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The Blue Raincoat 4

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2011 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; F/m; rainwear; rubberwear; fem; cd; public; discovered; cons; X

continued from part two/three Part 4

Still with their bath towels around them Sally and Paul enjoyed a light breakfast of cereal and diced fruit along with a second cup of tea.

“What is your favourite colour Paul?” asked Sally, “It really depends on what the object is, I very much like red cars and bikes but more into pink and mauve pastels for furniture and interior decorations. I like bright greens and blues for ladies clothing but wear mostly browns and greys myself, so I expect you are now totally confused about my colour preferences. As long as it or they are stylish and smart most colours please me, I especially admire your blue raincoat for its colour, its shininess and style, I think it suits you and makes a bold statement.”

“Wow, that was a much more concise answer than I was expecting and it says something about you that you think about things that you consider important, I like that in a man. I am getting to enjoy being around you more and more and I expect I will learn other good stuff about you, do you like me Paul or is it just that I wear shiny rubberised raincoats and latex bed wear?”

“The first couple of days when you joined the company I wanted to get to know you, but to be truthful I thought you were a little aloof and not interested in me at all. On the Wednesday morning when you came to work in your blue raincoat tightly belted around your waist you looked just stunning and any man or woman would have admired the vision lovingly. I confess that at that moment my thoughts were purely sexual towards you and your raincoat, but now even after such a short time together I see that you are caring and considerate of other peoples feelings and I like that. When you asked me if I would like to wear some of your clothes you seemed you wanted to be sure I was comfortable with the idea. So yes I do like you for yourself Sally and yes I also like to see you dressed in latex and shiny satin. I hope you understand me and maybe we can become close friends.”

“A wonderful answer Paul and I think very truthful. OK we have enough philosophising for this morning and if you are still willing to try on some of my girly stuff we can have a good time together today, what do you think?”

“My answer to you is please can I wear your burgundy bra and panties set for starters?”

“Well actually no Paul as I have other plans for your attire, so if it is alright with you please let me dress you with what I have in mind.”

Sally disappeared into the bedroom and called out, “Are you joining me or do you normally get dressed in the kitchen?” Paul rushed to the bedroom to see Sally holding up a pair of jet black latex panties polished to a high sheen. She pulled off Pauls towel, and talced up his legs and bottom then helped him on with the panties easing them slowly up his powdered legs and up onto his bottom. She eased any folds away from the edges of the waist and leg openings and moved back to admire the view. A little of the powder had gotten onto the outside of the panties so she applied some silicone spray and polished them up back to the glossy shine. Next came a matching bra in latex with built in padding and Sally fastened it around Pauls chest. Sally stood back a little way and admired Paul’s round bottom cheeks and thought how feminine they looked clothed in the black latex. His breasts didn’t look quite so convincing but then she could see his face at the same time and that defiantly took away the feminine look, however she was going to sort that out in a short while.

“OK so far Paul?” enquired Sally “I am in heaven here Sally, I truthfully just cannot believe I am here being dressed up in latex underwear by a lovely lady it’s all my dreams come true.” “Wait ‘till you see what come next then you can really be amazed.”

Next came another black latex item, a suspender belt and Sally fixed it around Paul’s hips and softly stroking his erect penis at the same time. Paul reached for Sally’s breast but she pulled away and said “We don’t want to start anything now and have to do this all over again, I promise I will behave as well, so stand up straight whilst I roll up these nylon stockings. The sheer nylon stockings pale grey in colour were eased up Paul’s legs and attached to the suspender straps. Sally smoothed out the wrinkles and straightened out the seams.

“Perfect, just perfect. Next we have a little petticoat in the finest latex so we will have to be extra careful not to snag it, so if you allow me to slide it over your feet and up your legs nice and gentle, there we go, a picture of loveliness.” The petticoat was medium length with delicate frill work around the hem, the waist band was in a slightly heaver grade latex to provide some support. Paul spun around to show off his stockings and petticoat and hugged Sally tightly caressing her bottom.

Paul’s mind was swimming at the attention Sally was giving him and he could see she was enjoying this just as much as he was. After each garment went on she gave him a soft warm kiss on the lips and a squeeze of his bottom.

Sally who was still in her bath towel said “I am getting a little cold here so do you mind if I slip something on whilst we finish getting you dressed?” “Not at all Sally as long as it is your lovely blue raincoat, will you put it on for me, I do so like you in it and it will keep you nice and warm with the lovely rubber next to your skin.”

Sally was pleased to be able to slide her raincoat back on and buttoned it up all the way to the neck then tightly fastened the belt around her waist finally pulling the hood over her head. “Is this how you like me Paul, all snugly in my rubber prison?”

“I think you are just fantastic Sally, and in your raincoat, a vision in my eyes to behold. I could just hug you to death for ever and ever.”

“OK, so I sense you are pleased now let us get on with dressing you up. Before we fit you with one of my favourite dresses we need to do something with your head and by that I mean some make up work and a wig.”

Sally asked him to have a close shave in her bathroom including his arms and then return to the kitchen. With that done Sally sat Paul down and set to work converting his face from boy to girl starting with foundation and blusher. Eyebrows plucked and highlighted followed by lip gloss. The wig she chose was a high quality auburn affair, mid length with the ends just curling under. It fitted very well and with the make up totally changed Paul into Paula. The latex dress Sally had chosen was smoky silver, it had three quarter sleeves with small frills cuffs to match the high neck line and hem. The dress was fitted well into Paula’s waist and highlighted his pert bottom. The bust was just right for the bra he was wearing as you could only just see the outline of the bra through the dress and it gave an extra pleasing sexy look The dress came down to mid calf and complemented the stockings well. Fortunately Paul’s leg hairs were quite blond and fine so they didn’t show through the stockings.

Shoes were next and Sally was most worried about them as she was not sure of Paula’s size but had guessed around a UK8 and it proved to be very close, just a little tight around the toes but then all women put up with tight shoes in the name of fashion so why shouldn’t he. The heals were only two and a half inches high as she didn’t want him falling over all the time and as she planed to be out and about in the shopping centre for quite a while he had to survive the ordeal in one piece, and to be truthful she felt a little sorry for him as well.

With the shoes on his posture changed remarkably, he had to stand very upright to maintain his balance and this made his bottom protrude further to the delight of Sally. She had him walk around the room for several minutes and was pleased to see he was getting the hang of it, even swishing his hair in a girly fashion and smirking as if it was entirely natural for him to be doing this. Sally then realised his finger nails needed painting, they weren’t very long but for now they would have to do. She chose a colour as close as possible to the lip gloss and carefully applied a smooth coating to Paula’s nails and asked him to be careful until they were dry.

“Paula if you keep practicing walking around the apartment I will get my self dressed and then we can hit the shops; I hope your credit card is fully stocked with lovely pounds.” Paula just smiled and kept cruising around the room feeling quite comfortable in the high heals, he swished the dress about and fondled his new breasts frequently through the two layers of latex. He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and saw a picture of gleaming latex, nylon stockings and longish brown hair complimenting the red lips and blue eye liner. He hardly recognised himself in the mirror and wished he could always look and feel this way; he just wanted to be with Sally for ever, loving her for her fetish lifestyle and passion for latex. He already knew he could love her just for herself but the latex thing was the icing on the cake.

Sally commenced her dressing after making her face up and ‘doing’ her hair. A pair of red satin panties slid over her hips followed by a matching bra, then a latex slip, garter belt and silk stockings. She chose a burgundy mid sleeveless length dress also in latex toped off with a simple bolero around the shoulders in matching burgundy latex. She wore 4” heals in black with a handbag of patent leather complimenting them. She picked out a handbag for Paula as well as a few girly item to include in it such as lip gloss, face powder and stuff.

Sally returned to the lounge room and Paula who was by now getting really good at walking just like a woman in his heels. “It looks like it might just get a bit rainy later so I think we had better take our raincoats with us, you OK with that Paula?” Paula was finding Sally calling him Paula instead of Paul quite erotic and gave his appearance some authenticity dressed as he was. ‘Sure I would love for us to wear our, sorry, your raincoats once again, you well know how I enjoy being covered in the rubber lining and now that I am a girl, or at least a bit girly, it doesn’t look quite so out of place anymore.” “I would like to show off my new feminine side when we reach the shops so I guess we can take our coats off then if that’s alright with you.”

“I would love nothing else but show you off after all the work and expense I have gone to so as to get you looking like you do, so on with our beautiful blue raincoats and off we go.” “You can drive Paula, but I suggest you slip off your heels as we don’t want an accident with tangled feet and shoes at the wrong moment”

They drove off together down the main road of Bowness to the shopping mall about a mile away and parked the car by the gardens facing the entrance and in full view of passerby’s. The emerged from the car resplendent in their raincoats and with interlocked arms strolled into the mall to the quizzical looks of many of the punters. The two of them just ambled around as if every day two identically dressed girls in raincoats were to be found there, and they were both enjoying the attention they were receiving.

Soon it became a little too warm in their coats so they disrobed and showed the world their rubber dresses and the world looked and looked again, aghast. The men especially stared and the ones with wives or partners were jerked away and chastised for staring. The girls were loving it, parading up and down until a handbag shop beckoned and Sally explained to Paula the benefits of the different styles of bags but emphasized the importance of it just being fashionable regardless of practicality. Paula was learning fast about the ways of women and enjoying each minute that passed. With their raincoats over their arms they headed for the coffee shop to give their feet, especially Paula’s, a rest.

The ordered cappuccinos on skim milk and some shortbread to nibble on, the waitress when serving the coffees admired their dresses and asked if they were really rubber. “100 percent latex my dear,” replied Sally, have a feel if you like of my friend Paula’s dress she just adores wearing it don’t you Paula?” Paula moved closer to the waitress and presented his arm so she could feel the latex, “Wow it’s so cool and slippery it must be very nice to have that feeling all over, can you buy these locally?” “No, unfortunately the closest shop is in Lancaster, but of course you can use the internet but I don’t really recommend that as it is best to be able to try them on to see how they fit”

The waitress whispered to Sally “I have my break in five minutes would it be too bold of me to ask if I may join you for awhile to talk about this latex as I really like them, they look so sexy and cool.” “Be our guest, my name is Sally and you know Paula’s name already” “Thanks so much, I am Amanda, I’ll be back shortly.”

Up to now Paula had said nothing to the waitress knowing that as soon as he did his masquerade would be up. “What do I do Sally? She will know I am not girl as soon as I open my mouth, she may have even sussed me already” “Have no fear Paula if I have picked her right she will just be more intrigued and not be concerned at all, what’s the worst that can happen, she just walks away, then so do we.”

Amanda, a young lady of 23 with black hair and a warm smile was certainly intrigued with the two ‘girls’ sipping their coffees at the table near the window. She was working at the café just temporarily until a new job commenced at the town hall as a personal assistant to the senior engineer. She loved life to the full and was not afraid to try new ideas and things about her life, and this latex the girls were wearing interested her greatly.

With the five minutes having passed Amanda approached the table and asked Sally if it was alright if she sat down with them. “Of course Amanda be our guest, I should explain the Paula is not quite what she appears to be.” “ I know what you are going to tell me Sally, he may fool most women from a distance and certainly all men but close up I am afraid Paula is still a boy, however that really is exciting for me as I haven’t been this close to a cross dresser before and I think I like it.” “How did you know,” exclaimed Paula, “I hadn’t spoken but you found me out so soon?” “Paula, a women would just know, lots of things give you away – how you are sitting for example and the unfortunately your big ears with no earrings – big mistake.” Paula looked at Sally quizzically and Sally said,”Sorry Paula, I forgot about some earrings.”

“So now we have sorted that out you must tell me all about yourselves and this lovely latex” as she fingered Paula’s dress and smoothed her hand down his thigh.

Sally explained to her how they both loved the feel and aroma of the latex and how sexy a person looked dressed in the shiny material. She also told Amanda how she enjoyed dressing Paula up and showing him off in public and that he liked the attention,” Don’t you dear?” Paula now the centre of attention was loving it and looking into Amanda eyes said,” Please don’t think I am gay or anything I just like wearing Sally’s clothes, I truly haven’t done this before, the only thing strange about me is that I like wearing raincoats and seeing ladies also wearing raincoats especially when they are shiny and a real bonus is if they are rubber lined like these ones are,” and he showed Amanda the lining of his raincoat. “Wow Sally, this feels so smooth and erotic may I please try it on?” “Sure be our guest,” and sally helped to fit her raincoat onto Amanda fastening all the buttons up to her neck and tightly knotting the belt around her waist then pulling the hood over her head. “This I could get used to very quickly it feels lovely and the smell of the lining is so sweet, I can quite understand why you both like it so much.”

‘What time do you finish work Amanda?” asked Sally, “I am only on until two today just to finish the lunches, do you have something in mind?” replied Amanda. “Yes, only if you wish, but you could come home with us to try on a few more things and then maybe we could all go out for dinner.” “Lovely, I can’t wait, but I had better get back to work now before the boss sees me”

Sally helped Amanda off with her raincoat and said they would return at two to collect her. Sally and Paula then departed the café and strolled around the shopping centre to continuing stares from all and sundry and they were lapping it up. Lunchtime came around they selected a Japanese tofu restaurant for a light meal and a beer. Paula was still enjoying himself dressed as he was in the lovely latex and constantly admiring Sally in her sexy dress, the two of them maintaining the curious looks of all around them. He/she was wondering what Sally had in mind when Amanda joined them but it could only be good as far as he was concerned. What he couldn’t know was just what Sally had in mind for him later that evening.

Two o’clock came around and Sally and Paula met Amanda as arranged with Amanda asking if it was still OK for her to come and try on some more latex and Sally reassured her that they were both looking forward to it. Back at Sally’s home she made them all a cup of coffee and asked Amanda if she would like to try on dresses or underwear. “You have rubber underwear as well?” exclaimed Amanda, “Let me at it at once.”

With that the two girls disappeared into Sally’s bedroom whereupon Sally undressed Amanda and introduced her to the world of latex. Starting with a matching set of turquoise panties and bra followed with a black nightie. She looked stunning in latex and Sally glided her hands over Amanda’s body and asked how she felt. “My only sorrow is that I didn’t know about this years ago, I feel so wonderful and sexy, the latex is cool and clingy and lovely and gorgeous and everything and I just love it. Can we let Paula see me, I need to know his reaction?”

“Not just yet Amanda as I need to be sure she knows who is in control here, I know she is longing to see what we are doing in here but she will have to wait until we are ready to allow it. I am commencing her training to be a very submissive feminine pet for me and if you like you may help, we can have lots of fun with him if all goes well.”

to be continued in part 5



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