and everything I say will be obeyed, all right?” Then she places her hand on Ruby’s shoulder, staring at her intensely.

“Again, remember, once we are in here, and we are clothed as we will be, I am your mistress, and you are my plaything. I know this sounds like a game, but it is not a game, you will do exactly as I say. We are a team, but your role here is to obey me, explicitly. We have to stay in the moment, and you do not break the spell.” She squeezes her shoulders, more in encouragement than anything else.

“Like all sub/dom relationships we will have a safe word, let’s pick, ha ha, let’s pick Sam. You use that only when you want it to end because we’ve gone too far for you, or you may not feel well. Saying nonono, or stop, well, that sometimes can be misinterpreted in these scenarios. First, you will not speak at any time unless spoken to, break that rule, and it will be painful for you, and there will be pain, I’m sure you know that, again, remember this is a session, a relationship, a scene, you don’t take lightly.  And if you are gagged, and I like my girls gagged, and you can guaranty you will be at some time, then to communicate verbally is impossible, so remember this, it is important… it is one grunt for yes, and two for no, if you want out, if it is too much for you, then it is three quick grunts. This is the real thing, Adams. This is for adults. You will experience great pleasure, I intend that, but also some discomfort and pain, no lasting damage, but yes, pain. That is what this is about. I will be very interested to see how you cope, Ruby, I know you are a tough cop, you proved that on that terrible night, and I admire you for that, a woman in essentially still a man’s world. But this is different, giving yourself up to me. Yes, you might find it uncomfortable, even painful at times, I do deal out some discomfort, that is a part of the experience. You should know that before we start, but there will be pleasure as well, a bit of which you have already experienced. And you will be under my control, and your opinion will not be sought, or given. You have said that you want this, or you think you do. We will see. Those are the very simple rules. Okay? Do you need time to have another think about what you’re getting yourself into? I certainly won’t think any less of you if you choose not to proceed, not at all. Remember, I’m not going to be your friend for the next hour, I’m your mistress. So, one last chance, are you ready to fly?” She takes a step back, admiring her new client, her protégé, and in truth already knowing the answer.

And Ruby nods.

“You will most certainly not regret this Ruby, my sub. Now go and find something you would like to wear over there, something appropriately submissive, and change in the changing room by the bathroom at the end there, and I’ll find something as well. I’ll try not to disappoint you.”

An Adult Game With Adams

Ruby is surprised at the transformation in Emily, but not disappointed. This is what she wanted, or at least believed she wanted. If it was all plain sailing, what would be the point? She is excited and nervous at the prospect. She believes she is ready.

She selects her costume with care. She notices she shivers with anticipation as she powders her body and then draws it up her trembling flesh, evening out the creases. It is at first cold and clammy, but very soon warms up. She can feel her heart pound, what is in store for her? For a split second she thinks of backing away, but no, that was not really what she wanted, she is nervous and that is good. In truth, she admits, she can hardly wait to start. 

When Ruby returns, Emily is surprised to see she had chosen a catsuit in shocking pink. She would have taken Ruby for jet black or gunmetal, and instead of a tough detective she looks like a nervous rather shy girl, perhaps approaching her headmistress. Well, that’s fine, Emily thinks. The suit fits just fine, accentuating Ruby’s well muscled frame, firm breasts, and of course there are openings at crotch, arse and nipples. She has pulled her nipples through the openings and the base of the cut-outs grip her nipples nicely, Emily knows they will be very sensitive. All in all, Emily thinks she has done well. Ruby approaches Emily, her hands behind her back, head down. Good, thinks Emily, that’s the way I like them, respectful.

Ruby only gets a glance at Miss Gunn, but it is enough to set her heart racing. Picture perfect in black and white rubber; black jodhpurs tucked into knee length high heeled boots, white blouse, tucked in at the waist and with a tight black corset from top of hips to under her ample breasts, black gloves tucked under the cuffs of the blouse. She has no make-up, she is stunning enough not to need it, and her hair is pulled back in a loose chignon. In her hand, she holds a cane.

“Now this is your first time, and I hope it will be the first of many…”

Ruby takes a breath at this, well yes, she hopes so too, but is she up for it?

“You shall not be punished unduly (“unduly”? thought Ruby) as you are new to the rules of engagement so to speak. But you must be alert as I will explain things to you as we go on. I have already explained that you will say nothing unless spoken to. Now, these…” she placed a hand on one of Ruby’s breasts, “and this,” she tapped her thighs sharply with the cane and Ruby parts her legs allowing Emily to rest her cane on her pussy, “are for my entertainment. Now you will experience pleasure too, I hope so, but a little pain also. I am very interested to see how you perform.”

She begins to move slowly around her, stroking her lightly, running her gloved hands over the taut rubber, and she can already hear Ruby’s faster breathing. She strokes her exposed nipples and feels a shiver under her fingers, this is encouraging, she thinks. Her gloved hand rests on Ruby’s taut buttocks.

“Remember only a couple of months ago, I impaled you on a butt plug. I’m sorry that it really wasn’t very well lubed, but then the circumstances, was that the first time your anal passage had been breached?”

“Er, er, yes, yes it was.”

“Yes, mistress, remember that, always mistress.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“It must have been a shock, quite painful?”

“At first, yes, very painful, but once it was settled… inside me, surprisingly I found it not too bad, I got used to it, well, erm, sort of… mistress.”

“Really? Used to it? Hhmm, must be my gentle hands. Well we may explore that avenue, ha ha, bad pun, some more later. We have lots of time, and as it is your first time, we’ll take it nice and leisurely.” She moves almost serenely to one of the drawers, and comes back with something in her hands made of pink rubber. By now she has dispensed with the cane.

“It’s a well-known fact that people, all people, behave differently when in disguise, when they are anonymous, when they are masked, I think so certainly. Inhibitions are gone, they are not themselves, they can be anyone or anything.” She places the rubber to her face and inhaled a deep breath.

“This is magnified I think in the sexual arena. Once one is masked, then one can do things or have things done to them, that they would not do otherwise. I have countless experiences of this, in most of my scenarios, my clients will be masked in some way. In fact, the opposite is rare, that’s why I have so many masks, hoods and so forth. I’m sure you are still a bit nervous, I hope you are, as it means you are taking this seriously. But I know if I mask you, then you will be able to relax a little, go with the flow, let your inhibitions loose. So I have this mask for you. And in matching pink too, I think you will look divine in it, you look stunning in that catsuit as it is.”

Ruby has never taken compliments well, she doesn’t know why, but hearing this from Miss Gu… her mistress, gave her just a little swelling of pride. She lnows she has a pretty fit body, lots of times in the gym, and plenty of miles running, but as she glances at herself in one of the many mirrors she can see the body-clinging shiny pink rubber makes her look even better. As her mistress opens the back of the mask Ruby doesn’t hesitate, and dips her head and breathes in the sweet aroma of the rubber. Why had it taken such a short time for her to find this material so beguiling? Then Emily tucks her short hair under the flap and the zip is pulled down and the collar of the mask tucked under the collar of her suit. Emily smooths out the rubber, aligning her eyes and mouth with the openings, then steps back, examining her quarry, nodding in approval.

“All right, you look good enough to eat, haha, perhaps later, hhmm? You were very tasty last time. I am not a huge expert in cunnilingus, but I did rather like your taste and texture, sub, so maybe more of that later, or maybe you can return the favour?” At this Ruby’s heart just misses a beat, oh yes, Ruby would really like to serve her mistress like that. “As you can see, I have a lot of specialised equipment and various apparatus here and there’s not enough time for you to experience it all, we don’t want you going into sensory overload, so we shall stick with just two or three today. So, let’s see if the vacuum bed is working properly, hop in here.” She holds the two sheets of the vertical bed apart and without hesitation Ruby cautiously enters, then turns and stands erect.

“Spread your arms and legs, and get your mouth around the breathing tube there, higher, good. Now I’ll zip you up. And then the fun bit.” Ruby hears a motor start and immediately she is gripped by the clinging rubber, god, that was fast, she thought, she has barely time to adjust her frame before she is trapped, completely immobile between the sheets. She breathes as calmly as she can, and finds that the rubber is so tight she even finds breathing an effort. Ruby can’t really see very much through her almost closed eyes and the tight transparent rubber, maybe just vague movements, but she can hear her mistress all right. Emily steps back, in her full body pink suit and mask Ruby looks like a trapped mannequin, her face masked, her eyes almost closed, her mouth clamped around the short tube, her only connection with the outside world. So, so vulnerable. For Emily, it is now playtime. She really wants to see if the sergeant is “for real”.

The Sergeant Does Not Disappoint

She starts at her breasts, tickling, squeezing, kneading, fondling, then pinching and rubbing her nipples; soon Ruby is gasping through the breathing tube, and then Emily moves to her well muscled buttocks, kneading them too, sliding a finger between them, pushing her finger through the taut rubber of the outer skin of the bed and through the opening in the rear of the suit, searching for her tight muscle under the rigid layer of rubber. Ruby is now aaaahhhing loudly through her breathing tube. Emily will take her time, she doesn’t want to frighten this woman, she already believes she is perfect for this. She usually can tell, but too much too fast could turn her away. She will do this little by little, and then Ruby will adjust, and hunger for more.

She moves around to the front, her middle finger coursing up and down Ruby’s labia, trapped and yet exposed under the transparent rubber. She pushes her finger, hard, harder into the rubber and into the woman, who aaahes, aaahes, aaahes in response. Emily can see she is trying to clench her fingers into a fist, haha, good luck with that, the poor woman isn’t able to do anything at all, except breathe in and out, her chest rising and lowering.

Ruby can’t believe the sensation of being completely vulnerable to anything her mistress wishes to do. She can breathe, and that is about it, glued as she is between two unforgiving sheets of rubber. And her sense of touch is heightened, even the faintest tickle of a finger on her nipple or labia is somehow magnified by her helplessness. Within a minute she has been transported to a dreamland. Do what you want with me, anything, put those fingers, those magical fingers wherever you want. She realises that she must be a very odd sight, but she simply doesn’t care. She is close to coming, how can this happen? But this is what she desires, to be helpless like this, in the hands of a woman that she already knows she can trust explicitly.

And then Emily stops, steps back and sits down. It’s always better to leave them wanting for more. She spends 10 minutes admiring her quarry, who gradually calms down and concentrates on deep breaths. After 15 minutes, she releases her, helping her out of the bag. The bag is dry, except for some tell-tale juices on the inside of the crotch area. Excellent, thinks Emily, oh, she’s the real thing. And she is sure Ruby is sweltering in her pink suit, sweating profusely. But Emily is very matter of fact now, businesslike, as she watches Ruby get her breath, impressed that she has not said anything yet. So, obedient too, she thinks, excellent.

“Good, the vacuum bed works well, now I think the body bag, come on. I know you think it’s your favourite, well let’s see how you get on this time.” Ruby has very little time at all to rest before she is clambering into the back of the bag, her legs soon pressed together, sliding her hands down the internal sleeves and waiting for the zip up her back to trap her immovably within. It’s almost a familiar sensation. She thinks back to that terrible night with that madwoman, when she was trapped in the bag. Well, this is very different, she is waiting, hoping that her mistress will not disappoint her. Quickly the air enters and within a minute she is suspended, swinging slightly, in the grip of her inflatable prison. Emily roughly pulls at her nipples, eliciting a stifled yelp from Ruby, and the bases of her breasts are gripped by the thick rubber of the openings in the bag. Emily strokes her pink rubber masked head, Ruby’s eyes are now closed, she is in her own world of base senses.

So Emily leaves her to her senses again, sitting opposite her, studying her reactions. If Ruby bends her legs within the single sheath she can just get some movement, the smallest swing in the bag, which she does. And after 10 minutes or so, Emily can see Ruby’s juices gleaming on her labia. Oh yes, so Ruby can make herself come on her own in this bag, now that is really special. She is coming along just fine, better than fine, she is a natural. Emily decides not to play with her in the bag, she still needs her hungry. When she releases her from the inflatable bag, she can see that Ruby is actually a bit disappointed, but again is impressed to see that she has said nothing. She almost stumbles out of the bag and Emily supports her.

“How are you, subbie? All right? Not dizzy? You have impressed me immensely so far, but I don’t want to exhaust you. Do you wish to continue?” Ruby takes a few seconds to get her breath.

“Yes, erm mistress, I am fine, just a little tired after… that, but I wish to continue, please.” Excellent, thinks Emily, she’s doing very well for a first-timer.

She decides to move onto the rectangular steel frame, the one that Benson had been spread-eagled in. There is no resistance from Ruby and soon she has her expertly cuffed and stretched, her toes inches from the floor. The openings at her pussy and arse are also stretched and her succulent love channel seems to be imploring Emily for attention. She takes her time, Emily is never rushed; it is important to build up to the final crescendo. Emily has seen that Ruby is aroused very easily, not least by the rubber, and by her attentions, and of course the bondage. This pleases her.

But now she wants to know Ruby’s pain threshold, she is a slave after all, and this cannot be all pleasure, there has to be balance.

No Pain, No Gain 

She isn’t going to beat her hard, what would be the point in that? No, just give her a taste. And she will mix in some pleasure of course. She is curious to see the woman’s reaction to both pain and pleasure. She hopes she would want more, at least that is the plan.

For the first 5 minutes or so she just strokes her, nibbles her, caresses her, fondles her. She takes her nipples between finger and thumb and rolls them until Ruby is panting and her pussy continues to glisten, now almost dripping. But now Emily takes her hard rubber paddle, six inches by twelve. She shows it to Ruby, who rolls her head and then shakes it, in silence. She has been very impressed that Ruby had not said a word since starting, but this will be an interesting test.

“Only a few to warm you up, dear slave, and we’ll take our time.” She lays it on her stretched buttocks. “Your rubber suit should give you some protection, but I think you’ll still get the message.” She then begins a systematic, rhythmic paddling of her rear. She starts at buttocks and then down the back of the thighs, to above her knees. On a scale of 1 to 10 it is only about a 3 or 4 in strength, but she wants to see how Ruby reacts. After 10 she stops, again Ruby has said nothing, not even a yelp or scream, her eyes are closed, her teeth gripping her lower lip. Hhmm, thinks Emily, not bad, a tough nut indeed. She lays into her again, a little harder this time, but still Ruby says nothing, her eyes still closed but grunting now after each strike.

After 20 she stops, then fondles Ruby’s breasts and runs her finger over her labia. Pleasure and pain, an intoxicating cocktail. Ruby’s mouth has dropped open, her eyes are now open too, but a little unfocussed. Well, time for more pleasure, and Emily smiles and clamps her lips over Ruby’s, who responds immediately, her tongue exploring Emily’s mouth, hungry for her mistress, her labia flame red and glistening. Good, she’s ready for more.

“I don’t want you frightening the neighbours, although they are a mile away, so I’m going to get you used to a gag, you had the butterfly gag the last time, but this rubber ball and strap should do the trick, not too nasty. Remember gags are almost obligatory here, you will get used to them. And they actually help, as you can grip them, clench down on them and yell and scream to your hearts content, ha ha. Open wide now.”

Ruby obediently does so and Emily slides the large ball behind her teeth and pulls the thick rubber strap, really two attached straps, like a diver’s mask, over her pink rubber head, and now the ball is firmly held in her gaping mouth.

“Aaaargh, mmmmmmph.” Ruby shakes her head.

“Yes, yell and scream as you wish, it will do you good. Let’s see, I’ll give you something to complain about now.  If it is really too much then remember, three quick grunts. But you know I think you are up for this, I’m very impressed with you so far, dear subbie.” And she lays into her rear again, perhaps 5 out of 10 on the scale, and then after perhaps 10 paddles Ruby begins to whimper, tears dripping down her mask and Emily knows that this is enough. It is now time for her reward. She has done well. Emily now stands in front of her, cradling her head, stroking it.

“Ruby, my Ruby, rubber Ruby, yes, that’s what we’ll call you, Rubber Ruby, Rubber Ruby.” She says it fast, like Rubberuby.

“You’re my Rubberuby, aren’t you?” She caresses her cheek, and after a couple of seconds, Ruby nods. Now Emily kneels down in front of Ruby, saying.

“Being a mistress I don’t normally do this with my clients, very rarely in fact, but as it is your first session I will make an exception, you have done fantastically, and you deserve a reward, and I have a bit of a soft spot for you Ruby. I remember what happened those weeks ago, very frightening of course, but there was the upside to it. And that was doing this. Before you, Ruby, there had been very few indeed, I have kissed, fondled, spanked many women, but not done this so much. But going down on you for some reason I don’t know why, I really rather enjoyed it, despite the frightening circumstances. So I shall give you a treat, I think you have done very well for a first time.”

A Jolly Good Licking

She dips her head to Ruby’s gleaming pussy and begins to lick and gently bite. Emily likes this, savouring Ruby’s sweet aroma, her succulent warm flesh, she can’t account for this, she has always considered herself straight, at least most of the time, but she really is getting to like this.

“Aaaargh, mmmmm, mmmfff.” Ruby moans, and feels she is about to come almost immediately, and Emily senses this, stops, then fondles her buttocks. Out of her vision Ruby has not seen what Emily had brought over with the ball gag, but quickly realises what it was.

She suddenly feels a greasy bulbous point pressing her anal passage. Ohnonono, she moans, screams, but the butt plug is now pressed further past her tight muscle as Emily pulls her onto her face. At the same time, Emily resumes her licking and sucking, ohnonono, Ruby grunts through the gag, assaulted at the front and rear, pleasure beyond description at her pussy, while Emily has wrapped her arms around her thighs and is pressing this rubber plug into her rear, the more she presses with the plug, Ruby’s pussy is pushed into her face. Quicker than she had expected, her rear is breached by the smooth intruder, her sphincter gripping the narrow neck. Then Emily stands, her mouth glistening, she kisses Ruby’s forehead, like an comforting mother, saying.

“You are a little rough down there, I’m sure you shave, but that is not sufficient for me, so I will give you some depilation cream after. If we are to continue, and I do hope we are, I require you to be as smooth as silk there, so use it every third or fourth day or so for three to four weeks and you’ll be as smooth as butter, and permanently too.” She takes a nipple between finger and thumb. “These are very sweet, actually I’ve been thinking about you, Rubberuby. If you were to pass your first test, and I am very happy to say you have, then I do have some plans for you. Your nipples here need some treatment, but I’ll advise you on that later. I’ll return in a few minutes, now relax and adjust, dear Rubberuby.” She kisses her on her rubber cheek and leaves, leaving Ruby with the aroma of her own juices on her stretched lips.

And Ruby tries to relax, she’d been brought to the edge of a mighty convulsive orgasm, only for it to be denied her. And as her sphincter continues to grip the base of the plug in her rear, she realises that she will only gain pleasure when her mistress permitted it, and that is the way, she supposes, it should be. Quite quickly she gets accustomed to the intruder, clenching her buttocks as best she can while fully stretched within the steel frame. Her buttocks and thighs burn from the beating and her nipples are incredibly tender, but her pussy is aflame and wants satisfaction. If you can be comfortable stretched and gagged like this, then Ruby is. All she wants now is for her mistress, for that is how she thinks of her here in the room, to return.

Finally Emily does return, and Ruby implores her with her eyes, her teeth clamping down on the large ball gag. Emily just smiles, and silently resumes with her caressing, her buttocks, her breasts, her neck, her face and the heat builds up inside Ruby as Emily kneels again, parts her lips and places her mouth fully over her pussy.

Sticking her tongue in and out as far as she can, it takes no more than 30 seconds for Ruby to grunt and groan and begin shaking. Emily sits back on her haunches and watches her shake and shudder for 10, perhaps even 15 seconds. And this is, Emily laughs to herself, after a good beating, and with a butt plug firmly planted in her rear. She returns to lick and stab with her tongue, and Ruby experiences another orgasm, and then a third. Now her head drops, saliva dripping from her gagged mouth.

Emily stands and tenderly removes the plug accompanied by a grunt from Ruby, then releases her from her cuffs at wrists and ankles. Ruby almost falls into Emily’s arms and drops her head to her shoulder and then her breasts, breathing softly. After a couple of minutes, with Emily stroking her head she begins to recover and Emily raises her head to remove the gag.

They hold each other in a long embrace, a satisfied smile on Emily’s face. This is the moment that Emily cherishes the most. With her male clients/slaves/subbies she may demand a kiss of her boot, or under orders they may scamper back to the bathroom. But with her female clients this moment has developed almost by osmosis. Exhausted and perhaps, well most likely, sore, they would fall into her welcoming arms. Breasts would press breasts, head would rest on shoulder, she would lightly stroke their masked heads with her gloved hands, yes, she really loves this moment.

It was as if they were now sisters in arms. A few tears might be shed, and wiped away by their mistress with a tender understanding smile. And then Emily would lower her head, kiss the top of the masked head, stroke the rubber softly, and with a finger raise the masked face, kiss the forehead and nose, and then their eyes would close, their mouths open slightly, and Emily would press her lips, barely touching at first, against theirs.

A kiss is just a kiss.

Quid Pro Quo

Hmmm, thinks Emily, she has encountered many good kissers, and, she has to admit, most were women. She really doesn’t differentiate or judge. She is heterosexual, she liked cocks, but is equally attracted to women. Their hard nipples, soft buttocks and of course their delicate lips, all right, perhaps she’s bi then? And now she is getting to savour their succulent, perfumed pussies, or at least Ruby’s.

From nowhere she thinks about Benson, is he a good kisser? She could call him of course, but that she thinks would just scare him away. But she’s surprised and disappointed of course, that he hasn’t made any contact. He was an odd mix. Competent, professional, yet shy, handsome (certainly), a bit of a conundrum. It would be nice to see him again, but he is certainly not quick on the uptake. She comes back to reality as she strokes Ruby’s head. She loves doing this, rubber glove on rubber head. She is wonderfully hot and wet herself, under her jodhpurs she wears tight rubber panties with open crotch, and she can feel her juices between her thighs. And she realises she is hugely aroused and wants satisfaction.

“There, there, all over, and how well you did, so well. I’m surprised at how you took to it. I don’t mean that as a criticism, quite the contrary, Rubberuby, you are a natural. And I’m very happy, for you too. I think the equipment has had a good run, don’t you, haha.”

Ruby just nods, exhausted. She contented too, part of the session was painful of course, but she’s survived, and actually thrived, yes, she can take the pain, and ride it.

And Emily gets an idea, looking over to the gyn/ob chair.

“Well, maybe not all the equipment.” She bends down and unzips her boots, stepping out of them. “You have done very well and it only seems fair that, well, you get a reward.” She quickly loosens the corset, letting it drop, and now unbuttons her blouse, and strips it off, careful to keep her black gloves on. She looks at Ruby, who is staring at her, wondering where this is going. Emily’s full breasts are almost bursting out of the peephole rubber bra, and now she steps out of her jodhpurs and all she is wearing is her peephole bra and waist high smooth rubber panties, with a two inch diameter opening opposite her pussy. Ruby can see is almost dripping, and inflamed, almost pulsing.

“Turn around, Rubberuby.” She says with a smile and takes her wrists, very gently pulls them behind her and cuffs them. Then Emily moves to the gyn/ob chair and settles in, placing her heels in the stirrups, adjusting the chair, she leans back and her thighs are spread wide. She looks up at Ruby, who has stood almost transfixed at this strange change in the dynamics.

“Well, sub, do I have to order you, I am your mistress, but this I thought you might take on voluntarily. I thought the cuffs would be a nice addition, a reminder of your position as my obedient sub, but also you’ll have to rely on just your oral skills. Come on sub, I’ve had the pleasure of tasting and pleasuring you twice now, it only seems fair…”

Ruby doesn’t need any more encouragement as she steps forward and kneels in front of Emily feeling the butt plug move inside her, exciting her. Emily, her mistress is leaning back in her seat at 30 degrees, her arms resting on the armrests, but can still look down at Ruby’s pink rubber head approach her pussy. For Ruby, it is at the perfect height, and she barely has to dip her head. Two or three inches away she stops and inhales a deep breath through her nose. Her mistress is slightly musky, yet sweet, and she moves forward. She sticks her tongue out fully, places it on Emily’s wet pussy, and like a lengthy lick on an ice cream, she moves from bottom to top. Her tongue, her mouth is almost overcome by the sweet taste, now she swallows, savours. This she had never anticipated. She had expected to be the sub, bound and played with, abused even, but tenderly, but this is more that she could have wished for. She feels Emily shiver under her, this pleases Ruby, and now she intends to please her mistress. For the next ten minutes Ruby uses all her skills, tongue, lips, nose, nudging, licking, pinching, nibbling. She doesn’t mind having her hands cuffed, it makes it all the more challenging, she moves her fingers around the cuffs, she remembers all about the tiny button that can release her, she can finally feel it, she could release herself, but she wouldn’t want to displease her mistress, oh no, she more than content to kneel before her and pleasure her, and herself.

Finally, Emily calls a halt, she’s shivered and shaken and grunted and moaned through a series of orgasms, and it’s time to stop now.  She pats her subbie’s head and Ruby sits back, feeling the plug move in her rear again. Emily stands and helps her up. They embrace, and she pecks Ruby’s lips, tasting herself.

“Why don’t you shower and change over there and then come to the kitchen, you need a drink, do you need any help getting the suit off, it’s pretty tight I see, and how about the plug?”

Ruby shakes her head silently.

In the shower she aims cold water at her shivering, burning bottom and thighs, god, they hurt she thinks, but perhaps a good hurt?

Twenty minutes later, changed back to her city clothes, jeans, ankle boots, and t-shirt but looking just a little tired, Ruby enters the kitchen. Emily, has now dressed back into her rubber clothes, jodhpurs, blouse and even boots. She points to a large glass of juice on the table.

“You need to replace your fluids,” she smiles knowingly, “after all you have lost a lot, haven’t you?” She has some water on the boil and has pasta and anchovies, tomatoes, and peas ready.

“And food too, you’ll be passing out on the way back after all the energy you have expended. Something simple.” Ruby finds this all a bit strange, like what had happened didn’t happen, she so calm, matter-of-fact. She gulps the juice, she is thirsty all right, and also ravenous, amazing how good sex, great sex can make you hungry. She can’t stop staring at Emily, so in control, cool.

“I can’t believe what has happened over the last hour or so. My god, what have I been doing?”

“What? Regrets?”

“Oh no, no god, no. It was, well, wonderful.” She winces as she sits at the kitchen table.

“Ooooh.” Emily glances at her.

“Even the beating? Oh dear, after that paddling I gave you, you really shouldn’t be wearing tight jeans, oh no, you need to get some air on those weals. Come with me.” She grabs her hand and takes her upstairs. Ruby can’t help but look up at her wonderful rear in the loose rubber as they ascend. She takes her to her bedroom. It’s a cosy bedroom with a big bed, but no sign of any rubber or cuffs or chains, Ruby is almost disappointed.

“Okay, strip off the jeans, come on.” Where’s this going, thinks Ruby, but as she steps out of her ankle boots and jeans she sees Emily rummage in her bedroom wardrobe. Emily turns around.

“Panties too, come on Adams, quick, I’ve seen it all. I don’t want the water boiling over.” She steps out of her panties, bizarrely feeling a bit shy, which is crazy after all that has happened.

“Turn around, let’s have a look at you.” Emily is no nonsense.

“Hhmm, yes, I did quite the job there, no skin broken, but plenty of red and blue, it will certainly be sore for a couple of days. But to be on the safe side,” she moves to her bedside chest and takes out a tube of cream, “this is good stuff, this will cool you down and it’s antiseptic too. Bend over.” It’s a request in the form of an order. She bends over, not quite so shy now, where did all that come from? She feels the cool cream on her buttocks and then her thighs being smoothed in by Emily, her fingers veering near her tender anal passage, and she starts getting short of breath again. She can hear Emily chuckle, knowing where this could go, and Emily sees her pussy begin to redden.

“Okay, maybe we should stop there.”

She kisses her buttock playfully and then takes a thin cotton skirt, calf length from the wardrobe. It’s loose fitting, in green and yellow. Not really to Ruby’s taste, she a pants and jeans girl. She begins to put on her panties.

“No, leave the panties off, let the cream do its work. Let’s hope a gust of wind doesn’t raise your skirt on the way back. Give everyone a nice glimpse of your bum and pussy, not to mention the bruises.” The skirt is actually very comfortable, Ruby steps back into her boots and looks in the mirror. She looks pretty good, and Emily smiles.

“Sort of country-punk, ha ha, once you get your leather jacket on. Do you have any dresses or skirts?”

“Erm, no, not many, maybe a couple.”

“Well you should, you look cool in that, you don’t want to overdo this macho lesbian thing, Adams, I know some lesbians and they would eat you up dressed like that, believe me.” And Ruby thinks, well introduce me to them, dammit! Emily places Ruby’s jeans and panties in a designer carrier bag and they return to the kitchen.

She prepares the meal, simple yet delicious and Emily watches as Ruby eats it as if she hasn’t eaten in a day. She wants to ask Ruby more about Benson, but perhaps now is not the time, and anyway, what could Ruby know, as she no longer works with him.

“This is fantastic. Is there anything you can’t do?” She asks a bit tongue in cheek.

“Find a decent man.” Emily blurts out immediately, without thinking. “Not much time for that in my business, and anyway I’d frighten them away.” She laughs humorously. But she moves onto another topic quickly, as she pours Ruby a half glass of wine.

“Remember Sergeant, sorry, I think you prefer Adams out of my office, don’t you? No shame, no embarrassment, no guilt, what happens in that room stays there, a bit like Vegas, ha ha. We have pleasure, we play seriously, yes, there are strict rules of conduct, but in the end you come out of it knowing yourself better, and liking yourself for it. Now,” she leans forward, “how do you feel, are you all right?” After a second she nodded.

“Yes. Yes, fine, I’m okay, quite tired, and my bum’s sore, no surprise there really. I never thought I could feel, react like that, I’ve had that microchip germinating inside me all my life, and how did it get…. it’s really strange, but Miss Gu… Emily, thank you, it was quite… well I don’t have a word.”

“I was very impressed with your responses, your bottom and thighs will be sore for a while, and the butt…” And it is Ruby that laughs.

“No, no, I’m okay, I must be getting used to them,” she laughs, “I feel warm all over, perhaps my backside is a little hotter, but tired and very, fulfilled, yes.” She looks intently across at Emily.

“You know, when I first met you, I thought, well, what a freak, oh sorry I shouldn’t say that, but… that time, that evening sort of changed everything. I admire you Miss, erm, Emily, you are one tough lady. You know what you want, and get it. And you have made me experience, well nothing like that before. You’re bloody superwoman all right.” Then she stops for a second. “Look, I would like to, erm, return if that is…”

“Good, look Ruby, sorry, but I prefer Ruby to Adams, you don’t have to be macho with me Ruby, I know how strong you are. You see you have to be strong to come here and experience what you did, to admit to yourself who you are, what you like, what you want me to do to you. I wanted you to come and see me again. Listen, the second you came across the room in your pink rubber, head bowed, I had that feeling you were a natural, and after the last hour, I know, and more important, you know you are. We could do a lot of exploring together, expanding on our sexual horizons. And it would be fun, believe me.” Ruby nods, and then looks down, pensive.

“Yes, I’m sure, Look, I have to tell you, I don’t know a lot about your profession, but from what I’ve seen you must be about the best, and you don’t come cheap, and rightly so, you deserve every penny you earn, but, well, I’m only a sergeant, I have a mortgage on my flat, I don’t have very much…”

“Stop, stop right there.” She holds up her hand, staring at her intensely. 

“Let’s cast our minds back to ‘that night’ yes? We’ve been through this already, this is how I see it, you and Benson saved my life, whereas you look at it another way, that I saved yours. It doesn’t matter really, but I think you will agree that there is a bond here, between you and I, at least I would like to think there is.” She raises a finger, almost in admonishment. Ruby knows Emily is not a person to argue with.

“And here is how it will be played out. You come here when you want to, for free, becau…”

“No, no way, I won’t do that, you don’t owe me anything.”

“No, I don’t, but what you don’t understand Ruby, is that you give me pleasure, just being with you, your responses to my requirements. Even after one session like we just had, seeing you reach new heights of awareness, for me that is fun, it gives me tremendous satisfaction. For you, the sky’s the limit. You are sexually mature, incredibly responsive, I have only peeled off the first layer of your potential for pleasure, and ha ha, pain as well. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you and Benson. Anyway,” she sits back, “I am your mistress, don’t forget that, and it would not be wise to cross me. No, I am not joking here, Rubberuby” she chuckles and leans over again, emphasising the last word, “this is the end of this conversation, no money will change hands. I have lots of wealthy clients, so consider this pro bono. And I have some plans for you, Rubberuby.” She leans back again, taking a sip of wine. “But first you have to say you will return, yes? Under my terms, pro bono, yes? Or, she smiled, “the next beating you will get will make the last one look like a friendly pat on your gorgeous bottom.” Ruby doesn’t wait a second before nodding and replying.

“Yes, yes, of course, I can’t tell you how amazing this afternoon….”

“You don’t have to, remember I watched you experience it, and as I said I was extremely happy for you.” Ruby changes the topic, with a sly smile.

“Now you mentioned some depilatory cream and, erm mentioned by nipples.”

“Haha, I did, yes, my, you are on the ball. Well, the cream is very good indeed, much better than shaving and waxing, for me and you. Ruby dear, your nipples are beautiful, big and hard, and just perfect… for piercing and ringing…” She watches for a reaction.

“No, no, I can’t, you see, I….” Emily holds up her hand.

“Calm, calm, not now, not next month, maybe not six months, but sometime, when you are ready, and I know you will be. And you will come to me and ask me to have them done, you’ll see.”

“But my job at the station and the courts means I have to go through scanners all the time.”

But Emily just laughed.

“They make very good, super strong plastic ones now Ruby, never fear, they won’t come up on the scanner.” She holds out her hands and Ruby takes them. “But let’s not talk of that, lots of things can happen down the road. Remember, as with all my clients, it is they who decide, the client is always in charge, strange it sounds I know, but that is the way it is. I take them to the limit, never beyond, it’s just that most don’t know what their limit is. It’s for me to find it and bring them to it. And when they request some body jewellery or other accoutrements, I am here to advise. And Ruby, sometimes it doesn’t stop at the nipples.” Ruby is not sure if she likes the sound of that, and thinks she will leave it for now.

Ruby has to go and so they stand and hug, which Ruby finds strange, almost wishing she was still in her rubber, like Emily. And then Emily says.

“You’ve forgotten your clothes.” And goes upstairs and returns after a while, a warm smile on her face. She gives her the carrier bag.

“I hope it won’t be long before you call me, my number is in the bag.” They hug again and Ruby leaves.

Emily watches her go, feeling very good indeed. Then she goes to the stables and to the bathroom. It is always her small test. Hanging from the shower head are the pink rubber suit and mask, powdered inside and shining outside. And she has done a thorough job, even on the pink rubber mask. She cares for the rubber, she looks after it, as if perhaps it is hers, and it also shows that she respects her mistress.

Yes, Emily thinks, an absolute natural, a keeper. She doesn’t care about the money, she did owe this woman everything, she doesn’t care how they see it. If they hadn’t arrived when they did, well… How did she find them, or they her? She is excited that Ruby will be returning, there is so much potential for pleasure there, for both of them.

After Ruby gets home, without fortunately giving anyone a flash of her naked bruised bum and thighs. She settles onto the couch. What a day! She unpacks the bag Emily gave her, the jeans and panties will go into the wash. And she sees a package there. Hello, hello, what’s this? She opens it nervously.

Lying there is a brilliant white rubber garment. She lifts it out, holds it up. Phew, it is a pair of girdle panties. They are high waisted, in thick unresisting white rubber, with ventilation holes at front and back. They remind her of those she had seen in old magazines, did Playtex make them in the fifties? Never mind, they were probably making a comeback now, in a strange kind of way, they are quite sexy, something that those old starlets, all those full-figured Italian and European stars would wear. There’s a card in the box and she opens it.

Dear Ruby, I had prepared this before you came and I hope after our session you will appreciate it, and of course will return. I’m not going to go on about what I owe you and Benson, much more than this gift certainly. I can’t order you to wear it, like my male clients with their chastity cages and ball stretchers, but I would like you to, whenever you can, and feel comfortable doing so. I know you will look – and feel – incredibly sexy in them, and I suppose it will be our secret. The ventilation holes will help you keep “cool” – in more ways than one, I hope. They are wonderful for posture and confidence, you’ll see. I will have a memory stick copied for you of our first, and I hope first of many, sessions. I really do hope to see you soon, there is so much for us to explore.

Your mistress, and friend, Emily.

story continued in part 4


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