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Storycodes: Solo-F; model; house; discovery; computer; voy; M/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; hood; mask; slave; disipline; bdsm shock; force; kidnap; captive; isolation; gimpsuit; corset; gasmask; breathplay; nc; XX

Scarlett thought she would be doing some modelling when she arrived at the isolated lakeside house. A truthfully beautiful part of the Oxfordshire and a perfect place for a shoot. With smooth blue water and endless trees making a very pretty picture. She had driven for a couple of hours in order to get here. It was miles away from anything and down a very hard to spot dirt road. Scarlett was just starting out in the world of modelling. But she clearly had the body and face for the job. Curves in all the right places and a healthy body. Long black hair and bright green eyes brought life to her face. This was her third modelling shoot and had come off the back of a long wait. Her first and second shoot had been with the same organisation and about a week apart and had gone very well. But some time had past since then. She was so thankful to be able to keep her dream going. As another couple of weeks without work would have put a stop to it and she would have to have found a normal way to make money.

She had got the email somewhat out the blue. She had been in contract with all the main modelling agencies and had no luck. The email was from someone who did not work for them. So she was surprised how they got hold of her. But the email looked professional and everything looked good. She did ask a few friends about the company and they hadn’t heard of them. This was not a big shock as they even said in the email they had just started out. She agreed to model for them for one shoot which would last two hours and be both indoors and outdoors. They would have the outfit ready for her. She just needed to give them details about every inch of her body so the outfit was a perfect fit. They also asked if she was allergic to everything or had a problem with small spaces. She didn’t have worries with that and sent a reply with all her body information.

She parked her car just outside the home with water on one side and trees on the other. The area in front of the house was just like the road to it, covered in dirt. She shut off the engine and got out. It was a warm day and thanks to the lake there was a bit of a breeze. The house looked very modern and well maintained. Looked like a great location for a modelling company or as a place to live. The clear sky overhead was letting the sun pour down on the house and Scarlett. She got to the front door and rang the door bell.

After a short wait the door opened and for whatever reason no one appeared. It was like they unlocked the door and then ran away. Maybe they were in the middle of something. Plus they had let her inside, even if it was not the friendliness welcome. She walked into the house and noticed it was very dark. Maybe this was part of the shoot and strobe lighting would be used. Or maybe glow in the dark paint. She continued to walk deeper as the light from the door faded. Had she got the right day? she thought, as she used the wall to guide her through the building. She could go back to her car and phone. Just as she was about to go back outside, she saw some light hitting the wall in front of her. It looked to be coming from a TV or computer. They had to be in this room. The only reason she could think of was a very important email had been received. She entered the room and found it to be almost empty. It was a computer and it was placed on a metal table against the far wall. She could see black lines running across the wall which most likely were wires. In front of that was a person sitting in a computer chair. No sound was coming from the computer and the person had not moved. Scarlett don’t want to scare the life of god out of them. So she knocked on the door and watched for a reaction. Nothing.

She then called out to the person and again nothing. Maybe they had headphones in and were talking to someone. Well if they let her in then she should have the right to talk to them. So walked over and placed one hand on their shoulder and the other on the chair and spin them round. To her complete horror the person was just a full size mannequin with a cut out of Scarlett’s face nailed to it’s head. The mannequin was naked and Scarlett saw it’s flesh like plastic body was covered in writing. She could not force her eyes on what the writing said and turned towards the computer screen. Her heart was racing and her mind was screaming for her to start running. But her body was stiff with fear and almost unable to move. Her breathing was rapid as her eyes finally adapted what they were seeing on the screen. The footage was from a camera looking downwards in HD colour. The camera had been placed in a small room with only one thing in it. Because of the quaintly of video, Scarlett could make out what it was.

A heavily restrained women. The women took up about 50% of the screen and than meant Scarlett could make out a number of items and equipment. She was wearing a shinny black outfit that covered her body from head to toe. Scarlett was not sure what it was. She could make out the chains and cuffs keeping her captive. The girls hands had been pinned against her stomach and a chain had been wrapped around her body. Handcuffs forced her wrists together and another set could be seen at her elbows. They were mainly behind her back and how they restrained her was unclear. She could also see a set of cuffs placed above her knees. The girl had her legs folded underneath herself so seeing everything was impossible. What was easy to make out and the neck and face area. This girl was wearing a massive bondage collar that controlled her head and a face mask which made her look like a dog. Again the mask was made from this black shinny stuff. The mouth of the dog mask was wide open.

As the women turned her head to the side and this offered Scarlett a better view. The girls tongue and teeth could be seen inside the mask. It was keeping her jaw open. A metal chain had also been locked to the collar and disappeared off screen. The women’s body was outlined perfectly by her outfit and she looked incapable of getting out. The mask covered the girls eyes, ears and skin so all her senses had been removed. Also calling this place a room was wrong it was more like a wardrobe or a coffin. Suddenly the girl start to be pulled towards the camera. Scarlett almost jumped backwards as the camera rotated round. The girl was being pulled towards the far wall by her collar. As she past underneath the camera, Scarlett did get a look at her feet and found them to be cuffed. The camera then followed her along, it was on some type of rail system so it could move up and down the room. At the very edge of the screen a large pool of liquid could be seen. Scarlett soon worked out it was piss and for the first time since watching the video. She wonder why she had not started running or panicking.

Two reason entered her mind. One was curiosity and the other fear. Scarlett wanted to find out what was happening here. Why she had been sent the emails and what was going on it this house. But mainly this video was something she could not turn away from. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to keep watching it. Maybe for answers or maybe she found everything about the video amazing. Fear was the other reason for not moving. Nothing had happened to her so far and even if this was getting uncomfortable she was still able to leave. She feared missing out on the money and maybe her modelling lifestyle. She known this was odd and she was just coming up with reason for her to stay. But the underlining factor was she don’t want to face up to the fact she was maybe in real trouble. She was like a deer caught in the headlights. Unable to do anything. Just waiting for something to happen to her one way or the other.

Meanwhile on the screen the girl was now at her finally position. The camera soon caught up with her. Built into the wall was a massive dildo, a large red button and a rubber sack. All three items lined up with her face. Scarlett spotted the computer had been put on mute and turned the sound on. The girls heavy breathing was the first thing that come through speakers. Scarlett found herself transfixed by the images as another level of sound echo through the room. “Training starts in 3.2.1… Suck dildo for 1 minute” The girl straight away started deep throating the large rubber dildo and was going at it hard. She was making a wired gagging and popping sound as the dildo went all the way in. How long had she been in this room and how often does she need to do this. After what felt like a lifetime the minute was up and a white liquid poured from the girl’s open mouth. “Now press the red button 10 times with a 5 second gap in-between” The girl let out a plea and shock her head. “I see I need to improve her outfit and bondage setup then, plus take full control over you. I would do as i ask without question or hesitation. OR YOU WILL SUFFER MORE” Scarlett’s heart jumped as he screamed the last part. His actions also put the fear of god into the girl and she straight away pressed the button. She then shook violently and cried out a blood curdling cry. The camera gave Scarlett more of an insight into what was happening by quickly moving back behind the girl. It then zoomed in towards her ass and a couple of wires could be see going through a hole at the base of a zip. She was giving an electric shock every time.

She struggled against the cuffs and chains as she worked through the amount given. Her cries of pain exploded through the computer screen and vibrated Scarlett’s body to it’s core. With drool pouring out the hole in her mask and with her body starting to fold up. The voice started up again. “See that was not that bad. Now spend 5 minutes sniffing the piss filled rubber sack. I know you enjoy the smell”

Once again the girl followed the voice and put her nose right up against the side of the sack. Scarlett could hear her breathing as she suddenly pulled away. The camera had moved so it was right above the sack. The sack was not filled with piss. Instead it was fill of cheap fishy cat food. Scarlett knew the brand which was being used. It had been all over the news a couple of weeks ago. About a batch of cans that stank to high heaven. The company had recalled them. The poor girl could not kept her nose anywhere near the sack. She was also breathing through her mouth. She then jumped up in her restraints as what looked like a massive shock ran throughout her body. Another one followed a second later. She also put her whole head in the sack after the second shock and kept it there for the whole 5 minutes.

After the time was up Scarlett saw the chain attached to her neck loosen and the wall the torture toys had been joined onto span round. The whole wall in one quick movement rotated round a centre point. The girl was just about out of reach as it went passed her. Her neck chain ran through the centre point and that why nothing stopped the wall from moving. It was a clear way to train her as the wall could be charged and other toys put on it. Plus it stopped her room from smelling or from her trying to doing something with the dildo.

The camera returned to it’s starting position and the girl soon followed. She sat in the spot where the liquid was. Scarlett spoke to herself as the girl finished lining herself up.

“Why would she go back here? why not move around?”

“It's were she has been trained to sit”

The voice come from nowhere and made Scarlett jump out her skin. She turned round to see a large figure in a full hazmat suit. A rubber gas mask covering their face and big black rubber boots and gloves enclosing the hands and feet. The yellow hazmat was covering every inch of the persons body.

“She has been in that room for the past 2 weeks. She had also come here for a modelling job and found herself my prisoner. She is undergoing isolation training and I hope she will sooner or late do any task without question. The isolation is meant to remove stimulation from her life. Apart from the stuff I want her doing. The more willingly she does my orders. The less she will be tortured and the more stimulation she will get. Her brain will link the dildo sucking or sack smelling as stimulation and she will want to do it. As it’s the only senses trigger she gets. I don’t know how long it will take for her to do as I say. And oddly I don’t care. She will be here as long as I want her to be. And if she angers or frustrates me I will think of something few worst for her. In fact she could become completely submissive and I would still make her life hell. It’s not like anyone is going to find her… Or you for that matter.” he said.

He continued, “I have been watching you from the moment your car turned off the public road. You maybe thinking about why you did not run or hide the second you throught something was wrong. The reason behind that is subliminal messages and you have been seeing and hearing them for the second you started driving down my little road. It’s why you have been so curious about what's happening. The trees along the road are covered in messages and bondage items are hanging from the branches. Even the road has text worked into it and your brain takes it all in. The outside of the house in layered with latex and bondage stuff. All mixed in with the design and style. Then the smell of this house is sending messages to you. There are a couple of very faint and soft smells. One is latex/rubber that sort of thing. The other is liquids from the body. Which is why you can imagine the smells inside the room.”

“Hope that tells you everything you need to know. Now be very helpful and lay on your stomach with your legs together and your arms pressed against your back. I want your hands to grip your ass cheeks. You are to stay still unless I order you to do something. At which point you will do so without question and as quickly as you can. Failing to do so will lead to massive problems for you later down the line. I am going to give you 10 seconds. So follow my command”

Scarlett looked towards the computer screen as the girls head dropped. Like she had finally given in to the training and isolation. Some drool and snot dripped from the face mask. Scarlett knew there was only two out comes. She would get past him and drive away. Get help for the girl and put him away. Or she would end up as his captive. Odds on her getting through him and making it to her car. Low. Odds on the car working perfectly and the road out of here being clear. Low. Odds for him or his captive staying in the house and waiting for the police to turn up. Low.

Scarlett went a step further than he had asked. She removed all her clothes before laying on the ground in the position he had said. Maybe it would put her in his good books from the start. She was quickly handcuffed at the wrists and ankles.

“I did not see that coming. I thought you would run for it. Good job you didn’t as the house is in lock down so all the doors and windows will not open. Plus I did a couple of things to your car. Like remove the battery and cut the fuel line. It wouldn’t be very safe to drive. I have also blocked the road with a large metal gate at the turn off point. You would have never made it off my land. That being said I hate the fact you did not even try and save yourself. I think you should be heavily punished for being so weak”

Scarlett’s mind was in meltdown as her body started to shake violently. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs and fight against the cuffs. But she knew it was already too late. He placed a white rag over her mouth and nose and she soon blacked out. After what felt like a couple of seconds, Scarlett opened her eyes against. Her vision was blurry and colour seemed to be missing at first. But slowly her eye-sight returned. She couldn’t understand what had happened to her as blackness filled her field of view. Breathing was horribly hard work as Scarlett’s eyes raced around her head.

“Hello slut. Welcome to the worst bondage device I have ever designed. You are wearing a full latex gimp suit. The thick latex covers every part of your body and should compress you. Built into the suit are a number of tubes and valves which should control your waste. E.g your piss and shit. You shouldn’t have any problems with waste…. Unless I want you to. Anyway what else is going with the setup. So under the latex I have placed a number of shock pads. They are over your stomach, upper legs, back and upper arms. They should keep blood moving and work the muscle groups. They are powered by wires that enter your suit through the waste control system and thanks to the latex pressing against them they should not move. I have placed you in a stunningly tight rubber corset that starts from your breasts and ends next to your holes. I bet you can feel it as it squeezes you. I have also placed ballet boots on your feet and the lacing goes up to the knees. No idea why, you are not going to be walking anywhere for some time. You maybe able to feel some of the bondage equipment keeping you trapped. Your legs have been spread wide and placed in a solid metal stock. Which has been bolted to the concrete floor. Heavy duty metal cuffs have been locked around your legs. 2 above and 2 below the knees on each side. High tension chain then links them to the concrete walls. You also have a massive metal belt around your stomach and enclosing your neck is another metal stock. The cuffs and stocks should keep you very rigid.

I have restrained your arms in a arm-binder, oh right you may not know what that is. So the one you are wearing is made from high end latex and has been reenforced. It forces your arms together and has a couple of straps which wrap around your shoulders. So getting it off is almost impossible. This arm-binder is laced very tightly and also I have locked it against the metal belt around your stomach. Your arms should be touching each other at all times. Oh and just in case you get out of it. I have locked your hands into latex mittens. They are round balls of latex that remove the usefulness of your fingers.

I’ve not gone into any detail about the room I have locked you in have I. The location of the room is out in the forest and below ground. Making it very hard to see. I have completely soundproofed the room so even your loudest screams will not bring you freedom. The room itself is shaped like a diamond with a metal walkway down the centre. The room is very thin and short. The back wall is almost touching you as are the side ones. In front is the control equipment and computer as well as ladder. I have to get inside somehow and to make sure you couldn’t get out. It a drop down ladder and has been placed in the shaft that leads to the outside world. As I said before everything around you in made from concrete and the metal stocks around your feet and neck are built into it.

But it’s your head area I am most happy with. A tight fitting rubber hood is the first layer with openings for your eyes, mouth and nose. Next up is the gag, harness and feeding system. Then over the top of that is a rubber gas mask and over that is an isolation box. Plus a couple of added toys in-between the layers. I should go into more detail as some parts of this setup effect you a lot. So the rubber hood is just that a tight fitting base layer. With a pair of sound cancelling bluetooth headphones under the rubber. The gag is made from rubber and has been designed to stop you speaking. A rubber gum shield has been placed over your top and bottom teeth and between your teeth and lips a flat rubber plate. A massive rubber ball fills the inside of your mouth and has a vice a hold onto your tongue. The gag is built onto the full face harness that has been wrapped around your head. With straps going under your chin, over your head and around your neck. A large front plate covers your mouth and it’s where the feeding tubes enter. They run along the straps that go across your face and go through the rubber plate. They work their way through the gag and reach the back of your throat. The tubes have been made from soft rubber and shouldn’t hurt too much.

Over the top of that lot is a full face rubber gas mask with a large see-through plastic window. The gas mask is tightly strapped to your head and has been padlocked on. But the main reason you are wearing it is so you can be tortured. It’s going to control your breathing at all times. It will keep you alive with just enough air and make your life a living nightmare. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day. You will be asphyxiated and almost suffocate. Each intake of oxygen just enough for you to stay alive. You will always want and need more and never get it. The valves and computer will oversee it all. Plus the air has been mixed in with a couple of things. I will let you find that out in your own time.

The last layer of bondage for your head is the isolation box. A harden plastic box which lets no light or sound inside. I am amazed the bluetooth headphone have worked so well. That’s why I spend lots of money on them as I wanted you to hear me. The box has also been bolted to the stock around your neck. The reason why the gas mask has a full face plastic window is the box has an infrared camera in there with you. See in order to get out of this and become something less then human. You need to blink the password. The password will be on loop all day and night. It would be impossible to do it by accident. It’s in 3 parts and each one needs to be confirmed. I don’t want to say too much about what happens after you get out of this. But you know it will not be anything good. So enjoy the torture and see how long you can least. What's waiting for you next will be my special secret”

Scarlett when heard a some clicks and hisses as the computer and systems fired up. Suddenly all the air in her mask was gone and powerful shocks ripped through her body. The sequences of blinks started going in her ears. She struggled against the cuffs that held her and found them to be unbreakable. She tried screaming all nothing happened. She was then given a small amount of air and sucked it up. How long would she be able to life like this. How bad could the next step up be and did she want to find out?


story continued in part two

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