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The Captured Cat 2: The Procedure

by Bone Daddy & Lady Volcano

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© Copyright 2015 - Bone Daddy & Lady Volcano - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFF/f; dentist; chair; latex; wrap; sleepsack; kidnap; enslave; transport; force; gas; inserts; moulds; prepare; cons/nc; X

story continued from part one

Chapter 2: The Procedure

“What the fuuuu-“ you stammer as you come round. The bright light of the dental lamp is shining in your eyes. You see the dentist and his black haired nurse standing beside you. Your head is swimming with the gas, the room still spinning. You are dimly aware of a numb pain in your mouth, an ache in your jaw and an itching pain in your backside. Your pussy feels moist and stretched.

‘What have these fuckers done to me whilst they had me drugged?’

You look down and are shocked to find you are naked.

“You bastards better have good lawyers! After I’m done with you-your asses will be grass! That is-after I’ve beaten the shit out of you both!”

You see them both smiling, the dentist having a rictus grin under that horrible skull mask.

“There’s a special place in hell for perves like you!”

You slide off the chair and unsteadily stand, ready to break their smug faces with your foot. How dare they do this to you-a person of power-you will smash their filthy faces into the ground then call the police. As you get into your fighting stance, the skull masked man speaks.

“Such defiance. Such indignation. Such passion.”

“Fuck off”. You spit.

“But this righteousness is not really you, is it? You see I know who you are. I know what you really want. I’ve seen the dark fantasies you have shared on-line”.

“Oh yeah-I guessed-you’re ‘Bone Daddy’ aren’t you? But those were all just fantasies-not this-this is abuse-non consensual-fucking rape!”

“Perhaps, but soon you will embrace this opportunity. The pleasures in latex encasement I can offer you. It can all become true. Fantasies become reality-to become a latex slave to a powerful master worthy of your service and adoration.”

You snort derisively.

“In your dreams-I will never submit to you! I’m leaving. And if you try to stop me-I will beat the crap out of you sick fuckers! Where are my clothes?”

“They were destroyed when we examined you.” The nurse says calmly.

“Examined? Funny name for what you just did-you sick fucks!” You spit.

“It won’t stop me leaving though.”

‘Bone Daddy’ opens his arms, latex covered hands palm up.

“Be my guest. The door is open.”

You back out and reach behind you, turning the handle. He wasn’t lying, the door opens. You step out but can’t resist turning.

“You want slavery? You’re about to get it, ‘Bone Daddy’. 20 years to life of enslavement.”

You laugh and turn, but instead of the outer office-all you see is black shiny sheeting, all around you. It rushes up to you; it’s a large latex bag which collapses around you as you step into it. The sheeting seals around you like a vacuum-packed thing, hands wrap it round you and shove you to the ground, rolling you in it till you are completely wrapped in. Your arms pinioned by the tight, cloying sticky latex. It encloses your head and seals your nose, mouth, lips, eyes and ears. You kick out your legs but the sheeting too is round them, tying your legs together. The latex is sucked into your mouth as you gasp for air-but all you get is hot latex and rubber filling your mouth. You feel tightening round your ankles, arms, elbows, shoulders and neck. Through the muffled rustling sound-almost like being drowned in an underwater latex oil slick-you feel straps and cable ties cranking around you.

Light blasts into your eyes as suddenly as the latex is quickly pulled off your sweating face, allowing you grateful lungs of air. Looking round you, Bone Daddy and his two nurses have cocooned you in latex sheeting. You are writhing and struggling on the floor of the dentist’s surgery.

“I don’t fucking believe this! You will never get away with this!”

The dark haired nurse shouts.

“You don’t get to speak, slave.”

She holds up a large sponge ball in a clear latex gloved hand. With horror you realise she plans to gag you. Your eyes widen as you clamp your mouth shut. The other nurse deftly places a black latex gloved hand over your nose and seals your nostrils shut between finger and thumb. You panic as your air supply is cut off. You struggle and twist your head fiercely, trying to break her grip of your nose free, to get air into your nostrils again. Agonising seconds pass which feel like minutes, hours. The blood pulses in your ears. Tears roll down your face then at last, you must get air and with a gasp-you open your mouth. Only to have the sponge ball quickly shoved in. It is pushed behind your teeth until it expands and fills your mouth. Your tongue pressed hard against the floor of your mouth. Before you can spit it out, roll after roll of black electrical tape is wrapped round your head. Your dark red hair is plastered down by it. The air whistles in your nostrils as below you, ‘Bone Daddy’ is pulling a black latex sleep sack over your already latex cocooned body. You remember seeing this before they drugged you. Now you see how it will be used. They are going to use it to transport you, abduct you to some other lair.

This of course is a terrifying prospect, but the latex does feel somehow like a womb, warm, secure, impenetrable. As the sack comes over your shoulders, you see it has a hood attached. ‘Bone Daddy’ pulls it over your head, chin first. You notice he aligns two black rubber tubes. He applies some kind of solvent on the ends and slowly pushes them into your nostrils whilst his nurses pinion your head still by holding the sides of your head and your forehead. You scream under the gag and plead for this to end. The glue hardens quickly and you realise these nostril tubes cannot be removed. The rest of the mask is pulled over your face and you are plunged into latex, hot darkness. You feel the dull sound of a zipper compressing the back of our head as it zips down the back of your neck and you feel a padlock click it into place.

All is muffled, latex scraping and sliding, squeaks and rustles as you are carried like a black latex caterpillar down stairs. There are distant bangs and the sounds of car doors opening. You feel the couch of a back car seat, then compression as you imagine being wedged into the foot well of the back of a car. You feel the vibration of someone getting in front, the slam of a door then the revving of an engine.

‘Where will I be taken now? God-what have they planned for me? Fuck-why is my pussy so moist?’

You have a feeling your ordeal is only just beginning...

An extract from the diary of Nurse Raven-recovered at the scene of the abandoned Dentist surgery by Inspector Roberts, chief investigator of the disappearance of Ms D. Green.

Once the patient was fully under and properly anaesthetised, Master asked me to strip her. He handed me the scalpel and the Lister bandage scissors. There was no need to keep the clothes in one piece. Patient no. 3 would have no further need of them. All her future clothes would be made of a quite different material all together. I began cutting away her skirt by putting the angled scissors up the hem and slowly and steadily cutting upwards. Her Stocking-clad legs opened, freed from the confines of the tight skirt. She had gorgeous legs and I noted with great interest the black slick, shiny latex knickers which covered her pulsing mound. Moisture ran from the sides. Some part of patient no.3 had been turned on by this treatment. It would seem Master’s instincts about her were correct.

“You can save the pants and the shoes. I rather like them.”

Dutifully I obeyed my Master’s voice. I carefully rolled down the sodden latex down her legs, and I could smell the distinctive juices of her arousal. Her pussy was neatly groomed, a small triangle of hair. That would have to go though, as Master always liked his kitties to be completely shaven as this assisted in the application of lube for latex to be slid on more easily. As I slipped her shoes off and gently put the shoes in a box nearby, I could see my Master applying a nasal cannula into the patient’s small nostrils, hooking her up to an oxygen supply. As I snipped off her blouse and clipped off her bra, I admired her ample bosoms. I was certainly tempted to massage and knead them whilst she slept but I knew better than do that, we had much work to do and now was not the time or place. Master did not want her anaesthetised longer than necessary. He attached the ECG monitor pads to her chest and finally fitted a finger pulse oximeter to monitor her blood oxygen levels.

Once I removed her stockings I began the work of measuring meticulously the patient’s body. I started with her feet, length, width, then ankles, calves, length between knee and ankle, circumference. I double checked my measurements and wrote them down in the chart created by my master. He needed all these measurements as she would have the patient’s footwear designed especially for her, to fit only her. He would be furious if I got anything wrong. I smiled though, as I remembered when I had this done to me-such a long time ago.

I continued up her body, thigh width, hips, waist, ribs and chest. Her neck and head measurements would have to wait as Master was busy with her head at the moment.

He was clamping her unconscious mouth open with a dental gag. His favourite, I noted, a metal one with rubber lining. He clamped the gag behind her teeth and cranked it open with the ratchets and her jaw dutifully obeyed, slowly opening wider and wider. Her eyes fluttered slightly at this so Master quickly applied some micro-pore tape over each lid and increased the flow of N20 up her nose to keep her sleeping. I applied suction as he did his work. After he had applied his ‘special’ device, Master then filled the patient’s tooth with his most expensive dental filling- a perfect white replacement to the decay. Master wanted his latest prize to be perfect.

Once he was finished he asked me to fetch the dental alginate. I mixed the bucket and Master filled her mouth with the pink liquid. As well as my measurements of her external body, Master needed moulds of her internal soft tissue. The perfect impression of her mouth for the perfect individualised mouth-filling gags. I looked up in eagerness as I asked my Master,

“May I?”

He smiled down at me behind his skull mask.

“Of course.”

I reached for the gleaming metal device on the silver medical tray. It had been properly sterilised like a real medical object. I unscrewed the top and widened its jaws to make sure it worked, and then reduced its size once more so it resembled a rounded metal duck’s nose. I enjoyed pushing the speculum into her moist and welcoming pink pussy, expanding the walls of her vaginal passage. She softly moaned in her sleep as I stretched the sides. Her specially made dildos had to be a tight fit. That was the way Master liked it.

It gave me a lot of pleasure to apply the alginate into her pussy by pushing the putty into a condom and pushing it into her so it hardened into a perfect copy of her clitoral hood, her clitoris, her labia and her vaginal opening. I still had the dildos Master had made of me in a similar way. I was wearing one at that moment. Master had me permanently locked into a hollow dildo and hollow anal plug, held in place on a leather harness, padlocked in place.

Master completed the measurements on the patient’s head before we eased the mould out of her mouth with a soft ‘plop’

Master liked his hoods to fit perfectly on his kitties. This ‘Ms Green’ would be no different.

We rolled her over onto her front and Master allowed me the pleasure of probing her anal cavity with the speculum and then packing it with alginate-for the perfect butt plug. I smiled as the patient stirred to my fingers entered her. She let out a soft moan. She obviously wasn’t used to anal intrusion. I wickedly expanded the speculum. Time to stretch her anus for another tight fit.

As the moulds hardened, Master finished by measuring her arms, fingers, wrist, forearms and elbow length. He was obsessed with gloves and insisted his latex kitties were gloved at all times. Even now, I had transparent latex elbow gloves on, which made my work slightly more tricky, but I had become used to them, after years of wearing them for every task my master made me do. I found that on the occasions when Master let me bare my hands I now missed the latex, the touch, the smell. As i watched him work, I placed a hand over my lips and breathed in the cloying rubbery smell. I was quite turned on doing this to a new kitty for Master. I would enjoy taking part in helping Master train her. He might even let me punish her or play with her. Hmm, how I would love to get my lips on her clit, parting her hood with my tongue.

“Nurse Raven. You may have the pleasure of removing her pussy and anal moulds.”

Master broke my revere and I quickly smiled. As I slowly withdrew the prefect moulds, Master was turning up the oxygen mix, slowly bringing her round. He removed the dental gag and the tape off her eyes. After the anal plug-mould squeezed out of her star-fish I sealed it into a zip bag and did the same with the wet pussy mould. Master took off all the medical accoutrements and we slowly watched her lying there, naked, beautiful and vulnerable as she groggily came round.-shaking her auburn tresses slowly, a hand weakly rising to rub her face.

Master turned to me,

“As you will well remember, Nurse Raven, Ms Green needs to conscious for the next step. It’s an important part of her conditioning.”

End of diary extract.


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