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Birthday Girl

by Brad Lee

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© Copyright 2014 - Brad Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; FF; latex; catsuit; gasmask; bond; costumes; tease; les; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Continued from Eager to Learn

We have shopped several times for our fetish clothing and accessories online before but had never actually been to one of the two shops we use in person, so we decided to take the day off work, a Monday, and give it a go. It was such an amazing experience to see all the things they had in the shop actually there and not on the page of an internet site. The two ladies who were working there were lovely they were very friendly and chatty and once they had said if we needed help just to ask, they blended into the background.

We took our time looking at all the latex and pvc clothing, dildo’s and plugs, the surprisingly vast array of bondage equipment too, it was all a huge turn on for us we couldn't wait to get home. In fact we didn’t, we had to pull the car into a quiet wooded area and, well I digress, that’s another story !!

We saw in the shop what we had really gone there for and so we approached one of the ladies and told her what we had decided to buy. My wife's purchase was a black latex spanking skirt, a lovely garment with 3 buckles at the back, one on the waistband, one on the hem and one just a little way up from that with a lovely opening for her butt. Mine was an olive green latex catsuit with a zip opening from the nape of the neck down the back to the waist, a zip opening at the crotch, no feet and finished off in black piping around two pocket details on the chest.

To our disappointment the lady informed us that they did not have one in stock and if we still wanted it she would have to order it in from their main warehouse but it would only take about a week. We had our heart set on this one so we said yes. We also bought a black rubber gas mask for me, a rather sinister but nice looking thing, some lube and at the last minute my wife put a long length of white rope on the counter and winked at the lady who in return smiled a very knowing smile.

True to their word exactly one week later a parcel arrived addressed to me. I was so excited when I got home from work opening it. It was obviously dull and powdered but I knew that would soon change.

Nikki, my wife, hung it up in the spare bedroom against the wardrobe and said she would see to it. what ?

“Can’t I try it on now” I said.

“You will just have to be a patient boy though won’t you” she exclaimed !

Although she has quite a range of latex wear I have never tried any on. I love the look, feel, smell, everything about latex and was so looking forward to trying it on.

“Friday” she said, “It's my birthday, then you can try it on”.

She meticulously polished it every day and I would look into the bedroom often, longing to feel it on me.

Friday came and it seemed a never ending day at work, I would look at my watch every ten minutes aching that two o’clock would arrive so I could finish and get home. At last it did and I rushed home so expectantly. When I got there Nikki laughed and told me to calm down, I was like a panting dog she said. We showered and dried together, she put on her bathrobe whilst I remained naked. We went into the spare room and there was my catsuit hanging up and so highly polished.

Firstly, Nikki rubbed a thin coat of lube all over my body so it would be easier to slip it on, but it took about ten minutes! Once it was on and zipped up she was so particular in pulling out creases and wrinkles before she said, “there” and planted a long sensuous kiss on my lips, I could tell she was turned on.

She eased me on to the bed and laid me down in the centre of it. It is an old oak bed with a very sturdy head and base. From a box under the bed she removed my gas mask and laid it down next to my head, then she removed the rope which she had already cut into four equal lengths. She expertly tied the rope to my wrists and ankles before attaching them to the four corners of the bed, quite tightly too. She then said she was going to get dressed and would be back in a few minutes.

As she came back into the room I was puzzled, and frowned. She was wearing a T shirt, blue skinny jeans and her white converse boots. “What?” She said at my look. “I told you I was going out for a few drinks with the girls tonight, it’s my birthday and I won’t be long. You will just have to stay there like a good little boy and wait!! ”

With that she slid the gas mask on me and off she went. I thought at first she was just messing about and she would come back in a few minutes. But no. At first I was a bit cross, but as time went on and I tried to wriggle about I found I couldn’t, I was well and truly tied up. My mask was restrictive but I soon learned how to breathe properly in it. This all added up to me being very aroused. We live near a church, so I could tell by the bells what time it was. I heard it ring seven times and realised I had been trussed up like this for four hours.

A short time after this I heard our front door opening and closing, Nikki shouted up, “It’s only me”.

At last, I thought. But I heard giggling. The bedroom door opened and there stood my wife but with her best friend Debs. “Oh my god Nikki, when you said he was at home being a good little slave boy, I thought you meant he was doing the housework!!”

Nikki laughed and said, “Well, do you like what you see though”

Debs nodded and said, “Do you hire him out”?

Nikki said that she was going to get changed and they left the bedroom. I heard them whispering and giggling. I thought Debs had gone home but what a shock I saw ten minutes later as both girls entered the bedroom once again. Nikki had put on a latex top with buckles fastening it from a high neck down to the waist, her new black latex spanking skirt and a pair of very high heeled black ankle boots. Debs on the other hand had put Nikki’s latex schoolgirl uniform on with a flowing skater skirt and knee length latex socks with matching frilly knickers and boater hat, she also had a pair of her high heeled and platformed white shoes.

I was steaming up in my mask and it was very obvious at how aroused I was. The crotch in my catsuit was being stretched to the limits. I was though quite confused as to what may happen next but that didn’t last too long. As the girls moved across the room towards me they stood only a couple of feet from me I so wanted to reach out and touch Nikki but couldn’t as my ropes wouldn’t allow the movement.

To my utter surprise Debs said, “Happy birthday Nikki” and moved towards her, there was an anxious few seconds but as Nikki looked at me for obvious approval Debs started to kiss her mouth, Nikki’s lips opened to meet hers and they soon were kissing each other with hungry lust. I saw my wife's hand reach under Debs flowing latex skirt and soon she was moaning and writhing her hips. Deb’s hand slowly moved towards Nikki’s butt and started to stroke her cheeks, I know how she likes this and she too was soon moaning with pleasure, she opened her legs wider, still with them kissing I could tell that Deb’s fingers had met their target and she was fingering my wife.

It wasn’t ‘till later I found out it had been her arsehole! I thought that I would involuntarily cum in my catsuit, I had only ever witnessed this before in a porn film but now it was for real. I knew Nikki had never done this sort of thing before, or so I thought. Once they had pleasured themselves enough I was released from my bondage and all three of us had a very long but fun night. I was rewarded for being a good boy several times! The best bit though was putting Debs on all fours and lifting her skirt, I fucked her in her pussy and then her arse whilst she licked my naughty wife’s pussy...

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