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Capture and Training Facility

by Sirbor

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© Copyright 2008 - Sirbor - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mf+; D/s; bond; latex; bdsm; urophagia; tg; kidnap; hum; slavery; nc; XX

Caution: Part One of this story involves urophagia the consumption of urine


My name is Tom but most of the people who come in contact with me call me Master. I run a unique facility here out in the country. I and my staff of sadists capture and train slaves for sale around the world. Some of the slaves we train are volunteers, they get in touch with me through several websites with chat rooms and if the conditions are right and I feel it’s safe we make the deal and they become slaves for life.

Others are enrolled by their masters or mistresses so that they can become better slaves. Most of these agreed to come here but some were just dropped off by their owners. We also kidnap and train specific targets for our clientele. A master may have a specific person in mind as a slave and we will follow that person until we find the right opportunity and gather them in. I also have pickup teams operating around the country, mostly in cities where strangers are not noticed, finding likely slaves and capturing them. They are transported to my facility by various methods and introduced to their new life. But whether they are volunteers or not they have no idea what they will be put through or what their lives will be like.

Part 1 - A12

I am sitting on a stool at the bar in the rec area sipping on a cold beer. The bar is open from the afternoon until late at night. Behind the bar are 2 trained slavegirls acting as bartenders. But just because they are trained doesn’t mean that they should be trusted. Each bar wench had a steel belt locked around her waist that was connected by chain to the end of the bar. They were brought in around noon dressed in their uniforms of 6 inch high heels with locking ankle straps, locked into their waist belts, and fed. They would be fed again after the bar closed and then sleep behind the bar. A pitcher was provided for them to use as a urinal and their daily enema eliminated the need for a toilet. In the morning, they would be collected and taken to perform their normal morning rituals.

At the center of the room, a team of slaves under the supervision of Bre, one of my trainers, were swabbing out the urinal. Last night’s girl, D23 had been unhooked and was being led out by two of the team. While one slave cleaned and shined the clear glass and plastic of the station, the other put the finishing touches on the centerpiece, slave A12. Soon enough they were done and Mistress Bre ushered them out of the bar to their next task.

I relaxed on the stool, taking occasional sips from my beer, enjoying the feeling of my filling bladder and looking over at the bar’s bizarre bathroom facilities. The slave girl knelt, bound to the short clear plastic pole. The straps on her ankles and knees kept her legs spread wide and her wrists and elbows were strapped tightly together behind the pole forcing her tits out. Around her neck was a clear plastic posture collar positioning her head so she could only look at the 2 clear glass urinals, one a low wide bowl and the other narrow and deep mounted on the raised dais before her. A flanged penis gag was in her mouth, the flange sealing her mouth to prevent leakage and from the gag a clear plastic tube traveled to a Y connector with tubes to each bowl. A clear catheter was inserted in her urethra and led to a drain in the floor. Wires with clips on the ends were connected to her nipples and clitoris and wired metal dildos were inserted in her vagina and rectum. A12 was open for business.

I could see tears forming in the slave girl’s eyes. It made my dick jump in my leather jock to see this reaction. She didn’t realize that this ordeal wasn’t a punishment but only part of her training. A12 wasn’t here voluntarily; she had been stalked and captured by one of my pick up teams. This whole world of bondage and slavery was totally foreign to her.

My bladder was letting me know that it was time to take a piss. I finished the last of my beer and walked over to the human urinal or huminal as we christened the apparatus. The lights in the room were dim and easy but the huminal was lit with several bright spotlights so all could see her humiliation. I stepped up to the wide low bowl and removed the cod piece from my jockstrap. Holding my cock in my right hand I decided to talk to my toilet trainee.

“A12 here is how your night is going to go. Whenever anyone in this bar needs to pee they will do it here. Your job is to swallow all the piss that flows down that pipe. I realize that you may not enjoy the experience but you will do it. If you look closely at each of the urinal bowls you will see a faint line. If our piss rises above that line the sensors in it will trigger encouragement for you. You will begin to feel electric shocks randomly administered to your tits, clit. cunt and asshole. It will start out uncomfortable and the longer you take to drink the level down the worse it will get. Each time you trigger an encouragement the initial shock will be at a higher power so I would advise you to not let the levels rise if I were you.”

I began pissing in the bowl and watched my golden urine flow down the tube towards her mouth. I didn’t see the level in the bowl go down after the piss reached her gag so I assumed that she was blocking the feeding hole in her gag with her tongue.

“Oh, we will be grading your work and enthusiasm tonight and you will be released when we feel you have learned your lesson. Do a good job and drink like a good slave and you will be released tomorrow, fail to do a good job and you will be here for a long time. You will be fed a liquid diet through your feeding tube so you can remain here as long as need be. I will warn you that your food looks and tastes like liquid shit so again, do a good job and swallow.”

Shaking my dick of the last drops, I replaced the cod piece. I hadn’t even gotten back to my stool before Linda, another of my staff, rushed up to the huminal, removed her cunt cover from her thong and used the other bowl. I had seen her fidgeting at the other end of the bar with Phillip. I figured that she was being polite and letting me be the first to use A12 even though she really needed to pee. Since the levels of urine were still not going down it looked like A12 was going to be a slow learner.

I had just gotten my second beer when Mistress Bre came back into the bar with tonight’s 4 serving girls. Well actually 3 serving girls and one serving shemale. The servers wore high heels and thigh high holdup stockings and of course their collars and tiny aprons. The shemale wore the same outfit with the addition of a clear plastic chastity tube that kept her dick under control. After entering the room, Bre used her remote control to arm the server’s collars. If they attempted to leave the bar before they were deactivated, they would be shocked unconscious as they passed through the door. They were here to provide refreshments and sex to the bar patrons for the night.

Slowly more staff members entered the bar after completing their duties or on an extended break from one training session or another. Several of them brought trainees along with them. By now several of the patrons in the bar had availed themselves with A12’s bowls and the level was dangerously close to the sensor line in the female bowl. Finally, Bre led the shemale server up to the urinal and helped position her over the female bowl. Her chastity tube was slotted and allowed liquid to escape but she had no control over the stream. Also the hormones and other chemicals we gave her had left her looking so much like a woman that the only thing on her that was male was her cock and balls. Aside from them she was totally fem in body and appearance. Bre had judged the level correctly and even before the shemale was finished the red indicator light came on under the bowl.

A12 began twitching and thrashing as much as her bonds would allow. I watched carefully and saw her throat constrict as she swallowed her first mouthful of piss. As she tasted the acrid urine her body reacted by trying to cough it back up. The gag contained a one-way valve so this was not possible so the liquid dribbled out of her nose. I wasn’t worried because Bre was there and would pinch off the tube and help her if she looked like she was in trouble. By now 10 seconds had passed and the control program raised the voltage. I could begin to see a sheen of pain sweat beginning to form on her body. Another increase in voltage and A12 was really feeling it now. She finally seemed to realize that the torment wasn’t going to stop until she drank down the level so we were treated to the view of her throat swallowing.

She managed to draw the level of piss down below the sensor line and looked hurt when the shocking continued. Bre looked her in the eye and informed her. “One thing Master Tom neglected to inform you of is that if the level of piss activates the sensor line the shocks will continue at their present level for 30 seconds after the line is clear. And even better, you get an additional 30 seconds for every increase in voltage. The blinking green light under the bowl flashed once for every interval you have to endure. The shocking will stop when the time runs out.”

Bre helped the shemale off of the bowl and sent her on her way and went over to A12. She used her finger to wipe at the liquid on A12’s upper lip.

“By the way, we’ll be adding some extra time to your session for this stunt. You were told to swallow, not spew your master’s precious pee around like it was worthless.”

By the time I finished my beer I could see that A12’s catheter was flowing almost constantly as her kidney’s quickly processed the urine she was ingesting. All was going well with her lesson and I had a punishment session to attend to so I slipped off of the stool and strolled out of the bar. I could feel my dick hardening in my jock as I contemplated the pain I was going to inflict on T3. It was going to be a long night for all of us.

Part 2 - B35

She had had a name and a life before they took it from her with her clothes when they kidnapped her that night. Now she had a letter and a number to identify herself. She was B35, a slave, and when she completed the training she would be delivered to her master.

She was sitting on her small bed in her cell. She was despondent and confused. Minutes before, Mistress Kari had left her cell after telling her why she was here. It was not by chance that those men had grabbed her off the street and thrown her into the van. Just as it was true that she had not volunteered to be here. No, it was because of her father’s business partner. Edward Longacres, or Uncle Ed, fancied her and he had the contacts in the slavery trade to do something about it and have her turned into his sex slave. The past months of pain and humiliation and what was to come were all due to the perverted desires of a man she thought of as family.

It was not by chance that Mistress Kari chose now to inform her of these facts. She and the other staff members of the training facility had determined that the time was ripe to beat down the last of her independence with this news. Once she had assimilated the information she would be in a much better frame of mind to complete her training and accept her new life. Ed Longacres was growing impatient and wanted his new slave delivered as soon as possible.

The lights in her room blinked, indicating that she should be ready for bed in 5 minutes. Sleep time in the facility was indicated by a dimming of the lights. She quickly got up and went over to the toilet to pee. It was against the rules to leave your bed after the lights dimmed and the punishment was quite severe. She quickly learned that it was better to pee in her bed if she had to go, she got punished for that too but 12 of the best with the cane was better than the hours of torture she would get for leaving her bed.

She removed her 6 inch high heels and lay down under the translucent latex sheet. Reaching under the latex covered pillow she removed the rubber dildo and began rubbing its head over her clit and pussy lips. She used the fingers of her other hand to tease her nipples and as her excitement grew, slowly slipped the 10 inch monster into the depths of her cunt. Masturbation was not only allowed here but was encouraged. A slave girl should always be hot and wet in case her master wanted to use her. Normally she would pump and tease herself to several orgasms but tonight she stopped after the first. She curled up under the sheet with the dildo still in her pussy and began to cry.

In the observation room two people were smiling as they watched B35’s image on the big monitor. The news of who had caused her to be here and what her purpose was finally broke down the last independence from her.

“You will be able to complete her training and deliver her to me in 2 weeks as agreed?”

Kari could hear the impatience in Master Ed’s voice. “Yes sir, the news of your involvement was the last and final shock we needed to make her into the slave you require. The pace we will have to proceed with may leave a few marks on her body upon delivery.”

“As long as she is trained and delivered on schedule a few welts and marks don’t matter. I’ll be adding some of my own soon enough.”

Hearing this statement and seeing the evil look of anticipation in his eyes made Kari shudder. This was not a man to fall under control of, especially if you wanted to leave with a whole skin. Ed Longacres was a long time frequent customer of the facility. His slaves tended not to live long and those that survived were damaged to the point where they were only useful as dock-side whores or stars in snuff films. Master Ed turned and left the room with his latest acquisition following meekly behind him. Kari continued to watch her charge on the monitor and then logged into the facilities’ network and left instructions for B35’s morning preparation. Then it was off to her quarters and the delightful ministrations of the advanced trainee she had ordered for tonight.

B35 woke up as soon as the lights suddenly brightened to full intensity. She quickly began her long morning routine. One corner of her cell contained a sink, shower, and toilet and it was there she went to begin her preparations. Sitting on the toilet, she peed and gave herself a series of enemas to clean herself out. She inspected her body from neck to toes for hair and was pleased to note that there was none. The last round of lotions and electrolysis seemed to have gotten them all. Next came the shower and then her teeth and hair at the sink.

Now it was time to find out what her day would be like; more sex training, punishment, bondage training, or service training. She walked over to the monitor on the wall and pressed the Assignment button. The screen quickly lit up with her assigned role for the day. B35 – Uniform #4 – Rubber Bondage Maid. It was followed by a list of the items that would compose her outfit.

One wall of her cell had a double wardrobe and 2 chests of drawers. She went over to them and quickly began gathering up the required items and laying them out on her bed. The punishments were very severe for not following all instructions and after the beating, or whipping or caning, they would just make the assignment worse and continue on. She rechecked the list and the inventory on the bed before pressing the Assignment button again to indicate that she was ready to get dressed. She began with the crotch less latex pantyhose, making sure that she smoothed them up her legs so that there were no wrinkles. She also made certain that the thin white line painted up the back was flawlessly straight. The shoes were high heeled and the thin stiletto heel was 6 inched tall with a locking strap around her ankle. The latex bra was more of a shelf, molding itself to the bottom of her breasts while leaving the tops and nipples exposed.

She walked around for a few seconds to get used to the extreme height of her shoes. She picked up the hood and went over to the vanity to apply her makeup. She had been taught to apply her makeup in a dramatic exotic style. Her Chinese heritage lent itself to the bold colors; blood red for the lips, deep red blusher, and black mascara and eye liner. She finished and gathered her hair in a ponytail and put the open faced hood over her head and drew the pony tail out through the tube at the back of her head. She rechecked her makeup and made small repairs where it had been smudged by the hood.

Back to the bed, she drew the elbow length latex gloves over her hands and arms. The long-sleeved latex leotard came next and she began drawing it up over her body. The black latex was back zipped and she used the hooked string to zip it up to her neck. The figure 8 piece of latex covering her pussy and ass was removable and she had no doubt that it would be removed early but for now it covered her nether charms. The front of the leotard had an oval shaped opening for her breasts to poke through. She looked in the mirror a saw a vision in skin-tight black latex with only her face and breasts showing.

The door to her cell unlocked and opened. Two females came in; the first was another slave dressed like B35 and the second was a Training Mistress named Sabrina. Mistress Sabrina was known to have a fetish for bondage and latex and had a strong sadistic streak. B35 recognized the slavegirl but could not recall her designation. It didn’t matter because both she and the other slave were forbidden to speak unless given specific permission.

“B7, put your stuff down on the bed and help B35 finish dressing and everything better be tight and secure if you want to avoid my cane after the lesson.” Sabrina barked her commands out.

B7 placed the box she was carrying on the bed and reached down to pick up the boned latex corset. She placed it around the other girl’s waist and fastened the front busks. Even through the latex leotard, B35 could feel that the edges of the corset were several inches apart in the back. The other slavegirl began at the top of the corset and worked her way down to the middle before switching to the bottom and working her way up. The gleaming tight rubber corset with its spring steal boning already felt tight and had B35 taking short breaths but she knew it was not over. It typically to at least 4 passes of tightening the laces to fit the corset so that it was fully closed. Again and again B7 worked her way down and up the laces until finally the corset was drawn to its required tightness and the laces tied off around her waist. B35 was feeling light headed, trying to get enough air using short shallow breaths that were all that the tight garment allowed.

Under the smiling gaze of their trainer, the slavegirls switched roles and soon there were 2 gleaming hour-glass shaped latex covered images in the mirror. B35 felt the moisture begin to flow from her covered pussy as she took in the sight of their ultra feminine shaped bodies as well as the image of their catsuited Training Mistress. B35 knew she was bisexual before her kidnapping, in the last couple of years she had discovered that she was more attracted to women than men. The sight before her and the pervasive smell of the latex were having their desired effect; her eyes began to glaze over and the warmth from her arousal began spreading outward from her crotch in waves. Her nipples hardened and the surrounding areolas crinkled with her growing excitement.

Sabrina stood with her hands on her hips and recognized the telltale signs of arousal on the Asian slavegirl. “Looks like things are getting a little hot and wet down below your waist huh B35.” She smiled as she saw proof that her training had worked and the slave was turned on by restrictive, tight latex; whether it was worn by her or another. “I see the sight of a couple of latex dolls gets the old pussy juice flowing. Now get you mind off her latex covered pussy and finish getting into your uniform, slut.”

Helping each other, B35 and B7 don latex petticoats, short latex maid dresses that left their breasts exposed, latex aprons and caps. Now came the bondage; Mistress Sabrina tightened a latex, boned posture collar/neck corset on each girl. Next came the steel bondage belt, collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. She locked a 9 inch chain between the ankle cuffs and a 6 inch chain between the wrist cuffs. This completed B7’s uniform but there were a couple of additional items for B35. Sabrina ordered her to spread ‘em and opened the latex cover over B35’s cunt. The first item was a 10 inch dildo that was inserted up her ass followed by a set of 2 inch diameter ben wa balls in her pussy.

Sabrina re-sealed the crotch cover and picked up the next item; a special serving tray. The inner side attached to the steel bondage belt and on the outer corners were short light-weight chains. She locked the chains to B35”s nipple rings. The tray was heavy and pulled on her nipples and stretched her B cup breasts out into a cone shape. Sabrina had her walk around the room to let the equipment settle in. The outfit was diabolical, the full covering of latex was hot and caused her to sweat. Every step she took with the high heels caused her hips to sway and the ben-wa balls and dildo shifted turning her on a little more. Her movement also caused the tray to bounce and tug on her stretched nipples. Her breathing was restricted by the corset and the chains on he ankles forced her to take short strides.

Mistress Sabrina removed B7’s cunt cover but left B35’s in place and clipped leashes to each of their collars and led them out of the cell and down to the bar in the rec room. A night of ferrying drinks and empty glasses back and forth to the bar while being teased by the objects in her pussy and ass in restrictive latex would condition her to her new life. Half-way to the bar she had her first orgasm as a latex bondage slave.



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