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Adventures in Rubber

by William A. Lemieux

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© Copyright 2010 - William A. Lemieux - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; D/s; latex; leather; bond; vacbed; corset; tease; torment; electro; mast; climax; toys; cons; reluct; X

Continues from

Chapter Three

Part 7


Flora was, in a way, enjoying herself immensely. Although the corset portion of the rubber body shaper was uncomfortably tight, making her feel a bit breathless, the rest of the outfit was another matter. Her head was tightly encased in the helmet and felt, well… tight, as if she had been drinking.

The balloon gag filling her mouth distended her cheeks, and gave her a kind of primitive oral satisfaction, like she got from performing fellatio. The fiendish attachments of the corselet felt entirely too nice, and she squirmed a tiny bit, as little as the steel bar at her back allowed. The look in the mirror had really excited her, for she hardly recognized herself. Her face had taken on the appearance of an ebony female android, and her waist was now so tiny as to almost be unbelievable.

Ever since she had met Mandy they had both been reducing their waists through tight-lacing, even going so far as to wear tight belts every night as they slept. But this was certainly the smallest that Flora had ever been laced down to. It had taken almost an hour of intermittent tightening to fully close the laces, and she was surprised that her waist and ribs were still relatively comfortable in their compressed state. Her years of figure training had paid off!

She yearned to see what this tiny wasp's waist felt like, but she could hardly feel anything through the rubber gloves and the waist belt they were fastened to. But when she moved to walk out the door at Mandy's order, oh, what a surprise! Because of the framework attached at her ankles, waist, and shoulders, she could not walk normally. Not only were her curved steps limited to about one foot by the ankle bar, but as one foot went forward, the steel tubes pulled the corresponding shoulder back, and pushed her other shoulder forward.

She was forced into a sexy, torch-singer's strut, pelvis thrust forward, rolling her shoulders and swivelling her hips. This did not help her balance on her now precarious heels. What was worse, with every step, her lubricated torso slid back and forth within the tight confines of the rubber corselet, rubbing her nipples and clitoris with the rounded rubber fingers inside. Occasionally, one of the little buggers would catch on her clitoris ring and give it a tweak forcing her to stop while paroxysms of tension radiated from her sex. Then too, the action of lifting her feet alternately pulled and released the rod to her crotch, pulling and pushing the thick dildo inside her.

After only ten feet or so, she stopped, gasping. "MMMmmmph!" she said.

"You're not much of a conversationalist, are you?" asked Mandy. "Now, remember, you're the one who said there is no such thing as too much sex! You are going to walk to the elevator and into the dining room if I have to drag you! I am going to turn your hearing off now, and I don't want to have to turn it back on, is that clear? Now move!"

Flora moved. It was slowly driving her insane, but she knew that Mandy really meant it this time, so she walked. With each exaggerated strut, her breasts slithered inside their lubricated cups, the little fingers playing with her nipples. At every step, the dildo plunged in and out, in and out, the rubber fingers in the pants gripping her clitoris, massaging her pussy lips and the lubricant covering her body squelching around as she moved. She moaned and grunted in ecstasy with every slithering stride, but the rubber gag filling her mouth muffled the sounds almost completely.

Soon, she could resist no longer. She gave in to the insistent stimulation. She began to bend her knees up and down in time with her enforced strut, deliberately forcing the dildo farther in and out of her hot and slippery cunt, and rubbing her clit harder against the groping fingers. Before she was halfway down the hall, she climaxed in a long, shuddering orgasm. What made it all the more frustrating was that she was unable to move her hands, or arch her back, or any of the usual things she did when she came.

Mandy grabbed her shoulders from behind as soon as she stopped, to keep her from falling. Her portable prison of steel and rubber held her rigidly erect, with her hands firmly fastened to her hips. All she could do was stand there and shake. Mandy waited a moment, then prodded her in the rear.

Gingerly, Flora began to walk again, inching her way down the corridor, each step no longer than a foot. It was even harder to start moving again. Her orgasm had made her nipples and clitoris even more sensitive than before, and she tried to keep her torso from shifting as much as she walked. Unfortunately, that was made impossible by the clever arrangement of the rods connecting her ankles and shoulders.

She was getting warmer too, as her recent orgasm and the exertion of walking in her tightly controlled bondage had warmed the rubber corselet and the K-Y jelly within it. Soon, at the insistent groping of the rubber fingers, and the steady pumping of the dildo, she found herself riding the waves of another sexual crest. Somehow, she managed to make it to the door of the elevator before she cried out into her gag with another unbridled orgasm.

Unable to look down at her body because of the high posture collar, held firmly in the tight grip of her rubber corselet and hood, she now felt as if she had become a disembodied cunt, while waves of sexual spending and climax swept over her. When she recovered, she glanced back along her path. It had taken her ten minutes to mince the twenty feet from the bedroom to the servant's lift. It had seemed like hours and miles.

Mandy manhandled her into the lift. As she rested in the elevator, she nearly cried as she realised that it was easily twice the previous distance from the lift to the dining room. When they reached the floor, Flora was again forced to walk, knowing she now had to cover twice the previous distance. Her body was sweating profusely inside her tight latex corselet, adding to the slippery K-Y jelly. There was a delicious ache spreading through her jaw from the rubber balloon filling her mouth. She revelled in the sensation, even though it was uncomfortable, knowing that soon it would become completely numb.

Every step she took resulted in sensations so intense; they bordered on the painful. Her nipples and clitoris perversely insisted on staying hard, and as she strutted down the hallway, the K-Y jelly in her suit squelched back and forth, slithering sensually around her breasts, and through her crotch. The butt-plug felt like a telephone pole in her ass, and her pussy muscles ignored her demands to stop, contracting rhythmically around the dildo. There was no room in her mind now for anything but the physical demands this devilish bondage forced on her.

Once again she fell into that disembodied cunt perspective, lost in the waves of her climax, coming almost continuously now, unable to stop even if she'd been told to. It took all of her will to concentrate enough on walking… to simply remain upright. As the two women reached the dining room, she faltered, weak from her exertions, and Mandy had to grab her as she lost her balance, the rigid framework of chrome tubing preventing her from catching herself. She sagged gratefully while Mandy supported her weight for a moment.

"All right," Mandy said, "that's enough. You can just stand here while I fetch Jason."

To keep her from tipping over, Mandy tied the tubing mounted at Flora's back to one of the pillars separating the dining room from the sitting room. Flora didn't even hear Mandy's words as she relaxed into the stays of her corselet, letting the stiff rubber and steel support her.

Perhaps ten minutes later, Mandy returned, leading Jason, in a tight leather body binder with an attached hood. Flora was suddenly grateful he could not see her in her embarrassing situation. She was not used to having guests in the house while "dressed up" or doing a scene. Mandy was saying something to Jason, she could see her lips moving, but since her earpiece was turned off, she could hear only her own breathing and her pulse singing in her ears. Then Mandy uncovered his eyes, and she winced inside her rubber helmet as she saw his wild-eyed gaze examine their surroundings, finally coming to rest on her.

By that time, she had recovered sufficiently to think, he's not taking this very well…

The next thing Mandy did horrified her. Mandy turned on Flora's earpiece, untied her from the pillar, and commanded her to walk around the giant formal dining table. She whimpered, knowing she was already weak from her last two bouts with the sinister suit, in fact her pussy was still twitching with aftershocks. But when Mandy insisted, she knew she could either obey or suffer even worse "punishments" later. Besides which, she had grown to enjoy obeying Mandy, even though it seemed part of her rebelled against the orders. She found it pleasurable to push her own limits beyond where they had been a year ago, or a month ago.

She began to bend and strut towards the table. Once again, her breasts slithered across the little fingers in her latex breast cups, again, her crotch rubbed against the bumps in the panties, and the dildo was forced in and out, in and out. She shivered, and tried not to think of Jason watching, but suddenly she couldn't help remembering their hot encounter of the night before. She tried to concentrate on the task at hand, but instead found herself thinking of Jason's tongue inside her. It made her hornier than ever and suddenly, it made her cringe from the hot, slimy grip of her rubber prison. For the first time in her life, the rubber felt almost repugnant now, and her skin crawled with revulsion, even as her clitoris and nipples insisted that she enjoy it. She came again in another uncontrolled orgasm, her mind rebelling against her body, as she rounded the end of the table.

To her surprise, she made it all the way back to her starting position without falling. When she returned to her place, she couldn't meet Jason's eyes- she knew they were devouring her hungrily. Could he still be attracted to her after seeing her like this?

When Flora had finished her short trip, Mandy brought out an I.V. stand supporting two bulging enema bags. Now Flora knew what breakfast would be like. Mandy strapped a mouth brank across Jason's open mouth zipper, preventing him from ejecting the feeding tube. In Flora's case, she plugged the breathing tube between the lips of the mask, and watched to see if Flora could still breathe through just the nose tubes. When she nodded to indicate that she could, Mandy pushed the rubber hose through the mouth hole, until it was near the back of Flora's mouth. It wasn't so far back that she gagged, but neither could she block it with her tongue, nor expel the tube.

Flora had had this treatment before, and she still wasn't sure whether she liked it or not. Her brain said it was degrading; yet at the same time, it felt like an enema, with the same exciting sensation of enforced fullness. She shuddered, wondering what Jason's reaction would be. The liquid was very warm, thick, and slightly sweet, and it flowed so quickly that it was all she could do to swallow it fast enough. Her corseted stomach complained, but there was nothing she could do. When it was done, she could only breathe in short, shallow pants, and she was grateful indeed when the feeding tube was removed from her mouth-hole. She hoped Mandy would let her out of this infernal get-up soon. Then another thought struck her.

Uh-oh, she thought. I think I have to go the bathroom.

Part 8


Jason didn't struggle as Mandy led him from the dining room. He was hardly in a position to, encased as he was in the tightly strapped leather body binder. Mandy had closed the zip over his eyes, so that he was once again blind. They stopped walking, and he felt a lurch under his feet as the lift started downward.

Well, he thought, trying to put a damper on his panicky feelings, at least I'm getting to see the rest of the house. His stomach complained from the overfeeding it had received moments before, and Jason reflected on their history, summarising to himself what he had learned about Mandy so far.

When he had first met her, they had been in high school. Her parents had apparently been into this sort of thing (he found out later), and a little of their kinky habits had rubbed off on their daughter. She had quite a wardrobe of shiny, rubber and plastic garments, with a few leather items thrown in for good measure. All of them fit very tightly, and had showed off her cheerleader's figure to great effect.

Like almost every other boy in school, he had lusted after her. Unlike every other boy in school, he had found out that there was a mind behind the makeup, and had developed quite a crush on her. Amazingly, she too, had an appreciation for brains, for she had latched on to him as soon as she met him. She had delighted him by wearing sexy clothes to turn him on, and ultimately, had taught him new definitions for pleasure.

But now it seemed, she had stepped across the boundaries of just "dressing for pleasure", and was into body-modifications, bondage, and who knew what else. He began to worry about what she might be capable of. So far, her bondage and other bizarre games seemed to be pleasure oriented, but Flora had said that Mandy didn't really like men. Suppose she was just playing with him like a cat with a mouse? Suppose she actually intended to use him for her little games with Flora, then discard him like a used tissue? Visions of twisted, naked bodies and midnight visits to the surrounding woods threatened his composure for a moment, before a cool and strange sensation enveloped his still-exposed cock, riveting his attention on the hear-and-now.

It was Mandy's rubber-gloved hand, he realised. The lift lurched slightly again as they reached the basement. Still holding his now-stiffening member, she lead him around a corner, using his cock as a handle, then again brought him to a stop. Mandy's (he presumed) hands guided him to a kind of bed or cot, on which he was made to lie down. It was very soft, and he sank down into it, as if on an under-filled waterbed. Next he felt hands at his neck followed by zipping sounds, followed by a breath of fresh air hitting his chest.

She loosened the crotch straps and back straps that held the body binder on, and in moments, he was free. Unfortunately, he still could see nothing. Apparently, the hood had been unzipped from the binder, for his head was still encased in snug leather. For a moment, he was free to move about on the soft springy mattress, and his hands explored the surface. It was very smooth, bounded by a hard frame at the edges, and he assumed it was more rubber. Damn, he thought, this woman is more latex-crazy than I am!

He made to sit up, but hands immediately pushed him back down, then another soft, smooth surface came down on top of him, pressing him flat. He could move his arms and legs around a bit, but soon found his freedom limited by a hard frame that the top sheet seemed to be clamped under, or somehow, attached to. He couldn't sit up either. It felt as if the frame curved closely around his neck- he was trapped.

In a few more seconds, Mandy appeared upside down in his vision, as she removed the leather hood. She was grimacing at him. No, she was smiling at him, but her face was upside down to him.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "You're not going to… going to…" he faltered, unable to express his worse fears.

"Torture you?" Mandy asked sweetly. "Certainly I'm going to torture you, 'though maybe not in the way you expect."

She bustled about the room, and Jason twisted his head this way and that to follow her motions.

"Actually," she continued, as she rummaged in a drawer, "I'm hoping you'll enjoy what I have planned for you. I'm not cruel, you know- just vindictive. And guests that fuck the maid must be punished," she added, a sardonic note in her voice.

Jason was relieved. It seemed that for the moment, he was safe. And apparently, Mandy intended this to be all in fun. He looked down at his predicament. His body was trapped between two sheets of (amazingly) crystal-clear rubber, stretched within a frame of chrome tubing. He realised it had to be silicone rubber. The top sheet was quite thin, and wasn't very restrictive, although he knew it was very strong, and although it would stretch quite a way, it would be difficult if not impossible to tear through it. The sheet he lay on must have been much thicker, for it supported his body weight without stretching much, and wasn't quite as clear as the top.

The sides of the frame were attached to two large bearings, and he realised that the frame could swivel to an upright, or, he supposed, an upside-down position. He noticed a very slight draft of cold air too, under his buttocks. There was an opening in the bottom sheet. Judging from what Mandy had done to Flora, he suddenly dreaded her idea of `torture'.

"Um, what exactly are you going to do to me?" he asked, "and where's Flora?"

Mandy was busy wrapping a soft, thin, band of clear rubber around his neck, where it entered the curved neck entry of the bondage frame.

"If you'll be patient for a moment, you'll find out," she replied. "As for Flora, you'll be seeing her soon enough. Tell me, what do you think of her being bald?"

"Flora being…" Jason was speechless for a moment. Then he remembered the flesh-coloured catsuit she had visited him in last night. He remembered wondering how her hood could fit so smoothly. He remembered that under the fake face that Mandy had taken off of her earlier, she had worn another, much thinner rubber mask- he had wondered about that…

"Why, Jason," Mandy said, "you look shocked!" While she spoke, she did something with running water that was out of his line of sight.

"Well, actually, I'd have to say… okay, I admit it, I was really turned on by that suit of hers, because it made her look bald. And I like shaved women."

"Well, that's more like it! I appreciate you being honest. Now, I'll tell you a little secret. I get turned on by shaved heads, too."

She walked toward him. She was carrying a pair of scissors. She was smiling that predatory smile again. Jason suddenly realised what she intended.

"Now wait just a damn minute!" he exclaimed. "You've got no right to do that! Remember, I have to go back to work in two weeks…I can't.."

"You can wear a toupee," Mandy interjected.

"But I don't WANT to be bald," complained Jason. Mandy had his hair in her rubber-gloved hand.

"How do you know you won't like it until you've tried it?" she asked.

"But…but…" spluttered Jason.

"Imagine how it will feel…" Mandy soothed, "hoods will fit snugly, they'll literally be skin tight… nothing between your skin and the rubber… or leather, for that matter. You'd never have to worry about your hair getting pulled when putting on hoods. You'll be SO much more attractive… I LOVE the look of a hairless slave…"

Jason could think of nothing to say. A part of him WANTED to do it if it would make Mandy more attracted to him, but… the embarrassment… he was still trying to think of more excuses when he heard the first SNIP of the scissors.

He could already feel his face turning red.

Since Mandy didn't have to be too careful with his hair, it took only minutes to chop it very short. In mere moments, she had it trimmed shorter yet with clippers, and ten minutes later, she had finished shaving him. She stepped back after cleaning his scalp, admiring her handiwork.

"Ahh, yes," she observed. "I've always said bald men were sexier."

Jason tried to suppress his embarrassment, while at the same time, wondering what he looked like.

"Flora said you don't really like men anymore," he countered.

"Jason, Jason, Jason. Surely you realise by now, that you're not like other men? You have something special, maybe it's just a lack of testosterone poisoning, but you're different… better… sexier. Especially when I have you at my mercy like this." She sighed dramatically before continuing. "I just love new toys." She smiled at him.

For a moment, Jason forgot his predicament. She looked delicious in the tight black rubber miniskirt and high heeled red patent boots. The outrageous bullet bra made her dominant posturing almost a caricature.

"You must believe me," she continued, "that you are actually the only man I've ever been attracted to. Since we split up as kids, I've been with a few others, but they didn't have…. this." She gestured one rubber-covered arm in a wide sweep. "You are the only man I've met who appreciates the things I do. And Flora is one of the few women I've met who actually enjoys all of my interests too."

"Oh, come on, Mandy," replied Jason, "I know there are other women… even gay women… who are into bondage, discipline, you name it."

"But they don't appreciate this," she said. She tapped on the clear rubber stretched over his cock. "They don't understand the fetish. The erotic feeling of tight, clingy clothes, of slithering in lubricated rubber panties, of wearing giant ben-wa balls to a night-club and dancing until you come, secretly, right there in front of God, Freud, and everybody."

Jason could see she was in her `lecturing' mode- she was working herself into a lather. He decided this was definitely the weirdest conversation he'd ever had, with her dressed in an outfit that a year ago he would have dreamed about for days, and he was trapped… naked, in some bizarre rubber and steel bondage frame.

"Okay, if I'm so great, why are you doing this to me?" he asked.

"Because you are so luscious, silly- I want you to enjoy this! I'm going to expose you to pleasures you've never dreamed of. One thing about being rich, boy, I can afford some really fun toys. Now shut up for a moment, while I find your hood."

Hood? Thought Jason. Uh-oh. Mandy produced a very unusual looking hood. She held it up just long enough for him to get a good look at it. The face was moulded into a natural shape, although because it was so clear, it was difficult to tell what gender it was supposed to be. It was made from the same clear silicone rubber that held him prisoner. It had an open zipper at the back. That was all he got to see before she started pulling it on over his face.

"Really, Mandy, this isn't necessary, mmphg!" said Jason.

He had just discovered a large round gag mounted behind the mouth of the mask, which she forced between his lips, filling his mouth. He found he could breathe readily through nostril holes in the nose of the mask.

She zipped up the back of the hood; effectively sealing the base of the collar against the rubber already wrapped around his neck. Suddenly, he heard a whirring noise, and saw Mandy appear at the edge of the frame. The rubber covering him was becoming tighter.

He tilted his head up to look at himself. As he watched, the thin clear sheet that covered his front slowly began to shrink around him, conforming to his body. He realised that the air was being sucked out of the space between the two sheets. Now he knew why she had taken such care to seal around his neck.

In a few moments, the two sheets were pressed together with him sandwiched between, the clear silicone clamped tightly around his body. He couldn't move an inch! He felt himself turning, and had to struggle with vertigo for an instant. Mandy had tilted him upward, until he was almost vertical. A full-length mirror was in front of him. He stared at the bizarre image before him, while Mandy stood beside the frame, grinning at him in the mirror.

The feeling of the tight rubber around him, while being quite unable to move was incredibly erotic. He could not speak, his hearing was greatly diminished, and Mandy, in her exciting outfit, stood tantalisingly just out of reach. After a moment of mutually appreciative staring, she turned on her heel, saying, "Now don't go anywhere," and walked out of the room, leaving him marvelling at the nude, gleaming, and hairless android which stared back at him from the mirror.

Her departure left Jason with nothing to do but stare around the room. It was full of interesting things, most of which appeared to be mundane exercise equipment. One wall was covered in mirrors. This was obviously their workout room. The only thing an observer might have found unusual were the many eyebolts in the ceiling and walls.

It wasn't long before Mandy returned, and Jason would have laughed, if he could. She had Flora on a hand truck, and was wheeling her into the room like so much baggage. He was glad to see that Flora was, at least apparently, all right. He marvelled at the exotic-looking rubber body shaper she wore, and how it exaggerated her already curvaceous figure. He wondered for a second how Mandy, with her somewhat mannish face, and taller, less buxom figure, would look in it. Then too, he wondered at the complicated hardware attached to it, and where Mandy had got it. She seemed to have resources he had never imagined.

At Mandy's prodding, Flora moved awkwardly in her exaggerated strut toward the treadmill. Jason squirmed in embarrassment suddenly, as her amazed stare took in his own situation. He was acutely conscious of his bald head plainly visible under the clear rubber.

Mandy moved Flora onto the treadmill, and Jason watched with interest as she strapped a complicated leather harness around her lover. It took her a while, since she had to pass the straps under the hardware attached to the back of Flora's rubber corselet suit. When done, she attached ropes from an overhead pulley to the harness at the shoulders. She pulled on it and tied it off at the wall when it was taught.

Next, she produced a pair of sticks with three long metallic objects taped between them. She duct-taped the sticks to the handrails of the treadmill, the metal objects pointing directly at Flora's latex-covered derriere. Then she turned her attention to Jason, walking toward him with a strangely shaped black object and a handful of straps.

Uh-oh, thought Jason, now it's my turn. The black object looked sort of like a rubber turtle with a hunchback. Jason had a good idea what it was for. She fastened it over his crotch, tying the straps to the sides of the frame. The underside was soft, and curved to conform to his silicone-covered privates. She plugged a wire into a jack on the thing, and walked around behind him. He grunted in surprise as he suddenly felt Mandy's greased finger probing his rectum. The sensation was alien to him, yet strangely pleasant, and he felt himself grow excited again, even as he mentally recoiled in shame. He had never had anyone play with his ass before, and he was absurdly ashamed that it felt good.

Mandy's finger withdrew, and presently another object was felt. She pushed it in slightly, then allowed it to slide out a little. To Jason, it felt even better than her finger. It was soft and pliable, and after Mandy repeated the stroke several times, it slid all the way in, plugging his anus firmly. He promptly embarrassed himself by getting a firm erection. His ass felt very full, and his anus felt as if it were stretched out of shape.

He blushed suddenly; mortally afraid of what Flora would think of him after seeing him like this. She stood stock-still on the treadmill, which faced him at an angle, watching him, her expression unreadable under the artificial rubber face, although her eyes now looked somewhat calmer. Of course, he already knew what Mandy thought of him. He couldn't understand it; she seemed genuinely to love him, yet she forced these perverse and bizarre ordeals upon him.

It didn't occur to him that Flora had been going through similar ordeals for years, and despite today's unusual developments, loved them. Perverse, said Jason to himself, now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black! And she did warn you about `trials and tests'. The more he thought about it, the more he became interested in Mandy's idea of entertainment, although he wasn't sure he wanted to find everything out first-hand. It seemed that for the moment however, he had no choice.

Part 9


Flora was relieved when Mandy led Jason from the room, having been rather embarrassed from her orgasmic walk around the dining table. Now as she relaxed, her thick rubber corselet grew cool and clammy, her sweat trickling down her body under the tight material. Her arousal had cooled- she felt just a little disgusted with herself and wished she could get the suit off and take a hot shower. But there was to be no relief just yet.

In a short time, Mandy returned with an appliance dolly, the sort of thing used to move refrigerators. She strapped Flora into it like so much baggage, and wheeled her away. Flora was relieved that she wouldn't have to walk anywhere, and she hoped she wouldn't be exposed to Jason's wide-eyed stare again. Flora had been with Mandy for years, and was quite comfortable in their dominant vs. submissive relationship, but the presence of this naive young man was somehow embarrassing.

Of course, the fact that she hadn't been intimate with a man in over a year (until last night) might have had something to do with her attraction to him. She had a love for novelty, and her years with Mandy had given her time to think about alternatives, until she had actually begun to look forward to playing with a man again.

A bump as they entered the servants' lift brought her back to reality. Flora's stomach complained as it sloshed with the full load of liquid 'breakfast' that had been force-fed to her. She wondered what Mandy had in store for her today. She soon found out. The lift lurched down instead of up, and she knew that she would be in for more "discipline" before Mandy would consider the matter with Jason over with.

When they reached the basement, she was wheeled into their exercise room, which Mandy occasionally used as a supplement to the many dedicated "play rooms" that she had had installed over the years. To Flora's horror, Mandy's exercise treadmill had been brought in. She suspected immediately what Mandy intended. Off to one side was Jason in the 'sandwich rack' as Flora thought of it. He'd never looked so good as far as Flora was concerned. He was held quite immobile between the heavy sheets of transparent silicone rubber, every curve of muscle looking as if it were dipped in the shiny, clear material.

She thought that the material had somehow been stretched to cover his head as well, until she realised it was a new moulded helmet made of the same silicone rubber. She also saw with a shock that his hair was gone, his shiny scalp clearly visible beneath the transparent rubber hood. For a moment, she felt a flash of sympathy for him as she recalled how self-conscious she had been when she lost her hair, years ago.

She had never seen anyone else in the frame, but she remembered how it felt, and remembering excited her. Held immobile, vertically, he appeared to be almost suspended in mid-air, only the gleam of the shiny material giving away the effect. She longed again for his touch, though she knew it would be unattainable for a very long time. Mandy guided Flora until she was standing on the treadmill, facing Jason in his bizarre bondage. He looks like a bug on display, she thought, a very edible bug. She would have laughed but for the latex mask and gag. Then she felt sorry for him, as she remembered how little experience he had with Mandy's intensive bondage games.

She wondered if Mandy would try to keep him from coming, since that was the sort of thing she liked to torture Flora with. She suspected it would be difficult in a situation like this one. If he did come, further stimulation would be no use. In her experience, once a man came, he was seldom interested in more of the same without a rest period. No man she had ever met was multi-orgasmic, as women were capable of.

She watched Mandy set up a rope and pulley over her head and then approach her with a leather body harness. This had several straps which went around the torso, with big rings for her latex-encased breasts to fit through, and a small ring at her crotch, where the rod that ran to her ankles was threaded into the dildo. Mandy clipped the rope to the harness, took up some of the slack, then tied it off. Flora couldn't see what good it did, but she knew Mandy wouldn't have done it without a purpose. She watched helplessly as Mandy removed several long objects from a drawer, and then disappeared behind her.

Shortly, she was poked and got a nasty shock on her fanny! She grunted in surprise, and moved forward. Those things must be cattle prods! She couldn't believe Mandy was doing that, it just didn't seem like her- most of Mandy's admittedly fiendish 'tortures' had a strong sexual theme, and were generally great fun for Flora. They seldom indulged in anything really painful, although they generally agreed that discomfort was fine, if it was for a good cause.

Then she remembered what she was standing on.

Oh, NO! She thought, she's going to force me to walk even more, and in front of Jason, too! She was almost horrified at the prospect of an even longer session at the tender mercy of the sinister latex body shaper and corselet. As if they had minds of their own, her nipples hardened within the lubricated cups. As she awaited her fate, her breathing already quickening, she watched in apprehension as Mandy attached some sort of gadget with a cord to Jason's rubber-covered crotch. The little machine had suction cups on the front and supporting straps of clear plastic fastened it securely to the edge of the frame. Another cord was plugged into the gadget and carried around to his rear. She did something behind Jason for several minutes, then reappeared and turned on Flora's sound box.

"Well," she announced, loudly so that Jason would hear, "It's time I explained a few things."

Oh boy, thought Flora, speech time again.

"The facts are simple," continued Mandy. "You two are supposed to be slaves, even if you haven't exactly been acting like it today. For Jason this is a new experience, and temporary if he decides he's not having fun, but Flora of course has already made a commitment. As slaves, you are supposed to serve me in any way I desire, especially sexually. If you do this well, you are rewarded. If you do not, you are punished, of course. So. All of… this has come about because last night, I gave an order to Flora. She was not to touch you, Jason, until I permitted. It was a simple demand, and easy to obey, but one she chose to ignore. And you, Jason, showed rather poor manners in allowing her into your bed, having just met me, your very first love, for the first time in so many years".

"Both of you will be paying dearly for that indiscretion during the next several hours. I suggest you meditate on your transgressions while you are undergoing treatment. Hmm. Perhaps I should explain what will be happening."

Hours?? thought Flora. I can't believe that. Would she really leave us like this for that long? I can't take another session like that last one; I'll have a coronary! But she knew from past experience, that she had no choice, and that she could actually endure an almost brutal level of over-stimulation, if she had to.

"Jason, you expressed an interest in Flora's beautiful costume. Let me tell you about it. Under the mask, of course, she is gagged by an inflated balloon of latex, which fills her mouth, and swells her cheeks, and keeps one's slave from annoying you with distracting complaints. The collar, as I hope you can see, is stiffly boned, forcing her head into the proper position, showing pride in being my slave. You can see that she is tightly corseted and booted. I might add that it has taken quite a while for dear Flora to learn to walk in those six-inch heels. She is quite proud of that ability. Incidentally, her waist measurement is only eighteen inches under that corset. What you cannot see are the little rubber fingers lining the crotch area and the breast cups. Ahh, Flora has very sensitive breasts, as you no doubt know by now. In addition, there is a large dildo fastened in the front of the panty section, as well as a nice big plug in her rear."

She walked around her subject, pointing out the details like a lecturing professor.

"Now, in case you've been wondering, this framework of metal tubing attached to her ankles, crotch, and shoulders, forces her to move her shoulders and torso back and forth as she walks. This moves her breasts around within their tight, friendly little cups. It also twists the dildo around, and up and down, as well as moving the fingers attached in the crotch quite a bit. Rather clever, don't you think?"

She turned toward Flora, who was consumed with embarrassment.

"Jason's arrangement is also interesting. You already know about Igor The Vibrating Turtle. Today, it is wired to a sensitive pressure switch. This pressure switch is located inside the butt-plug now filling his rear. You see, when most men are close to orgasm, their sphincter involuntarily contracts. This will shut off the vibrator, just in the nick of time, ha, ha, ha! Of course, it may not work. I may not get the pressure setting adjusted just right."

Here she leaned over to scowl in Jason's face.

"In which case, young man, I expect you to refrain from making a mess in my beautiful silicone bondage frame. I'll only have to punish you more if you come without my permission!"

Jason gave a soft grunt of encouragement and grimaced at Flora through the clear rubber of his mask. Flora could only stare mutely, the gag and her tight rubber helmet hiding any emotion. The two of them stared at each other helplessly; knowing there was nothing they could do. Mandy started the device attached to Jason, and then Flora's treadmill. Flora could see Jason squirm under the insistent emanations from the big massager. But soon she had troubles of her own as the treadmill began to move.

She was carried backward until a nasty shock reminded her of the cattle prods affixed to the rear of the machine. She strutted forward, following the movement of the treadmill. Sealed between the tight rubber corselet and her body, the KY jelly was still there, keeping her skin well-lubricated, and her nipples became fully erect after only a few strides. Here we go again, she thought.

Mandy walked between them and said, "Well, I have some shopping to do, so you kids enjoy yourself. I'll be back in a few hours!"

She switched off Flora's earphones and walked out. Flora panicked. Hours! She couldn't hold out for hours! There was no way! And besides, Mandy had always said she would never leave her unsupervised in any kind of bondage she couldn't get out of. Something was very wrong.

She determined to get off the infernal machine immediately, but instantly ran into a snag. The rails at the sides, intended for the mundane user to maintain their balance, kept her from walking off the sides, the control panel at the front blocked her that way and she already knew what was behind her. She thought of going limp, with what little slack her unusual costume allowed, knowing that she might well lose her balance and fall, but that was handily prevented by the harness attached to the ceiling, and she got another horrid shock in her ass for her trouble. Since her hands were still securely laced into the rubber gloves glued to her hips, there was just no way out of her predicament.

She was getting hot again, and despite her best efforts to concentrate on icebergs, politicians, and other decidedly unsexy things, the despicable dildo, plug, and fingers had her squirming with sexual delight in very short order. Next she tried to concentrate on Jason. His face was a kaleidoscope of fury, passion, and fear. As she watched, his face screwed up in a grimace, as if he were coming, but at that moment the vibrating massager stopped squirming, his body slowly relaxed, and his face calmed somewhat. Then he stared about wildly, and began struggling to get out, but Flora knew that the silicone rubber was virtually tear-proof, and thick enough to make every movement a monumental effort.

After he had been relaxed a while, the vibrator started up again, but Flora was no longer interested, for the slippery fumbling of the latex fingers and the relentless plunging of her two long and thick tormentors were taking their toll on her higher reasoning centres. She stared up at the ceiling, tried to divorce herself from the intense sensations sweeping through her body, but it was no use. She came, in a long, shuddering spasm, seeing spots before her eyes, and her wandering attention snapped back to her body.

Despite herself, she had been terribly aroused by Jason's situation, and that wasn't helping. They had both endured as much as they could however, and soon, moans of passion and frustration were heard. Flora strained against her bonds, hoping in desperation to break the stretchy material, willing to face Mandy's wrath if it meant release from her terrible yet wonderful ordeal. But the material only stretched, snapping back to position when her muscles could no longer hold out. Soon, this effort, too, was forgotten as another, stronger orgasm racked her body.

A tiny corner of her mind was still thinking clearly, and it noted with surprise that the constant stimulation maintained her sensitivity, rather than numbing her. The only thing going numb was her mind. Her thoughts ran wild as she rode the waves of sensual ecstasy, Jason forgotten, the slippery corset and insidious dildos forgotten, only her breasts and crotch existing, and they were on fire with passion. She spasmed again in a burst of light and stood vibrating in place while fire coursed through every inch of her body. As she stopped strutting forward, she perceived the shocks of the cattle prods as a sensuous fire along her buttocks, pale in comparison to the heat that was consuming her.

She felt consciousness slipping away, but sensation returned, and she was jolted awake as the strength of her orgasm dimmed and the shocks to her buttocks ceased to be enjoyable and returned to being painful. She would be allowed no rest. The waves of pleasure spreading out from her crotch and breasts were now almost intolerable, and she screamed in uncontrolled passion as each step took her further and further from sanity.

A visitor peeking in would have seen the strangest sight. The shiny, tanned form of a man, motionless except for the occasional twitch, suspended vertically in mid air within a frame of chromed steel tubes, faced a statuesque study in leather and latex, constantly in motion. Once in a while, the figure on the treadmill slowed, and a blue spark would snap from the rear frame to her rubber-covered derrière, resulting in a pitiful moan, and renewed effort from the walker. As we leave them, two intrepid explorers of the limits of human sexuality, we hear shouts of frustration, and screams of ecstasy, muffled as they are by layers of rubber…


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