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Chat Room Games 2

by latexcheeks

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© Copyright 2010 - latexcheeks - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; online; latex; catsuits; sbf; cuffs; toys; outdoors; cons; X

continued from part one

Chat Room Games – part 2

Chat Room Consequences – December 29, 2009

The chat room dialogue recorded here is exactly the way it happened, including the typographic errors.  The consequences of the chat continue after the connection closed.

[09:21] <cottontail> hello, MIstress.  It is I, latexcheeks

[09:24] <Karen> ?

[09:24] <cottontail> yes.  not wearing any latex at the moment so i am in cotton

[09:24] <cottontail> thus i am cottontail, Mistress

[09:25] <Karen> ok

[09:25] <Karen> we chat before?

[09:25] <cottontail> i believe we chatted yesterday, Mistress

[09:26] <cottontail> or maybe it was someone using your name?

[09:26] <Karen> will you wait perhaps 20 min for me? i have to have dinner

[09:27] <cottontail> certainly Mistress

[09:27] <cottontail> i will return then

[09:50] <Karen> i dont think that we chat...

[09:50] <Karen> ah

[09:50] <Karen> sealedin?

[09:50] <cottontail> yes, Mistress

[09:50] <Karen> oh nice

[09:51] <Karen> happy to see you again

[09:51] <cottontail> thank you Mistress

[09:51] <Karen> so how was your night?

[09:51] <Karen> and what happend yesterday after you go off

[09:52] <cottontail> it was quite interesting.  my friend arrived and was quite surprised

[09:52] <Karen> describe it

[09:52] <Karen> what happend

[09:52] <cottontail> to find me trussed up and cuffed

[09:53] <Karen> and then?

[09:53] <cottontail> fortunately she came to the door.  i think she expected me to answer in regular clothes since the keys weren't in place

[09:53] <cottontail> she was somewhat surprised and began to ask all sorts of questions that i couldn't answer

[09:54] <cottontail> why was i in the spreader?  why the cuffs?  and so on

[09:54] <Karen> and then?

[09:54] <cottontail> I wrote on a pad for her to go to the car and retrieve the keys, Mistress

[09:54] <cottontail> she did but she didn't let me out.

[09:55] <cottontail> she just started smiling and she had some fun with me, Mistress.

[09:55] <Karen> so exciting

[09:55] <cottontail> fun for another hour...she teased me Mistress

[09:55] <Karen> what did she do?

[09:55] <cottontail> she got into her own catsuit and climbed all over me

[09:56] <Karen> nice imagine

[09:56] <cottontail> she palyed with the vibes and finally strapped a dildo on me and had her pleasure, Mistress

[09:57] <cottontail> after that she asked about the cuff keys...i wrote out the plant pot outside

[09:57] <cottontail> she sent me to retrieve them as she didn't want to go out in her catsuit, Mistress

[09:58] <Karen> and you go out?

[09:58] <cottontail> she let me out of the bar and cuffs then she undid the corset and hobble locks and began to get me out of the gear

[09:58] <Karen> :)

[09:59] <Karen> and then?

[09:59] <cottontail> once out we had a long hot shower and she asked me to describe what happened tha i was so in the bonds, Mistress

[09:59] <Karen> and what you said?

[10:00] <cottontail> i told her about meeting a very nice MIstress in a chat room who took an interest in my sealedin condition

[10:00] <Karen> :)

[10:00] <Karen> we should play all three together

[10:00] <Karen> ;)

[10:01] <cottontail> i told her that Mistress sent me on some tasks in and out of the house

[10:01] <Karen> :)

[10:01] <cottontail> then Mistress helped me to develop an improved ability to hold back my cums and ordered me into the cuffs and spreader bar

[10:02] <Karen> what she said?

[10:02] <cottontail> then on after holding back the cums that were raging to explode from me for a while, MIstress ordered me to cum and i had the most explosive, long enduring cums in years!

[10:03] <Karen> :)

[10:03] <cottontail> she seemed a bit put out that i had such fun with you, Mistress, thoguh she was ok with it

[10:03] <Karen> nice

[10:03] <Karen> we definitely should play all three

[10:03] <cottontail> that would be nice

[10:04] <Karen> but she alway work

[10:04] <Karen> ...

 [10:04] <cottontail> she works regularly not as freelance as i am

[10:04] <Karen> but when she come home im in my dreams

[10:06] <Karen> then its perhaps 3am here

[10:06] <cottontail> yes, it is about that Mistress

[10:06] <Karen> what a shame

[10:06] <Karen> :)

[10:06] <cottontail> sad fate that the earth times are not better synchronized, MIstress

[10:07] <Karen> :) right

[10:07] <Karen> so why you dont wear latex now?

[10:08] <cottontail> have been resting and was waiting for you, MIstress

[10:08] <Karen> :)

[10:08] <Karen> good girl

[10:08] <Karen> are you chatting to others?

[10:08] <cottontail> i believe that you were a bit disappointed to not have a hand in my attire yesterday, MIstress

[10:08] <cottontail> no MIstress

[10:09] <cottontail> i am for you when we are here, Mistress

[10:09] <Karen> leave the room

[10:09] <cottontail> and then?

[10:10] <cottontail>yes Mistress

At this point my inexperience in the room and the world of IRC Chat shone brightly.  I left the room…everything.  I wondered how we would contact.  After several minutes I logged back in and figured out you could open the private chat dialogue and exit the public room while keeping the private room open.

[10:28] <latexcheeks> hi again...i think i made a mistake and left the whole chat, MIstress

[10:29] <Karen_> :D

[10:29] <latexcheeks> hopefully i figured out my error and we are here now

[10:29] <Karen_> right

[10:29] <Karen_> so

[10:29] <latexcheeks> i closed the main public room, MIstress

[10:29] <Karen_> what you think will happen today?

[10:29] <latexcheeks> i do not know which is part of the excitement

[10:29] <latexcheeks> Mistress

[10:30] <Karen_> what would you imagine

[10:30] <latexcheeks> i would imagine you will put me into strict rubber bondage?  perheaps send me outside again? 

[10:31] <latexcheeks> Mistress...cum denial and training, MIstress

[10:31] <latexcheeks> many possible activities, Mistress

[10:31] <Karen_> :)

[10:31] <Karen_> what are you weearing?

[10:32] <latexcheeks> right now just my fleece jogging suit.  i'm sure we can do better, Mistress ;)

[10:32] <Karen_> describe again your latex stuff

[10:33] <latexcheeks> four catsuits, two with attached hoods and gloves, two with attached feet, the two with hoods are black the other two are blue and red

[10:34] <latexcheeks> panties with or without dildos and plugs, vibes both remote and wire control

[10:34] <latexcheeks> hobble dress, with high collar top and long sleeves, black with red highlights

[10:35] <latexcheeks> regular skirt

[10:35] <latexcheeks> leggings, panties, bras...peep hole and with nipple nubs

[10:35] <latexcheeks> stockings, assorted gloves, mostly elbow length

[10:35] <Karen_> so much

[10:36] <latexcheeks> well...collecting for over 7 years on a very good income

[10:36] <Karen_> shoes?

[10:36] <latexcheeks> thigh high heel boots, ballet ankle boots, low heel thigh boots

[10:37] <latexcheeks> the dive equipment associated with my work...hunter/gates drysuit, full face respirator

[10:37] <Karen_> overknees?

[10:37] <Karen_> today we use latex

[10:37] <latexcheeks> the thigh highs are over knees but almost to the crotch

[10:38] <latexcheeks> yes, Misterss

[10:38] <Karen_> go naked

[10:38] <Karen_> go naked

[10:38] <latexcheeks> corsets...front lace and rear lace...

[10:38] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[10:39] <latexcheeks> fleece off and panties under...naked

[10:39] <latexcheeks> Mistress

[10:39] <Karen_> when your friend come back?

[10:40] <latexcheeks> should be by in about six hours, Mistress

[10:40] <Karen_> enough time

[10:40] <latexcheeks> Yes, Mistress

[10:40] <Karen_> are you excited?

[10:40] <latexcheeks> very excited, Mistress.  trembling slightly with anticipation

[10:41] <Karen_> you have hoods?

[10:41] <Karen_> without attached catsuit?

[10:41] <latexcheeks> yes MITSRESS

[10:41] <latexcheeks> Yes MIstress...four of them

[10:42] <Karen_> how they look like

[10:42] <latexcheeks> two full, one medium weight, one, eye and nose openings and mouth opening

[10:42] <latexcheeks> one with attached gag, nose and eye openings

[10:43] <latexcheeks> one open face

[10:43] <latexcheeks> all are black

[10:43] <Karen_> ok

[10:43] <Karen_> what can you lock?

[10:44] <Karen_> you have seperated gags?

[10:44] <latexcheeks> i canj lock the catsuit zips to rings, i can lock the front lace corset, i can lock the hobble dress

[10:45] <latexcheeks> yes, MIstress.  i have a blowup gag with through tube and a solid one eith through tube

[10:45] <latexcheeks> i ahve inflatable dildos too

[10:45] <latexcheeks> in addition to the vibes mentioned, Mistress

 [10:45] <Karen_> ok

[10:46] <Karen_> i forgot already the beginning of your long list

[10:46] <Karen_> :D

[10:46] <Karen_> lets start

[10:46] <latexcheeks> it is a very long list and painstakingly collected, MIstress

[10:46] <latexcheeks> yes, Mistress

[10:47] <Karen_> get a hood with open eyes, mouth

[10:48] <latexcheeks> i have it, Mistress

[10:48] <Karen_> get it on

[10:48] <latexcheeks> it is on Mistress

[10:49] <Karen_> now a blow up gag

[10:49] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[10:50] <latexcheeks> i taste the latex and feel the flacid rubber inside my mouth Mistress

[10:51] <Karen_> you have blown it up?

[10:52] <latexcheeks> i have blown it up now full

[10:52] <latexcheeks> tongue pressed to floor of mouth

[10:54] <Karen__> sorry, my con

[10:54] <Karen__> so have you blown it up?

[10:55] <latexcheeks> yes, it is blown up and my tongue is sealed to the floor of my mouth

[10:55] <Karen__> blow it another 3 times

[10:55] <latexcheeks> Yes Mistress...

[10:56] <latexcheeks> mmmppphhhh...done...little bulging vheeks now

[10:56] <Karen__> nice

[10:56] <latexcheeks> happily mmpphhing as i wait Mistress

[10:58] <Karen__> sooo

[10:58] <Karen__> i want the panties with the dildos

[10:58] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[10:59] <Karen__> and hurry up

[10:59] <latexcheeks> pulling them on

[11:00] <latexcheeks> now inserting rear plug..........and front plug.........and pulling them up waist

[11:00] <Karen__> its on?

[11:01] <latexcheeks> waistband snaps into place, Mistress

[11:01] <Karen__> nice feeling?

[11:01] <latexcheeks> ummmmmmmmmm, very nice...juices mixing with the lube on the front one...rear feeling tight and full

[11:01] <latexcheeks> oh, only a rubber slut can feel this Mistress

[11:01] <Karen__> you use lube?

[11:02] <latexcheeks> for the rear one but it slopped a bit to the front

[11:02] <latexcheeks> bot that much on the front one

[11:02] <Karen__> have you ask to use it?

[11:02] <latexcheeks> no Mistress, I didn't

[11:03] <latexcheeks> eyes down

[11:03] <Karen__> you have a whip?

[11:04] <latexcheeks> only a flat paddle

[11:04] <Karen__> get it

[11:05] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[11:05] <Karen__> its there?

[11:05] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[11:05] <Karen__> slap each tit 10 times

[11:05] <Karen__> hard

[11:05] <latexcheeks> yes MIstess...

[11:07] <latexcheeks> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  red tender tits...pain!

[11:07] <latexcheeks> nipples harder

[11:07] <Karen__> done?

[11:08] <latexcheeks> yes, MIstress

[11:08] <latexcheeks> ooohhhh..ummph

[11:08] <Karen__> get on the stockings

[11:08] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[11:10] <latexcheeks> stocking on...feeling the grip of latex on my legs and the thrill grows

[11:10] <latexcheeks> ohh..massaging so nicely

[11:10] <Karen__> you like it?

[11:11] <latexcheeks> oh it is nice, Mistress

[11:11] <Karen__> so how you looking like at the moment?

[11:12] <latexcheeks> black latex from the waist faceless hard (and sore tits)...becoming one in rubber, Mistress

[11:14] <latexcheeks> my toned light tan skin enhanced by the blakc covering...the tits a bit red from the flogging, Mistress

[11:14] <Karen__> i want another hood with open eyes over this one

[11:14] <latexcheeks> Yes Mistress

[11:15] <latexcheeks> done Mistress

[11:17] <latexcheeks> the toys inside feel very nice as i wiggle on the seat, Mistress

[11:18] <Karen__> so two hoods?

[11:19] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress, very cozy and tight as they grip my head in latex heaven

[11:19] <Karen__> now i want that you put on a catsuit

[11:19] <Karen__> with foots

[11:20] <latexcheeks> with hood, yes, MIstress

[11:20] <Karen__> that one right

[11:20] <Karen__> so three hoods and foots

[11:20] <latexcheeks> yes, Mistress

[11:20] <Karen__> take it on

[11:23] <latexcheeks> decription break...both feet are in the suit and it is to my waist.  the second latex layer on my legs is preparing to insert hands into the sleeves, it is a back zip catsuit with an attached lanyard so i can pull up the zip. MIstress. report again in a minute

[11:24] <Karen__> so hot

[11:25] <latexcheeks> hood pulled over the crown of head, now three hoods seal my face...diving deeply into the latex, Mistress...adjustments...tits stil sore as the latex presses them...ready to zip, Mistress

[11:26] <Karen__> zip it

[11:26] <Karen__> and lock it

[11:26] <latexcheeks> Yes Mistress.  it is zipped.  Getting a lock

[11:27] <latexcheeks> and zip tongue through "d" ring on crown of head and locked, Mistress...ahhhhhhhhhhh

[11:27] <Karen__> now the other catsuit with hood and feeds

[11:28] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[11:30] <latexcheeks> i feel the ultimate enclosing as the thrid layers is up my lehs and waist.  my hot pussy is dripping nectar of lust that is allowing the toy to slide in and out as i move...juice is getting into the ass crack and i feel it flowing freely in man did this to me Mistress, only latex and now you with my latex.

[11:30] <Karen__> :)

[11:31] <Karen__> you want to go on?

[11:32] <latexcheeks> i am imersed in latex and its slave now...arms already into the sleeves and the FOURTH hood in place, only remains to zip it closed

[11:32] <latexcheeks> so hot inside the added layers, hot!

[11:33] <Karen__> lock this suit too

[11:33] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress.

[11:33] <latexcheeks> and the lock is on...i am again sealedinlatexcheeks, Mistress

[11:35] <Karen__> you are

[11:35] <Karen__> more than yesterday

[11:35] <Karen__> now the overknees

[11:35] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[11:38] <latexcheeks> heavy rubber (only latex, no PVC here) boots now grip my legs in tight hugging grip. four layers of gripping tight rubber about my legs...they are so lucky to be so sealed in latex

[11:39] <Karen__> that are tight boots?

[11:40] <latexcheeks> yes, Mistress..with side zips

[11:40] <latexcheeks> i do have other boots...more like the wellies or hip boots (fishing)

[11:40] <Karen__> ok

[11:40] <Karen__> no thats brilliant

[11:40] <Karen__> you must look amazing :D

[11:40] <latexcheeks> Yes MIstress

[11:40] <latexcheeks> thank you Mistress

 [11:42] <Karen__> so what could we do know?

[11:43] <Karen__> you have gym-equitment

[11:43] <latexcheeks> it is your choice, MIstress.  i feel a lot like connie nielsen in demonlover just now

[11:44] <latexcheeks> i have gym equipment, yes

[11:44] <latexcheeks> MIstress

[11:44] <Karen__> what you have?

[11:44] <latexcheeks> treadmill, stepping machine

[11:45] <Karen__> i want that you do 5 min on the stepping machine

[11:55] <Karen__> done?

[11:56] <latexcheeks> back MIstress, hot sweat running inside suit!...sweat pourng off my head and into eyes and face under the hot and delicious inside the rubber suana of these lovely and glorious latex enclosures!  Mistress oh so feeling so horny from the thing inside me shifting as i stepped!

[11:57] <Karen__> now i want the keys back of your house but not in the last place

[11:57] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[12:00] <latexcheeks> back...keys are under a bench near the beach

[12:02] <Karen__> now i forbid you to write the place to your friend

[12:02] <Karen__> and i forbit you to go to the place and show it

[12:02] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[12:02] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[12:04] <Karen__> how you feel?

[12:04] <latexcheeks> i am very horny/hot, Mistress!  wonderfuly on edge!

[12:04] <Karen__> :)

[12:04] <Karen__> you think you feel the vibe through the latex

[12:05] <latexcheeks> yes, i can find it with some effort, Mistress...i think

[12:06] <Karen__> ok

[12:06] <Karen__> your hands arent in latex right

[12:07] <latexcheeks> no Mistress.  the catsuits don't have attached gloves

[12:08] <Karen__> get on the gloves

[12:08] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[12:09] <latexcheeks> gloves are on Mistress

[12:10] <Karen__> nice

[12:10] <Karen__> write a notice to your friend

[12:10] <Karen__> get a pencil

[12:10] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[12:10] <latexcheeks> ready

[12:11] <Karen__> This is my present for you! Love, Mistress Karen

[12:12] <latexcheeks> Yes Mistress

[12:13] <Karen__> done?

[12:13] <latexcheeks> complete, Mistress

[12:14] <Karen__> put it in the newspaper box

[12:15] <latexcheeks> Yes Mistress

[12:18] <Karen__>  done?

[12:18] <latexcheeks> message delivered, traffic today but never know about window lookers

[12:18] <Karen__> nice

[12:18] <Karen__> oh i forgot

[12:19] <latexcheeks> yes, mistress?

[12:19] <Karen__> you have to run 3 times around your car

[12:19] <latexcheeks> yes, MIstress...on my way, Mistress

 [12:22] <latexcheeks> from sweat and horny from the public exposure element, MIstress!  i am really feeling that element...the toys inside shifted so wonderfully as i trotted around the car but i held hard and no failing

[12:23] <Karen__> go down on your knees

[12:23] <latexcheeks> still poised on the edge, Misterss...a ticking bomb with building explosive force so to speak

[12:23] <latexcheeks> yes Mistress

[12:24] <Karen__> you want to cum?

[12:24] <latexcheeks> i'd love to cum but that is your decision Mistress

[12:25] <Karen__> get the vibe

[12:25] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[12:26] <latexcheeks> got the vibe

[12:26] <Karen__> make you cum

[12:27] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress, oh thank you MIstress!

[12:27] <Karen__> :)

[12:27] <latexcheeks> switching on and pressing to thelatex skin now...

[12:28] <latexcheeks> working it with one hand as i type with other...pressing it to my rubberized pussy...feeling for the clit under all the latex and above the dildo...pressing it and trubbing...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[12:28] <Karen__> :)

[12:28] <Karen__> :)

[12:29] <Karen__> you like it?

[12:29] <latexcheeks> found the is hard under the rubber..but hard to feel from outside, but an SURE feel when the tip hits it!...oh, MIstress!

[12:30] <latexcheeks> concentrating noew on the ruight touch...ooooohhhhhh

[12:30] <Karen__> :)

[12:31] <Karen__> i want you to cum

[12:31] <latexcheeks> mmmmmm...ahhhhhh...just a minute..rubbing it to my ass crack....vibes into the ass plug..oooooo

[12:31] <latexcheeks> back to front now ..working hard at clit..oooooo

[12:31] <latexcheeks> yes, MIstress! ans d feeling it rising now so close so close and nowwwwwwwww

[12:32] <Karen__> :)

[12:32] <latexcheeks> cumming as i feel it and yesyesyes

[12:32] <latexcheeks> oohhhhhhhhh

[12:32] <latexcheeks>  yes! MIstress, yes, Mistress

[12:33] <latexcheeks> swaet filling and puring out, that tight feel as the rubber closes in the afterglow...ahhh, i am such a rubber slut, Mistress

[12:34] <Karen__> you are

[12:34] <Karen__> you cum?

[12:34] <latexcheeks> hard panting subsiding now...yes Mistress!  I came

[12:34] <Karen__> good girl

[12:34] <Karen__> you want to thanks?

[12:34] <latexcheeks> thank you Mistress

[12:35] <latexcheeks> i was typing as you asked?

[12:35] <Karen__> nice

[12:35] <Karen__> we come close to the end of this session

[12:35] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[12:35] <latexcheeks> only close, slutty rubber girl wonders?

[12:36] <latexcheeks> Mistress?

[12:36] <Karen__> :)

[12:36] <Karen__> you have a hood with no holes?

[12:37] <latexcheeks> only nose openings, yes, MIstress

[12:37] <Karen__> good

[12:37] <latexcheeks> i ahve it now, Mistress

[12:38] <Karen__> i want that you take this mask on and then cuffs your ankles and your wrists, throw the keys across your room and wait for your friend

[12:38] <Karen__> of course you go offline before

[12:39] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[12:39] <Karen__> you understand?

[12:39] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress.

[12:39] <latexcheeks> time to go now, MIstress?

[12:39] <Karen__> so no return from the mask because of your handcuffs

[12:39] <latexcheeks> yes MIstress

[12:40] <Karen__> and dont help your friend to find the keys

[12:40] <latexcheeks> yes, Mistress

[12:40] <latexcheeks> no notes, no help, Mistress

I lay on the bed in the dark and binding latex for hours.  I had no escape or desire for escape.  The vibe was my friend, oh boy was it my friend as I used it liberally to bring me to the verge of total orgasmic meltdown.  I was an overheated bitch inside the suits.  The suits were my protective shell like the dome of a nuclear reactor and my body a runaway chain reaction of lust!  I lost count of the number of times I brought the vibe hard to my throbbing clit and found the delicious release in my bonds.  The pain and enclosing gasps that followed were all part of the experience of total surrender to rubber lust.  My pussy ached from the onslaught of the vicious vibe that I applied.  I was punishing myself as I carried the lust beyond all reason.  My surrender to being a slut doll that the chat site I visited expected was total…complete…absolute…final.  Can simple words possibly properly describe my scandalous desires?

Soon I lost all sense of anything but the complete rapture inside the rubber prison I had placed myself into at the orders of Mistress Karen.  I had no idea how I would communicate to Lydia directions to find the keys to the cuffs I wore on wrist and ankles or for retrieving the keys to the locks from the backyard.  I placed them under the leg of the bench near the beach.  They were very safe and secure there.  It could take Lydia hours to find them and I would be stewing through the entire hunt, likely with the cuffs still locked.  Her anger would build in frustration as she searched under stone and flower pot.

I visualized Lydia using flashlight to scour the ground while I sat inside the house, helplessly encased in my own private world.  Certainly she would take the vibe from me so I would be left to steam inside the layers.

I heard the door slam and knew Lydia was here.  At least I hoped it was Lydia and not someone else. 

“There you are.  A present from Mistress Karen?  You are a trussed up little rubber nymph in that aren’t you?”

I could tell Lydia was contemplating her next step.  I visualize her standing with arms on hips looking me over.

“I see the cuff keys over by the wall.  You tossed them after you put on the hood?”

I nodded.

“So you could have searched for them if needed.”

I nodded.

“But Mistress Karen told you to wait for me, right?”

I nodded.

“You obey this Mistress Karen so completely and you’ve only just met her in a chat room.  You so need direction.”

Lydia pulled the hood off and got me a drink.  I needed the drink badly.  My aching pussy needed relief.  Taking the vibe from me was pretty much pointless by now.  Punishment would have been strapping it against my pussy and keeping it there!  I collapse on the bed after swilling about a gallon of sports drink.

“Where are the keys to the suits?”

I nod toward the back door.

“Out in the yard again?  Any hints?”

I nod negatively.

“Karen’s orders?”

I nod.

“And she isn’t even here, has no idea what you’ll do or not do and you obey blindly?”

I nod.

She pulled the blinding hood back over my head.  “So be it, blind you will be.”

“If I don’t find the keys, I’ll just leave you this way.”

 I heard fading foot falls and the door slam.  Which door, I’m not sure.  I could do nothing but wait.  I lounged on the bed and waited in the dark.  My legs ached from the cuffs.  Lydia added a wrinkle to the bondage by unlocking one wrist only long enough to loop the chain through the ankle cuffs and locking it again.  So I am forced into a fetal position.  The multiple rubber layers are biting into my bent abdomen and my breath is short and whistling through the tube in the gag.  I am in blissful bondage of rubber layers and I can do nothing but focus completely on the encasement with all of my senses and soul.

I’ve long since melted into oblivious rubber rapture.  I am beyond any thoughts but the total enclosing presence of the tight latex, the strong odor of hot rubber entering my nose and the taste on my tongue.  I swallow with difficulty in the gag.  I concentrate on the trussed position my aching muscles endure.  The self-punishing paddling is nothing to the cramps developing inside my rubbery heaven gone to hell.

I pee into the inner suit as the drink I took worked its way through my kidneys.  I am surprised that my dehydrated body didn’t soak every ounce into the system.  I wallow in this self-induced misery the bondage has become.  My most masochistic feelings and desires surface with dark reality.  I fantasize the never-ending enclosure and torture in latex and I find exhilaration and lust building inside the flesh- betraying body!  Within these tight confines I am aroused and arousal in building.  The plugs slip and slide as I squirm in the bonds looking for relief in my cramped position and I am lusting for more!

Incredibly I am in heat within the suits and bondage.  I find no hope of relief as long as I cannot move more than mere fractions of an inch but Lydia can rescue me if only she finds those darn keys soon!

I am bowed before the altar of rubber desire combined with urgent masochistic need!  It is a potent combination that I have never completely experienced before.  The submission of my being to a name in the chat room so completely to cause these developments is totally mindboggling in its evolution.  This is the stuff fantasy stories are made of yet this is a real and I am the unwitting player as it unfolds.  Lydia is but a supporting character and I m sure she is wondering at how our relationship will change because of this.  She seems to be excited as well to be the recipient of a regularly trussed up rubber submissive when she gets home.  I think she may be put out to find me already sealed up and she not having any roll in the gearing up but she also seems to find pleasant surprise in the package she finds inside the door.

I fantasize being in heavy rubber suits and gear completely sealing me from the world.  Heavy full face breathing gear forces pressurized air into my corset crushed lungs.  I breathe by this mechanical means and in its absence I would die.  Tubing fills my throat and extends from my ass.  I am fed watered, relieved and cleansed internally by the unthinking equipment.  My urethra is catheterized and the tubing drains me as I drink.  Occasionally, punishment diverts the pee into my mouth to taste before passing through a small tube under the main feeding tubing to the stomach.

An enormous pulsing vibe fills my tender nether region and the hollow tubing at the rear has its own vibe system.  The system has tubing connected to the rigid breast cups that cover my tender rubberized mounds.  Tight loops of tubing are at the base of the mounds and fill with air to tighten a grip on them as the vacuum formed under the hard shells of the outer suit pull the things out and fill them with blood as the painful loops at the base tighten on them.  At the limit of the hard shells are little needlelike nubs that prick and punish as my nipples engorge in arousal.

Ah this fantasy is unending.  I endure the pain and frustrating denial of a system that builds up my arousal to the point of explosion then shuts down and flushes my insides in cold water!  This cycle repeats over and over as I struggle against tight bonds that suspend me between heaven and hell.

How many hours am I caught in this unending torment?  The anguish is complete.  The surrender to the machine is total as I wait for final absolution from this plight.  Finally the system allows me to explode and the volcanic eruption of hot magma explodes out from my anguished flower to engulf my entire soul in agonizing release!  I am drowning in ecstasy as I explode with an overpowering pulsing eruption that shakes the very foundations of my reality!

I wake to find that the hood is off and Lydia in holding the vibe in one hand and the keys in another.

She is smiling, “That must have been one hell of a dream.”

She started to unlock my bonds. 

“I came just from watching you!  I don’t think I’ve ever had a spontaneous cum like that.”

I look at the clock.  It is almost 7:00.  Lydia spent two hours in the backyard.

“Putting the key under that bench was mean.  Did you know I looked over most of the yard before I thought to push that thing over a bit?  Karen told you not to help me but did she tell you before or after you put them out there?

“After,” I croaked.

“You need more fluid and a good bath,” she said.

So ended Tuesday, December 29 ,<Wednesday, December 30>.



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