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by Mikel

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Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; M/f; latex; catsuit; armbinder; gag; hood; collar; cuffs; hobble; nipple; torment; stuck; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

Jeff and Kim had been dating for a year and during that time they had shared their passion for bondage and were both very happy the direction their relationship was heading so as their one year anniversary approached Kim had decided to make it special and had been shopping online for items she knew he would like determined to make herself a memorable night as well. They both liked Kim’s firm body covered in latex, Jeff often asking her to wear it when they go out on dates either exposed or under her normal clothes and she would always agree because she really liked the way it felt on her body.

One evening she had inserted a vibrator into her damp pussy then pulled tight rubber leggings up her legs to hold it in, then stepped into a short sleeve thick rubber dress that held her very tight from her neck to her knees reducing her steps to only a few inches at a time. The tall high heels with the locking straps was forcing her to walk almost on her toes, Kim walked around her apartment for a few minutes before pulling a long leather skirt up to her waist covering the latex except for a small amount of the transparent rubber on her legs, strapping the leather bra with small holes in it for her nipples to protrude through, pulling it extra tight to force her rubber covered breasts to press hard into the cups, she pulled slightly on the rubber over her nipples drawing them tightly into the holes before pulling a silk blouse on that fit her snuggly and would show her erect nipples if she wasn’t wearing the rubber and met Jeff for dinner unaware that they were having dinner with several of the top officers of the company her worked for.

Kim had planned on a very short evening, normally she would hand him the remote and let him tease her near an orgasm then they would rush from the restaurant him keeping her on the edge as he drove home and ending with her tied to the bed and him fucking her until they both exploded. Tonight when she got out of the cab and saw him standing there noticing her rubber covered legs and the small padlocks dangling from her ankles he had a look of terror on his face instead of lust, she knew something was different, even handing him the remote he quickly stuffed it into his pocket and turned and introduced her to his boss and Kim knew she had messed up, thankful she wouldn’t have to worry about her nipples showing through the tight rubber.

The evening was going fine Kim sat on the far side of Jeff only speaking when spoken to but when the others wanted to go dancing she knew she was in trouble. The first problem was the club was “just around the corner” and they turned to walk to it making Kim struggle to keep up, fighting the tight rubber holding her legs together and trying not to fall off her tall heels as the men strode along practically dragging the women by their hands.

Kim’s frustration grew as the vibrator shifted and moved inside her and she fought the tight dress and by the time they reached the club her squeezed nipples now sticking proudly out of her blouse showing her arousal. The club was thankfully dark and everybody seemed to have a good time and Jeff relaxed and played with the remote making Kim giggle and pant with desire during most of the night. Even when her nipples became painful Kim continued to be aroused more and once they arrived home Jeff stripped her quickly and the two made love multiple times ending with her left bound to the bed as they fell asleep. For the anniversary she planned a much more intimate occasion and ordered everything she would need to make it very special for both of them.

When the evening came Kim had asked Jeff to come over, as with most men the importance of the evening had escaped him but he had agreed to come over knowing that tone of voice meant she was up to something. Kim left work early and went home to prepare for his arrival. Having already shaved herself Kim showered and emptied her bowels then slid the large vibrator into her pussy and a large anal plug into her firm ass, these vibrators were a set and worked together to torment and tease and if allowed would bring her to a major orgasm all by themselves.

Rubbing the lube all over her body she slid her legs into the legs of her new catsuit pushing her feet into the bottoms before pulling the thick rubber up to her waist, Kim panting from the effort of tugging on the suit relishing how tight and thick the suit was. Pushing her hands into the gloves she worked the rubber up over her shoulders twisting as she worked it around to her back, then massaged her large breasts into the reinforced holes in the front of the suit twisting and pulling on them until they were completely pulled through the holes and bulging as they were squeezed tightly around their bases.

Kim then hooked the short zipper and struggled to close the suit making it pull tight around her stomach and chest even tightening around her breasts more. Once enclosed in the thick rubber Kim walked around stretching and flexing her body letting the suit adjust and work itself onto her body, Kim smiled at her reflection her body looked much thinner from the compression of the suit and her breasts looked much larger as they ballooned from her chest turning a nice shade of pink, Kim adjusted the collar pulling it up until it almost reached her chin leaving only her head and breasts exposed.

During Kim’s shopping she had found a video of a model slipping into an armsleeve by herself, Kim had always loved the way an armsleeve looked and had decided to buy one similar to the one in the video and try to get into it herself and be waiting for Jeff to arrive to tighten everything up and use her for as long as he wanted. Kim had practiced a few times getting herself into the tight rubber sleeve and had figured out where to leave the straps that would be used to tighten it up so she could get into and back out of the arm sleeve, any tighter she knew she wouldn’t be able to get out and if she made them too tight she wouldn’t even be able to get into it.

Hanging the sleeve on the hooks she adjusted the straps through the buckles two notches tighter guaranteeing that if she got in it she could not get out, wanting it to be tighter but knowing she would never be able to get into by herself if she made them tighter. The shoulder straps wouldn’t be as tight either but she had left a note for Jeff instructing him to tighten everything up as he played with her hoping at some point she would be able to see herself in the large mirror or that Jeff would use the camera she left by the note and she would have some good pictures of herself.

Stuffing her foot into the long boot she smiled as her foot was forced into an unnaturally steep arch, the six inch heel would force her to barely be on the balls of her feet while she wore them, lacing them tight up to her crotch she repeated the process with the other leg adjusting the first tighter before standing and teetering around the room, smiling broadly as she sat back down and pulled her long auburn hair through the hole in the top of the rubber hood, the hood matched the suit with small opening around the eyes just allowing the light blue of them to be seen and had small holes under the nose. The mouth opening was reinforced and cut to a perfect circle and once Kim had it zipped up she tucked it into the collar of the suit sealing her entire body in the thick rubber, leaving only her breasts and mouth exposed and soon she would take care of her mouth.

Wrapping the wide collar around her neck Kim buckled it snuggly leaving the small lock on the table, the collar would hold her head firmly erect allowing only minimal movement and had become a favorite of theirs during their play times. The new head harness was next and Kim straightened the straps before inserting the large o-ring gag behind her teeth, she had worn lots of gags and even had two o-ring gags that Jeff loved her to wear allowing him to force her to give him head and even though she enjoyed doing it being forced always made her feel humiliated and for some reason that made her like it even more, but this one was much bigger forcing Kim’s mouth much wider and stretching the rubber around it and sealing it tightly to her face.

Kim buckled the harness already drooling, another humiliating part of the ring gag, and she went back over each of the straps tightening them several notches tighter and after she tightened the straps that crisscrossed under her chin and around her neck, her arousal had increased driving her to take the locks lying on the table and slipping them into the straps of the gag and collar and locking them onto her head. Kim was now moaning as she pulled at the locks knowing if she wanted it off she would have to go get the ice cube with the key for the small metal lock box in her closet and thaw it out before she could unlock the gag and collar along with the rest of her restraints, unsure if she could even walk that far in her tortuous boots that already had her feet and legs cramping badly.

Already feeling the drops of saliva hitting her bare breasts Kim stuffed the leather phallus of a panel gag into her gapping mouth and buckled the second gag tightly sealing her mouth completely and stopping the flow of drool for now. As she sat letting her body adjust and calming her breathing she wished she had not left the remote for the vibrators on the table near the note and rubbed her rubber coated pussy for several minutes, even playing with the zipper that would allow access to her pussy or ass before tearing herself away to complete her bondage.

The leather ankle cuffs that she had already locked a short chain between were wrapped around her ankles and again locked closed, the long skirt was next and pulling the tight rubber over the boots was difficult but soon Kim had her lower body covered in another layer of tight rubber that would restrict her movements as it held her legs tightly together from ankle to waist, making her think why did I use the ankle cuffs and smiling because she knew more was better. Standing again Kim smoothed out the skirt before taking the six inch wide leather belt and pulled it around her waist, Kim pulled it tighter several times before slipping two locks into the straps leaving her gasping around the tight belt that she had unknowingly pulled her waist in by six inches or more.

As Kim stood gasping she saw the last implement of torture she need to apply, the strong nipple clamps dared her to use them as they laid on the table taunting her, up till now Kim had planned on leaving them for Jeff to use on her because she knew they hurt so much from the small teeth and strong springs that would not let them slip off once they were applied and the heavy chain connecting them would constantly keep then moving and torturing her tender buds, Kim saw her latex covered hand reach out and the next thing she knew the clamps were biting hard on her nipples making her whine loudly into the gags and taking her breath away as she squeezed both while pulling on the chain to set them deeply into her soft flesh, her lust driving her to clamp herself and prove that she could take it.

Now Kim was ready for the armsleeve she wasn’t going to wait for him to call as she had planned, her eagerness to finish her bondage driven by her arousal and she carefully backed up to the armsleeve slipping one arm in before wrapping the straps over her shoulders and under her breasts then snugging them up a little before twisting her arm behind her and shoving it into the armsleeve. Kim was twisting and grunting as she fought the rubber to get her arm all the way into the sleeve, as she struggled she stopped twice to catch her breath and stood panting through her nose wiggling her fingers and hands as she continued work her arm deeper into it finally feeling her hand reach the bottom and the rubber popped up over her elbows. She squealed as she felt it all work worrying that since she had tightened the straps she would not be able to get into it and continued to wiggle her arms and felt them being pulled closer together than she had ever felt previously and twisted around in a circle enjoying the tight rubber pulling on her arms.

As Kim moved around the room letting her helplessness sink in she grunted when she realized she had not taken off the panel gag as she had intended and cursed herself behind it as she sucked on the large phallus in her mouth, turning she noticed the clock and stopped struggling as she read it and quickly added up the time until Jeff would normally get home and because of her getting home early she would now be trapped for another three hours alone in her house. Kim stood on her high heels as the chain from the clamps swayed thinking about if she could stand the pressure and clamps that long, then decided that if she couldn’t she could always struggle out of the armsleeve and free herself, her lust filled mind forgetting about not only had she tightened the straps but the reason she had so much trouble getting into the sleeve was the extra layer of rubber that not only made her arms thicker but would soon become stuck to the inside of the sleeve not allowing her to remove it.

Kim shuffled with tiny steps to the bed enjoying the way the rubber sleeve constantly pulled her arms closer and tried not to make the chain sway too much as she whined each time it moved and twisted the clamps on her bugling breasts. Sitting on the bed Kim lay back whining loudly from the clamps shifting positions and swung her welded together legs up onto the bed and rolled onto her side shimmying into the middle of the bed before rolling onto her pinioned arms, whining as each move shifted the clamps sending bolts of pain through her body and now wished she hadn’t taken the dare.

Laying still her bare breasts heaving as she gasped for air through her nose and smiled as she felt her sweat move around under her rubber skin and flexed her muscles in her pussy and ass trying to stimulate herself as she struggled against the tight rubber for another hour before drifting off and sleeping for another two hours, waking gasping and struggling desperately trying to free herself. Whining and trying to yell only muffled moans were escaping her sealed mouth as she felt her nipples being tugged on and rolled over on to them screaming as she twisted her arms and continued to wrestle with the rubber until she rolled back onto her arms and calmed down and lay gasping as she remembered what had happened and laughed slightly as her breathing calmed.

Kim rolled onto her side and looked at the clock and saw it was past time for Jeff to be home and moaned as her cramped arms had been pulled closer together forcing her pinched breasts to push further out of the rubber encircling their bases while she had slept and swung her legs off the bed and sat up letting her feet hit the floor reminding her of the tall high heels she had on. As her nipple chain swung Kim let her head clear while she winced and whined and tried to figure out what she should do, looking at the clock again and knowing he often worked late she decided not to worry yet and wanted to be waiting by the door when he came in so she struggled to her feet and began to shuffle her way to the door, each step making the chain swing more as she struggled in her armsleeve and fought the tight hemline around her ankles.

Kim had now been sealed in the rubber for over four hours and her arms and shoulders were aching badly and her jaw muscles were aching as she continued to suck on the cock filling her mouth. As she walked the plugs aroused her with their shifting and movement and by the time she neared the door she was gasping again and feeling more aroused then she had ever felt before even when Jeff had tied her down and teased her for hours.

Jeff had already left work unaware of her plans he had gone to dinner with his boss and as he was being told of his promotion Kim was struggling in her rubber bondage and wondering what had happened to him. Hearing her cell phone chime she knew she had been left a message but could not do anything to be able to listen to it or see who had called. Kim stood thinking about her situation deciding she needed to get out of the armsleeve and would put it on again later if he called and began twisting and pulling her arms. The more Kim struggled the more she aroused herself with the inert vibrators and the chains tugging on her nipples and as her frustration grew and her panic increased she began gasping and moaning.

Kim stood struggling for another hour until she was out of breath and her head was spinning so she wriggled her way to a nearby chair and sat down to rest, leaning forwards she let the nipple clamp chain rest on the table and groaned as her nipples felt better from the easing of the chains weight and swaying motion. Kim was now scared she had not been able to move either of her arms upwards at all out of the sleeve and knew she couldn’t remove any of her other restraints with her arms trapped behind her and had no idea how to free herself. The helpless feelings along with her frustration of her realization that she was truly bound and gagged with no hope of freedom overwhelmed her and she climaxed, twisting backwards pulling the chain off the table, the added pain making her scream as the orgasm washed over her making her body tense and Kim moan loudly as she leaned back in the chair and waited for it to be over.

Kim sat trying to bend her neck or look around as she fought for air during the climax but the collar and the added strap from her gag wrapped around it stopped any movement forcing her swooning head to only be able to look up as her body continued to twitch and shake from the orgasm. As the climax passed leaving Kim moaning in the chair she could do nothing but sit back and pant as she relished the afterglow, even the swinging chain didn’t take away from her wonderful feelings as she sat panting and smiling while she still sucked on the leather cock filling her mouth.

Kim sat for an hour before forcing herself to her feet and shuffling back to her room and as she sat down she twisted her body and saw the time, flopping backwards whining again as her nipples were twisted by her movements as she counted the hours deciding she had been bound for almost eight hours now. Kim lay helpless to ease the aches and pains she was feeling and was almost in tears as her exhausted body drifted off to sleep still encased in tight rubber her arms pinned together behind her back and two large gags holding her mouth open wide and filling her mouth, even if her ankles had not been chained together she couldn’t separate her legs due to the tight hobble skirt she wore that was being held on by the wide band of leather she had secured around her waist keeping it from slipping off. Kim dreamed of release but in her dreams she was never able to fully release herself and spent her days wandering around her house helpless, unable to open a door or even turn on her phone as she stomped around totally alone.

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