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The Blue Raincoat 2

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2011 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; F/m; rainwear; rubber; public; lingerie; fem; cd; silk; sex; climax; cons; X

continued from part one Part 2

The first part of this story was originally intended to be just that, i.e. a complete story, leaving the rest to the imagination of the readers. However, after several favourable comments on my email I continued the story.

Paul couldn’t help thinking that all his dreams had come true, his love of rubber and rainwear were being played out with this wonderful girl, Sally. Both of them, arm in arm, dressed in identical shiny blue satin and rubber raincoats strolling down the street in pouring rain. The sound of their macs swishing together complimented the feeling of the rubber lining moving against their skin, the hoods pulled well over their faces and the slight constriction of the tight belts around their waists and wrists. The rain cascading down their coats reflected the light from streetlamps and car headlights.

Paul had never been out in public in this sort of raincoat before, except for the excursion to the sandwich shop a few weeks earlier, and he was enjoying the thoughts of other people looking at them both and wondering how they had the nerve to do it. But what other people thought didn’t faze Paul at all, and in any case with the hood pulled so far over his head it was doubtful that he would be recognized anyway.

Sally still had her hand caressing Paul’s bottom and he was loving it, so he moved his hand to Sally’s smooth bottom and stroked it too. Sally then stopped, turned to face Paul and brought his head towards hers and kissed him full on the lips and lingered for quite a while with her hand pulling him into her. The two hoods had come together to form one and cut out all the light as they continued to kiss as the rain poured down over them. Paul took in the aroma of Sally’s perfume and makeup along with the sent from the rubber lining of her raincoat hood, her lips were sweet and tender and her skin very smooth.

Eventually they broke apart and continued their way to the cinema hand in hand. Tickets were purchased and ice creams obtained and they found their way to their seats, luckily enough to get the last two on the back row. The arm rest between them was able to be folded up and out of the way so Sally and Paul could snuggle up close and cosy. They both left their raincoats on to start with whilst the previews for future movies were being shown, but then it started to get a little too warm so they removed the coats and folded them with the rubber lining on the outside and placed them over their laps so they could still enjoy the feeling of the lining.

Sally moved her hand over to Paul’s raincoat to caress it on his lap and she could feel the stirrings of Paul’s manhood beneath it. Paul placed his arm around Sally and kissed her tenderly ever so softly brushing his lips upon hers. He held her head gently and slowly moved his hand over the raincoat as Sally pressed her hand firmer on his groin.

The movie commenced so they both sat back to watch whilst still holding hands over the rubber lining of their raincoats. The movie was very exciting with lots of special effects with a good story line and it took their attention away from each other somewhat. Avatar is a long movie there is an intermission around the middle for patrons to go for a toilet break or drinks from the kiosk. Sally excused herself to go to the loo and took her raincoat with her. Paul stayed in his seat and awaited her return.

Several minutes later Sally returned wearing her raincoat and holding a bundle of clothes, eased passed Paul and sat down. Paul looking puzzled at the clothes realizing they were the clothes she was wearing just a few minutes ago and Sally smiled to him and whispered, “I took off ALL my clothes so it is just me and my raincoat, and it feels so cool and erotic, no one knows except you and me”. Paul responded, “Wait here, I will be right back”, and with that went to the toilets along with his raincoat to return moments later dressed in the raincoat and carrying a bundle of clothes !!!!!!

Sally and Paul’s concentration on the second half of the movie was somewhat difficult each knowing that the other was totally naked under the respective rubberized raincoats. Paul especially, was having great difficulty accepting how things had moved along since the morning when he had asked Sally for a date to the movie. Here he was bare skinned in a wonderful girl’s shiny satin and rubber raincoat cuddling up to his dream girl similarly dressed, or actually UNDRESSED, apart from her raincoat. Paul eased Sally’s hood over her head as she did the same for him and they rested their heads together and watched the rest of the movie.

With the movie finished and the patrons all out of the cinema, Sally suggested they go for a coffee at the new café up the high street, “I’m game if you are” Paul said as he eased his arm behind her waist and pulled her closer to him. The rain had stopped now but of course Sally and Paul continued to enjoy wearing their raincoats as they were both still naked underneath. Once in the café they ordered cappuccinos and a cake each and couldn’t help noticing the stares they were getting from the staff and other patrons due to them being identically dressed in tightly belted shiny blue raincoats. Paul was still having trouble believing this was really happening and that he was not in a wonderful dream.

Paul plucked up courage and asked Sally about her feelings regarding the raincoats, he obviously knew she liked them otherwise she wouldn’t have one. “Sally, you know well that I like wearing your raincoat but why do you seem to love it when I assumed not many girls would go in for fetish things?”

“It is a long story Paul, well not really long, but my love for rubber started when I was a young school child and my brother and I had rubber lined raincoats for school and outings. The feeling of the lining on my arms and legs gave me a sort of warm comforting confidence of being protected from the rain. Dave my younger brother hated the coats and took it of as soon as he could out of sight of our mother, but I loved mine. One weekend our family went on a camping trip, I was about 14 I think, and as our tent leaked a bit my mum suggested I put my raincoat on over my nightie in case it rained during the night. I snuggled up with the raincoat tight around me and when I thought Dave was sound asleep I slowly eased off my nightie from under the raincoat and enjoyed the feeling of the rubber lining all over me, it was lovely and I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. I now have a few other things I like to wear in private and go to bed in but for now that will do for my confessions.”

“I am pleased for you Sally that you are able to share your story with me, I know how it is having a passion for something that you cannot show the world and have to enjoy in private, I will tell you my tale later if you like, but let us enjoy our coffees before they cool too much.”

With their coffees finished they strolled arm in arm back to Sally’s home where they embraced passionately in the lounge room, “I think we should continue this upstairs Paul if you would like” Sally suggested, so together, still in their raincoats, moved into Sally’s bedroom and onto bed. Sally pulled Paul’s hood over his head along with hers and kissed him strongly on the lips whilst fondling his bottom through the raincoat. Paul caressed Sally back and neck and whispered, “This is the best day of my life”.

Part 3

Paul and Sally cuddled whilst still in their raincoats enjoying the feeling and aroma of the smooth blue rubber lining. Their hands were all over each other, Sally caressing Paul’s bottom and back with Paul gently massaging her breasts with one hand and her neck with the other. Sally whispered “This is so lovely Paul, I have dreamt of doing this with someone who would love it too, I mean not just the rubber coat but together with me as we are now”.

Paul brushed his lips against hers ever so softly and stroked her neck behind her ear and replied “In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined laying here with a wonderful young lady in just a raincoat and with myself also wrapped in a rubber lined girls coat, this really is heaven for me”

Sally started to unbutton Paul’s raincoat from the top working down and as she reached the lower buttons her hand caressed his tummy and with delicate fingers moved lower to feel his very hot and erect penis. She gently fondled Paul’s balls and penis as he undid her buttons all the way down and his hand found her naked breast and nipple and slowly caressed her. Paul’s hand edged lower to find Sally’s vagina lips and with great care rolled the lips between his fingers ever so slowly. He could feel moisture around them as she murmured a purr and tightened her fingers around his penis. Paul continued just caressing her outer lips for several minutes longer before easing his finger into her opening just enough to find her clitoris and ever so softly rotated his finger top over her bud until Sally moved his hand away and manoeuvred his penis to her vagina.

Paul slowly eased his penis into her a little at a time, he knew not to just bang straight in, but gently and slowly to begin with was the way women mostly enjoyed lovemaking. Sally gripped Paul’s bottom through the lovely raincoat pulling him deeper into her and thrusting herself to him. Paul picked up the pace as another wave of the rubber aroma mixed with the sent of Sally sent his brain into to overdrive just as Sally cried out “I’m coming right now”. Paul increased his thrusting as he exploded into climax seconds after Sally orgasmed. All of their hands were gripping each other hard through the coats until the orgasms subsided and Paul rolled off Sally and with them both breathing heavily Sally whispered, “That was the best sex I have ever had, thank you so much Paul you were wonderful” “For me too Sally it was just the best ever”

Sally and Paul silently lay resting together still in their raincoats just gazing at the ceiling enjoying the memory of their first lovemaking and wondering if this could continue for ever. Paul was just ecstatic that he found a woman to share his love of rubberised raincoats but Sally was thinking about the next level that she wanted to move to.

“Paul, we both know you enjoy wearing my raincoat and you didn’t mind being seen outdoors in a ladies coat, so do I read you correctly in thinking other ladies garments wouldn’t be out of the question?”

“I am now embarrassed Sally” responded Paul, “But yes, I have had a longing to wear ladies clothes especially frilly underwear made of shiny satin or even better in latex. But I would think that you will find that weird and kinky and not like me”

“Anything but Paul, I think you would look just fabulous in some of my sexy underwear, so let us find out”

Sally went to her dresser and pulled out a skimpy nightie made of very shiny satin in burgundy with shoelace shoulder straps, “My Aunt Jane bought this for my birthday a couple of months ago, I just love it so much and have worn it to bed many times, but I bet it would look really great on you, so come here”

Paul climbed off the bed and reluctantly removed his now very warm rubber lined raincoat and raised his arms so that Sally could slide the nightie over his head and down onto his body. This triggered movement in his penis and as it grew it made the nightie protrude out front. “That will never do Paul, I think we will have to control it a bit”, and with that took from the dresser a pair of  matching burgundy panties and said ”You OK with this Paul?” Paul just nodded with a grin that would shame a Cheshire cat. “So come over here whilst I fit these onto you” and she slid them over his legs and rampant dick and up to his hips. “Well they do hold you in a bit but you are still poking a little so maybe later on I will add an extra piece of stronger satin at the groin. However we do need to add a couple of bumps a little higher up to get the right effect”.

Back at the dresser Sally pulled out a matching satin burgundy bra and to Paul’s amazement she lifted up his nightie and fastened the bra around him. There was padding in each of the cups, not too big, around a ‘B’ size but with his slim waist it gave him a very girly look. Sally had previously added an extra piece of satin to the back strap as she knew it would have been too small. All these preparations had been taken place ever since she watched Paul cross the road in her raincoat a few weeks before and she knew that she had him there and then.

Paul just stood there dumfounded dressed as he was in Sally’s panties, bra and nightie and wondering what would be next, but he didn’t have to wait long as Sally removed her raincoat and moved back to the dresser and put on a bright red latex nightgown all polished up to a brilliant shine. The nightgown was very long reaching down to just above her ankles. It had long sleeves with frills at the ends to match the hem frill. The neck and shoulders also had the same frill work to make the whole gown a work of art.

“I am going to wake up soon, I cannot believe this is really happening to me, you look so wonderful and exciting and extremely sexy and just unbelievable” Paul exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her full on the lips. He caressed the latex over her breasts and around her bottom; he then picked her up and placed her on the bed. He climbed next to her and they cuddled each other for several minutes before Sally reached under Paul’s nightie and pulled down his panties, pulled up her own nightgown, took hold of his dick and placed it into her awaiting vagina. Sally made all the actions as Paul just lay there on his back taking in the aroma of her latex nightgown. They both climaxed quite quickly with the extra stimulations of their garments.

“Would you like to try on my latex nightgown Paul?” Sally asked.

“Only if you put on this nightie for me, I bet you look just lovely in it, your Aunt Jane has very good taste. Did she also pick out this nightgown?”

“Aunt Jane is very modern in her thinking and has high standards of appearance but I think latex bed wear is a little beyond her, but sexy shiny satin is just fine”.

Sally disrobed and helped Paul off with his nightie and helped him on with the red nightgown, smoothing it down as it cascaded down his body. “Simply stunning I think Paul it suits you to a T”. Sally put on the burgundy nightie and then they laid the two raincoats on the bed and buttoned them together to form a sort of double raincoat. They climbed in from the bottom until their heads appeared at the top and into the hoods. Sally rolled themselves over so as to trap the rubberised satin tightly around them both so as they were locked together in a frenzy of arms, legs and breasts, both real and fake.

It wasn’t long before they snoozed off for a few hours in their rubber and satin heaven. Sally awoke first very hot and in a lather of sweat, as she moved in an attempt to disengage her self from Paul he woke up too, and exclaimed “Bloody hell it’s hot, how are you feeling?”

“Sweaty and sticky, I think we need to untangle ourselves and get into the shower”. They managed to free themselves from the raincoats and shivered a little as the cool air reached their naked bodies, “I’ll run the shower Paul and we can both fit in together with a bit of a squeeze”.

Sally and Paul soon warmed up with the hot water running over their bodies, Sally poured some hair shampoo over Paul and herself and they washed each other down with just their hands paying special attention to the good bits. Sally could read Paul's mind at this point and said, “I know sex in the shower sounds very sexy but believe me it’s not what it’s cracked up to be, bloody uncomfortable in fact, so I suggest we get cleaned up have some breakfast and think about what we can get up to today”.

“May I make a suggestion Sally? We get dressed and go out for breakfast, and as it is raining again we might just have to put on our lovely raincoats, what do you think?”

“That certainly sounds like a plan Paul, but I would very much like to dress you up a bit and show you off as we are going out, I think the Mall in town will be nice and busy on a Saturday morning.” This statement had Paul wondering what Sally had in mind regarding her dressing him up, but whatever it was he was up for it.

With towels around them Sally put the kettle on for a cup of tea as Paul collected up the raincoats and sponged them down to remove the sweet residue and hung them up on hangers to allow the creases to drop out. The tea tasted really good and they were both ready for it as Sally asked Paul how he became a rubber and raincoat fetish.

“Well I don’t know exactly when my interest started I think it just grew over time, for as long as I can remember I liked the look of girls in shiny clothes like the satin material of your raincoats. Fortunately it was quite popular in the nineties when I was a young lad, and I would just enjoy the sexy look of the girls in tight shiny skirts and things. I also liked to see them in black PVC raincoats and I guess that is where my fascination of raincoats came from. I had a girl friend a few years ago who had such a mac and I always looked forward to her wearing it, I think I would have liked to try it on to but I didn’t think she would like that, me trying on her coat I mean. Maybe I should have asked her but we will never know, but anyway, wearing yours was just brilliant, thank you again Sally”.

“Between girlfriends I spent a fair bit of time on the internet looking for pictures of girls in shiny clothes and liked the look of latex, but not too keen on the cat suits or bondage which seems to be closely associated with latex. I just like dresses with frills and things, maybe stockings and underwear as well. I love your nightgown and the satin nightie and panties as well. I enjoyed wearing your things but don’t get me wrong I am strictly AC not even Bi.”

“Thankyou Paul for being so frank with me” Sally replied, “I think I can understand your enjoyment of wearing feminine stuff  as there is so much more variety in both styles and materials, whereas most of your boy things are cotton, slacks and shirts, very boring.”

With the teas finished Sally asked Paul if he would go along with her dressing him up but she wouldn’t mind if he baulked a bit, just let her know if she went too far.

Paul said “Go for it Sally, I am sure it will be fine and exciting for me and you too I suppose.”

To be continued in Part 4



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