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Storycodes: F/f; D/s; online; latex; hobble; sbf; cuffs; toys; outdoors; cons; X

Note: My part of this conversation is exactly as it happened with no edits to the typos.  Hopefully the reader will figure out the words though some of them are hard to decipher.  Three pairs of gloves and restricted vision and the high state of arousal have a very definite impact on coordinated chat.  I changed the name of the other chat participant and some of her lines to improve the English.  The essence of the session remains true.  The diary entries relate the events after each chat.

Chapter 1

First Session at Chat Room – December 28, 2009

[11:31] <Karen> what you want to know ?

[11:32] <sealedinlatexcheeks> asl for starts i guess...32, fem, washington state usa

[11:32] <Karen> 25 fem Domme germany

[11:32] <sealedinlatexcheeks> wonderful!

[11:32] <Karen> it is

[11:32] <Karen> ;)

[11:34] <sealedinlatexcheeks> and i love to be a sealedin slutty latex thing

[11:36] <Karen> sealedin?

[11:36] <sealedinlatexcheeks> yes, MIstress...i am locked inside three layers of i use the description "sealedin"

[11:36] <sealedinlatexcheeks> or sealed in

[11:37] <Karen> ;)

[11:37] <Karen> sounds interesting

[11:37] <Karen> which color?

[11:37] <sealedinlatexcheeks> it is!  believe me

[11:38] <Karen> which color?

[11:38] <sealedinlatexcheeks> the outer color is a black with red highlights...that's the hobble skirt, blouse and corset

[11:38] <sealedinlatexcheeks> red matching gloves and thigh high heel boots complete the outer appearence

[11:38] <sealedinlatexcheeks> hooded and gagged

[11:39] <Karen> hot

[11:39] <Karen> you try latex in real life?

[11:39] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i love latex in rl

[11:39] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i wear it often

[11:39] <Karen> what do you want here

[11:40] <Karen> what you have

[11:40] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i have four different catsuits, two are black, one with attached feet, gloves, and hood

[11:40] <sealedinlatexcheeks> 1 blue catsuit with feet

[11:41] <sealedinlatexcheeks> 1 red catsuit - christmas present - with feet

[11:41] <sealedinlatexcheeks> three hoods with different thicknesses and closures

[11:42] <sealedinlatexcheeks> two latex is front close so I can do it myself - sort of and one back lace

[11:42] <Karen> i have one back one

[11:42] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i have the hobb le dress

 [11:42] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i have a pair of latex jeans

[11:42] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i also have diving equipment as i am a commercial diver in real life

[11:43] <Karen> nice quite a good collection

[11:43] <sealedinlatexcheeks> well my job pays me well and i have been collecting for over 7 years

[11:43] <Karen> :)

[11:43] <Karen> so hot

[11:43] <Karen> what are you wearing right now

[11:44] <sealedinlatexcheeks> two of the catsuits under the hobble with the front close corset, hoods and gloves

[11:44] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i have vibes inside me under it all...a cath for pee and a bag under the hobble

[11:45] <Karen> really?

[11:45] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i did a thorough inside cleasing before getting into the latex to avoid any solid waste issues

[11:45] <sealedinlatexcheeks> yes Mistress

[11:47] <Karen> what kind of  hoods?

[11:47] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i enjoy total enclosure and layers of latex

[11:47] <Karen> me too

[11:48] <sealedinlatexcheeks> full hoods with eyes, nose and mouth for the outermost.  the inner most has a gag with a through-tube for drinking

[11:48] <sealedinlatexcheeks> the inner one has short tubes for the nostrils that fit through all the outer hoods and keep them aligned

[11:49] <Karen> turning me really on

[11:49] <Karen> i want to see it :D

[11:49] <sealedinlatexcheeks> if i get really into the isolation mode i would put on one of my dive drysuits and a full face rebreathing set

[11:50] <sealedinlatexcheeks> of course in that mode i'm not as sexy looking and the hobble has to be off

[11:52] <Karen> what a shame

[11:53] <sealedinlatexcheeks> yes.  i have discovered that a rubber drysuit is very esoteric and not completely understood so when i chat i prefer the sexier look

[11:53] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i like to be as close to rl as possible in what i wear when i am here

[11:53] <Karen> :)

[11:54] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i was in the drysuit a couple of weeks ago and many folks kind of got a blank expression (could tell by the chat) when i said what it was

[11:54] <Karen> i want to see it :D

[11:54] <Karen> :)

[11:54] <Karen> i like both

[11:55] <sealedinlatexcheeks> swome didn't even know what a drysuit is

[11:55] <sealedinlatexcheeks> good i'm glad you like

[11:56] <Karen> a drysuit could b sexy too

[11:56] <Karen> depends who is wearing it

[11:57] <sealedinlatexcheeks> yes it can

[11:57] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i thnik it is on me

[11:57] <Karen> :)

[11:57] <Karen> how you looking like?

[11:57] <sealedinlatexcheeks> especially when the weight belt is ciched tightly about the waist

[11:58] <Karen> so hot

[11:59] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i am petite asian american, athletic build 5'3", 105 pounds, 34B, 22, 32

[11:59] <sealedinlatexcheeks> corset can squeeze me to an 18

[12:00] <sealedinlatexcheeks> brown eyes, dark brown hair

[12:00] <Karen> hot

[12:00] <Karen> make me so horny

[12:00] <sealedinlatexcheeks> hair almost black but not quite

[12:00] <Karen> :)

[12:01] <Karen> and then totally in latex

[12:01] <Karen> hot

[12:01] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i also love gas masks and the respirators..yes...totally encased in lovely delicious sensual latex

[12:01] <sealedinlatexcheeks> feeling it carressing as i move and massaging me to such a fine hot glow

At this point the computer bumped me off the site and it took a couple of minutes to realize it happened.

[12:06] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i got bouced out and didn't know it!

[12:06] <Karen> oh ok

[12:07] <sealedinlatexcheeks> always good to type somethng in the public when silence prevails just to check

[12:07] <Karen> :)

[12:07] <Karen> so what are you searching for here online?

[12:08] <sealedinlatexcheeks> just looking for like minded folks to chat and enjoy

[12:08] <Karen> :)

[12:08] <Karen> vibes are inside you?

[12:09] <sealedinlatexcheeks> yes they are...set on a low setting now

[12:09] <Karen> i cannot believe that you really are in that way there ;)

[12:09] <sealedinlatexcheeks> the controls are kind of accessible under the hobble...i can press my finger against them

[12:09] <Karen> omg

[12:09] <Karen> so horny

[12:10] <sealedinlatexcheeks> yes...very so horny

[12:10] <Karen> i cannot believe that you really are in that way there ;)

[12:10] <sealedinlatexcheeks> just a little horny rubber slut work today as in holiday seawson

[12:10] <Karen> nice

[12:10] <Karen> how long you are wearing that today?

[12:11] <sealedinlatexcheeks> about three hours so far

[12:11] <Karen> sweating?

[12:12] <sealedinlatexcheeks> started getting ready about 8 in morning...finished getting into the first layers about 9..."official start time"...finished total dressing about an hour ago...noon here now

[12:12] <sealedinlatexcheeks> very sweating

[12:12] <Karen> what time is it now over there?

[12:12] <sealedinlatexcheeks> 12:1q0 pm

[12:12] <Karen> ok

[12:13] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i switched on the vibes as i closd the hobble dress zip so they've been going about an hour

[12:13] <Karen> you cum already?

[12:14] <sealedinlatexcheeks> been holding...part of the game to see how long i can hold at the aroused plateau

[12:14] <sealedinlatexcheeks> on low setting i've gotten pretty good as long as no outside influence distracts me

[12:14] <Karen> :)

[12:15] <Karen> vibe only in your pussy?

[12:15] <sealedinlatexcheeks> both pussy and ass

[12:16] <sealedinlatexcheeks> double whammy 

[12:17] <Karen> mmm

[12:17] <Karen> what you think about bondage?

[12:18] <sealedinlatexcheeks> love it...

[12:18] <Karen> :)

[12:18] <Karen> in that outfit a nice hogtie would be wonderful

[12:19] <sealedinlatexcheeks> yes it would...that would leave to stew in my juices :)

[12:21] <Karen> what toys you have?

[12:22] <sealedinlatexcheeks> vibes, a couple of basic dildos and butt plugs, 2 inflatable plugs, penis gag, spreader bar, ankle cuffs, hand cuffs

[12:23] <Karen> :)

[12:23] <sealedinlatexcheeks> a double dildo

[12:23] <Karen> where are you at the moment?

[12:23] <sealedinlatexcheeks> gas masks, and rebreather bags, my dive gear counts though it is work as well as toys

[12:23] <sealedinlatexcheeks> at home

[12:24] <Karen> alone?

[12:24] <sealedinlatexcheeks> home is on the shore of Puget SOund...back faces the west and the SOund while front is on the street...quiet street

[12:24] <sealedinlatexcheeks> alone at the moment

[12:25] <sealedinlatexcheeks> friend is coming over later...say about 5 or so

[12:25] <sealedinlatexcheeks> she has work today

[12:26] <Karen> she likes the latex too

[12:27] <Karen> ?

[12:27] <sealedinlatexcheeks> yes, Ma'am.

[12:27] <Karen> was you outside in all that stuff?

[12:27] <sealedinlatexcheeks> she helps with the games and likes the rewards too

[12:27] <Karen> :)

[12:27] <Karen> what games?

[12:27] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i have gone outside ... mostly with either a mackintosh raincoat over top or in the dicve gear

[12:28] <Karen> :)

[12:28] <Karen> what shoes you are wearingß

[12:28] <sealedinlatexcheeks> sometimes go out with outer layer a bit more tame...leather pants or leather skirt and satin top

[12:28] <Karen> so hot

[12:28] <sealedinlatexcheeks> right no i am in my thigh boots

[12:28] <Karen> heels?

[12:29] <sealedinlatexcheeks> 6 inch heels on them

[12:29] <Karen> you definitely are a rubber whore ;)

[12:29] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i take that as a compliment :)

[12:30] <Karen> you want to be my rubber whore?

[12:30] <sealedinlatexcheeks> an interesting proposal

[12:30] <sealedinlatexcheeks> what would i need to do?

[12:30] <Karen> :)

[12:31] <Karen> never know

[12:31] <Karen> ;)

[12:31] <Karen> i like the public btw :D

[12:31] <sealedinlatexcheeks> always the fun of being someone's rubber whore

[12:31] <Karen> you often do it? to be someone's rubber whore?

[12:31] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i germany you can be a bit more open than here..of course the challenge would be amazing 

[12:32] <Karen> :)

[12:32] <sealedinlatexcheeks> i've done it once...i am sort of a rubber whore to my friend now but it is more casual

[12:33] <Karen> in real life or online here?

[12:33] <sealedinlatexcheeks> it was on line with reports and detailed activities

[12:33] <Karen> thats what im searching for

[12:33] <Karen> :)

The connention again went out and I returned with the suffix of a “9”.

[12:36] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> my connection is having issues

[12:36] <Karen> :)

[12:36] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> how did i get to be "9"

[12:37] <Karen> dont know

[12:37] <Karen> im searching for someone like you

[12:37] <Karen> :D

[12:37] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i am here

[12:37] <Karen> ;)

[12:38] <Karen> is your friend wearing latex sometimes too?

[12:38] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes...she isn't quite as deeply into latex as me but she wears it when she comes over 

[12:38] <Karen> so hot

[12:38] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i have enough things for both of us as you can see

[12:38] <Karen> latex sex

[12:39] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> best type of sex in the world ;)

[12:39] <Karen> :)

[12:39] <Karen> you cannot reach your pussy?

[12:39] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> wonder the rest of the world hasn't discovered that!

[12:39] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> with difficulty

[12:40] <Karen> hot

[12:40] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i cannot get under the hobble dress just now as it is locked

[12:40] <Karen> all is locked?

[12:41] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> the corset is locked over the dress and the side zip of the hobble is closed and locked

[12:41] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i can push hard and just feel myself through all the rubber.  the vibe controls are only under the dress so they are a bit easier to feel and press

[12:42] <Karen> where are the keys?

[12:43] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> the keys are outside in our newspaper box.  Friend will retrieve them if i don't need to get to them beforehand

[12:43] <Karen> :)

[12:43] <Karen> and then you have some fun

[12:43] <Karen> in how many hours she arrived?

[12:43] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i put them out there when i get the morning paper so i will be very needful of getting out to go to the street and get them

[12:44] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> she arrives after about 4 more hours

[12:44] <Karen> are you talking to someone else here online?

[12:44] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> that's a more or less depending on traffic

[12:44] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> not at the moment

[12:45] <Karen> call me Mistress

[12:45] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress

[12:45] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> bowing head

[12:45] <Karen> good girl

[12:45] <Karen> are cars outside there?

[12:45] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> thank you Mistress

[12:46] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes mistress..not many but they pass by

[12:46] <Karen> you have a garden?

[12:47] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> not really...just the back that fronts out to the water...we have a fence on wither side of the yard but open to the beach

[12:47] <Karen> open to the beach?

[12:47] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress.  i live on the Puget Sound and have waterfront property

[12:48] <Karen> people passing by there?

[12:48] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> the occasional beach walker and dog walker.  not many this time of day but they do go by

[12:49] <Karen> cars parking on the street?

[12:49] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> some but most are in driveways

[12:50] <Karen> i want that you go out and get two license plates labels

[12:50] <Karen> :)

[12:51] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> the actual plates?

[12:51] <Karen> just the ones outside there

[12:52] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes, Ma'am.  i'll get my plates

[12:52] <Karen> hurry up

[12:53] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> On my way Mistress

[13:05] <Karen> :)

[13:05] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i'm back Mistress

[13:06] <Karen> and?

[13:06] <Karen> how was it?

[13:07] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i have two plates.  i ducked behind the car twice to avoid being stotted by passing car...and i came as i stooped to unscrew the plates and fell on my ass as i rolled on the ground in complete rapture!

[13:07] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> gawd it was so hot to cum like that!

[13:08] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> gawd the explosion was INCREDIBLE...

[13:09] <Karen> you really do it there?

[13:09] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i'm not sure anyone saw me while i was on the ground but i don't care either.  it was just beyond imagination especially since i was trying to hold back all day and then this little excursion just took me away!

[13:10] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i was behind my car but i did and it was amzing!

[13:10] <Karen> so hot

[13:10] <Karen> perhaps you have to thank your Mistress

[13:10] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i am so hot and such a rubber slut Mistress

[13:11] <Karen> you are

[13:11] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> thank you MIstress.  Thank You so much!

[13:11] <Karen> you are my rubber slut

[13:11] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Yes Mistress

[13:11] <Karen> two hoods you said?

[13:11] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Yes Mistress

[13:11] <Karen> gag?

[13:12] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress...a molded gag with tube for drinking

[13:12] <Karen> ok

[13:12] <Karen> your vibes are still on?

[13:12] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> not a particularly large gag so i can swallow with only a little difficulty

[13:12] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress...haven't switched them off

[13:12] <Karen> good slut

[13:12] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> thank you Mistress

[13:13] <Karen> im back in 5 minutes

[13:13] <Karen> wait for me my whore

[13:13] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> a wait your return Mistress

[13:13] <Karen> dont chat to others, bitch

[13:14] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> no chat Mistress

[13:19] <Karen> here we are again

[13:19] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress

[13:20] <Karen> so how horny you are ? from 1 to 10?

[13:20] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> 9.5 after the excursion

[13:20] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> very near another cum, Mistress

[13:20] <Karen> go on describing it

[13:21] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i am sweating buckets inside the suits.  i have that tight feel in the stomach and my muscles are quivering as they cling to thsoe evil vibes buzzing away inside me

[13:22] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i am panting hard into my hoods...rapid breathing on the verge of something more

[13:22] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> concentration is difficult...i am seeing only my shuddering rubberized body in my mind as i try to typeo

[13:23] <Karen> :)

[13:23] <Karen> you often forgot the Mistress

[13:23] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i want ot push against the bases of the probes and i squirm in my suit that caused=s the rear one ti move ooohhhhhhhh so deliciously

[13:23] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress it is easy to forget when one is close to heaven!  Yes Mistress

[13:24] <Karen> how many steps you can change on your vibe?

[13:24] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> there are three...low, medium high, Mistress

[13:25] <Karen> describe again your toys

[13:26] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> pussy vibe is seven inches long...has little nubs along its exterior, about 2 inch diameter.  has a little clit bud that stimulates clit as it vibes

[13:26] <Karen> :)

[13:27] <Karen> you had cuffs right?

[13:27] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> second inside is six inches.  ahs narrow shaft at the base so it locks inside my ass

[13:27] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress i have cuffs

[13:27] <Karen> how many?

[13:28] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> one for hands, ankle cuffs, spreader bar with attached cuffs, knee bar/cuffs too

[13:28] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress

[13:29] <Karen> you have a laptop?

[13:29] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress

[13:29] <Karen> go down on your knees

[13:29] <Karen> laptop on the floor

[13:29] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Yes Mistress

[13:30] <Karen> done?

[13:30] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> kneeling before Mistress

[13:30] <Karen> how you feel?

[13:31] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> very subbie and the latex is very tight and stretching taught in the hobble

[13:31] <Karen> cuffs your ankles with the spreader bar

[13:31] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> the vibes pushed further in very close to cumming againMistess

[13:31] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> getting it

[13:34] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> ok, locked ankles and spread it as much as possible under the hobble...kneeling again...omg, those things surge inside me againMistress!

[13:34] <Karen> turn them to the high mode

[13:34] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes MIstress

[13:35] <Karen> done?

[13:35] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> OHHHH GAWDDDDDDD  got it Mistress1

[13:35] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> !

[13:36] <Karen> cuffs your right hand to the spreader bar

[13:36] <Karen> write here with only one hand

[13:36] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> ohmygawdoh...yes Mistressss

[13:36] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> sgawd hardd to think mistrees

[13:37] <Karen> done my whore?

[13:38] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> locked...mistress gawd SO HOOOOT!

[13:38] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> oh gawd yesayrreswyresyes  gawd whatv

[13:38] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> omg mistress!

[13:39] <Karen> write in an ordanary way bitch

[13:40] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> so bhard as cummmminnnngggggggggg almost over and aver....gawd no thinking cuuuummmmiiinnnngggggg oh mistress!

[13:40] <Karen> why you had not ask permission to cum?

[13:41] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i know...mistress no control this poor rubber slut has none right now...i am such a lowly rubber whore slut, mistress, all locked and kneeling here

[13:42] <Karen> when your friend will come back?

[13:43] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> another 3 to 4 hours

[13:43] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> mistress

[13:46] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> this lowly and locked rubber whore waits, Mistress

[13:47] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i am coping better with the vibes now.  very sorry for the indicretion.  just such a new experience, 

[13:47] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> mistress

[13:48] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress

 [13:48] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> finding hard to hit shift and m with one gloved hand Mistress

[13:50] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> may i drink, Mistress?

[13:52] <Karen> you want to drink?

[13:52] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i'm feeling another cum rising inside me, Mistress

[13:53] <Karen> dont drink now

[13:53] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i'm very parched but now other problems

[13:53] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress

[13:53] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yers 

[13:53] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> drink

[13:53] <Karen> no drink

[13:54] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i seem to hit enter for the shift key Mistress

[13:54] <Karen> discribe your feelings

[13:55] <Karen> :)

[13:55] <Karen> discribe your feelings

[13:56] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> very hot sweat heavy inside, feel inner suit slipping and sl.iding over my hot horny body...massaging...tight stomach lower body aching for release so aching, Mistress

[13:56] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> thatv stomah flutter of desire on the very edge of a high cliff, Mistress

[13:56] <Karen> still in that position?

[13:57] <Karen> :)

[13:57] <Karen> vibes are high?

[13:57] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i can feel the want to jump over the edge and let it all go...yes still kneeling kind of hard yto move ogff it whilst cuffed

[13:58] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> vibes high and cannot chan gee them..oh gawd so hot

[13:58] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress

[13:58] <Karen> it is

[13:58] <Karen> nice imagine for me

[13:58] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> you must be visualizing me

[13:58] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress

[13:59] <Karen> what a shame

[13:59] <Karen> i want to be there

[13:59] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> gawd i am pulsing beneath the layers in anticipation of complete raptutre

[14:00] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i am ypour god rubber slut to udse, Mistress

[14:00] <Karen> i could do so many things with you

[14:00] <Karen> you are

[14:01] <Karen> how you feel?

[14:01] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i feel fine but very close to light head almost statec of tran ce seems so high, 

[14:01] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress

[14:02] <Karen> what would you do o be with me

[14:03] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> almost anything

[14:03] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress

[14:03] <Karen> :)

[14:03] <Karen> i want that you cum again

[14:04] <Karen> remove your cuffs

[14:04] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i'm so hot/horny now i'm ... yes Mistress

[14:05] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> fumbled a bit but they are off the hands are free, Mistress

[14:05] <Karen> stand up

[14:05] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress

[14:06] <Karen> spreader bar still therE?

[14:07] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes, now on desk...standing

[14:07] <Karen> go outside on the back of your house

[14:07] <Karen> walk around there and cum back

[14:07] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress

[14:08] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> do i cum outside or wait, Mistress?

[14:08] <Karen> wait

[14:08] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress

[14:16] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> what a trip, MIstress.  the bar and hobble gives me a penguin waddle that is kind of wierd.  the vibes move in and out because of the gait and i had to grit my teeth to avoid a cum.  i did one circuit of the yard. peeked around the fence to see up and down the beach.  was one person out with dog about two houses down

[14:17] <Karen> :)

[14:17] <Karen> how horny you are now?

[14:17] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> so very horny...dripping inside i can feel it on my legs under the latex

[14:17] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> that and sweat...quite a combination, Mistress

[14:18] <Karen> remove the bar

[14:18] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress

[14:19] <Karen> done?

[14:19] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> done just ow Mistress

[14:20] <Karen> still horny?

[14:20] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes MIstress

[14:20] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> though backing off a bit as the boundage is gone, Mistress

[14:23] <Karen> i want again that you go out

[14:23] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress

[14:23] <Karen> put the keys in your car on the driver place

[14:23] <Karen> the keys for your suits

[14:23] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Yes Mistress

[14:24] <Karen> go

[14:31] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i'm back Mistress

[14:31] <Karen> :)

[14:31] <Karen> how you feel

[14:32] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> the walk was slow and at the street i had to really watch for any cars, even our little side street.  was easy to retrieve from the paper box and drop into car seat

[14:32] <Karen> :)

[14:32] <Karen> so ylu like it?

[14:32] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i feel pretty hot from the hard walk and the cold air on my rubber was nice, also it's raining now

[14:33] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress.

[14:33] <Karen> :)

[14:33] <Karen> you cum?

[14:33] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> rubber in the rain is fun, MIstress

[14:33] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> No i held...guess i'm improving a little bit, Mistress

[14:33] <Karen> :)

[14:33] <Karen> :)

 [14:34] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> but i stopped twice to avoid any unfortunate accidents, Mistress

[14:34] <Karen> good girl

[14:35] <Karen> i want that you cum for me now

[14:36] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i still have a long way to go..the urges almost got me again, Mistress

[14:37] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i have a long way to go, the urges almost got me on the walk, Mistress

[14:37] <Karen> what you mean?

[14:37] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes, Mistress sorry for the repaet

[14:37] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i have a long way for training..but now i must explode!

[14:38] <Karen> ok

[14:38] <Karen> i want that you cum now

[14:38] <Karen> do something that it happend fast

[14:38] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> oh the release, MIstress...thank was so pent up like a breaking dam!

[14:38] <Karen> :)

[14:38] <Karen> cum for me my latex pet

[14:39] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i was so on the edge it was nothing to explode once you gave the command...Gosh how incedible!

[14:39] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress

[14:39] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Yes, i am so willing to cum again and now i will cum agina for you!

[14:39] <Karen> good girl

[14:39] <Karen> :)

[14:40] <Karen> again cuff your ankles with the bar

[14:40] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> squatting and standing and ohmygawd...big explosion now biiigggggg one and panting hard. Yes Mistress

[14:41] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> so hot inside suits...want to climb out after the cum...but locked...and now the bars locked again.

[14:41] <Karen> cuffs your hands in front of your body

[14:42] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> cuffed

[14:43] <Karen> placed the keys somewhere behind your house

[14:43] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> MIstress, yes Mistress...

[14:47] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> placed keys in flower pot near fence, Mistress

[14:49] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> thank you MIstress

[14:49] <Karen> that was our session for today

[14:50] <Karen> your friend have to untie you

[14:50] <Karen> not yourself

[14:50] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> YEs M Istress.  how long do i wait to retrieve the keys?

[14:50] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes MIstress.

[14:50] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> you answer the question, MIstress

[14:50] <Karen> yes

[14:51] <Karen> and your vibes remain on high

[14:51] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> yes Mistress and i sweat and watch for her to come since she may be baffled by the lock keys missing

[14:51] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> i will have maybe one chance to get her to go to the car

[14:52] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> but you probably figured that Mistress

[14:53] <Karen> what you mean

[14:53] <Karen> what you mean?

[14:54] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> well i figured you knew that the keys not in the usual place would maybe cause friend to think i had retrieved them already, though she would shtill probably come to the door i have to be certain

[14:54] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Mistress

[14:55] <Karen> :)yes i figured that

[14:55] <sealedinlatexcheeks9> Thank you!  Mistress

[14:55] <Karen> Now go off line and don’t chat again today.

[14:56] <sealedinlatexcheeks> Yes Mistress!

So ends the chat with Mistress Karen.  She seems a lovely and demanding Mistress in Germany.  I only wait to see what Lydia thinks of this, especially when she finds me cuffed and trussed and writhing on the floor with those infernal vibes inside me!  I cannot do anything but shudder helplessly in my bonds while the keys for release are in back for the cuffs and in the car seat in front for the rest of my rubber.  I am quite the lost rubber soul now!

I dare not return to the Factory for fear that Karen may return though I suspect the time difference allows for her to be in bed by now



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