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Chat Room Escapades to Die for

by latexcheeks

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© Copyright 2011 - latexcheeks - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/f; D/s; latex; catsuits; drysuits; multi-layer; corset; collar; breathplay; enemas; underwater; bond; toys; denial; tease; climax; cons; XX

Continues from the series Chat Room Games

Chapter 1 – First Test

I am completely immobilized. I look through the Perspex of the full-face dive helmet and suck at the stale air flowing through the rebreather. The air is stale since the fresh air is only feeding the system at about fifteen percent.

I am spread-eagle (sort of) floating in suspension about six feet beneath the surface of the bay. I cannot move and am looking at the surface of the water that is now bright sunny shimmers but was earlier dark as night has long since given way to day. Eva/Evan is providing buddy duty and monitoring me for any stress or rebreather system malfunctions. He doesn’t seem to notice my periodic convulsions as frustrated orgasmic denial pushes me toward the brink of insanity. I’ve lost count of the number of times the near-cums have left me breathless, unfulfilled and wanting blessed relief.

The first one was so incredibly delicious that I shook and shuddered for an eternity in terms of orgasms. The vibes that Lydia set up to run through the computer controls had punished, denied, teased and denied my final relief at least five times before the thing finally sent me over the edge in a vast and tumultuous explosion of stars, light, and fireworks. On cue, Evan shut off my air flow and I was carried even further beyond the ecstasy of orgasmic reward and as the lights exploded in my head I passed out.

That first explosion was so many hours ago. It was also the last, though I didn’t know it at the time. Now my aching pussy demands relief that has been denied.

Approximately six hours earlier –

I log into the chat room to see what might be up.

[12:11] <Dom-Guy> excellent profile
[12:13] <latexcheeks> Thanks
[12:15] <Dom-Guy> what rubber are you in?
[12:16] <latexcheeks> i'm lightly attired inside 2 cat-suits, hoods, gloves...have two toys inside the suits keeping me properly stimulated
[12:17] <latexcheeks> i have plenty more items that i am studying and deciding on whether or not to get even more ehavily encased
[12:17] <Dom-Guy> very very good
[12:18] <Dom-Guy> are you gagged
[12:19] <latexcheeks> i can be but not yet
[12:20] <Dom-Guy> gagged is important and gasmask on over that
[12:21] <latexcheeks> ok...i'll slip my gag on and pull on my M-17 gm...can fit the drinking tube of the gm to the through tube in the gag just in case...
[12:22] <Dom-Guy> sounds good
[12:23] <latexcheeks> yes Sir. i am gagged and masked now
12:24] <latexcheeks> thank you Sir
[12:24] <Dom-Guy> now what other restrictive rubber can we get you into
[12:27] <latexcheeks> lots...another cat-suit, hobble dress, corset, posture collar, dive suits, thigh high boots, both high heel or clunky, rainn gear, etc.
[12:28] <Dom-Guy> corset and posture collar first
[12:28] <latexcheeks> Yes, Sir
[12:31] <latexcheeks> front hook corset on
[12:31] <Dom-Guy> very good
[12:32] <latexcheeks> flap cover of hooks in place...can lock three "D" rings of the flap with padlocks
[12:33] <Dom-Guy> then lock it ..anything that can be locked should be
[12:35] <latexcheeks> yes, Sir. I'll toss keys on upper shelf so I cannot reach them. My gf comes home in about four hours.
[12:35] <latexcheeks> and help me out of the gear
[12:35] <Dom-Guy> i think 9 hours is fair
[12:37] <latexcheeks> yes, SIr...I'll let her know she can hang out someplace until about's 11:30 am right now
[12:37] <Dom-Guy> once the collar is on ..put some heeled boots on
[12:37] <Dom-Guy> thats a good idea
[12:38] <latexcheeks> yes sir...glad i have one of those old-folks grabbers to pull up the slider...even that is hard but not impossible
[12:40] <latexcheeks> the collar was on so kind of stuggling with getting the left boot over the foot and lining everything up to pull the zip slider
[12:41] <Dom-Guy> im syre you will manage
[12:41] <Dom-Guy> sure
[12:41] <latexcheeks> the first boot on now working on the second one...practice makes perfect!
[12:42] <Dom-Guy> yes it does
[12:44] <latexcheeks> clamping my legs from tip of foot to just below my nether region and corset clamping everything above to the bust and neck heavily pinned and braced inside its collar!
[12:45] <latexcheeks> lock on the collar and top of each boot zip...btw, Sir
[12:45] <Dom-Guy> very good ..starting to feel good arent you
[12:45] <latexcheeks> yes, Sir
[12:45] <latexcheeks> getting that very sealed in feeling
[12:45] <Dom-Guy> whatv rain gear do you have
[12:46] <latexcheeks> have a military style rain suit, sbr rain coat with hat...below the knees double breated and belted. that's about it
[12:47] <latexcheeks> have some pvc stuff i don't really count
[12:48] <Dom-Guy> the double breasted and belted one on now
[12:48] <latexcheeks> yes, Sir
[12:50] <latexcheeks> it is so incredibly heavy! an almost oppresive presence surrounding me
[12:51] <Dom-Guy> now we need to do something with your hands dont we
[12:52] <latexcheeks> yes, sir...i have cuffs and more gloves but would want cuffs to front so i can communicate here
[12:53] <Dom-Guy> thats true,,,put more gloves on then cuff your hands in front
[12:54] <latexcheeks> yes, Sir
[12:57] <latexcheeks> added two additional pairs of gloves...locked the raincost flap and have put on my cuffs
[12:58] <Dom-Guy> good girl do you feel now
[12:59] <latexcheeks> yummy and hot
[12:59] <Dom-Guy> if i was there you would have no mobility at all
[13:00] <latexcheeks> yes, SIr i wish you were here
[13:01] <Dom-Guy> would keep you trapped in rubber and bondage
[13:02] <latexcheeks> yes, Sir sound lovely!
[13:03] <Dom-Guy> only one hour a day for eating bathing etc
[13:03] <latexcheeks> mmmmmm...23/7 would be so incredible
[13:03] <latexcheeks> just living for the rubber and the wonderful massaging grip
[13:04] <Dom-Guy> learning the ways of a rubber bondage slave
[13:04] <latexcheeks> yes, SIr
[13:05] <latexcheeks> mmmmm...getting that really nice glow under here :)
[13:05] <Dom-Guy> you would be completely hairless so you feel the full impact of the rubber
[13:06] <latexcheeks> WOW!
[13:06] <latexcheeks> awesome thought...i may do that (not head) sorry anyway!
[13:07] <Dom-Guy> eventually the rubber would feel like your second sjin
[13:07] <Dom-Guy> skin
[13:07] <latexcheeks> as indeed it would be my second skin
[13:07] <Dom-Guy> skin
[13:07] <latexcheeks> as indeed it would be my second skin
[13:08] <Dom-Guy> complete and total control over all your wishes and wants
[13:09] <latexcheeks> mmmmmmmmm
[13:10] <latexcheeks> squirm squirm squirm...mmmmmm feels soooooo goooood
[13:10] <Dom-Guy> your labia would be pierced seval times each side so it can be locked restricting any access
[13:12] <latexcheeks> now you are driivng a girl's fantasy of denial/anticipation/frustration to ecstasy wild!
[13:13] <Dom-Guy> your vibes are inserted inside, right?
[13:13] <latexcheeks> yes, Sir
[13:14] <Dom-Guy> I want you to squat at your computer table five times
[13:14] <latexcheeks> that will be hard in all these layers, Sir
[13:14] <Dom-Guy> do it NOW!
[13:14} <latexcheeks> Yes, Sir
[13:15] <latexcheeks> oh my gawd I EXPLODED on the second squat! Holy gawd I fell on my ass the thing just rolled me over like a tidal wave!
[13:16] <Dom-Guy> that’s what is supposed to happen
[13:16] <Dom-Guy> ok enjoy your day as a rubber doll ... and no more orgasms until your partner is home. i have to head off to work
[13:16] <latexcheeks> yes, Sir.
[13:17] <latexcheeks> Thank You!
[13:17] <Dom-Guy> my pleasure
[13:17] <Dom-Guy> be good
[13:18] <Dom-Guy> bye
[13:18] <latexcheeks> bye, Sir

I sit quietly in my tight layers of rubber this fellow has put me into and let the orgasmic high slowly subside. That initial claustrophobic that accompanies the explosion slowly recedes and leaves me with a warm rubbery glow as I just daydream in my reverie.

I am sealed under five layers of rubber and hot! My mind drifts to other worlds where only a rubber girl is alone in thoughts. I drift in and out of conscious awareness. My surroundings are a bit of a muddle. The computer shifts to the screensaver because of inactivity. I drift into a light sleep that seems to put me just under the surface of a calm lake. I see and note the flag on the computer screen moving around. I hear distant sounds but I have no remembrance beyond the fleeting mental notes of what is going on.

I notice the sun streaming through the window marching across the floor and don’t really remember the significance of the westward march of the light that is soon followed by the slow darkness falling as dusk arrives. I am enjoying the inner buzzes of the vibes. I am afraid to shift or move. The very thought of getting up and letting those things make a violent shift is almost desirable but the Dom-Guy is adamant that I must not cum again until Lydia is home.

Eva is flitting around the perimeter of my mind. He/she is busily completing chores for the day. He looks over at me with concerned expression in his eyes several times during the afternoon and early evening. I see him handle his personal items – taking his liquid diet, swilling drink or checking his relief systems. He’s a very good rubber slave and has adapted amazingly. He’s even returned to limited work with the dive team and is very able to separate his domestic life from his professional life. He accepts he is a servant and a mere rubber object in our eyes and is quite happy to enjoy the daily carnal relief through the vibrating penal sheath allowed just before bedtime.

Time flies and I hear the door open in the back of my mind through my dazed rubber glow.

“Well, this is a sight to behold!” exclaims Lydia as she enters the room. “Been chatting again, I see. I warned you about getting into those cyber chats and actually doing the demands of some unseen on-line dominant.”

She checks me over closely. Then she hits the return button and the screensaver dissolves into the chat room window. She reads enough to see that I was playing with a man this time.

“You let some Neanderthal play with you? How dare you do this to me!”

I’m a bit shocked at her vehemence. But thinking back I usually play with women – at least they claim to be women.

“And you CAME?” She shouts at me. “You let him force a cum out of you!”

My gosh! I’m shaking inside my enclosure as I’ve seen Lydia’s wrath so rarely and I wonder at her plan to punish me for what she sees as a betrayal of our relationship.

“You don’t get off with just a little slap on the face for this one, girl.”

“Girl.” A third person impersonal reference…this is going to be bad.

“Eva, get in here!” Lydia shouts.

Eva comes scurrying into the room, eyes down and waiting for the wrath to descend on her.

“Eva, get the car. We are taking a little ride.”

Ride? It’s almost 10:00 pm. What does she have in mind?

Lydia has pulled a heavy rubber sheath over the gas mask that I wear so I am blinded for the trip. I hear muffled instructions to Eva as we ride…turn left, turn right, turn right, turn left, etc. The ride takes over an hour. Where are we going? Soon the car pulls to a stop. The two quickly shuffle me from the car and walk me a few yards. I hear a door lock click open and the sound of a squeaking door opening. I’m almost certain it is the door to the dive locker. I know that squeak but why the long drive. The dive locker is only about twenty minutes from the house.

They sit me on a cold bench and I wait. I’m still in cuffs from the cyber games. Soon I feel hands opening the heavy raincoat, though only the lower buttons. The top above my waist remains closed. Fingers fumble with the hobble dress bottom and I feel my legs released. The hem is open to the waist.

“Bring over the large suit.” I distantly hear. “I want the boots large enough to put her high heels right inside. Never mind it will be bulky. We can belt and harness it in strategic places. Besides looks isn’t the issue for this.”

I soon feel my shod feet being pushed into another layer of heavy material. The bottom of the raincoat seems to be fed into the left leg of the suit with my leg while the bottom of the dress is fed to the right leg. Great effort is taken to keep the rubber of the two garments from bunching up as the suit is drawn up my legs. I am stood up and the suit is pulled up over my waist. The thing is huge. My wrists are uncuffed and my arms fed into the suit sleeves. Soon I feel this additional layer of rubber pressing on me. Finally, the gas mask is removed and Eva pushes my head into the attached hood of the dry suit. The gas mask is pulled back on and I am again blinded. My view was enough to confirm we were at the dive locker. So much for cloak and dagger histrionics.

The two captors walk me across the open room and have me lay down. Soon my arms and legs are spread and secured to something. My guess is they’ve bound me to the lift frame we use to lower heavy gear to the sea bottom. I am lifted off the ground and suspended by the bonds on my arms and legs. The binding cuffs are thick but they still bite uncomfortably.

“The weight on your limbs will be gone as soon as we put you in the water,” Lydia says.

“Eva, get ready to be the buddy and guard for our little rubber whore.”

I stay suspended for several minutes. The aching arms and legs feel heavy with the burden of suspension. I gather Eva is suiting up.

Finally I feel movement as the crane gantry starts to move me out of the dive locker and onto the dock area. It must still be dark. The gas mask is again removed but only long enough to fit my AGA Divator full face mask on my head. The surface air hose connection is attached. What I don’t know is that Eva has used a T-valve in the system and attached a rebreather bag on Lydia’s orders. It can be adjusted down to where I am sucking in up to 100 percent air from the bag. I find this out later. For now I am breathing the air pumped through the regulator into the mask.

Eva works with some tank harnesses and belts that serve no purpose other than cinching the loose suit against my body at my waist, around my chest and through my crotch. True to Lydia’s words I am finally lowered into the water and the air inside the suit creates buoyancy that relieves the stress on my limbs. I am floating in a seemingly neutral condition as the weight of the frame and my bonds hold me under the surface. I see the surface near my face but I know I must be at least six feet under as the water magnifies the effect and makes things seem closer. The communication link inside my mask clicks on and I hear Lydia’s voice softly in my ears.

“Hello little rubber slut. I’m getting a bit tired of you finding pleasure through that rubber doll chat site. So I decided that a test of your endurance is in order. I know how much you love total enclosure and such. I plan to complete some research on the effect rubber really has on you when taken to the most extreme limits.”

The communication link switched off and I felt the vibes inside me explode as Lydia must have the remote to them. Suddenly my air seemed to change as I was now taking in warmer air. I wiggled in the bonds and felt the growing tension as I approached an explosive orgasm. My body shuddered in anticipation and then the vibes went quiet. I silently shrieked into the gag.

“Teasing is the first test, my dear. How many times can we tease you to the edge? Can it be done indefinitely or will you will yourself over the edge eventually? Shall we see what happens?”

The vibes start again but at a very low speed. I feel the heat building again and am tensing from the previous denial that has left me very close to the edge. The vibes grow more intense and again my body is thrusting in the bondage as I approach the abyss and the things…stop. Now I am panting hard in the obviously stale air I am breathing.

“By now you have noticed your air is different. We have you breathing only about fifteen percent fresh air. Is that enough for you, dear? Is it too much? We can always adjust either way. Oh my. I don’t have a response from you so I guess maybe we are giving you too much air. Eva reduce it another five percent.”

Then the vibes start again. I am sweating hard in the suits despite the surrounding water. The cold Sound doesn’t penetrate the six layers all that easily and I am struggling inside to keep myself aware and to fight the losing battle against the relentless vibes. My breathing is short and fast as I struggle to satisfy my oxygen-starved body. I am again on the verge of the abyss when the things stop. Oh Gawd they stopped again! I shake in denying frustration. The water churns even from my little movements allowed by the bonds.

I fall off the edge and slowly my breathing seems to be better. I don’t think the flow is adjusted just that my body needs less oxygen as I back off the frustrated orgasm. The vibes begin again. How many times is this cycle to repeat? Lydia seemed to imply for a very long time. I am on a rollercoaster of emotion and frustration as my body turns on with the vibes to be frustrated by the emptiness as they stop. One time I feel little pulses inside me squeezing the vibe greedily and realize that I might just have a cum but it fades as the silent vibes mock my carnal desire. They switch on again and this time I explode almost immediately! There was no time for buildup. It was just a massive thrust and blast that fires out across my entire body! I shake in the frame. The water churns around me. Eva hovers nearby as I see lights and fireworks and darkness. Her near eyes are my last visible reality before the fireworks and blinding explosion goes to darkness.

“Well, we found out that you can take five teases before your body is in hair-trigger mode. This is good to know. I think we will let you rest a bit now.”

Daylight is above me. I see shadows of people on the dock looking over into the water. I am quite visible in the clear water and must be quite the sight. I’m sure the people are the other members of the dive team. They seem to check on me periodically. Eva is there either in the water or above most of the day. Soon I think she is relieved by Ted. That makes sense.

Ted slips into the water and holds the edge of the frame. He is floating above me as he shakes his head in wonder. I see him slowly working his gloved fingers into crotch and he actually masturbates right in front to of me! I find the action repulsive and vow to fire him as soon as I get a chance.

The communication link switches on, “Don’t you think of doing anything to Ted. He is acting on my orders, my dear.”

The vibes kick in again and the rollercoaster begins. Four times I am driven to the edge and the things stop. My breathing is again reduced. Ted actually works himself to another explosion as he watches my torments. Then there is quiet.

“We learned you can’t handle that fifth one so close behind the fourth so we rest a bit, sweetie.”

I hear Lydia laughing harshly as the comm link goes dead. I float a few minutes and the vibes begin the cycle again. This continues for the rest of the day as I shudder near orgasm and am frustrated. By now I am getting quite thirsty and hungry. I wonder how much longer I will remain underwater.

Surprisingly the answer is for not much longer. At least I am being pulled up very soon after I think of drink and food. Maybe this torture is done. The frame is pulled over the dock but I am not lowered to the ground. Instead I see Eva with a new face mask…actually it’s just another one but it seems to have a new attachment in its front beneath the Plexiglas. She pulls off the one from my head, changes out the breathing hose and snaps a new hose into the odd fitting below the lens. She fits a tube from the inside into the through tube of the gag and pulls the new mask in place. She checks a few straps and adjustments and signals to lower me back into the water.

“Now we can water you and feed you some light liquids. This will do for the next few days of our little experiment. Obviously we will need to develop a more permanent solution in order to test for longer periods.”

Lydia’s announcement voice portends an ominous future that I can only contemplate as I look at the shining, glimmering mirror of the surface slowly growing dark with approaching nightfall. The vibes are merciless in their tease and denial and I find cool liquid sluicing down my throat as I have to swallow to avoid choking.

Chapter 2 – Better Arrangements

I’ve watched the days turn to night and back to day but have actually lost count though I’m sure it has only been about four days. I’ve peed into the suit more times that I can possible remember. I’ve gone through the tease/frustration cycle so many times I cannot even come close to remembering. I only know that my entire body is cramped and I am on the very edge of sanity. There are cramps in my belly too. Despite only liquid the inevitable is happening and bodily functions are pushing hard against the vibe that is inside my ass.

Then the vibes burst again into high pounding pulses after a long rest period but this time they do not shut down and I am ravaged by multiple orgasmic explosions that shake me to the very core. Stuff pushes out past the rear vibe despite it plugging and I know there is more pee mixing in the inner suit as I cum and cum again and find complete exhaustion quickly overtaking me. The rebreathing bag is still restricted and soon my body is completely oxygen starved.

Eva is hovering nearby and makes a hand signal after several crashing orgasms have pulsed through me. The frame rises from the water and I am soon baking under a hot summer sun on the dock. The rays warm my chilled body and I as I am unfastened and lifted from the frame. Eva carries me inside and lays me gently on a bench. She begins to remove the various layers I am in. Soon the mask is off and the dry suit is pulled off. She quickly removes the other outer garments – the coat and dress. She opens up the cat-suit zippers one at a time until reaching the inner suit.

She is breathing air from his own respirator and actually appears to be prepared for a HAZMAT incident as he pulls the vibe from the rear. Stuff explodes from my insides as the cramping belly opens up its putrid contents. The stuff gushes onto the floor where Eva quickly washes it down the sewer drain. She hoses the inside of my suit then helps with unlocking and peeling off the rest of the gear.

Gawd, I need a bath and that is exactly the order of the day.

Eva helps with the bath. She supports me as I ease into the hot water and let myself slowly sink into hot water. She applies scented cleanser and scrubs me with a soft sponge. I close my eyes and feel the wonderful soothing conditioning liquid soak into every pore of my skin. It refreshes and my skin a warm tingle spreads over me. I let the stuff rinse over me. Eva continues to scrub and work on all my body as I surrender to the comforting glow of the wash. She applies the stuff to my short hair and face and gently works it into my scalp and my brows. I keep my eyes closed as the wash fills me with an incredible sense of well-being.

She plunges my head under the water and lets the initial rinse wash away. She opens the drain and runs more water so the dirty slimy water is exchanged with fresh rinse water. She lets the water run as I enjoy her light massage as she continues to sponge my skin. Everything feels so silky and smooth. I sense a new birth as the hot water has cleansed me of the sweat and filth of the previous four days.

Eva helps me from the tub and wraps me in soft and warm towels. She briskly rubs me dry and the sense of well-being fills me with comfortable security as my mind slowly senses something is different. It is subtle and almost unnoticed as I stand in the warm room. She finishes with my body and takes the towel from my head. This towel has slipped over my eyes and I let it caress my face in its warmth as Eva dries the rest of me. I expect a quick and rough drying of my short hair as the last of the bath before I get dressed.

Eva whisks the towel from my head and I feel air against my scalp! I put my hand to my head. My hair is gone! I look down and see all of my body hair is gone too! I touch my face and the eyebrows are gone! Only my lashes are remaining. This sudden discovery stuns me.

“What goes on here?” I ask Eva.

Eva points to the door and Lydia comes in on cue with Ted carrying a large pile of black rubber.

“Hello, my little rubber slut,” Lydia says. “I hope you enjoyed the bath. It is just the beginning of our plans for you.”

“Um,” I stutter.

“No words, please my dear.” Lydia puts her finger to her lips.

“We have prepared special suits for you this time. The last time was a bit improvised as you know and there were definitely problems with the arrangements. I think Ted and Eva have fixed the problems quite well. Resistance is futile but we can do this the easy way or the hard way. It’s your choice but the final outcome will be the same, regardless. Ted, please provide some explanation as we progress.”

Eva stepped forward with two long rubber stockings. She begins to roll the thick rubber up my legs. Obviously these items need no explanation. She adds long gloves that roll all the way to my arm pits. Next a crotchless body suit is pulled over my legs and up to my hips. The sleeves and legs of this suit hold the gloves and stocking securely in place. An open rubber hood with thick padded foam for the ears is pulled over my bald head. I feel little hard buds slip into the ear canals. Imbedded in the foams is some sort of hardware that I don’t know its purpose.

Eva now slips a very thick rubber high-cut brief onto my legs. The crotch area is so thick that I can feel it cutting into my upper legs as she pulls the things on. It’s maybe an inch and half wide and sport two monstrous black phalli. The front one is ribbed and flops heavily in the brief. The rear one has an attached surgical tube that dangles about one foot below. Both have thin sheathed electrical wires dangling from the bases that come together and pass through the base of the panty near the rear tube. The front one has a little finger sprouting from its base and wrapping up the outer shaft. The finger presses against the shaft but as Eva begins to work the heavily lubed phallus into my pussy, she lifts the finger so it passes outside my labia and pushes up to my clit where the little tension spring allows the flat curved fingertip to lodge against my clit hood. I can imagine what this evil little toy might do and shudder.

She presses the thick rear phallus into the opening. Another medical tube passes from the base at the front phallus to a connector at the base of the rear plug. It is attached to my “She-P” device which she glues to the bodysuit and the brief. Eva pushes the She-P tube into a hole in the rear phallus and glues it in place.

Again I need no explanation for what this process portends. My waste will be managed through these devices quite effectively. Eva finishes pulling the high waist panties up and I am effectively sealed into a layer of rubber. Next comes one of my black cat-suits. This slips easily on and the attached hood and gloves are pulled into place. I feel the additional layer of rubber squeezing all of my body. The delicious feeling of my encasement drives any frets or doubts out of my mind. I am only focused on the massaging rubber and those toys squishing around inside me.

The tubing and wires are pulled through the crotch opening and Eva closes the zip. She slides a tiny grommet over the wire/tube bundle and cements it to the top of the zip runner. Then she applies a strip of rubber tape to the length of the zip which effectively seals the closure.

A second cat-suit is added. I feel this additional press of rubber and know my surrender to my fate is close to complete. I wait in expectation for the next layer. Eva pulls the little bundle of wires and tubes out through the crotch zip of this suit but the cementing of the closure is not done. I guess the seal of the inner suit is complete enough to keep any fluids inside that barrier. This time a gag is pushed into my mouth before the hood is pulled into place. I am feeling the tight rubber pressing against my body and the hot room is causing me to sweat inside the rubber layers.

A pair of “moccasin” thigh high rubber boots is pulled over my feet and legs. Eva laces the boots tightly. I’ve never seen these before but the thick rubber that extends right up to my crotch makes bending my legs next to impossible once the lacing is finished. They also tease my inner thigh erogenous zone evilly with each little movement as the thick rubber top bites into my soft rubber-clad flesh. The thin soles with no heels on the feet seem to be completely out of character with the rest of the boots.

Eva pulls on my long corset and laces it together. I feel the heavy boned rubber compressing my ribs and belly. This corset flares at the hips and covers my breasts. The busk actually curves over my shoulders above the two shaped breast cups and when it is completely laced and secured, my back is rigidly held in a straight and perfect posture. The shiny black with its red highlights provide a festive look to my encasement. The obvious restriction and crushing hug of the device leaves me panting with incredible ecstasy. I slide deeper into the slippery and dark hole that is my rubber desire.

Eva now pulls a pair of very long gloves up my arms. These gloves have decorative red laces that match the boots. As far as I can tell the laces serve no real purpose since the gloves are completely closed under them. The thick and tight rubber leaves my arms virtually useless. My fingers slip into the rubber tubes at the end of the gloves and I find the fingers have stays that keep me from closing my hand into a fist. This renders my hands totally useless. Straps at the top of the gloves hook them to the top of the corset and assure they will not roll down.

Eva then fits my long posture collar around my neck. This collar matches the highlights of the corset and is designed to mate with the corset busk seamlessly. It doesn’t take long to lace the thing tight and snap the curved lower part into the busk slots. I am now totally encased in this heavy outer shell of rubber. I feel like a knight of old who can only move with great difficulty. The only relief from the extremely thick shell is found at my hip joints and shoulder joints! I can basically move each arm and leg as a unit since the elbows and knees are effectively held in the thick rubber embrace. I cannot move my head without turning my entire torso which is extremely hard against the natural resistance of the corset.

“Lovely! We should go to the casino tonight, dear. It would certainly rival our New Years Eve party. I’m sure the red necks going to the Montgomery Gentry concert would love to see you in their midst.” Lydia lightly runs her hand over my shoulder and across my rubber covered face as she says this.

“Probably not a good idea? Do you have any thoughts on what we should do?”

I can only look in her eyes as she stands in front of my rubber-encumbered body.

“You are so quiet today, Shirley. I mean you’ve no ideas at all? Oh, I forgot, you’re in a kind of forced vow of silence. Hmmmm, you do look so yummy all locked in your heavy rubber.”

Lydia walks out of the room leaving me with Eva. I just sit and savor the thick and tight grip of the rubber. I am getting pretty hot inside the layers and sweat is starting to flow freely between my skin and the inner layer. I wiggle and feel the two probes moving inside me.

Lydia returns in her orange cat-suit.

“I couldn’t help it. You look so yummy in there I just had to be in rubber too. If you satisfy me properly you might just avoid the next part of this little bondage,” Lydia says as she pushes me flat on the bench.

She climbs onto my armored abdomen and slowly works her rear toward my head.

“You’re gagged but there is that little bayonet clip protrusion on the front of the gag. See if you can work it against my hot little clit and bring me satisfaction.”

I work the little nub as best I can against Lydia. She bucks and struggles to find the right placement of the little tube but her bucking and thrashing does little more than cut off my air supply and I struggle to breathe between her moves. Her bucking and moving with her hands firmly against my lower belly also gets the toys inside me moving around. Now I’m getting hot with additional arousal from Lydia’s efforts. The most unintentional of desires builds and as she cuts off my air again and I find myself suddenly tensing in an explosive blast! The boiling eruption comes from deep inside me and rolls out over my body with hot resolve. I tense and arch my back against the heavy rubber. My air starved lungs gasp for breath as my body works to replenish the sudden oxygen demand of the internal explosion. My eyes see fireworks bursting and I lunge hard against Lydia trying to satisfy her need.

Lydia leaps from me.

“You little rubber whore slut! I’m the one you’re supposed to satisfy and you dare cum under me while I am left with nothing? Eva, finish the preparations. Get this little whore into the water and maybe the water will cool off her hot rubber desire.”

Chapter 3 – Trial by Water

It takes a little time to attach long tubing and electrical cord to the short tubes and wire connections dangling from my bottom. Eva passes the tubes through “D” rings on the side of the corset and posture collar. The wires and tubing dangle loosely above the collar and snake out from me in a long coil. She starts to work my dry suit onto my rubberized body. Now I understand why the boots have moccasin soles. The boots slide easily into the dry suit boots and there are no pointed heels to pierce the heavy rubber boots. It isn’t long to have the suit completely on. Eva ducks my head through the attached hood and fishes out the tubing and wires. She closes the back zip of the suit and locks the zipper tongue.

Lydia holds a face mask up to me. “Ted did a wonderful modification to this mask. He punched a small hole and fitted a modified air hose connection to it. We will attach a second air hose that will hold the waste/wire bundle. We decided to use a red color hose for the waste while the black one will be your air supply. I hope Ted doesn’t confuse the connections. Everything will be monitored from the dock. Eva and Ted will take turns with you under water.“

Eva and Ted walk me out to the frame at the dock. They lay me within the steel frame and lock my stretched arms and legs into position. They tension the connection until I am tightly held inside the frame. Eva pushes the long waste tubing and wire bundle through the extra connection and works it into the long red hose. The hose has a small line that she attaches the wire/tube bundle and pulls it through the 20 feet of hose that will convey the bundle to the dock.

She fits the drinking tube into the gag and pulls the mask over my head. I hear the valves popping as I breathe. She attaches the breathing hose to the regulator and checks my breathing. She gives the thumbs up and I am lifted off the dock. I dangle over the water briefly and am lowered into the water. Eva joins me in her gear and guides the frame into position about six feet under the water and adjacent to the floating dock attached to the main dock. She attaches the near edge of the frame to the steel frame of the eight foot long steel ladder that extends into the water and hooks the guide cables that run from the lower deck of the dock to the frame. This arrangement allows the frame (with me secure in it) to move up and down with the ebb and flow of the tide. The suspension is complete and the vibes fire up inside me on low. Here we go again only this time there is the eerie feel that this session may take on a more permanent punishment. There are now feeding and relief systems attached which can effectively extend the session almost indefinitely.

“Hello my little rubber slut whore. You are right where you should be – sealed in your rubber layers and about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. We can keep you fed.” Lydia’s electronic voice is coming through the communication link quite well. I suddenly choke as fluid passes into my mouth through the gag and I swallow hard to get the stuff out of my throat.

“Good girl. You won’t know when the feeding cycle runs so you will always be pleasantly surprised. We can keep your insides nice and clean.”

This time my ass is suddenly filled with warm fluid. The tight corsetry pushes against my bloating abdomen painfully and I cramp until the thing flushes out.

“A light suction pump pulls the stuff out to the dock for disposal. And the vibes can be adjusted to the proper setting to keep you lightly aroused, completely aroused, and occasionally carry you to a glorious cum that you DIDN’T give me. Aren’t I kind?”

The vibes went through its various setting and finally settled on one that was sure to take me over the edge if allowed to continue.

“I see you’re getting very heated in there, dear. We’d better take the vibes back a couple of notches for now. I want you stewing and simmering not boiling and exploding for now.”

Eva hovers near me and I see her nodding to some unheard instructions before my communication link clicks to life again.

“I think I’ll be going home now, dear. Enjoy your evening and I’ll see you in the morning. We have lots to do to finalize your retirement from active service in the company and putting you in a consulting status. After all, your name must remain with the company in order to maintain its credibility. Besides, we may actually need you and well, for now we will always know where to find you. Good night.”

The communication link went dead.

The cold water surrounds me. The vibes buzz lightly inside me and I see nothing through the faceplate of the mask. I sense Eva nearby keeping watch over me. I have some comfort in knowing she is here. I wonder who her buddy is should something go wrong with her dive system. I certainly can’t come to her rescue. Always the safety side of me, I realize that she is probably as safe as anyone since this is a very easy job. Neither of us is on any special gasses. We are breathing through air hoses connected to a surface compressor. The whole system is monitored inside the dive locker and any warnings of system failure will certainly bring response. I can only assume that Ted is inside sleeping but available quickly should anything go wrong. If this punishment continues for a long period, some other arrangement may be required.

I internalize and feel the vibes pulsing inside me. The ease at which I can elevate to enjoying the situation astounds me. I have fallen into such a dark and deep place in my rubber encasement and total acceptance of the rubber punishment and servitude I am now suffering that erotic rapture is pushing any fear or apprehension into a back recess of my mind.

I quiver like a tightly strung bow plucked to test tension. The vibes absorb all of my concentration then my bowels are suddenly invade by hot fluid and I squirm in painfully delicious delight as previously submerged masochistic feeling begin to bubble inside me. I pull at my bonds to no avail as the filling pushes me to bursting then I am forced to hold the stuff. My abused bowel cramps unmercifully and I am surprised that this actually adds to my pleasure/pain torment. I thrust at the vibes. The monster in my tender flower is pressed hard against the walls by the inner forces of the filled belly. A churning desire to gain release or relief or both floods me.

The hot fluid flushes out of me and I feel a sudden relaxing and I thrust as the vibes begin pounding me hard then sudden cold fluid enters me. All desire to explode flees as the cold fluid sends shivers through me. My body convulses at the invasion of cold water that seems to be cycling through and not allowed to attain any sort of equilibrium. The vibes pound me but I am frustrated by the freezing fluid. Suddenly the fluid is hot again and the vibes drop to nearly nothing. I silently scream into my gag as I am frustrated and denied carnal completion.

Eva has been watching quietly at my feet through this entire sequence. I see no outward change in her mood. New dry suit boots drop into the water and the appearance of Ted dropping off the float indicates that Eva’s shift is done. Ted must be chatting with Eva as I see nods to unheard chat. Ted points to me and nods his head again. Eva shakes her head in a negative. Ted nods again. This time he pulls Eva over to me and is in obvious discussion. Eva shakes her head vehemently but Ted persists.

Ted pulls Eva to the edge of the frame and pulls her hands to my body. Ted nods an affirmative as Eva tentatively touches me on my chest. Then her fingers begin to caress through the layers. My heavy rubber encasement makes any touch a distant feeling but the feel of fingers stroking the heavy boning of the corset enclosed body still stirs me.

Eva mounts me and thrusts her encased shaft – I forgot she still had one – against me. I feel her rocking against the base of the vibe inside my flower. The thing pushes slightly in and out with a short piston stroke as Eva pleasures against it. Eva rubs and presses hard as she obviously explodes. This is the first time Eva actually used me to pleasure her/himself. I mean I’d helped him on occasion but always was in charge. This time he exploded right in front of my rubber encased body and in doing so he was liberated from his bondage to me. This was another change in this ever-changing relationship I found myself party and victim of.

The comm link came on.

Eva said, “That was very good. I think I’ll remember to do this at the end of every shift to break that boredom of just monitoring you as you quiver and thrust in denial. Did you cum, Rubber Slut?”

The link went dead again. NO, I wanted to shout but of course he already knew.

Now Ted took watch.

Chapter 4

“We have to do something,” said Lydia.

“Yeah, these shifts are fun but they are getting tedious,” Ted cursed. “And we need to get some contracts going. We can still use her name and you’ve got her signature down perfectly. I suppose we can always use the comm link to grill her with the tough questions. I’m sure a little persuasion will always get an answer.”

“Yes…suggestions?” Asked Lydia.

“We have her computer monitored. We can add low light cameras and then we can just monitor her condition from the office.”

“We need to add to her torment too.”

Ted says, “I have just what we need. I built this over the last couple of nights.”

He holds up what appears to be a rubber bra with nipple rings.

“Wonderful but what is the point. It’s just a heavy rubber bra with rings and her suits crush her tits such that the nipples won’t slip into the rings anyway,” Lydia scuffs. “And she’s already in a damned restrictive corset.”

“Ah, but you’re wrong. The small cups will crush her tits hard and the nipples will push into the rings but the real magic is in these,” Ted holds up two small rigid thimbles of clear plastic and rubber. “This will fit under the corset. We just have to loosen it to put this inside and then close it back up.”

“They fit over the nipple rings and when suction is applied the nipples will pull right into the rings, cat-suit latex or not. Then when they are nicely pulled in and swollen, we can release the little steel bands here.” Ted points at the silver rings inside the thick rolled rubber ring. “The rubber ring then snaps closed and little needles inside the rubber push into the base of her nipples. Her masochistic bend will love that initial penetration of a ring of sharp needles and those tender nipples won’t be going anywhere.”

“Deviously brilliant!” Exclaims Lydia. “We must do this at once. Too bad her small cups can’t be noosed at the base.”

“I’m sure these little rings will be plenty of new distraction for our rubber slave,” said Ted.

I am lost in my turmoil. The punishment has done its work and I long for either release from this torment or release through lustful carnal satisfaction. I don’t care which at this point, though my mind is leaning toward lust… how far I have fallen into this dark chasm of fetish desire. It is dark again. I don’t know what day it is and have lost track of the cycles of light and dark. I only know it is dark as the buzzing torture with the occasional filling and release in my rear are my constant companions.

Shadows encroach in my world. Ted must be readying to mount me again. His lust seems insatiable and I resign to his thrusts over my vibes. It is at least a change and I admit that I have been able to squeak out a pretty good cum if he takes longer for his lusting satisfaction. This time he is working on the frame. I feel myself break free of the rigid steel trap I’ve been locked in and the inner frame to which I’m attached lifts from the water! Perhaps this is the end of my torture!

The frame is swung over the dock and lowered. I feel firm timbers under me and they feel wonderful. Ted kneels over me and releases the seals of the helmet that has sustained me since this began. It is release!

He hoists the frame to a spread-eagle standing position but I’m still bound to the frame. He opens the shoulder zip of the dry suit and pulls the heavy rubber suit over my head. My head pops through the neck seal and the attached hood drops away leaving me encased in the lighter under hoods, corset and cat-suits from the chest up. I expect the binding to be released so the removal of the suit can continue.

Ted holds up some sort of rubber bra to my view.

“This is something new for you to enjoy, rubber slut”, he says.

I look at the bra. It seems fairly innocuous and I am at a loss to see its evil power. I also realize that the torture isn’t over. I wonder why this bra is being used with the corset already in place. I drink in the salty air as much as possible since I feel I will again be sealed in the artificial air flow of the helmet soon.

Ted works to loosen the corset from behind me. I soon feel the thing loose enough to allow access to my crushed chest. He slips the bra to my rubberized chest and pulls the lower straps to my back. I feel the thick rubber bite into my flesh as he cinches it tight. Next he loops the two wide upper straps over my shoulders and locks them to the central release point at the back. He pulls and tugs at the straps and the rubber bra crushes against my breast while the nipples, even under a couple of layers of rubber slip into the rings slightly.

He fiddles with something out of my sight and I see him fitting two little rigid cups onto the thick rubber rings.

“Turn it on,” he says to someone out of sight.

I feel suction on the tender tips of my breasts and squirm as best I can in the bondage as the sucking/milking action slowly draws my nipples further into the rings. The blood engorges them as the vacuum pulls them up. I squirm at this new but acceptable torture/pleasure. I imagine a lover playing and sucking at my tits in foreplay and am aroused by the attention.

Just then Ted reaches to the base of the cup on the left nipple and pushes the rubber. Sudden pain shoots to my head as some unseen and sinister trap locks its pointy teeth into my nipple! The right nipple receives the same treatment/surprise next in short order. Now the vacuum continues as the needles settle into the tender flesh and I squirm in agony from the torment.

“You like the new addition, rubber slut?” asks Lydia from the dark.

I shake my head negatively.

“Good, I’m glad you like it so much.” I hear Lydia in a mocking tone. “Close her back up and put her under.”

As an afterthought, “We have some new programs to try on you, rubber slut. I think you’ll like them. I almost wish I were you when I imagine the fun you’re going to have. Bye.”

I discover the redressing process requires time as the corset is pulled back into place. Everything fits with high precision. The bra is housed inside the corset cups along with its suction system. The suction tubing snakes along below the corset and under the posture collar. They await the connections to the umbilical system that is in the helmet.

This time Ted straps a heavy rubber nose-cup to my face. This new addition has thick cloying soft rubber that molds tightly to my face. It also has very thick eye rings that severely restrict my vision as my view is restricted to the narrow opening at the end of one inch long rubber tubes. The end of each tube is covered with a plastic lens. This seems to me to be a bit pointless since I will be inside the helmet and this additional isolation inside my restricted world adds very little to the torment. The inside of the snout fits onto the lock ring at my mouth. The thick rubber padding presses against my entire face so this new restriction puts thick pressing rubber against every part of me. Though I didn’t see its outer face, I assume the mouth of this cup has a rigid tube that feeds to the helmet connections.

Soon the heavy black rubber dry suit is pulled over my shoulders and the neck/hood is in place. The neck ring collar waits the helmet as Ted pulls all of the tubing into position and connects everything up to the connectors inside the helmet that link to the flexible tubing holding all of the critical support connections. It isn’t long before the helmet is locked back into position and I am again sealed into my private world. The frame swings out over the water and I am slowly plunged under again. It takes little time for Eva to lock the frame to the underwater framework.

I am soon returned to the watery element that I am so accustomed. I float between the bonds in the neutral buoyancy afforded by the water. Suddenly the vibe inside my flower erupts with its pulsing and grinding massage. The new eye tubes begin to flash in red, green, yellow and blue patterns from embedded LED lights! I am in a disco as suddenly music slams into the comm link. The ravaging vibes are now augmented by the suction at my nipples! Then hot water floods inside me and I buck from the attack. The pulsing, the visual display, the loud music, the attack to my body is quickly overloading my senses after such a long period of little input. I scream in agony as electrical shocks begin to zap at my tortured nipples. I pull against the restraints in an effort to get loose. I know it is futile but I must get out of this new and frightening place.

The gaudy lighting flashes erratically, the shocks hit me like little lightning bolts on my overly sensitive flesh. The vibes pound inside me and I feel myself being drawn to an inexorable climax. Then everything goes blank! I shudder in the bonds. The water around is literally vibrating in my anticipation. I scream out in frustration as the cycle pauses.

I hold tensely for nothing and soon I am cramping in the bonds and I feel myself let go with frustrated sag. And the cycle begins again! I am quickly driven to the brink of climax and am a second time frustrated by the system. This new torture can go on a very long time and I am destined to suffer its cycles in my escape proof bondage.

Suddenly cold water floods inside me! It must be straight from the Sound. The pounding torture begins again and as I thrash within the limits of the frame, I feel the water slowly changing temperature and then the water floods out and more cold water is in. This time I shudder from the cold inside my intestines and the heat everywhere else. I quiver at the brink and expect the system to shut down again bu this time the system just pounds me harder and I am carried away to the first explosive release in I can’t remember! I am suddenly plunging into depths of carnal debauchery as the pounding, pulsing, shocking torture blows me away in a titanic heart-stopping explosion of rubber-bound lust!

How many times do I roll through pulses of passion, flowing, ebbing and flowing again as I shake and gasp against the gag, tense and surrender to the attack. I pass beyond consciousness at some point in the ravaging attack.

When I wake, the pulsing is still working on me and I find I am again pushing to a final arousing climax. Again the system takes me to explosion and I quiver and thrust inside the bonds as the cycle relentlessly rapes me. This is something beyond torture! It is beyond human limit to endure such torturous lust!

I surrender completely to the raping system and just shudder in the bonds as I can do nothing but accept the endless pleasure/pain and know what it is to be gang raped beyond senses.

I finally wake to merciful silence and stillness. I am choking on food being pushed into the throat. This return to “normalcy” is thankful relief after the ravaging I endured. Only those little needles embedded in my flesh and the cloying nose cup remind me of the new turn my entrapment has taken.

The cycle of ravaging and silent boredom are only broken when either Ted or Eva show up to watch a while, mount me and explode in their lust. Eva has become another Neanderthal in my mind. He shows he was always a man, even though his awakening was as a she-male rubber doll. I am a totally ravaged rubber slut now. I know nothing beyond the next raping cycle. I long for freedom no longer if it is outside of this world I have surrendered.

Time has no meaning to me. My submission to the punishment of my tormentors is complete. The names are distant memories filed in a tiny corner of my mind – Lydia, Ted, Evan – I vaguely remember them as friends and lovers, coworkers and business partner but now I cannot visualize any of them as they are.

Lydia is a distant memory of my lover and partner who shared my passion but is now a remote Mistress pushing the “enter” key of a computer keyboard to change the tormenting ritual to me. Ted is a featureless black rubber being who drops frequently into my watery world only to rub his horny body crudely against my bound body until he shudders with carnal satisfaction. Evan has joined Ted, though his hugs and embraces are gentler, he finds his awakening in his rubber.

Then there is the daily rotation of light and dark. During the day starfish, urchins and crab pass in my limited view. Every third or fourth day the ravage cycle kicks in and rapes me with uncaring purpose until I collapse exhausted in my bonds and the darkness of unconsciousness replaces the bright star bursts of light from both my explosive lust and the LED displays embedded in the eye goggles. I often sense a black form nearby with Ted encased inside getting off on my forced lust. I am only an object now. My humanity is absorbed into the folds of my rubber suits and destroyed by the emotionless raping of the automated torture.

The endless cycle molds me inexorably into a lusting rubber-crazed sex machine. I long for nothing but the recurring cycles of rubberized rape between the long periods of forced arousal/denial. It is addictive and I am trapped in the addiction. No thoughts remain inside my numbed brain but the desire for the next ravaging from the tit suckers and the pounding vibes. The tasteless paste fed into me doesn’t bother me. The sameness of my surroundings only heightens the explosive ravage cycle. Everything is reduced to the feeding of my rubber lust. I am a totally immersed rubber fuck toy. I no longer care just as long as I get ravaged every third or fourth light cycle. Time is a cycle of light and dark to me now. In light I see the little creatures of the floor and wonder how they live in such wild freedom. They have to forage daily for their keep. They must be wary of predators that would do them harm. They must live each day in their little world while I only exist for the raping torture of rubber! What animal is better?

Final Thoughts

The stress of work has long-sense faded. I am at peace as a living rubber fuck toy raped mechanically by the whims of my masters. The occasional question on environmental issues has even stopped. I guess Ted knows enough to carry on the work without me. I live to float under the water of Discovery Bay with the starfish and urchins I see since the masters flipped me over so I no longer look to the sky. I feel like one of the fish… living in a little world of my own without any worries beyond the next meal or the next sexual arousal. I am happy and at peace.

I think occasionally of being like a geoduck living in one place for one purpose for over 150 years. The geoduck filters water its entire life. I will filter lust my entire life. Thus ends the fantasy!

And then we have the reality of this tale…

Obviously nothing like this can be forever. But we did build the system described and I was submerged in our indoor tank for three days. The experience was absolutely the most incredible and terrifying, erotic and horrible, carnally explosive and totally dehumanizing experiment in my life.

Let me describe the hours of denial sequence that the system subjected on me. The denial was complete. The arousal and my quivering body so tensioned that my body was a taut bowstring ready to break. Then the ravage cycle would kick in and I would see stars and fireworks in my head as mind blowing waves of relief would explode through me… beginning at my nether recesses and those super sensitized nipples in bonds and blast out through my entire body shaking me to the very ends of my fingers and legs. The repeating explosion of this cycle ultimately drove my mind to total overload and collapse… leaving me limp in the bonds under the water.

The enema, the feeding, the unknown measure of the cycles were totally turning me into a living machine, a mere extension of the unthinking system I was attached. I was just an object to mistreat and abuse. I was totally reduced to a nothing. I can imagine this torture breaking even the hardest of captives and without leaving any permanent marks! The cycle of sexual overload and denial goes beyond any bonds of imagination.

I was forced into this subservient ordeal on my own submission. The time blurred. I was completely locked into the cycles and the total surrender to the mechanical desires of the system has no way to really and accurately explain. I found my mind drifting in masochistic desire. The painful needles in my nipples eventually were friends providing me diversion from the sameness of the water. I longed for the bright LED display at my eyes as it signaled the rape to come and the eventual exhausted collapse of my mind and body. I would be out for minutes to hours depending on the intensity of the final plunge into the dark abyss of carnal lust!

The guys were there with me but I was alone inside the rubber encasement of the layers of suits and gear. Tom did use me twice. I forgive him only after he promises to try this in the future. Evan was there to huddle protectively near me. I could feel concern and compassion in his motive and it made a stronger link between us. Lydia allowed the ordeal to continue through its scheduled completion.

During my decompression and debriefing… two things absolutely needed after this… Lydia held me in her arms and wept for an hour. She just held me close and I melted my catsuited body into hers as closely as I could and revived in her love. My mind was numb and I could do nothing productive for two days after release. I wonder what would be the consequences of a longer imprisonment in this torturous sexual device!

Even in trying to put this to screen and electrons, I find gaps in my discussion. I search the corners of my repressed memories of three days lost in total rubber only a week ago and can find so many missing parts. What about those times when the cycle was keeping me on edge and nothing else? Those times were hours each day but I don’t remember any of it… only those minutes of total rapture or forced sex or forced enemas and feeding.

I know the breathing cycle by heart… the rubbery scented air passing through the masks into my lungs through slight pressure to offset the tight grip of the corset and the exhale allowed by the release of the pressure in the helmet. The iron lung must have done it this way. I see a glimpse into that world of invention. I think of the experiments with sensory deprivation and realize my ordeal had it times that approximated just that then my total sensory overload periods that blew my mind to dark unconsciousness! The thoughts are spotty and disconnected. It happened, but what was I but a massively orgasmic machine in the false reality of fantasy!

Lydia and I have warmly cuddled with each other since. I remain silent whenever she asks about the experiment.

Once I afforded her the following comment, “Learn to dive and use the equipment and you can see what it is for yourself. To try to describe the reality of the event to someone who has not lived it is doomed to fail. Just accept that I am changed as a result of only three days and our relationship is on a new level…I need you more than ever as a person to feel, touch and love. Just realize that, dear, and we are fine. When you’re ready, Ted and I can teach you what is needed to take on the beast.”

We have left it at that for now. Maybe one day Lydia will want to join the club and take on the beast in our dive locker.



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