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Chat Room Games 4

by latexcheeks

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© Copyright 2010 - latexcheeks - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; online; latex; catsuits; solo-f; breathplay; mast; underwater; cons; X

continued from part 3

Chat Room Games – Part 4

The New Year and the Drysuit

January 4, 2010

Again the initial chat was me pasting the diary entry on line for Mistress Karen to read.

[14:46] <Karen> so you like it

[14:46] <latexcheeks> and that's the way we spent our New Year's Eve

[14:46] <Karen> nice

[14:46] <latexcheeks> we like it, yes Mistress

[14:47] <Karen> how you manage toilet?

[14:47] <latexcheeks> i peed in the suit...kind of messy.  i didn't eat any solids so was able to hold that

[14:47] <latexcheeks> at least for the time i was locked in

[14:48] <Karen> nice

[14:49] <latexcheeks8> my connection dipped

[14:49] <Karen> :)

[14:49] <latexcheeks8> back...yes i will be away at least three weeks

[14:49] <Karen> and you go away for weeks?

[14:50] <Karen> without any inet connection

[14:50] <latexcheeks8> i will be carrying some of my things with my dive bag

[14:50] <latexcheeks8> i will be connected

[14:50] <Karen> nice

[14:50] <Karen> good to here

[14:50] <latexcheeks8> the hotels have internet and i will have the computer

[14:50] <Karen> ok

[14:50] <latexcheeks8> i'll have my dive equipment plus two or theee catsuits, hoods and toys

[14:51] <Karen> sounds good

[14:51] <latexcheeks8> may see how much i can put into the dive is a pretty large bag and the company pays for its ride on the plane even though it may have other things in it

[14:52] <Karen> nice

[14:57] <latexcheeks> my mistake...i'll put it on a site and send you the link

[14:57] <latexcheeks> i found this convenient

[14:58] <Karen> ?

[14:58] <Karen> me too

[14:59] <latexcheeks>

[14:59] <latexcheeks> this is me in "light" latex

[14:59] <Karen> you are hot

[15:00] <latexcheeks> Oh, thank you Mistress

[15:00] <Karen> and the other?

[15:00] <latexcheeks> it's loading

[15:02] <latexcheeks> loading still...slooooowwwwww

[15:02] <Karen> ok

[15:02] <Karen> you have the cam right there?

[15:03] <latexcheeks> this pic is one from a file

[15:03] <latexcheeks> just seems the pic site is bogging down on me

[15:04] <Karen> :)

[15:05] <latexcheeks> bad timing i guess.  the thing is taking fffooorrrreeeevvvveeerrrr to load

[15:06] <Karen> perhaps restart the loading?

[15:07] <latexcheeks>

[15:07] <latexcheeks> this is a bit heavier!

[15:08] <latexcheeks> as in total enclosure and gas mask

[15:08] <Karen> :)

[15:08] <Karen> :)

[15:08] <Karen> hot

[15:08] <Karen> that are your boots you wear silvester?

[15:08] <latexcheeks> Thank you again Mistress

[15:08] <latexcheeks> yes, thoseare the boot tops

[15:08] <Karen> :)

[15:08] <Karen> your cam is there around?

[15:09] <latexcheeks> not with me right now

[15:09] <Karen> :)

[15:09] <Karen> ok

[15:09] <Karen> nevermind

[15:09] <latexcheeks> i'm at office today after new year break

[15:09] <Karen> we could do some nice thing with it

[15:09] <Karen> next time i want a cam there slut

[15:09] <latexcheeks> i'm sure we could, Mistress

[15:10] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[15:10] <Karen> so

[15:10] <Karen> what could we do today

[15:10] <Karen> or have you more pics? :D

[15:11] <latexcheeks> i have a few more pics

[15:11] <Karen> what are you wearing at the moment?

[15:11] <Karen> upload the pics

[15:12] <latexcheeks> actually i am in jeans, turtle neck sweater with a catsuit under 

[15:13] <latexcheeks>

[15:13] <latexcheeks> here is another one

[15:13] <Karen> youve got ballet boots?

[15:15] <latexcheeks> i didn't mention that did i...shame on me, Mistress

[15:15] <Karen> perhaps you mention it

[15:15] <Karen> dont know

[15:15] <Karen> so other pics?

[15:15] <Karen> get out of your jeans and sweater

[15:16] <latexcheeks> yes mistress

[15:17] <Karen> other pics lil whore?

[15:17] <latexcheeks> one more

[15:18] <Karen> so now you are only in your catsuit?

[15:20] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[15:20] <Karen> somthing in yourself?

[15:20] <latexcheeks>

[15:20] <latexcheeks> i have a toy inside, Mistress

[15:21] <Karen> like

[15:21] <latexcheeks> it's a vibe inside my tender little pussy

[15:21] <Karen> in your ass?

[15:21] <latexcheeks> nothing right now...but i am carrying something if needed

[15:22] <latexcheeks> i always come prepared in case, Mistress

[15:22] <Karen> first rule for your three weeks

[15:23] <Karen> i want that you always wear the panties with the two dildos

[15:23] <Karen> alway

[15:23] <Karen> s

[15:24] <Karen> at work, in your hotel, at night

[15:24] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[15:24] <Karen> only for toilet you can remove it

[15:24] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[15:25] <Karen> what you think about it?

[15:25] <latexcheeks> i am wet from the thought, Mistress

[15:25] <Karen> :)

[15:26] <Karen> dirty whore you are

[15:26] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[15:26] <Karen> what you have there for your ass

[15:26] <latexcheeks> it's a simple butt plug

[15:26] <Karen> insert it

[15:26] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[15:28] <latexcheeks> it is inserted, Mistress..suit is zipped again

[15:28] <Karen> nice

[15:28] <Karen> now a hood

[15:29] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress.  one in my carryall

[15:29] <latexcheeks> lack hood with eyes, mouth, nose openings

[15:30] <latexcheeks> black hood

[15:30] <Karen> brilliant

[15:30] <Karen> put it on

[15:30] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[15:35] <latexcheeks> back again and gagged

[15:35] <Karen_> which gag

[15:36] <latexcheeks> its the solid phllus gag with breathe-through tube

[15:36] <Karen_> :)

[15:36] <Karen_> you must looking amazing there

[15:36] <latexcheeks> i'm sucking my dildo

[15:36] <latexcheeks> mmmmm...loving the rubbery taste

[15:37] <Karen_> sucking your dildo? what you mean?

[15:37] <latexcheeks> phallus gag...basically a dildo gag

[15:37] <Karen_> ah ok

[15:37] <latexcheeks> fills the mouth and allows me to remember what i don't like about men...there cock squirts!

[15:38] <Karen_> :)

[15:38] <latexcheeks> their atn the most inconvenient times

[15:38] <Karen_> the vibe in your pussy is on lil slut?

[15:38] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[15:39] <Karen_> where is your horniness?

[15:39] <latexcheeks> about a 9.8 on 10!

[15:39] <latexcheeks> really ramping uo in this rubbery cocoon

[15:39] <latexcheeks> up in this cocoon

[15:40] <Karen_> now i want you in your sealing suit

[15:41] <latexcheeks> yes Misterss.  I put on the rubber drysuit here...that'll put me to about 9.999999

[15:42] <Karen_> of course over the latex

[15:42] <latexcheeks> of course and the suit is rubber too...pushing my feet into the legs now

[15:43] <Karen_> :)

[15:44] <latexcheeks> these suits are very heavy and the rubber they are made from is impervious to anything...

[15:44] <Karen_> :)

[15:44] <Karen_> i never seal ever want to try it

[15:44] <latexcheeks> pushing the arms into the sleeves now ... update when the hands are seated in the attached gloves

[15:46] <latexcheeks> ducked head through shoulder opening and pushed it into the attached hood...ready to zip it shut

[15:46] <Karen_> so hot

[15:47] <latexcheeks> and zipped...all sealed into two layers now.

[15:47] <Karen_> can you get in your baletboots ?

[15:47] <latexcheeks> not in this suit and they are at home now too

[15:47] <latexcheeks> i am still at the office...though just about done for the day

[15:48] <Karen_> you are at the office?

[15:48] <Karen_> you are alone there?

[15:48] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress.  it is a dive locker so i ahve access to things that i cary or have here

[15:48] <latexcheeks> this office yes but some of the employees are outside in the bullpen area

[15:49] <Karen_> ok

[15:49] <Karen_> and you are alone?

[15:49] <latexcheeks> i am alone in my office

[15:49] <Karen_> :)

[15:49] <Karen_> i want to learn sealing with you ;)

[15:52] <Karen_> control of oxygen etc

[15:52] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[15:52] <latexcheeks> put on the air tanks or the rbreather andit can be very exciting

[15:52] <Karen_> and you work in an catsuit?

[15:53] <latexcheeks> usually i wear the catsuit of latex, then a spandex catsuit that is a barrier from the cold....much more comfortable than traditional drysuit underwear...then the dry suit on top

[15:53] <Karen_> nice

[15:54] <latexcheeks> if it weren't for my latex thing i'd probably just do,the spandex suit, but the rubber is moe fun

[15:54] <Karen_> :D

[15:54] <Karen_> where is your horniness at the moment?

[15:54] <latexcheeks> it's ramped to about 9.99

[15:55] <latexcheeks> if i were to add my rebreathing gear and be completed sealed up i think i explode!

[15:55] <Karen_> thats the next step

[15:55] <Karen_> do it

[15:55] <latexcheeks> Yes MIstress

[15:57] <Karen_> when your work ends today?

[15:57] <latexcheeks> rebreather backpack strapped on and the shoulder straps tight, waist belt buckled and full face amsk pulled tight to my facew...totaly isolated inside the secret world and I AM HOT!

[15:57] <latexcheeks> another 30 minutes

[15:57] <latexcheeks> scheduled end

[15:57] <Karen_> how long you need to go home?

 [15:58] <latexcheeks> it takes about an hour

[15:58] <Karen_> no chance... then im offline

[15:58] <Karen_> so where is your horniness?

[15:59] <latexcheeks> i on the verge of axploding!

[15:59] <Karen_> .)

[15:59] <latexcheeks> holding for your command i hope!

[15:59] <Karen_> you want?

[15:59] <latexcheeks> holding and the breathing is so whoosh....whoosh

[15:59] <latexcheeks> ahhh..i want so bad!

[15:59] <Karen_> cum for your Mistress?

[15:59] <Karen_> now?

[15:59] <latexcheeks> whoosh...whoosh...sounds like darth vader i here

[16:00] <Karen_> that lil whore will cum only for me?

[16:00] <latexcheeks> Yes Mistress....Yes MIstress...oh YES MISTRESS!!!  CUMMING!

[16:00] <latexcheeks> ahhh...gawd it is sooooo  HOT HERE!

[16:00] <Karen_> have i give the command?

[16:01] <Karen_> have i give the command?

[16:01] <latexcheeks> i misread!!!! oh no i thought you said cum for your Mistess...but there is a ? i missed in the fogged up lens of the mask...OH NO!

[16:02] <Karen_> take all your clothes off

[16:02] <latexcheeks> i have done such a terrible thing here!

[16:02] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:02] <Karen_> and hurry up bitch

[16:02] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:03] <Karen_> if you arent fast enough i never talked again with you

[16:02] <latexcheeks> i have done such a terrible thing here!

[16:02] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:02] <Karen_> and hurry up bitch

[16:02] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:03] <Karen_> if you arent fast enough i never talked again with you

[16:04] <latexcheeks> the drysuit is off...unzipping catsuit and peeling it off now

[16:04] <Karen_> HURRY UP

[16:04] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:04] <latexcheeks> hoods and catsuit off now

[16:04] <Karen_> you are to slow bitch

[16:04] <latexcheeks> vibe and plug?

[16:05] <Karen__> you are to slow bitch

[16:05] <latexcheeks> vibe and plug too...suits off

[16:05] <Karen__> i said all

[16:06] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress...pop and pop...out

[16:06] <Karen__> so you are naked there?

[16:06] <latexcheeks> yes Mistess

[16:06] <Karen__> 4 minutes

[16:06] <Karen__> tats not so fast i think

[16:06] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[16:06] <Karen__> that’s

[16:07] <Karen__> you think it was fast?

[16:07] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress...shamefully slow

[16:07] <Karen__> do 10 push-ups

[16:07] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[16:08] <latexcheeks> 10 pushups completed

[16:08] <latexcheeks> Mistess

[16:08] <latexcheeks> Mistess

[16:08] <Karen__> now get in all that again

[16:08] <Karen__> with plug, vibe, catsuit etc

[16:08] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:09] <Karen__> i hope you are fast

[16:10] <latexcheeks> i will be as fast as i can...suit and skin slippery from sweat and the earlier lube i used so it is kind of going on smoothly and fast...pushing arms into sleeves now

[16:11] <Karen__> i hope you are fast

[16:11] <latexcheeks> pulling on hood and putting in gag...closing back zip with the pull lanyard now

[16:11] <latexcheeks> back zip closed and getting the drysuit in position to push feet into legs...

[16:12] <Karen__> gogogo

[16:12] <latexcheeks> feet in ready to stand and put the arms into the gloves...Mistress

[16:13] <latexcheeks> head ducked into the shoulder opening and attached hood...ready to zip the shoulder entry zip

[16:13] <latexcheeks> and finally the rebreather system...strapping on backpack now

[16:14] <latexcheeks> buckle the waist belt after tightening the shoulder straps...couple of tugs here and a pull there and ready for the face mask

[16:15] <latexcheeks> and face mask is on and tightened....done, Mistress

[16:15] <Karen__> 7 minutes

[16:15] <Karen__> was it fast? what you think?

[16:15] <latexcheeks> it seemed fast.  i didn't tear anything and the catsuit did stick a bit

[16:16] <Karen__> where is your horniness?

[16:16] <latexcheeks> it's ramping up agian Mistress

[16:16] <latexcheeks> still getting into that 9.9 range very quickly

[16:16] <Karen__> all off again

[16:16] <Karen__> all off again

[16:16] <latexcheeks> 7yes MIstress!

[16:16] <Karen__> all off again

[16:16] <latexcheeks> 7yes MIstress!

[16:17] <latexcheeks> back pack off.  unzipping drysuit

[16:18] <Karen__> 2 minutes left

[16:18] <latexcheeks> drysuit off, Mistress

[16:19] <latexcheeks> catsuit unzipped and pulling off front dropping it to floor

[16:19] <latexcheeks> hood off gag out

[16:19] <Karen__> 1 minute

[16:19] <latexcheeks> plug and vibe out..oohhhhhhhh

[16:20] <Karen__> nice

[16:20] <Karen__> you are faster than last time

[16:20] <Karen__> good girl

[16:20] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[16:20] <Karen__> again 10 pushups

[16:20] <latexcheeks> thank you Mistress.  you set a challenging goal

[16:20] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[16:20] <latexcheeks> done Mistress

[16:21] <Karen__> slap each tit 10 times hard

[16:21] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:22] <latexcheeks> complete, oh my sore little red tits

[16:22] <Karen__> you like it?

[16:22] <latexcheeks> the masochistic desire emerges in it

[16:22] <latexcheeks> Mistress

[16:23] <latexcheeks> a certain pleasure from the pain, Mistress

[16:23] <Karen__> get all back on

[16:23] <Karen__> dont forget anything

[16:23] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[16:23] <Karen__> 7 minutes to beat

[16:23] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:23] <latexcheeks> no reports from now until done

[16:24] <Karen__> 40 sec gone

[16:26] <Karen__> 4 minutes left

[16:28] <latexcheeks> all suit on and strapping on the rebreather gear now

[16:28] <Karen__> 2 min left

[16:28] <latexcheeks> tightened mask and done, Mistress

[16:28] <Karen__> 6 minutes

[16:28] <Karen__> good girl

[16:28] <Karen__> how you feel?

[16:28] <latexcheeks> thank oyu Mistress

[16:29] <latexcheeks> hot and tired...very hard to get in and out of the gear so quickly

[16:29] <latexcheeks> very hot especdially...sweat streaming

[16:29] <Karen__> where is your horniness?

[16:29] <latexcheeks> horniess in good Mistress high 9 or better...vibe and plug deliciously moving in me

[16:29] <Karen__> :)

[16:30] <Karen__> a question

[16:30] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[16:30] <Karen__> do you ever had the vibe down in the water?

[16:30] <latexcheeks> yes is incredible to feel it being pushed in by the pressure

[16:31] <Karen__> you cum down there?

[16:31] <latexcheeks> and when swimming in the water it moves so deliciously

[16:31] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress..frequently

[16:31] <Karen__> ok

[16:31] <latexcheeks> it is the ultimate experience

[16:31] <Karen__> than thats not a new challange for you

[16:31] <latexcheeks> sealed inside the little bubble of life in the water

[16:31] <Karen__> :)

[16:32] <latexcheeks> it is a true joy of diving and rubberism combined

[16:32] <Karen__> :)

[16:32] <Karen__> :)

[16:32] <Karen__> can you simply remove the mouth piece down there?

[16:33] <latexcheeks> i have gear that has only a mouthpiece and regular mask not the full face mask i have on now

[16:33] <Karen__> ok

[16:34] <Karen__> and than you can remove it? and put it back on and you get oxygen?

[16:34] <latexcheeks> so the answer is Yes, Mistress

[16:34] <Karen__> good

[16:34] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:34] <Karen__> where is the horniness now

[16:34] <latexcheeks> knd of like free diving experience

[16:34] <Karen__> another try to cum for me?

[16:34] <latexcheeks> 9+ and building

[16:34] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress.

[16:34] <Karen__> so tell me when you are ready bitch

[16:34] <latexcheeks> I'll watch closely to your commands this time ;)

[16:35] <Karen__> better for you i think

[16:35] <latexcheeks> i am very close now....holding but muscles are twitching but i am holding, Mistress

[16:35] <Karen__> holding for me?

[16:36] <latexcheeks> holding...holding ....  sooo feeling the sweat on face

[16:36] <Karen__> and you think i'll let you cum?

[16:36] <latexcheeks> panting into breather system and holding

[16:36] <Karen__> answer my question

[16:36] <latexcheeks> that is your choice Mistress.  I've a bad bitch today

[16:36] <Karen__> you are always that bitch

[16:36] <Karen__> you want to cum?

[16:37] <latexcheeks> my ineer most desire is to cum but you can deny me as you wish

[16:37] <latexcheeks> i want to cum Mistress

[16:37] <Karen__> do 10 pushup again

[16:37] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress!

[16:38] <latexcheeks> done...hard work in the suits...very hot and sweat rolling...gawd so horny from the exercise

[16:38] <Karen__> done?

[16:38] <Karen__> still want to cum?

[16:39] <latexcheeks> still want to cum...but getting so tired...mind one way and body, I don't know

[16:39] <Karen__> ask in an ordinary way for it

[16:39] <latexcheeks> mind wants cum...body???

[16:39] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[16:39] <latexcheeks> still want to cum

[16:39] <Karen__> ask for letting you cum

[16:40] <latexcheeks> Mistress May i please cum?

[16:40] <Karen__> yes you may

[16:40] <latexcheeks> Thank you Mistress.....ooooooohhhhhh

[16:40] <Karen__> welcome

[16:40] <latexcheeks> my gosh...oh here it cummmssss

[16:41] <Karen__> nice feeling?

[16:41] <Karen__> ;)

[16:41] <latexcheeks> violent shaking and panting sooo hard as i rock in a cum

[16:41] <Karen__> so you cum?

[16:41] <latexcheeks> wonderful feeling greatest feeling on earth or heaven or anywhere i ever want to be

[16:41] <Karen__> :d

[16:42] <latexcheeks> a rolling and lilting one...ebbing and flowing and ebbing and flowing pulsing through me so

[16:42] <Karen__> nic

[16:42] <Karen__> e

[16:42] <Karen__> you 'll dive today?

[16:42] <latexcheeks> wasn't planning on it but i am dressed for it and the water is right outside

[16:43] <Karen__> then get the other mask

[16:43] <Karen__> that one with removable moth piece

[16:44] <Karen__> i want that you dive today and that you cum down there, shortly before cuming you remove the mouth piece

[16:44] <latexcheeks> yES mISTRESS

[16:44] <Karen__> and cum there without oxygen

[16:44] <latexcheeks> oops the gloves hit lock

[16:44] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:44] <Karen__> then you can put it back in

[16:44] <Karen__> that was our session for today

[16:44] <Karen__> next time you have a cam there

[16:45] <Karen__> and remember for your trip your panties

[16:44] <Karen__> next time you have a cam there

[16:45] <Karen__> and remember for your trip your panties

[16:45] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[16:45] <Karen__> now go offline

[16:45] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress, Good NIght

[16:45] <Karen__> have a nice day

[16:45] <Karen__> and greetings to Lydia

[16:46] <Karen__> ;)

[16:46] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress..i'll give her your greeting, good bye

Diary Entry of Danger!

I think about this command Karen has given.  It is dangerous.  It is folly and extreme.  I know better than to do these things but I also have an alternative idea that should achieve the same goal and though dangerous is maybe acceptable.  First of all to remove the regulator from the mouth and hold breath while under water can be very erotic.  It is very erotic.  The free divers get most of their kick from the autoerotic circumstances of diving as deeply and as long as possible on one breath of air.  It is an extreme sport and holds extreme consequences if something goes wrong.

My alternative idea is to wear the fullface system and connect the air supply selector switch to a length of high tensile communications carrier cable.  I see the idea to secure the cable to the top of the ladder at our dock and I drop under the water with cable in hand.  I pass the cable through the strap ring of the harness and attach it to the selector switch of the rebreather.  The switch is a three position switch.  One position allows flow through the rebreather system.  One allows flow from the emergency air supply of oxygen/nitrogen mix that is normally used if the rebreather system fails.  This mix is oxygen rich since its use could be the result of the failure of the scrubbers and the intake of high concentration of CO2.  The third position is the “off” switch to isolate the scrubbers from the path.  My plan is to switch the scrubber out of the loop with the switch.  This switching isolates the rebreather scrubbers of the system but there is still residual air in the lines that allow breathing.  Of course this closed circuit breathing quickly results in stale air.  The erotic high of oxygen starvation sets in as the air grows staler.  Eventually I anticipate the explosive orgasmic results of the cut air flow and as exploding would switch the supply back on. 

The cable attached to the switch is the “safety”.  Should my autoerotic experience cause me to pass out, my falling/crumpling body would tug the cable and move the switch to the emergency oxygen flow.  At least that is the theory.  I dry test the idea three times and it works each time.  This builds my confidence that the idea should work in water.  I plan to wear significant weight on my waist in order to assure a knee buckling and cable – switching sequence if I lose consciousness.

I proceed to the dock with cable in hand.  I attach it securely to the ladder rail and climb down into the cold Puget Sound.  The cold water presses into my suits.  I shiver as I drop under the surface.  It is dark outside and even darker under water.  The little lights from the shore barely penetrate the water.  I stand at the foot of the piling that the ladder is attached and slip the cable through the strap ring of my respirator system.  I loop it through the switch lever and pull it taught.  Any movement will cause the lever to move.  I crimp the looped end of the cable to secure it.  Now I test my theory in water.  I drop to my knees and the switch moves through the two positions from rebreather system to the neutral (off) position to the emergency position.  The thing seems to work.

I stand and switch the system back to the full rebreather system.  I steel myself for the real deal.  The moment of truth is here.  I shiver excitedly as I tempt the fates and test something I’ve often wanted to try.  I switch the system to off.  I find my breathing isn’t immediately impacted.  I wonder if the scrubbers might still be connected.  I suck the limited air inside the mask and the connecting hoses.  Soon an electronic display in the helmet and the audible alarm warning of the increase in moisture and CO2 is in my head.  This added distraction only heightens my surging fear that is translated into erotic arousal!  It isn’t long before I can tell the air is growing stale.  I am now breathing harder and faster.  The alarms continue unceasing.  At first it is a very subtle change.  But soon the breathing is very rapid and my head is spinning.  The alarm and new flashing lights in my mind merge in gloriously incredible patterns!  It is kaleidoscope of senses…sounds images...dancing lights and whirling Picasso splashes on the canvas of my mind!  Simultaneously, I feel urgent needs in my very soul.  Desire is building and quickly as I rut with hand to crotch and need the thing to explode and as my breath is reaching the most urgent pants I sudden suck in hard and…and…and I explode with fireworks blasting in my head!  I see lights and streaming stars!  I see bombshells exploding and my whole body quakes in urgency as I grasp for the switch and barely turn it before I feel myself going out!

I didn’t really pass out longer than a mere second or two!  I buckle to my knees and feel the fresh air of the emergency supply press into my world before I rebound, recover and switch the system back to rebreather.  What an experience!  I have to do it again! 

I steady myself and switch off the system.  Again I feel the limited air supply growing stale.  I lean against the piling and plant my weighted feet into the bottom.  I rub with one hand to crotch and marvel at the slow air starvation that is carrying my mind to another world.  No drug ever did this to me!  I ravage myself and as the explosion again comes forth I see the exploding rockets and the fireworks and the lights blasting in my head.  I am panting hard until the last explosive release carries my whole body beyond the edge of reality and into the fantasy of carnal lust.

This time I struggle to remember where I am.  I feel the cold water pressing me.  I remember I am a diver by experience and training.  I know I am in my familiar element.  Slowly senses return.  I am breathing sweet air of the emergency system.  I feel the oxygen rush restoring my mind and thoughts.  I climb to my feet and lean against the piling.  I slowly comprehend that I must have pass out completely this second time.  I check the consumption guage on the emergency system and am surprised to find it is over half gone.  I have been breathing the emergency air at least 10 minutes.  I was out that long? 

Groggily I switch the system back to the rebreather system.  I suck in the dry and staler air of the scrubbers.  I realize that this second time was a very near thing and I shudder with involuntary fear and surprisingly another mini-orgasm surges inside me.

I drop the weight belt from my waist as I am too exhausted and shaken to swim up to the ladder rungs with the weights.  I ease to the ladder and slowly drag myself out of the water and up to the deck of the dock.  I collapse in a heap of rubber too exhausted to even make my way back to the locker.  I don’t even pull the rebreather mask off.  Fortunately the scrubbers last several hours and sometime later I stir and make my way into the dive locker.

I check messages and find that Lydia has called four times.  It is nine thirty.  It’s been almost four hours since I dropped into the water!

I call home to let Lydia know I am all right.  I tell her to give me an hour to write up this diary entry while it is fresh in my mind.  It also gives me a chance to regroup and to pull myself together.  Again I realize the close call I had I the water and shake with another mini-orgasm – an aftershock from the main event.  I hug my arms about me as to hold the rubber as close to me as possible and ponder my options.

I need to rest from this game.  It was too close this time, way too close.

January 5, 2010 – Lydia Chats

After the near experience in the murky waters of Puget Sound, Lydia decided to chat with Karen and try to find the secret of her power over me.  She copied and pasted the entire chat so she would be able to discuss it with me later.  She started the chat with the usual salutations then pasted my diary entries into the chat for Karen to see.

[12:10] <MsLydia> thats her diary entry

[12:10] <Karen> :)

[12:10] <Karen> i like

[12:10] <MsLydia> she really loved it...she couldn't stop talking about the excitement and the thrill of testing limits and such

[12:11] <Karen> what you think about all this

[12:11] <MsLydia> i think she is growing into a very slutty alter ego of her normal self and she is loving the emersion into this new world

[12:12] <MsLydia> she is normally very controlled and actually controlling of her employees and her job

[12:12] <Karen> and your personal view?

[12:12] <Karen> what you think

[12:13] <MsLydia> i want to help her with her journey and to find a balance.  i think it is scary but thrilling too

[12:14] <MsLydia> she has plunged headlong into this like many things she half measure when it comes to shirley, latexcheeks

[12:15] <MsLydia> part of why i love her so

[12:15] <Karen> and you hate me? :D

[12:15] <Karen> :)

[12:15] <Karen> what you think about silvester?

[12:15] <MsLydia> i don't hate you

[12:16] <MsLydia> silvester?  i don't understand.

[12:16] <MsLydia> i think you've opened new vistas and challenges to seek

[12:16] <Karen> new year party

[12:16] <MsLydia> ahhhh..the party was quite amazing!

[12:17] <MsLydia> that kiss in rubber in the middle of the floor was a one of a kind

[12:17] <MsLydia> it happened all because of you....i know

[12:18] <Karen> i hope that you arent jealous

[12:19] <MsLydia> not at all...quite the contrary i wish we could meet

[12:19] <MsLydia> you were a spice in our life as we were settling on flat spot

[12:20] <MsLydia> our lives were kind of separated by a fear of the public image and you opened us to the idea that the public image isn't necesarily important 

[12:20] <Karen> :)

[12:21] <MsLydia> we found it liberating to snub our noses at the shocked and probably envious clouts we were with

[12:21] <Karen> i want to met you two too

[12:21] <MsLydia> i bet most of them wished they had a private life as thrilling as ours...especially the midnight kiss scene

[12:21] <Karen> so where are you at the moment?

[12:22] <Karen> you are at home?

[12:22] <MsLydia> i am at my work place.  it is lunch time here and i am using an aircard link to avoid the company netwoerk

[12:22] <Karen> ah ok

[12:23] <Karen> we could play so much all three over the internet i think ;)

[12:23] <MsLydia> cheeks is probably home...she was pretty exhausted last night and she babbled on for about another two hours after getting home

[12:23] <Karen> :D

[12:24] <MsLydia> she put on her dildo panties too...that your idea i think

[12:24] <MsLydia> her panties with inserts

[12:24] <Karen> only for the three weeks shes away

[12:24] <MsLydia> she kind of wiggled into them as she fell asleep around midnight

[12:24] <MsLydia> i see.

[12:25] <MsLydia> guess she is practicing ;)

[12:25] <Karen> :D

[12:25] <Karen> ok

[12:25] <Karen> what a shame that you arent at home right now :D

[12:26] <MsLydia> i can just imagine

[12:26] <Karen> :)

[12:26] <Karen> me too

[12:26] <Karen> i have never seen you two

[12:26] <Karen> so its only imagine

[12:27] <Karen> you could be very happy with such a adorable woman on your side

[12:28] <MsLydia> i understand.  her writing is quite detailed as you have seen but she is a vision to see in person when she is flushed and so full of sparkly life in hereyes after removing a couple of hoods

[12:28] <MsLydia> then she starts to babble on about what she really felt.  she usually puts it to her diary entries almost immediately

[12:29] <MsLydia> i sometimes wish she'd forget her darn diary and make my eyes all sparkly again!

[12:30] <Karen> i'm proud that i can help her find her limits

[12:30] <Karen> hard to say in english for me

[12:30] <MsLydia> understand. you're english is quite good

[12:30] <Karen> thx

[12:31] <Karen> i do my best ;)

[12:31] <MsLydia> your best seems to work well from what i've seen of our latexcheeks these last two weeks+

[12:32] <Karen> :D right

[12:32] <Karen> how you met here?

[12:33] <MsLydia> we met at an Ivar's (clam bar restaurant...kind of a take out place) in Ballard part of seattle

[12:34] <Karen> :)

[12:34] <MsLydia> lot of divers eat lunch there since they don't have to remove their suits

[12:34] <Karen> i really have to dive

[12:34] <Karen> i never did it

[12:34] <MsLydia> i saw her in her wetsuit at the time...she looked amazing inside that rubber suit

[12:34] <Karen> :)

[12:35] <MsLydia> i asked where she ws from as i never seen her at this store

[12:35] <Karen> and then it goes on

[12:35] <Karen> you loved latex before?

[12:36] <MsLydia> she said she was looking for equipment for her company and was checking out the area.  i kind of thought it strange to be in wetsuit if she was just looking for equipment so i asked why the wetsuit

[12:36] <MsLydia> not really

[12:36] <Karen> but now you like it? :D

[12:37] <MsLydia> yes....she got all bubbly about why she was in the wetsuit

[12:37] <MsLydia> said she loved to wear rubber whenever she could and knew that she would be in company of other people in the suits at the ballard fishing dosks so she drove up in her wetsuit

[12:38] <MsLydia> i told her i liked light bondage and was a bit of a dominant

[12:38] <Karen> at the first meeting?

[12:38] <MsLydia> it's odd but when she is in rubber she really gets into talking it

[12:39] <MsLydia> even at the first meeting...she is really very quiet when she is in normal clothing and not in her rubber but the rubber thing seems to let her loose

[12:39] <MsLydia> she was so excitied about the rubber thing i had to find out more

[12:39] <Karen> :)

[12:40] <MsLydia> i thought it was a bit strange but i figured this was just a chance meeting and that would be it

[12:41] <Karen> :)

[12:41] <Karen> you could be lucky

[12:41] <MsLydia> she gave me her business card and told me that if i knew anyone needing environmental consulting to send them her way

[12:42] <MsLydia> after i did internet research into latex and rubber i called her but not about environmental consulting ;)

[12:42] <Karen> :)

[12:42] <Karen> when was the first time then you tie her up?

[12:43] <MsLydia> about six months ago

[12:43] <MsLydia> i would come over to visit her maybe once a week...we started by just talking about kinky sex and bondage in rubber or other stuff

[12:44] <Karen> nice

[12:44] <MsLydia> she showed me her collection of gear that she used to do solo bondage on about our third visit

[12:45] <MsLydia> i asked if i could tie her up and lock her in and keep the keys for a couple of days

[12:45] <MsLydia> you should have seen her eyes

[12:46] <Karen> :)

[12:46] <Karen> and you do it?

[12:47] <MsLydia> well she told me to go home and come back in two days  and think of the most best way to tie her up...then she said i could keep her that way for three days

[12:47] <Karen> which position you chose?

[12:48] <MsLydia> i found out later that the two days of preparation is her liquid diet and purging her insides so she can avoid solid waste during her bondage

[12:49] <MsLydia> i had her put in her remote vibes, panties, stockings, gloves, two catsuits, hoods, and her drysuit

[12:50] <MsLydia> i locked her hands at her front and had her ankles cuffed

[12:50] <Karen> so nothing "hard"

[12:51] <MsLydia> i pretty much left her in that condition though the second day i recuffed her wrists with the cuff looped through the ankles chia==ain

[12:51] <MsLydia> nothing that hard...we were was new

[12:52] <MsLydia> the third day she told me to put on the rebreather system.  I didn't understand that part of it at all but i put it on her.  she told me to leave her for four hours

[12:53] <Karen> :)

[12:53] <Karen> i like it

[12:53] <MsLydia> i have since learned that the rebreather is quite the erotic thrill for her

[12:53] <MsLydia> she loves the isolation from the world in it

[12:53] <Karen> :) i learn it too

[12:53] <MsLydia> she loves the isolation from the worries of the world she finds inside rubber too

[12:54] <MsLydia> that part i understand

[12:54] <MsLydia> her business is always a worry...she forgets it inside her rubber cocoon

[12:54] <Karen> others you dont understand?

[12:55] <MsLydia> i undestand that this is more than just erotic and carnal lust for her

[12:56] <MsLydia> she revels in the idea of being a rubber slut with no care except enjoying her next cum

[12:56] <Karen> and she is a rubberslut

[12:56] <MsLydia> it is a powerful tonic to explode so savagely when under the influence

[12:56] <MsLydia> yes, she sure is that

[12:58] <MsLydia> as i said it's a tonic an adiction to the explosion the rush of all the things good in sex and love but rushing forth in a massive wave that floods her whole life

[12:59] <MsLydia> in water she is in her element...maybe a tsunami of erotic passion best describes her feelings

[12:59] <Karen> :)

[13:00] <MsLydia> well lunch timew is over and i best look like i'm doing something productive

[13:00] <MsLydia> take care and enjoyed chatting with you today

[13:00] <Karen> :)

[13:00] <MsLydia> bye

[13:00] <Karen> have a nice day

[13:00] <Karen> bye



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