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Chat Room Games 3

by latexcheeks

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continued from part 2

Chat Room Games – Part 3

Dec 31 – New Years Eve.

The chat begins with me pasting the diary entries into the discussion with Mistress Karen.  Rather than repeat it I let you know she sent many J faces and :D faces.

[08:26] <Karen> nice story

[08:26] <latexcheeks> “You need more fluid and a good bath,” she said.

[08:27] <latexcheeks> So ended Tuesday, December 29. 

[08:27] <Karen> :)

[08:27] <latexcheeks> and that is the end of the entries, MIstress.  the rest of the night was pretty normal

[08:27] <latexcheeks> though i see i lost track of dates!

[08:28] <Karen> good good

[08:28] <Karen> your frined is there around now?

[08:28] <latexcheeks> i guess that happens when one is under such complete spell

[08:28] <Karen> ;)

[08:28] <Karen> your friend is there around now?

[08:28] <latexcheeks> she had work today again.  they may let her off early

[08:28] <Karen> how many hours?

[08:29] <latexcheeks> should be home in about 6 or 7n hours

[08:30] <Karen> :D

[08:30] <Karen> ok

[08:31] <latexcheeks> yes, MIstress

[08:31] <Karen> so what are you wearing slut?

[08:32] <latexcheeks> just latex panties with inserts now. normal fleece over them

[08:32] <Karen> with inserts? :D

[08:33] <latexcheeks> yes, Mistress.  pussy and butt dildos

[08:33] <Karen> put off your fleec slut

[08:34] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[08:34] <latexcheeks> off now

[08:35] <Karen> what you think about our last sessions?

[08:35] <latexcheeks> they were incredible...amazing, Mistress!

[08:37] <latexcheeks> i was beyond loving them to some new level of rubber worship that is beyond describable, Mistress

[08:37] <Karen> :)

[08:37] <Karen> so you like it

[08:38] <latexcheeks> i think that is understatement, Mistress...way beyond like!

[08:38] <Karen> good girl

[08:38] <Karen> what your friend is thinking about it?

[08:38] <latexcheeks> thank you Mistress

[08:39] <latexcheeks> she is still puzzled but she seems to appreciate the surprises based on yesterday

[08:39] <latexcheeks> i think she thinks about the surprise waiting when she comes home at work

[08:39] <Karen> :D

[08:39] <latexcheeks> maybe her work suffers?

[08:39] <Karen> you want to go out today right?

[08:40] <latexcheeks> Mistress

[08:40] <Karen> you want to go out today right?

[08:40] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress.

[08:40] <latexcheeks> new year and all

[08:40] <Karen> ok

[08:41] <Karen> what you want to wear?

[08:41] <latexcheeks> but such plans can have detours and challenges i suppose

[08:41] <Karen> what you want to where lil girl?

[08:42] <Karen> tonight

[08:42] <latexcheeks> latex is nice...latex jeans and satin blouse on top or leather

[08:42] <Karen> underwear?

[08:42] <latexcheeks> more daring wouold be latex dress or something like that

[08:42] <latexcheeks> latex undies esential

[08:42] <Karen> ok

[08:43] <Karen> omg, i already forgot your big collection of bondage and latex toys

[08:43] <Karen> and clothes

[08:44] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress it is big

[08:44] <Karen> dildos are there?

[08:44] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[08:44] <Karen> how many?

[08:44] <Karen> and plugs?

[08:44] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[08:44] <Karen> oh wait

[08:45] <Karen> you had wireless vibes?

[08:45] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[08:45] <Karen> for ass and pussy?

[08:45] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[08:45] <Karen> ok

[08:45] <latexcheeks> actually have four of them

[08:45] <Karen> chastity belt?

[08:46] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress, stainless steel lined in neoprene

The computer connection broke for a moment and I return with the suffix of “6”.

 [08:50] <latexcheeks6> connection issue, Mistress

[08:51] <Karen> i dont like it

[08:51] <Karen> perhaps we should stop

[08:51] <latexcheeks6> the connection died on my wireless

[08:51] <Karen> hello?

[08:51] <latexcheeks6> back now, MIstress

[08:51] <Karen> where we stop?

[08:52] <latexcheeks6> i am putting on the chasity belt Mistress, after inserting the vibes

[08:52] <latexcheeks6> in fact the vibes are in and belt is next Mistress

[08:52] <Karen> it has locks?

[08:52] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[08:52] <Karen> good

[08:52] <Karen> go on

[08:53] <latexcheeks6> very fancy ones built right into the latch

[08:53] <Karen> done?

[08:53] <latexcheeks6> done now, Mistress

[08:54] <Karen> lock on?

[08:54] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[08:54] <Karen> i want that you conceal the keys

[08:54] <latexcheeks6> yes MIstress

[08:54] <Karen> and that you dont say your frined until tomorrow evening where the keys are

[08:55] <Karen> and i want that she cannot find the keys

[08:55] <latexcheeks6> yes, MIstress...putting them into an envelope and a drawer here at computer deck

[08:55] <latexcheeks6> should be well hidden in drawer under stuff

[08:56] <Karen> ok

[08:56] <Karen> if she will find it before we never talk again

[08:56] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[08:57] <latexcheeks6> she will not find it, i promise, Mistress

[08:57] <Karen> so is it a good encryption?

[08:57] <Karen> a good hiding place

[08:57] <Karen> ok

[08:57] <Karen> so you have to wear it this night, you know?

[08:57] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress...i feel secure in it

[08:58] <Karen> you have to hand over the controller to your friend

[08:58] <Karen> of the vibes

[08:58] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress,\. i will do that

[08:58] <Karen> she can ever use it on the party

[08:59] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[08:59] <Karen> what you think ybout it?

[09:00] <latexcheeks6> it's scary and exciting.  depending on how i am dressed for the party i will be a public rubber whore, Mistress

[09:00] <Karen> turn the vibes on

[09:01] <latexcheeks6> Yes Mistress

[09:01] <Karen> now take on a catsuit without hood

[09:01] <latexcheeks6> Yes MIstress, red one or blue one?

[09:02] <Karen> red

[09:02] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[09:04] <Karen> :)

[09:04] <latexcheeks6> mmmmmmm, the catsuit is on and warming me up...the belt shows slightly, Mistress

[09:05] <Karen> oh you are fast

[09:05] <latexcheeks6> i like this suit.  it is new, Lydia got it for me for christmas

[09:05] <Karen> lock it

[09:05] <latexcheeks6> that is practice i guess

[09:06] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress...locked

[09:06] <Karen> the same rules for this key as for the other

[09:06] <Karen> not until tomorrow

[09:06] <latexcheeks6> Yes Mistress

[09:07] <Karen> you again have to wear it tonight

[09:07] <Karen> of course you could wear something over it, its up to you

[09:07] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[09:08] <latexcheeks6> i will probably wear my leather jeans and satin blouse, the collar of the suit will show slightly, MIstress

[09:08] <latexcheeks6> but it will be dark in the room and probably unnoticed

[09:09] <Karen> vibes still on?

[09:09] <Karen> nic

[09:09] <Karen> e

[09:09] <latexcheeks6> yes, Mistress

[09:09] <latexcheeks6> buzzing away inside me....making me hotter

[09:10] <Karen> can you lock your masks?

[09:10] <Karen> your hoods?

[09:10] <latexcheeks6> yes i can lock one of them, Mistress

[09:10] <Karen> which one

[09:11] <latexcheeks6> it is one with eyes, nose and mouth openings, the heavier of the two that are similar, Mistress

[09:12] <Karen> take it on and the same rules as the keys before

[09:12] <Karen> again wear it tonight

[09:12] <latexcheeks6> now the game is getting more EXCITING, Mistress

[09:13] <Karen> put it on

[09:13] <Karen> take it on

[09:13] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[09:14] <latexcheeks6> it's on and locked, keys in same drawer with others, Mistress

[09:14] <Karen> so how you feeling now?

[09:15] <latexcheeks6> all fluttery and a bit afraid, but deliciously excited and horny...HORNY, Mistress

[09:15] <Karen> you have to wear it until tomorrow evening

[09:16] <latexcheeks6> i understand, that is the most fearful part...but amazingly erotic and arousing

[09:17] <latexcheeks6> i feel my juices under the chastity belt so deliciously, Mistress

[09:17] <Karen> tonight you arent allow to say any words

[09:17] <latexcheeks6> Yes Mistress

[09:17] <latexcheeks6> vow of silence like a sister of latex, MIstress

[09:17] <Karen> even at the party

[09:17] <latexcheeks6> well, maybe a slut in latex is better description

[09:17] <Karen> no words

[09:18] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[09:18] <Karen> that was it for today

[09:18] <Karen> oout the controls in the newspaper box

[09:19] <Karen> put

[09:19] <latexcheeks6> it is only beginning Mistress, Thank you.

[09:19] <Karen> and leave the vibes high

[09:19] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress!

[09:19] <Karen> now go offline

[09:19] <latexcheeks6> yes MIstress

[09:19] <latexcheeks6> good bye, Mistress

[09:19] <Karen> have a nice night my slut

[09:19] <Karen> oh wait

[09:19] <latexcheeks6> same to you Happy New Year

[09:20] <latexcheeks6> yes MIstress

[09:20] <latexcheeks6> ?

[09:20] <Karen> you have a collar?

[09:20] <latexcheeks6> yes MIstress

[09:20] <Karen> we have to complete the outfit

[09:20] <Karen> which kind of?

[09:20] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[09:20] <Karen> which kind of?

[09:21] <latexcheeks6> it is wide latex collar, about three inches.  adjustable and lockable

[09:21] <latexcheeks6> two buckles on it

[09:22] <Karen> get one

[09:22] <Karen> and lock it and you know the same before

[09:22] <latexcheeks6> yes MIstress

[09:22] <latexcheeks6> gloves?

[09:22] <Karen> would be brilliant

[09:23] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress

[09:23] <Karen> so now you dont have to wear somthing other

[09:23] <Karen> nothing else, just this suit

[09:23] <latexcheeks6> yes Mistress...under the "street clothes"

[09:23] <latexcheeks6> Mistress

[09:23] <latexcheeks6> though the hood certainly shos!

[09:24] <latexcheeks6> shows too

[09:24] <Karen> ok

[09:24] <Karen> you must look amazing

[09:24] <Karen> what will the others say tonightß

[09:25] <Karen> ?

[09:25] <latexcheeks6> we will find out Mistress

[09:25] <Karen> :)

[09:25] <Karen> so i think we are ready now

[09:25] <latexcheeks6> and thank you 

[09:25] <Karen> put the controls in the newspaper box

[09:25] <Karen> and wait for your friend

[09:25] <latexcheeks6> yes MIstress.

[09:25] <latexcheeks6> thigh high boots too?

[09:25] <latexcheeks6> for tonight

[09:25] <Karen> of course

[09:26] <Karen> like a lil whore

[09:26] <latexcheeks6> silly question, wasn't it, Mistre3ss

[09:26] <Karen> my lil whore

[09:26] <latexcheeks6> yes Istress, like a li'l rubber whore i am

[09:26] <latexcheeks6> thank you Mistress

[09:26] <Karen> take them on right now

[09:27] <latexcheeks6> yes MIstress

[09:28] <Karen> done?

[09:28] <Karen> you cannot lock them? ;)

[09:30] <latexcheeks> hi again...the system is quirky today, gues it is good we are near the end of the chat, Mistress

[09:30] <Karen> :)

[09:31] <Karen> i want that you do 30 minutes on the stepper tomorrow in the morning

[09:31] <latexcheeks> everything is locked.  the boot look so grand as black against the red is amazing.

[09:31] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[09:31] <Karen> all keys are hidden

[09:31] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[09:32] <Karen> controls are in the box

[09:32] <Karen> ?

[09:32] <latexcheeks> think the leather jeans and a leather bomber jacket open to show the red catsuit top is good since i have a hood on already, Mistress

[09:32] <latexcheeks> mix of leathyer and latex for the night out?

[09:33] <latexcheeks> yes mistress, they are in the box

[09:33] <latexcheeks> yes mistress, they are in the box

[09:33] <Karen> i think you shouldnt wear anything else than latex

[09:34] <latexcheeks> latex jeans then?, and my short latex jacket...both black, maybe?

[09:34] <Karen> you cannot hide it because of the hood

[09:34] <latexcheeks> true enough

[09:34] <Karen> and the boots?

[09:34] <Karen> you want to take the jeans over the boots?

[09:35] <latexcheeks> i see the point...a latex skirt, above the knee in red?

[09:35] <latexcheeks> black shiny boots to the skirt perhaps, Mistress?

[09:35] <Karen> perhaps only the catsuit?

[09:36] <latexcheeks> you want only the catsuit...i will do that as you wish, Mistress

[09:36] <Karen> yes i want only the catsuit

[09:36] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[09:36] <Karen> a total rubber slave

[09:36] <Karen> dont say a word

[09:36] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[09:37] <latexcheeks> i shall go now and be your slut the rest of the day, Mistress

[09:37] <Karen> only every 15 min on the party you ask your friend if that latex whore is doing right

 [09:38] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[09:38] <Karen> now go offline my lil bitch

[09:38] <Karen> and have a nice party

[09:38] <Karen> see you next year

[09:38] <latexcheeks> thanks Mistress

[09:38] <Karen> bye

[09:38] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress, happy new year

[09:38] <latexcheeks> bye

Once again I am in this latex enclosed world.  This time I wear only one layer but the expectation for tonight is elixir enough to stir the deepest passions and bring them bubbling to the surface.  The vibes buzz inside me and I am aroused and on that razor edge of oblivious lust, yet the building fear keeps my feelings curiously at bay.

Will Lydia still want to go out?  One part of me, the greater part, hopes that my rubberized condition will bring reason to bear and she decides a quiet evening at home celebrating the New Year in rubber would be best.  But Lydia is a bit of a Mistress in her own right and she may choose to complete the plans that Mistress Karen has envisioned in the dressing and locking of my unworthy soul in latex.

I can only stew inside the suit and watch a little television.  Mistress forbade me to log into the room so I only check e-mail and some banking issues.  I check for work next year.  It seems I may have a job in Alaska to start off the New Year.  The Kodiak area got a disaster declaration and they are interested in my consulting for their fish bearing streams that are near damaged roads.  Though no diving is involved, working around some very cold streams would require my team to wear drysuits for exposure.  I am happy to take all of my dive gear with me even if there is no diving for the job.  The waters of Kodiak can be very interesting to see both above and below the surface.

Lydia may be unhappy that I will go away for a few weeks but that is life at times.

Lydia… interesting mix here as I am caught between a developing Mistress in Lydia and a proven and imaginative Mistress in Karen.  I type away on this entry as I wait for the afternoon to come and Lydia to arrive.  Let the second act begin.

Hours later I am exhausted from being on edge.  I tried to avoid the inevitable explosions of carnal release and failed three times.  The explosions were exquisite in their completeness.  They exhausted my already tested body and I finally fell into a fitful but very light sleep.  I was vaguely aware of my surroundings outside the latex.  The belt chaffed at my inner thighs and waist.  Even the soft rubber lining didn’t prevent the chaffing.  I woke with starts of arousal and concentrated on the stretchy and enveloping material that was my world.  Again the vision of Connie Nielsen and DemonLover dominated my thoughts.  I am her alter ego poised on the hard bed in total latex enclosure waiting for the stirrings to be pulled by the unseen Mistress at the other end of the computer.

Time passes slowly when anticipation is retching at the belly but it passes and soon I hear the door open and close.

“So you have visited that chat room again, I see.”

I nod.

“You’re not gagged, why not talk?”

I nod.

“Silence ordered by Karen?” Lydia asks.

I nod.

“This means our evening is shot because this Mistress on the other side of the world commands you?”

I nod a “no”.

“The evening isn’t shot?”

I nod a “yes”.

“She expects you to go out like this?”

I nod a “yes”.

The keys are hidden again?”

I nod.

“And you can’t show me.  Am I supposed to hunt for them again?”

I nod “no”.

“That’s good since that game is old already.  Will you be able to talk at some point?”

I nod, “yes”.

“When the party is over and we are home?”

I nod “no”.

“In the morning?”

I nod “no”.


I nod “no”


I nod “yes”

“Ok.  So you are locked inside this costume until tomorrow evening.“

I nod, “Yes”.

Now Lydia contemplates her options.  She is thinking and I wonder what she will decide.

“Here are the options I see,” she begins.

“We can stay home and I can tease you until tomorrow evening and we eat the $100 we spent on tickets or I go and leave you here or I dress a bit kinkier and drag you along as my little slut rubber slave… it isn’t Halloween but sometimes New Years can have a bit of the costume to it.  I bet that club in Seattle is better suited for this display than the Emerald Queen but we don’t have tickets to that club, do we?”

I nod.

“I wonder how security will react when we show up.”

I forgot about security!  How stupid, of course the Indian casino has security!

“Here’s what we do.  I will wear latex leggings and leather skirt with your satin top you usual use to hide the sins of your hobby.  I think Toby’s leash will come in handy on that slave collar of yours.  We might as well put you in your SBR rain slicker since it is raining, but I’ll check it at the casino since Karen seems to want you exposed in all of your rubber slut glory.  We’ll see how long we last before the single guys riot and we get kicked out.”

I wait for Lydia to get ready secure in my costume.  She put the raincoat on and cinched the belt tight for the added layer as I waited.  Finally we leave the house.  Lydia drives quickly to the casino.  It is only about five miles from the house. 

Lydia parks, gets out and opens my door.  She pulls the leash and I get out of the car.

“We have to get something for the collar to show you are owned.  The obvious question is what my role in this is since Karen is your owner.  I am the slut sitter, perhaps?”

We reach the door and the moment of truth.

Security steps up to us.

“I’m sorry; you can’t go in like that,” the burly guard says flatly.

“We have tickets to the party.  I am Mistress Lydia and this is my slave. 

“Yes Ma’am; but this party isn’t for that type of display.”

“We are not exposed are we?”

“No Ma’am.”

“My friend is fully clothed, isn’t she?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“You are discriminating against our chosen lifestyle then?”

“We are exercising our right to refuse entrance to anyone we wish, Ma’am.”

“I don’t see what the trouble is.  We are just two girls out for some New Year’s fun together.  We will leave as we came, together.  I am not looking to pick up anyone, nor is my friend.”

“That isn’t the issue, Ma’am.”

“Then what is the issue?” Lydia asks.

“These clothes are too provocative, Ma’am.”  He points at my hooded body.

“And these are only the top,” Lydia undoes the belted raincoat. “I will be checking the coat.”

The security guard is stunned as he sees the boots and catsuit under the coat.

“As you can see, she is quite completely clothed.”

“I cannot allow you into the casino like that!”

“I have another skirt in the car, will that be ok?”

“The hood has to go too.”

“I’m sorry but the hood has to stay.  My friend is a prominent business person in the community and must retain her anonymity for her business interests.  I assure you that your management will recognize her name should I provide it.”

“Get the dress.  I’ll page the Operations Director.”

Oh well, here I was being led back to the car.  Lydia whipped the skirt quickly on my lower body.  The black leather shone nicely but it covered the most provocative part of my costume.  Still my bright red and shiny tits were framed nicely above the skirt.

Round two at the door begins.  The Operations Director is there and Lydia passes my business card to him.

He studies the card.  “Do you have any identification?”

Lydia passes my driver’s license to him.

He looks hard into the eyes.

“Hmmmm, the height is right, the weight appears right, the eyes are the right color,” he mumbles to himself.

“May I see your ID, Ma’am?”

Lydia passes her license to him.

“It’s ok.  Let them in for now but we will be watching.  If there is any trouble because of your friend’s costume you will be asked to leave.”

The security guy looks miffed to be overruled.  The Operations Director slips a yellow plastic band over my wrist to show that we are ID checked and allowed entry.  He does the same for Lydia.

“Just a precaution so interior security won’t bother you, especially you, Miss,” he winks at me.

“Well I feel the proper extra!” Lydia says loudly.  “She is my property tonight, not the other way around.”

“Whatever you say, Ma’am,” the Operations Director replies.

The coat checked and eyes and heads pivot wherever we go.  Even with the short skirt over my hips and upper legs, I must be stunningly slutty with the thigh boots below and the second skin red catsuit clad torso framed between the skirt and the hood.

I wish I can whip the skirt off in defiance of the authorities of this place!  Maybe just before midnight when the party is really going and they dim the lights for the countdown I’ll drop it to the floor in the dark.  When the lights come up I’ll be in glorious rubbery splendor planting a deep, Lesbian lusting kiss on Lydia!  Now that will be quite the finale for the evening!

Guys are always brushing against me.  I feel the press as they try to get between me and Lydia.  A few notice the leash.  Many ask why I hide behind the hood.  A couple joke that I look way too good to be here.  Some ask for my number.  One hints that he is ready to have fun and would guarantee a very good time.   I see the bulge in his jeans as he purposely rubs against my skirt.

Lydia intervenes, “This little one is with me and has no interest in your adolescent advances.”

“Who are you?” he asks.

“I’m her date and guardian for the night,” Lydia replies.

“I’m enough man for both of you.  Let’s blow this place,” he grabs Lydia’s hand and starts to pull her and me toward the door.

Lydia breaks the grip and slaps him hard with her leather-sheathed hand.

“You are way too full of yourself to deserve one lady, much less two.  Go down to Old Pacific Highway or check into one of those sleazy massage parlors near McChord.”

He looks us over, “Dressed like that you qualify in my mind, whore!” he says loudly.  He grabbed Lydia’s hand with the leash and she swings at him again.  He blocks her hand.  “I like a fight.  Bring it on.”

“You’d better leave now,” a new voice and the burly security guard is at our side.  The scuffle has taken center stage and I notice the little area of open floor around us.

I figure we are going but to my surprise, the guard is asking the guy to leave. 

He looks at us somewhat disgustedly.  “I’d send you two packing too but the boss says you are good for business right now.  You are honey to flies in this place.”

We dance and drink a little wine.  We find a table to rest and try to hide in the shadows.  I am hot under the rubber and those vibes are being controlled by Lydia with some very untimely results.  I cum at least once and Lydia smiles as I try to retain a semblance of decorum as my body betrays me and I squirm involuntarily in the ecstasy.

We dance some more.  We sip wine.  Some guys try to chat and Lydia politely explains that we are a couple and have no interest in either a threesome or foursome tonight.  It is our night as we watch 2009 tick away and 2010 with all of its new hopes approach.

Kristen is already in 2010 and even NYC, Chicago, and Denver are there.  The lounge is loud and hot.  The music is live and brisk.  The people are dancing or drinking away their fears and worries of the day.  Many hope to wash their hands of the past year that was so hard on so many.  The New Year is New Hope for everyone in the room. World problems are so far away in this oasis of vice.  The noise is deafening.  I’m glad the hood blocks a level of it.  I hear the ringing of slots paying out token rewards to people who want to hit it big.  I hear the sounds of the table gamers.  The craps table is always loud.  Unlike the other games, craps is a group sport.  The players are rooting for the current roller hoping to ride his/her luck to their own fortune.

This is a place of desperate people hoping against hope to win.  It is a place to wash away all trouble for a short period of time and be carried away on the energy of the crowd.  Being locked in latex adds to the energy in a peculiar way.  I feel insulated from the electricity of the people.  I feel I am observing and recording the pulse of the building.  I am part of the fixtures, one of the objects to be admired and desired.  I feel like I am not part of the humanity of the place but just one more piece of furniture.  I am a living and breathing rubber thing placed here by outside influence and completely absorbed in my desire to serve Karen through Lydia.  I am the property of Karen and find it strangely fulfilling to be linked into this new world so removed from my real world.  I wonder how the two worlds will collide once the holidays are over and I must return to work.  But that is for next week since tonight is for shaking off the old baggage and making a fresh start!

The lights go dim and time to reveal the full power of rubber.  Lydia pulls me to the floor and the countdown begins.  She holds the leash and my hands are free to undo the skirt and let it fall to the floor.  One quick tug of the hook and zipper and the deed is done. Two – One – Happy New Year!  The light are up and I am wrapping myself around Lydia and planting a hard kiss to her mouth.  It is the moment of truth as everyone is singing and shouting and couples kiss and many near us are going quiet as they see the two of us almost center stage locked in an intense Lesbian kiss.  I cling to Lydia with unbridled desire and she clings to me in fervent passion.  Our tongues explore hungrily.  The spice of latex from my hood intermingles with our individual flavors.  We suck the very breath from each other.  This little quiet spot in the whole place is unnoticed beyond the room but the ever present camera is there watching.

I surface from the washing effect of the moment.  Lydia is panting hard and her eyes are wide-wild!  She clings to me as security and the Operations manager arrive.

“I think it’s time for you to leave now ladies,” the Operations manager says quietly.  “We don’t want trouble.”

“Yes,” Lydia says.  “Come slave, we aren’t wanted here.”

The people within hearing gasp loudly.  I smile under the hood.  Lydia kicks the vibes on high and I stagger as they pound my intimate recesses unmercifully.  Lydia is laughing as she drags my poor lost slut soul from the place. 

We get our coats and as we reach the doors a security guy runs up with the leather skirt.  It was forgotten in all the frenzy our display caused.

We are exhausted from the high drama at the casino and upon reaching home, Lydia demands satisfaction.  She pulls off her outer garments revealing her catsuit and opens the zip exposing her wet cunt and orders me to service her until she cums. 

I comply gladly.  I drink in her sweet nectar as I plunge to the task of completing her satisfaction.  We are one in our lust and need.  The buzzing phalluses inside me carry my own passion to the heights of Everest as my tongue swirls, licks and tastes, engulfs and teases Lydia to animal release.  We are both exhausted by the adventure and the final exclamation point of explosive release.  I close the zip to hide her pussy and we snuggle into deep sleep.

Friday morning I struggle through the thirty minute workout ordered by Mistress Karen and prepare to check on line.  I quickly check the chat room and find no Karen.  I fix a quick liquid meal and settle into watching some TV until Lydia stirs.

The morning is a list of mundane house chores.  I wash clothes, rinse out and clean latex, check e-mail and slip into the chat room about every hour.  I stew in my juices as the probes inside me are silent but quite noticeable with each movement.  The heavy belt under the catsuit chaffs my inner thighs but is not particularly painful.  After an exhausting couple of hours I crawl back into bed and snuggle against Lydia’s latex-clad body.  She hasn’t stirred since falling asleep this morning.  She is obviously completely exhausted by the high tension of last night and the final culminating act in our bed.  I don’t blame her as I snuggle closer and rubber squeaks on rubber and I fall into light sleep.

I wake again about four.  This time Lydia wakes too.  She stretches with catlike grace and slaps me on the butt. 

“Ouch!  That armor is hard,” she says in reference to the belt.  “That thing is allowed off soon I hope.”

I nod.

“You still can’t talk?”

I nod and hold up two fingers.

“Then pleasure me slut!”

I open the zip on her catsuit and advance on her flower at the invitation.  I can think of nothing better than giving pleasure to my blossoming relationship with Lydia.  Our love for each other is growing as we explore each new pleasure we are finding in our newly liberated latex life.  Previously we stayed pretty much at home with only an occasional and relatively safe excursion into the bolder side of the hobby.  Only on occasion did we go out in latex and then only with cover or a reasonable explanation for the outer garment.  These last two weeks have been much different.  It is changing our lives.

The appointed hour arrives to remove the suit and belt.  I pad to the drawer holding the keys while Lydia relaxes in the afterglow of my handiwork.  I see no point is letting Lydia know the hiding place as I can always use it in the future.

With some disappointment we unlock the various confinements and peel the latex off.  I feel the air touch my moist skin and shiver.  The removing of the belt and the toys signals finality to the game.  The hot shower is invigorating and the evening relaxing in my soft robe is reward for successful completion of the test.

Lydia and I recall some of the moments of the previous night with mirth.  It’s a babble of, “What about that Neanderthal?  Those security guys were completely freaked!  They were sure pissed when the Ops guy let us in.  How about that kiss?” 

Yes how about that kiss?  It was a step in our relationship.  It was cementing a casual good time into commitment.  It was sealing the deal with each other as it lingers in my mind.  The kiss of ages!  The kiss of rubber inspired passion.  It was the kiss that set off fireworks and melted my legs as I clung to Lydia in that pool of light.  Everything around faded to nothing in that kiss.

Getting thrown out of the casino was worth the kiss and the tender love that issued at home.

Thank you, Mistress Karen, for this night.



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