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Capture and Training Facility Part 3: Becoming Lucy

by Sirbor

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© Copyright 2008 - Sirbor - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mm+; D/s; latex; fem; enema; oral; anal; cons; X

continues from part one & two


Part 3: Becoming Lucy

Tim and Bobi sat in the back of the town car chatting happily like school girls on the bus. It was an interesting analogy because they were on their way to school; a very special school. They had met at the boarding house that they were both staying at when they moved to the city. The boarding house catered to young gay men looking make a new life for themselves. Both boys were slight of build and neither one was more than 5’ 4” tall. Bobi, whose real name was Robert had found a boyfriend he referred to as Sir at a local gay bar. He had told his new friend Tim about the place and Tim had also found a man there. After several weeks of dating, both boys had moved out of the boarding house and in with their new partners.

Sir liked his partners girly and submissive so he had changed Robert’s name to Bobi and had him wear feminine clothes and makeup. Paul, Tim’s new beau, seemed to like his boy submissive but allowed him to dress as a boy. So while Bobi was dressed in leather hot pants, latex tank top, and low heels with his/her hair in a pony tail and face lightly made up, Tim wore Dockers and a tee shirt with ankle high boots. The only clothing that they had in common were the latex panties with the access hole in the back and their cocks and balls tucked back between their legs. Apparently the panties were part of the uniform for the proper boy toy.

Through various conversations, both boys had been convinced to attend a special school that would prepare them to be the properly submissive for their new dominant partners. Tim was happily surprised to see Bobi in the back of the car that came to Paul’s house to pick him up. The two spent the long ride to the facility catching up on events in their lives and speculating on what they would learn at the school.

Finally the journey ended and the car pulled up to an imposing metal gate. It appeared to be the only opening in a stone wall that had to be 30 feet tall and topped with razor wire. The driver identified himself to the gate keeper and they proceeded up a wooded driveway to a large granite building. There were three people standing outside, apparently to greet them. The car pulled up by the group and stopped and the boys got out of the car while the driver retrieved their small suitcases from the trunk. While they were waiting for their bags, they had a chance to look over their greeters. The first was a man, he had to be 6’ tall and dressed in leather pants with what looked like a cod piece where the zipper would be. His outfit was completed with a white shirt and black leather vest. On his feet he wore black leather boots. The next person was a woman and her outfit consisted of a knee-length black leather skirt, white blouse, leather bolero, and very high stilettos. At first look the third member of the group appeared to be the most normal. She was dressed in a maid’s uniform; more of a Victorian maid than a French maid, but there was something about the material. She was dressed entirely in latex from the stockings on her feet in the 6-inch stilettos to the frilly cap on her head.

The man, who seemed to definitely in charge, spoke first, “You two must be Tim and Bobi, welcome to our training school. I am Master Tom and I am the Headmaster here. This is Mistress Instructor Anya, she is in charge of your training programs and I think you will find that she is particularly well suited for the task. For now, Miko, one of our maids will show you to your rooms. You are scheduled for your medical checkups in 2 hours and after that we will take your measurements for your school uniforms. I’m sure I will be seeing you soon.” The man turned to leave and now it was Anya’s turn to speak. “Alright my new students, you will refer to me as Mistress Anya. I will meet you in the infirmary in 2 hours. Miko will lead you to your room and pick you up to take you to for your appointment. Follow her instructions.”

The maid picked up both of their suitcases and led the boys into the building. They climbed up a staircase until they reached the third floor, and went down a hallway to a door. After they entered the room, Miko placed each of their suitcases at the foot of each of the two beds in the room. “You will be staying here until you are medically evaluated and given your official school uniforms. Don’t bother to unpack, I have laid out a set of scrubs for each of you and that will be your uniform for now. You may relax and freshen up for now, I will return for you in one and a half hours for your medical appointment.” With that statement, the tiny maid left the room.

The room seemed to be a cross between a college dorm room and a typical hotel room. There were two full sized beds, two dressers, a small table with two chairs, a tv, and a doorway leading to the bathroom. Since it had been a long trip, the boys decided to clean up and watch some tv while they waited for Miko to return. “But first, I have to pee,” Bobi remarked as he strolled towards the bathroom. He went in and turned on the light. “Timmy, there’s no door here!” Tim walked over to verify and as he got to the opening he saw Bobi unfastening his hot pants and dropping them to his knees. They were followed by his pink latex panties and then he proceeded to sit down on the toilet. Tim could hear the stream of urine splashing into the water and was able to see that Bobi had no pubic hair.

Bobi finished peeing and then took a small piece of toilet paper and dabbed the end of his small dick. He then stood up an began to pull up his panties, tucking his cock and balls back between his legs. He then began to pull up the hot pants but seemed to think better of it and removed them. He folded the hot pants and placed them on his dresser.

“What’s with the sitting down to pee Bobi?” Tim was curious and since Bobi was more experienced in being gay he wondered if it was something he should be doing.

“Well you know Sir likes me to be a little girly and he says that there is nothing that says girl like sitting down to pee. And before you ask, that’s why I shave my self down there, he likes to see me hairless.” Bobi pulled the tank top off and folded it on top of the hot pants and then removed his shoes. The last thing he did was to remove his panties and fold them to join the rest of his clothes.

“Come on Tim, get your clothes off so we can take a shower. I looked at the shower stall and its more than big enough for the two of us.” Tim had been standing there looking at the other boy’s body. Bobi was only 5’ 2” tall compared to Tim’s 5’ 4” and was hairless from his neck down. The lack of pubic hair made his 5 inch cock and small balls look more prominent. He shook his head and began to disrobe; quickly removing his dockers, tee shirt, boots, and socks. Tim’s panties were frosted white, as opposed to Bobi’s pink ones. Now it was Bobi’s turn to stare. Tim still had all of his pubic hair and light peach fuzz on his arms and legs. He was happy that his cock was about a half inch longer than Bobi’s and thicker with bigger balls that hung down.

In the bath room, on a shelf next to the sink, was a basket filled with shampoo, conditioner, soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, disposable razors and shaving cream. The boys gathered up what they needed for the shower and stepped in. Bobi put the soap, shampoo and conditioner on the recessed shelves while Tim fiddled with the faucets for the shower. As if by mutual consent, they washed each other. After washing Tim’s top, Bobi knelt down and began with his feet and moved up his legs. Tim felt a charge as Bobi began softly washing his dick and balls and then began on his ass. Unbidden, Tim’s cock began to harden under the soapy caresses of the other boy. After he rinsed off, he did the same for Bobi. Like Tim, Bobi got an erection from the washing and Tim was secretly proud to see that his cock was still the largest; sporting a 6 and a half inch boner as compared to Bobi’s 5 inch one. For the first time in his life, Tim was the big dog in the shower since all through school all of the other boys seemed to be bigger in the dick department than him.

Both boys put on their latex panties before donning the muted pink scrubs and sandals that Miko had provided. Bobi got his makeup kit and mirror from his suitcase and sat down at the table to do his face and hair. Tim went over to the tv to get the remote. Under the remote was a listing of the channels available. “Wow, all sex, all the time”, Tim addes a whistle to this statement. He brought the list over to Bobi so they could decide together.



1 boy – girl
2 boy – boy
3 girl – girl
4 boy – shemale
5 girl – shemale
6 shemale – shemale


7 boy – girl
8 girl – boy
9 boy – boy
10 girl – girl
11 boy – shemale
12 shemale – boy
13 girl – shemale
14 shemale – girl
15 shemale – shemale


16 rubber boy
17 rubber girl
18 rubber shemale
19 leather boy
20 leather girl
21 leather shemale

Bobi wanted to look at either channel 9 or 11 while Tim was interested in channel 2 or channel 9 they compromised on channel 9 feeling that they would have time later for further exploration. Tim had only been with Paul as a lover and he had kept their sexual play to kissing and mutual masturbation. He convinced Tim to attend this school so he would gain the knowledge and experience in male to male love so that Paul would not have to break in a virgin. Bobi’s selections reflected the direction that his and Sir’s games and love making were going in.

Both young men sat and avidly watched the movie on the screen. They were watching a production already in progress. A very big man, dressed in a black leather thong, leather vest, boots and a full coverage leather hood was finishing touches on the bondage of a young man. The slave boy was kneeling on a spanking bench; straps and shackles held him to it at the ankles, knees, waist, upper back, and wrists. His master was inserting a set of nose hooks into his nostrils and then led the strap back to a ring on the waist belt and tightened it forcing the boy’s head up. From this angle you could see that the boy’s mouth was held open with a ring gag. The master’s hand reached behind him and came back with a 2 inch wide strap. “Just to warm you up pretty boy”, and he began to spank the slave with the strap. All you could hear was the whoosh of the strap, the splat sound it made and the grunts from the slave for the first 6 strokes. The camera zoomed in on the slave boy’s face and the lights twinkled in the tears forming in his eyes. Soon the grunts turned into crying and then screaming. The camera panned back and Tim and Bobi could see that the slave boy’s ass was turning a bright shade of red with flecks of blood where the strap broke the skin on the welts it was raising.

Finally the Master stopped and dropped the strap. He pulled off the cod piece of his thong and released his 9-inch cock. He reached between the boy’s legs and picked up a bottle of lube. Pouring a generous amount in his hand he coated his now erect dick from its purple head to the root. He used the excess lube to coat the slave’s asshole and used 2 fingers to push some inside. Placing on hand on the now shaking hip, and holding his gleaming cock with the other, he lined up a with an evil grin, rammed his cock all the way up the slave’s ass. The scream that this first thrust brought out was as if the boy had been torn in two. The master only waited a few seconds before withdrawing his dick until only the head remained in the ass of the screaming sex toy. The cruel man wasted no time and began roughly pistoning in and out of the tight boy-cunt. Streaks of shit and blood were clearly visible on the shaft. After 10 minutes of pumping the Master slammed into the ass one last time and stayed there as he coated the insides of the boy’s ass with his semen. After resting on the boy’s back for a short time, he pulled out his shit, blood, and cum streaked cock and to both Tim’s and Bobi’s amazement, it was still hard.

The Master walked around to the slave’s head and presented his hard cock at the the slave’s mouth. “Clean me and make me cum again, bitch. I want to see you use that tongue.” He placed his dick in the crying boy’s mouth. The boy stuck his tongue out and began to run it over the head. From the other side of the screen, another large man walked up to the bound young man. He lubed up and began fucking the slave. By this time the first Master was stroking the entire length of his cock in the mouth and throat of the slave. They both kept thrusting into the crying slave. The cock in his mouth prevented him from crying out and screaming but he seemed to be able to draw enough breath when his mouth rapist pulled back. The first master came in the boy’s mouth, the cum dripping out of his lips and dripping to the floor. He picked up the cod piece to his thong and left the scene without a word.

When the second Master ejaculated he too walked around to the boy’s head for his blowjob and a third man came in to fuck his ass. Bobi was squirming as he sat on the bed watching the scene before him. Tim noticed the other boy’s excitement but the idea of being gang banged by a group of men after being brutally whipped didn’t turn him on. They didn’t get to see how many men the slaveboy was forced to satisfy because Miko walked into the room before the scene was finished. Her uniform was now a latex French Maid outfit.

They followed the latex maid down to the first floor and into a room marked infirmary. There was no waiting area. On one side of the room was a desk, behind it sat a middle aged man in a white coat; Tim assumed that he was the doctor. Mistress Anya sat in a chair in front of the desk. The other two occupants of the room were two nurses. They were entirely dressed in white latex.

“Good afternoon boys, this is Dr. Jennings, he is the school doctor. This is where you will report if you are feeling sick or hurt, he and his staff will take care of you. We are going to give you a medical exam to make sure that you are in the best of health and are not carrying any diseases or STD’s. Our classes utilize a lot of practical experience so we have to be sure of your health. Please take off your scrubs so we can begin.” The boys complied with her request and were soon standing there in their panties. “In the future you should only dress in the uniforms provided by us. Remove the panties also. As a matter of fact, when you go back to your room later, give your suitcases to Miko and she will store them for you. Before you ask, Bobi, yes you may keep your makeup and stuff.”

The nurses took charge of the boys and ran them through the standard tests and recorded their height, weight, temperature, blood pressure and other items on the clipboards they carried. Next they took swabs of their mouths, penises, and outside and inside their asses. They had the boys sit in chairs and took 4 blood samples from each boy. The last procedure had each boy step up on a low platform and stand spread legged while a series of lasers played over his body. This was the body mapping unit that would be used as the template for their clothes and ultimately their bodies. The last step was particularily embarrassing for both boys. After the first scan, they were instructed to stroke their dicks until they had an erection and the scan on the pubic area was repeated.

Finally they were done, “I will have the results in about 36 hours so I will see you the day after tomorrow.”, the doctor was looking over the data on his laptop. The boys were allowed to dress in their scrubs but had to carry their panties in their hands to place them in their suitcases. Tim and Bobi packed up their cases and surrendered them to Miko who placed them outside their door. Next she had them strip out of their scrubs and don the night clothes that were laid out on their beds. Bobi had a pink babydoll with laced tap pants while Tim had grey silk PJ’s. Miko took the scrubs and sandals with her.

They were sitting on their beds in their night clothes watching standard boy – boy porn when Miko entered again, this time pushing a cart with the boys dinner. She placed their trays on the table and told them to enjoy. She and Mistress Anya would wake them up in the morning so that they could learn the school’s morning routine. They continued to watch the video while they ate. While watching a mutual oral session where two men pleased each other in a 69 position Tim said wistfully, “I wish that Paul and I had done that, but he said not until after I had been to this school. Have you sucked off Sir and had him make love to you in the ass?”

Bobi looked up, “I have sucked Sir’s cock many times but he also said that he wouldn’t take me in the ass until I was better trained and more girly. That’s the main reason for me coming here, to become more feminine and learn how to act more like a girl. I think that he will be putting me on hormones and get breast implants before too long. What he really wants is a sissy boy and to tell you the truth, I want to become one for him.”

While Tim and Bobi watched a movie with two shemales as stars, Dr Jennings and Anya met in his office. The DNA screening for Bobi completed and they began running the data through the modeling program. Both of the new students were enrolled in a very special program at the Capture and Training Facility.

Slavery was big business. Men and women around the world paid large sums of money to be the owner of another human being. The Capture and Training Facility supplied them with what they desired and collected the money. All manner of sadists, fetishists and sexual perverts could purchase their dreams there.

With the advances in plastic surgery, medical prosthetics, and drug and hormone treatments, a demand grew for passable transsexuals as slaves. Males, through extensive medical procedures, were converted into replicas of females. The market was not interested in full conversions; the buyers, both male and female, wanted their shemales to retain their cocks and balls. The operations and recovery took long periods of time and the results were not always perfect. Thus, the supply of acceptable shemales was always far less than the demand and the prices were astronomical. Plus the need to maintain the shemale on a regimen of hormones and other drugs proved to be inconvenient for their owners.

Master Tom, as the owner of the facility, was seriously seeking methods to 1) increase the percentage of acceptable shemales, and 2) reduce the costs in time and medical procedures to take advantage of the market. Several of his clients were involved in the genetic research and gene splicing industries and, for future considerations in their purchases, allowed him to contract several of the finest scientists in the field. The result of this collaboration was The Tank.

The original concept for The Tank was for recovery of accident victims and burn patients; that was until Master Tom saw another use for it. It was a nutrient filled clear lexon, coffin shaped tank equipped with sensors and support equipment to maintain the patient while the gene-based therapy modified the body. The patient or victim was kept in a coma like state during the entire procedure. Prior to being installed in The Tank, the future shemale had a complete genetic scan made from their DNA. Using this as a template, the DNA was modified using gene-splicing technology to install the desired characteristics. The resulting DNA strand was then packaged and installed in a virus. The virus replicated in a growth solution and was injected into the male where it began by replacing normal cell’s DNA with the new strand. When a high enough percentage of cells had been modified, the virus acted like an activator and the actual modification of the body began. Depending on the extent of modifications programmed into the new DNA, the conversion took between 30 and 60 days to complete. When the modifications were finished, they were permanent and the new shemale would keep her new body. The process could not be repeated on one that had already been treated due to protein markers left by the virus deactivating any new ones before they change the body.

Once the process was complete, the shemale would be removed from the tank and placed in a normal hospital bed under restraint. She would be allowed to waken from the coma she had been in and introduced to her new appearance. For the shemale, it was as it she had gone to sleep a male and woken up in the morning magically in this new female body. She had all of her male memories and attitudes. She would be tranquilized while her new function in life was explained to her. Her training as a shemale sex slave began within the hour. She was fully trained in between 4 to 6 months and offered for sale to the highest bidder.

The project was a success and the facility soon had more than a dozen tanks in full operation; turning out shemales in less than a third of the time that the surgical method took. For the time being, the process was the sole property of the Facility and they quickly became the largest supplier of quality shemale slaves in the world.

Every male brought into the facility was 3d scanned in the nude and evaluated for their suitability for conversion to a shemale. The morphing software modified the image and displayed the required tank time. If the software did not produce a suitably pretty image within a 60 day conversion cycle the slave was rejected for the program. Those that were acceptable had their images evaluated by Master Tom and a committee of his trainers.

Most of the newly de-tanked shemales had a difficult time with their first few weeks of training. Their male minds rejected their new bodies and rebelled against having to act like the sexy young feminine sluts that they had become. Aside from the constant whippings with the crop and strap to correct them during training, most of the sluts earned themselves several sessions of serious punishment. These were the sessions that Master Tom enjoyed most and he made sure he administered at least 3 a week.

Tim and Bobi were destined to go into the tank and emerge as gorgeous shemale sex dolls. Bobi would be minimally trained and returned to her master Sir; he would complete her training at his estate. Tim, who would be known as Lucy, was to complete the full training regime before returning to Master Paul. Both masters had spent time answering questionnaires about the look and manner of their idea shemale. Using this as a guide, Dr Jennings and Anya began manipulating the modeling program using Bobi’s scans and DNA. The came up with 3 body designs, they would require between 37 and 42 days in the tank to complete. They sent the three image sets in an encrypted email to Sir. While they waited for a reply, they began to work on Tim’s data. Soon three images of her future self were on their way to Master Paul.

Mistress Anya entered the “girl’s” room with Miko in tow pushing an equipment cart. In addition two of the rubber nurses accompanied them. Today, Anya was wearing a black latex catsuit with gloves and high heeled boots. Her long blond hair was gathered into a single braid, tied off with a latex ribbon. “OK ladies, rise and shine. It’s a new day and we have a lot to do.” She ordered them to strip and hand over their nightwear. The nurses collected the clothes and placed them in a plastic bag on the bottom of the equipment cart. It was then that the lessons started.

The boys were always to sit on the toilet when they had to go. That way if their lover came into the bathroom he would be greeted by a smiling face and warm mouth. If they were presented with a dick, they would take it into their mouth and begin sucking. “A proper submissive lover swallows everything that comes out of their master’s cock.” Mistress Anya informed them, “Both of your master’s have expressed an interest in having you drink their piss on occasion so we will work on that in later lessons.” They were never to close the bathroom door either, as that would indicate that they were either rejecting their lovers or attempting to keep secrets from them; both actions were against the rules as they must always be available to provide pleasure to their lovers.

Next came the subject of body hair or more accurately the lack of it. As submissive lovers, they were expected to keep their bodies hairless below the neck and their faces smooth also. The sissies in training were directed to stand in the shower stall while the nurses donned white latex gloves to go along with their latex uniforms and retrieved jars of blue jell from the cart and several paint bushes. The nurses began with their feet and coated the boy’s bodies with the gel. “It will take several sessions but the gel will remove all of the hair on your bodies. A side effect of its hair removal feature is to kill off the roots so the hair will not grow back.” The rubber nurses discarded the larger brushes and used smaller ones to paint the gel over the boy’s beards. “You will be expected to perform this treatment daily until it is no longer necessary. Your bodies will be inspected for hair and cleanliness in your classes and you will be given demerits for any lapses. Punishments will be administered for demerits after dinner each night with escalation for repeat offenses.”

After they had waited an appropriate time, they were allowed to rinse the gel off. Tim was shocked to see all of the hair on his body swirling down the drain. Bobi, who was already shaving his pubes, chest, and legs, was delighted with his new look. They were handed fluffy towels and allowed to dry off. The nurses exchanged the gel for a large tube of another thick liquid. “This is a soothing ointment. It will soften your skin and ease any irritation you might feel from the gel. Again, you will be expected to use the cream after each time you bathe.”

Tim smelled a flowery feminine scent from the cream and blurted out; “Mistress Anya, everything you are having us do is kind of girly. Are you sure Paul knows and approves of his?”

“First of all, you have to ask permission to query any instructor here. You should start by saying Mistress Anya, may I ask a question? If I give permission, you may proceed but if I do not, you will stay quiet. This is a school rule. But this one time I will answer you, yes, Master Paul understands the training program you are enrolled in and approves so it is in your best interest to obey all instructions.” Tim was beginning to feel that he was in over his head.

Mistress Anya gave a sign that told the nurses and Miko that it was time to begin the second lesson. They removed 2 stool-like contraptions from the bottom of the cart and brought them into the shower stall and placed them on the floor The control cable and delivery hose were connected to receptacles in the wall. This lesson was on the mandatory morning cleaning enemas. While Miko and the nurses instructed the boys in the administration of their 3 retention enemas, Anya went down to Dr. Jennings office to see if there were any answers to the emails to the boy’s masters.

Anya walked into Dr. Jennings office. She just stood there and waited since the good doctor was busy; one of his latex nurses was on her knees enthusiastically deep throating his 9-inch cock. After a short time, he shot his load into her mouth. She cleaned her saliva and the last of his cum off his cock and balls before helping him pull up his pants. He swung his chair around to face his desk and noticed the mistress for the first time. The nurse remained kneeling on the floor in case the doctor needed her services again. “Why hello Anya, I was just going to message you. Good news! We have received messages from both of out new patient’s masters and they have approved their modifications.”

“That’s great news, Doctor. Which versions did they pick?” Anya smiled, this would speed up things considerably now that the negotiations on the sissy’s appearance was over. “Which ones did they choose?”

“Both Master Paul and Master Gregor went with our first recommendations. We just de-tanked T3 so I have two tanks available. I can transfer the programs and get them started today if you want.”

“That sounds good. The girls are getting their first enemas now and then they will shower and dress before they get breakfast. Send Miko a message to bring them down here after they eat.”

“Done, now while we are waiting my dear Anya, would you like to see out newest shemale wake up? We have her in Exam 2; Exam 1 is reserved for your 2 students.”

“I would love to but unfortunately, duty calls. Make sure you notify me when Lucy is de-tanked, she is going to require serious training and conditioning. Her master didn’t inform her of his plans for her so she will be an interesting student. I will see you then.




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