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by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; Sbf; caught; armbinder; gag; clamps; toys; cuffs; sex; cons; XX

Continues from

Alone II (Still)

The latex covered figure twitches, whimpering on the bed sleeping in its tight confines dreaming of being teased and tormented forever. Kim had fallen asleep, her exhaustion from the tight bonds and struggling in the rubber had overwhelmed her.

It had been hours since Jeff was supposed to have been home and her escape plan had failed miserably. Now she was left helplessly encased in layers of tight rubber with her arms sealed in a rubber arm sleeve holding them tightly behind her back.

Kim had deliberately adjusted the shoulder straps of the arm sleeve tighter to make freeing herself more difficult finding it had worked too well. Once she accepted she was trapped she had laid down hoping she wouldn’t be in too much pain to enjoy herself once Jeff got home.

The only thing Kim was really fighting was the six-inch leather belt she had cinched very tight over the hobble skirt. The belt made taking a deep breath difficult and was digging into her lower ribs preventing her from curling herself forwards to get into a more comfortable position.

Even after Kim had fallen asleep her body kept adjusting her position as it started hurting, attempting to make her more comfortable. The muffled grunts and whines were dampened by the series of gags she had strapped onto herself never expecting to be wearing them this long.

Kim was dreaming deeply until her body rolled off her pinioned arms onto her stomach, smashing her bulging breasts and clamped nipples under her. Kim woke up screaming into her gags as the pain radiated from her nipples.

Kim fought her bonds for a moment before remembering her situation and struggling to twist herself onto her back again, the stiff collar increasing the effort needed to roll over. Kim was whimpering, flexing her trapped hands inside the rubber sleeve while she twisted and flexed her legs trying to get the skirt to raise up.

Each time Kim kicked her legs she felt the cuffs around her ankles pull tight, giving up when she remembered she had cuffed them together so she had no hope of wriggling her skirt up any higher.

Kim whined and thrashed on the bed until she fell asleep again wondering how long she had been bound but not wanting to fight hard enough to be able to see the clock. She had only been asleep a few minutes when Jeff staggered through the front door very drunk from a night of celebration.

Jeff swayed into the bedroom seeing the beautiful latex covered figure lying on the bed and in his drunken state assumed she had dressed up because she knew of his promotion. Immediately he wanted to take advantage of his captive, carefully taking the chain they kept at the foot of the bed and attached it to the chain between her ankles.

Jeff was stifling his laughter as he slid the rubber blindfold over her eyes before taking the chains from the head board and attaching them to her collar. When he was done he stood back to admire his talent chuckling as he watched her helpless body.

Jeff shuffled out of the room to get another beer bumping into the door frame as he left laughing again. Kim awoke fighting her bonds finding she couldn’t move as far as she could trying to look why and finding she could no longer see.

Kim began kicking and grunting fighting her restraints struggling until she lay panting desperately trying to not be scared hoping Jeff had come home. Jeff drank the first beer picking up another one before heading back to the bedroom.

When he returned Kim was lying still again and he thought she hadn’t woken up so he walked to the edge of the bed and slapped her rubber covered ass. Jeff had hit her much harder than he normally would have, making her yelp loudly behind her gags.

Jeff was laughing at her reaction, slapping her again and quickly grabbing her bulging breasts making her thrash even harder. Jeff fell onto the bed beside his bound and thrashing wife kissing her breasts before telling he loved his gift.

Hearing his voice Kim calmed down and started trying to tell him she wanted to be untied but all it did was excite Jeff even more. Jeff sat up on the edge of the bed finishing another beer looking at the bottle jumping up and tucking the cold bottle between her bulging breasts before leaving the room again.

Kim was squealing from the cold bottle against her breasts still trying to tell Jeff she wanted out quickly humming her safe song unaware he wasn’t in the room. Jeff opened another beer, noticing the note on the table going over and sitting down.

Jeff was reading the note from Kim laughing as he recognized the remotes picking them up as he staggered back to the bedroom giggling. Kim had stopped humming by the time he had returned thinking he was just ignoring her.

Jeff climbed on the bed unclipping one of the chains from her collar and quickly rolling her over. Kim was whining but stopped as her air was reduced by the bed and lay feeling Jeff yanking and pulling the straps on her arm sleeve tighter.

Jeff fumbled with the straps drawing her arms together until her elbows were grinding against one another. When he reached her wrists he pulled them even tighter making her whine while he laughed.

Jeff stepped off Kim’s ass slapping it hard again watching her try to roll back over but not being able to bend, keeping her struggling. Jeff finally reached over grabbing her shoulder with one hand while slapping her rubber covered ass with the other.

As soon as she was on her crushed together arms again he clipped the chain back to her collar making it impossible for her to roll over. Jeff was squeezing her breasts tugging on the nipple clamp chain as he finished the beer, rubbing the empty bottle on her bare tits again.

Kim whined surprised she was getting aroused again from being treated so roughly listening to Jeff as he stumbled around the bed. Kim lay still listening to Jeff mumble as he tried to get his clothes off as she wiggled her arms and hands in the tighter arm sleeve.

Kim was starting to enjoy her increased helplessness getting more comfortable since she knew Jeff had come home. As Kim continued to struggle Jeff’s head started hanging to the side and his body started rocking.

Kim was really starting to enjoy herself when she felt the vibrator in her ass start to hum inside her. Kim squealed as the plug shook her not noticing Jeff had lifted his feet up onto the bed lying back next to her.

Jeff was quickly lying in a deep sleep next to his bound wife, the vibrator had been activated by accident when he had dropped them. Now Kim was humming and moaning as her arousal became intense.

Jeff rolled over swinging his arm over Kim’s bound body hitting both of her pinched nipples and hooking his thumb on the chain pulling it down. Kim squealed loudly and started wiggling and twisting in her bonds unable to get Jeff to move his arm and since she had been chained to the bed she couldn’t roll away from him.

When Kim stopped struggling to catch her breath Jeff’s face was pressed up beside her head and she could hear him snoring. Kim couldn’t believe he had gone to sleep leaving her bound like she was.

When Kim had realized that he was truly asleep she started wiggling and thrashing while she screamed as loud as the double gags allowed. Kim stopped her thrashing and lay panting listening to his snores and knew he had gone out drinking and had passed out.

She screamed behind the gags again in frustration as the vibrations in her ass continued only frustrating her more. Kim occasionally struggled during the night wishing the vibrator would stop knowing it would be a long time at low speed before it died.

Kim drifted in and out of sleep being kept frustrated and helpless made her unable to sleep deeply making her night seem much longer. When Jeff rolled off her Kim thought maybe he had woken up but was relieved when his hand released her nipple chain.

Kim waited a few minutes before she wiggled feeling he was still next to her and stopped because she knew she would have to wait until he was actually awake. Kim fought her aching body desperately trying to push herself over the edge only to have to stop and catch her breath again.

Each time Kim’s desperation made her struggle she would fight until she was gasping and each time, she seemed to be closer to an orgasm frustrating her even more being forced to stop. Kim felt the bed move and could feel he was no longer next to her and began whining and thrashing again.

Jeff had darted to the bathroom to relieve his bladder walking slowly back to the bed flipping off the light as he passed the switch. He had laid down again before Kim’s thrashing got his attention, making him jump out of bed and flip the light back on.

Jeff had sobered up some and his dick shot to attention when he spotted his wife bound and gagged on the bed. He eased back onto the bed stroking and kissing her body playing with her pinched nipples making her whine loudly.

Moving to the other side of the bed Jeff found the note and remotes on the floor reading the note he immediately turned on the vibrator in her pussy. Kim was squealing when she felt the vibrator begin to shake her and started moaning.

Jeff continued toying with her, turning the vibrators up and down, turning them off completely several times as he kneaded her breasts and twisted the clamps. Jeff played with his toy for a couple of hours before he decided it was time for her to satisfy his needs.

Jeff unclipped the chains from her collar and ankles turning her body and sliding her to her pointed toes. He forced her to walk around the room a little, having to practically hold her up the whole time.

When he was ready he helped her to her knees pulling the outer gag off laughing when he saw what she had done appreciating her efforts to allow him to use her. Kim was so aroused she no longer cared about the aches and pains in her body. She was glad he was using her and hoped he would make her cum after she serviced him.

Kim and Jeff played this game enough for her to know he wasn’t going to let her cum without her making him cum first so when his hard cock was slid into her gaping mouth she was ready.

Jeff worked Kim’s head making her take his cock fully stroking him for several minutes before he pulled her all the way on to himself as he exploded. Kim moaned loudly as she sucked him dry on the verge of an orgasm herself.

Jeff grunted flopping back on the bed, when he let go of her head she was off balance and fell backwards squealing as she hit the floor. Kim lay moaning on the floor desperately trying to get back up to her knees.

Kim was squealing from a clamp that had twisted during her fall, struggling and whining loudly as she tried to shake the clamp off. Jeff regained his composure, grabbing her and pulling her to her pointed toes, laughing at her struggles before straightening the clamp out.

Jeff held her on her feet as she twisted and moaned through the remaining ring gag hearing him say as he shook her “Listen to me, I can release you now or I can make you cum, but you will have to make me cum again before you are released.” 

Kim whined thinking about it for a moment before “UM!” Now she was where she wanted to be helplessly bound being controlled by her lover. Jeff laughed, stuffing the gag back into her mouth, strapping it tight before ordering her to follow him.

Jeff tugged on her leash again leading the hobbling woman out of the bedroom taking her to the living room ignoring her whines and grunts. When Kim felt him pushing her backwards she carefully stepped back until she felt the support post they often used while playing.

Kim whined not wanting to be forced to stand during her climax, feeling him attaching her leash to the post above her head before he strapped her body below her breasts and around her legs to the post.

Kim was helpless to stop him restraining her more, feeling her arousal increasing to the point she just needed a little more to orgasm. Jeff had been listening to her breathing and moans knowing she was getting close so he started toying with her clamped nipples to cool her down.

Kim was whining loudly as he kneaded her sore breasts twisting and tugging on her clamps while he spanked her rubber covered ass. Jeff’s plan worked Kim was starting to lose her arousal and began whining more as he continued to toy with her.

Jeff walked away from his captive grabbing another beer taking the sealed bottle to her clamped nipples making her squeal loudly and start whining again. Jeff snapped his finger as he remembered something running to the bedroom.

Kim heard Jeff say “Oh! Your key is frozen huh?” making Kim try to answer “UH HU” “Well I guess you will be locked up awhile longer I haven’t taken it out of the freezer yet” Jeff told her teasing her.

Kim whined, wiggling her body desperate to try and beg him to put them in the sink and let the water thaw them out faster. Jeff got the ice from the freezer returning to her and right away rubbing the ice on her bare breasts. 

Kim was screaming into the gags as Jeff kept rubbing the block of ice on her hot body running it all over her rubber covered skin. “Maybe this will help it to melt faster” Jeff exclaimed as he forced the block in between her bulging breasts.

Kim was thrashing and screaming trying desperately to get the cold ice from her body whimpering as she felt it drop away from her. Jeff said, “Well I guess you want to locked for quite a while using such a large block of ice, it will give me plenty of time for you to have to satisfy me again.”


Jeff toyed with his captive for an hour, never letting her know he had already put her key in hot water turning her vibrators on and off laughing as she whined and grunted. Kim was enjoying being toyed with feeling much better than earlier only wishing she could get him to remove the clamps. 

Kim felt him tighten all the straps holding her to the pole adding a few more then screamed as he turned the vibrator in her ass on high. Jeff let her whine for a few minutes before turning on the other one and letting her struggle to her massive orgasm.

Kim fought her bonds as she became more desperate squealing and thrashing until finally she exploded in a mind-numbing orgasm. When the orgasm had passed she hung limply against the straps. 

Jeff left the vibrators running on high watching her body quiver in her rubber slowly easing the pressure off the clamps making her whine a little as he removed them. Slowly Jeff removed the straps lowering her to the floor leaving her to recover.

Jeff had gone and started running the water for a bath returning and loosening the arm sleeve and unlocking the cuffs around her ankles. Jeff removed the outer gag before he removed the loosened arm sleeve.

Kim could only lay lifeless as he slowly freed her exhausted body removing all her bonds before picking her rubber covered body up and carrying her into the bathroom. He leaned her against the counter and removed the tight belt then the skirt unlacing the boots.

Kim was numb all over, her throbbing nipples were the only thing she felt, her exhaustion and satisfaction of the massive orgasm made her just stand still letting Jeff do anything he wanted. Jeff removed Kim’s rubber skin lifting the blindfold last then prying the O-ring gag leaving Kim naked in front of him.

Jeff bent down in front of Kim looking into her eyes laughing as she smiled at him letting him scoop her up and set her into the hot water. Kim held onto him motioning for him to join her watching him remove his clothes and ease into the tub.

Jeff was scrubbing her when she flopped the vibrator that had been embedded in her for so long out of the tub pulling him over her and guiding him inside herself. Lying in the water after their first session Kim admitted she had enjoyed the feelings when she had thought she was totally alone.

The two made love several times laughing and teasing each other about how he had treated her neither noticing the sun had come up and neither caring.


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