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A Star is Born 2

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFFF/m; latex; bond; fem; hum; reluct; X

Note: After I wrote A Star Is Born I received several emails from readers wanting Brian to get his just desserts after what he had inflicted on Sue. So here is a (very short) vignette of revenge.


He really should have known that the women, once they had got to know the full story of Sue’s introduction into his fetish film business, wouldn’t just sit back and accept it. Revenge would be on their minds and he was naïve not to have anticipated this. And once you get four girls together planning revenge, then look out. Frankly after what he had put Sue through, even though she was in the throes of robbing him, he pretty well deserved what was coming to him.

He was extremely pleased with the first movie, and it was a best seller almost immediately. The inventiveness of the three experienced girls, coupled with the sweet innocence of Sue an unwilling participant (but the viewers weren’t to know that) was an enticing combination.

And so, over the next few days, a plan was hatched by the four women.

And the plan they hatched was devilish. Brian valued his privacy and the women theirs, so Brian didn’t really “know” them. They contacted by cell phone, he didn’t know their real names or where they lived. Sue’s wallet he had seen but he couldn’t remember her name or address. So by the time they were satisfied they had had their revenge he would be unable to have any recourse. Yes, all in all, it would work out well for them, if they could pull it off.

So it was a couple of weeks later and Brian was editing the second movie, enjoying Sue in her rubber livery, butt and pussy plugged, labia and nipple ringed. It was Julia who called him up and said she had a couple of ideas about a loop scene with Viv and Mia. Brian was one to never say no, not with the chance to make some more money, and see the girls all dressed up in their latex. He told them to come round later that morning.

On arrival they said they wanted to change in the dungeon. Brian said that was fine and they quickly changed into their latex nurse’s uniforms – white panties, stockings and garters, light blue tunics, and white gloves and apron. As Brian was getting the camera ready, very quickly and without any warning, they simply jumped on him and overpowered him.  There were three of them and they were fit and quite capable of taking on a single man.

Straight away an inflatable gag was stuffed into his protesting mouth and Julia pumped it up, viciously ballooning out his cheeks. It was so large he was not able to spit it out without deflation. She unscrewed the pump and all that was visible was the small valve and the front portion of the huge gag. Meanwhile his thumbs were tightly manacled behind his back. They dragged him into the shower and pulled his arms painfully back and hooked the manacled thumbs by a chain attached to the ceiling. Then they simply cut off his clothes, until he stood bent over and naked in front of them. This had all been done in silence, broken occasionally by a bit of girlish laughter.

It was then they told him he was going to be taught a lesson….a very tough lesson. What they had planned for him, was what he had subjected to, two movies, with him as the star. They had already several scenes planned, including transvestism in latex, some pony play and some good old femdom and BDSM. He would be filmed of course and this would guaranty no recourse, plus, and here they all laughed, they would make a lot of money.

As Brian had explained to Sue earlier, the greater the fight, the better it would look for the camera. However long it took they would get their three hours worth. When they had finished explaining this to him, rubbing their gloved hands over his bent-over body and with Brian groaning through the huge gag, Sue walked in.

Dressed as the true domina, she strutted over to him, now brimming with confidence to see him in such a submissive posture. She was wearing garter belt, stockings, a high corset with nipple cutouts, shoulder length gloves all in black rubber. This was set off by 4 inch heels and a rubber and steel collar. She walked into the shower and came close to Brian as he looked up at her, mewing into the gag. He was shocked to see that save for her nose ring she had not removed any of her rings. She was not wearing any panties and he could see the two vertical rings on either side of her shaved pussy. It was clear that she had continued to shave herself there.  The nipple covers and rings also remained in place and her head hair had only grown out to perhaps a quarter inch. She looked at him coolly, with her groin at the height of his lowered head he could smell her heat. She smiled.

“Payback time Brian. You are making a lot of money from us right now, so now it’s our turn. And you’re going to be the star this time. Now you can make it hard for us or easy.” She was enjoying this, relating the rules to him as he had done to her a couple of weeks earlier.

“Either way we get the movies done. You didn’t tell me about the rings being easily removable, or the very unlikely chance of me going to prison, as it was my first offence. Naïve of me perhaps, but we all thought it was just a bit unfair. So what we are going to do for starters is to sissify you, Brian; transgender you, make you a pretty girl for the camera and then we are going to punish you. They’ll be no doubting who’s on the film though, Brian. Then we will have some dildo fun I think, and then get you to pull us around in the buggy. If you are going to be our pony…” here Sue leant over and grabbed his balls, gently rolling them like dice in her palm, “….then perhaps we should geld you, now that would be fun!” He squirmed and groaned, he couldn’t believe they would do this, but he wasn’t 100% sure! All the girls laughed at his discomfort, they were really having a good time at his expense.

And now that they were gathered in the shower, they began to film Brian’s transformation. It was Sue, his soon to be nemesis, who sensuously pulled on a pair of surgical gloves, and proceeded to lather on a sticky layer of depilatory cream over his whole body. Strung up by his thumbs he could do little but moan and squirm as she smoothed it evenly over his body, which was not very hirsute at the outset, including his face and leaving only the short hair on his head and his eyebrows exposed.

They laughed and joked amongst themselves as the heat and discomfort of the cream began to take its effect. Soon it became very uncomfortable for Brian, the area around his cock and balls was burning, but all he could do was to breathe slowly through his nose and suffer. After what seemed an eternity, they turned on the shower and rubbed him down, his hair disappearing down the drain and leaving his skin hairless, pink and smooth as a baby’s. They admired their work while he stood in front of them bent over. Sue moved forward and placed her gloved hand on his head.

“You know girls, I don’t think this is going to work with this mess.” She took a clump of his hair in her hand and pulled his head up. He looked up, staring at the amusement in her eyes.

“I think we should start from scratch here, a blank page, so to speak. All this will have to come off too!” The others smiled and nodded, and while he shouted his objections into his gag, Viv got a new razor and shaving foam from the bathroom cupboard and returned to the group.

“My honour, I think.” Sue smiled cruelly, and began to lather the foam into Brian’s hair. He shook his head from left to right but it was no good, soon his head resembled a large ice cream cone. Sue took the razor.

“Now Brian, I’m going to shave you bald as a coot, you can wriggle and shake but that will mean you may get a few nicks and I really don’t think you want that….mmm? So, keep nice and still now and this will be over in no time.” And so he stood stock still as she drew the sharp razor over his skull. She was very good at it and there were no nicks and shortly she was finished and after a rub with a damp rag he stood bowed in front of them, with his new bald pate. Sue patted him gently.

“Don’t worry; it will be much better for the masks and wigs we have planned for you….come on, we’ll show you.”

Still manacled, he was wiped down and taken back to his dungeon, but now the shoe was very much on the other foot. The girls now seemed to be getting into their stride and Brian knew he was in for a very long day!

A thick slave collar was locked round his neck, four rings dangling at the front, back and sides. A chain was attached at the back and again he was winched up until he was on tiptoe. At this point Viv was on the camera and she moved in for a close-up, his face pleading, his mouth crammed with the huge gag, but he would get no sympathy today. Sue came in front of him, her black gloves passing over his pink flesh.

“Wanna play nurse?” She asked, laughing, and they all took off their tunics and aprons. Now they were in their latex underwear; bra, panties, stockings, garter belt, heels and gloves, all in white. Sue was in black and had the corset, but no panties.

“Time for the transformation.” Said Sue, and they began to wrap a thick reinforced rubber corset around his torso, lacing it tightly behind him. As he was on tiptoe with his thumbs still manacled, he could not even offer token resistance. Brian had a fairly slim body so they had a good time lacing him into a quite fair facsimile of an hourglass. It was difficult enough for him to breathe with his mouth crammed full of rubber, and this tight suit of armour certainly didn’t help!

Telling him they had bought it in a theatrical shop, and saying it was used by female impersonators, they then slipped his tender cock and balls into a smooth rubber pouch and pulled the two drawstrings between his legs, separating his cheeks and attaching them to the rear of the corset. His cock and balls were stretched back, and he raised himself further on his toes, but this did not relieve his discomfort. Sue seemed satisfied and playfully, and not too gently, slapped the smooth surface of the pouch. He grunted into the gag and closed his eyes. He knew this was only going to get worse.

Having endured the humiliation of his body being depilated and his head shaved, Brian now experienced further embarrassment as they continued to dress and transform him. A garter belt was wrapped round his waist over the corset and his legs squeezed into tight white latex stockings. He could do nothing as he teetered on his toes, held by the tight collar and chain. One arm at a time was released and pushed into white shoulder length gloves. These had the ends of the fingers removed and they exposed his nails. He knew even with his hands free he was going nowhere with the chain attached to his collar and well out of reach.

They slapped him on his thighs and he raised his legs to allow them to slip a pair of panties up his legs and over his backside and front pouch. Although he was in a real mess now, he had to concede that their cool embrace was quite flattering; there was now no sign of his cock and balls. He stepped into the dress, a saucy white number with high neck, long sleeves down to his wrists and flared skirt to mid thigh. They placed his feet into six inch heels and once they released his chain he could barely stand, let alone walk. They dragged him to the gyn/ob chair, not for an inspection but to complete the make over, with some expert make-up. Strapping his arms and legs to the chair and attaching his collar to the head rest, very quickly he was in full rubber bondage and ready for the final piece of the transformation.

He mmmmed into the large inflatable gag as Mia and Viv each took a hand and glued long fingernails to his own, gave him a full manicure and painted them a bright red. Julia meanwhile spent some time painfully plucking his eyebrows while Sue happily filmed on. They continued to talk between themselves, making jokes of the new girlie, pinching her painfully and playing with her.

Julia then told him sternly not to make a sound or he would be punished severely (little did he know that he was going to get punished very severely anyway) as she was to complete his make-up. She let the air out of the gag and withdrew it, saliva dripping down his chin. He looked up at her and just for a second he thought about pleading with her, maybe she would take some money, maybe all of them would. But the look she gave him was enough to keep his mouth shut. He could tell that not only were they committed to his painful humiliation, but they were going to thoroughly enjoy themselves as well. So he shut up, as Julia wiped his sore mouth and then expertly applied face powder, blush, liner, mascara, and lipstick….the whole works, all under the camera’s eye. He was brought back to the sitting position and a short black “Louise Brooks” style wig was placed over his bald head.

He gawped into the mirror and staring back at him was someone he could hardly recognize. They stood him up. He didn’t need to be manacled at all as he could barely keep his balance with the six inch heels locked around his ankles. He thought it a very subtle and effective piece of bondage, it was all he could do to not fall over. Steel bracelets were locked around his wrists in front, with about six inches of play; and a six inch chain connecting his ankles but these were more for visual effect as he was totally incapable of going anywhere, at any speed. He stared again. He could really pass off as a tall, somewhat muscular woman, with bold make-up.

They ordered him to walk (!) around which he did with tiny hesitant steps on his precipitous heels. A picture perfect in virginal shiny white latex; bright red lips, jet black page boy hair, long arms and legs, tight waist, skirt swaying with the angle of his hips. He was horrified that this was happening to him and it had occurred in such a short time. He was being filmed as this rubber tranny, and they were going to go all over the country!

After he had sashayed around for a while, getting accustomed to the heels and the tight cling of the latex, together with the barbed comments and giggling from the women – and with the slaps on his rear, the three women donned full head white latex masks, turning them into anonymous white ghosts. Taking him by the arm they led him to the bed, pushing him onto his hands and knees.

Then, as he silently watched, feeling vulnerable and nervous, they slowly helped each other strap on identical 5 inch long and 1 inch wide rubber dildos over their white latex panties. One of them then spoke to him, as the filming continued.

“Now it is time for your training. Rubber girly boys must learn to worship the cock, the rubber cock. You must learn the proper technique to satisfy the man. Now kneel here by my side.”

He wanted to fight, desperately wanted to, but in his position, cuffed and against three women, they would overpower him in no time. And they would enjoy that, he knew. He could not believe how in such a short time he had been reduced to this. He was a strong (but not strong enough, evidently) male, firmly heterosexual but now encircled by three rubber clad minxes and about to be taught the technique of giving a proper blowjob!

Me, he thought, the video fetish king, the man who took pride in coming up with the kinkiest scenarios, was now going to star in one himself, performing head on a black rubber cock. Under their firm and exacting tutelage he was to learn how to be an expert cocksucker! And it was all to be filmed and then sold, and he could do nothing about it. They had him exactly where they wanted him – a rubber dolly – mouth and arse ready to be assaulted. First they released his cuffs from in front of him and quickly re-cuffed them behind his back. He offered token resistance but one against four was hardly fair!

And for half an hour he was critiqued and commanded, cajoled and encouraged, guided and enforced in all the subtleties of fellatio and anal pleasure.

And so it began. One of the rubber clad women knelt in front of him, the rubber cock strapped to her hips obscenely sticking up in the air as if taunting him. She moved towards him and another woman behind him tapped him gently on the head and said.

“Gently now, dolly, let’s start gently. Start with a kiss, yes, kiss the end now, good dolly.” And ashamed as he was, being filmed quite close up, he leant over and pursed his lips and kissed the shiny end of the cock with his lip glossed lips. He opened his mouth marginally and felt it at the end of his tongue – it tasted it little pungent and felt hard and….well, rubbery. On the command of the woman in front he now began to lick the underside, feeling the contours of the cock, and then he passed his tongue over the top. Then, on the quiet urging of the women he moved forward and the head was between his lips.

It was a good size and certainly stretched his jaws, and he now began to breathe through his nose, as slowly and calmly as he could. The girl in front had now placed a hand on his wig and was gently fondling his hair, while the girl behind was now moving a finger between his cheeks up and down his anal crack. Now he began to lick down the shaft, on the urgings of the women.

He wanted to bring his head up to gain some respite but the hands on his head prevented that. He closed his eyes, not through pleasure but the hope that all this would go away, and it was a bad dream. But he knew it wasn’t and he continued, hoping it all would end soon. He licked and sucked down the shaft, moving his head to the side, the black hair of the wig resting on his doll face. Under their gentle but firm encouragement he lowered his head further, until a good 2 inches were now embedded in his mouth, and he began to breathe a little faster.

His arse was now raised well in the air, his flared skirt barely covering his white latex panties, through which the woman behind was pressing her fingers towards his tight ring. He felt latex gloved hands at his thighs pulling on the hem of his panties and then they were released with a loud thwap on his upper thighs. He felt a hand on his buttocks rubbing the shiny latex surface and them progressing between his cheeks and easing around his ring, loosening the tight muscle. He let out a groan, barely heard as he was well gagged by the large cock, and he heard a chuckle from the women.

This continued for a while, his mouth and lips moving up and down accompanied by the critical comments of his observers. Under their guidance he tried to improve his technique, hoping that the sooner he mastered this it would be over. He was now putty in their hands, willing to do anything to get this over with, but it was apparent they were not in a hurry!

Having licked, kissed, sucked and nibbled the cock to their satisfaction, they decided he needed some tutoring in the art of deep throat, and set about to test his gag reflex! The woman in front now held his bewigged head firmly between both gloved hands allowing him no escape and began to thrust him down onto the hard rubber cock. He hmmmed through the gag in protest but that went unheeded as the bulbous head was pushed to the back of his throat. He began to gag again and she released him a couple of inches, but then thrust his head down again. The cock was now warm and less pungent after all his attentions, and he was getting used to its wide girth, but every time it hit the back of his throat he felt like retching.

They gave him lots of time, to get used to it and to get his breathing coordinated, and after what seemed an eternity but may have been only 10 minutes, he began to feel more at ease - if a straight man could feel at ease doing this! He thought it was Julia he was “blowing” he wasn’t sure, but he could smell her rubber corset and panties as she thrust his head down. Gradually however, he took up the rhythm himself, wishing to please them and wishing it to stop, so soon he needed no hand on his head to encourage him. Hands however continued to massage and fondle his thighs and stocking tops.

He felt fingers grip the waist of his panties and slowly begin to ease them down, over his hips and then his stockings and so exposing his rear. As his head was pushed further down on the rubber cock and he tried to avoid the natural gagging sensation he felt hands caressing his buttocks and then slowly, insidiously they eased his cheeks apart. A finger followed by a thumb began to rim his sphincter. He grunted and moaned, clenching his buttocks, but in his heart he knew he was overpowered and outnumbered. The hand on the back of his head kept up a firm pressure and he continued to suck and nearly throttle on the hard cock.

His hands were cuffed, his ankles were cuffed and his hips and head were held firmly by unforgiving hands. He was at their mercy and no amount of resistance was going to ease his plight. Two fingers now entered his rear and pressed against the virgin sphincter, easing the opening and stretching it wider and wider.

“Do you think he’s ready?” He heard a voice say.

“Oh, I think so, we’ll lube him first; we don’t want any permanent damage.” Came the reply, followed by some cruel laughs.

The fingers were withdrawn and then he felt some cool lube was smoothed over his entry and pushed up his passage. He groaned; a sound well muffled by the cock embedded in his mouth. Now of course he knew what was next!

Firm hands gripped his cheeks pulling them apart and he next felt the bulbous head if the rubber cock tickling his entrance. No matter how much he steeled himself for what was to come he knew it was to be a terrible invasion, and filmed for all to see later at their leisure!

He squeezed and clenched his rear, he wasn’t going to just give up completely, and this action of course amused them considerably. He closed his eyes, waiting…..waiting and then his buggerer, he did not know who, Viv perhaps, or Sue, yes Sue, she would want the ultimate revenge, began to press into him. He moaned into the solid cock filling his mouth as he felt his rear entrance weaken. His attacker continued and then the head slowly punctured his ring.  Once his lips had been breeched, the full shaft was quickly gobbled up and disappeared up to the hilt.

As he shook under the assault he heard laughing and sounds of approval. He was now being plundered by rubber cocks at both ends, and it was joyously being recorded. Even with his eyes clenched he could imagine the scene played out. He was a transvestite in brilliant white latex, being fucked in the arse and mouth by four highly amused dominas.

For the next ten minutes, to Brian it felt like ten hours, he was hammered from the rear, and forced to continue to suck on the cock. His lips and mouth were sore and his rear was on fire. It was painful and it was humiliating. The hands on his head pressed him down onto the cock and it progressed to the back of his throat and then beyond; he held his breath and now realized he could control his gag reflex….he could deep throat! It wasn’t with any particular pride when he thought this, as the cock was withdrawn from his throat, just a dispassionate observation, but he heard approving comments from his abusers and now without much encouragement he dipped his head again and felt the bulbous rubber helmet rub the back of his throat and then beyond.

And then the strangest thing began to happen. He felt his cock begin to harden!

NO! Oh no, he thought. No no no no this can’t be! No, what is happening to me, this can’t be! No, no! But the evidence was clear, no matter how much his brain denied it, his cock held firmly in its rubber pouch was straining to get release! He groaned into the cock embedded in his mouth and felt the thighs and groin of Sue slap his buttocks as the dildo was rammed into his rear. And his erection continued to stretch the rubber pouch, seeking escape…..and this did not go unnoticed as he heard one of his tormentors say.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? I think our rubber dolly is getting turned on by our attentions, ha ha, well we’ll have to take advantage of that. Mia, get the vacuum pump, let’s milk our rubber dolly!”

He tried to complain again, but it was no good, the hands pressed down on his head and the rubber cock pushed against the back of his throat. He held his breath, not gagging, and waited as he was held immobile. Then he felt the two straps holding the pouch to the rear of his corset being released and the pouch slip off exposing his rock hard cock. There was now more giggling from the women as he felt the cool plastic of the vacuum pump being fed over his erect cock and the rubber ring pressed hard against his groin. He heard the girls approve as the seal was made airtight and then the pumping began! With the lack of oxygen he was getting dizzy and as if they could read his mind the cock withdrew an inch and he inhaled a huge lungful of air.

He was now surrounded by three women, the fourth filming his humiliation. Two were assaulting his arse and mouth while the third was now manipulating the pump in a cruel imitation of masturbation. He willed himself to lose his erection but to no avail as the cocks pumped in and out. And it wasn’t going to take long for him to come either.

But before he did the cock was withdrawn from his mouth and before he could plead his case, or even utter a word a large ring gag was briskly forced between his teeth and fastened cruelly tight behind his wig. Well at least he could get plenty of air now, he thought ruefully.  And then blissfully the dildo was removed from his rear with an audibly wet slurp.

But his relief was short lived as Sue replaced it with the largest butt plug she could find. He gasped as she pressed it against his sphincter, which after the assault of the last hour with the dildo yielded easily and swallowed the hard rubber up to the neck, gripping it firmly. While the women busied themselves at both ends he was kept on the edge of orgasm by the vacuum pump.

They now sat him back on his haunches and he felt the plug press further inside him. They now seemed ready to let him come and as he sat back on his heels, his arms cuffed behind him, his mouth held wide open by the ring gag and the four women surrounding him he aaahhhed and came in a torrent into the clear plastic tube.

“Good dolly, good rubber dolly.” They encouraged him and assured that they had every drop Mia released the tight rubber ring and careful not to spill any raised the tube in front of him, and he stared at the milky liquid. He was surprised at the amount of his seed, there really seemed quite a lot, but he had no time to relax as they slid his cock and balls back into the pouch, strapped it to the back of his corset and pulled his tight white latex pants back up, firmly imprisoning the butt plug in his rear. Sue slapped his backside and pulled him back on his haunches. Mia handed the tube to Sue, who changed places with her, coming in front of Brian and holding the tube close to his face.

“And now the finale, you of course know where this is going, don’t you? There’s quite a bit of volume here, quite a…..mouthful, you might say.” And they all laughed cruelly at her joke. Oh no, no way, he thought and shook his head vigorously, no, no! But Mia gripped his chin firmly and raised his head to just beyond the horizontal.

“Not too high Mia, we don’t want him swallowing his juice without getting a good taste of it, do we? We’ll let him swill it around for a while.” He aaahhed and wriggled but sitting on his haunches with his hands cuffed he was very easy to handle. Sue seemed satisfied with his posture now and slowly rested the tube on the bottom edge of the ring gag and with a sweet smile tipped it up. They all watched as the sticky liquid flowed down the clear plastic and into his mouth. Brian’s eyes also followed the trail and he continued to wriggle but the liquid was now on his tongue, and then filling his mouth.

He swallowed, a hard thing to do with the wide ring gag but the liquid continued to flow, and he tasted the salty warm liquid as it enveloped his tongue and slid to the back of his throat. They tipped his head horizontal so he could not swallow it all in one….so he could “savour” it, how considerate of them, he thought!

Then it was empty and he was permitted to swallow the rest. He closed his eyes and breathed hard now. When would this all end? 

He didn’t have time to dwell on this question very long for the four women pulled him to his feet and into the middle of the room. He was now weak from the assault that they had inflicted on him and he offered no resistance as his wrists were cuffed and by means of a pulley at the wall he was raised to his tiptoes. He knew what was to come next as he saw three of them arm themselves with canes.

“Oh no please, no.” He whispered and hung his head.

“What was that?” Said Julia. “Little rubber dollies don’t talk back. I think we need dolly silenced.”

“And I know just what with.” Said Sue, raising his skirt and folding it through his belt then slapping his latex panties. She eased her fingers between his hips and the warm latex and pulled them down, further humiliating him in front of the camera. His anus was still plugged with the large rubber dildo and Sue said.

“Don’t you dare let that out, dolly.” And he clenched his cheeks as the three latex clad women surrounded him.

“Open up now.” He opened his mouth obediently, pleading with his eyes, and it was Sue who had the honour of folding his panties (inside out!) and pushing them into his waiting mouth. He almost gagged as she pushed it all the way in and he tasted the pungent aroma of latex. The panties were a very effective gag and would silence him as they had their last bit of fun with him.

And then they laid into him. They did not hold back and took turns with the canes to lay dark stripes across his buttocks and upper thighs. He was almost glad that he was gagged. It allowed him to scream his lungs out and clamp down on the rubber as the waves of pain swept over him. They filmed him in all his humiliation and when he looked as if he was just about to pass out, they finally stopped.

It was over, they were sated, their revenge or at least Sue’s revenge had been very sweet. Now they just wanted to leave. But first they had to edit and make some copies and get the word out on the net. They were sure that they could make a bit of money on the side with this epic.

So as he hung by his wrists, his panties muffling any sounds from him, for the next two hours they put together a really fine two hour dvd of his public humiliation. When they were done they showered together, giggling amongst themselves at what they had achieved. They had grown to love the latex however so helped themselves by emptying his wardrobe before returning to him.

He was in a sorry state but they had little compassion for him. They released him and he fell onto the couch, pulling the sodden gag from his mouth. He had no fight in him as they advised him what they had done, and he knew he had no recourse, no chance of retribution. He just wanted them to leave and never come back, and that is what they did, new friends with a common bond.



If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!

If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!
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