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Anna 2: The Addiction

by Grendel

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Storycodes: F/f; latex; costumes; modelling; corset; catsuit; heels; photo; toys; insert; mast; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: The Addiction

Anna stood alone in the elevator again, waiting nervously as it climbed quietly into the tower. She carried with her the plain manila envelope that contained the glossy print Leigh had given her from her first photo shoot. She couldn’t count the times during the intervening week that she’d retrieved it from beneath her bed, sliding out the image and staring at it in wonder. She still had trouble believing that it was her in that picture, that Leigh had drawn such emotion from her and that Tula had captured it on film.

But the reason she had it with her now, though, was to remind herself that she had to be better at emoting, she had to set aside her natural shyness and convince the camera that she felt the emotions she was trying to broadcast. That was the difference between the two pictures that Leigh showed her at the end of the last shoot, that was the reason why the second one looked so much better, so much more alive. Because it was a picture of her true emotions.

Anna fretted that she wasn’t up to the task.

Michael sat at his desk this time, once more smiling in greeting.

“Welcome back, Miss Deland, it’s a pleasure to see you.”

“Hello, Michael,” replied Anna, forcing herself to meet his gaze as she spoke firmly. “It’s nice to see you as well.”

“You can go right in, they’re expecting you.”

Michael gestured to the large double doors leading to Leigh’s office, and Anna gave him one last shy smile before heading inside.

Leigh was on the phone, listening to a convoluted pontification, and gestured for Anna to have a seat. Closing the door quietly behind her, Anna sat on the arm of one of the heavy leather chairs next to the window. The evening sunlight glinted from the steel and glass spires of the downtown buildings, painting the sky with pastel hues that would soon be mirrored in hard-edged neon as the city woke to the possibilities of the night.

Leigh’s voice murmured in the distance, Anna’s distraction drowning out the words. She didn’t even know the call was finished until she felt the older woman’s touch on the small of her back.

“I love the view at this time of day,” she said, amplifying Anna’s own thoughts. Anna nodded, wanting to say something but not knowing how to begin. She blushed and fidgeted. Leigh quirked an eyebrow at her.

“Everything ok?”

“Yes,” whispered Anna, pressing her palm against the cool thick glass of the window. “I, ah, wanted to talk about the photos. I mean, the differences in the photos. Last week. The last one….” Anna’s voice trailed off as she searched for some way to voice her feelings. Leigh waited, sensing that patience was the tool required to allow her young prodigy to come to grips with her feelings.

“I, ah, I want to make sure you get the best photographs you can.” Anna paused, taking a deep breath. Her shoulders were tense, her mouth cottony. She could barely believe the words that we’re going to come out of her mouth.

“Can… can I wear the panties again?” she whispered. She felt Leigh slip her arm around her waist, the older woman chuckling softly.

“My sweet Anna, you are so adorable when you blush that way. All of the pictures you took last time are amazing, not just the last series. But I know what you mean, and I think I have just the thing. C’mon, let’s get started on your make-up. Tula will be here in an hour and it’s going to take me a little longer this time to get you done up. I want to do something really fancy!”


Anna stared at her face in the make-up mirror, contemplating that fancy might not adequately describe Leigh’s efforts this time. The color palette wasn’t quite as exotic as last time, her eyes were drawn with black but highlighted in shades of pale metallic mint and lapis, with a dash of peach on her cheeks and a softer, bronze shade on her lips. Leigh had curled and coiffed her hair into a tight up-do, pinning a spray of feathers over her right ear. The black downy clutch had two bright miniature peacock plumes, the iridescent colors echoing the shades on Anna’s eyelids and lips.

“Wow,” she breathed. Leigh appeared over her shoulder, smiling at the reflection in the mirror before fussing one last time with her hair and the feathers.

“I know, I love it! I’d forgotten how much I like playing around with make-up.”

The older woman handed Anna the pump bottle of lubricant again. “All right, start getting oiled up and I’ll bring in your first outfit. Oh, and here’s what I was talking about earlier.”

She pressed something heavy into Anna’s palm. “Warm them up and then stick them you know where.” She winked at Anna before heading out into the studio. Anna felt her cheeks burn, waiting until the door closed before opening her palm to reveal two featureless smooth spheres, each two inches in diameter, joined by a narrow line of nylon. As she rolled them around in her palm, she felt them vibrate as a heavy weight rattled within each hollow sphere.

“Oh!” she whispered, understanding flooding her body with warmth. With a casualness that belied her nervousness, she stood and stripped off the rest of her clothes. Squirting some lube into her palm, she rolled the spheres around in it until they were well coated. Spreading her legs slightly, and feeling not just a little exposed and vulnerable, Anna reached down and pressed the first one into her pussy. The metal was cool against her tender flesh, sending a shiver rippling down her spine. She had to push a little harder, the sphere rounder and fatter than the dildo was, her fingers slick against its smooth body. With a suddenness it was inside her, though, bringing a gasp to her lips, her body seeming to pull it deeper. The second one was already pressed against the tender lips of her entrance, and she used the palm of her hand to push it fully inside. The spheres felt like they nestled high in her pussy of their own regard, their weight pressing against her g-spot, soft vibrations ringing out as their weights chimed in time to her shifting movements.

She was still rubbing the lube over her skin when Leigh returned with her outfit, a bundle of black and clear latex slung over her left arm with a pair of tall boots in her right. First up was a pair of bikini-cut black latex panties. The thin material clung to Anna’s hips like a second skin, the constant pressure on her crotch bringing back memories of last week and amplifying the subtle arousal of the ben-wa balls inside her.

The dress featured a full blouse with long sleeves, and a wide skirt puffed with latex crinolines. The front of the dress had two vertical black strips of latex cut in sequential diamond shapes. From their edges were straps that criss-crossed in a basket weave pattern, revealing and emphasizing the naked flesh beneath the remaining pale translucent latex. The strapping continued down the arms before ending in solid gloves that came up to the elbows. Anna stepped through a split from the rear of the collar to the waist, helping Leigh pull the dress over her hips and settle her hands into the gloves integral with the long sleeves.

“Does it have a zipper?” she asked as Leigh pulled the halves of the dress together behind her back.

“Not exactly,” answered the older woman, first fiddling with something around Anna’s left waist before pressing the seam together. Anna felt the latex grow tighter as it sealed itself around her.

“The material around the fastener is electromorphic. It bonds tightly to itself while under the presence of an electric current, and then debonds when the current is removed. Because the material is such a good conductor, a minute amount of current is all that’s required to achieve a tight seal.”

Leigh showed Anna the small, flat pouch on the dress’ faux belt that held the battery packs, which were just a stack of small lithium ion discs. It also had a series of three flat switches on the inside of the pouch.

“What are those for?”

Leigh grinned triumphantly. “Well I told you that this was our Premier Line, right? We wanted to offer something that no one else could. Since our garments are built using 3-D printers, essentially giving us unmatched control over materials, design, and features, and we were already planning on using the electromorphic material, we decided to take the entire outfit to the next level.”

Reaching in, she clicked the first switch on. Amber light glowed to life, the edges of every other strap illuminated by a thin strip of lambency. Anna blinked in surprise, staring at her reflection in the mirror. The effect was amazing, turning her into a futuristic avatar, something straight out of TRON or Blade Runner.

“The other switches control the functionality of the luma-wire.” Leigh demonstrated by clicking the second one on. Now the light pulsed along the strips, bright beads driving soundlessly across Anna’s torso, disappearing behind her only to start again.

“This is incredible, Leigh!” Anna was amazed at how beautiful the entire outfit was.

“Until now it’s just been a dress on a rack. Seeing it on you, though, I have to agree. We’d better get a move on though, I hear Tula in the next room. Let’s get your boots on.”

Together they worked the tall black latex boots up Anna’s legs, and she practiced walking in them again to get the feel of it. She was getting better, not nearly as hesitant as she had been last time.

Tula greeted her warmly when she entered the studio following Leigh, clasping her hands and standing on her tiptoes while Anna bent down to let her kiss her cheeks.

“I see Leigh has already let the cat out of the bag about our secret ingredient. She’s been dying to show these off. What do you think?”

Anna held out her hands, watching the beads of amber light crawl across the skin of her chest and arms. “I love it! I want to wear it out and show it off!”

Tula laughed. “Warn me before you do so I can lock up my boyfriend.”

Anna blushed, and let the slim photographer position her against the backdrop. They were using the black one this time, the photofloods being enough to show the gleaming contrast in the dress against the shadows behind. They turned off the luma-wire for the first few shots, then Tula wanted to get her back-lit with the luma-wire on in order to maximize the effect.

Anna concentrated on telegraphing the emotions that Tula was looking for, really feeling them as she posed her body beneath the photographer’s directions. The teasing weight of the ben-wa balls inside her, and the silken caress of the thin latex over her skin helped, once she relaxed into it. The flush of arousal and the bubbling energy it brought with it seemed to heighten her emotions, making them easier to isolate and amplify.

She preened coquettishly for the camera, curving her hip out and resting a finger on her cheek, pursing her lips. Then lifting the hem of the skirt to flash just the rounded edges of her ass framed by the tight latex panties. Through it all came Tula’s voice, muffled from behind the camera, fine tuning her position with instructions of ‘shoulders back’ or ‘right hand higher’ or ‘look down and to the left, more, good!’ The photofloods popped and the camera whirred.

Knowing what to expect made the whole process easier. Anna was able to get three more outfits done before they broke for dinner. The second one was a two-piece ensemble, all in red with black trim. She had to change out her boots for the outfit as well. Although the blouse fastened in front with conventional snaps, it still had the luma-wire channeled through it. This time they illuminated a pearlescent white, rococo swirls arching up from her hips, around her breasts, and over her shoulders. Both Tula and Anna preferred the second illumination setting for this one, with bright beads of white crawling up from her waist to disappear over her shoulders. They took some long exposure shots with her backlit against the black, the luma-wire emerging like blazing white fire in the dimness.

The next two were re-shoots from the first week, the police uniform and the airline stewardess outfit. Anna asked for them specifically because she wanted to try and get better shots for Leigh, who acquiesced only after Anna assured her that she would still be up for the last three outfits from the Premier Line after dinner.

This week dinner consisted of a light miso soup, a cucumber salad with ginger dressing, and a selection of sushi and sashimi. Anna was relieved, although she was sure that Leigh had planned light meals with her usual attention to detail. Anything heavier would have made the tight grip of the latex oppressively uncomfortable.

The first outfit after dinner was a full English riding costume, all in latex. This was the first time that Anna had full latex tights to put on, and it took a bit of struggling and not just a little lube to get them up her muscular legs and seated properly. They were tight enough but featured a double thickness in the crotch to prevent showing any camel toe. Anna also suspected that Leigh’s line would offer a version with a built in dildo in the crotch as well. That seemed like a logical upgrade. A tight, clear latex top was next. Its built in bra squeezed her breasts up and together, ensuring that her cleavage would be readily apparent even beneath the all-encompassing black jacket. The jacket pulled down over her head, the double-breasted closure in front just for show. Again it took both Anna and Leigh working together to get it settled and smoothed down without totally destroying Anna’s hair and make-up. Thigh-high latex boots were next, again with towering heels and platforms.

Leigh handed Anna a thin riding crop and a small black top hat to complete her riding ensemble before doing a bit of last minute polishing. When the latex gleamed wetly, without a blemish or fingerprint, Leigh announced her ready to go. Although she enjoyed a heady freedom of movement in this outfit, Anna’s steps were still short and careful. She certainly didn’t want to take a spill in these heels, and the ben-wa balls were once again making their presence known. It was easy to forget about them when she was sitting still, but as soon as she took a step, the weights inside the spheres jangled, and the vibrations stroked the delicate nerves inside her. The tight latex leggings seemed to amplify the sensation even more than the restrictive skirts did, the insistent pressure on her crotch and ass reflecting the heat of arousal back into her.

Anna tried for aloof and imperious, lifting her chin and peering down her nose in a way she imagined a rich English noblewoman would. Tula had her point with the crop, her index finger along the spine, commanding the viewer to kneel before her. She tried something playful as well, crossing her hands behind her, holding the crop and hat, and glancing back over her shoulder. She pushed her ass out a bit, tilting her hip in an implicit invitation. Tula loved it.

“Good! Good! Now, head down a little, crop in front of you, both hands, spread your legs a little. Push your ass out a little. No, arch your back, more. Good! Hold that!”

Anna couldn’t believe how quickly the time went, before she knew it, it was time for a wardrobe change again.

“These next two outfits are the apex of the line,” confided Leigh, excitement gleaming in her eyes. Anna grinned, eagerly working her way out of her current outfit and reapplying a thin coat of the lube. Leigh unfolded an almost completely transparent latex body suit, with full legs and arms. It featured a built in corset, the front panel fastened to the waist of the suit while the wings flopped open, ready to be laced shut. A pair of curving swaths of midnight blue swept up from the underbust points of the corset, over her breasts then over her shoulders to join in a single daggerpoint that plunged down her back and through the crotch of the suit. Emerging in the front, they split again just below her mons, almost revealing the shadowed cleft of her vaginal lips. The two strips arched up over her hipbones to disappear beneath the wings of the corset.

As Leigh helped her pull the legs of the suit up to her waist, Anna noted that this outfit had the peculiar electromorphic seal along the back, and guessed that it, too, had the luma-wire features. She was excited to see what it looked like. Shrugging her way into the top, she pushed her hands all the way down into the gloves at the end of the arms, her fingers disappearing beneath the glittering metallic indigo gloves. She felt Leigh pulling at the back halves of the suit, working them closer to where she could activate the seal. Although for a moment she didn’t, which surprised Anna.

Leigh had her sit down to put the boots on next, knowing that it would be uncomfortable for her to sit and bend when the corset was fully tightened.

“The boots are part of the outfit, actually,” explained Leigh, pointing to the flat metallic contacts on the heels of the body suit. “We put the batteries in the boots’ platforms, since the suit needs a bit more juice than just the dress.”

Anna nodded, working her feet down and feeling for the telltale ‘click’ that signified the connection was complete between the boots’ power pack and the suit. Leigh sealed them up using the same electromorphic seal, then tightened the buckles running from ankle to thigh. Now she was able to finally activate the rear seal on the suit. After a moment, Anna felt the unique sensation of the latex sealing itself up her back, drawing her even further into its tight embrace.

Last came the corset, Leigh lacing the wings together loosely before telling Anna to breathe shallow. The latex squeaked as the laces tightened, and Anna felt a remorseless grip tighten around her waist.

“The corset is capable of a four inch reduction off your waist. I think we’ll only go two for the pictures, that should be good enough.” Leigh measured the gap with her fingers, eyeballing the distance.

“No! Go tighter!” blurted Anna.

“Are you sure?” asked Leigh, glancing up in surprise. Anna bit her lip before nodding wordlessly, blushing at her outburst.

“All right, put your arms up on the wall there and lean forward. Try and breathe from the top of your chest.” Leigh waited for Anna to get into position before hauling in on the laces. The latex, and Anna, squealed in protest. Leigh smiled, carefully hiding the delight in her expression from her young model. She gave the laces another forceful tug, closing the edges of the corset to within a half an inch. Satisfied, she knotted the laces tightly before tucking them beneath the corset.

Anna stood up, gasping for breath. The tightness of the latex suit overall combined with the relentless crush of the corset robbed her of the ability to draw a full breath. The effect, though, was unbelievable. Her already curvy form was transformed into something unbelievably sexual. The corset nipped her waist into an hourglass, emphasizing the swell of her breasts and hips. The gleaming latex only highlighted her near nakedness with its sultry wet gleam, the metallic blue opaque sections teasing with the treasures that they almost revealed. Anna felt like a goddess, elemental sensuality defined.

Leigh leaned around and clicked on the switch that was concealed as one of the ribs of the corset. Electric blue luma-wire blazed to life across the suit. Such was the nature of the material that it remained transparent until the current was applied, so what was once raw skin now held host to gleaming beads of azure that soared across her body in swooping arcs and curls. The overall design was otherworldly, turning Anna into an ephemeral sexual ghost.

“Oh my god!” gasped Anna, amazement writ large on her face. Gently she touched the suit encasing her, tracing after a bead of light with her finger. It was only then that she noticed their path down across the gloves as well, the light seeming to drip slowly off her fingers. The luma-wire curled down her waist beneath the corset, twisting sinuously around her legs, and onto her boots, finally disappearing down the very tips of the stiletto heels.

Leigh grinned. “Can I cook, or can I cook?”

Quickly Leigh adjusted Anna’s hair and make-up, unclipping the spray of feathers and replacing them with a teal blue ribbon woven through a series of braids. She added a hint of blue to the corners of her eyes as well, fading quickly as it swept out towards her temples. Anna loved it.

Tula was equally amazed when Anna emerged from the make-up room.

“Sweet Mother Mary,” breathed the photographer. “That is amazing.”

She turned towards Leigh, who once more wore a triumphant smile. “You have to let me take her on location next.”

“We’ll see,” replied the older woman, settling herself in her chair again, watching as Tula and Anna went to work.

Anna felt ethereal and regal in her suit, posing with her arms akimbo, legs spread, her gaze on the horizon. The blue incandescence surrounding her gave her an angelic, otherworldly hue. Tula did away with the photofloods, choosing instead to have a series of micro spotlights angle in on the black backdrop. She misted the air as well, so the harsh beams of halogen stood out like solid bars against the inky darkness of the room. Amidst the cold white beams, Anna blazed like the blue heart of a star, radiant and imperious.

Then it was a low altar wrapped in LED string lights, white fireflies dusting the blackness while Anna’s body burned with azure fire like an offering atop the pale faux marble. Tula climbed the scaffolding of the lights, hanging precariously off the overhead beam to get shots looking down on the scene. Anna gazed up at her, languid and imploring, while Leigh fretted to the side, pacing quietly.

At length, Tula called for a break, running a hand through her sweat damp hair. Leigh summoned refreshments, and after a few minutes Michael appeared with a small cart of snacks and drinks. He was amazed as well by Anna’s outfit, and she happily showed off, pirouetting in her boots before offering him a closer look. His touch on her body was electric, his strong fingers gently tracing one of the luma-wire arcs across her skin, and Anna felt the heat rush through her. It coiled at the base of her spine, a bubbling hunger that made her want to rub her body against his. Glancing up, she met his gaze, and saw a similar desire there, a primal need glittering behind his eyes. Blushing furiously, she turned away, all but fleeing to the safety of Leigh’s chair.

The older woman shooed him out with her thanks and instructions not to be disturbed unless she called again, turning to favor Anna with a smile.

“You’re so mean to tease him like that, Michael’s a good guy.”

Anna blushed again, shifting in her chair, feeling the press of the latex across her body, how it caressed her nipples and hugged the tender flesh of her groin.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I didn’t mean to.”

Leigh chuckled. “I know, sometimes you just can’t help it. Especially when you’re wearing something as incredible as that suit. Speaking of that, though, I think it’s time for our next outfit change.”

Anna nodded, heading into the make-up room while Leigh retrieved the pieces from the wardrobe rack. Together they worked to undo the corset first, then the boots, before being able to peel the bodysuit off. Anna luxuriated in the feel of cool fresh air over her skin. Leigh unwound the ribbon from her hair, unpinning and unraveling the braids as well.

“Why don’t you have a quick rinse in the shower?” suggested Leigh, and Anna was only too eager to agree. The warm water felt just this side of heaven as she stood beneath the spray. Leigh stuck her head in the bathroom door.

“Rinse your hair out, and take the ben-wa balls out, too, while you’re in there.”

Anna blushed, but did as she was told, gently reaching in to pry the first one loose. It came free with reluctance, her body used to its presence, and she felt a moment’s emptiness. Holding them in her hand, she rinsed them well in the shower before setting them aside to dry. She let the water comb through her hair, working loose the tangles she felt with her fingers, before stepping out and drying off. Clad in the terrycloth robe again, she slipped barefoot into the make-up room.

Leigh had a black mass of latex draped in her hands. She smiled at Anna as she entered.

“You’ve been a real trooper today with all the outfit changes. This one might be a bit much for you, so if you’d rather not and just call it a day, I’ll understand.”

Anna smiled brightly, actually feeling quite refreshed from the shower. “No, I’m fine! Let’s make this happen.”

“That’s my girl,” praised Leigh. “This one is a full catsuit, including a hood, with a built in corset like the previous one. It also has a couple of extras.”

Leigh motioned Anna over, holding open the bottom half of the catsuit so she could see inside.

“Extras? Oh!” Anna blushed. The crotch of the catsuit featured two dildos this time, the same bulbous front one as the panties had, but also a thinner, tapered cone in rear! Heat crawled up Anna’s spine as she stared at the gleaming black plugs.

“Like I said, it might be a bit much so if you’d rather not, I’ll understand.” Leigh’s voice was low and calm, her eyes serious. Anna swallowed, trying to get some moisture into her suddenly dry mouth. How could she say yes without Leigh guessing how much she liked anal?

It had happened so accidentally, the one night with her boyfriend when neither of them had a condom but both needed to finish so badly. So, quietly, blushing the entire time, she had offered up her ass. Like most youthful experiments it had been fumbling and messy, strange and painful. But also surprisingly pleasurable. The taboo nature of it all, the act seeming so wicked, adult and forbidden. Anna had cried out in pleasure, biting down on her thumb to silence herself as she felt the hard insistent thrusting inside her, followed by the hot splash of his cum. Even now she shivered at the memory, echoes of that night charging her arousal.

“No,” she whispered, cheeks flaming. “It’s fine. I…uh…I don’t mind.”

Leigh hugged her around the waist. “Good girl. Start getting yourself lubed up while I take care of your hair.”

Anna did as instructed, smoothing the lubricant over her arms and torso while Leigh wound her hair around her head in a smooth pile that she stretched a clear latex swim cap over. It gave Anna something to focus on rather than the hungry wetness of the catsuit, waiting to swallow her pale flesh like an offering to a carnal god.

Together they worked the suit up Anna’s legs, pulling it smooth so no wrinkles showed. Once it was up to the top of her thighs, though, Leigh stepped back and let Anna adjust the inserts as needed. She eased the front one in first, repeating the actions that Leigh showed her with the panties, and once more feeling the pleasurable fullness as the blunt rounded head of the dildo pushed inside her. Taking a breath, Anna reached behind her and guided the second plug towards her ass. She shivered as its smooth tip brushed across the tender skin of her rosebud before adding a gentle pressure. Slowly it pushed inside her, its penetration eased by a generous coating of lube. Anna bit her lip, her eyes closing of their own volition as more and more of the plug disappeared inside of her, her breathing becoming ragged. Finally she felt the widest part slip past her tight ring, the muscles of the sphincter closing down around the narrow base of the plug. She shivered again, unfamiliar erotic sensations bubbling through her.

After a moment, she felt Leigh’s touch on her arm, and she opened her eyes, nodding in response to the unasked question. Together they worked Anna’s arms down into the full sleeves of the suit, pulling and tugging it up tighter against her torso.

“All right, bend at the waist for me,” instructed Leigh. Anna did so, gasping as she felt the plugs move and shift within her.

How will I be able to walk in this thing? she thought, incredulously. Especially wearing heels!

“Okay, wiggle your boobs around to get them settled in the bra cups.” Leigh watched, ready to help, as Anna fiddled with the fit of the latex until she got her breasts settled comfortably in the cups. Although it still felt a bit loose at this point, Anna assumed it would tighten up once she was sealed in.

Next came the boots, with heels as high as Anna feared. They featured the same kind of metallic contacts as the previous outfit did, and Leigh ensured that they were sealed and strapped tightly to her legs.

“Okay, last but not least. Put some lube on the cap and then on your cheeks and forehead, but try not to get any near where your make-up is.” Leigh helped her, using a small brush to do fine work around her eyes and chin. Then, holding the hood inside out, she pulled it wide and let Anna press her face into it before unrolling it over her head. It took a bit of effort, but in the end they only had to make a few minute adjustments. The all-encompassing pressure was odd, but not as much as the feel of the smooth, featureless expanse. Anna couldn’t help but run her fingers over it, feeling like some kind of alien sexual hybrid. The hood featured holes for her eyes, cut like sweeping cat’s eyes, and a thin bow for her mouth that pushed her lips out in an exaggerated pout.

Leigh touched up her makeup, filling in the spaces of pale skin uncovered by the hood with darker colors. Then it was time to finish sealing her in. Pulling the two halves of the suit together, Leigh smoothed them against one another and the electromorphic fabric took over, closing against itself. Anna felt the pressure of the smooth latex increase all over, pulling the plugs deeper into her as well as forcing her breasts out further into the cups of the built in bra. Each breast was forced through a stiff ring of latex at its base, which squeezed down on it once it was through, making it balloon fully into the cup.

The sensations only further heightened her arousal, her body alive with the multitude caresses of the slick latex, and Anna shivered in delight. She couldn’t help but run her hands over her breasts, marveling at their size and smoothness, and how sensitive they were through the thin latex. She could feel the heat of her earlier arousal come roaring back, her body sensitized and alive like never before.

Leigh smiled at her, then went to work tightening the corset. Once more she had Anna lean against the wall while she hauled in on the laces. This time she was able to get the edges to meet, lacing them fully closed while Anna panted in the crushing embrace, her mind swirling amidst the multitude of sensations. Reaching down to the side of the corset, Leigh clicked on the luma-wire. Anna gasped.

Beads of brilliant crimson blazed to life across her, curving up from the corset, swirling around her breasts, then over her shoulders. She even had lines that ran up her neck and over the hood. Jagged arcs embraced her legs with sinuous fingers, while on her back, the beads arced up from between the rounded cheeks of her ass, over the corset, to spread out wing-like across her back.

Anna stared at the creature in the mirror, at a loss for words. If the previous outfit had turned her into an angel, a creature of celestial and imperious beauty, then this one surely made her a devil. The gloss black skin, adorned by the hypnotic dance of electric carmine transformed her into Hell’s imagination of Lust incarnate, a futuristic technological succubus.

Taking a breath, Anna steeled herself and took a few tentative steps. It was almost worse than she imagined. The twin prods inside her shifted with every step she took, the roll of her hips rubbing them back and forth against each other, stroking the thin, sensitive membranes of her groin. The latex caressed the folds of her pussy, a series of gently raised ribs brushing over her clit like careless fingers. Her breasts, trapped by the constrictive bands of latex at their base, bobbed tenderly inside their prison, nipples hard and insistent against the thin latex.

Anna stuttered a step, but continued, remembering the early lessons. Rolling her shoulders back she forced herself to lift her chin and stride with purpose, the heels of her boots clicking seductively across the floor. The change came over her subtly, without warning. Each step she took grew surer, each sway of her hips became an invitation, her eyes sparkling with wicked intention. An ancient, primeval lust infused her, possessing her. She radiated wicked sensuality.

Tula saw it immediately, her eyes going wide at the transformation. She hurried to get her positioned against the backdrop, although Anna was in the grip of her newfound power and wasn’t going to let it go anytime soon. She was a fiery, untamed demoness, once more summoning mortal men to their doom. Arching her back, she slid her hands down her legs, bending over to thrust her ass back at Tula. The camera drank it in, thirsting for more. Catlike, she crawled across the faux altar again, resting her head on her hands while the luscious curves of her raised ass begged to be caressed.

Rolling over on her back, she let a hand wander across the smooth landscape of her latex-clad torso, eventually finding its way between her legs, where it pushed at the base of the dildos, eliciting a lustful moan from her lips. Her second hand caressed a latex-clad breast, kneading it, pinching at the nipple. Anna writhed in heat, the hunger of her body driving her. She couldn’t hear Tula’s directions anymore, her voice along with the whirr of the camera fading beneath the pounding roar of arousal blazing through her body. The need was overwhelming, a fiery tendrils wrapping her hips and spiraling up through her body. Anna arched her back, panting, a moment away from surrendering to the elemental desire that gripped her.

Leigh’s hand on her arm, though, broke the magic of the moment. The touch interrupted Anna’s thoughts, grounding out her energy into the surrounding air. Opening her eyes, she looked at Leigh in surprise, then concern. She blushed, thinking that she’d made some kind of mistake.

“Oh! Sorry, I was, uhm, a little distracted.”

Leigh smiled wryly. “You don’t say? Anyway, it’s late and Tula’s got to get going so I think we’re done for the night. Let me help you out of the suit and then you can shower up again while I chat with Tula quickly.”

Anna nodded, accepting Leigh’s hand as she helped her down from the platform. Together they worked quickly to divest Anna of the catsuit, reversing the earlier order. Once free, Leigh left her to clean up, taking the latex outfit back to the studio in order to clean it and re-hang it on the rack. Anna stood beneath the spray of the shower, feeling the water course over her body. Her skin was still alive and sensitive, and once more she felt her hands caressing, the hunger inside her insistent. This time her orgasm was even more powerful, the prolonged period of teasing arousal during the shoot providing fuel for a fire that now burned with breathtaking intensity. Anna sagged against the cool tile wall of the shower, gasping in the wake of her orgasm.

Slowly coming back to her senses, Anna finished her shower, carefully rinsing herself of the last of the lubricant. Drying off, she donned the familiar comfort of her jeans and hoodie. Curiously, the cloth felt rough against her skin, as if her body still hungered for the smooth caress of the latex. With a shake of her head, she put that thought from her mind and went in search of Leigh.

She found her in the front office, talking with Michael. Anna offered them both a shy smile as she emerged, keeping her eyes focused on Leigh so she wouldn’t have to see the desire in Michael’s. Leigh gave her a hug.

“You were incredible today, even better than last time. I’ve got your check again, and Tula left you some photos from the shoot. Oh, and there’s a little surprise in there from me as well.”

Leigh winked, and Anna blushed, suspecting what Leigh meant by the bulkiness of the manila envelope she handed her.

“Both Tula and I are busy next Friday, though, so I’d like to make it two weeks from now. Same time. Are you free then?”

Anna tapped open her phone, grateful for something mundane to discuss. Paging through her class schedule, she looked at the date on her calendar.

“Yes, right now I am. If something comes up, I’ll call you?” She glanced at Leigh who nodded, smiling.

“Sounds good, my dear. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.” They hugged once more before Anna ducked into the elevator, escaping into the neon-lit darkness of the city night.

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