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A Star is Born

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; FFF/f; latex; bond; piercing; pony; reluct/nc; XX

A Star Is Born by Rbbral

Chapter One

“You’re not much of a cat burglar are you?”

The culprit swung round at hearing the voice and took a breath.

“No, I suppose not. Look….it’s my first time….I’m desperate. I need $3,000 for my tuition fees and accommodation and well….I had a lot of expenses. There is no way I could make it so fast….legitimately so…..”

“So you decided to break in to my house and steal it, is that it? Nice big house, lots of land, no security, right? But you didn’t see my cameras did you, or the sensors.” He held up two tapes.

“So I have you here on video, captured. You should have at least worn a mask, the camera picks up your features very nicely, no problem for the cops to identify you. What is B & E now anyway? A few months in jail, probably not for a first offence but you can kiss your education goodbye with a criminal record. You’re in a real mess, what’s your name?”

He held the gun straight at her; she had never been so scared. It had taken two glasses of wine to give her the Dutch courage to do this dumb act in the first place. What possessed her? Desperation of course! She thought she would play catwoman, dress up in black tights and top, break into this big, dark house and take what she could. It was criminal and it was crazy but she was desperate. The stupidity of her actions stunned her, she was a bright girl and now she was really screwed. She hung her head.

“Sue, my name is Sue.” She said to the handsome 40’ish man in front of her, his gun still trained on her chest. 

“Can you put that thing down, I’m not going to do anything silly, I’ve already done that.” He smiled and lowered the gun.

“Fair enough, got a wallet Sue?” 

“Yes.” She scrambled in her tight black jacket for it, thinking stupid – stupid, why did I bring my wallet! She handed it over. 

“I’ll keep this for the time being.” He sat down on the chair in his study, looking at her coolly.

“So, what are the facts here? Very pretty girl,” here he smiled, “caught on tape breaking into house, needs money, doesn’t seem prepared to earn it honestly…”

“But you don’t…” 

“Oh, I understand perfectly. I’m insured therefore it’s okay to rob me. Ah, the morals of youth!” He chuckled, she really was very attractive….and then a seed, quickly germinated, grew. He looked at her again and she could see him thinking something through.

“Actually Sue, you may be able to help me, well we can help each other. There may be an alternative to you going to the police station and getting a permanent criminal record. I have a large basement here, I put it in secretly, it’s not on city records and I have… and movie cameras and sound stuff. In short Sue, I make movies and….”

“You’re a bloody porno filmmaker, and you want me….to…perform in one of your movies.” She looked stunned, her arms crossed over her breasts in indignation.

“Well, Sue, first thing, I don’t make porno movies I make fetish films – I make a different kind of movie for a specialist market. I won’t expand on it further, but suffice to say you will not be permanently harmed at all.” She caught onto the “permanently” word fast but said nothing.

“You expect me to act out in one of your sick movies in payment for me breaking in, that’s, that’s…blackmail!”

“Well, not exactly Sue, it’s more of an…offer. Hear me out. I think you would be ideal for one of my films I have planned. There is of course another option. I can call 911 now….” Here he dramatically lifted up his phone.

“No, no, wait; just tell me some more of the second option.” She almost spat out the last word, now realising that it was not an option but a requirement, she held no cards to negotiate with. He smiled.

“Option two, and here I think I am being very generous. I have planned this weekend, starting tomorrow morning, two movies, each about one and a half hours long. I shoot very quickly. You will star in my little soap opera and at the end of it, Sunday evening or when we finish, you will get your wallet, the tapes, and here I am being generous Sue, and I don’t know why, the princely sum of $5,000, assuming you act the role with the required talent and gusto. So that is option two.” Here he held up his forefingers and waggled them as he said option, for he knew it was not an option. 

“You must be crazy, that’s…white slavery…blackmail…I’m not acting in some porn movie (here he looked mortified at the word porn) getting it in all…orifices just to give you…”

“Your morals are quite hypocritical Sue, thievery is okay, fetish movies, harming no one and entertaining many others is not okay! You want to think through your moral code Sue. Talk about double standards!” He was almost enjoying her discomfort here, for he knew that she was having problems with her position. She sat on the arm of the couch, staring at him. Was he a man she could trust? Was she in a position to even make that choice?

“Fetish movies, you mean…not hard porn?”

“No hard porn Sue.” She seemed to almost relax at this and he was encouraged. 

“You dress up and play out roles; I have a small crew of girls who help me. I have a small thespian bent so on occasion act out a role but for the most part I leave it to the girls. Some of your roles may be a bit physically demanding, pony girl play and…”

“Pony girls? What the hell is...”

“We dress you up like a pony, with a bit and bridle and get you to run….”

“What? People get a buzz…” 

“Oh yes, Sue, many people, thousands of people, you wouldn’t believe it. It’s all quite harmless, unlike your thievery. So don’t judge, all right?” She hung her head.

“You know full well, of course, I don’t have an option, you are really enjoying this, me falling onto you lap like this.” Yes, he thought, he was.

“Yes, I am, but you would be very silly to not take me up on it. I’m actually paying you, for two days work. Maybe I should withdraw the offer….”

“No, no God you are really enjoying this. Just tell me what I have to do.”

“We have quite a loose script Sue and the other girls are now familiar with it. We can incorporate you into the script very easily; I have some ideas already that I will share with the other girls tomorrow. But you know the problems with fetish and porn movies in general? The acting is deplorable, they just go through the ropes….so I was thinking that it would be better if you knew little about the script and we can work more spontaneously. We can film your reactions….real reactions. I think you could be great, you have a great body and a very pretty face.” She actually looked a little embarrassed at this and yet also knew that he was flattering her. She realised it would not do to look embarrassed in a fetish movie, naked or dressed up….or whatever.

“Well, seeing as I don’t have any option, what now?”

“Simple, you sleep here tonight and tomorrow. We start tomorrow early. I will put these tapes here into my safe, sealed in this envelope with your wallet, and together with $5,000 from the safe.”

He led her upstairs through the large almost opulent house, he really did have money, she thought. 

“As I have the tapes and your wallet, it won’t be a smart move to escape. Face it; you’re stuck here until you finish your contract, speaking of which…” He produced a contract that he had pulled from the safe. He sat at the dressing table filling in the blanks on the form.

“You can read the fine print if you wish, but you are going to sign it anyway.” He smiled.

She looked at him ruefully, she was a beauty, he thought, a little small breasted but athletic and blonde, with a fresh faced, almost innocent look. A bit of a prize. She scanned the contract, not really reading it, and signed it.

“Good, thank you Sue. Welcome to our little company, the bathrooms to your left there. I’m afraid I don’t keep many clothes here, the costumes are all downstairs. So you’ll have to sleep in your undies or the buff. Windows and doors are locked, just in case you plan to do something more stupid than you have done already. See you tomorrow, sleep well.” And with that he left the room, locking it.

She could have wept at her stupidity, but she told herself she was stronger than that. She was going to be an “actress” in a porn or fetish movie! Well, in all honesty it served her right, and she had better make the best of it. She stripped off and went to the bathroom, cleaned and then brushed her teeth. The bed was made, so she lay down in it and tried to sleep, strange images passing through her mind. What would happen tomorrow?

Chapter Two

She awoke suddenly to a great weight on top of her, she could hardly move. She could hardly breathe either with the weight on her. In the semi darkness she could see forms, maybe two, but nothing more. Something round and hard was pressed into her protesting mouth. It was cold and pungent and rubbery. It was pushed in hard, jeez, she thought, they’re going to break my teeth, so she opened her mouth as wide as she could and the ball plopped in. She grunted arrrgghh as she bit down on the ball. Her head was pushed to the side as she felt straps being pulled tight behind her head. She wanted to scream, to fight but was hampered by the weight on her.

Her eyelid was then held open and something cold was placed on her eye, plunging it into darkness, this was then repeated with the other eye and she was now completely blind. It was some kind of contact lens, she blinked but to no avail - she was now blind and mute. There were certainly two of them and they were strong. She was pulled out of her bed, her arms held at her sides. She began to struggle and then felt a stinging slap to her face which made her squeak into her gag. 

“She’s a pesky one all right, make an excellent addition to our stables.” It was a woman’s voice – laughing. Mitts were pulled over her hands and strapped to her wrists. They were soon immovable and held her fingers in tight balls. They were then pulled behind her back and connected at the ends with a lock or snap ring. Another voice spoke, also a female voice.

“Phew, that’s better. She’s a fighter all right.” She felt scissors at her hips and her panties were cut and fell to the floor; her bra followed. She was now completely naked, bound gagged and blinded. She still squirmed and kicked which only seemed to amuse these women more. They threw her back on the bed, followed by another face slap.

“Now listen here girl. You behave or it’s going to be a lot worse. Now we are going to dress you for your trip, you struggle and you will really pay for it.” She was almost in a panic, her eyes watered, her nose dripped and she gurgled into the gag. Just what was going on? How did these people get into the house and where were they taking her? Was this part of the fetish movie (couldn’t be) or was she really being taken away? One thing, these women meant business. So she chose to acquiesce. She nodded, beaten. 

“Good girl, that’s better although we did like your spirit there. Now we have some lovely clothes for you, starting with cute panties and stockings and a garter belt of course. Now stand up and no fooling.” She did so, grunting into the gag as the two women, she assumed there were two, lifted her feet and pulled the panties up her calves and then her thighs. She shivered; they were cold and clammy…plastic, or vinyl or rubber? They were pulled up tight into the line of her pussy and she felt one of the women gently rubbing her labia as she writhed. She shook her head, feeling her blonde pony tail rub her shoulders. 

“Mmmm, what a tasty little nubbin.” Said one of the women, as Sue could feel her warm breath by her face. A garter belt came next with four suspenders for each leg. Then, very slowly a pair of cold, clinging stockings were rolled up her legs. As she was virtually forced by the gag to breathe through her nose the pungent aroma of the stockings assailed her nostrils. The smell was the unmistakeable aroma of rubber! Her mittened hands were temporarily released and a bra placed over her breasts and shoulders, then firmly attached behind her. She shivered again at the cold material, it must be rubber again, she thought. She felt her nipples being licked - the bra was a peephole and was made of rubber….jeez she thought, what next? 

“They’re nice girl, not too big but firm. We should have some fun with them” What did she mean by that, thought Sue. Her feet were raised and pushed into shoes with very high heels and she wobbled on them and had to be supported by the women. She tried to adjust, which was not easy, being blindfolded and in bondage.

“Nearly ready, but must have you respectable.” The woman chuckled and Sue felt something heavy, cold and clammy draped over her shoulders, wrapped around her, then fastened in front of her and up to under her chin – a sort of cape, she thought. Then a hood was pulled up over her head and some sort of flap with a buckle drawn across the lower part of her face. It covered her up to her eyes and she breathed in, through her nose, the sweet pungency of the rubber. Clearly, to the unassuming onlooker she was a woman in a full cape ready for all weathers, rather than a woman in complete bondage!

“Off we go then, nothing silly now.” Said one woman and she felt a hand at each of her elbows as she was led away. In her darkness she became disoriented, down stairs, through corridors and then down again and into a room. They left her, the door closed behind her and she was alone. But no! She felt hands at her cloak, which dropped to the floor, and then she heard a chain being dragged and fixed to her mitt, then another to the other mitt. She groaned into her gag seeking sympathy, and getting none. Her mitts were briefly released from behind her but then sharply pulled above her head by way of the two chains. Her arms were raised above her head, high and wide. The same procedure was applied to her ankles, cuffs placed round them and then pulled to the side. Quickly she was stretched out in an exposed x shape. All she could move was her head. Then she heard his voice, almost a whisper, cool and controlled. 

“Good morning Sue, sorry for the early wake up call but we start our filming early here. You were excellent by the way. So we now have the first 15 minutes in the can, one take. This is a ninety-minute movie so it will be a long day, but you have made a good start, and you do have a fine body for this kind of action. So now you have an idea of what we do, for your information there were two assistant dominatrixes who have just kidnapped you and taken you back to the head domina’s lair, which is here in my basement. We will soon start the next scene, I hope you are not too uncomfortable but it has to be as realistic as possible. One small thing Sue, well not that small actually, the other three are doing make up and costumes now, they do not know your predicament, shall we say. They believe you are an actress paid for your role, in other words aware of the scenes coming up and of course here of your own free will, so I’m sure they were very impressed with your first scene.” 

She now felt him at her side, one hand placed on her rubber covered buttock and one on her pudenda, she flinched and shook her head.

“Now Sue,” he whispered, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell them how you came to get this starring role. I really don’t, so let’s keep them in the dark shall we? You’ll be ungagged and unbound for parts of the day and I strongly suggest that if asked you tell them you are an aspiring actress and desperate for the work etc etc. So it will be a play within a play, so to speak – acting the part of an actress acting. Do you understand me?” She felt his hand grip her buttock harder and the other press slightly into her pussy, but held back by the taut rubber. Now was not the time to bleat, she thought, and she nodded her agreement. He slapped her buttock almost playfully, feeling her hard athletic buttocks. 

“Good decision Sue, now it is going to get a bit harder for you during the day, but I’m sure you will be excellent, remember the tapes Sue, and the money, that should be quite an incentive I think.” 

She knew she had no option, she would be playing an “actress” playing a kidnap victim in some sort of bondage and fetish movie and there was no way out, and all because of her crass stupidity. She ground down on the rubber ball stretching her jaw and breathed slowly, trying to keep calm, it was going to be a long day. 

Soon she heard footsteps on the hard floor; the second scene was to begin. 

Chapter Three

She felt hands passing over her body, rubbing and caressing lightly, and the heat of several bodies, two maybe three. Then she heard a woman’s voice, a new voice.

“Mmmm, excellent choice girls, firm and young, small breasts though.” She purred, and Sue felt hands grip her breasts firmly, pinching her nipples; she shook her head.

“And you say she fought, good, I like a fighter. Well my dear, we need to soften you up a bit, and naturally we always start that off with a paddling, to warm your cheeks up. It will hurt all right, but then that is the point, isn’t it? I shall watch and Kim and Viv will administer it. Viv is left handed so she will take your right buttock and Kim the other – alternate shots – like golf! I by the way am Mistress, if you should be commanded to talk then that is how you address me. You will only speak when ordered to, that is rule number one, remember it, otherwise your stay will be very painful indeed.” 

Sue wondered how she was expected to speak anyway with her mouth stuffed full of rubber ball! She reflected on the wonderful irony of it. They were about to beat a woman who they thought was an actress willingly being beaten, but in fact she could not tell them she wasn’t, for if she did she would be beaten more! A cruel Catch 22, she thought. This guy must have thought he had landed in heaven when he caught me, she ruminated, whatever they throw at me I have to go along with it. She sighed into the huge gag.

“It’s time you feasted your eyes on your Mistress, I think.” She felt her lids being pulled open and a tiny suction pad placed on the lenses over each eye. Carefully the lenses were removed. She now had her sight back and it took her a while to adjust to the light and her surroundings. She blinked in disbelief at the scene around her. The room had whitewashed walls and ceiling and a hardwood floor. There were bright fluorescent lights illuminating the whole room brilliantly. From the roof there were a series of rings and chains, and along part of one wall were a series of mirrors. She could see herself in one, stretched out in an x in tight shiny black rubber. 

Around the room was a pillory and vaulting horse both with straps and other additions, she had no idea what for. On a large tray, laid out like surgical instruments were dildos and vibrators of various sizes and shapes. And gags, ball gags, gags with pumps attached and others in the shape of a man’s cock. Further to the side on a table she saw helmets and masks all in rubber in various designs and colours. This was like the Spanish Inquisition crossed with some strange sexual predilection. She closed her eyes, thinking it was a dream and might go away, but of course she knew it wouldn’t.

She considered herself a modern woman; liberated, educated but this tableau was still a shock to her. Then she concentrated on the people in the room. She glanced quickly at him, beyond the three women and smiling at her behind the camera. He shook his head and she took this to mean for her not to look at the camera again, she would have to remember that, all she needed was a second or a third take of any scene! There were also static cameras to the left and right of him. 

She was surrounded by three women, they stood in silence watching her and her reaction to seeing them, and they seemed pleased with her look of mixed shock and fear. She assumed them to be actresses, or maybe not, just girls seeking to supplement their income. And there was nothing wrong with that she thought. Yet they were blissfully unaware of her predicament, they were acting their roles and she was acting at acting her role and not a willing participant.

They were all attractive, very attractive, in different ways. The one who she took to be the Mistress was perhaps 35 years old, tall, blonde with white streaks and pulled back in a tight pony tail. She had high cheekbones, a small mouth, and dark green eyes. She was wearing a full buckled corset that extended from just above her groin up to cradling her ample breasts in half cups. Sue acknowledged she had a fine figure. Her legs were sheathed in black rubber tights and her arms with taut shoulder length gloves. Around her neck was a steel and rubber choker. Six inch leather pumps completed her ensemble. She was a very imposing figure and she acted her role, if it was acting, with aplomb. 

The two other women were much younger, maybe in their early twenties, and stood either side of her. They were identically dressed in white stockings and garters, blue panties with white trim and light blue dresses, low cut at the breast but with ruffled sleeves which covered shoulder length white gloves. Sue knew the colour of the panties as the skirt portion was really no more than a toga and that any movement displayed all underneath! They were pretty in an ingénue sort of way with mousy coloured hair, one pulled back in a pony-tail and the other so short it almost resembled a marine crew-cut. Each held a paddle in their hand. Viv was left-handed and took her position at Sue’s right buttock and Kim by her left. They had a confident self-assured look about them; as well they should as Sue was in no position to offer any resistance. The Mistress spoke.

“All right girls, we can begin the girl’s education. I’d say twenty each….for starters.” Sue screamed into her gag, twenty on each cheek. She shook her head violently, but this only seemed to amuse the two younger women. Firstly Kim placed her hand firmly on Sue’s left breast, almost as if to keep her balance but also with a cruel leer in her eye, and then brought the paddle down on to her left buttock with a loud thwack! Sue yelped and looked daggers at Kim but a second later Viv landed one on her right cheek, at the same time gripping her right breast. Now Sue was unable to move at all, held by her breasts and stretched in an x form. And the girls proceeded in a calm methodical way to pound her alternatively on each cheek, while Sue between them screamed and gasped for air. The rubber of her panties may have helped marginally to suppress the pain but not by much. Mistress lazed in a chair in front of them, while Sue’s tormentor moved in and out with the camera getting the best angles, being careful now to get in the range of the other two cameras. 

For Sue, the pain was excruciating, her buttocks were on fire, but she had to endure, as they continued to squeeze her boobs and swing away at her taut rubber rump.

Finally, blissfully, the twenty were completed, and Sue was now almost hanging from her chains. Saliva dripped from her gag and down her chin to her rubber breasts, her face was bright red and tears ran down her cheeks. Mistress stood and with a Kleenex wiped her mouth gently and then her eyes and nose. Then they heard his voice.

“And cut….great girls. Now you can take a break for the next scene. We’ll start that in half an hour, give Sue here a break. I’m sure she’ll need a bit of a rest.” The others relaxed and milled around Sue. It Was Kim who spoke.

“Hey, you were great Sue, I hope I didn’t hit too hard but Brian said you were really into this stuff and not to hold back, and those tears, you can really turn them on so fast. Here let me get your gag.” Sue tried to plead with her eyes but Brian spoke quickly.

“That’s okay Kim, I’ll take care of Sue, you go off for a coffee, and we’ll be by in a while.” They looked a little surprised but left, chattering and laughing amongst them. As if nothing had happened! Brian approached her and released her gag, having a little trouble getting it out of her stretched mouth, due to its size. 

“Fuck, fuck, those….women. Thank God for the rubber panties, they’d have whipped me raw.”

“Shush Sue, don’t make a scene now, it wasn’t that bad. You’re not cut; you’ll be just a little red and sore for a while. Don’t make such a song and dance about it. You’re here for the duration, so you had better get used to it.”

“Jeez, I’m sore, you’re some completely fucked up people, you know.”

“Believe it or not some people, a lot of people, get into this, both as the giver, and the receiver. Anyway, there’s more to come for you, so get used to it.” Brian was getting a little impatient with his star, but he had planned the next scene already and saw no reason to hang around!

“Come and sit over here.” He said, pointing at an obstetrician’s chair. Sue approached it nervously and then stood still as Brian removed her garter belt and panties, leaving her with stockings, shoes, bra and mittens and then replaced the garter belt. 

“God, now what?” She said almost truculently.

“Well, we’ll shut that mouth of yours up with a new gag, I think. Any time you’ve had enough Sue, just say so and I’ll pass the tapes onto the cops.” Sue just stared at him, knowing she had been trumped again. She obediently opened her mouth, still looking daggers at him, as he slipped a flaccid rubber bladder into it. There were no straps, but she soon found out there didn’t need to be as he calmly pumped the gag up to the limit. Soon her cheeks were pushed out like a chipmunk, her eyes wide and pleading. She couldn’t remove it without it being deflated. She breathed in slowly through her nose, only a faint mmm could be heard from her mouth. 

He smiled, pleased at his efforts and motioned her to sit. She placed her high heeled shoes in the stirrups and he began to strap her down by her chest, waist, thighs, calves, biceps, wrists and ankles. When finished she could barely move at all and she glared at him in silence, feeling very exposed as her legs were spread wide showing off her fine blonde pubic region. 

“Scene three will last about twenty minutes Sue, and will be coming up in a few minutes. I’m going to the others now to discuss it; back in a few minutes.” He gave her nipple a playful squeeze and left.

She was left to stare in the mirror in front of heart her embarrassing position, legs hitched up, and blonde pudenda exposed. She groaned into her inflatable gag, saliva already coursing down her chin, and waited.

Chapter Four

Brain joined the others upstairs in the costume and make up room, sipping coffee. Viv asked.

“Where’s Sue?”

“Oh, I’ve prepared her for the next scene. She’s a real trooper; she’s one of those girls that like to live the role.” He chuckled at his funny little pun.

“Cool, well good for her. I have to say she was quite the actress, all those tears. It’s going to be great working with her. So you’ve got her in the gyno chair then?”

“Yep, all strapped in! And she and I discussed the variance on the scene. Believe it or not, she’s really up for it, so this is the change…” And he began to explain it to them. The three looked at each other, then each had a wry smile of their face. Julia (the mistress) said.

“Really? Well talk about living the role. Wow, well of course we can ad lib it as we go. Are you sure she knows everything that is involved? If she does, Brian, then she’s one to hang on to. She’s a looker too.” 

“And she can act a well, she’s really gearing up for this, she knows pain is involved but she’s prepared to go the full distance. Now when you ungag her then you can expect a few choice expletives but carry on, play it by ear, it looks less staged like that…more natural. She’ll squirm and fight but she’s really getting into it.” 

As they finished their coffee Brian felt pretty good, he had convinced them of Sue’s voluntary participation and even if she howled the place down the others would believe she was just living the role, which if truth be told, she was! They assembled the props on a trolley and returned, ready for scene three. As Brian prepared the cameras Sue watched in mute silence. The women arranged themselves around Sue, whispering words of encouragement then Brian called “action”. Julia spoke. 

“Well young lady, you’ve seen we mean business, now these nipples of yours are very pretty but we need to make them a little bigger, and more sensitive. We have just the implement for that! Viv here is going to place an airtight plastic tube over your nipple and under the rim of your bra….like so…and then with this suction gun draw the air out of the tube and pull your nipple firmly inside it. I can see that you are finding it is a little painful but you will get used to that.” 

Sue squirmed and squealed as Viv slid the four inch long and one inch diameter clear plastic tube under the rim of her bra and over her nipple, then attached the end to a gun-like device and squeezed the trigger. The air was sucked out and her nipple was pulled violently into the vacuum. Viv released the gun and the vacuum sealed the tube’s end. The process was repeated on the other nipple, while Viv did this, Kim wiped the sweat from Sue’s brow. When completed the two clear tubes stuck out of her chest like two small torpedoes. She peered down and saw her nipples were already a purplish/ brown colour. She tried to wiggle her chest but they stuck to her like limpets, and they hurt!

“Excellent, now next we need to make your body more accessible for helmets and probes. It has been our experience that long hair simply gets in the way of masks, so we’ll start with your head here and move down to this pretty pussy of yours. Sue screamed, what the hell is going on here, she thought. What are you going to do to my hair, my pride and joy? She shook her head from side to side, and the other three women thought she really was doing an excellent piece of acting. Julia draped a rubber sheet over her shoulders and under her chin, tucking it around her neck. Then, holding it up for the benefit of the camera behind her, she showed sue the clippers. 

“No wriggling now, this won’t take long, and it is better off anyway, much more sensual having the rubber helmets closer to the skin, and they’re easier to get on and off, it won’t get caught in the zips. Firstly Kim will take your pretty pony-tail as a special prize, we can use it later as a real pony tail. We will fix it to the end of your butt plug we have planned for you and then when we have inserted that in your tight little bum hole you will have a beautiful blonde tail sticking out, and your own hair too! Sue screamed again but only a muffled mmmmppphhh came out, as Viv drew her head forward and Kim gripped the end of her pony-tail and with one snip cut it off below the band and close to her head! She held it up like a prize in front of Sue, it was fully twelve inches long. Viv cooed.

“Yes, this will look great sticking out of her backside and down her thighs.” 

Then with Kim holding Sue’s chin firmly Julia proceeded to run the electric clippers over and over her head. She squirmed and squirmed but it was no use, and her gorgeous blonde tresses fell onto the rubber sheet. She cried and her tears rolled down her cheeks, bloated by the huge inflatable gag. Within five minutes she was shorn to a half inch stubble. The others cleared away the fallen hair and removed the sheet while Sue stared disbelievingly into the mirror opposite her as Brian, with a cruel grin on his face, panned in for a close up. 

But she had no relief, for Julia then spread the stirrups of the chair, exposing her obscenely. As Kim and Viv stood to her side, one gently rubbing her newly shorn hair and the other her bulbous cheek, Julia placed a chair between Sue’s outstretched legs and calmly spread thick creamy shaving foam to her pubic region. Sue rocked her head, shook it, mmmppphhhed into her gag and looked up imploringly at Kim and Viv. But they simply smiled benignly as Julia, safety razor in hand, slowly, carefully shaved away Sue’s pubic hair. Sue knew they were going to do it anyway and did not want to get any cuts down there, so he stoically endured the humiliation. Julia stuck to her task but also gained some pleasure in rubbing Sue’s labia and easing her fingers inside to give her clitoris a gentle pinch! 

Soon she was finished and wiped the area clear with a warm wet towel. She stood back and admired her work. Sue’s pink slit was clean and bald as a baby’s. Sue stared at it too in the mirror from between the plastic torpedoes sticking out from her breasts. What a sight she was; a shorn blonde head, bald pink pussy and saliva dripping from her bloated mouth. Then Brian said.

“And cut. Great girls, take another break, we’ll resume in another half hour; we have to give the star here a bit of rest.” Julia placed her hand on Sue’s head.

“Sue, you were fantastic. You are unreal, that was an amazing scene. You are an incredible actress, you’re so believable. I almost wanted to stop there for a minute to make sure everything was all right with you. I bet you want a break now?” 

Sue glanced over Julia’s shoulder and saw Brian give a “look” that did not need any interpretation, so she shook her head and tried to smile, a hard thing to do with a huge gag in her mouth! Brian spoke for her.

“Sue’s a real trooper, girls living the role. She just wants to keep going and stay in the moment. I’ll take care of her here; you’ve all got costume changes. We’ll take a good break before scene four. I’ll catch you in a while.” So they patted Sue’s newly shorn head and left her with Brian. He did not remove her gag, despite her pleading look.

“Quite a shock for you there, eh Sue? Want me to call the cops now?” He chuckled, as he already knew the answer – and so did she as she shook her head. She was in it now, all the way up to her pretty, nearly bald head. 

The next scene we will do outside, it’s a ball! We will do it by the pool so I have to take all the equipment up. Relax there for a while and I will be back.” 

Relax? She thought; here I am with suction tubes pulling my nipples almost off, with a huge gag stuffed in my mouth, and my pussy shaved and he wants me to relax! Oh God, what a sight I am. She tried to relax and think of the money she would be making and not about the loss of her hair – both from her head and her pussy! But it was difficult to relax when all she could look at was her own body stretched out in front of her, while the plastic tubes continued to pull at her nipples and she continued to dribble down her chest from the stifling gag. 

Soon however Brian returned with the three women accomplices – and what a sight they were! They looked stunning in one piece swimming costumes of rubber, in pink, sky blue and bright green, each with matching rubber full cover swim caps. They looked like an advert for Speedo, fine firm athletic bodies encased in tight shiny costumes. Brian spoke, as he prepared the camera. 

“Okay we do the costume change for Sue here now and then you all drag her upstairs and we resume filming outside. So when you are ready….action.”

“Well my dear, we thought we would have a little swim in the sun, so we’ll have to get you changed. I think virgin white for you would be appropriate.” Julia held up a brilliant white rubber swimsuit, while Kim and Viv released the straps imprisoning her legs. She was tempted to kick out at them but her beef was not with them, they were just doing their job, cruel and very efficient though they were. No, it was Brian she wanted to kick, and more. 

She allowed them to roll down the stockings and garter belt, her legs were slick with sweat. Although she offered no resistance they were careful to keep her strapped down at her arms and upper torso. Kim slid her feet through the leggings of the costume and it was then that Sue saw it was no ordinary swimming costume. Peering between the tubes sticking out from her breasts she could see in the gusset of the costume two rubber protrusions – and she knew where they were going! They saw her looking down and Julia chuckled.

“Ahh, you’ve seen our little additions, yes, one for the front, I’m sure not a virgin there, but also one, a smaller one for your tight little bum hole. Well, after our attentions it will not be so tight nor little!” The others laughed at Julia’s crude humour as they raised her rump off the chair and pulled the costume up until the two probes rested against her front and back orifices. 

“No lubrication I’m afraid, you’ll have to grin and bear it.” The three of them leant over and between them lifted her further and began to ease the larger probe in her pussy and the smaller butt plug into her straining rear. She squealed and wriggled, closing her eyes and clamping down on the gag. But it did not ease the discomfort as the rear probe pushed her sphincter wider and began to slip in. saliva continued to drip down her chin and onto her rubber bra, she tried to plead with her eyes but they were to intent on impaling her – and of course she was a willing accomplice in their eyes, wasn’t she?

Shortly both were embedded, the front one was all right, she had taken cocks bigger than that before, but the one in her rear passage felt as if it was going to split her. They sat her back down pushing the rear probe up to the hilt and then began to pull the costume up over her waist and to her upper torso. They pushed her forward and with the suction gun released the two nipple tubes. The blood rushed from them and she screamed into her gag, much to the women’s amusement. They removed her bra and pulled the costume up over her tender breasts, Kim enjoying herself adjusting the breast cups and giving her a free fondle! She was still mitted and they clipped them together in front of her. Even if she had wanted to escape, she wouldn’t have been able to, as the women were very practised at this. Julia pushed her head forward, and Kim slipped a matching white rubber bathing cap over her shorn head. 

“Hardly need it now really, do you dear? It’s a nice match though.” Apart from the gag, mitts and of course the rubber, she looked, they all looked like anyone ready for the pool.

“Okay, off we go, it’s a nice day outside.” And off they all went, half dragging Sue up and out of the house.

Chapter Five

In other circumstances it would have seemed fun to Sue, to go swimming in a pool in the sun, but not these.  The suit was a nice tight fit and she had to admit it did show off all her charms, but what next, she thought?  At the side of the pool was a large pile of rubber, with corrugated rubber tubing attached to it. It was a big ball already half inflated and seemingly made of two skins. The girls led her to it, Brian was still filming, and she noticed the outer skin was of a clear firm rubber, and very thick, while the inner was thinner transparent rubber. They commanded her to step over the entrance and squat, which she did, her mittened hands resting on her knees. Julia squatted in front of her and explained the ball.

“We’re going to have a ball with you my dear.” She laughed at her poor pun. “This is made of two skins, and by this inflator pump here the area between the two is inflated, pushing the inner skin in and the outer one out, all very simple. You of course are inside and will be squeezed until the rubber touches every pore. Believe me, you will be barely able to move, being zipped up and wonderfully immobile.  You will breathe through this, your only contact with the outside.” 

She showed Sue a full head gas mask, brilliant white with a back zip, and a steel connector to a hose through the ball and a corrugated pipe maybe ten feet long connected to a rubber canister and valve.

“Just to keep you occupied you will be able to suck on this large cock gag here so your breathing will be through your nose from this canister filled with rubber. So all you get is beautifully rubber-scented air. Now we are going to take your gag out and replace it with the mask and we don’t want any screaming from you, or else.” 

Sue shook her head violently; she didn’t want to be incarcerated in this rubber ball, this rubber womb with her only connection to the outside world being the long umbilical cord. But the girls seemed to be quite excited at the idea of a struggle from her. They gripped an arm each as Julia released the inflatable gag and pulled it dripping wet from Sue’s sore mouth. She blurted.

“Look, you don’t underst…arrggh…ggrr…mmmfff…mmm.” Julia skilfully slipped the mask over Sue’s already rubber covered dome, the rubber cock slamming into poor Sue’s protesting mouth. She wailed into the gag, eyes behind the lenses imploring them for some relief, which went unheeded as the mask was zipped down to her neck. As Julia and Viv held her down Kim pumped fast with the foot pump and the ball began to rise and envelop Sue’s struggling form. This was ridiculous, she thought, and screamed into the gag, taking a big breath of rubber-scented air, but only a faint mmm could be heard. She struggled to rise but the hands of the others kept her down as the ball rose to swallow her up. 

For Brian this was wonderful movie making, no faking this, Sue was really struggling, the bulbous ball was now engulfing her and her struggles were decreasing. It was as if she was being eaten alive by it, and all that was now left was her head sticking out, but still shaking mutely from side to side.

Inside Sue was losing the battle, the rubber now had her in it’s unrelenting grip and would not yield, she could just move a bit now and as she clamped down on the cock gag and shook her head in mute horror she saw Brian home in with the camera as Kim firmly placed her hand on her head and pressed down. Sue screamed at her, but her head slowly disappeared below the rim of the ball. Above her she saw a hand grip the zip and close the ball. She was now entombed, for as long as they wished with no possibility of escape! 

As the bag was pumped up further she felt the pressure begin to increase, and started to squeeze every inch of her. She could breathe fine, though rubber scented air….pungent, sweet. She tried to settle in and not panic, she saw herself as a baby in a transparent but firmly gripping womb. Through the lenses in her mask and the two skins of rubber she could make out shapes, figures even. When she thought the air was going to be squeezed out of her, the pumping finally stopped. 

Then suddenly she felt herself being rolled, over her side and then round again, and then….she was in the pool. She bounced and rolled in the pool, she was on her side and then upside down. She tried not to get too disoriented, if she threw up now, well, she was dead. She seemed to be about half submerged. The air in the ball kept her perfectly balanced. She bobbled about and rolled as the three women entered the pool in their latex swimsuits and caps. They were laughing and joking and tried to clamber onto the ball, then pushing it under and watching it pop up again. 

This was a fantastic scene for Brian, as the girls in their shiny taut suits and caps dragged her down and released her up to pop out of the water. For Sue the sensation was less pleasant, she could make out shapes in pink, blue and green as she spun and rolled, up became down and down became up, and she could do nothing about it. 

After what seemed an eternity she was pushed to the steps and rolled up onto the grass. The ball was deflated and Sue was slowly extricated like a butterfly from the chrysalis. She was sweating profusely, her white suit gleaming in the hot morning sun. They kept her mask on but reconnected the hose from the aroma casket to her mask and then in a fit of giggles donned goggles, then grabbed her and dived back in! She could of course breathe, and at first she thought the cool water was wonderful on her hot skin. But with her hands mitted she was no match for their amorous attack. 

As Brian dropped an underwater camera from the side they swarmed her, hands at her crotch and bum, both still well plugged with dildo and butt plug, and then her breasts. She fought them off, they needed air so she had an advantage there, but there were three of them, three on one, not fair really! The assault on her continued, the three of them grinning under their goggles. 

Finally she was pulled to the surface and dragged to the side of the pool, her swimsuit in slight disarray but her plugs still firmly embedded. The girls laughed away, looking as shiny as seals.

“And…cut. Fantastic girls, we’ve got over forty minutes in the can now. We can finish part one of the movie this evening. I’ve never shot a full ninety minutes in a single day; I think we owe Sue here a big thank you. Take a break, Sue and I will discuss the final big scene for today, I know she is up for it but she has to psyche herself up for it, she knows it’s a tough one.” The girls were again a bit surprised that Sue didn’t join them for a drink and a chat, but were well aware that it was Sue who was keeping them going at such a clip and they left her with Brian. She sat at the water’s edge in her tight suit, breathing in hard the rubber-scented air after the assault on her. Brian released the hose from her mask and she gulped in fresh air. He helped her up, slapping her bottom jovially. 

“One more big scene Sue, and then you are done for the day, you’re going to be a big star in this field. You may not know that, or want that, but after today, I guaranty it.” 

She however was less excited, she didn’t like the sound of the “big” scene coming up. He led her back down to the basement and tossed her a towel. She towelled off the best she could with her mittened hands. She pointed to her mask and grunted.

“No, not yet, Take your suit off first and dry yourself properly.” With her mittened hands she managed to squirm out of the suit. The dildo and the butt plug plopping out to a muffled sigh of relief from her. She wiped herself dry. He was pleased to see now she was not embarrassed at all with her nudity, why should she be after what had transpired over the last few hours. 

He held up her new costume and she gulped at its amazing design. She stared through her goggles and had a strange feeling…oh so strange…..that she would actually not mind wearing….even like wearing this bizarre creation. As Brian proudly held it up, she noticed it was of two colours, black and white, but in one piece. She thought at first it looked like a Pirandello outfit, it had black and white striped tights with holes at pussy and bum (she was not shocked at that any more) and the torso was form-fitting in white, but with black flashes down the side, and coming down from the neck two stripes separating the breast cups. The arms were white, the neck black and the attached helmet, white with emphasised red lips around the mouth hole. The eyes were small holes with blue around them and a defined black surround. Set into the suit were black ruffled sleeves ending above the elbows and a miniscule black and white flared skirt that began at the waist and ended at the pubic area! 

“The white virginity offset by the luridness of the exposed pussy and bum areas. Now….am I going to get a fight from you?” Might be worth it, thought Sue. But it would get her nowhere. So she shook her head in silence and he opened out the suit for her. 

It was very well powdered inside and her feet slipped in easily. She had that strange tingle again as her skin was encased in the rubber. He pulled it up her muscular thighs and she wiggled her backside until the suit was at waist height. Staring at her intently, daring her to do something, he released her mittened hands, and she slowly stretched out her fingers, then she slowly slipped them into the sleeves of the costume. Each arm had attached gloves and he eased out the air pockets. Then he unzipped the gas mask and withdrew it from her head. With a huge sigh she pulled in a lungful of air as the large gag plopped out. As he pulled off her swimcap, she moved her chin from side to side, and he then handed her a towel, which she rubbed over her short, matted hair. She glared at him; she had not spoken for what seemed like ages. 

“You’re a very sick man, you know that don’t you? How the hell can you come up with all this stuff in one day? You fucking cut my hair off, shaved my pussy, jeez….” She was more exasperated than mad at him, she was still mad at herself, but mystified by the whole day’s events.

“I suppose you are right Sue.” He was not offended by her outburst but in fact seemed to take her question in all seriousness. “But you know there are thousands, thousands of us “sickos” out there, quietly minding our own business and not interfering with others. The girls here do it for money, but the fun as well, I don’t force it on them. It pushes the boundaries of boredom and the mundane, Sue. You’re a thief Sue; I hardly think your morals are any better, in fact they’re far worse. If you hadn’t blundered in then someone else would be here acting a role, a volunteer, being paid for this, and in my experience also having a good time. However if I may say so, probably not doing half the job you are.”

“Yeah.” She rubbed her hands up her thighs, smoothing out a crease, a movement that Brian found faintly touching. “But I’m not a volunteer am I? Remember? Christ, I look terrible with this crew cut.”

“No you don’t Sue, you look really fabulous…and you know it…you look sexy in that outfit, a sort of tomboyish pixyness. Oh, and the reason you’re not a volunteer is that you tried to rob me, and we can go to the cop station anytime you want. It’s your choice. Now drop your head and I will slip the mask on.”

She did so, glowering at him, knowing she had little choice. And she also knew that she did look great, she would have liked to look terrible, it might have made her feel even more guilty and stupid than she already did, but she knew in her heart she looked damn sexy! She breathed in the heady, and now almost familiar aroma of the rubber mask as he carefully pulled it onto her face and then over her head. It was tight and it only zipped to the neck so he pulled it down hard.

“Fu….you nearly pulled my ears off!” 

“Calm down Sue, take it easy, I’ll zip you up now.” And he did; he liked her spunk, she had real spirit, but he thought the girls would be able to control her, they had better! He almost felt sorry that she was in a no-win situation….well almost sorry! Her voice was a little distorted by the mask.

“I look like a bloody tart in this, showing my shaved pussy and arse off to the world.” With her rubber gloved hands she pulled down the six inch “skirt” to cover her exposed pussy, but it simply sprang back up. As she was doing this she noticed he had left the room and she was left to look at herself in the mirror. She noticed her heart was pounding a little as she examined her long, sleek legs, tight waist and anonymous mask. 

To be honest she was glad of the mask as it made her anonymous and it made her display of her pussy and bum a little bit more tolerable. The suit was now warming up nicely and she had to admit to two things; it made her look pretty good….and more bizarrely, she actually liked its warm almost comforting grip. She was brought out of these thoughts by Brian returning with a tray, loaded with smoked salmon sandwiches, two glasses and a bottle of champagne!

“Trying to buy my favours.” She semi-joked.

“Honey is better than vinegar, I always say.” 

“Yeah but if the bee is already caught, why bother?” She had her hands on her hips, challenging him, and what a sight she was in black and white. He found this a little unnerving. 

“Because, I suppose, I choose to. I’m not going to force you to eat….although I could…maybe I’ll save that for a scene tomorrow.” 

“I don’t like the sound of that.” She said and sat down next to him, trying hard, and failing, to cover her groin with her ridiculously short skirt.

“Good, remember our contract, we still have another movie to shoot and I have an amazing mind for conjuring up some new scenes for you to endure.” He smiled and handed her a glass of champagne, which she now took without hesitation and drank in one….then handed him it back…for more. She realised she did have to keep her strength up, goodness knows what the women were going to do to her later, so she took three small sandwiches. Fortunately the mouth hole in the mask was sufficiently large for her to slide them into her mouth and very quickly she devoured them, washing them down with some more champagne, which she noticed was very good, and not one she could have afforded. 

He did not eat but sipped his drink and quite blatantly stared at her. She found this less disconcerting now, for of course she was masked and there was nothing he could see now that he hadn’t seen before!

“So….what’s on for this evening?”

“Probably best to keep it a secret again, to keep it fresh. The ends of the movies have to be complete blowouts, so you might not be too happy about it very much, but then…there is the other option.”

“You know well by now that I am in it up to the top of my pretty rubber head, so you don’t have to threaten me any more, okay?”

“Okay, point taken and I am happy you have seen “sense”. So how was the bathing ball?” She thought for a second.

“Well strange, like being in a womb, upside down, right side up, all over the place, a little weird. I was being abused and yet, I don’t know I felt safe, protected. Can’t explain it.”

“You just did! A return to the womb, many fetishists seek it…cocooned in rubber, inflated and immobile, they find peace like that, as you say, protected.”

“It sounds weird, but well, I can understand it at the same time. But the spanking, shit, that was sore! I really needed the rubber panties then.”

“And you looked wonderful in them Sue, no bullshit. How did the rubber feel? Be honest now.” She looked at herself in the mirror again, seeing her tight shiny body and anonymous mask.

“I’ve known about it of course, well some kids wear it in the clubs, you know, skirts and tops. But this stuff…” She passed her hands over her rubber dome and then her breasts. “Well it is a bit extreme.” She seemed to think again. “But, well as they say, as long as anyone isn’t getting hurt then I guess its okay. Of course I’m not exactly willing am I?” 

And she smiled at him through the mask. She looked at herself in the mirror again, raised her skirt and exposed her shaved pussy behind the small hole in her suit.

“You know this is one seriously fucking weird outfit, whorish and yet almost innocent. You spend a lot of time thinking of this fetish and money on this stuff don’t you?”

“Yes, I do, but everyone spends money on what they love. And everyone has to face their demons, I suppose I choose to do it in public more…and make some money at it as well. Having a kink, enjoying it, and making money at it…there is truly a God.”

Even she laughed at this, she had a nice, throaty laugh, he’d not heard it fully before. He liked it. There was a quiet moment between them, both caught in their own thoughts. She broke it

“I have to use the loo, too much champagne, I think.”

“Sure, in the bathroom there, I’ll clear this stuff up and in a few minutes the four of us will do the rest of the first film here. So why don’t you have a look round, we’ll join you soon.”

So he was entrusting her in his little dungeon. She went to the bathroom first and using her rubber fingers prised the hole in her rubber suit a little further open, shivering at the feeling on her shaved pussy and did her business. She wiped herself carefully, her labia was still very sensitive and then stood and stared at herself in the mirror for a full minute. An emotionless white mask stared back, the red lips not moving but the gap big enough or her to make out a portion of her own lips and teeth underneath. Just big enough to stick a cock in, she thought for no apparent reason. 

It was funny, she was staring at herself, and not at herself, just a face, a rubber mask with anybody underneath. She thought suddenly she could be very naughty, and yet it wouldn’t be her, would it? It would be the rubber doll behaving badly! Maybe that was why people liked to wear masks like these; it allowed them to be something, someone else, and then they could go wild and have fun..…with no recriminations! She ruminated that she rather liked the idea!

She now took some time to inspect the room. Chains and cuffs and a collar hung from the ceiling, there was the gyno chair of course, and strangely enough in the corner she hadn’t really paid any attention to the king sized bed and certainly hadn’t noticed the rubber sheets and pillows. Was the final scene to be here, she thought? Hanging from the ceiling by the bed was a suspended metal frame, like a trampoline, with black rubber stretched between the rectangle of metal. 

Sue was intrigued and inspected it more closely, there were clear eyepieces near the top and under them a reinforced half inch diameter breathing hole. She then noticed about a third of the way up a small double ended zip about three inches long which would be located opposite the groin and could be adjusted depending on the height of the poor bastard in there, she thought. A zip was at the side and a hose led to a small power vacuum. 

She figured this one out pretty quickly, you get shoved in here, zipped up, and then squeezed to immobility by the two skins of rubber while those outside can play with you as they wish. She chuckled at the devious inventiveness of it, and somehow she knew, she just had that feeling, that she was going to end up in this sometime in the next day or so!

Chapter Six

She was broken out of this reverie by the return of the three women followed by Brian, camera already operating. They had changed into identical snug red rubber catsuits, complete with bootees, gloves, and full head masks, with only eye and mouth holes. They were now indistinguishable, Sue wouldn’t know Kim from Viv, but maybe Julia was the slightly smaller of the three. Their firm boobs stuck out, supported by reinforced cups, their strong legs were sheathed in brilliant scarlet latex. But what really alarmed Sue was that strapped around each girl’s waist and through her legs was a large black rubber dildo! Three dildos of varying length and girth – as if each had a specific purpose. 

In gleaming red rubber they approached her, cornering her. This was preposterous she thought, but they were playing it for the camera, and playing it for real. Brian had told them the outline for the scene and how keen Sue was in making it seem real. He told them she would fight like a vixen but they must overcome her, no holds barred. He told them to just keep going, and play out their roles fully. He had managed to convince them that this brilliant new “actress” was living her role and they would just have to take control. He told them to gag her early – it would look good on the film, and of course it would silence her pleas.

“Jesus, if you think you’re going to use those things on me, then you have another…..” And they leapt on her. And she did fight, hard, but three on to one is not really fair. As she slapped and kicked out and swung, it was apparent the others did not expect this kind of resistance despite Brian’s little story. They assumed a struggle but not like this.

Finally they had her face down on the bed and with Viv and Kim holding on for dear life Julia held her head firmly and crammed a large O ring of rubber coated steel past her ruby lips and behind her teeth. With a series of straps, over the crown, around the cheeks and under the chin it was her voice was still loud, but now incomprehensible, and only a series of aaaahhhs and nnnnkkkks.

“Phew, that’s better, you’re quite a fighter aren’t you, miss black and white? I do like the outfit and by the way, the answer is yes, we do propose to use these on you. It is time you worshipped them and you will. Nicely smooth, three different sizes for different holes, three cocks, three holes, perfect.”

Although she was gagged, this did not stop Sue from struggling, and Brian could see that she was not going to play along; she was really going to fight! She tried to reach behind her head for the buckle but it was too tight and it gave Kim a chance to grab and hold her wrist. Sue’s mouth was now held open in a horrible invitation for a cock. Julia leant over, her face close to Sue’s.

“Don’t be shy my little harlequin, you my dear are going to get fucked, and bum fucked and mouth fucked. The only question is the timing and how long it will take us to subdue you.” 

Sue wailed through her gag and managed to knock Viv right off her, and then the other two joined the fray again. For the next three or four minutes Brian was in heaven as three red suited and masked dominas tried to subdue the single girl suited and masked in black and white. As rubber squeaked and slipped against rubber she flailed away which only made them more determined, but shortly she tired and the three took the upper hand. Panting and with dribble coming out of her gaping mouth she was dragged to the bottom of the bed. It was there that Viv sat as the other two manoeuvred Sue until Viv could grab her wrist and bring them up high behind her back. Sue was now facing out, with her legs either side of Viv’s thighs. And between them Sue could see the black dildo pointing up at her rear! It was clear they planned to plug her arse first and knock out some of her spirit. She figured this and so she fought harder. Finally, after a lengthy bout of squirming and wrestling, they held her, gasping and dribbling over the dildo, right below her black rimmed rear hole. 

They hung on to her tightly as Viv pulled her down and the others pushed. Her legs gradually gave way and she wailed as she was slowly impaled. The girls laughed as she wailed and was slowly plugged to the hilt. Viv now kept a firm hold on both wrists well up her back as she leaned back onto the bed exposing Sue’s pussy nicely circled in black rubber – like a bull’s eye. 

As she was held firmly Kim stepped between her legs, a sly smile behind her mask. The rubber prong in her arse felt as if it was splitting her, and now she was going to get stuffed from the front as well! Kim gripped the dildo and leant into Sue; it prised her lips apart and sunk in, much easier than the one in her arse, and Brian wondered if she was lubricated.

She was now impaled on two prongs, she could almost feel them touch inside her. Squeezed between these two rubber clad tyrants, giggling at her predicament, she was firmly held at waist and chest, with her arms held high behind her back. She had stopped wailing, she was now too tired and defeated. And now it was left to Julia, for Sue knew that she would get to do her mouth! Julia spoke as she gently rubbed the dildo barely three inches from Sue’s face.

“Now we are going to take our time with this, we need you to show some respect for this fellow here, so you will start with a licking and then slowly we’ll get you sucking it properly.” Sue shook her head and looked up, but Julia smiled and nodded, as if to say, oh yes, my dear nice and slow! Both her hands were free and she turned Sue’s head until the cock was at her mouth. 

“Tongue out now, come on dear, a little lick at the end and then round the head, we’ll take it easy.” As Julia said this Sue could feel Viv and Kim raise her slightly and then drop her on the two prongs, and then repeat it. There was little she could do, so she pushed out her tongue and felt the cool rubber at the end, and then she rimmed the head of the cock. Julia encouraged her.

“Good girl, good, get used to the taste and feel of it, relax now, good, for there will be much more to come.” And so under the quiet tutelage of Julia Sue continued to lick and suck at the rubber head while the other two women raised and lowered her in a slow rhythm, up and down on the two rubber prongs embedded in her front and rear. Julia seemed pleased with her performance for shortly she began to push the dildo further into Sue’s mouth. Sue wanted to protest of course but was in no position to do so. 

All these attentions were beginning to tire her. She was now being bounced on the two dildos, she wanted to scream but the two hands held her head firmly onto the thick rubber, pumping now hard into and out of her mouth. Her striped legs flapped either side of the woman facing her, she had assumed it was Kim, her arms were still severely folded behind her and up to her neck and held by a single hand of Viv. 

And now she could feel a finger and thumb squeeze between the rubber cock and her suit and start to seek out her clitoris! Then Viv brought round her free hand and began to fondle her breasts and squeeze and pinch her nipples. 

This was not going to happen; she said to herself, no way am I going to succumb to them like this. But Kim leaned in and took a free rubber-coated nipple and sucked it in her mouth, biting on it and rolling it in her teeth. She was being assaulted, attacked against her will, and now….she could feel herself becoming wet between her legs. Her body was going to betray her, how could it? She felt the front dildo now move easily in and out of her, and even more strangely, the rear one was becoming less discomfiting, it was as if she was almost getting used to it! 

This couldn’t be happening, she wanted to shout stop, stop now, but her body was warm and comfortable in the rubber suit and she was beginning to get a familiar tingle passing through her whole being. 

The thumb and finger had found her nubbin and Kim clearly knew what to do there. Viv pinched her nipple and rubbed her tender breast while Julia, almost tenderly held her head and eased it back and forward on the rubber cock.

They lifted her up and down effortlessly now; there was no protest or struggle from Sue. The dildos reamed her, back and front while her head bobbed up and down on the rubber cock in her mouth. 

And all this was being filmed!

But her body would betray her, for soon she could not hold back and began to shake and shiver with her first orgasm. She snorted through her nose, gulping in air as much as she could, for her mouth was well filled with the rubber cock. But the three women didn’t stop there; one orgasm would not be enough. Sue now felt her lower regions wet with her own juices as Kim continued to tweak and play with her clit. They chuckled as she came again, moaning loudly into her cock gag just a mmmfff being heard. 

Finally she glanced down and saw Julia grip the ball sac under the strap-on. Julia looked down at Sue and saw she was about to come a third time, then gave the ball sac a hard squeeze as she withdrew the cock until only the head was in Sue’s mouth. Sue suddenly felt a jet of liquid hit the back of her throat and started to retch. Julia held her head firmly and said reassuringly.

“There there, relax now, take it easy, it’s just a little something for you to swallow. Breathe through your nose now, and swallow, come on, you can do it, swallow now.” Sue, in the throes of an orgasm tried to concentrate and get her breath, and then swallowed. It tasted a little salty, but it wasn’t cum, no, she had tasted that before, it was a bit creamy and salty but that was all.

“Good.” Julia said. “Now here is some more.” And she squeezed the ball sac again as another jet hit the back of the throat. This time Sue was ready and swallowed without retching. Julia gave a final squeeze and finally withdrew the cock from Sue’s mouth. As Sue gulped in air the others slowly rose, literally holding her up by the dildos, then raised her up and both withdrew at the same time. Sue was exhausted and offered no resistance, just lying on the bed with Kim and Viv either side of her. Julia leaned over her.

“Time for bed now, my little slave. You have done well; you’ll be an excellent addition to my stable.” Sue groaned through her gag, but there was little fight left in her now. Her arse hurt like buggery (!) and her pussy had been well worked over too. She just wanted to get away from these women and rest. She allowed them to raise her up while one of them opened the side of the hanging vacuum bag that she had examined earlier.

Ah, she thought, so that is where they are going to stick me, and started to give them a bit of a token struggle. But she was tired now and very efficiently her legs were gripped together and pushed into the vertical bed. Once that was done it was easy for them to simply fling her torso past the zip. Suddenly she was plunged into almost total darkness accompanied by the heavy scent of rubber. She saw the zip being raised and flung her arm out but hands pushed it back in and she was quickly imprisoned as the zip was raised to the top. Her feet rested on the bottom rod as she swung slowly in the darkness. She heard Julia’s voice.

“Now listen slave, listen clearly. You will spend the night in this bag. Your every pore will be in contact with rubber, by tomorrow you should be nicely softened up for some more rubber indoctrination. By your head is a breathing hole that will fit nicely into your ring gag. There are also two lenses for you to see out. I suggest you align yourself immediately as we are going to suck all the air out of the bag with the vacuum here. So you will be glued in rubber, incapable of anything but breathing. Your pussy will also be well exposed opposite the zip here, we’ll just leave a couple of inches open but the power of the vacuum will ensure you wont get to move at all. There is a pressure valve down here, so should any air seep into the bag then it will be immediately sucked out again. So get to the mouth hole now, or quite simply you will be suffocated in rubber!”

Again, Sue realised that there was no point in fighting this and sought out the breathing hole. These women were going to win, well, they had won, she was sore, tired and humiliated and also mystified that she could have had all those orgasms when under their assault. She sought out, in the dark, the short breathing tube which fitted snugly into her ring gag, and she could now see out of the lenses at three grinning mouths in red helmets.

“Now align your pussy, we want to see your pretty shaven pussy, here I’ll help.” Julia moved the rubber sheet until the gap was opposite Sue’s exposed labia. 

“Okay, now spread out and get comfortable, you are going to be in here all night!” Sue dutifully spread her legs and then her arms to get as comfortable as possible. 

“Okay, Kim, hit it.” There was a humming sound and then, amazingly fast for Sue, and taking her completely by surprise the rubber was suddenly sucked onto her body, squeezing, pressing into every pore. Then it cut out, and there she was, glued in rubber, a black statue, able to only breathe and mutely look out on her tormentors, her shaven pussy pushed out in a pout, her only visible contact with the outside world. The women surrounded her, moving their hands over her rigid frame.

“Aaahh, aaahh.” She wailed through the breathing tube as one of them ran a finger over her labia, then prised apart her lips and slipped a finger in. she wriggled as best she could but the result was she simply swung in her unforgiving prison as the finger rubbed her clit. She was almost coming again when she heard Julia laugh and say.

“My, she is quite the sexy minx, but let’s leave some for tomorrow.” Sue felt a hard slap to her buttocks, not that well protected by the taut rubber, and then more laughter as she swung in her prison.

“Well, we are off to bed, slave. We will finish breaking you in tomorrow. By then you will be a compliant rubber slave, ready and willing to do anything we wish. Until then try and sleep well.” She slapped her hard again, and then all three left.

“And…cut, great girls, fantastic. Wow, what a fight Sue, you deserve an Oscar.” Sue aaahhh’ed through her gag, let me out for Christ’s sake! Viv returned with the two other women, big smiles on their faces. 

“We’re going to get out of this gear and then go for a drink, and maybe something to eat. Sue, that was unbelievable, just unreal. Brian, do you want to come along? We should get Sue out of this, or is she still in the role.” She joked, gently rubbing her breast. Bran interjected quickly.

No, it’s okay; I will release her in a minute. You guys go on ahead. Sue told me earlier that she had to get back home and see her boyfriend I think, lucky boyfriend, eh? So you guys finish off upstairs and have a good time tonight, you have sure deserved it. I’ll see you tomorrow at 10 if that is okay. I think Sue should be allowed a bit of a rest after today.” He grinned and the others laughed.

“I’ll say, I’ve never been involved in anything as intense as that before.” Julia came close to the slowly swinging Sue and looked into her eyes, staring back at her from behind the lenses. “That was some scene Sue, I do hope you are not avoiding us, I hope there are no hard feelings here, Brian said play it for real and I don’t think we could have got more real if we tried. Anyway we’ll see you tomorrow, and you won’t be able to get out of a drink then, we’ll kidnap you if you try to get out of it.” She patted Sue’s rubber covered rump and Sue aaahhhed again. It didn’t matter what she tried to say, it all sounded the same!

“Bye then, see you tomorrow.” And the three rubber clad women went upstairs to change and go out on the town. Yes, Sue thought, they were going to go out and have a good time, and here I am, glued inside these sheets, vacuum packed in rubber. She aaahhed at Brian, hoping to get some attention and maybe some sympathy – she didn’t. He grinned at her.

“They will tidy and lock up upstairs, they’ve done it before. Now it is just you and me again, Sue.” He chuckled and moved his hands over her taut gleaming body, then ran a finger down her labia.

“Still moist, I do believe you really got quite turned on there for a while. Sue I’ve decided it will be good for you to stew in this vacuum bed for the night…”

“Aaahhh, aahh…”

“No, no good, decision made!” And he left for the bathroom. How was she going to last the night in this damn trap? She tried to be calm, she thought she had been put in it only for the movie but now this bastard was going to keep her encased in it for the night! 

Shortly he returned, wearing a white rubber dressing gown. He sat on the bed and turned out all the lights save one by the bed. He leaned over and rested his hand against her solid gleaming thigh. She began to swing gently. Then he moved his hand up and she felt it at her labia, stroking it, and then prising it open. He moved his head forward out of her sight and she then felt something moist and warm at her opening. She shivered, he was licking and kissing her, then gently nibbling, oh God, she thought, don’t make me come. 

“I hope…” he licked, “it wasn’t…” he kissed, “too painful for you today….” He nibbled. “Many women like it up the arse, more sensual, tighter.” He sucked and parted her lips, then tweaked her again and she came, just like that, betraying her wishes. 

“Aarrrgh, ah ah ah.” He stood, looking into her lenses.

“Mmmm, maybe it wasn’t such torture after all.” He took off his gown and she glanced down at his naked body and yes, his hard cock sticking out. God, now he’s going to fuck me, she thought. But no, he wasn’t, he smiled, pinched her hard nipples, and then slapped her buttocks. Then he lay back on the bed and turned the light out. She felt a caress in the dark at her pussy. He was playing with her, almost absentmindedly. As she tried to relax she heard him say.

“Another big day tomorrow Sue. We could get another 90 minutes in the can and then, well….your contract is over. You’re free again. But I have been thinking of lots of new tests to put you through. I do hope you are up for it. I think you have the makings of a real star! G’night.”

Chapter Seven

Through the night she drifted in and out of sleep, she was sore and on occasion she would cramp painfully, but no matter how much she moaned Brian slept like a log! All in all she probably slept more than she thought she would have. 

When she did awake the lights were on and Brian was gone. She hung there, a silent black statue stewing in her own sweat, and awaiting her fate. She didn’t wait long, for Brian returned soon, this time clad in a skin tight black catsuit, the outline of his hard cock firmly held against his stomach. He approached her, cradling her breasts. 

“Rise and shine Sue, busy day ahead. I thought I would wear latex today, much more relaxing, for me anyway.” He released the hose from the bag and Sue almost collapsed within it as the air leaked in. He unzipped the side and helped her out. She was stiff and sore, and rubbed her limbs through the rubber suit. He then released the ring gag and harness. He was surprised he didn’t get a verbal roasting but she was too busy massaging her aching jaw and limbs. He unzipped her suit from neck to bum and helped her back out of it. She was soaked in sweat and her skin was a light shade of pink. Her short-cropped hair was matted to her head and her lips were slightly puffy. She felt rotten, sore and smelly!

“Time for a quick shower, off you go.” She needed no encouragement but as she passed him she took a shot.

“Super, great, are they going to fuck me raw like yesterday? I can’t wait.” She leapt for the shower and Brian made no comment, for he had big plans for her today, ones she would not relish. After basking under the steaming hot water for as long as she thought fit, she returned, towelling off her cropped hair, which, she got to ponder, she quite liked; it was so manageable like that. She walked naked and unashamed into the dungeon, and then glared at the costume he had laid out for her. He was amused at her reaction. 

“Oh come now Sue, you must know every red blooded male gets turned on by the French maid outfit. This is just a variation on it, in latex of course.”

She didn’t balk, just groaned and said “Jesus” under her breath. She realised that the faster this got started and the faster the camera was rolling then the faster she would be out of this. She would be free, she had – was still paying a hell of a penance but now she would see it through. She drew on the latex garter belt and then the tight panties with the frilly edging. She shuddered at their touch, her pussy still sensitive, bald and a little pink, and her sphincter had not fully recovered from the pounding it had the night before. 

If truth be told she thought the rubber wasn’t really all that bad…it was actually quite flattering the way it gripped you, shiny and firm. Under his gaze she powdered her legs and carefully pulled on thin latex stockings, and then elbow-length gloves, smoothing out all the creases. Brian approved.

“You’re getting very good at this.” He handed her a bra, reinforced and this time she noted, padded. She pulled it on and couldn’t believe how much it pushed her boobs up and out. 

“We thought you needed a little enhancement up top, you’re very nice and firm, but we thought we could make you a bit bigger.”

“Christ, I feel like some silicone enhanced porn star.” She said, feeling her pushed out boobs.

“And that…”replied Brian, “by and large Sue, is what you are right now. Fetish actress, I prefer but many would think that is just splitting hairs.” He chuckled as he saw her realise that this was indeed what she was.

“Yeah great, thanks for reminding me of that, although after last night I should hardly need any. God, my arse is still sore.” He held out the saucy black latex maids dress, she eyed him but stepped into it, pushing her gloved arms through the loose sleeves and tight frilled biceps. The skirt was flared and ridiculously short, with a white frilly hem. It ended at her stocking tops, but then she knew well enough that its design was not meant to be functional, but for pure titillation. Any movement and any bending would give everyone a nice flash of bare skin and frilly panties. There was also a high ruffled collar in white latex. 

Her boobs stuck out provocatively, for a while she hardly believed they were hers. He tied a small white pinafore round her slim waist and she slipped her feet into 5 inch black pumps – not ideal for dusting and cleaning but, again, that was not the point.

“Hands in front.” He ordered, she groaned but said nothing as he clipped steel bracelets round each wrist. Then he wrapped a 3 inch steel belt round her waist and locked it tight at the rear. He connected a chain at one bracelet, looped it through a ring at the front of the belt and then connected it to the other bracelet. So now she could move her arms, but one only at the expense of the other. She probably had about three feet of play between them. He stood back and admired her. She looked fabulous he thought.

“Masked or unmasked….I leave it up to you. Ashamed to show your face or you talents?” He was playing with her, needling her, almost willing her, forcing her into more rubber, but making it her choice!

“Well, not knowing what is going to be done to me, I think I’ll take the mask, thank you.” She replied in a resigned voice. He smiled at her decision and passing behind her, drew a black full head mask over her face. She breathed in the now almost familiar scent of rubber as he zipped it down and tucked it under her white collar. It had eye, nose and mouth holes, the mouth edged in ruby red lips. As a finishing touch he placed an elasticised rubber maid’s cap over her shiny dome. 

And there she was, a travesty of the French maid, a fetish object, saucy and sexy, and in bondage!

“I was wanting to gag you. But you do know your position here. The others think you are a willing participant…aspiring actress, very good one too…and I don’t want them to think otherwise. Do you understand? We will continue this charade until all is in the can, so no blurting out and imploring them for help. Otherwise you can kiss your money and the tapes goodbye. You play the role right and all will go well, otherwise you deal with me later.” 

“Okay, I get it, I’m not stupid, no need to paint a picture. I’ll play your little ingénue for you. The sooner it’s over the better, right?” He smiled at her compliance and nodded. He patted her almost exposed backside, and she gave him a withering look, or at least she hoped it was, but with a full head mask maybe he didn’t get the full effect.

“Good, scene one, day two coming up.” And he led her upstairs.

Chapter Eight

“Here she is, the star of the show, and all nicely rubbered up and ready.” Brian patted her bottom as they entered the kitchen. It was Julia that spoke first; the women were at the kitchen table, in a very relaxed mood.

“Wooo, look at you. You’re quite a sight. You look great. So are you ready for the big day? You must be a bit sore after yesterday. I hope we weren’t too hard on you, but you fought like a cat and Brian likes it realistic.” 

“Oh no,” Sue replied, eyeing Brian, “it has to be realistic. But, yeah, I am a bit sore, particularly my bum hole.” She attempted to give a small laugh. 

“I’ll bet; we gave you a good rogering all right.” Kim chuckled. “But you’re a star Sue, no doubt about it. Where did you get those boobs by the way, they’re dynamite.” She reached up and felt them; Sue was now beyond feeling embarrassed at this familiarity with these women. 

“Well, they’re not all mine, Brian felt I needed a little help in that department. But they feel real, weird really.”

“Well Brian thinks of everything. Now Sue, about later in the script.” Julia said, and approached Sue and put a hand on her shoulder. “You don’t have to worry about it, okay?”

“Okay, sure.” Sue said, now a little nervous.

“I’m a pro, I do that for a job – amongst other things. Brian said you were up for it…all the way…so it’ll be a great scene.” 

“Great.” Sue said, but thinking, what now?

“I have all the equipment…and my helping hands here.” She smiled down at Kim and Viv. It was then that it dawned on Sue that they were all dressed in travesties of nurse’s uniforms – white stockings, high heeled pumps, white gloves, blue tunics with white collars and ruffled sleeves and long white aprons. What on earth were they going to do? Operate on her?

The others looked on her admiringly; they looked pretty good themselves, professional make-up and no hair out of place. Brian suggested they get started; he didn’t want them talking too long. So they started with a kitchen scene in which Sue, as the maid would serve the women. So for the next fifteen minutes, with very few cuts, they played out their roles. 

The women had fun, very relaxed in their roles as dominas. They made disparaging remarks about the slutty maid, lifting her skirt, slapping her panties, pulling on her stocking tops and letting them slap her thighs. Kim even grabbed her round the waist while Viv slid her hand under her panties and rubbed her clit. 

Sue wriggled and squirmed and wobbled on her heels. She made them breakfast, not an easy exercise in heels and cuffs and made all the more difficult as the three women had fun with her. There was an easy affability about the women, playing their dominant roles in front of the camera. Poor Sue was the butt of all of the jokes and innuendo. She said nothing, like a good maid, squeaking when slapped or pinched but playing the role to Brian’s satisfaction. Then Julia said.

“Well we’ve eaten; I suppose it is rubber maid’s turn now.” The others grinned malevolently and Julia pointed to a high-backed chair at the table. As Sue sat down in it, Viv blended some concoction of mush; Sue saw eggs, milk and other stuff tossed in. Kim meanwhile had passed a thick strap around Sue, over her padded breasts and under her armpits securing her to the chair. Due to her wrist chains no other bonds were needed, she was powerless again.

As she turned her head Sue could see that Viv held in her hand a baby’s bottle, but a big baby’s bottle with a huge teat, probably for feeding calves or foals. 

“Oh no, no way are you going to fee….arrgg…grrrrgg…mmmm.” And as Julia firmly held Sue’s protesting head Viv pulled down her chin and thrust the large teat into her mouth past her ruby red lips. She began to gag and splutter and Julia cooed into her ear.

“Breathe easy now, rubber maid, breathe slowly now…..easy…..relax….good…relax.…now suck…and swallow…suck…and swallow.” As Julia held her head as if in a vice, Sue looked up into her calm face. She waggled and swung her legs, uselessly, she rattled her chain and bracelets, she could just about get to Viv’s wrist and then Kim slapped her own wrist hard. So she wisely withdrew it and concentrated on swallowing all the glop without gagging on it. Suck slowly and swallow, then breathe, then repeat. 

Christ the teat was so big. Her head was bent back and she could only look up at their three smiling faces. They looked almost motherly, decked out in their nursing gear. For five minutes it was quiet, she – a baby in their arms, they – motherly, firm. The gruel was pretty tasteless she thought, some sort of baby compound with eggs and milk. 

But she eventually got the hang of it and the women nodded as the level in the bottle dropped and Sue filled up! When finished, Viv removed the bottle with a pop and Kim wiped her mask clean. They released her and ordered her to wash the dishes, which she did with some difficulty owing to the cuffs and chain. Then she dropped a cup and it broke on the floor. The others looked at each other and in an ad lib moment Julia said.

“Naughty rubber maid, come here…now!” Julia pulled her over her lap. Holding her down with one hand she raised her short skirt exposing rubber panties, stockings and suspenders and gave her a sound spanking with her rubber gloved hand. Sue squealed, but was thankful for the rubber panties, which helped a bit, although Julia was a practised spanker, and when she was finished Sue’s buttocks were on fire. They let her rise; Sue said nothing but gently rubbed her backside. 

“That should do for now. So let’s take her downstairs and decorate her with her jewellery. For this she’ll need to be thoroughly gagged.” 

She pulled off maid’s rubber bonnet and Kim produced a head harness in hard, flexible rubber with straps either side of her nose, then over her head and under her chin. Attached at the front was a large red rubber ball that was crammed between her red rubber lips and into her mouth. 

“Arrgghh…ark…kaaa…nnnggg.” Sue gurgled and then she mmmmffed as they tightened the straps. At the side of the ball were large rings and Sue was now experienced enough to know that the ball could be removed and replaced with another device of silence and obedience. Having all the straps pulled tight now reduced her to a nose breathing bound beauty. 

“Everything is ready downstairs, let’s go.” They dragged her back to the dungeon. They slapped her hard as she struggled, god, they are acting this out, Sue thought. Once in the dungeon they removed her bracelets and cuffs, then her maid’s dress, holding on to her firmly, prepared for her flight. There was one but even Sue admitted to herself it was a token one. Next they pulled off her panties and then her bra. She was now left in heels, stockings and suspenders, gloves and the helmet and gag. 

They pushed her into the gyno chair, strapping her ankles, calves, thighs and then her waist, above and below her boobs, then wrists and biceps. All she could now move was her head and that was soon taken care of with a strap from the headrest coming over her head and across her forehead. She was now utterly unable to move anything and she stared out mutely at them, saliva forming at her rubber lips. She was now getting an unpleasant feeling about this! Julia moved to between her legs and leaned down, her face a few inches from Sue’s masked head.

“Hello rubber maid, we are going to complete your transformation to complete rubber slave. We propose to ring you, to pierce your flesh and place your rings of permanent slavehood on you.” As she said this all three women pulled on white rubber bathing caps and then full surgical masks of white rubber. Then each donned thin surgical gloves over the gloves they were already wearing. For the benefit of the camera, Julia explained it in more detail to the horrified but mute Sue.

“Here at your nipples we will implant ring an inch in diameter, from which later we can suspend weights or bells or other ornaments. The rings are quite thick and I can assure you the piercing will hurt.” Her eyes smiled behind the rubber face-mask, which billowed in and out as she breathed. She seemed to be enjoying the strong smell of the latex.

“For your nose here, a simple pierce through the septum, followed by a half inch diameter ring.” Now Sue was wailing into her gag, but only a stifled mmmm could be heard. Only her fingers were able to move, her chest rose and fell and her eyes darted from left to right. But other than that, there was no movement. Stop it, stop this now, she tried to scream, this is crazy, but only a muted mmmm could be heard. 

Secretly, the other women admired her fortitude for enduring the real operations, which would indeed hurt, and they also admired her acting but Brian had convinced them she was up for it and they should go all the way with her, no matter the extent of her struggles. Poor Sue could not win, it dawned on her. Julia ran a rubber-covered finger along Sue’s labia.

“But that is not all; in order to fully bring you to appreciate your permanent slavehood, it is necessary to ring you in your most sensitive area, here, your sweet shaved pussy. Now its no use struggling, far to late for that. I will place two rings here, longitudinally in your labia opposite each other; this will help us control you. You will find this out later when we exercise you.” 

Efficiently gagged with ball and harness Sue could do nothing but moan as Julia squeezed her left breast and then rubbed her nipple. With a small aerosol can Viv sprayed the nipple followed by the right one. Then she leaned down by Julia’s side and aimed a lengthy spray at Sue’s gaping pussy. The spray was cold and Sue shivered but could do little else. 

As Julia smiled behind her mask, rolled her nipple between her finger and thumb, Sue began to lose some sensation.

“Pain killing spray, the magic sponge, it will deaden the pain a bit but you will still feel this.” She held up the piercing gun and placed it on her nipple. Sue closed her eyes, it was bad enough to feel it, she didn’t want to see it as well. She felt a jolt of pain and clamped down on the rubber ball in her mouth. She felt fingers on her nipple, manoeuvring something cool and metallic. Then they moved to her right side. She had not opened her eyes yet, and did not until they finished her right nipple. She opened them then, and saw two large rings embedded there. Julia was daubing the area with a cotton swab, but Sue was surprised to see very little blood, which she could feel right now racing through her veins. They taped two antiseptic swabs over her nipples and now moved to her labia. 

They moved with quiet efficiency, the only sound in the room being Sue’s moans. Despite the spray when Julia pierced her left labia, Sue wanted to hit the roof, and then the process was repeated on the right labia. Julia stepped back and placed a small hand mirror between Sue’s legs.

“Here slave; now look at our handiwork, your rings of obedience.” Sue looked down between her ringed breasts and saw in the mirror two half-inch rings through her labia, opposite each other and running parallel with her slit. Sue was now in a daze and in no condition to offer any resistance when Kim cut the small rubber section between the two nostril holes of her mask and sprayed into her nostrils. They allowed it little time to take effect as Julia quickly pierced her grisly septum (Sue thought this may have been the most painful) and passed a half inch ring through, efficiently squeezing the ends together then instantly sealing them together with epoxy glue. 

Sue was now almost unconscious, pussy, nipples and septum now ringed and throbbing. There was now no fight in her as they released her from the chair. Tears had rolled down the inside of her mask and saliva off the ball gag. She was in a daze as they slapped the inside of her thighs and forced her to step into a reinforced rubber leotard. She was still wearing her stockings and gloves, but she noticed a one inch hole in the leotard for her pussy and two steel edged vertical slits through which Kim pulled her labia rings. Similarly there were one-inch holes at nipples and after taking off the cotton swabs her nipple rings were pulled through. The leotard was sleeveless but high necked and reinforced so Sue had to raise her chin. The leotard was steel ribbed and Kim and Viv had to pull hard at the sides for Julia to zip up the back. Still in dull pain and shock Sue was now encased in rigid rubber.

She would have given herself up to the cops now, and taken her punishment, but it was too late for that, far too late. There was no escape, no going back. She stood still, saliva coming down her chin, held firmly by the neck brace. She allowed them to twist her arms behind her back and slide mittens over each gloved hand. Then these were pulled excruciatingly higher until they almost touched the neck brace before being chained to a ring there. 

They then bent her over and spread her legs. Oh God no, what next? But there was no chance of a struggle as Julia slid a well greased butt plug into her arse. Her sphincter automatically clamped down on the narrower end exposing a small hole with a screw thread inside and a small ring above it. It was now well embedded. She wailed into her gag again but got no response from the three assailants. She was then straightened up, her arms almost numb, her pussy and nipples pulsing with a dull ache.

“Wider, wider slave.” Julia commanded, playing the role to the hilt, then prising her lips apart, slid a shiny pink rubber dildo into her vagina! As Julia pushed in, Sue wailed, her legs shaking. At the end of the dildo was a similar vertical ring and Julia aligned this with the two labia rings on either side then adroitly slipped a one inch self locking ring horizontally through all three. Sue was now locked in the leotard and the dildo was locked in her!

Kim now produced a series of lengthy chains, her chains of slavehood. Firstly they swiftly removed her ball gag and before she had time to vent a scream of help or defiance, Julia had slipped a thick rubber covered bit into her mouth and attached it to the two bridle rings by her cheeks. At least she could now breathe out of her mouth, Sue thought ruefully, but there was no chance of any intelligible conversation. 

They now ran a chain round her waist and through a steel ring at her belly button, then they attached a chain to her butt plug ring and attached the other end to a ring on the chain in the small of her back. A further extension went to her collar under her taut arms. This tension pulled her erect. A ring with two thin chains was attached to her nose ring and the two ends were attached to her nipple rings. Another thin chain was attached to the ring holding the dildo in, passed up through her belly button ring and attached to her nipple rings. 

Satisfied, they stood back. Sue was soon well aware of the devious design. Any movement of her torso or head would create pain and discomfort somewhere! Bend over and she would pull the butt plus and arms painfully. Bend back and she would pull on nipples, labia and nose rings. Pull her head to the left and the right nipple will hurt (and pussy) and vice versa. So all she did was stand as still as she could.
Viv bent down and ordered her to raise a foot, she obeyed and they replaced her high heels with a boot designed in a strange facsimile of a horse’s hoof. It was even shod with a metal horseshoe. The placement of her foot inside was not too high so she was….relatively….stable. The process was repeated on the other foot. Then the final indignity, Julia showed Sue three small bells and a pony-tail. The pony-tail was blonde and about twelve inches long. It was held together by a screw attachment at an angle to the tail. Sue immediately knew it was her hair, her glorious blonde hair that was on her head yesterday!

“Much more appropriate attached to your arse, I think. Now bend over.” As Sue bent as far as the chains would allow without ripping something off her body, Julia screwed in the tail and when she stood up it sprouted nicely from her arse! She felt it tickle the tops of her thighs. Then Julia laughed and shook the three small bells in her hand.

“You know where these are going.” She said, and attached one to each nipple and then, bending down the third to the ring at the base of the dildo that was locked inside her. Oh God, how did I get to end up like this, she thought.

Chapter Nine

The three women now admired their totally controlled, rubber bound, dildo’d and butt plugged, ringed and gagged beauty! They took off their surgical masks, caps and gloves and swarmed her, testing the chains, gently pulling the rings, rattling the twinkling bells, smoothing out the rubber costume, wiping her dribble, ignoring her groans, grunts and gasps. 

And what about Sue?

Well, the whole plan had worked for Brian, she was now thoroughly beaten, thoroughly a slave, now prepared to do anything they wished. She was a rubber pony-girl, chained, ringed, gagged and plugged. She had no fight left at all. She could barely move her torso without inflicting some sort of pain or discomfort – on her body, nose, nipples or pussy. Her arse throbbed, her arms were numb, her mouth held open in a toothy grimace, salty tears were trapped behind the mask, feet were crammed into these ridiculous hooves. She would now do anything; she just wanted it to be over. She’d suck all three rubber cocks now, she’d have them up her arse, she just wanted it to end.

Julia eased close to her, placing a hand on her buttock next to her tail.

“Now listen carefully, you are our slave, our rubber plaything, and now our pony-girl. You will do everything we command; the whip is your master, we…your mistress. Question us, and you will be punished. This, being a pony-girl, will be your last test of slavehood. We are sure you will succeed, if you don’t you will endure more pain and discomfort.” Their eyes met; there was no way anyone would believe they were acting for Julia was a genuinely intimidating domina. Sue decided it would be wise to obey her; she hoped, prayed it would soon be over. Julia continued, gripping her buttock.

“You are our possession, obedient, silent, acquiescent, a rubber doll to exist for our pleasure. Your previous life is over, only the future is of importance to you now, to serve and please us.” Imperceptibly, Sue nodded, yes; she would do all they asked. The women slowly led her up and out of the house. Next to the swimming pool was a buggy, a two-seater, with a standing board at the rear; God, she thought, she was going to have to pull all three of them. And it was raining! Julia laughed.

“Oh dear, poor pony-girl is going to get wet, but not us.” Viv brought them three black rubber capes, ankle length with full hoods and they put them on, laughing amongst themselves, barely noticing Sue standing still under the rain. She waited obediently, forlorn and now completely beaten. They covered their blue and white nurses uniforms in black rubber and led her to the buggy. The rain was getting harder and she felt it pounding on her rubber mask and bouncing off her chest. She tried to adjust to her hooves. Strangely, relative to everything else, they were quite comfortable. 

They backed her into the arms of the buggy, attaching them to rings at the hips of her leotard. They attached reins to the rings at her cheeks, any pull on them and her bit, and head, would be pulled viciously – it was a very effective method to induce obedience. She tried to stay erect, feeling the rings through her tender nipples, and the labial rings pulled tight around the dildo. 

The women returned to the buggy and Viv and Kim sat while Julia stood on the running board behind them, reins in her left hand. Then she flicked Sue’s buttocks with the long whip in her right hand and Sue stepped off. At first she could hardly move it, but once going she felt better. She held her head high and her back straight, well aware that moving her head or torso would bring immediate discomfort to any one of a number of her tender spots! The chains jangled and her metal hooves made a loud clomping on the concrete by the pool.

She tried to concentrate, she wanted to be a good and obedient pony, she didn’t want any more pain; and the sooner this was over the better. While she wanted to return to her “normal” life, she was now, she conceded forever changed. For she now knew she liked the rubber! The stockings, the tight leotard, and the gloves, their tight cling and shine – particularly now in the rain – she was well aware flattered her physique. She also admitted she liked the feel of it. 

The mask kept her dry from the pounding rain, which was not letting up, her tears underneath had now dried and she cried no more. With every movement the chains pulled on the dildo and butt plug, and she noted how tender and sensitive her breasts were. The bells jingled happily from her labia and breasts. After a few minutes, she began to notice a warm glow at her nipples and pussy. 

No, no this can’t be happening! She was becoming aroused! This was ridiculous, she was a bound, gagged pony-girl – plugged back and front, and she was getting turned on, no, this was not possible. She tried to take her mind of it, concentrate on feeling the reins leading her, a pull to the left, a flick on her buttocks and she moved to the left and speeded up. Julia put her through her paces, on concrete, gravel and grass; Sue trotted ahead, her black armour shining under the heavy rain. For Brian, who had been filming for over an hour virtually non-stop, this scene was beyond his wishes, she was a natural, quite stunning in her gear. He didn’t want it to stop, but it would soon, much to his disappointment.

The women were also hugely impressed by her form; head erect, attentive to the whip and she had some stamina too! But all good things had to come to an end and Julia pulled on her reins and the rubbered, plugged and pierced pony came to a halt. She was panting now, spittle down her chin, and her chest rising and falling as she gulped in air. But the strange thing was, she did not feel too bad at all. The rings now were just a dull ache, and the rubber she was well used to, and the dildo and butt-plug? Well, less said about that the better! For she knew she was wet inside, her body had betrayed her, for it had sought pleasure even in these strange predicaments. 

The women dismounted and crowded around the pony, a hand went to her crotch; she could not bend away, for that would just pull on any one of her chains. So she moaned through her bit as Viv pressed in her dildo, pulling on her labia rings. Meanwhile Kim gently twisted the tail in her rear and pressed as well. Sue groaned, was it in pain or pleasure? Now even she was confused. 

“Well girls, I do believe we have a really obedient rubber pony, a slave who…” She looked down at Sue’s crotch where her juices had found a way out of the suit, “…is getting to like her slavehood. So we have a very welcome addition to our stable, she will provide us with many weeks and months of entertainment, I’m sure, and it looks to me as if she will get some pleasure too, the naughty slave! So let’s get her inside.” 

“And….cut. Fantastic girls, I’ve never seen anything like that, we must have gone a whole hour without a break. Fantastic! We’re done, two movies, two days, incredible.”  Then Julia spoke.

“It’s all Sue, Brian. You’re amazing honey, just amazing. You have some serious future in this business, you could make an awful lot of money. We do all right but you’re a star! I hope the ringing wasn’t too bad, I thought you stood up to it very well and you are really beautiful in that rig. Brian, you are going to make a fortune with these two movies, I think we should renegotiate our contracts.”

“Oh no, cash on the nail, just the way you like it, and may I remind you that you do pretty well here. Anyway I have to get Sue out of her rig, you guys go off and change and clean up.” 

Kim approached Sue, still standing obediently. 

“Sue, you can’t get out of this. You must come for a drink and meal with us. You must, hey, we’re a team now. We’re going to Alberto’s, we’ll be there in say forty minutes, okay?” Sue wasn’t so sure, the girls were a happy crew but frankly she just wanted to get the hell out of there.

“I’m sure Sue would love to but she said she was meeting her boyfriend again, you’ll be able to meet another time, I’m sure.” Brian wanted to finish this fast.

“Okay, well I’m sorry we can’t do it tonight, Brian will give you our cell numbers and we should chat soon, call us anytime, we have to get together. After what we’ve done in the last two days it seems like we know you pretty well.” Kim chuckled and the others joined in, then she patted her rubber-covered rump and the others waved as they returned to the house to change and clean up. 

They thought it was strange that she didn’t want to socialise with them but after what they had done to her, maybe she needed a break from them for a while, but then it was only acting, right? But what acting!

He took her, led her like an obedient pony by the reins, back down to the basement. He took his cape off and sat down, leaving her standing erect.

“We’ll wait for them to leave, they shouldn’t be more than ten minutes or so.”

She groaned into the bit, her eyes implored him to release her. She had done everything he asked and more and now, right at the end she had to wait him out. But he ignored her pleas, instead breathing in her bound beauty; plugged, rubberised, pierced and gagged, she was a wonderful sight. She was no longer embarrassed at his inspection, how could she be, after what she had been through. 

She’d long lost all feeling in her arms, and as she moved her hooves, clomping on the floor of the dungeon she began to shiver. He took a towel and wiped the rainwater from her masked head and then the leotard, relishing the chance to rub her fine breasts and firm backside. Gently he rubbed her groin and nipples and then her tail, she shivered again, but not from the cooling water, instead she was ashamed to note it was from his attentions. She didn’t need this and she certainly didn’t need him to see her reactions!

She groaned, spittle dripping form her bit. Inside her rubber mask and bodysuit she was soaking with sweat, exhausted, sore and abused. She leaned against the wall, waiting, waiting. Nothing was said now, time passed slowly, and then they heard the door slam and cars leave the property. He looked up and smiled. 

“Well, here we are, alone, you’ve honoured your part of the contract…now shall I?” Alarm showed in her eyes and she growled behind her bit, but he held up his hands.

“Okay, relax, take it easy. I was…just joking.” She was however by now in no mood for jokes. He began to release her slowly. First he released the short chain holding her arms high behind her back. They dropped to her sides and she screamed into her bit as the pain erupted all along them. Then with tears streaming down the inside of her mask, he removed the three bells and released the chains connecting her nose ring, nipples and labia, followed by the butt-plug chain and waist chain. She had now collected herself; there was some movement in her arms. She aaahhed and pointed to her bit but he didn’t seem to want to remove that yet!

He bent her forward without any resistance from her, and very gently unscrewed the tail (her own hair!) from the butt-plug and then eased the plug out of her rear. She aaaahhhhed and groaned as her bum seemed almost reluctant to release it, but out it plopped with an audible sigh from Sue. He then came round to her front and squatted in front of her.

“You didn’t come, did you?” He chuckled.

“Arrgghh, aaahhh.” No, she violently shook her head, will you ungag me you bastard! He took off the locking ring and her labia rolled back and allowed him to slowly ease the dildo out of her pussy. He held it up in front of her and smiled.

“I’m not sure you were telling the truth there.” Certainly it was a gleaming pink and Sue closed her eyes and shook her head. Have all the fun you want, she gurgled into the bit, but just release me! Her arms were still useless at her sides; she could clench her fists but not raise them yet. But he was in no hurry as he removed her heels and then rolled down her sodden stockings. He took off her mittens, and she now was able to slowly rub her arms. He helped her off with the long gloves and then unzipped the back of the leotard and she eased backwards out of it. She was now clothed in garter belt, which she removed immediately and the mask, harness and bit. Then as she wiped herself dry, he gently released the bit from the bridle ring and removed the harness. For a number of seconds she just swallowed and moved her sore jaw around. Then, still with her mask on she said, quietly but dripping with irony.

“So, are you happy now? The movie in the can and money in the bank?”

“Mmm, delighted actually. You were wonderful, as the others said you could have a huge impact in this industry.” 

“Hey, never mind that, look at me, I’m fucking scarred, Jesus, how would you like to be pierced and skewered with hardly any anaesthetic?” Her question didn’t require an answer. 

“Aahh, but all for the sake of art, Sue, you have made a brave and significant contribution.” He chuckled at his mordant wit. 

“Yeah…right. So I’ve fulfilled my part of the so-called bargain. I want the tapes, my wallet, my  clothes..…and the money!” They went upstairs to his safe and he handed her the tapes, and her wallet. Then he handed her a large envelope and said.

“All cash, $5,000 as promised, you can count it if you want.” She looked at him for a second and said.

“I don’t know why I should but I think I trust you on this one.” Nonetheless she opened it and flicked through the bills, there was an awful lot of them! He pointed to the couch where her clothes were stacked. She said, after some thought.

“My undies are dirty, mind if I borrow some of yours.” She stood provocatively, hands on hips, mask still on, and her body adorned by the rings. 

“No, of course not, but I only have rubber… understand.” 

“Yes, I know…that’ll do. I’m getting used to it anyway.” He left and returned quickly with an armload of rubber clothing, dropping them on the couch. She leaned over and selected a pair of high cut French panties in black latex with white trim. 

“Before you do that I think we should just make sure all the rings are okay. Can I suggest that I….you rub in some of this antiseptic ointment, make sure there is no chance of infection; here, you can keep the container.” She looked at him quizzically; all of a sudden he was concerned! She watched him watching her, as she gently rubbed the solution over her nipples and then her labia. 

“Enjoying yourself?” 

“Yes, of course, what red blooded male wouldn’t? You’re very pretty Sue, and all men like watching pretty girls.”

Well, she thought, she couldn’t really deny that. Her nipples and labia were now a very slight ache, almost gone. She winced slightly as she pulled up the panties, the labia rings were now flat but Brian could see the outline under the thin latex. She pulled on a thin rubber bra, again wincing slightly. Then she stepped into her spandex tights and her floppy top that covered her erect nipples. She looked around and then looked at him.

“I won’t say it has been nice knowing you, Brian. I would just love a couple of hours with you downstairs in your dungeon, giving you some of your own medicine. How’d you like to be pierced, say through your cock, mmm, that would be fun, and then a nice big cock up your arse? All in all I guess it was worth $5,000, just, it’s bailed me out of a big hole, but then I paid a good price, didn’t I, all these fucking rings.”

“Look, about the…”

“Forget it. Right now I don’t care how I look….Jesus, I’m still wearing the mask, I’ve been masked for so long I didn’t even notice it. Christ, what a sight I’d have been on the streets  with that! Thanks for telling me!” She stripped it off, carefully avoiding the large nose ring, then rubbed her matted hair with a towel, it took no time to dry it.

“Right, I’m off, I expect you’ll make a ton of money with the movies but I don’t expect I’ll see them, not on general release, eh?” Without a further word between them she grabbed her possessions and the envelope and left the house.

Chapter Ten

God, she was free! And $5,000 richer, wouldn’t it be ironic if she got mugged now. She walked down the street to where she had parked her old beater; she pulled the key out of the pouch in her tights and sat down. Her arse was still sore but she found for some reason the slowly warming rubber of the panties and the bra strangely comforting. She felt the ring in her septum and then those between her legs; she’d have to go to a piercer to get them removed, which would probably be painful. 

The only way to meet Julia again was to go to Alberto’s. She didn’t really want to go like this, with a shorn head (well, she supposed that was all right) but a bloody ring in her nose, but……what the hell. They seemed like okay girls, although what they had done to her may make some people think otherwise. Hey, they were only doing their job, and very well!

She drove carefully to the restaurant, images of the last two days crossing her vision. Ten minutes later she’d parked and taking a big gulp of air stepped into the restaurant. It would have been an exaggeration to say that all conversation stopped but it certainly went quiet. She looked around for her “friends” who also looked up to see why it had gone quiet. But once they had seen her they waved and yelled at her, not caring one whit for the other patrons. Sue felt better already; she strutted across to them, feeling a little warm and moist in her panties and bra, ignoring the stares. She approached the table and Julia stood up and hugged her. Sue winced a little and Julia looked down and made a face.

“Shit, sorry, I forgot, hey, great you could come. Here, sit next to me. Look we’ve got champagne, good stuff too, let’s get another bottle.” They made a big deal of her company, they were in street clothes but with some leather and cleavage and clearly everyone else in the room were aware of four beautiful women in the corner having a celebration. Every male in the room was staring at them, which didn’t please the women they were with, and Sue rather liked that. The women made her feel very comfortable, they chatted very easily about everything, and not just the scenes they had done together. But after the second bottle had arrived the conversation got back to the previous two days. Kim spoke.

“Sue, you look great, Man, that was a wild two days, and you were amazing. I hope you got paid well. We get paid well, but frankly we have a good time too. But you were on the receiving end. So how do you feel, are you okay?” Sue looked at each of them; she wasn’t fully relaxed yet despite their efforts. 

“Oh, fine, I think, a bit sore still.” The others chuckled and Julia put her arm around her.

“Yes, well that’s to be expected really. I hope we weren’t too hard though. Brian said you were up for it, and not to hold back.” 

“Yes, well he would, wouldn’t he?” Sue said dryly. The others looked a bit quizzical and Viv then spoke.

“So where’s the boyfriend.” 

“What boyfr….oh, I don’t have one, Brian just said that to you guys so that we could be….well, so he could pay me off, right?” Again the others exchanged glances.

“Yeah, sure, so why the nose ring?” 

“What do you mean, why the nose ring. You put it there.” 

“I know, but why are you still wearing it? Didn’t Brian offer to take it off?”

“What do you mean? No, you mean it can come off?” 

“Yes, of course the nose ring is made of very soft metal. It can be cut really easily. Your nipple and labia rings are of stronger metal. I can take them off if you want but I thought you wanted to keep them. The nose ring was a sort of an afterthought by Brian so we just made it of softer metal so it could be cut off afterwards. Look Sue, what’s going on here, I’ve got a strange feeling here.” 

“Oh, it’s nothing really, nothing.” She looked down at her glass; the others were silent, exchanging glances as they saw a tear well up in her eye. Julia gripped her arm and talked gently to her.

“Okay Sue, cut the bullshit, something happened back there, and we want to know. You had better tell us the story, all of it, now.” 

She looked up at them, from one sympathetic face to another; the happy mood of the meal had turned very quiet. She took a big breath….and told them….the whole story, all of it. For twenty minutes she spoke, taking short sips of her drink while the others said nothing, just exchanging glances.

When she had finished it was, finally Julia who spoke first. 

“My God, Sue, I’m so sorry, we had no idea.” 

“No, I understand that, I’m not blaming you, not at all. You were doing your job, and well….doing it very well.” She forced herself to smile.

“Well, thank you but, if we had known you weren’t a willing participant…..Christ! Look, we’re professionals and we get paid pretty well for all this. And Sue, the real kicker is, we enjoy all this. We get a kick out of it. We all enjoy getting dressed up in the latex and playing out roles; believe it or not we get a real buzz from this stuff. We get rid of all our aggression and have a bit of fun on the side. But we are consenting, consenting.” She emphasised, and the others nodded vigorously in agreement. Kim took up the cause.

“If we’d known you were doing this out of bloody blackmail, then we just wouldn’t have gone ahead. It’s ridiculous. Jesus, what we put you through, and we all thought you were the greatest actress in the world, no wonder!” And then she chuckled. “Oh God, I’m sorry, it’s just so bloody ironical.” 

“No, its okay, have a chuckle, I don’t mind, I don’t blame you and….I have to admit, it does have a funny side. You happily gagging and plugging and fucking and piercing me in the belief I was getting off on it. And the more I fought, the more you thought I was doing a great acting job!” She dropped her head and laughed herself. They had finished the second bottle of wine and were now a little giggly. The food had arrived and they tucked in, Sue was ravenous. It was Viv who spoke next.

“Okay girls, let’s get serious. First things first, Julia, take Sue into the ladies and get that nose ring off, yes? You have some cutters in your purse and some coagulant and antiseptic cream so let’s get that done now. Sue, I’m afraid that the labia and nipple rings will have to stay for now, Julia needs her proper cutting tools for that.”

“That’s okay. I’ll wear them as a medal of honour for now. I’m not ashamed. Actually I have a confession to make. The labia and nipple ones I don’t mind so much, now the ache is almost gone. I have got rubber panties and bra on underneath and I feel quite nice and…..well, moist.” The others looked at her and then laughed aloud together.

“Well, well, we’ve got ourselves a pervy one here. Good for you Sue, I think we’re going to be good friends all right. But let’s get the nose one out shall we?” Sue smiled, nodded and followed Julia into the ladies. 

A couple of minutes later they returned, Sue smiling but dabbing her nose with a paper towel. 

“The coagulant will work its wonders and you’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, I’m fine now, thanks, nothing another bottle of wine couldn’t make better.” 

“Right on.” Said Kim and they ordered another. It was then Julia’s turn to take over.

“All right, we can sit here and drink and complain about Brian or…..we can do something about it. What’s the phrase? Revenge is a dish best served cold? Well, ladies I for one will not stand by while…my friend here….is abused. And I have just been giving this a bit of thought. Listen, Brian doesn’t really know us, all he has is our cell phone numbers, that’s the way he likes it. We get paid in cash, he knows nothing of us.” Viv took on the thread.

“Look Sue, we all have other jobs. We all do okay, we just like what we do when we get together at Brian’s and have a bit of pervy fun. Julia is a nurse, hence all the piercing equipment and if you really fancy it, enema equipment and more! Me, I’m a physio and own my own small company, and Kim here is a computer whiz with her own little company also doing very well. We do this because we like doing it and….we make money!” Kim then continued.

“Sue, there’s no way you would have got jail for your first time, you’d have got community service and a suspended sentence or something like that. He royally conned you, Sue. And he should pay for it.”

‘No, no I’m fine I have my money here, more than I needed, and well….”

“Come on Sue, revenge is sweet, isn’t it?” Sue eyed the three of them, still feeling a slight throb from her septum. 

“But, what kind of revenge? I don’t want to break the law, once was enough.” They pondered this for a while.

“Well we can’t steal from him, but we have to hurt him where it counts.”

“Pride and money.” Said Viv. 

“Yeah….we could take a bit of his action.” 

“You mean make another movie, I don’t get it.” But Julia was now on a roll.

“Two birds with one stone girls, we make a movie, DVD, video, whatever. It will be fetish, bondage, latex, the whole deal. We can do it, we know his system and equipment, and we old computer geek here, Kim. And….” The others waited, holding their breath, “….we make Brian the star! We play all our dominant roles and Brian….is the slave! They have male slaves in these movies don’t they?” The others nodded, they were all catching on, and liking the idea.

“Of course, perfect blackmail, Brian on film as a submissive and we as dominas.” 


“Of course, sweetie, you can’t back out now. You’re going to have so much fun being on the other end, so to speak.” Julia laughed.

“I’ve another idea.” Said Kim. “Brian has the equipment, and of course he has his web site where he sells his stuff. Why don’t we do a tape delay feed as well as selling the DVD’s. We can advertise it for a few days on his site after we shoot it, collect the subscriptions and let the punters have a really good showing.” 

“This all sounds great, but what if he comes after us?”

“Hey, we’re the ones that have got him! He was the one blackmailing Sue into performing for him. His friends and family won’t like hearing all about that one bit. Sue’s little misdemeanour at the house will pale in comparison to his shenanigans. And remember, he still doesn’t know us. Just our cell phones and we can dump them. As far as he is concerned we would be four mysterious women who break in on him, and give him a good lesson. He’s got all the DVD copying equipment in the house and we can run off a few hundred over a weekend, then Kim can distribute them on the web. It will sell like hotcakes I know, and he will just be in no position to either come after us, or want to.”

“And we get….you Sue, get revenge…and we get to have a bit of fun with him. Jesus, I can hardly believe the creep would do that to you. And we make some money. Hell, Sue, you may even get to like it.” 

“Well, to tell you the truth, the rubber I’m wearing now is making me a bit….warm. And some of the…outfits are very flattering on me.” The others laughed at that.

“Sue, you have a body to die for, and the rubber just makes you all the more…edible. We all feel the same about latex – it’s sexy, and kinky and a lot of fun, all in one!” They had finished their meal and the food; they were quiet now, all with their own thoughts, which were all the same topic! Julia spoke.

“So, we are prepared to embark on this new adventure are we?” They looked at each other, and smiled, each of them nodded.

“We’ve been used, one of us much more than the others. Now it is payback time. Brian is going to be our unwitting co-star, our rubber plaything. We have plenty of time to work out all the scenarios, but with our four deviant minds, please note Sue, I include you in this, we shouldn’t have too much trouble coming up with something painful and humiliating – and fun for us!” The others nodded in agreement again.

“So, look out Brian, here we come.” Julia laid a hand on the table, and the others followed, each hand laid on top of the next. They all looked up and smiled confidently. 

“So….one for all, and all for one!”


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