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Anna 3: Surrender

by Grendel

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© Copyright 2013 - Grendel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; costumes; modelling; corset; catsuit; hobble; collar; heels; gag; straps; handcart; photo; toys; insert; mast; oral; climax; cons; X

story continues from part two

Chapter 3: Surrender

Thursday evening, Anna staggered through the door of her apartment. Dropping her book satchel by the dresser, she flopped face first onto her bed. After a moment she swept her arms across the rumpled covers, gathering them into a mounded pillow for her head. Hooking her toes on the back strap of her sneakers, she kicked off her right, then her left shoe, wiggling her toes in relief. It had been one of those days.

After ten minutes or so she rolled over and sat up with a groan, running a hand through her tousled hair. The plan for the evening was to get something to eat at the Union before heading over to the library to put the finishing touches on her paper due Monday as well as study for the quiz next Wednesday. Rummaging through her bookbag, she took out the two textbooks she wouldn’t need, making sure that she had the appropriate notebooks for later, as well as her student ID and meal card.

One of her shoes was lying in the middle of the floor, but she didn’t see where the other one landed after she kicked it off. Frowning, she glanced around before sliding off the bed to look beneath.

“There you are,” she muttered, reaching underneath to retrieve the wayward sneaker. Her hand brushed against the bulky manila envelope from last week’s photography session and she yanked it back as if scalded. Slowly, almost reluctantly, Anna reached under the bed and retrieved the unmarked package. Her hands acted on autopilot, unsealing the flap and reaching in for the first glossy picture.

It was a shot of her in the clear latex bodysuit, the midnight blue swaths carefully concealing yet clearly emphasizing the luscious swell of her breasts and the muscular curves of her hips and ass. Her back was arched, face turned upwards, her arms outstretched along the low platform, one leg straight, the other slightly bent. Pinpricks of white light danced in the background, while razor lines of gleaming azure blazed across her torso. Again, Anna couldn’t believe that she was the woman in the photograph, couldn’t believe that she was capable of projecting an image of such ethereal, futuristic sexuality. For long minutes she stared at the photograph before reaching into the envelope for the next one.

In the second photo, she wore the black cat suit, standing with her legs spread wide. The gleaming, rounded globes of her ass thrust back towards the camera while her back arched, shoulders thrown back. Her hands cupped her full breasts, her face turned to look back over her shoulder at the camera, mouth slightly open, just the tip of her tongue touching her upper lip, her eyes glinting with wickedness. Crimson wings flared on her back, while jagged strikes curled down over her legs and across her boots. She was Sin personified, Lust incarnate. Anna felt her body blush as she stared at the photo, remembering how the caress of latex felt across her skin, and how devilish it was to move with the twin dildos invading her body.

She laid the pictures next to each other, gazing at them as if hypnotized. After a bit, she reached inside the envelope to find Leigh’s surprise. Sealed inside a thin plastic bag was a pair of black latex panties, as well as a single applicator pack of the lubricant. Tearing open the package, the rich aroma of latex surrounded her, bringing a soft smile to her face. Pulling the panties out, she realized that they were similar to what she’d worn before, except that these featured two plugs, just like the black catsuit. Anna weighed the panties in one hand, the lube in the other, a wicked idea glimmering to life in her mind.

“Well, why not?” she muttered, a hint of a blush appearing on her cheeks. Standing, she stripped off her jeans, reaching for the panties then stopping. Sudden decision gripped her, and she threw off the rest of her clothes, heading for the shower. She didn’t bother with her hair, it was too late to mess around with that, but a quick scrub sluiced away the grime of the day.

Toweling off, she stared at her face in the mirror for a moment before rummaging through the small, three-drawer organizer that filled the only available space in the tiny bathroom. She owned make-up, she just never wore it. And although it didn’t approach the rainbow hues available to Leigh when she worked on Anna, she could at least do a bit of color.

“Aha!” Anna held the small palette up with an air of triumph. Glancing through the painfully small selection of colors, she settled on a light blue with a pale green accent. Staring into the mirror she did her best to remember how Leigh applied make-up, how she arched and blended and smoothed. The results looked amateurish to her, but effective, accenting the hazel of her eyes. A hint of color on her cheeks was next, and the look was finished with one of the few lipsticks she owned, a dark plum color.

Striding naked into the main room of her small studio apartment, she tore open the packet of lube, pouring it into her hands. She stroked the twin dildos, remembering Leigh’s demonstration, finding that the simple motion awoke the arousal within her. She worked what was left over of the lube around her hips and the tops of her thighs before stepping into the panties, carefully working them up her legs.

Pausing when they reached the tops of her thighs, Anna carefully positioned the front plug, settling the first few inches inside of her again. She sighed at the welcome penetration, her arousal steadily increasing. Reaching behind her, she guided the rear plug into place as well, a slight gasp escaping her as it first pushed inside her. Slowly, she pulled the panties into place, wiggling her hips a bit as she did so, a slow smile spreading across her lips as the two plugs nestled within her, stretching her pleasurably.

The rest of her outfit was pretty standard, jeans, black bra, and a green tank top. Instead of her hoodie, though, she found a plain white blouse, buttoning the bottom few buttons but leaving the top undone to show off her cleavage. A pair of three-inch wedge heels completed the outfit. Anna smiled to think of how tentative she’d been walking on them before, now they seemed almost too easy after her practice with the towering stiletto boots she wore during the photo shoots. Anna checked herself in the mirror, happy with her efforts. Except something was missing.

Frowning, Anna rummaged through her underwear drawer. She so rarely got dressed up that she didn’t have a proper jewelry box. Finding what she was looking for after a couple of minutes, she withdrew a simple jade pendant strung on a thin chain of white gold, with matching earrings.

Checking one last time in the mirror, Anna smiled. She looked so different from her usual self, so adult and put together. Her eyes sparkled with a secret as well, giving her a mischievous, seductive look.

Slinging her bookbag over her shoulder, she put her hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath.

Am I really doing this? Going out wearing latex panties under my clothes? Walk around campus with a dildo in my pussy and one in my ass?

Anna twisted the doorknob open, closing the door and locking it behind her.

“Yes,” she said to no one in particular, turning and walked down the hall of the building and out the front door.


Anna huddled over her book in the library, earbuds in and cheeks burning brightly. At this point she didn’t know what had possessed her to try the panties on let alone wearing them out in public. As soon as she reached the quad in front of the Student Union she’d panicked, feeling as if all eyes were on her, as if every passing person knew the secret she wore beneath her clothes. The fear had been immediate, acute, and, strangely, arousing. She hated to admit it, even to herself, but the risk of discovery, of exposure and humiliation had only amplified the effects of the twin plugs moving inside her. She’d eaten dinner awash in her own juices, the only clues to her arousal the flush on her cheeks and the sly, secretive smile that curved her lips as she watched everyone go about their business, blissfully unaware.

But the fire inside hadn’t stopped, hadn’t lessened even though she sat in solitude now, the quiet of the study alcove broken only by the ever-present hiss of the air conditioning. Now the hunger within her spoke of release, of ducking into one of the endless racks of books, of pressing her fingers against the slick latex covering her clit and finding the release her body craved.

NO! Anna shook her head, biting her tongue and forcing herself to focus on the textbook in front of her. She had work to do!

When she got home, the panties were going back in the bag and never coming out again.

She read another paragraph, making a few notes, then tapped the pencil on her lip.

Well, they weren’t coming out for at least a couple of days. But she didn’t have any plans on Sunday.

Anna smiled, and continued to study.


Anna stared out at the labyrinth of city streets as the elevator ascended to the heights of the Ramses Tower, a slight smile on her face. It had been virtually impossible to concentrate on her classes yesterday, so excited was she for today’s shoot. And the latex panties hadn’t helped, either. Sitting in the hard plastic chairs in the lecture hall had tended to push the plugs deeper inside her, setting her to squirming in her seat. She’d caught a couple of strange looks from her classmates, but shrugged off the inquiries with a flip excuse about being sore from an intensive workout. She couldn’t wait to see what Leigh had in store for her today.

“Good evening, Miss Deland,” greeted Michael from his desk as the elevator doors slide open.

“Good evening, Michael,” replied Anna with a smile. “How are you tonight?”

Michael leaned forward in his chair, resting his arms on the desk in front of him. “Living the dream. Yourself?”

“Couldn’t be better! Will you be bringing us dinner again?” Anna pushed her hip against his desk, letting one finger trace along the raised trim.

“Indeed, I will. I believe tonight’s menu is Mediterranean. Pita, hummus, salad, veal and chicken skewers, dolmades, and rice.”

“Sounds delicious. I’m looking forward to it.” Anna favored him with one last smile before disappearing through the doors into Leigh’s office.

“Flirting with my secretary again?” asked Leigh, her attention focused on the flat panel monitor on the corner of the desk, finishing up some last minute work.

“He started it!” insisted Anna in her defense. Leigh paused to fix her with a disbelieving eyebrow before returning to the computer.

“I’ve just got to finish up these last few emails. Why don’t you head in to the make-up room? I’ll be right behind you.”


When Leigh was finished with her, Anna appeared ready for a night out on the town. Her eyes were done with shades of pale blue and bronze, a series of tiny gems decorating the sweep of color back towards her temples. A dusting of color highlighted her cheeks, while her lips were painted in a dark metallic crimson. Leigh had curled her hair in ringlets again, before piling most of it atop her head and fixing it there with glittering chains of clear crystal.

Anna stared at the outfit hung on the back of the door, though. “A latex formal dress?”

“I suppose there must be a debutante or two out there who indulges this fetish,” mused Leigh. She shrugged. “The design group based their prototypes on the results of the market analysis survey. The fetish community is notoriously close mouthed, and rightly so, but anonymous electronic forms and fifty-dollar gift cards go a long way towards encouraging participation. I’m fairly confident that the four lines we’ve developed will answer the consumer demand.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” chuckled Anna.

“Well we did go ahead and add a few refinements to the dress, it’s more than just simple evening wear.” Leigh’s eyes sparkled mischievously, and Anna felt her pulse quicken. The older woman handed her the pump of lubricant again.

“All over, from your shoulders down. First up is the latex under suit.”

The gleaming black body suit covered Anna from her toes to her fingertips, sealing up the back with the familiar electromorphic strip. It also featured the same twin plugs in the crotch, and Anna repeated their careful insertion. After having worn the latex panties twice more after her adventure in the library, the process of settling the plugs inside her was becoming familiar. Also familiar were the bra cups with the tight band of latex at their base. Anna ensured that her breasts were seated correctly before Leigh pulled the halves of the suit together to start sealing her in.

Leigh tapped on her iPhone, and Anna felt the latex begin to seal against itself, its embrace growing pleasantly tight.

“This series of dresses was designed specifically to interact with our remote activation apps, so that the wearer can be subtly and discreetly controlled during public outings,” explained Leigh, setting her phone aside, and Anna felt a certain exhibitionist thrill run through her. Remembering her night out at the Union she wondered what it would feel like if the plugs inside her were vibrators controlled by an anonymous face in the crowd, how it would feel to be teased and tormented, not knowing who it was that controlled her pleasure. She shivered in suppressed delight.

The latex under suit also had an attached corset, with the same four-inch reduction possible. Anna squeaked in protest at three inches, so Leigh tied off the laces there, tucking them into a purpose built pouch on the back of the corset. She held out the dress proper for Anna to step into.

It featured a high-necked sleeveless bodice, and a narrow waist that flared into a crinoline-puffed lobster tail skirt. As Anna slipped her arms through the bodice, Leigh began the process of pulling the halves tight and sealing the electromorphic strips against each other. Even with the corset narrowing her waist the dress gripped her tightly, the two layers of latex sliding against one another in a sinuous caress. Thigh high boots were next, again with the two-inch platforms and six-inch stilettos. Leigh sealed them tight, then had Anna stand while she fussed over the fall of the skirt and fit of the bodice.

Finally satisfied, she clicked on the luma-wire. Unlike the broad curving arcs of the other outfits, this time the illumination was more for accent. Gleaming silver tracery appeared along the bodice, mimicking a sleeveless neckline, momentary beads glowing brighter as if the light were catching on jewels sewn in a lacy filigree over her cleavage. It drew attention to the enhanced swell of her breasts. The same trace illumination appeared on her legs as well, a soft glow that just served to emphasize the height and shapeliness of her latex-clad thighs and calves.

“Wow,” breathed Anna, enchanted by the silhouette she cut. She heard Leigh tapping on her iPhone again, and then a subtle vibration began in the two plugs within her. She gasped in surprise, reaching out to steady herself on the make-up table. The dildo in her pussy was vibrating to a soft medium frequency, while the one in her ass sang in a deeper, bass thrum. Neither was very insistent, but at rhythmic intervals they would reinforce each other, momentarily notching her arousal higher before dropping back down to a low teasing.

Taking a deep breath, Anna squared her shoulders, lifting her chin and concentrating. Leigh smiled at her, handing her a black latex parasol. Together they walked out into the studio.

Tula smiled from where she stood by the backdrop, camera slung around her neck.

“Anna, every time I think I’ve seen you at your best, you surprise me again. You look amazing.”

“Thank you, Tula. It’s mostly Leigh, though.” Anna struggled to keep her voice level and her words unhurried as the twin plugs rolled and vibrated within her. She was sure that at any moment she would give herself away. The backdrop this time was an impressionist take on a summer meadow, pale blue pastels blending in to a rolling hill of green, yellow and pale violet. Spaced irregularly in front of it were a series of low Doric columns, some knee height, others waist high. Every other one had a small vase with a spray of flowers and greenery. Standing amidst them, Anna could have passed for a renaissance lady in the gardens at Versailles, save for the exotic gleam of her dress’ material.

Unfurling the parasol, she posed demurely for Tula, smiling softly. The situation was complicated, though, by Leigh’s control of the vibrators stuffed within her. From her chair in the back of the studio she played with the strength and the frequency of each plug. Anna struggled not to let it show on her face, maintaining a façade of aloof dignity on the outside while on the inside she seethed with arousal. She gasped softly as Leigh dialed the front plug down to almost nothing while turning the one in her ass up until it thrummed with a heavy bass rhythm. The grip of the corset kept her from being able to draw a full breath, the resulting pant moving her breasts within their tight confines, stroking her nipples across the silken latex and sending even more signals of helpless arousal to her brain.

Thankfully, Leigh turned the vibrations down to a quiet purr when it came time to change her outfits. It still left Anna shifting in place as she sat in the make-up chair, grateful to take the weight off her feet and the killer heels but at the expense of pushing the plugs further insider her, amplifying their effect.

The next outfit was a latex tuxedo coat, complete with flowing tails. Anna kept the same black under suit on, simply trading the outer shell of the dress for the coat. Although a single piece, it featured a white shirt, bow tie, and cummerbund panels on the front. Anna stood patiently while Leigh once more tapped on her phone, activating the electromorphic seal that pulled the coat tight around her. The switch for the luma-wire, though, was on the cummerbund, just where she would have put her thumb to find a pocket watch.

Smiling, Anna watched as brilliant sparkles came to life on the gleaming ivory of the shirt, again as if the material was catching and reflecting a spotlight. Over the left lapel, a boutonnière of a red rose glowed into life, its green stem twisting artfully beneath it. This time Leigh handed her a cane and top hat, although Anna was pretty sure she couldn’t put the hat on without ruining her hairdo.

“That’s fine, just use it for a prop,” advised Leigh. “Ready?”

“Yes, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close up,” quipped Anna with a smile. Leigh laughed, gesturing for her to head into the studio. Anna twirled her cane before setting off in an exaggerated swagger. She couldn’t exactly turn her toes out in the skyscraper heels she wore, but she did her best. At least until Leigh buzzed her plugs higher, wringing a squeak from her lips. Tula glanced at her but Anna just laughed it off as a hiccup.

Now the backdrop hinted of a night at the theater, with arched boxes and rows of red velvet seats. A small cherry wood table with an antique brass lamp stood before it, and Anna posed herself next to it, turning as if she were just about to don her top hat. Again, she fought to remain aloof and sophisticated, casual disinterest on her face while beneath the surface her arousal burned fiercely, fueled by the random music of the vibrators. Near the end of this series of photos, Leigh had both of them turned up quite high, and it required all of Anna’s concentration to hold back her orgasm. In between Tula’s directions she spared a pleading glance towards Leigh, who simply smiled in return.

Once Tula was satisfied, Leigh dialed the vibrators down to barely a buzz, offering Anna a momentary relief.

“All right,” announced the older woman, “this will be the last before dinner.”

“Good,” sighed Tula, “I’m already hungry!” She was busy redressing the studio as Anna walked back towards the make-up room. Leigh joined her after a few minutes with the next outfit.

“You’re being so mean!” accused Anna. “Teasing me like that in front of Tula!”

Leigh chuckled. “But you handled yourself perfectly. And, although you haven’t seen them yet, I know for a fact that it’s helped your performance today.”

Which, Anna knew, was the point behind the entire exercise. “You still don’t have to be so mean about it,” she grumbled, turning so Leigh could help her out of the unsealed tuxedo jacket. With a sigh, she lowered herself gently into the make-up chair, leaning over to massage her calves. Leigh hung the jacket back up.

“You complain like you’re the only one being stimulated out there.”

Anna blinked in surprise, then comprehension. “Leigh!”

The older woman smiled saucily. “Well I couldn’t let you go on having all the fun, now could I? Besides, I wanted to try them and see what all the fuss was about. I must admit, it has made the workday a bit more interesting.”

“All day!” Anna put her hand to her lips, a smile growing across them. Leigh just smiled.

“Most of the day. I put them on at lunch. Anyway, focus! One last outfit and then we break for some food. This is the first outfit that kind of crosses over between our Evening Line and our Restraint Line, so you’re going to have to get used to a bit more restriction. This is the most basic, though, so at least you’ll have a chance to work up to it.”

Leigh held out a beautiful high-collared Mandarin dress, hemmed in gold and decorated with bamboo and white cranes. The skirt, though, looked pencil thin, and even though the latex stretched, Anna doubted she’d be able to take more than mincing steps once wearing it. Leigh confirmed her suspicions.

“It’s a hobble skirt, yes. The latex is of double thickness, limiting the amount of stretch possible, and there’s a slim strap, here, that hooks over your heels, keeping you from being able to work it up higher on your legs.”

Anna nodded, not particularly sure why that detail was important, but clearly Leigh found it comment-worthy. The older woman helped her out of the tuxedo coat, hanging it up for cleaning before pooling the Mandarin dress on the floor.

“Okay, first more lube, then step into it here carefully and I’ll arrange it around your feet. Then we start pulling it up.”

Anna spread liberal amounts of lube on her legs and hips before setting it aside and putting her right foot into the ring of latex fabric. Leigh worked the skirt up over the foot of her boot, ensuring that the strap ran beneath the arch, then repeated the procedure for her left.

“Okay, hold on to something, this is going to be a bit of work,” advised Leigh as she started to draw the skirt up her legs. It was tight going, even just over her calves and knees, Leigh pulling and tugging to get the skirt up higher. The bunched latex became tourniquet tight just above her knees, and Anna gasped.

“I don’t think it’s going to fit, Leigh!”

“I’ve been told by design that this is the right size. They said it was very tight and slow to put on, but to just keep pulling.” Leigh worked her fingers beneath the bunched fabric and spread some more lube around. Together she and Anna heaved and pulled, making slow progress. Anna found herself sweating, the exertion raising her temperature within the latex body suit. The corset as well was crushing the breath out of her, and making it difficult for her to bend and help Leigh. She resorted to mostly wiggling her legs, trying to push them tighter together, and shimmying side to side as Leigh slowly worked the skirt higher.

Anna felt like she was being swallowed by a latex python, the narrow waist of the dress now caught just below her hips, crushing the flesh of her pelvis. Leigh was adding more lube in preparation for the last effort to overcome the next few inches. The skirt itself was already molded tightly around her legs, extraordinarily restrictive, more so than Anna first guessed.

Leigh grunted as she pulled against the latex, and Anna shifted her weight, trying to push down against the force as well. Latex slid and squeaked against latex as bit by bit the dress worked its way over her hips, virtually snapping into place around her corseted waist.

“Whew!” Leigh slumped back into the make-up chair. “Now that’s a workout!”

“You’re telling me!” retorted Anna, still feeling the heat swimming beneath her latex body suit, now doubled with the heavy latex skirt crushing her legs together. The remainder of the dress was comparatively easy. Anna held out her arms and Leigh slipped the bodice over them, working the halves close enough together for the electromorphic seal to take over.

Only with the dress fully sealed could Anna appreciate what Leigh meant by ‘a bit more restriction.’ The latex clung to every curve of her body, and the doubled thickness kept it from stretching measurably in any direction. Anna found it difficult to do anything other than stand perfectly straight and still.

The luma-wire on this dress was controlled through the same interface on Leigh’s iPhone, rather than being a switch on the outfit. While Anna did her best to smooth out any wrinkles in the dress, wiggling from side to side as much as she could within the incredibly tight skirt, Leigh dialed up the illumination. The bodies and wings of the crane sparkled with tiny points of light, and brilliant emerald highlights picked out the clusters of bamboo leaves.

Leigh ran a polishing cloth over the latex, wiping away the excess lubricant and the smeared fingerprints that evinced the struggle required to get Anna into the dress. After a few moments work Anna stood sheathed in brilliant scarlet, the detail embroidery of gold on the faux panel closure and the delicate cranes drawing attention to the luscious curves of her chest and hips.

“All right,” Leigh exhaled loudly, running a hand through her hair. “Let me take a look at your make-up and then we should be ready for Tula.”

With the towering heels she wore, Anna was a couple inches taller than Leigh, and found it necessary to bend over in order for the older woman to repair her make-up. She added a few sweeps of dark color to the corners, giving her a vaguely oriental cast to her eyes. Finished, Leigh handed her a circular paper parasol with a bamboo handle. The open leaves of the parasol were painted with lotus flowers and cranes, similar to the design on the dress.

Anna turned to follow Leigh out into the studio and discovered just how impossible it was going to be to walk in the hobble dress. Her steps were a miniscule six inches, a mincing walk that kept her hips wiggling back and forth, the plugs inside her rolling intensely against one another.

“Leigh, I don’t think I can make it,” called Anna, eyeing the distance remaining and how winded she felt, the tight restriction of the corset turning any activity into a chest-heaving labor.

Leigh turned and realized Anna’s predicament after only a moment. Anna was leaning heavily against the wall, panting and out of breath, her face flushed. Although an excellent athlete and in good condition, she was unused to the constriction of the corset, and the insulating effects of the latex. Leigh put a hand on Anna’s arm, and the younger woman nodded in response to the concern.

“I’m fine, I just, I mean, the skirt is so tight!”

Leigh frowned in thought, then smiled. “I’ve got it, wait right here.” She disappeared down the hallway. Anna expected her to return with a rolling chair or something like, so she blinked in surprise moments later when Michael followed his boss into the hallway. Anna blushed, straightening and unconsciously smoothing her hands over the slick latex dress.

“Think it’ll work?” asked Leigh.

“Shouldn’t be a problem, Miss Leigh,” replied Michael, moving to stand close to Anna. She could smell a faint whiff of aftershave, a dark, wooden aroma that she liked.

“I’m going to lift you up,” said Michael softly, leaning close to her. “Can you put your arms around my neck?”

“Yes,” whispered Anna, not trusting herself to say more as she felt Michael’s arm encircle her just below the shoulders. As he knelt to take her weight, she slipped her arms around his neck. She felt his other arm beneath her knees and then she was flying. Anna blinked in surprise. She knew she weighed a solid hundred and sixty pounds, she wasn’t a slight girl by any stretch of the imagination. But Michael lifted her with no more noticeable effort than a tightening of the muscles along his jaw. She could feel the corded muscles in his arms as they lay beneath her body, his strong hands spread to ensure their grip on the silken latex. Anna had to resist the urge to lay her head against his shoulder.

Leigh didn’t help matters by choosing this moment to fire up the vibrators still trapped within her, their sudden intensity making Anna gasp, then bite her lip.

“Everything ok?” asked Michael, concern writ large on his face.

“Yes!” said Anna with a bit more force than she was intending. She struggled to take a calming breath. “Yes, I’m fine, thank you.” Glancing over his shoulder she shot a murderous look at Leigh, who feigned innocence, shrugging.

As they entered the studio, Tula laughed aloud. “Wow. You really know how to make an entrance, Anna!”

Anna coughed in protest. “What? But it was all Leigh’s idea! Not mine!”

Michael carefully set her down in the center of the backdrop.

“Thank you,” smiled Anna, gently detaching her arms from around his neck. Michael remained standing close, though. Anna’s towering heels brought their faces to the same level. She was, in fact, a bit more than an inch taller than him currently.

“You’re welcome, Anna,” he said softly, his gaze intense. Turning, he nodded to Leigh. “I’ll be at my desk if you need me, dinner will be arriving in twenty minutes.”

“Thank you, Michael,” replied Leigh, the glint in her eyes revealing her knowledge of the interlude shared by her secretary and her young protégé. Tula had as well, although luckily she kept her tongue until the door closed behind Michael.

“Woooo, damn! I thought he was going to throw you down on the floor right there!” she teased Anna.

“Not you, too, Tula!” moaned Anna, her cheeks blazing. “It’s bad enough that Leigh makes fun of me when he flirts with me! It’s not my fault!”

Tula let her eyes caress the seductive curves of Anna’s body, highlighted by the slick, tight latex dress. “Sure it’s not your fault. Absolutely.”

“Can we take some pictures now, please? I’d like to have dinner at some point, too!” pleaded Anna, her eyes plaintive over the bright flush on her cheeks from the other women’s teasing. Both Tula and Leigh laughed, but luckily the mention of dinner had reawakened everyone’s appetites, leaving little time for harassment.

Tula used the same backdrop as earlier, only this time she lit just the lower portion in a dusky golden fan, bringing out rich hues of bronze and brown. An artfully placed lacquer screen completed the illusion that Anna stood amidst the old stones of the Forbidden City. She posed demurely, secretively, hiding all but her eyes behind the parasol. Again, Leigh teased her with the vibrators, dialing them up or down at random. It seemed modestly easier for Anna to handle, though, knowing that Leigh was teasing herself as well.

Finally, Tula called it a wrap for the series, and Leigh notified Michael that they were ready for dinner. A few minutes later he rolled a service cart through the door holding four large covered dishes. Leigh directed him over to the rear wall, then issued her orders.

“Alright, Michael, if you’ll give me a hand with Anna again, Tula don’t wait on us. I’ll be out as soon as I help her out of her dress.”

Michael hadn’t waited for Leigh’s instructions, though, moving directly to Anna’s side as soon as he’d delivered dinner.

“Ready?” he asked, slipping his arm around her body. Anna nodded, feeling the flush burning on her cheeks as she draped her arms around his neck. The vibrators were still purring inside of her, stroking the fires of her arousal. She could feel the muscles in his arms and chest tense as he took her weight, the thin latex sliding deliciously across her skin. Carefully he maneuvered Anna out the studio door and back into the make-up room, setting her once more on her feet once inside.

“Thank you, Michael.” Anna’s voice was soft, sultry to even her own ears. She glanced aside, then back, finding his eyes on her, his body much too close. Instead of replying, he leaned forward and kissed her. Anna hesitated only momentarily before the hunger inside of her overrode her natural shyness. Tilting her head, she kissed him back, lips opening beneath his so that his tongue could taste hers. His hands slid around her narrow waist, pulling her into him so that she could feel the hard length of him through the thin latex she wore. Anna moaned softly into his mouth, her arms winding around his broad shoulders.

“Ahem!” Leigh cleared her throat from where she stood in the doorway, stern disapproval on her face. Michael broke away, the smile on his face clearly saying that whatever trouble he was in was worth it. Turning, he stepped to the door, waiting for Leigh to turn aside and let him past.

“You’re in big trouble, mister,” the older woman scolded, only half-serious. “I’ll have none of that monkey business with my model. At least, not while she’s on company time.”

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Michael with a smile, bowing his head before exiting. Leigh turned to Anna with an exasperated look on her face.

“I warned you about what would happen if you kept flirting with him.”

Anna smiled. “He’s a really good kisser.”

Leigh threw up her hands. “I’ve created a monster. C’mon, let’s get you out of that so we can eat. The next two outfits are full catsuits, so I’m going to undo your hair and you can take a quick shower if you want.”

Anna nodded her understanding, a shower sounded like an excellent idea.


By the time she rejoined the other two women in the studio both had eaten their fill. Anna walked in to find Leigh and Tula laughing together. The older woman sat in her beige director’s chair while the photographer lounged cross-legged on top of the table. Pushing up the arms of the terrycloth robe she wore, Anna filled a plate with cucumber salad, hummus, pita bread, thin slices of spiced lamb, and several dolmades.

“Sit here, Anna,” offered Tula, making room for her. Anna smiled, sliding next to the photographer, who gave her a quick hug.

“Leigh and I were just talking about how we ended up meeting.”

Seeing Anna’s questioning look, Leigh elaborated.

“Tula and I met quite by accident. She was hired by one of my PR sections to do some photography of our San Francisco building for an architectural magazine. By coincidence I was scheduled for a photo session for an upcoming Board of Directors program. I ran into Tula in the lobby and assumed she was there for me. The funny part was it took almost half an hour and a dozen photos for us to figure out the mistake. I kept wondering why she was focusing more on the lines of the atrium than on me.”

Tula laughed again. “And I kept wondering who she was and why she was insisting on being in all of my pictures of the building.”

Anna giggled, her mouth full of pita and hummus, her eyes sparkling.

Leigh chuckled as well. “We finally got things sorted out, but the irony of it all is that Tula’s photographs of me turned out much better than the ones shot by the portrait photographer. So now she does all of my photography.”

“Having a wealthy patron is what every starving artist dreams of,” Tula shrugged.

Leigh waved away the statement. “I prefer to think of it as a long term investment. All of my patronage to date has allowed me to impose upon you for help with this little extra-curricular project.”

Reaching over, Tula slipped her arm around Anna’s shoulders. “I’d hardly call this work, though, taking pictures of this beauty here.”

Anna blushed and shook her head. “It’s only partly me, though. Leigh’s work with my hair and make-up is the real magic. And the outfits are the rest. What’s left over is your skill with the camera.”

“You’re selling yourself short,” admonished Tula. “I’ve worked with some beautiful people who couldn’t take a decent picture to save their lives. You’re a natural in front of the camera. I’m just surprised that a talent agency hasn’t snapped you up before now. Once this catalog comes out, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got several offers.”

“Really?” Anna glanced at the slim photographer, then to Leigh, who nodded in agreement.

“In fact, Leigh, you might want to set her up with your legal department to make sure she doesn’t sign an exploitive contract.”

Leigh frowned, then nodded. “Good idea, Tula. I hadn’t even thought of that.”

Pulling out her iPhone, she tapped out a quick note to herself, then checked the time. “Whoa, it’s getting late. We’d better get a move on if we want to get these last two outfits done at a reasonable hour.”

Anna nodded, swallowing down the last of her bottled water. Tula slid off the table and headed towards the backdrop to start dressing the set. Leigh waved her hand in the direction of the make-up room.

“Head in there and start getting lubed up. Put the swim cap on as well, it’s laying by the sink. I’ve got to run a quick errand but I’ll be right there to help you start dressing.”

Anna nodded. Closing the door to the make-up room behind her, she searched out the latex swim cap. Ensuring that her hair was comfortably piled up, she pulled it down over her head, carefully tucking away the stray strands which poked out from beneath it. Sliding out of the terrycloth robe, she began the process of lubing herself up, careful to pay attention to her hips and shoulders, and the insides of her thighs.

She wondered if the catsuits would feature the same double plugs that her earlier outfits had, and she felt a trickle of eager arousal at the thought. It seemed as though even the simple taste she had of the sensations had engendered a frightful hunger in her body.

Leigh picked that moment to open the door, interrupting her train of thought. She wheeled in an empty cargo dolly, parking it against the wall, before laying out the bundle of latex she carried.

“All right, like I said, these next two outfits blur the lines between our Evening Line and our Restraint Line. The first is a hobble dress like the one you just wore, only this one has inner sleeves for your arms, so that when it’s sealed up they’re trapped inside.” Leigh held the garment open, showing Anna what she meant. Anna’s attention, though, was riveted on the pair of circular openings in the chest of the garment.

“Uh, Leigh, is there a part of it missing?”

A wicked smile played at the corners of Leigh’s mouth. “Nope. It’s designed to allow complete access to your assets. I’m told the effect is quite stimulating. To be helplessly encased in latex, every part of your body covered except your breasts, to be powerless to stop your lover from teasing them. Mmmm. Delightful.”

A slight shiver ran through Leigh’s shoulders, and Anna remembered that older woman was still wearing the vibrating panties. She couldn’t help but think about what Leigh had said, though, imagining what it would feel like to have her sensitive breasts exposed and vulnerable, to be unable to stop someone from sucking on her nipples, or pinching them, or any manner of delicious torments. Anna felt her cheeks burning, and she took a deep breath.

“All right, what’s first?”

Leigh held out a thin mass of black latex. “Corset.”

Together the two women worked to lace Anna into the garment, Leigh settling for a three-inch reduction in her waist. The corset featured a long strap that ran vertically from the front panel, down through Anna’s crotch, before splitting into a Y that buckled separately onto either side of the rear laces. The strap had a pair of plugs that slipped onto it, and Leigh waited while Anna eased them inside of her. She gasped at the penetration, they were clearly larger than the ones she’d worn earlier. These left her feeling stuffed full, almost painfully so.

Leigh waited until Anna caught her breath, before pulling the strap tight and buckling it in place, eliciting another gasp from her young model.

Boots came next, the same pair Anna wore with the oriental dress. Leigh sealed them up and ensured the straps were buckled snugly. Then she helped Anna step carefully into the dress, repeating the process in the same manner as earlier. Once more they used generous helpings of lube to ease the progress of the tight latex.

Even though she knew that the latex was just as tight as before, Anna thought it was easier going since it was over her skin rather than the latex undersuit. But it could have just been her imagination. Leigh certainly seemed to think that it was just as hard, grunting as she worked it higher up Anna’s thighs. They fell into something of a rhythm where Anna would push down with her leg while Leigh pulled up on one side, then switching over to the other side, slowly rocking the latex up over Anna’s voluptuous ass.

When the waist of the suit finally slid over her hips, both of them let out a sigh of relief.

“Okay!” wheezed Leigh, taking a short break and leaning back against the make-up table. “We’ll put your arms in next, then work the body up over your shoulders. Then the hood, and I’ll seal you in. This part around the neck here is a posture collar, I’ll have to lace that up once you’re sealed in.”

A sudden thought occurred to Anna. “Uh, Leigh, we’re not going to get Michael to carry me out to the studio again, are we?”

“Why, would you like me to?” Leigh grinned evilly.

“NO!” Anna shook her head frantically. Leigh put out her hand.

“Calm down. I wasn’t intending to, that’s what the dolly is for.”

Anna breathed a sigh of relief, allowing Leigh to guide her arms into the inner sleeves. She worked her hands down into them, feeling her fingers slip past a tight ring of latex before settling into gloves at the ends of the sleeves. Her arms were trapped at her sides, the latex tight enough around them that Anna could barely wiggle her fingers.

“Okay, lean forward a bit.” Leigh reached in and scooped Anna’s breasts out through the cutouts in the front of the dress, a snug band of thicker latex supporting and squeezing their base, making them stand proud on her chest. The contrast in sensation was unique, the rest of her body compressed and heated by the python-like embrace of the latex, yet her breasts were free, caressed by the cool air. Anna felt her nipples harden at the thought, and shivered in anticipation.

Leigh had pulled the bodice of the dress over her shoulders, resting them in place without starting the electromorphic seal yet. The hood and attached collar flopped loose on her chest.

“All right, open your mouth and try to hold still while I work this over your head.” Once more Leigh had to stand on the low stool in order to reach Anna’s head since she couldn’t sit down in the combination of corset and tight dress and her boots gave her several inches of height. Anna was confused for a moment until she realized that the hood Leigh held open would cover the lower half of her face and that it had a built in gag. The mouthpiece looked similar to an athletic guard, with grooves on the side that her teeth would fit into.

Somewhat reluctantly she opened her mouth, allowing Leigh to seat the gag before starting the careful process of rolling the hood over her head. The oval cut out revealed only her eyes and nose, the rest being swallowed by the slick black latex. The gag settled firmly into her mouth, the grooves trapping her teeth while the central bridge held her tongue down, robbing her of any ability to vocalize coherently.

Leigh fussed over the lay of the hood momentarily, stretching and settling it so it was symmetrical, then activated the suit’s seal. Anna blinked in surprise as the grip around her became even tighter, forcing her shoulders back and pushing her breasts out that much more. As the suit sealed up past her neck, Leigh pulled the halves of the collar around and began lacing them closed. Anna discovered that it was more like a corset for her neck, stiff boning within the latex forcing her to lift her head slightly and preventing her from turning it in any direction.

Anna couldn’t believe how helpless and controlled she felt, utterly dependent on Leigh to do anything. Her arms were trapped beneath the incredibly tight latex, pinned to her sides, her fingers squashed flat and useless. The hobble skirt crushed her legs together, preventing her from taking more than tiny six-inch steps. The corset squeezing her waist made it impossible to take a deep breath, ensuring anytime she struggled she was quickly exhausted. With the mouth-filling gag trapped in place by the tight hood, she couldn’t do much more than grunt and whine. All this became rapidly apparent to Anna as she stood, twisting and shifting, while Leigh polished the unbroken expanse of ebony that sheathed her.

Satisfied at last, the older woman stepped back. Then, with a wicked smile, she pulled out her iPhone. Anna’s eyes widened, and she struggled to shake her head. Leigh ignored her, tapping on the interface. Once more Anna felt the plugs within her spring to life, their vibrations intense and insistent. She closed her eyes and moaned, chest heaving. Leigh slipped her phone into her pocket before wheeling the cargo dolly over and parking it close behind Anna.

“Okay, wiggle your butt backwards. Carefully!” directed Leigh, reaching out to steady Anna with a hand. The young model minced backwards, blind and trusting in her bonds. She felt her heels click over the edge of the dolly before feeling the steel tubing against her back.

“Good! Now, hold still.” Leigh wrapped a bright red cargo tie down around Anna’s chest above her breasts. Anna felt it snug down, then came the sound of a ratchet and it grasped tighter, pinning her remorselessly against the aluminum frame of the cargo dolly.

“Urrmmph!” exclaimed Anna, eyes going wide at the tension. Leigh appeared in her view, glancing up at Anna.

“Tight enough?” she asked. Anna grunted yes, trying to nod her head as best she could. Leigh wrapped another cargo strap around her waist.

“Good, I wouldn’t want you tumbling off this thing. Just a few more here.”

Soon Anna was strapped to the dolly at her hips, thighs, and just above her ankles. If she thought she felt helpless before, it was only doubled now. She could just barely wiggle back and forth in the tight grip of the nylon straps.

“All right, hang on, here we go!”

Anna found herself tilted back and then wheeled forward. She felt the wheels bump over the doorway to the make-up room, and she recognized the ceiling of the studio. Leigh maneuvered her over to where Tula stood by the backdrops.

“Oh, very nice, Anna! Very Hannibal Lecter-ish!” Tula appeared in front of Anna as Leigh stood her upright, the thin photographer running her fingers over the smooth latex and tugging briefly on the cargo straps.

“Why don’t you leave her like that for just a few photos?” Tula grinned, reaching for her camera. Leigh stepped into the background, retreating to her chair while Tula twisted Anna and the dolly to where she wanted. Anna did her best to express with just her eyes, throwing them wide in fear, playing the frantic victim, destined for a horrible fate she could only imagine. Halfway through, Leigh turned up the vibrators, higher than ever. Anna struggled, her eyes wide. The larger plugs were relentless, driving her crazy as they danced inside her. She wasn’t going to be able to stop it this time, she was going to cum in front of Tula and Leigh!

Anna’s chest heaved as she tried to get herself under control, her body writhing helplessly within its tight cocoon of latex. No matter what she did, though, she couldn’t escape the insistent vibrations, and the sensation of helpless vulnerability only amplified her arousal. She caught herself moaning aloud and blushed even brighter, closing her eyes so she didn’t see Tula and the camera catching every moment of her torture. The thought that she would see this again, that perhaps countless more would see a picture of her in the throes of passion finally sent her over the edge. The orgasm rushed over her, passion exploding through her body, her muscles taut as she screamed into the gag.

Anna gasped for air, the intensity of her orgasm leaving her winded and exhausted. She sagged against the tight straps pinning her to the cargo dolly, blinking slowly. Glancing around, she found Tula smiling at her from arms reach away. She didn’t say anything, merely turning to call over her shoulder to Leigh.

“Okay, let’s get the dolly out of the way for the rest of these shots.”

Together the two women divested Anna of the tight cargo straps and Leigh wheeled the dolly back to the rear next to her chair. They would need it again to get Anna back to the make-up room for her next outfit. The older woman returned after a couple of minutes, though. Anna eyed her warily, nervous of the mischievous smile on her face.

“Just a few accessories for your outfit, my dear,” advised Leigh, reaching out to tweak Anna’s nipples, rolling them gently between her fingers. Anna squealed, trying to twist her chest away, her nipples still hard and sensitive from her orgasm. With practiced movements, Leigh capture first her left, then her right nipples with thin lassos, cinching them down around the base of the buds, sending sharp shocks of pleasure and pain through Anna. Dangling between the two lassos was a fine silver chain, glinting brightly in the photofloods. Not quite satisfied, though, Leigh clipped a tiny silver bell to the base of each lasso, the weight pulling down every so gently on Anna’s nipples. The bells range musically as Anna struggled in her tight bondage, her eyes glaring at Leigh over the tight panel of the gag. Leigh cupped Anna’s breasts briefly, blowing her a kiss.

“There. Perfectly adorable.”

Stepping back, she left Tula to her work. Anna writhed against the stringent embrace of the latex, the overhead floods striking gleaming highlights from the gloss black sheathe, the silver chain standing out brilliantly. The grip of the corset meant Anna winded easily, and she panted for air, her breasts rising and falling rapidly, the bells jingling merrily as they did so. The constant aching pull on her nipples, still sensitive from the earlier orgasm, reignited the flames of her arousal. Unfortunately, Leigh had dialed down the vibrations to a lower level, not enough to push Anna over the edge. Instead she simmered in delicious torment, her body awash with pleasure denied.

To her relief, though, she heard Tula say that she was finished with this series, and moments later she found herself once again strapped to the cargo dolly and trundling back to the make-up room. As much as she looked forward to her imminent release, the thought that she had one more outfit to go worried her. Especially since it was, according to Leigh, the most restrictive one to date.

Leigh undid the lassos around her nipples, sending another wave of pleasure through her, and Anna couldn’t help but moan in relief. As the hood unrolled off her head, she worked her jaw, happy to be free of the gag at last. Leigh went to work on the rest of the outfit, and Anna found herself feeling like a tired butterfly emerging from a gleaming latex cocoon, the cool air on her skin a blessed relief. She stretched her arms over her head, relishing the pull in her muscles after their confinement. Together she and Leigh worked the tight skirt down over her waist and legs.

“I hope this is the last time we have to do this,” grunted Leigh as she pulled against the unyielding latex, slowly wiggling it down Anna’s thighs.

“What about the next outfit?” asked Anna breathlessly, doing her best to help while still in the crushing grip of the corset.

“Different,” was all Leigh replied, her concentration completely focused on freeing Anna from the last grip of the dress. When at last it came free, Leigh ended up loosing her grip on the slick material, sitting down with a thump while Anna teetered dangerously on her heels, frantically grabbing on to the make-up table to steady herself.

“Maybe I was a bit ambitious this time,” muttered Leigh ruefully. Anna shook her head as she carefully extracted her booted feet from the tight circle of the dress pooled about them.

“Nah, we’re doing fine. I’ve got enough left to work this last outfit.”

Leigh smiled at her, standing. “Ah, for the vitality of youth. All right, let’s get those boots off. This next one has a full latex undersuit.”

To Anna’s chagrin, Leigh’s description of full didn’t do the suit justice. Done in a vibrant royal purple, the suit featured an integrated hood complete with a similar gag as the last one, this time with no openings for her eyes, only two small grommets to breathe through. The crotch of the suit had the familiar pair of plugs, and an integrated corset flapped loose around the waist. The arms ended in fingerless mittens, each with a long trailing strap, similar to a straitjacket.

“Before we even start with this one, I need to check your flexibility,” advised Leigh. “The restraints here are designed for a double hammerlock bind.” The older woman grasped Anna’s wrists and slowly moved them higher up her back until her left was lying beneath her right shoulder blade and vice versa. The position was strenuous, but Anna’s long history of varsity sports left her joints supple and flexible.

“Excellent,” remarked Leigh, releasing the hold. Anna shook out her arms.

“How long will I have to hold that?” she asked, slight concern in her voice. With the suit’s hood done up, there would be no way for her to communicate her discomfort to Leigh and Tula. The thought of her utter helplessness, though, sent a thrilling tendril of excitement through her as well.

“Not long, only twenty minutes or so for Tula to get the shots she wanted,” reassured Leigh. Anna nodded, mollified. Together they applied another coating of lube to her skin before starting in on the suit. Although tight, it was nowhere near as difficult to pull on as the previous two hobble skirts had been. Anna welcomed the presence of the two plugs inside her, the pressure and fullness intensely pleasurable, especially as the sleek embrace of the suit slid up over the rounded curves of her ass. Leigh helped her pull the sleeves all the way up to her shoulders, settling her hands inside the strange fingerless gloves. Once more a tight ring of latex sealed around her wrists, preventing her from withdrawing her hands without help.

“All right, have a seat and we’ll get your boots on before I get your hood on and seal you up.” Leigh motioned to the make-up chair as she pulled out a pair of platform boots in a matching hue. Anna waited patiently as Leigh sealed them tightly to her legs, arranging and tightening the multitude of straps and buckles. Then it was time for the hood. Leigh carefully inverted it, allowing Anna to settle the gag in her mouth and ensure the breathing holes were lined up correctly before carefully rolling it over her head.

Anna found the sensation unique and mildly disorienting. The latex pads over her eyes pressed them tightly closed, she couldn’t even open them to blink. The hood muffled her hearing, robbing her of one of the last remaining senses she had. With the tiny breathing holes every breath she took was laced with the heady scent of warm latex. Patiently she waited while Leigh fussed with the fit of the hood before she felt the telltale tightening as the electromorphic seal grabbed onto itself and merged together. The suit’s embrace, familiar and erotic, constricted all over.

Anna felt Leigh lean in close to her. “Turn to your left a bit so I can do up your corset, then I’m going to bind your arms up. I’ll have you stand after that and we’ll put on the dress. You doing okay so far?”

Anna nodded and tried to give Leigh a thumbs up, then realized how it must look and giggled. She twisted as directed, feeling Leigh pull the wings of the corset together around her waist and begin the lacing. The corset’s grip became tighter, then tighter again as Leigh made a second pass across the laces. Anna’s was already breathing in shallow pants, fighting against both the crushing restraint of the corset and the tiny breathing grommets.

“Wow, fully closed, Anna! I’m impressed!” Leigh patted her on the shoulder while Anna moaned, her body awash in conflicting messages of arousal and distress. She felt Leigh’s grip on her right arm and relaxed as it was guided behind her, then lifted high on her back. She felt the strap on the end of the sleeve tugged and pulled over her left shoulder, then below her left arm. The process was repeated with her left arm, and Anna found herself arching her back, thrusting her breasts forward to try and help relieve the strain of the position. The strap on her left arm went over her right shoulder and beneath her right arm. The straps were buckled together tightly over her wrists, pinning them in place against her upper back and reinforcing the position. Any attempt she made to pull her arms down would only crush them tighter against her back.

“All right, stand up and I’ll get your dress on,” advised Leigh.

Carefully, Anna rose to her feet, doing her best not to overbalance on towering platform heels. Leigh’s hands on her waist helped, and after a moment she was steady on her feet. The hands disappeared, and a minute later she felt the latex dress draped over her shoulders. Leigh fussed with the fit for a moment, then Anna felt it begin to seal itself around her. It began at her neck and crept down her back, the latex irising down tightly around her body, writhing around her as if it were a living thing. She felt the bodice grip her shoulders and arms tightly, virtually welding them in place. It necked down around her corseted waist, flaring over her hips and ass before crushing her legs together in its python-like embrace. Once more she felt Leigh’s steadying hands on her hips as the dress forced her legs together in the familiar hobble configuration.

Anna felt Leigh working something around her neck, then felt the constriction of a stiff posture collar. The stiff band of latex lifted her head slightly, pinning it in place as it rose behind her jaw, up to the base of her skull. She moaned softly as the last of her freedom left her, once more plunged into utter helplessness. Despite the incredible restriction and restraint, she found her earlier arousal rekindled. And it only got worse when Leigh activated the vibrators inside her. Their insistent pulses stroked her sensitive flesh, the tight latex pinning them in place, ensuring there was no escape from their stimulation.

Distracted by the multitude of sensations crowding around her, Anna only dimly realized that Leigh was saying something. She grunted, trying to shake her head to say that she hadn’t heard what was said. Instead she felt Leigh’s hands on her waist, gently pulling her backwards.

Oh right, the cargo dolly.

Dutifully Anna minced backwards, her steps miniscule within the crushing confines of the bondage dress. After half a dozen wiggles she felt the aluminum piping of the back of the dolly, and Leigh’s hands signaled for her to stop. Anna felt Leigh fiddle with the straps again, draping them around her body before tightening them down, pinning her in place. Then the dolly tilted backwards and she fought a momentary vertigo before feeling herself wheeled forward. They stopped too quickly, though, for her to be in the studio, and Anna forced a questioning noise past her gag. Faintly she could hear Leigh moving something around and assumed that she was making some other preparations for the shoot. Suddenly the vibrators inside her ticked over to a new setting, a rhythmic pulsing vibration that rose and fell at asynchronous interludes. Anna moaned, twisting briefly within her latex prison before succumbing to the insistent teasing of the toys held within her.

Long minutes passed in a haze as Anna’s arousal bubbled within her, the vibrations carrying her slowly higher, but not quite enough to reach orgasm. Her breath whistled in and out of the tiny grommets in the hood, her body flush with heat. Isolated from all other stimuli, her mind ran wild. She imagined what it would feel like if it were Michael’s arms around her, if he was the one controlling the vibrators inside her. How it would feel to be so controlled, to be teased and toyed with until she begged mutely for release.

The rocking of the cargo dolly jostled Anna out of her daydream, and she tried to take a breath to calm herself down. This time she felt the wheels of the dolly bump over the doorjamb and into the studio space. Soon the pressure of the straps fell away and Leigh’s hands guided her gently forward before stopping her.

“That looks amazing,” she heard Tula say, the photographer’s voice muffled by the latex but still audible. “And you look amazing as well, Leigh.”

“Why thank you, I was a bit rushed because I didn’t want to keep Anna like this for too long.”

As Tula began to give her usual directions, Anna realized that she was talking to Leigh! That’s what must have been the delay, Leigh was getting her outfit on! Anna felt the older woman’s hands on her waist as she stood next to her. They moved across her skin, caressing her as Leigh posed next to her.

Anna felt Leigh move behind her, her left arm draping across Anna’s chest to grope and squeeze her breasts while her right curled down over her hip to cup her crotch, pushing the dildo further inside her. Briefly Anna twisted in the grip of her latex prison, seeking to escape the insistent, molesting hands. But in the end she couldn’t fit against them, couldn’t prevent the tweaking of her sensitive nipples through the thin latex, couldn’t hide from the flat palm massaging her mound as the fingers slowly fucked her with the dildo. Moaning, she surrendered to the relentless rush of pleasure, her body convulsing with orgasm, held tightly in Leigh’s arms.


Anna took a deep breath of cool air as the hood came free from her face, blinking her eyes against the light after being so long in darkness.

“Whew, I’m glad that’s over.” She shook her head, glad to have some freedom back as Leigh worked to unstrap her arms. When they came free she groaned in relief, rubbing them gently against one another to massage her muscles.

“You were amazing, though,” complimented Leigh, unbuckling and unsealing Anna’s boots so she could get out of the catsuit.

“Yeah, but I didn’t even get to see you in your outfit!” complained Anna, glancing over her shoulder at the older woman. Leigh wore one of the terrycloth bathrobes, having divested herself of the latex she wore before starting the more complicated process of freeing Anna. Leigh smiled.

“You will. Tula was particularly happy with how the last pictures turned out. She’s talking about trying to work with you again on some of the other projects she has in mind.”

Anna sighed with happiness as the corset released her from its crushing embrace, followed shortly by the rest of the suit unsealing. Leigh helped her peel it down her arms, and she felt distinctly like a reptile shedding the outer layer of its skin. Free at last from the latex, she wasted no time in stepping into the welcome warmth of the shower. She’d just finished washing her hair, standing beneath the showerhead with her head bowed, when she heard the door open behind her.

Blinking water from her eyes, she turned to see Leigh standing naked behind her! Before she could voice the surprise evident on her face, the older woman reached past her and rinsed her hands in the water.

“Oh relax, I’ve seen you naked plenty of times. It’s not like I have something you don’t have. Actually, I should be the jealous one. Even thirty years ago my tits were never that nice.”

Anna blushed and giggled, turning back so she could finish rinsing her hair before switching places with Leigh. As she soaped herself with the bodywash, Anna couldn’t fight her natural curiosity, her gaze wandering over the curves of the older woman as she stood beneath the spray. Leigh’s body was still trim and taut, she clearly spent time in the gym. Her flesh was pale, smooth and unmarked by the sun. Although she was right, Anna’s breasts were larger and fuller, Leigh’s were still a respectable C-cup, with only a bit of sag for her age.

“Wash my back for me?” asked Leigh, her eyes still closed as she rinsed the last of the shampoo from her hair.

“Uhm, sure.” Anna hesitated only momentarily before smoothing a palmful of the bodywash across Leigh’s shoulders. She worked it into a lather, scrubbing at the remaining residue of the lubricant.

“There,” said Anna, and Leigh turned before she had a chance to step back. Anna found her hands resting on Leigh’s hips, their breasts just brushing against one another. Anna blinked in surprise while Leigh quirked a smile, water splashing down over her shoulders until she leaned forward and kissed Anna. While this wasn’t Anna’s first lesbian encounter, it was unexpected, and she hesitated, stiffening for a moment. Leigh pulled back, reaching up to stroke Anna’s cheek with the fingertips of her right hand. Anna felt the heat rising in her body again, though, and when Leigh leaned in to kiss her, she returned the embrace, her arms sliding around the other woman’s waist.

The soft fullness of Leigh’s lips and the gentle way her tongue tasted Anna’s contrasted sharply in her mind with the insistent hunger with which Michael had kissed her earlier. It was a gentle liquid heat that built within Anna now as her skin slid against Leigh’s, the water dancing over them as they twisted together beneath the showerhead. Anna felt Leigh guide her hand gently between her legs, her fingers gently parting the silken folds of the older woman’s labia.

Leigh gasped as Anna’s fingers brushed over her clit, and she leaned back against the tile wall of the shower, arching her back and thrusting her hips towards Anna. After being at the other woman’s mercy all evening, Anna enjoyed the momentary sensation of control, gently stroking her fingers over the sensitive flesh while she leaned forward to suck one of Leigh’s nipples into her mouth.

“Oh! Oh, yesssss,” moaned the older woman, her body shivering beneath Anna’s ministrations. Already sensitive from half a day spent trapped within the latex panties, it didn’t take long for Leigh to cum beneath Anna’s ministrations. The older woman shuddered, gasping out in pleasure before leaning forward to drape herself over Anna.

Anna could feel her rapid heartbeat as they embraced, Leigh nuzzling her neck, biting gently at the tender flesh. Leigh’s hands trailed down Anna’s back to cup the rounded curves of her ass, pulling the two of them together. After a moment, Anna found herself pressed against the tile wall of the shower as Leigh caressed her breasts, her lips gently sucking on her nipples. Anna moaned softly, letting her fingers run through Leigh’s short, spiky hair.

To her surprise, she felt Leigh’s mouth trail lower, her lips hot as the whispered over Anna’s stomach. Leigh knelt before her, sliding her shoulder beneath Anna’s left leg, lifting it so that Leigh could run her tongue gently through the slick, tender folds of Anna’s labia. The younger woman gasped in pleasure, her fingers clinging to Leigh’s hair as she felt the older woman’s tongue flicking across her sensitive clit.

Anna leaned back against the cool tile wall of the shower, feeling the hot water cascade down over her skin, her attention riveted on the velvet caress of Leigh’s tongue. She felt the older woman slide first one, then two fingers up inside her, their pressure against the front of her pussy seeming to push her clit out, making it even more sensitive. Anna let her head fall forward, her hair sheeting around her face as the pleasure exploded inside her, her body convulsing in the grip of orgasm.

Leigh slid her body up Anna’s, her arms winding around the younger woman before pulling her into a deep kiss. Anna could taste herself on Leigh’s tongue, a sweet muskiness amidst the soft peach scent of the body wash that swirled between them. Leigh broke the kiss, and Anna opened her eyes, finding the older woman gazing intently at her from just a breath away.

“You’re amazing,” whispered Leigh, and Anna blushed, turning her face away. Leigh smiled, giving her a quick peck on the cheek before stepping back and running her hands through her still wet hair.

“Take whatever time you need to finish, I’m going to check with Tula about her schedule. I’ll see you out front?”

Anna nodded, not trusting herself to say anything more. Leigh gave her one last kiss before stepping out of the shower, enveloping herself in one of the terrycloth robes and grabbing a separate towel for her hair.


True to her word, Anna found Leigh sitting on Michael’s desk, still in her terrycloth robe. Neither she nor her secretary seemed fazed by the setup, and Anna could only assume that it wasn’t the first time that Michael had seen her in such a state of casual undress. Leigh favored her with a brilliant smile, holding out the familiar manila envelope.

“You just missed Tula, but she said to tell you that you were marvelous and she can’t wait for next time. It’ll have to be another two weeks, though. Next Friday I’m out of town for business.”

Anna tucked the envelope under her arm, consulting her phone. Again, her schedule matched up well.

“That should work for me. I have a paper due that day, but all my classes are done by two o’clock.”

Leigh hopped down from the desk so she could give Anna a hug. “Excellent. I’ll see you that evening then.”

Anna smiled. “I can’t wait.”


In the evening shadows of her apartment, Anna sat cross-legged on her bed. Spread out in front of her were six photographs, six windows to a world she barely knew existed a month ago. A world she couldn’t imagine not inhabiting now. She let her fingertips trail over the shots from the most recent photo session.

The first was of her in the long Victorian dress. The luma-wire beneath the train of the dress gave the illusion of patterned lacework, emphasizing the long, toned curves of her legs. The corset nipped her waist in above her hips, giving her an aristocratic, hourglass figure. Above the heady swell of her breasts, Anna stared into the camera, her face a study in haughty dignity. Behind the aloofness of her face, though, it was clear that her body was a bundle of sexual energy. It radiated from her like heat from a bonfire, the look in her eyes whispering of a wanton temptress caged by the corset and dress, just waiting to be released.

The second photo was of the last outfit she wore, the all-encompassing hobble dress. The latex was tight enough for her to make out every detail of her body, the full swell of her breasts and the tight buttons of her nipples, the extended jaw line that revealed the mouth- filling gag silencing her. Anna could so vividly remember how helpless she felt, and what a powerful aphrodisiac that loss of power seemed to be. Even now the sight of her within the restraint was enough to wake echoes of pleasure, a soft warmth curling through her stomach.

Gathering the pictures up, Anna slid them all into one of the plain manila envelopes, setting it aside on her bedside table. Crossing her arms beneath her, she rested her cheek on them, laying on her stomach and watching the shadows on the floor. These photo sessions with Leigh and Tula had awakened something inside of her, something long dormant that now clamored to be released. In the softness of the night, Anna smiled.


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