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Anna 4: Rubicon

by Grendel

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© Copyright 2013 - Grendel - Used by permission

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story continues from part three

Chapter 4: Rubicon

“Won’t Leigh be mad at you?” asked Anna, eyes teasing where they held Michael’s over the rim of her martini glass.

“She’ll pretend to be, I imagine,” he replied, sliding his own glass back and forth through the halo of its condensate on the hardwood table. One Eyed Jack’s wasn’t a bar that either of them frequented, being further uptown than Michael usually ventured, and far enough off campus that Anna rarely bothered to make the trip. Which made it perfect for the purposes of this quasi-illicit rendezvous. Neither one of them was liable to run into anyone who recognized them.

It was after class on Wednesday that Anna checked her voicemail to find the message from Michael. He apologized for snooping through the personnel records in order to find her number, but wanted to make it up by taking her out for a drink on Friday. He left his private line for her, and after panicking for five minutes, and exulting for five more, she’d calmed herself down enough to call him back and confirm a time and location.

Anna panicked again when she got back to her apartment and stared at the paucity of outfits in her wardrobe. Luckily, Thursday’s lab was a study period she could skip out on and take the light rail to the City Center mall. For a solid hour she’d wandered through the department stores there, her mind running circles on itself as she debated what to buy. Her newfound wealth meant she had a multitude of options available. Too many, in fact, she felt overwhelmed by the choices. In the end, she settled for the stereotypical little black dress. On her way back through the mall, Anna spotted the brand new Agent Provocateur lingerie shop and decided to go all out.

Having a bra fitting was a new experience for her, the young saleswoman dry and efficient as she measured Anna’s bust and cup size. In the end, Anna ended up paying an exorbitant amount for a beautiful black and red lace bra and thong panty set, along with a black garter belt and sheer black stockings. Standing in the dressing room she’d luxuriated in the feel of the silk and nylon against her skin, mentally comparing it to the sleek wetness of the latex she’d come to enjoy so deeply. She smiled at herself in the mirror, knowing that wearing the lingerie beneath her dress would affect her in the same way as wearing the latex panties beneath her jeans did.

Last stop was for shoes. Anna wanted a pair of real heels, something high, with straps, that matched the sophistication of her dress and lingerie. On the way, she swung by the M·A·C store as well. Not only did she need a wider palette of cosmetics, she knew from watching Leigh that she needed some quality brushes to apply it with. Dispensing, for the most part, with the advice of the sales girl, Anna concentrated on remembering how Leigh had done her make-up the previous Friday. She wanted the same elegant look, with the pale metallic mints and blues. She picked out four or five different colors, adding in some earth tones for her cheeks and lips, as well as the brush set recommended by the manufacturer.

By the time Anna reached the shoe store, she was exhausted, never having put so much thought or effort into a single outfit. It only took her fifteen minutes to find a pair of black strappy sandals that fit her idea perfectly. But on her way out of the store she was seduced by a pair of knee-high patent leather boots that she had to have.

Dropping all of her purchases on the floor of her apartment, Anna flopped on the bed, giddy but wiped out. After a quick snack, though, her excitement got the better of her and she dashed through a shower so she could try everything on. Standing in front of the mirror she smiled proudly at herself, impressed with how well she’d done. She looked so adult and sophisticated, the v-neck of the dress showing off her cleavage nicely, the stockings and heels emphasizing the long, muscular lines of her legs. She grinned. Michael would never know what hit him.

Anna arrived ten minutes early, having elected to take a cab to the bar, only to find Michael already there. He wore a gray pinstripe suit and tie, with a shirt of deep indigo. His hair was rakishly unkempt, and Anna smelled the same earthy, wooden aftershave on his skin when he leaned in to give her a chaste kiss in greeting. They sat at a narrow booth in back, away from the noise and bustle of the bar itself. When the waitress stopped by, Anna ordered a vodka cosmopolitan, Michael, a jack and coke.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence as Anna glanced across to meet Michael’s gaze, his dark brown eyes inscrutable, before she looked away, blushing. He reached across the table, his hand enveloping hers.

“You look amazing tonight, Anna. The first time I saw you made up and dressed up for your photography session I couldn’t believe that it was you. It was so different from your usual style.”

Anna’s heart thrilled at the compliment. “Thank you.”

Michael smiled in return, his left hand fiddling with the ride of his cuff, betraying a hint of nervousness. He glanced back up to meet her gaze, his smile turning self-conscious. “I’ve wanted to get to know you better for a while now. Ever since the first time you walked through my office to see Leigh. I figured that this might be my last chance since after this you’re going to have men beating down your door.”

“Don’t be silly!” Anna laughed, feeling her blush as strong as ever.

“I’m serious. Once those photographs are published there won’t be any room for a working class stiff like me. Not with all the movie stars and supermodels that will be after you.” Michael sipped his drink in pretend remorse. Anna laughed again, and the initial awkwardness vanished. They spoke about Michael’s work with Leigh briefly, then about his school and Anna’s school. They talked about career plans, travel plans, real estate plans. They talked about Michael’s favorite authors and Anna’s favorite sports teams. They nursed just a single drink each; Michael because he was driving and Anna because she hadn’t eaten yet. When she inquired about a menu to the waitress, Michael waved away the suggestion.

At his insistence he took her to a twenty four hour Pho place he knew just a few blocks away from the downtown office. Together they sat at a tiny table with a chipped yellow Formica top and red vinyl stacking chairs. The floor was a black and white checkerboard of prefab tiles, while the marquee over the door was hand painted. Michael assured her of the quality, though, and he wasn’t wrong. Over their steaming bowls of broth and rice noodles they spoke and laughed some more, relaxed and comfortable in each other’s presence.

When Michael dropped her off at her apartment, it was well past midnight. He walked her to the door like a gentleman, although it was barely ten yards from the curb. Anna smiled, brushing a strand of hair back behind her ear. She knew she was blushing although a different heat coiled and bubbled within her.

“I had a really good time tonight, Michael, thank you.”

Michael had waited at the base of the stoop while she fished her keys from her purse. Now he took that last step, closing the distance between them. Sliding the fingers of his right hand across her cheek, he tilted her head up and kissed her, gently at first. When she made no move to break away, instead opening her mouth beneath his, he slid his arms around her waist, pulling her close. Their tongues tangled together, breath warm on each other’s cheeks. At last Michael pulled back, a slight smile on his lips. Anna leaned against him momentarily, inhaling the rich warmth of his body, before glancing up to meet his gaze.

“It was my pleasure. I’ll call you tomorrow?” he said.

Anna nodded, and he took a few steps back, allowing her to turn and unlock the door. Then, with a slight bow of his head, he turned and headed back to his car. Anna closed the door softly behind her.


Once more Anna found herself riding alone in the elevator as it ascended the exterior of the Ramses Tower, the distant sunlight striking pastel reds and oranges from the low clouds, long shadows filling the city streets. Her eyes weren’t on the scenery, though, nor could she say that she watched her reflection in the polished chrome. Rather, Anna was entirely preoccupied by the man she was about to see, the woman who was his boss, and the plans she had for tonight.

Unlike previous visits she carried a plain canvas satchel slung over her left shoulder. Carefully packed within was a change of clothes for later, something a little fancier than the jeans and hoodie she wore now. Anna knew it would be counterproductive for her to try and get fancied up before the photoshoot. Leigh would just end up undoing her work and it would take longer to get ready. But afterwards was another matter entirely.

The door to the elevator chimed open and Michael smiled at her from behind his desk.

“Good evening, Miss Deland. It’s a pleasure to see you again.”

Anna returned his smile as she crossed the room, headed not for the doors leading into Leigh’s office but to the open side of his desk. “Good evening, Michael. How are you tonight?”

“Every night I get to see you is a good night,” he replied. Anna dropped her satchel on the floor and slid into his lap.

“Don’t you get fresh with me, mister!” she demanded playfully before leaning in to kiss him.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he replied, his mouth muffled by hers.

“I brought. A change. Of clothes. Take me out. Later?” Anna punctuated her words with eager kisses, her voice hushed and secretive.

“With pleasure. You’d better. Go in. She’s waiting.” Michael whispered back his answer amidst Anna’s attentions. She stole one last, deep kiss before hopping off his lap and scooping up her bag. Michael watched her go, ensuring the doors of the office were shut before he picked up his phone to make some last minute reservations.


Leigh hugged Anna as she came in. “Oh, you’re a sight for sore eyes after the week I’ve had.”

“Bad trip?” guessed Anna as they walked together towards make-up room.

“That’s not even the half of it,” confirmed Leigh. “But now’s not the time for business. Or, not the time for that business.”

Anna nodded, turning to wave at Tula as she walked past. “Hi, Tula!”

“Hi!” called the photographer, not looking up from where she knelt adjusting a series of lights. The studio looked appropriately sinister, with a large grid of metal rods hung vertically in front of the backdrop. It was angled forward on the right side, while next to it stood three tall wrought iron candelabras.

“We’re going to be shooting all restraints today, so your outfit won’t be nearly as elaborate as last time,” advised Leigh, gesturing to the latex bra and panties that waited on the side table in the make-up room. Anna was delighted to note that the panties had the same twin dildos that she was used to, and suspected that once more Leigh would be teasing her remorselessly throughout the shoot.

Anna’s make-up was reminiscent of the very first set of photographs: vibrant hues of crimson and violet dusted with a shimmering metallic powder, pale cheeks, and blood red lips. Her blonde hair was slicked tightly back past her ears, then fell in a confusion of golden waves down over her shoulders. She smiled at herself in the mirror, wild and exotic, her eyes alight in anticipation.

Compared to two weeks ago, Anna’s outfit was simple to put on. She lubed the two plugs on the inside of the panties before working them up over her legs and settling them deep within her. The thin latex of the bra lifted and emphasized the luscious curves of her breasts, while revealing the hard knobs of her nipples, tight with excitement. Her boots were a gloss black, with the same platform and towering stiletto heels. These featured conventional zippers on the inside, as well as half a dozen individual straps that buckled tight all the way up to the top one at her mid-thigh.

Anna strutted to the studio, alive in a way she only felt during these photoshoots. Sheathed in nothing but the thin latex bra and panties she felt almost naked, but where the thought used to inspire crippling anxiety, now she felt a wanton pride. Her curves were luxurious, not model thin or anorexic, not the size six the media told her she should be, but sleek and toned and sexy. Seeing herself in the pictures, so different from what her usual appearance was, had finally opened Anna’s eyes to the truth about her body. She was beautiful and desirable.

That thought brought the image of Michael’s smile to her mind, and the taste of his lips to her mouth, and she grinned, eager to indulge herself in tonight’s plans.

Tula whistled, low and appreciative, as she took in Anna’s presence. “Hot damn. You are one sexy bitch.”

Anna laughed, bending nearly in half in order to hug the slim photographer. Tula unashamedly groped the tight globes of her ass, sheathed in the gloss black latex.

“Mmph. Dat ass!”

“Tula!” scolded Leigh with a sigh, coming over with the polishing cloth to reshine Anna’s butt and remove the clear handprints left behind. Both Anna and Tula laughed at the sight of Leigh buffing Anna’s ass, and Leigh herself couldn’t suppress a chuckle.

“All right, all right. To work, you ruffians.”

Tula glanced at Anna. “Yes ma’am!” they chorused together.

The first half of the session went relatively quickly since Anna didn’t have to go for any wardrobe changes. The restraints were essentially accessories, easy to swap out. She wore a wide procession of cuffs and collars in a range of colors, from the basic black to gloss white, brilliant crimson and aquamarine, even a deep metallic emerald. Some had rings, others didn’t, a few were joined together with gleaming chrome chain. Anna preened and posed, tugging and pulling against the restraints.

True to pattern, as soon as Tula brought the camera up, the vibrators inside Anna buzzed to life. Her body drank in their insistent purr, an eager liquid heat pooling about her belly, shivers racing up her spine. She rubbed herself cat-like against the steel grating, thrusting her ass back towards Tula, the chains linking her wrists glittering brightly in the floodlights. At last they ran through the end of the selection that Leigh had and she called a halt so they could grab a bite to eat before moving on to the more elaborate restraints during the second session.

Dinner was pan-Asian, with pancit and lumpia along with gyoza and tempura shrimp and a sweet BBQ pork fried rice. Michael set the dishes out along the table on the back wall, while Anna teased him with glimpses beneath her white terrycloth bathrobe. Tula giggled madly at their obvious flirting while Leigh shooed her secretary out as soon as possible, shaking her head at Anna’s antics.

“It’s a good thing you’re only around once a week or so,” the older woman groused. “Otherwise he’d never get any work done.”

“Oh, it’s harmless fun,” reassured Anna, carefully keeping her voice neutral.

“Uh huh. I’ve got my eye on you, young lady.” Leigh waved a lumpia at Anna in warning and all three of them laughed again.

“I’d like to shoot the next series of restraints topless. Are you all right with that?” Leigh asked Anna. The younger woman nodded.

“Sure, no problem. More cuffs and the like?”

Leigh shook her head. “Nope, these are a bit more elaborate. I’ve got an armbinder, a regular straitjacket, one of the bolero straitjackets like before, and then a body harness. Oh, and I’ve got a special projects one that I want to see you in last of all.”

“Sounds good. Let’s get started!” Anna stood and shrugged out of the robe, draping it over the back of her chair. Leigh smiled, wiping off her hands and picking up the armbinder while Tula stuffed one last lumpia into her mouth. Anna took off the latex bra, using the towel that Leigh provided to wipe what little lube she’d used off.

“All right, hands together behind your back, palm to palm,” directed Leigh. With practiced movements she eased the gloss black sheathe up Anna’s arms, working it higher until the top rested at her mid bicep. With the laces completely undone it was relatively easy, although Anna could already feel some pressure pinning her arms together. Leigh brought the two straps from the top of the binder under Anna’s arms, crossed them over her chest and then over the opposite shoulder.

“This way you can’t work them off your shoulders and slide the binder down your arms,” she explained, although Anna was fairly confident that once Leigh finished tightening up the laces on the binder, she would be unable to do anything to escape. A soft thrill of excitement ran through her, and she wiggled her hips quietly, the twin plugs shifting inside her.

Leigh took a first pass over the laces of the binder, and Anna felt a remorseless strain on her shoulders, drawing them back as her arms were pressed tightly together. The position caused her to arch her back and thrust her breasts forward, her nipples standing up proud in the chill air. As Leigh made a second pass, Anna exhaled sharply, the pressure now bordering on painful. She felt Leigh make a knot in the laces, and then came the sound of a zipper being drawn up. Finally a strap was buckled tightly around the top of the binder.

“The laces are hidden by the zipper flap,” explained Leigh, “and the zipper pull itself is locked in place by the strap’s buckle. There’s even a notch in each of the strap’s buckles where you can put a padlock if you want just to make it truly inescapable.”

Anna was willing to attest to the binder’s inescapability as it was. From her fingertips to her elbows her arms were welded together in a single, restricted column. She could barely flex her fingers, let alone do anything to escape the crushing grip of the restraint.

Leigh fussed with her hair for a moment, and then reapplied some lipstick that had worn off during dinner before announcing her ready for Tula.

Anna twisted and posed in the binder, gazing out seductively from beneath the curtain of her hair. Kneeling, she rested her cheek against the floor, arching her ass up seductively. Leigh turned up the vibrators as she did so, causing Anna to gasp and close her eyes, writhing slowly as she rubbed her nipples against the cool floor of the studio.

Leigh fetched some cuffs for her ankles next, and they linked her to the metal grating with her legs spread wide. Another link went through the D-ring at the base of the binder, forcing her to bend in half at the waist, and she arched her back, thrusting her breasts out as she gazed submissively into Tula’s camera. For a couple of shots, Leigh strapped a big red ballgag into her mouth as well, Anna’s lips stretching seductively around the gag.

After Tula had the shots she wanted, Leigh released Anna from the restraints. Thankfully she turned down the vibrators as well, allowing Anna some respite from the endless teasing. It was after the previous photo shoot, as she lay in her bed recalling the day’s events, that Anna realized that it wasn’t only the latex that released the rampant sexual energy within her. It was the bondage as well. At no other time could she remember being so alive with sensation, immersed in her arousal. Even now as she stretched out her arms, muscles aching from the restriction of the armbinder, she looked forward to the next restraint.

It turned out to be the full straitjacket Leigh mentioned earlier, the latex brilliantly white with black trim. For this one, Anna and Leigh went back to the make-up room to put it on, rather than bring the lube out to the studio. As the older woman held the garment up for her, Anna slid her arms down into the sleeves, pushing hard against the tight embrace of the latex. Just like before she felt thicker bands of latex settle against her wrists, an additional level of security meant to heighten her mental awareness of being helpless.

The jacket sealed in back with series of seven ratchet buckles, each pulled closed as tightly as Leigh could manage before being fed back through itself to prevent any further tightening. The three straps at Anna’s waist were broader than the ones further up her back, acting almost like a cincher, taking several inches off her waistline. Anna now understood the purpose of the jacket’s bikini-cut lower hem, the curves flowing up over her hips, emphasizing the roundness of her ass and her toned thighs.

Anna felt her breath catch as Leigh tightened down the crotch strap, the broad strip of latex pushing the twin dildos of the panties further up inside her. Leigh gave it one last firm tug, wringing a gasp from Anna, before locking the strap off into its buckle. Next she felt Leigh guiding her arms across her chest, tucking them through the center loop on the jacket and then each arm was fed through the loop on the side of the jacket as well. The latex squeaked against itself as Leigh joined the strap on her left sleeve to the buckle on her right sleeve, pulling them tightly together. Anna felt her self-hug grow tight, then crushingly so as Leigh put her strength into one last pull on the strap before locking it off.

Anna looked at herself in the mirror. The position of her arms along with the cinch of the jacket’s waist served to push her breasts up and out against the thin latex of the jacket, their swell clearly visible along with the hard knobs of her nipples, straining against the skin-tight embrace of the jacket. Leigh ran her polishing cloth over the latex, removing the smudges and fingerprints and raising a wet shine to the surface. She checked Anna’s make-up quickly before pronouncing her ready. Anna smiled and headed out to the studio.

Posing under Tula’s direction, Anna didn’t see Leigh tapping on her iPhone in the back of the studio. But she felt it when the vibrators burst to life within her, each of them pulsing wildly. She gasped, her eyes going wide as her simmering arousal boiled to life, and she twisted within the tight confines of the straitjacket. Turning, she pushed her ass back at Tula, rubbing her breasts across the cool metal bars of the grating. Her head fell back, hair a golden cascade down her shoulders, her face a picture of frustration and denial. She was so close, but the vibrators stubbornly refused to push her over the edge.

Although Leigh dialed down the vibrators when it was time for Anna to change outfits, it was just a further torture. Their quiet purr was enough to whet the hunger of her body, but not enough for Anna to find any relief from the arousal surging through her.

The next restraint was the bolero straitjacket, similar to the one she’d worn during the very first photo shoot. This one, though, was a glittering metallic crimson, the buckles on its numerous straps done in a black powdercoat. Anna couldn’t help but shimmy her hips back and forth as Leigh strapped her into the restraint, eager to be back out on the studio floor, displayed for the camera and toyed with relentlessly. The bolero jacket reminded Anna of the armbinder. She was helplessly restrained, yet completely on display, her arms folded beneath her naked breasts, lifting and presenting them. Below that was the bare expanse of her midriff, pale in contrast to the crimson jacket and the midnight black of the latex panties. The towering heels of the thigh-high boots emphasized the toned length of her legs, as well as the delicious curves of her hips and ass. Anna couldn’t help but think of herself as a sexual object, a toy of flesh and blood ready to be used, to be teased and toyed with and ultimately fucked to her owner’s desire.

It felt almost natural for Anna to strut a little as Leigh guided her back into the studio, her hips swaying in order to set the plugs inside her twisting. They still trembled to a low vibration, gently breathing on the embers of her arousal, keeping them hot but not letting them burst into the fiery pleasure Anna so desperately wanted.

In order to offset all the black, Leigh pulled a pair of matching red latex cuffs from her pile of restraints, strapping them around Anna’s ankles. The chrome chain joining them glittered beneath the floodlights, matching the metallic sheen of the jacket imprisoning Anna’s arms. She leaned back against the metal grating, her legs bent, hips thrust out at Tula, her eyes suffused with wanton submission.

To Anna’s delight, Leigh upped the speed and intensity of the vibrations, rippling waves of pleasure surging through her. She bit her lip to stifle a moan, closing her eyes and sinking down to her knees. Tula directed her onto her back, and once more she pushed her hips up, arching her back so that just her shoulders and the heels of her boots were on the floor. The position threw the muscles of her thighs and abs into relief, and Tula murmured appreciatively as she snapped away.

All too soon Anna felt the vibrations from the panties die away, opening her eyes to see Leigh motioning towards the make-up room and for the next outfit. Tula helped her to her feet and she followed Leigh out of the studio.

The older woman knelt to undo the cuffs from around Anna’s ankles, then, to her surprise, started taking off her boots as well.

“The body harness has its own crotch strap, so the panties have to come off,” explained Leigh. Anna nodded, waiting patiently for Leigh to work her way up to getting the straitjacket off. Once free, she stretched her arms out, rolling her shoulders to loosen them up. Then, reluctantly, she worked the panties down over her hips and off her legs. Turning, she saw Leigh working to lay out a confusing tangle of straps and buckles.

The harness had a pair of straps that went over her shoulders, one on the left and one on the right, that joined to rings centered over her breastbone and in between her shoulder blades. Two more straps ran from the one on her chest around to her back, threaded through the ring there before ratcheting down on themselves. A short strap fell between her breasts to another ring and another two straps that again fastened to a ring in her middle back. These straps featured cuffs that buckled around her arms just above her elbows. The strap continued down to another metal ring at her waist, with two straps that circled her waist, through a ring at the base of her spine before locking against themselves. A pair of straps descended vertically over her hips from the waist straps, with cuffs for her wrists and her thighs. The end result was surprisingly secure, the two inch wide latex straps buckled tightly around her body, pinning her arms to her sides and her hands to her hips.

Anna spread her legs as Leigh applied lube to the twin plugs mounted on the last strap, gently pulling it up through her legs and easing the dildos inside her. Anna gasped, rising up on her toes as Leigh cinched the strap down tightly. She wiggled her hips back and forth, feeling the twin prods move within her, the narrow strap splitting her labia open and putting an almost painful pressure on her sensitive clit. Anna felt absurdly naked and vulnerable, her body aflame with arousal.

Anna leaned back against the make-up table to let Leigh strap on her boots again. The tops of the thigh-high boots ended just inches below the wide thigh cuffs of the body harness, giving the illusion that it was all connected. A pair of black latex ankle cuffs was next, the gleaming chrome chain between providing a striking contrast to the gloss black restraints. Leigh considered for a moment, then pulled out the same chain with the nipple lassos she’d used on Anna last time. This time Anna didn’t hesitate, leaning forward to give Leigh easy access to her breasts. The tight constriction on her nipples, along with the gentle tugging as the chain swayed back and forth ratcheted her arousal that much higher, and Anna hummed in delight.

The cuffs and chain between her ankles forced Anna to take slow, small steps, the chrome links jangling as they dragged across the floor. With her hands pinned at her sides her hips swayed in an exaggerated manner, rolling the twin plugs within her. Leigh had the vibrations set at a high level, but the plugs oscillated from on to off, front to back. It was maddening, the vibrations just teasing enough to keep Anna’s arousal intensely alive, but not enough to push her further up the pleasure curve.

Tula shot her amidst the three gothic candelabra, Anna standing fierce and proud, gazing defiantly into the camera. Her look was a beckoning challenge, a wicked, sensual invitation. She turned her face away, allowing her hair to fall forward over her shoulder. With a teasing half-smile on her face she gazed out at the camera from behind its sheltering curtain, her face half shadowed.

“I’ve got time for one more,” advised Tula, turning to look at Leigh.

“Good, because I definitely want to see her in this last one,” smiled the older woman. Anna dutifully followed her back to the make-up room, waiting patiently as she undid the numerous straps and buckles, freeing her from the harness.

The next restraint was also a body harness, but much more elaborate than what Anna wore previously. This one started with a waist cincher laced tightly about her midriff, the gleaming black latex along with its stiff boning made three inches disappear from her waistline. Leading up from that was a single strap with the familiar metal rings just below and just above her breasts. It continued up over her breastbone until it flowed into a strict posture collar. From each side of the collar was another strap that would join to the metal ring between her shoulder blades at the end of the strap coming up from the rear of the corset. Each of the straps that ran around her torso, above and below her breasts, featured wide cuffs for her arms, pinning them in place at her bicep and just above her elbow.

Leigh folded her arms together behind her back, with her left hand on her right elbow and vice versa. Anna felt a thick tube of latex wrapped around her forearms, pinning them in position. Four straps held the tube closed tightly, and two more cinched it against the rear of the corset. The position caused Anna to arch her back slightly, thrusting out her chest and lifting her chin even more than the posture collar already did.

Additionally, the top strap actually had smaller straps which looped around the base of Anna’s breasts. Leigh had her lean forward as far as she could so her breasts hung away from her torso before cinching the straps tightly around their base. The straps made them sit up proud on Anna’s chest, the compression turning them tender and sensitive.

The corset had the same thin central strap descending between her legs, and Anna welcomed the insertion of the two large plugs, closing her eyes as Leigh pulled the strap extra tight before buckling it closed. This time there were two thinner straps as well that came through between her legs, each of them following the curve of her ass around to the outside of her hip. Pulled tight, they emphasized the rounded, toned globes of her ass.

Leigh hadn’t bothered to take off the ankle cuffs when changing the harnesses, but she did add a new pair of nipple clamps. These were actual clamps rather than the thin lassos, their bite initially cruel, wringing a pained gasp from Anna’s lips. The pain faded to a dull throb, though, an ache which made her body thirst for the pleasure of the vibrators with renewed strength. The chain for the clamps ran through a D-ring on the front of the posture collar, the slight upward tension on the chain ensuring that every step Anna took would result in an aching tug on her nipples. She moaned in anticipation as she realized how fiendish the results would be.

“Speaking of that,” murmured Leigh, moving over to the table to sort through the restraints again. She returned with another tangle of straps that Anna didn’t recognize. But the solid black rubber sphere in the middle of it all left little to her imagination. The ball seated itself behind her lips, filling her mouth completely. Straps went around her head to hold it in place, then up over her cheeks and forehead, where a thick strip of impenetrable black latex served as a blindfold. That was buckled tightly as well, and she felt Leigh working the last two straps down the back of her head to the main one that held the ball in her mouth. One last thin strap cinched tightly beneath her jaw, redundant considering the size of the ballgag but another layer of bondage to reinforce her helplessness.

Anna shuffled carefully on her heels, submissive fire burning through her. She tried to twist her arms within their bindings, only to find them welded in place by the numerous straps. She felt even more objectified and displayed than before, the beautiful curves of her body emphasized by the cruel black restraints, her powers of sight and speech taken from her, her hands pinned uselessly behind her. All combined to fuel a rampant hunger within her. Right now she didn’t care if it was Tula or Michael or whoever was watching her, she just wanted the pleasure that waited at the tip of Leigh’s fingers.

She didn’t have to wait long. Anna felt something click on the D-ring on the front of her collar, and then a subtle tugging followed.

“Let’s go,” said Leigh, and Anna stepped forward. With a surge of illicit pleasure, she realized that Leigh was leading her on a leash! She followed blindly, small careful steps as her heels clicked on the floor and the chain joining her ankles ringing musically.

As soon as they were out in the studio, Anna felt the vibrators held within her surge to life, their insistent dance making her stutter-step, a moan of pleasure leaking from behind her gag. The total control and restriction imposed on her body only served to amplify the fire of her arousal, and it flared brightly beneath the purr of the twin plugs inside her. Her nipples bounced and pulled at the end of their clamped leash, tender and aching, sharp shocks of pain stoking the pleasure higher within her. With each step she could feel the thin central strap pulling and tugging on her clit as well, a maddeningly gentle massage.

“She’s all yours. I’m going to get changed.” Anna heard Leigh’s comment to Tula, and the insistent pull of the leash vanished. Instead she felt the photographer’s slim, cool hands against her feverish skin, turning her and positioning her against the metal grating. Anna spread her legs as far as the chain between them allowed, writhing slowly within the confines of her bondage, seeking some way to push herself over the edge of orgasm. But Leigh hadn’t turned up the vibrators nearly high enough, and with her arms pinned behind her there was nothing she could do but suffer in teasing denial.

Immersed in the haze of her arousal, Anna had no way of knowing how much time passed before she could no longer hear the sound of Tula’s camera shutter and once again felt Leigh’s presence close at hand. Once more the tug at her collar insisted on her obedience, and blindly she followed as Leigh lead her out of the studio. They took a direction Anna was unfamiliar with, three sets of heels clicking loudly on the parquet floor, one set of chains ringing musically.

The three of them paused briefly, and Anna heard the hiss of an elevator door opening.

Where are we going? Oh god, I don’t care, just let me cum! Please! Anna begged mutely, her body delirious with need.

Leigh’s hand on her hip urged her forward, and Anna stepped into the elevator.

“Two more steps,” advised Leigh, and Anna obediently shuffled forward, bumping into the cool chrome rail surrounding the center of the car.

“Lean forward.”

With the bar just below her hips, Anna bent stiffly forward, the cincher holding her waist rigid. Her nipples brushed against the chill glass of the elevator and she whined in protest.

“No, push your tits against the glass,” whispered Leigh, her hand on Anna’s back, preventing her from leaning back. Her nipples, already tight and sensitive, sang with pain, a cool wash that only seemed to leave an increased heat in her body as it passed through. The elevator surged into motion.

“Think of those people out there, in the city, staring up at you right now,” murmured Leigh, her hands caressing the curves of Anna’s ass. “Think of what you look like, bent over, bound and helpless, on display for everyone.”

Anna moaned beneath the assault of Leigh’s words, her cheeks burning at the same time as her body surged with pleasure. She could only imagine what she looked like, clearly illuminated inside the chrome and glass elevator, her bound form displayed for anyone who happened to glance up.

The elevator halted after a minute, and the trio strode out into another corridor. Anna, having only ever visited Leigh’s office, had no idea the layout of the rest of the Ramses Tower. As she strained to listen for some idea of where she was, she could make out the sound of music coming from ahead, a heavy synth beat.

“Go ahead inside, I’ve got to get Anna ready.” Leigh spoke to Tula, who agreed quietly. Anna wondered what she was being readied for. Blindly she followed Leigh further, through several twists and turns.

“Careful,” advised Leigh, “there are stairs here. Five steps total.”

Anna eased forward, finding the edge with her toes before taking the steps slowly. Leigh held her waist from behind, ensuring her balance. Anna could hear the music louder now, as well as what sounded like numerous voices in conversation! She moaned softly, fear and anticipation spiraling within her.

“All right, it’s a little narrow up here. Turn to your right and take a couple steps. Wait. Okay, turn back to your left.”

Leigh directed her with quick verbal commands in association with the pressure of her hands. Anna moved slowly her back brushing against what felt like a cloth curtain. She felt Leigh in front of her fumbling with the chains around her ankles, and after a moment the cuffs were removed. Leigh wiggled her foot out wider, and Anna felt something solid and metal closed around her left ankle. The process was repeated with her right, and she found her legs fixed in place, spread wide.

“Now, lean back just a little, chin up,” instructed Leigh. Anna obeyed, and felt a wide band of metal grip her throat tightly, closing over the posture collar. It locked shut with a click. Anna tested her range of motion, and apart from being able to swivel her hips a bit and sway back and forth she was pinned helplessly in place. Leigh gave her a quick pat on her butt.

“All right, just hang out here. It’s almost show time.”

Anna heard Leigh’s footfalls recede down the short hall until all that surrounded her was the heavy pulse of the music and the discordant hum of a dozen different conversations. The vibrators within her suddenly surged to life, a buzzing pulse that slowly began to intensify. Anna, her body already sensitized by the nightlong teasing, moaned aloud, thrusting her hips mindlessly against the straps drawn tight through her crotch.

Suddenly she heard the music die away to a faint echo of its former self, and the multitude of voices seemed to quiet as well.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.” She recognized Leigh’s voice over a PA system.

“I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight, I know the venue and the invitations were a bit outside the usual but I hope your trust in me is not misplaced. Before I draw back the curtains on the reason we’re all gathered here, I’d like to make some introductions and extend my thanks to a few people who made this all possible. First, to Lindsay Clarke and the catering crew, you put together an amazing setup. The food is excellent and it looks like everyone has had a chance to enjoy the chocolate fountain.” Applause and laughter followed the announcement, and Leigh paused to let silence return.

“Next, to Lola Schmidt and the rest of Design Group, I appreciate all of your diligent research and the thoughtfulness behind each aspect of the garments you’ve created. Your passion shows clearly, and I know that your efforts will be rewarded.” Again, a wave of applause swept the room.

“Of equal importance, though, are David Tonray and Production Team Blue. Dave, your team has brought to life all of Design Group’s work with a seamless blend of form and function. I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been with your team’s work. You’re on time and on target every time. Excellent work.” Anna was beginning to lose her place in Leigh’s narrative, the vibrators pushing her insistently higher, towards the orgasm she so desperately desired.

“The images that you’re going to see are the result of the hard work and dedication of my personal photographer, Tula Franczak. Tula, thank you for sharing my vision with me and bringing it to life with such unprecedented clarity.” Anna was past the point of caring, the insistent hunger in her body compelling her surrender. She was almost there.

“Now, for the moment I know you’ve all been waiting for: the unveiling of the complete line of Ramses Latexwear. To help me introduce you to our products, I’d like to welcome the face and the body of Ramses Latex: Miss Anna!”

A soft breath of air across her body told Anna that the curtain had parted, and the sound of the gathering washed over her. There was a momentary mutual intake of breath as the crowd beheld her, body wantonly displayed by the metal armature, focused spotlights revealing every detail of her restraints. The exhibitionist thrill that blazed through Anna was the last touch she needed, and as the first wave of applause broke out, she came.

The orgasm surged through her, breathtaking in its intensity. The restraints drawn tight around her seemed to somehow magnify it, reflecting it back on her. And the fact that she knew a hundred eyes were on her played directly to her submissive ecstasy. Faintly, as the fire of her pleasure abated, she became aware that people were moving past the low stage she stood on, as if she were the welcoming figurehead in front of a showroom. Snippets of conversation reached her, men and women commenting on her beauty and the delightful predicament of the restraints.

Unlike previous times, the intensity of the vibrators didn’t lessen. They continued their mad dance within her, and Anna moaned helplessly as they worked her up towards another shattering climax. Her body twitched within the tight grip of the restraints, her arms straining against the multiple straps which held them prisoner. She could do nothing to stop the vibrators from wringing a second, then a third orgasm from her helpless body.

Finally, after what felt like an hour, Anna sensed another body close at hand. She moaned plaintively, and Leigh chuckled. Mercifully she dialed down the vibrators until their movement was nothing more than a shallow purr. With a series of heavy metallic clicks, the restraints around Anna’s neck and ankles opened, and Leigh guided her back along the short stage. Still blind, she found herself walking through the crowd that was still examining all of the offerings of Ramses Latex.

Anna could feel the bodies close at hand, almost but not quite touching her as they made way for Leigh. She caught numerous comments of “good evening, Miss Leigh,” and “beautiful slave, Miss Leigh”, as well as many more compliments. Anna felt her cheeks burning, but she couldn’t help but acknowledge the pleasure that surged through her as she followed submissively on her leash, her body wantonly displayed by the restraints.

At long last they were alone again and Anna felt Leigh slowly freeing her from the latex. The gag was first, followed by the many straps and buckles of the body harness. Anna worked her jaw, sore and aching from its long imprisonment. She rubbed her tender nipples as well, easing away the pain of the clamps. Slowly her body divested itself of the multiple bands of latex. Last to go were the boots, and Anna luxuriated in the freedom of cool air over her naked skin.

“Shower,” directed Leigh, and Anna was only too happy to oblige. She leaned against the cool tile wall beneath the cascade of warm water, letting the steam swirl about her as her own emotions swirled within her. At last she finished washing, toweling dry before seating herself at the make-up table. Retrieving her satchel from beneath the table, she pulled out the supplies she purchased last week.

Halfway through putting her eyes on, Leigh stopped in, curious since she’d heard the shower stop a while ago. She watched silently for a moment, glad to see that her young protégé was taking a greater interest in her appearance. Anna glanced over at her, and Leigh smiled.

“Let me show you a little trick I know.”


Anna smiled at herself in the mirror. Under Leigh’s expert guidance, she’d managed to get her make-up to turn out exactly as she desired. Her hair was still done from the photoshoot, an artful confusion of golden waves falling over her shoulders. Leigh murmured approvingly at her choice of outfit as well. Tight denim slacks tucked down into the knee high black leather boots she’d purchased last Thursday emphasized the firm rounded curves of her ass and the toned muscles of her legs. Her top was a thin indigo silk, with copper highlights. Its plunging neckline showed off her pale cleavage and just a hint of the lace bra beneath it. A series of laces in back drew the fabric tight against her waist, before a series of overlapping triangular panels fell free over her hips.

Leigh stared at Anna’s reflection, frowning.

“Just a moment,” she said, disappearing form the room. Anna put away her cosmetics, stuffing her other jeans and hoodie into the canvas satchel. Leigh returned a minute later, stepping behind Anna so she could drape a thin white gold chain around her neck. The pendant, an intricate image of a swallow in flight worked in platinum, glittered with amethyst and peridot. It rested just above the swell of Anna’s breasts, the perfect counterpoint to the midnight blue of the silk.

“Leigh, it’s beautiful,” breathed Anna. She turned so she could stand and embrace the older woman.

“Just like you, Anna,” replied Leigh, stepping back after a moment to smile at her young protégé. “From now on, though, it’s Miss Leigh to you.”

Anna smiled, dipping her head. “Yes, Miss Leigh.”

“I expect you here every other Friday, classes not withstanding, starting next week.”

“Yes, Miss Leigh.”


Anna paused, touching the tip of her tongue to her lips. “Miss Leigh?”

Leigh glanced back at her, having turned towards the reception area. “Yes?”

“No more surprises, please.”

Leigh paused, then smiled. “Very well, Anna.”

Turning, the older woman led her out into the outer office. With her back turned she didn’t see Anna gesture surreptitiously to Michael.

I’ll meet you downstairs.

He nodded in reply, handing the plain manila envelope to Leigh, who passed it to Anna.

“You were angelic tonight, Anna. I’ll see you next week.”

“Thank you, Miss Leigh”

Leigh kissed her on each cheek. “Now, go enjoy your evening!”

Anna grinned, elfin and gleeful. “Yes, Miss Leigh!”


Twenty minutes later, Leigh stood in her office, gazing out at the glittering neon skyline. She heard the door open admitting a golden fan of illumination into the shadows of the office and haloing Michael as he stood in the doorway.

“Monday’s minutes are in your email, Miss Leigh. You have a ten o’clock with Doctor Ransham, an eleven thirty with Production Team Green lead, and a noon lunch at Il Grano with Karel and Lucas Doormann.”

“Thank you, Michael,” she replied, digesting the schedule for next week with practiced ease.

“Have a good weekend, Miss Leigh.” Her secretary turned to go.

“Michael?” she called, her eyes on his reflection in the window.

“Yes, Miss Leigh?”

“Be a gentleman. Treat her right.”

Michael smiled, inclining his head. “Yes, Miss Leigh.”

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