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by Grendel

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Part One: The Spiderweb

The chrome and glass elevator purred higher into the tower that housed the Ramses Corporation, its sole occupant fidgeting quietly. Anna stared at the image mirrored in the polished glass in front of her. At twenty-one, she cut a tall, willowy silhouette. Mostly thanks to her mother’s genetics, but complemented by her participation in three years of varsity volleyball. The workouts left her with toned, muscled thighs, and a firm, sculpted butt. Luckily, the generous curves of her hips were balanced in equal measure by a full D-cup bust. In all, Anna knew she was the only one who found any fault in her looks. This self-doubt manifested itself as an unflattering style, clothes cut for comfort and concealment rather than to emphasize her luxurious curves. She wore her blonde hair pulled back in a simple ponytail, with no makeup other than the blush left by her lip gloss. Ordinarily, Anna’s style didn’t bother her at all. It was only at times like this, when confronted by the sleek and chic of the corporate elite, that Anna felt embarrassed about her plain and somewhat dumpy outfits.

The elevator chimed softly as it arrived at the sixtieth floor, the doors sliding silently open to reveal a large waiting room. A single secretary sat behind the desk directly opposite the elevator. Even though he had been notified of her arrival, his smile was still one of genuine recognition.

“Good morning, Miss Deland, it’s a pleasure to see you again. You can go right in, Miss McMillan is expecting you.”

“Thank you,” murmured Anna, blushing as she looked down. She hurried past the desk and through the art deco doors that enclosed the inner office of Ramses’ corporate executive officer.

The woman that rose to meet her was an inch taller in bare feet than Anna. In her heels she towered over her, her height only emphasized by the force of personality that blazed from within. A tailored jacket and skirt ensemble sheathed a body that would have done a woman twenty years younger proud, while light but deliberate make-up concealed the few of time’s ravages. At fifty-two, Raleigh McMillian was still devastatingly beautiful. The older woman’s raven hair was cut pixie short, parted in the middle to allow a dagger like point on either side of her face that raked back in a sharp angle to the shaved portion at the base of her skull. The style served to magnify the elegant sweep of her cheekbones and the piercing fire in her emerald eyes.

“Anna, come in. It’s so good to see you again!” Leigh extended her hand to the young woman, motioning her to one of the heavy leather chairs to the left of her desk.

“Thank you, Mrs. McMillan,” Anna replied, momentarily at a loss for words. It had been a bit over six months since she had lasted visited with her mother’s best friend, and her new style was a radical departure from then.

“Please, Anna, call me Leigh. We’re both adults now.” Leigh crossed her legs, leaning back in the chair. “Would you care for some refreshment? Tea, perhaps?”

“Yes, Mrs…uh, yes, Leigh. Tea would be nice.” Anna felt her blush returning, and she slouched a bit in her chair, wishing she’d worn something a little nicer than her jeans and hoodie. Leigh seemed not to notice, consulting her iPhone and tapping out an instruction to an app.

“Good. I’m in the mood for some tea as well.” She set the phone down, reaching over to rest her hand on top of Anna’s. “But it’s been too long since I’ve seen you! How are things going in school?”

“Good, I suppose. Busy. I’m taking twelve credits this semester, and two are labs so I’ve got late days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But I’m doing well, I guess.” Anna shrugged. She was a good student, diligent in her studies, and it paid off. Although not the smartest in her class, she was making good marks all around.

“Excellent. Any boys taking an interest in you?” Leigh gazed at her over tented fingers, and Anna blushed again. Luckily, one of the office doors opened, sparing her from an immediate reply. A slim, delicate woman carried a silver tea service tray through the room, and Anna couldn’t help but stare at her. She was dressed in a tight black skirt that ended well above her knees, with a trim of white lace. Her tailored black blouse as well was edged in lace at the cuffs and along the plunging neckline. The outfit was clearly meant to echo a French maid’s uniform, right down to the lace stockings held up with garters. Anna couldn’t believe that someone would allow themselves to be dressed this way in this day and age. Especially in a corporate environment like this!

The maid set the tray down on the glass coffee table between Leigh and Anna, almost curtsying as she did. With smooth practiced movements she poured a cup for Leigh, adding a dash of cream and two sugars. Then she looked over at Anna.

“Do you take cream and sugar, Miss Anna?”

“Uh, cream, no sugar,” stammered Anna after a moment. The maid poured her tea, setting it before her.

“Will there be anything else, Miss Leigh?” she inquired.

“No, Rose, thank you. I’ll buzz you if I need anything.” Leigh picked up her tea, blowing softly on it before taking a sip. “Mmm. Excellent, just right.”

“Thank you, Miss Leigh.” Again, Rose curtsied before turning and leaving. Anna stared after her, marveling at how easily she moved in what must have been at least four-inch heels. Leigh laughed musically at the clear confusion on her young guest’s face.

“Oh come, Anna, don’t be so provincial. I may ruthlessly enforce the standards of equality in the rest of my corporate empire. But here in my private chambers of the castle, I’m entitled to indulge my whims.”

“Sure,” muttered Anna, sipping from her tea, not trusting herself to say anything more. The rebuke stung a bit as well. Not that she was really provincial, but measured against the sophistication here; Leigh must have found Anna’s life to be boring by comparison. Emboldened by her sudden flash of anger, Anna looked up and met Leigh’s gaze evenly for the first time.

“So why did you invite me here, anyway?”

Leigh smiled, taking another sip from her tea and gazing out the window at the heart of the city spread beneath them. After a moment, she glanced back at the young woman seated across from her.

“I told your mother that I would look out for you if anything were to ever happen to her and your father, although at the time I didn’t imagine the terrible circumstances that would demand I keep my word. I see more of your mother in you every time you come to visit.”

At the mention of her parents, Anna looked away, nodding. Four years ago they were killed in a drunk driving accident. Leigh had taken care of everything for Anna: ensuring that the funeral arrangements were satisfactory and that her father’s remaining business debt was taken care of so she didn’t lose the house, overseeing her application to the school of her choosing, as well as providing a stipend which allowed her to rent a small off-campus studio apartment.

“Thanks,” she murmured, drinking from her tea.

“When you were in high school, your mother said you did some part time modeling.”

Anna blinked in surprise. “Well, yeah, a bit, but that was a long time ago.”

Leigh set her cup down, leaning forward in her chair.

“Anna, how much do you know about what my company does?”

The younger woman shrugged. “Not much. I know you make medical supplies and stuff. Why?”

“Actually, we make everything medical. From million dollar MRI machines down to the ten-cent paper cups your pills come in. We’re the third largest supplier of medical devices and equipment in the United States, and fourth globally. Right now, in every hospital on the planet, there is a doctor using a piece of equipment purchased from Ramses.” Quiet pride filled Leigh’s voice as she illustrated the reach of her corporation for Anna.

“The problem is, we’ve reached market saturation. Not in any strictly limiting sense, our R&D section is busy at work even as we speak pushing the envelope in terms of material science and technology to improve patient health and safety. But those innovations, when they come, can barely push the bottom line. No, what the Board of Directors is demanding is something else entirely, a diversification that will generate measurable revenues.”

“Um, ok,” said Anna, not really sure where Leigh was going with this. The older woman smiled in appreciation.

“Yes, of course, get to the point. The point is, that while all of our production has been focused on comfort and quality for safety’s sake, there is a segment of the population interested in our goods for purely personal reasons.”

“I don’t understand, are you saying that there are people who use your medical gear not out of necessity but desire?” Anna furrowed her brow as she tried to follow Leigh’s explanation.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying, Anna,” said Leigh, once more leaning forward to clasp the younger woman’s hand. “Exactly. The quality and reliability demanded by hospitals for safety’s sake are precisely the qualities that the fetish community looks for as well, only this time for aesthetic reasons.”

“So you’re going to make fetish clothes?” Anna was a little surprised that this was the big secret. Although thinking about it, she realized that it was a bit outside the box for a medical technology company like Ramses. And that some shareholders might not take it well that the company they invested in was catering to an alternative lifestyle crowd.

“Not just fetish clothes. We’re going to make the best fetish clothes on the market. The highest quality of latex and rubber, with the strictest quality standards. I’ve already got the machines and the materials, as well as the logistics support and distribution network. All I need is a marketing campaign. And that’s where you come in.”

“Me? I’m a systems engineering major, not marketing.”

Leigh laughed, light and musical. “Yes, Anna, I know. And again, though I hate to be sexist, in this case it’s true. I want you for your body, not your brains. I want you to model for me.”

Anna blinked in surprise. “You want me to model? Model fetish clothes?!”

“Yes, absolutely,” replied Leigh, then held up her hand to forestall Anna’s objections. “Wait, hear me out. This is a legitimate business request, you would be hired by the corporation, with a contract and all. The photos would be taken here; I have a room outfitted like a studio on this floor. It would be just you, me and the photographer, no one else.”

“But why me, Leigh? With the kind of money you’re going to invest in this you could hire any number of professionals.”

“True, although since this will be a dedicated fetish catalog, most runway models that you’re familiar with won’t agree to the contract. Too much negative publicity. But there are fetish models we could hire. I didn’t want to go that route, though. I wanted someone fresh and new, someone that the fetish community hasn’t seen before. Since they haven’t seen any of my gear before I wanted to make the maximum impact. A fresh new face wearing fresh new styles.”

“Yeah, I can see that, I guess. I just, I don’t know. It’s not my thing, you know?” Anna shrugged.

Leigh smiled. “I know. And I don’t expect you to make a decision today. Why don’t you take a couple of days to think it over. I’ll have Michael email you the contract, read through it, and if you’re interested come in on Friday afternoon. If not, no harm, no foul.”

“Sure,” agreed Anna. Leigh gave her hand an appreciative squeeze before settling back in her chair.

“Good! Now, tell me about the boys in your life.”

Anna blushed again.


Anna flopped on her bed, stretching her arms over her head and moaning tiredly. Leigh had kept her all afternoon and long into the evening, demanding Anna accompany her to dinner at a ridiculously overpriced sushi bar. They dined and drank far too much sake, laughing and gossiping like schoolgirls. Finally she’d convinced Leigh that she needed to go home and get ready for school tomorrow.

Rolling over, Anna fired up her laptop, planning on checking her school assignments. The email from Ramses caught her attention, though. Not really wanting to start her homework, Anna opened the email and started reading through the attached file. The first few paragraphs seemed like standard boilerplate legalese, identifying the parties in the contract, statements of understanding, blah blah blah. As she scanned through, though, a dollar amount in the fourth paragraph caught her eye and she paused, rereading.

Her mouth fell open. According to the contract that Leigh was proposing, Anna would be paid fifty thousand dollars per photo shoot, with a total of four planned shoots, and an additional fifty thousand if she agreed to return for any subsequent shoots. Her mind was busy screaming two hundred and fifty thousand dollars! as she read over the paragraphs about ‘continuing engagement’ and ‘special projects’. Anna closed her eyes and then reread the paragraph about compensation.

A quarter million dollars!

That kind of money would set her up for life. She could repay her student loans and still have money left over for a car and a down payment on a house. And all she had to do was dress up in some kind of fetish clothes and get her picture taken. Quickly she scanned through the rest of the contract, pausing for a moment to scrutinize the paragraphs describing the outfits. The terms used were rather neutral and uninformative. ‘Uniform’ and ‘outfit’ and ‘ensemble’ littered the page, with a few lines about ‘optional restraints’ or ‘integral restraints’ and ‘installed stimulation devices’. She would have to ask Leigh for more information about those.

Anna stared at the screen for long minutes. In the end, though, she knew that the decision was already made. How could she turn down an opportunity like this? All she had to do was play dress up four times and a fortune would be hers. After another moment’s hesitation, she replied to the email with a quick note that she accepted the offer contingent on having a few questions answered and that she would see Leigh on Friday.


Once more Anna found herself staring at her reflection as the elevator carried her to the top floors of the Ramses building. This time, though, she was utterly preoccupied with thoughts of the coming photo shoot. Unlike last time, Michael wasn’t at his desk to greet her, and the doors to Leigh’s office stood open. Anna could hear voices from inside, though, and walked in after only a moment’s hesitation.

“Ah, Anna, welcome!” greeted Leigh, rising from where she perched on the corner of her massive chrome and glass desk. She grasped Anna’s hand, drawing her further into the room. The other woman was already standing, although her petite frame seemed lost in the vastness of the office. She was dressed in tight black jeans, Doc Martens, and a black babydoll t-shirt. She cradled an expensive looking digital SLR in her hands, and Anna guessed she was the photographer.

“Anna, allow me to introduce Tula, my personal photographer.”

“Pleased to meet you,” smiled Tula, shaking Anna’s hand. She spoke with the barest hint of an accent, something Eastern European, possibly Polish.

“Nice to meet you,” replied Anna. Tula’s grip had been firm despite Anna’s larger hand, and she realized that the photographer’s slim frame was wiry with muscles. Tula turned towards Leigh.

“How long?”

“At least an hour and a half,” replied the older woman. Tula nodded, sliding her camera strap over her shoulder.

“All right, I’ll be back then. Anything else need to be set up?”

“No, we’re all set. Please tell Michael that I need to see him, though.” Leigh offered Anna a seat as Tula excused herself.

“Anna, I just want to say thank you for agreeing to this. I really appreciate your help. I know that this is a great opportunity for you, and I think that both of us are going to be extremely happy with how this turns out. Before we can get started, though, we do have to take care of the legal details of your employment. You read the contract thoroughly, yes?”

Anna nodded. “I did have a couple of questions, though. There was a mention of ‘supplemental restraints’ or something like that, what does that mean?”

“Oh, of course,” chuckled Leigh. “Well these are fetish outfits we’re designing, and some of them have built in restraint features, such as integral cuffs and collars that can be used to attach locks or chains to. Some of the other outfits, while they don’t have anything built in, we have color coordinated restraint sets that we’re selling along with the outfits. So we’d like to get shots of you in just those outfits, and then wearing the restraint accessories as well. I have all of your outfits laid out already, would you like to take a look at them now?”

“Sure!” Anna smiled, being able to see what she would be expected to wear would make this process a lot more comfortable for her. Leigh nodded, gesturing her to follow. Exiting the office, they made their way down a short corridor that ended in a pair of double doors. Opening them revealed a large room cluttered with photography equipment. Against the far wall stood a large scaffold with a series of backdrops on rollers. Currently a plain white muslin was unrolled, creating a seamless expanse from the floor up to the eight-foot high scaffold. Several large photofloods stood ready, and stacked on either side were random props: chests, chairs, a small table, vases, and an oriental folding screen.

In the back of the room, closer to the doors, were two rolling clothes racks, each hung with dozens of latex outfits. Polished to a high shine, the latex gleamed wetly in the diffuse illumination of the room. Leigh adjusted the overheads, bringing them up to full brightness. Anna gasped at the brilliant colors revealed. The outfits were in a stunning rainbow, from bright reds and purples, to white, emerald green, and a glittering steel blue.

“I know, beautiful, aren’t they? When the design crew first briefed me on these lines I was skeptical. But after seeing some of their early work I was completely sold on the idea. And this is just our basic line of outfits as well.” Leigh casually leafed through the outfits, rubbing her fingers over the slick material. Anna followed in her wake, drawing out the outfits for a closer look, the latex seeming to pour through her fingers.

“Wait, the basic line? What’s your advanced line look like?” She glanced over at Leigh, who was holding up a police uniform done in black and electric blue.

“Our Premier Line? You’ll get to see that next time. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

“Uh huh, sure,” grinned Anna, taking the uniform from Leigh’s hands. The uniform skirt was high waisted, but with a keyhole cutout in front that would reveal a daring amount of flesh. The blouse was equally as tight, with another diamond cut out over the chest that would display an amazing amount of cleavage. A black and white cap completed the outfit.

“This is one of the outfits that doesn’t come with built in restraint options, but you can see we’ve got matching cuffs.” Leigh produced another hanger, with two-inch wide latex cuffs hanging from it. Each had a pair of chrome buckles that looked like stylized handcuffs, and shiny chrome rings were spaced equidistantly around the cuffs. They were black and edged with a blue that matched the police uniform.

“Ah, okay.” It made sense to Anna now that she could see the logic behind the design and its accessories. A knock at the door interrupted anything more Leigh might have said, and the women turned to find Michael standing in the doorway.

“You wished to see me, Miss Leigh?”

“Ah, Michael, yes. Anna is ready to sign the contract, I believe?” Leigh glanced at Anna, who nodded in reply.

“Excellent, Miss Leigh.” Michael produced an iPad, scrolling through a pdf of the contract until he reached the signature block, then offering it to Anna. Using her finger, she carefully drew her signature on the requisite line. Michael collapsed the layers of the pdf, saving it as an official document. A few more taps, and then he put the iPad away.

“I’ve mailed a copy to both yourself, Miss Leigh, and HR. I’ll also have a printed copy for you if requested.”

“Thank you, Michael. I think that will be all for now.” Leigh dismissed him with a smile. Her secretary gave a slight bow from the waist before closing the doors to the studio as he retreated. Anna turned to look at Leigh, who smiled warmly.

“All right, now that we’re finished with the particulars, let’s get to the fun stuff!”


“Oh, wow,” breathed Anna, staring at her reflection in the mirror. To her surprise, it was Leigh herself who had done her hair and make-up. In retrospect, Anna didn’t really know why she found it unusual, Leigh’s own look attested to her skills. She just assumed that someone in Leigh’s position would have an army of personal assistants to call upon. The older woman had waved away her question.

“I’ve done make-up for years, but rarely do I get to indulge my creative side when it comes down to it. Besides, I figured that you’d be more comfortable the less strangers were around.”

Which, again, made sense to Anna when she thought about it. Clearly this was something that Leigh had put a lot of planning into. That diligence did a lot to reassure Anna. At this point she wasn’t concerned at all. Leigh’s manner had turned the whole thing into the kind of dress-up, make-up party that Anna remembered from her childhood.

The face staring back from her in the mirror, though, was barely recognizable as her own. Leigh had painted her eyes in shades of violet and magenta, daring sweeps of color arching out almost to her temples, highlighted in black. Her cheeks were pale, with just a hint of coloring along the cheekbones, while the delicate bow of her lips was stained a dark metallic crimson. Anna’s hair was curled and coiffed, ringlets cascading down along her cheeks while the bulk of it folded in upon itself in a sophisticated twist before tumbling loose over her shoulders. She looked amazing and exotic, her gaze fierce, vulpine, erotic.

Leigh looked in the mirror over her shoulder. “Well, what do you think?”

“It’s unbelievable. Amazing. You’re incredible.” Anna smiled. “I don’t think I’ve said thank you yet for this opportunity.”

Leigh turned the make-up chair around so she could help Anna stand. “Well don’t thank me just yet. I did hire you and I do intend to get my money’s worth. But you’re very welcome. There’s no one I’d rather be working with.”

The older woman leaned in and kissed Anna’s cheeks in a very European gesture. “Now, let’s get you started with wardrobe. Off with everything.”

Anna blushed, but stood and began to strip down. She’d already taken her sweatshirt off for the hair and make-up bit, so her bra followed, then her sweatpants and panties. She was unused to being naked in front of another woman, and unconsciously covered her breasts and groin. Leigh seemed not to notice as she rummaged through a small plastic bin.

“Ah, here. Rub this all over, pay special attention to your underarms, under your breasts, hips and your butt. It’s a hypoallergenic lube, water based so as to be non-greasy and non-irritating, and it won’t hurt the latex. But it will make it much easier to get on.”

Anna accepted the slim pump bottle from her, squeezing a generous puddle into her hand. The oil was slightly cool to the touch, but warmed rapidly as she spread it across her stomach and hips. Leigh helped by spreading some over her back and shoulders. To Anna it felt just like putting on sunscreen when going to the beach. The oil made her skin shine beneath the bright lights.

The first outfit was the police uniform that Leigh showed her earlier. She rolled down the top of the skirt to the widest part before helping Anna draw it up her legs. It rapidly became quite tight and Anna was forced to shimmy her legs back and forth as they pulled and tugged the skirt up over her hips.

“Wow, that’s tight!” chuckled Anna, fighting to take a full breath against the stretchy cling of the material. The latex was warming rapidly as it lay against her skin, and Leigh adjusted the fit of the skirt so that it framed the dimple of her bellybutton symmetrically.

“All right, arms up now,” instructed Leigh. “I’m going to pull the top down your arms until it’s almost around your head, and then I’ll pull your hair through and have you keep it out of the way while I pull the shirt down the rest of the way.”

Which sounded good in practice, but in theory it wasn’t quite as smooth. Eventually they got it down, though, after a lot of tugging and giggling while Anna ended up trapped with her arms over her head for a solid five minutes.

The shirt was just as tight as the skirt was, compressing Anna like a full body hug. Its built in bra pushed her breasts up and together, filling the keyhole with amazing cleavage. Leigh carefully positioned the cap so as not to disrupt her hair, before applying a bit of polish to the latex overall. When she was done, the outfit gleamed wetly beneath the overheads.

“Okay, have a seat while I get your boots.”

That was easier said than done. Anna discovered that the skirt was tight enough to make sitting an interesting sensation, her thighs pressing and rubbing together as her butt tried to make room for itself. Leigh returned with knee high black vinyl boots, with at least five-inch stiletto heels and a two-inch platform.

“Leigh, I don’t think I can walk in those,” said Anna hesitantly as the older woman knelt to begin working them up her legs. They fit as if they were sized directly for her, a surprise that Anna explained away to herself as another sign of Leigh’s detailed preparations.

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll practice a bit before I take you in to Tula. She’s still getting some things set up so we’ve got time.” Leigh zipped the boots up, then adjusted the buckles so they were snug and tucked in to their keepers.

“All right, up you get and let’s see how you do.” Leigh helped Anna to her feet. It was disconcerting for Anna, who never wore heels, to be perched so high. Plus, the tight skirt meant she could only take short, narrow steps.

“Relax,” soothed Leigh, “head up, shoulders back. Let your arms relax. You’ve got to move your hips more in heels, swivel with the hips as you bring your leg forward. Here, walk down to the door and back.”

Anna minced down to the double doors, her steps unsteady. Turning, she walked back towards Leigh.

“You’re doing better,” encouraged Leigh. “Here, follow me. Watch my hips.”

Anna turned and did her best to follow Leigh. Halfway down she giggled uncontrollably, realizing that she was staring at the older woman’s ass and trying to mimic the insouciant wiggle that came with her effortless stride. Leigh heard the laughter, and glancing back over her shoulder, wiggled her butt.

“All right, I think we’re ready. You’ll get better the longer you wear them, plus this is only stills not video so I’m not terribly concerned.” Leigh slipped her arm through Anna’s who was now a couple inches taller than the older woman thanks to the boots and guided her out into the studio.

Tula looked up as the door opened, a professional smile on her face that widened into genuine surprise.

“Anna? Mother Mary, you look amazing! You were right, Leigh, she is perfect!”

“She’s all yours,” replied Leigh, retreating to a beige director’s chair at the rear of the room. Tula motioned for Anna to take a position in the middle of the backdrop.

“Hang out there for a moment,” instructed the slim photographer, “I’ve got to adjust the lights and get some test shots.”

Anna did as she was told, idly shifting back and forth and trying to remember not to fidget by touching her face or hair. Leigh had already scolded her for that once. Tula’s camera whirred and the strobes popped. She gazed critically at the LCD screen on its back before adjusting something and taking another picture. More fiddling, followed by a third picture. This one seemed to appease her, because she let the camera dangle around her neck while she gazed at Anna.

“All right, face me. Weight on your left leg, spread your right out just a bit. A bit more. Good, turn the toes out a bit, left hand on your hip. Right hand on your hip. No, behind it. Good. Bring your left shoulder a little forward. Good, hold that. Chin up. Shoulders back. Tilt your head just a little to the left. Too much. Good. Smile. Not like that. I need saucy. Playful. Flirty. Lips closed. There! Hold that!” Tula disappeared behind the camera. The strobes popped three times in quick succession. She moved closer, kneeling, getting an upwards looking shot.

“Okay, both hands on hips, good, straighten your shoulders, look down at me, hold that!”

More strobes.

“Shoulders back!”

More strobes.

Tula handed her a pair of chrome steel handcuffs and posed her playing with them, pulling them across her breasts, resting them on the curve of her hips or across her butt. Then some shots with the matching cuffs strapped to her wrists and ankles. Leigh had several lengths of chain that she used to lock the cuffs together, leaving Anna with about six inches between her wrists and maybe eighteen between her ankles. More shots followed as she posed in the restraints. Then it was back to wardrobe.

Next she was a sexy latex airline stewardess, in a tiny miniskirt that hugged her hips and barely came down far enough to conceal her pussy, and a tight crop top that once more pushed her breasts into gravity defying shapes. Her boots changed as well, still towering heels and platforms, but this time they had the same blue piping on them and came up all the way to mid-thigh. Tula had her pose with one of those safety briefing cards, as well as a small tray with a plastic coffee service on it.

Then she was a sexy librarian, wearing a one-piece dress that was barely longer than the miniskirt previously. The skirt part of it was patterned in grey corduroy, while the top was white with a high collar. Another generous keyhole cutout displayed her ample cleavage, while a red and gray striped tie clipped around the collar and drew attention to the naked flesh beneath it. She wore the same boots with this dress that she’d worn with the police uniform. She posed with a stack of books on a short pillar, along with a pair of reading glasses, a ruler and an apple.

After this they broke for lunch, Michael having come in and delivered a plate of hot Panini while Anna was changing out of her latex outfit and into a plain terrycloth robe. There was a chilled grape salad as well, and a flaky pastry filled with chocolate and hazelnut for dessert. Near the end of the meal, Tula called Leigh over and together they paged through some of the pictures taken so far. Anna couldn’t hear the conversation, but she caught several gestures in her direction as well as some glances from the slim photographer.

Am I doing something wrong? she wondered. She had been feeling quite confident, having gotten used to moving around in the heels for the most part. And the latex didn’t seem so strange to her anymore. Leigh seemed to be weighing some kind of decision, and Anna felt a gnawing uncertainty in her gut. Then the older woman smiled, grasping Tula’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

Anna swallowed nervously as the older woman approached. “Is something wrong? Tula didn’t look too happy.”

“No, not at all my dear, you’re doing wonderfully,” reassured Leigh. “Tula is concerned that not enough of your emotion is coming through in the pictures is all. I know you’re just out of practice, though, but I’ve thought of something to help. C’mon, let’s get you dressed.”

Anna headed back to the make-up room while Leigh retrieved her next outfit from one of the racks in the back of the studio. It turned out to be a latex nurses outfit, pearl white with red trim. First, though, was a garter belt with white fishnet stockings. Leigh helped Anna get them on with the seams in back straight. Anna gave Leigh a quizzical glance, though, when the older woman held up a white latex g-string.

“Over the garter belt,” confirmed Leigh, “In case he wants to fuck you with your stockings on.”

Anna blushed, taking the panties from Leigh, then staring in horror at them. Nestled inside, attached to the thin crotch panel, was a bulbous dildo!

“Leigh, I can’t wear these!” she gasped.

“Why not? I know you’re not a virgin. Don’t tell me you’ve never messed around with a vibrator before.” Leigh arched a sculpted eyebrow at Anna, and once more the younger woman felt sheltered and provincial.

“Well, yeah, but that’s different!”

“Pffft. Nonsense. Here, I have some lube for you.” Leigh waved away her concerns, offering the pump bottle again for her. Numbly, Anna accepted the dollop of lube, gingerly spreading it over the latex phallus. Leigh watched in amusement at her obvious reticence. Finally she laughed.

“All right, enough. That’s no way to treat a cock. Hang on.” Ducking out, Anna heard her rummage through the clothing rack again before retuning. She carried with her a g-string identical to the one Anna held, only this time in black. Setting it on the counter, she unzipped the side of her skirt and shimmied out of it! Anna blinked in surprise at what she wore underneath: a black lace garter belt and stockings, and a lacy see through thong. Leigh slipped the thong down her legs as well, tucking it into her purse.

“Good thing I thought to shave this morning,” she quipped, pumping some lube into her hand. Grabbing hold of the dildo, she wrapped her hand around it, stroking it with lube as if it were attached to a man.

“Toys prepare you for the real thing,” she explained, “it’s just like giving a handjob.”

Wiping her hands on one of the make-up towels, Leigh carefully stepped into the latex panties, working them up over her thighs towards her hips. Anna watched in embarrassed fascination as Leigh stopped just as the tip of the dildo brushed her sex. Reaching down, she aligned it properly before pushing the first few inches into her pussy. Exhaling, she pulled the panties all the way up, wiggling her hips to settle everything properly.

“Ahhhhhh, oh!” Leigh smiled, closing her eyes as her body shivered. “Mmmmm. Delightful.”

Opening her eyes, she looked at Anna. “Okay, your turn!”

Anna swallowed nervously, then, following Leigh’s example, lubed up the latex phallus. Stepping into the panties, she worked them up her legs trying not to get any lube on her stockings. She couldn’t help but twitch a bit when the tip of the dildo brushed against her sex. Reaching down, she worked the first few inches inside her, the cool slickness of the lube easing the penetration. Taking a deep breath, she pulled the panties the rest of the way up. There was a moment of uncomfortable pressure as the thick head of the dildo pressed inside her, then it slid past the narrow opening of her vagina, filling her with a strange, erotic pressure. Anna couldn’t help wiggling her hips, feeling the latex slide across her skin, pressing against her clit, and the dildo moving faintly inside her. To her surprise, a whisper of pleasure ran through her, the panties feeling daring and wickedly delicious.

Leigh watched her with a knowing gaze. “All right, time for the rest of the outfit.”

The nurse’s dress was scandalously short, clearly showing the tops of her stockings and the garters holding them up. It’s neckline plunged almost to her waist, her breasts covered with just enough fabric to conceal the nipples, while bright red latex laces criss crossed, keeping the front of the dress closed while emphasizing the swell of her cleavage. Fingerless gloves with red trim and a bright red cross printed on the back along with a small peaked nurses cap completed the outfit. Anna’s boots were white latex with red straps that reached just past her knee, again with the towering stilettos and platforms.

Leigh touched up her hair and make-up, then pronounced her ready. Anna stood to follow her out to the studio and almost fell after the first step. The hip swiveling gait she was forced to adopt by the tight skirt and high heels made the plug inside her shift in an alarming manner. The thick ribs along its body brushed against the sensitive walls of her pussy, stoking that pleasurable feeling. Anna felt herself blush from head to toe, staggering to a stop after only a few steps in order to catch her breathing. She watched Leigh ahead of her, seeing what she thought was an extra sway in the woman’s step.

“Delightful, isn’t it?” called the older woman over her shoulder, a sly smile on her lips.

“Distracting is more like it,” grumbled Anna, mincing after her. When she finally made it into the studio she was flushed and breathing hard, her body dangerously warm. The latex held the heat of her blush in, amplifying it. Not to mention that its silky caress over her skin was not helping her arousal. She could feel her nipples hard beneath the thin covering, and, glancing down, discovered to her horror that they were readily apparent!

Neither Leigh nor Tula commented, though, the former resuming her position at the rear while the latter once more guided Anna to the center of the backdrop. In her absence it had changed to a muted, institutional gray, something that would contrast well with the brilliant white and red of her outfit.

Once more Tula directed her to pose, positioning her body for the greatest effect. Anna didn’t want to admit it, but the wicked teasing from the panties was definitely having an effect on her. Her body was flush with heat, rolling languidly into the poses demanded by Tula. The saucy fire was evident as well in her smile and her gaze, her cheeks full and flushed as she stared into the camera, Tula commanding her to produce ‘sultry’ or ‘innocent’ or ‘teasing’.

Anna barely heard Tula call back to Leigh, only realizing that they were taking a break when the older woman brushed her arm.

“All right, we’re going to do the last bit for today. This is one of those outfits we talked about, with supplemental restraints.”

Leigh pulled something in matching white and red from the clothes rack, and Anna thought at first that it was some kind of stole or half-jacket, until she realized that the sleeves ended in long straps!

“It’s called a bolero straitjacket,” explained Leigh. “It has the usual armless sleeves with the back strap, but it only comes down just over the shoulders. It’s got another strap in the center, so it frames your boobs nicely. Then we have a set of ankle straps, also in white, and a ballgag.”

“A gag?” exclaimed Anna.

“Don’t worry, just for the pictures,” assured Leigh. “You’ll be in and out in five minutes.”

Anna frowned, uncertain. She wanted to object, but she knew she’d agreed to this. She had signed the contract, after all. With a sigh, she nodded.

“All right, but it comes off right away when I want it to, all right?”

“Of course!” smiled Leigh. “First, let me help you with the jacket.”

Anna held her arms out reluctantly, letting Leigh slip the sleeves of the jacket over her. They were quite tight, requiring a bit of pulling and tugging to get her hands down to the bottom. Anna felt her hands slip into pouches at the ends of each sleeve, a tight band of latex settling around her wrists. She heard a heavy zipper close down her back, and the grip of the jacket tightened around her shoulders. Leigh ensured that the front strap sat correctly between her breasts, then pulled the lower strap tight around her torso just below her breasts. The effect was immediate and noticeable, the strap cinching in the latex dress, causing her breasts to strain against the latex holding them, her hard nipples leaping into prominence.

Leigh fed Anna’s arms through the loop on the front of the jacket, tucking her right beneath her left before bringing them around behind her. Anna heard a buckle rattle and then her self-hug got tighter. Leigh grunted, and the hug got really tight!

“Hey, that’s enough!” complained Anna, wiggling herself inside the jacket. The buckle rattled again, and what little slack she had disappeared.

“That’s enough,” smiled Leigh proudly, “I thought about this one myself and I want to make sure it looks amazing. Here, let me do up your side buckles.”

The older woman worked the straps around Anna’s wrists, further pinning her arms to her sides.

“Talk about overkill,” grumbled Anna. Leigh chuckled.

“Oh you haven’t seen overkill yet. We’re still working on our Ultra-class restraints, but I think you might be perfect to model those as well. But that won’t be for a few months. All right, here are your ankle cuffs.”

Leigh knelt, buckling the cuffs tight around Anna’s ankles. White with red piping to match her boots, the cuffs were joined with twenty inches of red anodized chain, the links catching the light and gleaming wetly to match the latex of the rest of her outfit. Last of all came the ballgag. Anna still stared at it with mild revulsion.

“Okay, open wide and try not to smudge your lipstick,” instructed Leigh. Anna sighed, then opened her mouth as wide as she could. As it was, the ball just barely fit, Leigh having to apply a bit of pressure with her thumbs to get it past Anna’s teeth. It settled in her mouth, an uncomfortable, unyielding mass that stretched her jaw and pushed her tongue to the floor of her mouth. Leigh buckled it tight behind Anna’s head, carefully pulling her hair out of the way to avoid getting it caught in the buckle.

“There!” Leigh dusted her hands together, stepping back to admire Anna. “What a pretty little package!”

Anna couldn’t help but struggle a bit in her jacket, finally looking up in resignation.

“Oh yes!” A look of wicked delight suffused Leigh’s face. “I almost forgot!”

Reaching into her purse, she pulled out her iPhone. Sliding through the apps, she tapped the one she wanted before tapping the screen once. Looking back up, she met Anna’s questioning gaze with another devilish grin.

“Those panties are more than just a simple dildo. They’re Bluetooth enabled, and with the right permissions, you can get them to do… this.” Leigh slid her finger across the screen of the phone. At first Anna didn’t feel anything, then suddenly squealed in surprise. The panties had begun to vibrate! A trail of beads along the thong portion that were pressed against her clit were dancing against one another, teasing her with their vibrations. The dildo, on the other hand, throbbed with a low frequency pulse, its ribs rubbing against her g-spot like a slow, deliberate massage.

Anna snorted in distress, shaking her head and twisting her body, she stamped her foot, glaring at Leigh. She wanted it to stop! She wanted out, now! Leigh, however, wasn’t paying attention to her. Rather she had her eyes closed and was slowly rolling her own hips! Anna realized that her panties must be vibrating as well!

“Ooooooohhh,” smiled Leigh, “now that is delicious. I should wear these around the office more often.” She quirked a smile at Anna, who had momentarily forgotten her indignation. “Then again, I would never get any work done. Speaking of that, let’s not keep Tula waiting any longer.”

With a firm grip on Anna to keep her from falling, Leigh marched her back into the studio. The unreality of the entire situation had Anna terribly off balance, and the teasing vibrations in her crotch didn’t help either. Her earlier arousal was rushing back, fueled and amplified it seemed by the restraints she wore. The very helplessness she decried was only doubling her desire. Leigh and Tula helped her down to her knees.

Anna barely heard Tula’s direction, completely lost in her own situation, following with half a mind while the rest of her was consumed by her growing arousal. Unfortunately the vibrations, though intense, were just not strong enough to push her over the edge. Anna found herself writhing within the strict confines of the straitjacket, desperately trying to gain more sensation. She rolled onto her side, grinding her hips in the air, pulling at her arms in a desperate bid to stroke her nipples.

So lost was Anna that she didn’t even hear Tula call an end to the shoot. She didn’t know they were done until she felt Leigh’s hands unbuckling the prying the gag from her lips. Her eyes flew open as she realized what she was doing, cheeks flaming. At some point Leigh had turned off the vibrations as well, leaving Anna dazed and hanging on the edge. With quick, sure fingers Leigh undid her restraints, helping her to her feet and showing her back to the make-up room.

“Use my bathroom, there’s clean towels on the shelf next to the shower. Take as long as you want, you were great!” Leigh offered, ushering Anna into her executive washroom.

Stripping off the latex, Anna hurriedly divested herself of the terrible (wonderful) panties before stepping into the shower. As the warm water cascaded down over her body, she couldn’t help but feel the burning remains of her desire. Slowly, hesitantly at first she cupped her breasts beneath the steaming spray, rolling her nipples between her fingers. Her touch was electric, bringing her arousal roaring back to life. Sliding a hand down between her legs, Anna let her head droop beneath the spray. It took only moments, her fingers soft as they stroked across her hard, needy clit, before her orgasm overtook her. She came fiercely, shuddering beneath the water, her body pushed against the cool wall of the shower for support.

Minutes later she emerged from her post-orgasmic haze, blinking beneath the shower spray. Her body felt tender and alive, amazingly sensitive to the slightest sensation. The terrycloth bathsheet she dried herself with sent shivers down her spine. When at last she exited the bathroom, dressed once more in her jeans and hoodie, Tula and Leigh were looking at several prints laid out on the table. The slim photographer smiled at her, walking over to embrace her.

“You. Are. Amazing. I had my doubts at first, I’m sorry. You were a little wooden at first. But once you warmed up, my God! I can’t wait until our next session.”

Tula turned back towards Leigh. “I’ll have the rest of these prints edited and sent to you for your approval.”

Leigh nodded, “of course.”

Tula disappeared back into the studio to finish cleaning up, and Leigh motioned Anna closer. She brushed a hand through her hair, fussing over her in a motherly fashion, before lifting her chin and staring into her eyes. Anna fidgeted, finding it hard to meet her gaze. Leigh slipped her arms around her.

“Not angry with me, are you?”

“No,” whispered Anna. She had been angry. She’d been furious. But now, it was different.

“I’m sorry I tricked you like that. But I want you to see something.” Leigh held up a large eight by ten glossy print of one of the first shots.

Anna blinked in amazement. It was hard to believe that the woman dressed in the latex stewardess outfit was her. The woman in the picture was outlandishly sexual, the gleaming latex boots encasing her strong legs, the short skirt showing off her toned thighs and the generous curves of her ass. The electric blue of the skirt and crop top only emphasized the expanse of naked skin between them, and Anna had to admit that her breasts looked amazing as they almost spilled out of the tight latex cups. But for all that the picture lacked something. She could see it in her eyes and the set of her face. This was a costume to her, something she wore, not something she inhabited. She hadn’t pulled off the look at all. Anna felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, glancing up at Leigh.

Wordlessly the older woman slid another photo over the one she held. This was a shot from the last outfit of the day, specifically of the restraints. Anna gasped in surprise. She didn’t even remember when this picture was taken. She was laying half on her back, with her eyes closed. Her jaw was clenched around the ballgag, the dark lipstick framing the white ball perfectly. Her arms strained against the imprisoning straitjacket, the tight latex clearly revealing the muscles along her shoulders and biceps as she fought to be free. Her hips were raised off the floor, the chain between her ankle cuffs taught as her legs pulled against them. In her struggles her cap had come half off and her hair was askew, plastered to the side of her face. This was a picture of raw restrained sexuality, of hunger and desire denied. The woman in the picture, Anna!, glowed with a primal energy, it burned through her every pore. This image was alive as the one previous was dead, this was powerful eroticism defined. Anna couldn’t believe it.

“Tula is right, you know,” said Leigh quietly, “you are amazing. Amazing and beautiful and trusting and sweet and perfect. I’m so glad you agreed to model for me.”

“Me too,” whispered Anna, still staring at her photograph in amazement. “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome,” laughed Leigh. “Keep it. A memento from your first shoot. Speaking of which, will you be free next Friday as well?”

Anna nodded, smiling. Leigh walked Anna out to the lobby, picking a thick manila envelope up from Michael’s desk. Opening it revealed the paper copy of her contract and a check drawn from the corporate accounts. Anna slipped the glossy photograph inside the envelope and folded it closed again. Leigh smiled.

“Have a good night, Anna, and I’ll see you next week.”

“Good, I’ll see you then.”

Leigh hugged her, and Anna squeezed back, frowning as she felt a thin vibration against her hip. Then she gasped and looked at Leigh in sudden recognition. Leigh giggled.

“Well, why not? I’m headed home anyway. Dominic doesn’t know it but he’s getting raped tonight. Or, rather, I’m convincing him to rape me. That man doesn’t know how good his life is.”

Leigh waved as the doors to the elevators closed, leaving Anna to stare at her reflection in the polished chrome as she descended from the penthouse into the gathering shadows of the evening.

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