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The Captured Cat

by Bone Daddy

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© Copyright 2015 - Bone Daddy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; MF/f; dentist; chair; latex; force; gas; bond; cuffs; cons/nc; X

Chapter 1: The Appointment

It is a busy life you lead, the manager and CEO of a prosperous advertising agency in the city.  You have worked hard and fought every step to become this successful and powerful. You have had to be ruthless in your dealings, being a strong leader and a hirer and firer of many people.

Many people work under you and you have always believed in leading from the front. People respect and trust you and your management, your decisions and your instincts as a woman in business.

People listen to what you say and you are used to having your own way. You enjoy this authority and whilst you work hard, you have also played hard. At coffee breaks you have smiled as your co-workers giggled and made suggestive comments about the latest craze. On this day it was the forthcoming film version of ‘fifty shades of grey’. The summer before, everyone had been reading the book and their coy smiles and innuendo had made you grin inwardly. If only they knew your innermost fantasies. Compared to your dark imaginings, the kinky book’s exploits were still of the kindergarten.

Often you had imagined the young man in the mail room bound and gagged at your feet, encased in black latex, hooded and hogtied in shibari style rope bondage and more often than not, you had looked at the pert bottom of your PA and wondered what she would look chained by a collar held in your gloved hand as she licked your leather boots. You see a crop held in your hand as you smacked her black, shiny latex bottom.

Your dreams of being a latex clad dominatrix have sometimes come true as you have on occasion frequented fetish clubs in the city and played the domme role, however your darker dreams have not been fulfilled yet. For in the darkness of your bower you have seen yourself in the submissive role, in heavy latex bondage, gas masked and forced to endure breath play. You have experimented with this in your solitary play but have yet to meet a man worthy of you allowing them to see your vulnerable side.

As you sit in your smart business suit at your desk, the crisp lines of your skirt accentuating your high heeled stocking thighs. You have strong arms and legs, well toned by evenings doing tai kwon do and zumba and your bosom is held tight, straining against the white blouse. Your staff does not, or perhaps pretend not to notice the slight rustle of the latex knickers you wear under your business dress. Your high heeled black shoes click on the floor. Their distinctive red heels attesting their lineage of Christian louboutin. Being summer you wear these shoes. Winter is your favourite time of year as it gives you the reasonable excuse to wear tight leather high heeled boots and kid leather gloves. Your favourites are elbow length ones from Germany which you tend to wear under your suit.

 Your mind idly drifts from the PC screen to the idea of you suspended in chains, encased in a latex black cat suit, with a heavy rubber sightless latex hood, inflating in and out as you struggle for breath through the small nose holes, the only openings in the mask. A wand vibe, strapped to your crotch via a leather harness stimulates your clit with pulsing buzzing.


You are distracted by an e-mail notification and with annoyance your revere is broken by the intrusion of another damn spam message. You angrily reach to click the ‘block’ function.

You have been getting a lot of these lately you notice, ever since you looked onto that fetish website. The last time you were at the club someone you met there told you about the site.

You have chatted to a few people on-line but mostly they were wankers looking for a quick release. You soon sent them on their way with a curt reply. You had seen one interesting fellow though; a ‘bone daddy’ had loved several of your pictures. He seemed enigmatic and aloof though but this made you more intrigued by him.

He seemed reluctant ever to show his face but you always recognised his picture as he always seemed to have a bone face motif. A Skull’s death head which leered out at you from the screen. It was a frightening image but you somehow felt stimulated by the image. Scary, dark but somehow mysterious and alluring.

You wondered why he never showed his face, probably married or in the clergy or something  in law you supposed.

Your finger hovered over the ‘delete’ button as you glanced at the header for this spam. It was for the Skelton dental practice. A dentist not far from your office. It claimed to offer friendly service with caring for those of a nervous disposition to dental work.

Now usually this kind of rubbish had you deleting it very quickly, but this did struck a chord with you as a child you had hated going to the dentist due to a memory of having your wisdom teeth extracted. You remembered they had to hold you down and forcibly anaesthetise you with gas. The dentist and his staff had removed your shoes due to you kicking them. You still shuddered at the memory of the hot rubbery mask on your face and the sweet noxious smell of the gas in your nose. They would never get away with such abusive treatment nowadays.

One of your teeth has been niggling at you lately and it is far too long since your last check-up. Looking at the e-mail again you think to yourself, ‘perhaps it is time I stopped being silly and got it checked out, I’m in charge of all other aspects of my life, so why not take charge now?’

You see it has a telephone number so you pick up the phone. You are greeted by a friendly female voice who announces herself to be the receptionist at Skelton’s dental support clinic.

“It is unusual to get an appointment so quickly when you are not on the books at the clinic but Mr Skelton has some spaces today so if it is urgent he would be happy to give you a consultation for a check-up.”

After taking your name, she books you in for 2.30pm that day. Although she sounded mildly authoritative you detected a smile in her voice that made the prospect of an appointment almost appealing.

So it is with some trepidation you find yourself climbing the steps to the upstairs office of the Skelton’s Dentist.  The receptionist is quite like you expected, an attractive woman with strawberry tresses under a small dental nurse cap. She wears a white lab coat. The corners of her mouth rise to see you approach and her steady gaze sparkles as she looks you in the eye. She seems to recognise your anxiety and with a ready smile and a soothing tone takes your name and offers you a seat.  A choice of pretty up to date magazines and your choice of music on an i-pod help to take your mind off the wait.

It is not long before you are called through to the treatment room. The room is laid out in pastel shades and comforting smells of fragrances meets your senses. You are surprised at this as you expected the usual antiseptic cloying smell which you hate. A dental nurse smiles at you. She has the same outfit as the receptionist though you notice she has dark black hair. Her striking blue eyes look above a conical ribbed surgical mask that she slips over her red lips once you have sat on the blue examination chair. It is an old fashioned chair, with a head rest.

Dental instruments on a silver tray sit next to the chair on your left. On the right, you notice are two oxygen tanks with a coiled black rubber corrugated hose with a large black rubber anaesthesia mask hanging on a hook. The nurse attaches a bib round your neck, in red rubber which shines under the dental examination light above your head. She adjusts the arm so the light is not shining in your face. She places a reassuring hand on your bare arm. A frisson runs through you of sexual excitement as you feel the latex of her transparent glove touch your skin. Despite your fear, you feel a spark of warmth in your crotch. Her blue eyes look into your face as she softly says under the mask,

“I know it looks scary, but don’t worry-this is just a check up. Nothing bad is going to happen.” You smile back and say,

“It’s fine; it’s just been a while.”

“Yes of course, I know how it is.” As she leans in, you can see something unusual. Under her lab coat, in the light you can see the green of her dental uniform, and that it shines. As if it was latex!

You are about to ask her about this, when with a rustle, someone else enters the room behind you. He too is dressed in a lab coat, and you hear the distinctive crack of latex snapping as he enters. He wears a splash proof eye shield above a mask.

“Ah Ms Green isn’t it. Forgive the mask, but I have a touch of the cold and the last thing I would want is to give one of my patients an infection.”

He moves round so you can see him and you catch a whiff of a spicy, musky aftershave and see he wears a male version of dental uniform Green latex buttoned up across the chest like a 1950’s dentist. The lab coat is buttoned below the chest. His face is too covered with a ribbed mask and dark brown eyes look down on you. His eyes look intense but not unkindly.

“I see you notice the somewhat unusual outfits? It’s part of the policy as a kind of aversion therapy to the patients. To help them get over the accoutrements of the dental experience, we find it helps if the staff looks retro and slightly uncomfortable in their paraphernalia.”

He has a deep voice which you rather like.

“Now just a check up I believe.” He reaches his clear latex gloved hands over to a mirror tool and an implement for checking your teeth. The black haired nurse stands behind you and you can smell her perfume as she leans over you to apply a vacuum to the side of your mouth to take away the saliva. As the vacuum occasionally catches your tongue, you find it hard to speak clearly.

“Your teeth are in very good order, Ms Green, although I notice a small cavity on your lateral bicuspid. I’m afraid it will need a small filling. Would you like to make another appointment to have it seen to?” The nurse removes the vacuum from your mouth and puts it down.

You lean up slightly to reply. As you speak you notice the sound of a valve being turned as the dentist nods to the nurse behind you. There is a hiss of gas being turned on and suddenly the dentist pins your arms down at the sides of the chair. You panic for a second wondering what is going on for a moment then your instinct kicks in and your strong arms push against him. His eyes look a bit surprised at your strength and he anxiously says to the nurse,

“Quick Nurse Raven, the gas!”

You break free of his grip with one arm and wrench at his face, the mask and eye shield ripped off as you feel a black rubber cushioned mask clamped over your nose and mouth, the sound of hissing gas filling your ears as the female nurse’s rubber gloved hand holds the anaesthetic mask over your face. You hold your breath, struggling as you see in shock and surprise that the dentist’s face is still covered, in a white leather skull mask. The skull looks down at you as he grapples your arm and locks it into position with a clamp which snaps up from under the chair. He uses both arms to pinion your other arm as the second clamp locks up. You are still struggling as your flailing legs are secured by more hidden ankle clamps.

After all this exertion, your lungs are bursting and burning, crying out for air so reluctantly you have to take in a deep breath, and you instantly feel the sweet cloying fumes flood your nose and lungs. It makes you dizzy and lightheaded as the insistent hissing gas pumps into you.

“Nurse Raven, remember the oxygen mix, we don’t want out captive expiring on us, do we?

The room begins to spin as the gas takes effect. The dizziness continues as the hot rubber smell of gas and air floods into you.

‘Oh my god’, you think, ‘what are these maniacs going to do with me? Kidnap, torture-murder-a snuff movie? How can this be happening?’

Your vision is blurring as you hear the purring voice of the nurse beside you,

“Don’t worry, like I said nothing bad is going to happen to you. We are just going to help you explore a side you have not experienced. Something secret you have hankered for. And Bone Daddy will help you achieve it.”

“Mmmppphhh mm phhrr” you mumble as you drift off.

She whispers,

“Why total latex submission of course. He has watched you for a long time.”

As your eyes flutter closed for the last time, you catch sight of the Dentist, holding up what looks like a shiny black latex sack, with numerous straps and buckles hanging off it. As you fall deep asleep into an enforced slumber, he approaches you with it out held.

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