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story continued from part one

Part 2: Worm

Scarlett struggled against the heavy duty bondage she had been placed in. She was giving it everything she had as she trying to get just one of the restraints to give way. The network of stocks and cuffs that kept her prisoner, had been built to last. Her mind had been so forced on breaking free, she had forgotten about the asphyxiation put upon her by the gas mask. She suddenly had no oxygen in her lungs or in the mask. Panic rolled through her as her hearth rate spiked and sweat start to pour out of her skin. Tears started to dip from her fear filled eyes and over the latex hood she was wearing. The latex bondage suit she was in started to feel even tighter than before. The arm-bender was starting to kill her shoulders and elbows as finally a small amount of air entered the gas mask. Her latex enclosed fingers had started to scratch the inside of the rubber mittens. As she tried to claw her hands free.

She was pleading with her wild animal like eyes as she stared straight into the camera. The shocks started to get stronger almost like a reply to her suffering and pity. The shocks had another side effect on her body, she now needed to go to the toilet.

She couldn’t believe how humiliating the thought of wetting herself was. She was ashamed of herself as piss started to flow from her pussy. She couldn’t look at the camera as she finished. She had so little air, that she did not notices it now had a new smell to it. Her air would be coming from the same area as her waste system. Her skin felt like to covered in a cold sweat as the latex suit compressed her body. She felt isolated and helpless as shocks rocked her body. She was so well bound, she hardly moved. The gag stopped almost all the sound escaping from the hood. Not that anyone would ever hear it. The shocks made her body twitch and her muscles pulse. The added pressure they put upon Scarlett’s body made her piss herself again. This time she pleaded with her eyes at the camera. Plus the smell inside the mask was now noticeable. By this point in time her ankles and feet had pins and needles, thanks to the ballet boots. The latex suit was starting to become itchy and tears ran down her latex covered cheeks.

She was then fed for the first time and having a unknown liquid poured down her throat through a tube to her stomach was a horrible feeling. She couldn’t spit or swallow the tube. She felt it doing down her throat and landing in her stomach. She wanted to be sick to get rid of it, but there was nothing she could do. She had already started to give up.

From the moment she had woken up and heard it for the first time, she had been trying to ignore it. The only way out of this. The blinking password. The sequence had been playing the whole time and driving itself into her subconscious. How long would she be able to hold on. She had no idea about how long she had been trapped in this torture device already. Time had become pointless to her. She tried to get some sleep hoping it would help her. Whenever she got close to falling asleep, a set of massive shocks would drill through her body, making her jump within the restraint system. This was followed by 5 minutes of the hardest breath control so far. Almost no air for the full 5 minutes. She was close to passing out the whole time and could felt her lungs burning.

He was keeping her awake for as long so as he could to drive her mad. To make her brainless and enslaved from the torture and lack of sleep. She was also being force feed every hour at the moment. So she felt fat and bloated throughout the night. Plus this meant she was going to toilet far more often than normal and that was making her want to stop breathing. The gas mask let no other air into it as the piss in her waste holder bubbled. She was bring kept on the edge of life as the room she was in got hotter and hotter. She had already been sweating lakes inside the latex. But as the temperance climbed her sweat started to drop from every zip or opening. It was pouring down her waste tube and leaking behind her back. All this was then mixed together in the most horrible 2 minutes of her live. She had very little to no air. Plus powerful and painful shocks to her whole body.

Then it stopped and Scarlett passed out almost at once. Sleeping for as long as she could. Then the cycle started again. Only this time the shocks seemed to have gotten more prolonged and sharp. The smell entering her gas mask was more disgusting and the air felt less breathable. The latex felt tighter and was still soaked through. The room seemed very cold and damp. The lens of the gas mask was fogged over on both sides. She was shaking in the thick latex as the cold got into her bones. God she wanted out.

What could be worst than this? Nothing surely.

She started using the blind escape code to get out of this extreme bondage setup. She had heard the order of the password so many time by now she did each code in one go. The equipment around her was making it difficult for her, by making her shut her eyes. Or scream out. Or almost be sick as she was attacked on all fronts. But after 5 minutes of almost getting the 3 codes had been completed. She just waited for the bondage equipment to fall off her and she would wait for him. That would be how she got out this horrible mistake.

However the restraints stayed on and the torture did not slow down or stop. If anything they moved to an even more powerful setting. The resulting shocks made Scarlett’s body jump so violently and even the re-enforced stocks wobbled a bit. Finally her voice broke through the layers covering her head.

She would just have to suffer and wait for him to release her. Her master on the other hand was busy getting her new outfit and room setup. He was raging at the fact she had already given up being in the asphyxiation suit. Scarlett had broken so quickly and easily. The only other girl he had used the equipment on, was his sex slave. (The girl in the cell on the laptop from part one.) She had been kept locked inside that thing for almost 5 times as long. He now saw Scarlett as weak and soulless. And what he was going to do to her was now justified and right. He would spend two days getting her new house ready.

He had been watching the camera inside her isolation box for the last 2 hours. Waiting for her to fall asleep or pass out. Her eyes had finally closed about 10 minutes ago. He was once again wearing his hazmat suit with gloves, boots and gas mask. A Gopro was strapped to his chest as he streamed a live feed to his fans. Removing the bondage equipment was not easy. A lot easier than being inside it. Her body was so numb and her brain was so tired she don’t even react to everything he was doing. Once he had released her for the bondage stocks and chains, he injected her with a powerful sleeping agent that would take days to pass through her system. He unlocked the bondage box and air hissed out as the gas mask was lifted off her face. The smell of piss quickly filled the room, one of the main reasons he was wearing his suit. Sweat and condensation dripped from the gas mask as air continued to be pumped into it. Her feeding tube was forced from her stomach and out her mouth. The rubber hoods needed to be cut off. After 30 minutes of work, Scarlett was laying naked on the floor. She was then picked up and bent over his shoulder. She was taken from the hell hole and placed in the master on-suite bathroom.

She was completely out of it as she was showered and cleaned. She had all body and head hair removed and her nails cut right down. Her skin was oiled and moisturised. She was now ready to be placed in her new home. The entrance was located behind a book case in the master bedroom. She would alway just be the other side of the wall to him.

Behind the book case was a heavy duty stainless steel door with a pin code to enter or exit it. This was the only way in or out of the cell. The walls, floor and ceiling was made from soft and well lubed rubber. Underneath that was re-enforced concrete. The cell was around 7 feet wide, tall and long. The door in and out was only half that and started at the celling and ended a couple of feet off the ground. This was a added security design and would work amazingly when she was bound.

The cell was equipped with a listing device as well as an normal camera and thermal imaging camera. The rubber had built-in grooves that ran both vertically and horizontally. The cell was at a very slight angle, pointing towards the door and this is were the drain was placed. Any liquid would find it’s way down the drain from any location within the cell. The whole cell had a heavy rubber smell and the odourless lube started to lake by the entrance.

With the cell ready and the door open, it was time to get Scarlett into her outfit. She would be wearing it for the rest of her stay.

First up was a full body latex catsuit in white with built in feet, hands and hood. The only zip was across the shoulders. He slipped her feet and legs into the shockingly tight latex suit. But stopped once he reached her holes. He placed a medical grade hardened plastic speculum device in both her pussy and ass. With a harness strapped her her body the ends to the speculum could be locked in place and the opening and closing mechanicals removed, this would leave her holes pulled wide open. The leather harness was wrapped around her stomach and the another strap was folded behind her legs. The locked mounts linked up perfectly as he clipped everything into place. Thanks to the suit you could now see deep inside her hole and because there was nothing in the way, her waste could now leave the suit.

He continued pulling the well lubed suit over her body as he saw it compress her. The latex made a lovely popping sound as it enclosed her breasts and was pulled towards her shoulders. Her fingers, hands and finally arms were pushed and pulled into the thick latex suit. The hood was worked over her head and face and then zipped up. Wearing the hood was like being giving a bear hug as it squeezed her face. The hood was designed with holes for her eyes, nose and mouth. Built on to the inside of the hood were huge ear plugs that he moved deep within her. She would have all but the loudest sounds cut out. She would only be able to hear her heart once everything was done.

The zip of the suit was quickly shut and a small padlock was put in place. 95% of her body was now enclosed in skin tight white latex. The smooth surface was reflecting the lights in the room. The suit had an amazing smell to it as it moved up and down with her breathing. He then slipped her rubber body into a horrible tight latex sack. The white latex sack once again had gaps in it for her pussy and ass and the sack could be locked onto the harness around her stomach. The sack covered her from neck to toe. It forced her hands and arms against her body, with very little ability to move them, it was than tight. Next up was a heavy duty rubber isolation helmet, designed to remove almost every sense for her, and if it didn’t remove it, it would limit it.

The rubber was thick and rigid with very little give to it, it would completely restraint her head. The ears were covered with layers of padding that was over the top of the ear plugs. This setup would take away all sound. The helmet had plugs for her nose so she would be unable to smell anything for as long as she was wearing it. The rubber helmet also covered most of her eyes. With only a very small hole in the centre for her to look out of. The helmet was designed with a built-in gag, that would stop her from closing it. The rubber and metal gag kept both her teeth and lips apart. It also fixed her tongue in place and pushed her cheeks out. Speaking with the gag once it was locked in, would be very difficult. Breathing and food intake would be simple and she would be unable to stop it. She would drool endless from the gag as it forced her mouth wide open.

The helmet needed to be laced and zipped shut at the back. It would keep her head facing forwards and pointing back slightly. It had total control over her head and soon the rest of her outfit would do the same. With her sense of smell, touch and hearing removed and her vision limited massively. She now only had taste and soon she would wish she didn’t have that.

He picked up the next part of her bondage setup. It was a heavy duty white latex sleep-sack with straps built onto it. He feed her feet and legs into the sleep-sack. The sleep-sack was shockingly tight as it pressed against her legs. The inside had been covered in lube so he was able to get her inside it. The sleep-sack did need to be laced and zipped shut, but they both started at her stomach. Plus once again the sleep-sack had two built in holes for her pussy and ass. He managed to push her in as far as the zipper and then pulled the rest of the open sleep-sack up to her shoulders. With a great deal of effect he got the latex over the shoulders and with a lovely pop she was almost in. He started to zip the sleep-sack shut and needed to force the latex closer together for the zip to work. The sleep-sack would make her legs become one and her arms wouldn’t leave the side of her body. Because of how thick and tight the latex was it meant she was more rigid as well than normal. He padlocked the zipper shut and laced the sleep-sack as tight as he could. He then fixed the straps along her body. They added another layer of inescapable bondage, that was a huge turn on for him.

The final bit of bondage would only stay on for the first few weeks as she needed to get use to it. It would almost completely immobilise her. The design was simple and brilliant. A massive tight fixing metal collar would control her head and neck. A heavy metal pole would run down her body to her ankles. A metal cable would be placed around said ankles as the pole continued down to her feet. At which point another metal cable around her feet. This would keep her feet pointing straight out. A d-ring on the underside of the cable restraining her feet, would be connected to a chain that bound her to an anchor point on the far wall. The collar had another two d-rings that would link with chains from the wall by the door. She would be kept completely rigid and unable to fold or bend.

With the white latex of her sleep-sack was shinning beautifully as he closed the door behind him. She was breathing heavily as he locked her in darkness. About 10 hours later and Scarlett returned to the land of the living. She was dopey and her brain was all over the place. As more time passed by she started to force and get her mind in order. She had been zoned out for so long, she could only just remember the last torture device. She thought the problems with her vision was down to the drugs and continued sleep. She notices she couldn’t smell anything and the only thing she heard was her own blood being pumped. She had been trying to move from the moment she opened her eyes. The penny finally dropped. She was enclosed in latex and felt totally isolated. Her skin was already starting to feel the heat under the layers of latex. She felt the latex squeeze against her body from all sides. This was the fate he had told her about. Apart from being immobilised and having her sense cut off. This was not the horror she thought it would be.

Sadly for her it was going to be a lot worse over time. She quickly lost track of time and started drifted through her thoughts. The pictures in her mind become more and more disgusting and dark. As she tried to stimulate her brain to get away from the growing boredom. Being unable to move, smell, hear and feel anything was driving her mad. As the hours turned to days without anything happening. She had started screaming and struggling trying to find something to get her mind thinking. She couldn’t hear herself and she moved maybe an inch as she strained against the restraints. Nothing for her mind to feed on. Tears had started too run down her latex covered face. Her torture was complete and continued isolation.

She had been trying not to piss or shit herself for the last 36 hours. But finally her will and body broke. The worst thing about it was the fact she felt nothing. Thanks to the medical speculum in both holes. It just flowed out her body and over the latex sleep-sack.

Soon after her toilet break, the door to her cell was opened. A latex covered women entered with bound limbs. It was the slave girl from the video that Scarlett watch just a week or so ago. She was covered from head to toe in black latex with only a couple of gaps. She was able to see and breath through said gaps. In the short time since Scarlett last saw her, all of the reminding fight and pride had disappeared and now she was just a shell of a person. A latex maid and sex slave to serve him at all times. Her role was to keep Scarlett alive and make her suffer. She could enter the cell at any point and do whatever she liked. She had been brainwashed not to think or care about the other latex slave. If she showed any thoughts of helping her or going easy on Scarlett. She would end up in a cell just like hers.

A heavy latex and lube smell meet the maid as she walked over to the helplessly bound gimp she was going to torture. She could see a pool of urine around the latex sleep-sack. The maid was holding a large black bag, that she placed next to Scarlett’s head. Scarlett couldn’t hear a thing as a black shape passed in and out of her small view hole. She could not make out what it was. She suddenly felt something being poured down her throat. The disgusting liquid was quickly taken it by the starving latex girl. She had not eaten in days and even if it was horrible tasting. It was better than nothing. The liquid poured over her latex covered cheeks as she struggled to keep eating it. She was coughing and choking as she finished over her meal. It was time to wash that meal down.

The latex maid then undid the crotch zip of her catsuit and sat on Scarlett’s face. She lined up the opening in her suit to Scarlett’s mouth. Scarlett felt all the pressure on her face as the chained maid got into the right position. She then opened the tap and her piss poured straight into Scarlett’s forced open mouth. Scarlett don’t notice anything wrong at first as the meal she had had before was so bad. But after it was washed away and piss taste was out in full force. She tired to turn away from it as she felt it coming out her nose and into the latex helmet. It was pouring all over her face and her mouth had almost become a swimming pool. Finally just before she started to drown, she managed to get it all down her throat. She let out a loud cry of panic and fear. The latex maid was still sitting on her face as she got a small glass bottle out of her bag.

In that little bottle was fill with ghost chillies in liquid form. With her latex gloved hands she removed the safety cap and pressed her crotch down over Scarlett’s face. The latex made a smooth squeaking sound as it become a seal around Scarlett’s face. She then tipped the sauce into Scarlett’s wide open pussy. The scream that come from underneath the latex maid body was deafening as the sauce hit Scarlett’s most sensitive spot. Scarlett could feel the burn deep inside her as she started to run out of air. She was grasping against the latex maids pussy as she tired to struggled. Just as Scarlett was about to pass out, the maid lifted her body off Scarlett’s face and let her breath again. She was still screaming in pain from the hot sauce as the latex maid left the cell. The heavy metal cell door slammed shut behind the maid.

This left Scarlett is compete darkness and her pussy felt like it was on fire. She was incoherently screamed as much and the gag would let her.

The torture continued the next day. Or what she thought was the next day as she had no idea what the time was. This was going to be her life for now on.


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