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Adventures in Rubber

by William A. Lemieux

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© Copyright 2010 - William A. Lemieux - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; D/s; latex; leather; bond; restraints; corset; tease; torment; oral; sex; toys; cons; X

Continues from

Chapter Two

Part 4

Mandy looked out of the windshield at nothing for a moment before replying.

"Oh, about a week should do," she said finally.

"A week! I was thinking of hours! I can't stay a week, I've got to be back to work on Monday."

"Oh, come now," Mandy said reproachfully, "we haven't seen each other in years. Besides, you look like you could use a week off. Don't you have some vacation time you could use?"

"Well… I've got thirty days a year, and I haven't used any yet, but.."

"Then it's final! I'll hear no more about it. We'll just stop off at your place, pick up this kinky wardrobe of yours, and then head for my place. This will be a blast, you'll see."

"Oh, what-the-hell! Why not? Like you said, it's been a while. Damn, girl! How long's it been- ten years?" The deadly silence that filled the car before her reply warned him that he'd blundered again.

"I told you before. I'm a woman, not a girl. Please don't make that mistake again." Something in her tone made Jason glance sideways at her. She was looking straight at him, with a very hard look in her eye.

"Jeez, hey, no problem," he said, "Take it easy." She didn't say anything else for quite a few miles. Finally, to break the silence, Jason said, "So what was that business with the drunk's wrist? He looked like he was having a coronary!"

"Aikido," Mandy replied, "when you enjoy dressing the way we do, sometimes you have to remind men of their place. You know, that whole syndrome of `If she's dressed that way, she's asking for it.' You have to defend yourself, because the police can't and the courts… well, by the time you get to the courts, it's too late isn't it, and they probably won't do anything anyway."

"Why do I get the impression you've had some bad experiences?" asked Jason.

"I have." She said nothing else for a few moments. Then she sighed and started again. "Maid Marion and I were walking back to our car from a play party. It was kind of a bondage… fetish… just-for-fun kind of thing. Marion had got both her arms and legs put into casts… well, it was a strange and exhausting evening, let me tell you. Some social cancer thought he saw a cripple walking with a sex goddess and decided we were fair game. I got scraped up quite a bit, and Mandy got cut on her hand, but we came out on top. So to speak."

"What happened to your assailant?"

"He was hospitalised with several broken ribs and a crushed testicle. Marion couldn't walk without some crutches we'd improvised at the party, but those arm casts made damn good clubs!" They both chuckled.

When they reached his apartment, Jason looked over at his rediscovered lover and said, "Listen, do you think you could give me a hand with the latex and stuff? It's kind of heavy."

The domelight showed Mandy feigning shock. "Do I look like menial labour? Besides, I have to stay here to make sure our maid doesn't run away."

Jason snorted. "I can't imagine anyone wanting to run away from you!"

As he headed for the steps, she muttered at his receding back, "You might be surprised, my love, you might be surprised."

As soon as Jason had disappeared inside, she quickly opened the door, and got in the back seat with their other passenger.

Inside the house, Jason dashed through the apartment, collecting luggage, toiletries kit, towels, and clothes. These were crammed into a small valise. From a closet he pulled out a huge steamer trunk, dragged it into the bedroom and opened it on the floor, talking to himself all the while.

"Boy, oh boy, you have really got yourself into it this time. You haven't seen this woman for how many years, and the first thing you do is take a week of vacation just to get into her pants again. And gawd, has she changed! She's been sleeping with women, she's on some kind of power trip, and she totes around some kind of groupie who's into who-knows-what."

But his libido had other things to say: `Yeah, but look how she's grown… what a woman! And did you see her outfit? That latex hobble skirt is so thick she can barely walk, and those boots- wow! Listen man, don't be a fool- you pass this up, you will never see her again.'

Apparently, his gonads were winning the argument, because he threw open another closet, revealing his treasure of rubber garments, some hanging over wide padded hangers, some folded in neat piles on shelves. All of it had been lovingly polished until it gleamed like patent leather. He also opened several drawers to retrieve bondage gear, some unusually restrictive clothes, and several corsets. All of it was dumped unceremoniously into the trunk. On the top of this pile he tossed several containers of talc with which to powder the latex.

He paused at the bar for a shot of Dutch courage, then thought better of it. "Damn! I'm driving," he muttered. Having wrestled the heavy trunk and his overnighter to the head of the sidewalk steps, he paused to catch his breath. Looking down to the car, he saw Mandy in the back seat with the other young woman. She appeared to be doing something under the other's skirt.

"Well, get used to it, chum," Jason told himself, and huffed slowly down the stairs. He got the trunk loaded, and as he got into the driver’s seat, he noticed an audible panting coming from the back seat. When he looked in the rear-view mirror, "Maid Marion's" expression hadn't changed a bit, although he saw that her eyes were wide, as if she had been startled or excited by something, and was trying to hide it.

He thought about the two of them enjoying each other in the back seat while he had been packing armloads of rubberwear upstairs. It bothered him to think he might have to share Mandy's attentions with some one else, but then… it also excited him to think of the two women screwing in tight, shiny, and sweaty latex outfits, too. He realised he was holding a double standard. That bothered him too, since he'd always thought of himself as open-minded. Now he knew how difficult it could really be to be TRULY open minded. He resolved not to show his discomfort with the two women's relationship until he had had time to think it over, and perhaps, get to know the mystery woman in the maid's uniform.

"It really bugs you that Marion and I are lovers, doesn't it?" asked Mandy.

Shit, thought Jason. So much for keeping secrets. "Am I that transparent?" he asked her.

"I'd claim it was all women's intuition, but I don't think I have any. I caught a glimpse of you at the top of the stairs, and I just watched your face when you got into the car. You were looking pretty stoic, kind of overly nonchalant, so I guessed."

"Yeah, I guess I was… well, am a little bugged," admitted Jason. "Must be the way I was raised." He looked sheepishly at the floor, letting the engine idle while they talked.

"Thought so. Usually, I'd give you my standard half-hour lecture about bisexuality, but I know you, and it would be an insult to your intelligence. I'm going to assume that you will find a way to deal with it, because if you can't, you can not be a part of my life."

Jason looked very thoughtful as he put the car into gear, and they accelerated down the street. After they were on the highway again, he asked, "So, where is this retreat of yours, my dear?"

Mandy, who was once again in the front seat retorted, "Hah! I'm not your dear yet! You still haven't passed my tests, survived my trials, fair knight." Jason shot her a glance. She wore a wry grin and a twinkle in her eye.

"All right lady, you win. Just point me to the sword in the stone, and I'll do my best."

"That's the spirit! Ok, just take 285 south to Morrison Road…"

Sometime later, by then nearly three in the morning, they pulled into a gravel lane, shaded by huge oaks. A metal box set into the massive brick gate post on Jason's side of the drive required him to punch in a combination which Mandy gave him, before the massive wrought iron gate would open.

"Jeee-zus! What are you doing for a living these days? You didn't tell me you were loaded."

"You didn't ask. I'm sorry to say that I didn't earn all of it. My father passed away several years ago, leaving me his company holdings and enough liquid assets to build this place."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. If there's…"

"Oh, it's alright. It was sudden and painless, and he'd lived a full life. In any case, I made quite a bit on my own in the market, but the inheritance allowed me to retire earlier, and with quite a bit more income. I really don't have an interest in business anymore, so I have accountants and lawyers run the consulting firm. I get about half of the profits. It lets me pursue my interests in privacy and comfort, and if I'm careful with my funds, I can almost live extravagantly."

Driving up the lane revealed a large and picturesque cottage style country house. It was completely dark, not a single light in any of the windows.

"You two live here alone?" Jason asked, "You should at least leave a light on."

"Oh, there are burglar alarms. Not to mention Charlemagne and Attila. Watch."

As they pulled up in front of the stone porch, a deep, loud barking began, and several flood lights kicked on, illuminating the entire front lawn. "You see: the latest electronic wizardry- anything that ignores the warning signs and climbs that iron fence has to face the lights, then Charley and 'Tilla."

Two huge Rottweillers appeared at a dead run, bracketing the car. Mandy rolled down the window, commanding, "Charley! 'Tilla! Make friends. Heel!" The dogs came off of alert, and meekly sat down on her side of the car. "It's alright, you can get out now," she told Jason.

"O-K, I'm convinced, you don't need to leave a light on," replied Jason, nervously eyeing the dogs as he pulled the bags from the trunk. They watched him constantly, but their stubby tails wagged a bit, and their panting mouths appeared to be smiling. They didn't budge from their places until Mandy got out, then they fell in behind her.

While manhandling the trunks up the stairs, Jason took advantage of his position to watch "Maid Marion's" muscular bottom wriggling within a pair of tight black latex briefs under her short rubber skirt. Very shortly, he was having difficulty walking again.

When they were all inside, and Jason had finished ooh-ing and aah-ing over the opulent front hall, they moved into the adjacent library where he collapsed into an overstuffed leather chair. Maid Marion remained standing just inside the room. He took a moment to drink in the sight of the black and white latex maid's uniform. Now, in the brighter light of the house, it looked even better than before. The tight bustier covered her completely up to the neck, where a frilly Elizabethan collar topped the outfit. He saw that her white doily apron was also made from rubber, although it had a softer, mat finish. The rest of her uniform was polished to a high gloss. She had quite a curvaceous and well-endowed figure, too. Although her bust was not as spectacular as Mandy's, much of that must have been due to Mandy's outrageous bullet-bra corset-jacket. The perfect fit of both their costumes was emphasised by the highlights thrown on the skintight material by the overhead lights. He wondered what it felt like to have breasts with sensitive nipples rubbing within the lovely, stretchy stuff.

It was to be only a few days before he found out.

In an attempt to start the conversation again, Jason exclaimed, "Whew! That chest was heavy. Do you by any chance have something cold and wet for a man dying of thirst? If you'll point me toward the bar…"

"Just a minute." Mandy was doing something at the other woman's collar. I promised I'd take Flo… uh, Marion's mask off as soon as we got home… there!" she exclaimed, and with a flourish, removed the dark wig from the maid's head.

"Mask?" Jason queried, "But she's not wearing…"

"Shush! Watch and learn," she admonished. She pulled at the maid's neck and began peeling a strip of flesh coloured tape from the other woman's neck. Beneath it were fine, closely spaced laces running up the back of her head! As these were loosened, it became clear what had been wrong with the woman's eyes. Her head was completely enclosed in a skin-tight thin rubber sheath, moulded and coloured to closely imitate a woman's head and face. With makeup over it, it had looked quite natural. Only the hapless woman's eyes had shown through carefully shaped holes in the face. As Mandy peeled the hood off to the front, a young and pretty face was revealed.

"Jason, allow me to introduce Flora, my housemate, lover, and servant."

Part 5

Jason looked on in amazement as Mandy gently removed a rubber balloon gag from Flora's mouth and finished removing the mask. Her real face was remarkably similar to the face of the mask, although a little flushed looking. Jason guessed that the mask had been moulded from her actual features. Flora blinked, sputtered and licked her lips several times.

"Ahh. Roowaah. Christ, Mandy, did you have to leave it on so long? I thought I'd die of thirst!"

Jason stared as Mandy finished removing Flora's restraints.

Flora had quite an attractive face, if not quite up to cover girl standards and the tight rubber maids' dress emphasised her hourglass figure.

"Incredible!" he murmured.

"Oh, this is nothing," Mandy said, "we've done things much more interesting, haven't we, my dear?"

Flora blushed, but said nothing.

"Umm, Flora, you must be pretty brave to wear a rubber mask like that for so long," Jason commented, "it must have been very uncomfortable."

Flora smiled. "A little, but I don't mind. After a while, my face does get a little numb, but that's okay. Actually, this one fits like a second skin. A friend of Mandy's makes latex masks for the movie industry, you know- zombies and such. He made this one for us. And believe me, I've worn much more uncomfortable things. I'm actually a bit of a pig when it comes to hoods and helmets. It feels good to have my head wrapped in a tight rubber hood. I can't explain it," she finished lamely.

"Of course," she added, "Mandy knows I like them, so she's always trying to make them more difficult to wear."

"Or I just leave her in it for eight hours or so," Mandy chimed in. "Even if it's one of her favourites, that usually wears down her resistance." She got up from the couch. "Why don't you fix us some drinks, Flora, while I ah, slip into something more comfortable, as they say."

She disappeared up the stairs. While Flora got creative with ethanol and ice, Jason looked around the panelled sitting room.

"This is really quite some place you have here. Mandy's father must have had quite a flair for luxury."

"Oh no, he had nothing to do with it. This is entirely her own creation," she answered. She minced over to him with the drinks, giving him a vivid lesson in the difficulty of walking in stiletto heels.

"It's quite decadent really. We have several bedroom suites, a hot tub, a sauna, a recreation room, and Mandy's added some very comfy refinements, like this library. There are reading nooks all over the house, too. We're both bookworms, I'm afraid. We're very happy here."

"You didn't look very happy when she took that mask off you," he countered.

"Oh, that's just part of the game," she said. "I can't admit that I didn't really mind whatever she's done to me, or she'll just try to make it worse the next time". She looked shyly at the floor. "I really like being in that sort of costume," she said. She looked up into his eyes. "And I gather you do too?"

"Uh, well, I'm not into wearing dresses, if that's what you mean, but, yeah. I've been into rubber and latex for… well for a long time. You see, I wasn't shocked at your outfit, just the mask. They call those discipline helmets, don't they? I've seen them in magazines, but I thought that was just for sad… sadomasochists. I mean, you guys aren't into pain are you?"

Flora looked amused. "Weeelll, I'm not really into the heavy whipping and stuff, but a little discomfort, fr'instance, if it's part of bondage, I don't mind at all. And minor pain, like… well, anyway, minor pain is okay, it kind of reminds you that you're alive, and that you're playing with power. Sure, Mandy and I, we do some pretty wild things. Some things that might shock you."

"But you're not into say, whipping?"

"The closest I ever came to serious pain were my piercings," she dodged, "and they were over so fast, I hardly felt it." Jason gave her a blank look.

"Piercings?" he asked.

She smiled and licked her lips. "I'll show you sometime, if I can. I'd show you now, but Mandy's got me locked in this damned chastity belt."

Jason looked shocked. "Chastity belt! That's so Victorian! Surely she doesn't mean to keep you from… from…" he trailed off, embarrassed. He realised that the drink was loosening his tongue, and he'd have to be careful.

Flora looked sideways at him with a sly expression. "Oh don't be such a prude. I don't know how long you knew Mandy, but she's changed since you guys were kids. She's just not that impressed with most men. She says she wants to keep me for herself, and frankly, I don't mind. Most men are such… well, prudes when it comes to dressing for pleasure. As far as they're concerned, dressing kinky is just dressing sexy, so it's fine for women, but otherwise, it's for `sissies'. And then there's the macho attitude of most males… phooey."

Jason noticed that she was shifting her weight back and forth a bit, her hips swaying in a slightly provocative manner. He tried to concentrate on the topic at hand.

"Uh, she doesn't seem to mind me," he said. "You know, we go back a long way, Mandy and I. She's the reason I got into the rubber thing in the first place."

"Okay, I have to admit something," Flora said. "Mandy's told me all about you. I got kind of jealous, for a while, because she was tracking you down, planning… well, I'm not sure what she was planning. Anyway, except for a few twinges of jealousy, I've really been looking forward to meeting you. Mandy said that when you guys met, back in high school, wasn't it? …that she wasn't really kinky yet- that she just liked dressing sexy. I guess her parents were very kinky though- it's no surprise she is the way she is."

Jason smiled. "She is a very persuasive woman," he observed. Flora seemed to want to talk, so he'd let her. Moreover, she seemed to be going somewhere with this topic, and he was curious where she would end up.

"She completely subverted me, that's for sure! When we met, my idea of dressing for pleasure was solely based on looks- what you could buy from Frederick's. I thought kinky meant oral sex. Everything new that she's introduced me to, I've loved! Every so often though, she'd mention you. Maybe you don't realise it, but I think that deep down inside, she really fell hard for you."

"Yeah, well, I can tell you I was pretty crushed when she had to move to DC," Jason replied. "She seemed almost indifferent, though."

"Don't sell her short! She's a very tough lady, and she's very good at hiding her feelings."

"Um. Well, I'm flattered that you both thought of me," Jason said. "And I have to say, I'm very glad to have met you, too. Do you have any idea how rare it is to find women with fetishes like this? Most of us rubber nuts are men."

Flora smiled, looking up through her eyelashes at him, and closing the distance between them. She seemed to be shifting her weight quite a lot now, as if something was making her nervous.

"You're the first man who really liked our costumes for themselves," she said, "not just because they were showing off a female body. That's very refreshing, at least from my point of view. As for this damn chastity belt, it's actually quite nice at first, but it gets to be distracting after a while." She licked her lips slowly and deliberately.

"I should say so," said Jason, taking her hands in his. "You've certainly been distracting me for some time now. How do you think I feel? I get turned on this way too, you know, and I've been wearing these tight latex knickers for half a day now."

Her only answer was to take one of his hands in hers, smiling at him. Jason’s eyes grew wide as she pulled one of his hands under the flounces of her rubber skirt.

"What if she comes back?" he whispered. She ignored him, pressing his hand into her crotch.

"Flora!" he whispered fiercely, "if Mandy finds us like this…" Her eyes were closed. Jason's hand touched something hard and smooth beneath the concealing folds of the rubber. She ignored his questions.

"See?" she breathed. "It completely covers the important parts, like a girdle. It's made of rawhide leather, moulded to me while it was wet, then dried and laminated with latex so it won't chafe." With his hand pressed under hers, she was moving the front of the chastity belt up and down slightly, probably all the movement the tight-fitting appliance would allow. She leaned forward to whisper some more, her breath hot and moist in his ear.

"But it's not unpleasant to wear, oh no. You see, Mandy… ahh… didn't want me to get bored, so she installed a pair of thick rubber dildos in it, and there are… mmmm… a bunch of little rubber fingers right over my clit. Ohh, I can't quite… ah, damn!" she exclaimed softly. "It's just a little too tight to let me get off."

"Incredible," Jason sighed, "no wonder you seemed distracted at the party." Her panting in his ear and the feel of this strange hardness between her legs had really wound him up tight. Despite his determination to remain a gentleman, he had become equally determined to obtain release, whether with Flora or with Mandy, at this point he hardly cared.

"It's really trouble when I move," she said, "I can ignore it when I'm sitting. When I want to, that is." She squirmed her derrière around for his amusement. "Of course, I couldn't hear well, or say anything at the party, because of the mask and gag. I felt wonderfully helpless, and seeing you in those pants made me horny as hell. You have great buns, you know that?"

She began massaging his crotch through his rubber jeans. Jason was beginning to worry that he might cum in his pants when they heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"I'll visit you tonight," Flora whispered, and gave his ear a parting nibble before she moved away from him to sit in one of the reading chairs.

"I hope you two are getting on alright," Mandy called out from the landing. She winked at Jason as she walked into the room. "She hasn't molested you too badly I hope. You've only just got here, and I'm sure you're tired after all that booze and dancing."

Jason could say nothing in reply, he just stared. His high school love had been transformed. Before him stood five feet, ten inches of full-flowered womanhood. She had donned a complex-looking catsuit of white patent leather that completely covered her body except for her face. Her head was covered by an attached hood, fitted skin-tight, that laced at the sides, the lacing continuing down along the sides of her neck, disappearing under her cape. The lines of lacing re-appeared from under her arms, and curved inward along matching graceful lines to pass over the hips and down the front of her legs to her toes, laced tightly all the way down. Her cupped breasts peeked out from the folds of a floor-length black latex cape with a high-backed 'Dracula' style collar. "How do you like it?" she asked.

Jason was floored. She looked like something out of one of his wet dreams. He had seen catsuits like this in a European fetish magazine, but having her here, walking around, talking to him… it was hard to believe after all his lonely years.

"It's… it's wonderful!" he stammered. "You look like a… scratch that- you are a goddess. You look as if you'd been poured into it. My god, Mandy, you've really outdone yourself. I guess I hadn't realised until now that you've become a woman. All these years I've remembered you as a high school girl, and now… well, you're a very beautiful woman, Mandy."

She glowed at his worshipful praise, removed the cape, and pirouetted for them. Jason saw that the suit was tightly laced down the arms, and at the front and back of the waist, as well. In fact, he recognized boning in the material at the waist- it had a built in corset! It pulled her figure into a fantastic hour-glass shape. The breast cups of the suit were hand-tooled to resemble nude breasts with the nipples standing out. The boots had five-inch heels and were part of the suit, laced tightly from the toes to the tops of her thighs, where they joined smoothly at the hip. There was some kind of black fitting nestled in her crotch, but he couldn't figure out what it was.

"Really, Mandy, it's the nicest outfit you own," Flora added, "you know I love to see it on you. But you should have asked me to help, I know how difficult those laces are."

"I managed, as you can see," Mandy replied primly. "I'm glad you like it, Jason," she added, heading for the bar. She picked up her drink and sniffed it. "Stolichnaya? " she inquired of Flora.

"Of course. With white pepper, the way you like it. Shall we toast our guest, Mistress?"

"But yes!" Mandy exclaimed, "Here's to Jason, may his latex never lose its shine, and may he love all that he learns here!" Mandy drained the slender vodka glass at a gulp and sighed. "Ahh! That hits the spot. Oh! Jason, you have to call your office, remember? You promised you'd stay for a week." Jason looked thoughtful.

"I tell you what," he said, "after what I've just seen, I know how I want to spend my vacation. I'm going to take two weeks off- that is, if it's all right with you."

"Of course it's all right with us! Don't be silly. Oh, damn. You can't call now; it's four in the morning, and tomorrow's Saturday. Can you call in early Monday morning?"

"No problem, I can just leave a message with the answering service. I'm kind of my own department anyway, and I finished my last coding project a week ago. Where's your phone?"

When Jason had made the call, Mandy took him by an arm, and indicated that Flora should take the other.

"Well, Jason, would you like the nickel tour or do you just want to sack out? I imagine you're eager to see your bed after the long day you've had."

Jason tore his eyes away from Mandy's figure. "Why ah, yes! Thanks! A bed would be good," he managed to say. They trooped up the wide, curving front staircase, three abreast. At the end of a teak-panelled hallway, she opened a set of ornate double doors.

"These will be your rooms. Bathroom on the left, wardrobe and dressers on the right. Oh, and there's a surprise on the bed, it's just for special occasions, we can change them for satin later. Flora will get your bags. I'll be back later to check on you." She paused in the hall, one hand still on the doorframe. "Oh, and if you need anything, I'd rather you didn't go wandering around… just use the bell pull there." She nodded toward a tasselled and embroidered tape, hanging next to the bed.

When they were gone, Jason wandered around his room, bemused by its lavish appointments. Rather than closets, a huge cherry armoire took up most of one wall, with an equally large matching chest of drawers on the opposite wall. The walls were hung with burgundy velvet curtains, the floor was carpeted with a deep pile in the same colour, and the french four-poster bed was hung with more velvet curtains. The place looked like a sultan's palace! Wondering what the surprise was, he inspected the bed. He was delighted to find it covered in sheets of soft amber latex topped by a thick comforter of shiny black rubber. He wondered how he'd ever get to sleep between sheets like that. He noticed that the upstairs was a little on the chill side, though, and he hoped it would be enough to keep him from sweating badly in all that rubber.

At that moment Flora trudged in, puffing, with his trunk and valise. "You'll have to unpack yourself, I'm afraid, the Mistress wants her bath about now." She lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "I'll be back later."

She gave him a quick taste of her tongue and a brief squeeze at his crotch and was gone, leaving only the memory of her rubber-covered breasts pressing against him. Jason stood bewildered in the middle of his room for a moment, and then began to unpack. He decided to make use of the drawers and the wardrobe, and began carefully folding and stowing what he'd brought, both the kinky and the mundane. He noticed one of the drawers was locked.

When he'd finished puttering around, and was ready for bed, it was perhaps half an hour later. Since she hadn't showed up yet, he decided to look for Mandy to ask what time they usually got up. Forgetting her warning about "wandering around", he headed out to explore. At a door half way down the hall, he stopped, hearing soft moans from within. Not really wanting to peep, he did anyway, peeking past the half-open door. It was obvious where the noise was coming from, but it took him a few moments to figure out exactly what was going on.

It was a bizarre scene. Mandy was sitting astride what looked like a child's wooden 'rocking horse', although few children had hobby horses like this one. Flora was strapped into a harness under the seat; inside the open-frame 'body' of the horse, her body arched back, and her legs bound to the rockers in a kneeling position. Her arms were laced behind her into a tight leather armbinder, which was attached to the harness at her waist. Her head was laced into a tight leather helmet the face of which was attached to the bottom of the saddle. Unable to move, she was forced to service her Mistress as she rocked back and forth. Mandy was moaning again.

"Yes, give me your tongue, you little slut," she husked. Jason was shocked. Flora was moaning too, and from the noises she made, she might have been enjoying the proceedings as much as Mandy. Mandy was still wearing the white leather boot suit, and for a moment Jason wondered how she could be enjoying it so much. Then he remembered the unexplained crotch fitting he had seen earlier. It must be a removable patch, he thought.

Presently, Mandy finished and rose from her seat, breathing hard, flushed and smiling. Jason thought that to be a prudent moment to leave, and returned as quickly and quietly as he could to his room.


Jason lay in bed between latex sheets, somewhat stunned. He wasn't offended by what he'd seen, rather to his surprise he was terribly aroused. His hand moved unconsciously to his cock. He had wanted to join them. He imagined himself in Flora's place, and he wondered at this, because it excited him terribly. He drifted off to sleep hearing Mandy's cries of lust in his mind.

When Jason awoke, it was pitch black, and for a moment, he knew only that he was not in his own bed. Then the events of the day came back to him. He lay still for a moment, wondering what had awakened him.

"Jason?" a disembodied voice called softly. Dimly, her realised he knew that voice, but couldn't place it.

"Who's there?" he asked, reaching for the bedside lamp. The figure revealed in the sudden light made him wonder if he was still dreaming. A totally hairless android with large, high-set breasts and a slender waist stood next to the bed.

"It's me, Flora," she said. She turned on the other bedside lamp. Jason stared as she climbed into the bed. He moved over clumsily.

"How do I look?" she asked. She appeared to be completely hairless, and her skin was unnaturally shiny. Finally he realised that she was wearing a catsuit. A catsuit of pinkish-tan, flesh-coloured rubber that completely covered her from head to toe. Her hair was apparently concealed beneath the skin-tight hood attached to the suit. He wondered for a moment how she had room for her hair under that form-fitting hood. She looked delicious.

"You look delicious," he said.

She slithered up his body, hugging him and wrapping her legs closely around his. "Delicious enough to eat?" she asked. He nodded silently. She turned around to face his feet, and pulling a zipper at her crotch, promptly sat on his face. Jason was delighted to find that no chastity belt barred the way now. He took a deep breath and dove in. Then immediately drew back. There was hardware in there!

In the soft light of the reading lamps he could see several metal rings gleaming within her sex. They were silver coloured, about 1/2 an inch in diameter and very sturdy looking. There were five pierced through each labia! He had never seen anything like it. It struck him as primitive, alien, and bizarre. It also turned him on. There was another gold ring, larger and thicker than the others, through her clitoris. He put his tongue through it, and tugged experimentally. She moaned and pushed his head into the pillows with her sex.

"Mandy removed my chastity belt as a reward for being nice to her," she murmured. "Mmmm, I'll tell you about it later. That feels very nice, you know."

She unbuttoned his pyjama pants. He was very hard, his cock jerking back and forth slightly with his pulse. She slowly licked the length of his shaft, then engulfed him. Flora turned out to have a mouth as skilled as it was luscious in appearance, but all Jason could think of was the rocking horse and it wasn't Flora anymore but Mandy moving across his face. He imagined his arms immobilised as Flora's had been, Mandy's sex pushing through the opening in her leather suit, and he was Flora, and- and- they came almost simultaneously, Jason stifling a shout at the last second.

After resting a bit, Flora rolled off of him, cuddling up next to him, surrounding him with rubber-covered arms and legs. "I hope you don't mind taking a break, love," she said dreamily, "I'm so tired…" But Jason wasn't listening to her or anyone else.

The next time Jason awoke, it was to the sound of angry, but muted voices. Mandy was shoving Flora out the door. "..and I'll deal with you later!" she hissed.

Jason sat up in bed. Mandy looked stern for a moment, but then her face softened suddenly, and she said, "Boys will be boys. Breakfast is ready, sleepyhead, why don't you shower and dress and meet us downstairs?"

Jason was completely confused. "But… hey, it's not like you think.. I mean…"

"Don't you worry your gorgeous head about it. You'll be too busy with my trials today to think of anything else. See you downstairs!" She closed the door behind her.

Jason was dumbfounded. He'd really fouled things up last night by letting Flora remain in his bed, and now Mandy was acting weird. I hope the rest of the week isn't like this, he thought. When he had finished showering and shaving, he decided to surprise Mandy by wearing a new silk bathrobe down to breakfast.

But no sooner had he stepped from the bathroom, than something dark and heavy came whooshing down over his head, as Mandy's voice cried, "Gotcha!” She had pulled some kind of bag over his head.

"Hey!" he shouted, "What the…!" He struggled to get it off, but it covered him to his hips, and he couldn't get a purchase from the inside. "No fair, dammit! Mandy, let me out of here! I'll get you for this, wench!"

Mandy huffed and puffed as she hurried to buckle straps over the outside. She paused when she had him fairly secure. "Wench is it? You're in no position to be insulting, bucko! I'll teach you to screw the maid behind my back!" She laughed and pulled a strap up through his crotch.

"OW!" he exclaimed, "be careful! What are you trying to pull?"

Mandy smiled and exclaimed, "I'm pulling this!" She tightened another leather strap. "And this!", another strap. "And this!" another.

Inside the bag, Jason was running out of room to struggle. He could hardly move his arms now, and his breath came in gasps. The interior smelled strongly of leather.

"Let me out, please," he wheezed, "I'll smother!" Fresh air and light streamed in through a sudden opening.

He saw Mandy's smiling face through the zipper as she said, "Now we can't have you suffocating, can we? Since you demonstrated your eagerness with Flora, I've decided to start your training a little early." She snuggled up another strap, taking the last of the slack out of the body binder.

"Training? What is this training stuff you keep babbling about?" Jason demanded.

"Why, don't you remember? You promised to endure any trial, accomplish any task, in order to win my love. This is your first trial. You may as well go along with it, as you haven't much choice now, have you?"

Oh shit, thought Jason, she's gone off the rails. His thoughts ran screaming in little circles. He had to admit, he was stuck. He wondered whether she'd let him go if he played along for a while. Then he could escape. But he wanted her like anything, and even now he would have done almost anything for her. Besides, he couldn't escape right now. He could no longer move his arms, and the straps through his crotch prevented him shrugging off the… bag or whatever it was. It covered his head too, and as she talked, she did something that tightened that too, the leather compressing his face and head tightly. He sighed. It was difficult now even to open his mouth.

"All right," he mumbled through the leather, "I'll go along with it."

Mandy snorted. "As if you had any choice." She turned him to look in the bathroom mirror. "Now aren't you a pretty package?" she asked.

He looked at his reflection. He was bound in a torso-shaped leather binder, like a straight jacket without sleeves. It covered him from his head to his hips. Several heavy leather straps across the back and sides pulled it tight, and two straps went through the crotch to buckle in back. He stared out through a zipper in the attached helmet. His arms had been forced up to cross in front of his chest. He couldn't budge anything above his hips. Mandy fondled his cock for a moment, and despite himself, he found himself growing hard. Then she shoved him toward the bed.

"Why don't you just rest here while I see to Flora?" She gave him a shove.

He fell helplessly to the mattress. To his surprise, she bent over and kissed his eyes. Then she closed the zipper, shutting off his vision. He heard rustling clothes and a moment later she undid the zip over his mouth.

"Here, my love, you can chew on my panties while you're waiting," she said, and stuffed a wad of satin into his mouth. He sputtered and tried to object, but she pushed until his mouth was full and closed the zipper. Immediately he tried to spit it out, but the helmet was too tight over his mouth. He forced himself to breath calmly through his nose. Seconds later, he heard the door close.

Well, damn! He thought, what have I got myself into? My dream girl is nuts! How am I going to get out of this? He struggled again, but it was no use trying to free his arms. Already they ached somewhat from their cramped positions. He thought of getting to his feet and trying to get out, but then realised his true situation. Where could he get to without being able to see? He didn't know the layout of the house, and then outside, there were those huge dogs. All he could do was wait, helpless, with the smell of leather in his nostrils, and the musky taste of Mandy in his mouth.


Lying on her bed, Flora told herself it had been worth it, until she remembered that no matter how much Mandy might enjoy a threesome, she still had a jealous streak, and Flora knew she would use this latest "offence" as an excuse for another long punishment session. Flora was both addicted to and terrified of these sessions. Mandy's idea of "punishment" was usually a combination of erotic stimulation, frustration, and uncomfortable, sometimes even painful discipline. If Mandy misjudged and Flora came, she "tortured" her and tried again, until she got it right. It was a strange combination of reward and punishment and it usually pushed Flora to her limits.

She won't really hurt me, Flora thought, she's spiteful and capricious, but her 'torture' is always erotic and friendly, right? She wouldn't do anything very…

The door flew open with a bang. "Hello, Flora," Mandy said softly.

Her grim smile gave Flora no comfort. Mandy stood framed in the doorway, a vision in gleaming black leather and rubber. It was one of her 'punishment uniforms', Flora knew. Mandy wore a chrome-studded patent leather brassiere with pointy, bullet-shaped cups that would have looked ridiculous if not for the rest of the outfit. Below, she had on a short black rubber miniskirt and knee-high laced boots of red patent leather with 4-inch spike heels. Shoulder-length tight black latex gloves enveloped her arms. She had a bulky black bundle in one hand.

"Take off your suit," she ordered, still standing in the doorway. Flora still wore the thin latex catsuit win which she had visited Jason. She peeled it off her sweating skin and stood shivering slightly in the chill morning air. Mandy was apparently unimpressed by the fact that Flora's hair seemed to be missing, for Flora was bald as a cue ball! Clean-shaven and shining, the effect on her doll-like face was rather exotic, and strangely beautiful.

"Put this on," Mandy said next, throwing the bundle at Flora.

Flora caught the garment and examined it. While she looked it over, Mandy moved to close the window through which the breeze came. This was something new. Mandy had both their measurements, and was always sending orders for new costume and equipment creations to the rubber and leather specialists in Europe and England. This one appeared to be a very long, heavily boned panty corselet. Incredibly, it was made out of very heavy rubber- nearly an 1/8" thick, and the boning was so stiff, Flora could hardly bend it.

She opened the front busk and shuddered when she looked inside. The heavy rubber briefs that made up the lower half were fitted with a formidably large dildo and an almost equally large butt plug. In front of the dildo, the briefs were lined with a narrow panel of 1/2" rubber fingers. She turned it over. The waist section was cut severely small and the moulded breast cups were lined with more of the little rubber warts. The garment would cover the entire torso even to the jawline- where there was a high collar, stiffened with more boning.

The corset section had the usual laces for tightening it up the back, with more over the tops of the shoulders and at the neck, too. And there were what looked like two small swivel joints riveted to the back at hip height. Everywhere she looked on this thing, there was some other little feature intended to torment the wearer.

The purpose of some items was not immediately apparent. For example, there was a heavy rubber tube or hose, glued along the back from top to bottom. There was also a threaded metal stud attached at the crotch under the dildo. She couldn't fathom what either of those was for. And frankly, the whole thing looked a little small, even for her slender figure. She shuddered, and looked up at Mandy.

Part 6


Mandy walked over. "Here, you'll need this."

She handed Flora a hospital-size tube of KY jelly. Flora lubricated the dildo, the butt-plug and herself and moved as if to put it on.

"No," interrupted Mandy, "do all of the inside and coat yourself, too. Thoroughly."

Flora obeyed, spreading the slimy goo liberally over the inside of the corselet, and then all over herself. When her torso was completely coated in the glistening lubricant, she stepped into the garment and started pulling it on. With both her hands and the rubber covered with lubricant, it took several tries to get the dildo in, while Mandy unhelpfully stood by, watching with a most unhelpful and predatory smile on her face.

When Flora got the rubber dong fully seated, it seemed to be pushing into her stomach. It took even longer for the butt plug, to allow her rear to relax, and she was panting with arousal before it was over. She gasped as it slid home, and her sphincter closed over the constriction. Mandy still stood silently watching, neither helping nor criticising.

Next Flora slipped her hands through the armholes, and her breasts slithered into place. Her nipples hardened further at the first caresses of the ribbed rubber cups. She had to struggle to get the front busk closed, even though the back laces were loosened completely. She sent imploring looks at Mandy, which were ignored.

Finally, she got the last fastener hooked and she relaxed slightly, her torso slipping around a little inside her steel and rubber prison. The next thing Mandy handed her was a pair of thigh length boots, made from very shiny patent leather. They had six-inch spike heels, and they laced from toe to hip. She sat down on the bed and put them on. Even unlaced, the corselet was so unyielding she had a hard time bending over to lace the boots. The only thing that made it possible at all was that the boning ended just over the hips, allowing her to bend there slightly, although she had to keep her back very straight, or the compression against her belly would make it impossible to breathe.

Eventually, the boots were laced to Mandy's satisfaction, which meant very tightly and without wrinkles. Flora stood up and walked about a bit, unsteadily but successfully. She had got a lot of practice at walking in very high heels over the last several years. The fact that she was tall, with somewhat long feet for a woman, helped a great deal. The dildos macking up and down inside her did not help her concentration, however. Nor did the little rubber fingers stimulating her nipples every time she twisted or turned, help one bit. And it was getting increasingly hard to ignore the bits that fingered her clit and labia and their rings.

"All right, I'll take it from here," said Mandy. She took Flora by both hands and walked her over to an old-style corset `lacing bar'. This was a simple bar hung from the ceiling that one grasped over one's head in order to lift the breasts while a corset was laced. This one had leather cuffs added which Mandy buckled onto Flora's wrists. When she hauled on the rope, it pulled Flora's arms over her head, eventually forcing her to stand very straight to prevent an uncomfortable tension on her wrists and shoulders.

Mandy began to lace the corset closed. K-Y jelly slurped and oozed out as the corset's intimate grip tightened. After completing one pass, she stopped and left the room, while Flora squirmed uncomfortably. In moments Mandy returned, with a motor massager strapped onto her hand. She applied this to Flora's crotch a few times, passed it over her breasts. Flora hummed softly with delight. When she started to wiggle in earnest, Mandy stopped and sat down. After a while, she started lacing again, pulling harder now this time, until again, she took a break to allow Flora's waist and innards time to adapt to their new shape.

Once again, she applied the massager, stopping as soon as Flora showed signs of an approaching orgasm. This time, Flora broke her silence. "Please, Mandy! This is too much! Let me come, just once, please!"

Mandy only smiled. Again she tightened the laces, the eyelet rows slowly closing, even planting her knee in Floras back for leverage.

Flora gasped. This was the worst corset she had ever worn! She could feel her waist compressing, her lubricated skin sliding under the slippery rubber to conform to its new shape. The rigid, straight back of the corset began to pull her into a more erect posture. This caused her breasts to re-adjust their positions within the lubricated cups, which she had to admit felt wonderful. Mandy paused for breath, sat down and addressed her slave and lover.

"What do you think of your new clothes, Flora dear?"

Flora tried to sound noncommittal, but in truth the dildoes and the fiendish rubber fingers, combined with the delicious compression of her torso were distracting her beyond her ability to fight.

"It's uhh, very nice, Mistress. I unngh, like it very much." She shuddered with excitement, not quite able to obtain release yet.

"Good! You'll like your new waistline, too, I'm sure."

Mandy again bent to her task. She pulled and heaved, until at last the eyelets met. She tied off the laces, rolled them up, and then zipped closed a flap which covered the lacing smoothly. She produced a tape measure and announced,

"Nineteen inches- Beautiful! That's probably about eighteen under the rubber. Now don't go anywhere without me," she said, and left the room.

She returned moments later with several pieces of chromed metal tubing and an assortment of complicated-looking hardware. Oh shit, thought Flora, Alex has built another one of his infernal contraptions. I wonder what this one is supposed to do?

Mandy slid the longest tube, a curved piece about five feet long, into the reinforced rubber tube cemented to the back of the body shaper. The process forced Flora to stand bend and twist in order to get the pipe in. This was rather uncomfortable, for the human back has a natural curve in it, and Flora's relaxed posture was not the best. But once it was in place, it more-or-less followed the natural shape of her back.

The next piece, about 2 feet long, was slid over the first, at the bottom, with a slip joint. At each end of this crosspiece was a ball joint fixed to a leather cuff. These she buckled around Flora's ankles. Next she threaded a long thin rod into the threaded stud at Flora's crotch. This rod reached the ankle crosspiece, where it connected to a ball joint at the centre. Now, any movement up or down by either foot would thrust the dildo in or out. Further, any movement forward or back would twist the dildo back and forth.

The next piece of tubing, shaped like a `T', fitted into the top of the vertical tube where it emerged from the rubber. It was equipped with leather straps attached behind each shoulder, with a swivel-joint at each end. Mandy fastened the straps around each shoulder through the armpit. She paused again to put the massager on Flora's breasts for a few seconds, just to maintain her interest. Flora moaned, squirming as much as she could, (which wasn't much) within the confining garment.

Finally, Mandy attached the last two pieces of tubing. Each one connected the swivel joint at an ankle with its corresponding swivel joint at the shoulder. The middle of the tubes dropped into the swivel joints on the back of the body shaper at the hip, and were held in by pins. "My, my, Alex certainly is a craftsman," Mandy said. "This is possibly his most ingenious invention."

Flora's only reply was another soft moan. The movement and shifting while getting the hardware attached to her had caused the tight rubber corselet to slide back and forth over her slippery body, rubbing and stimulating her until she nearly came.

"And now for the crowning glory," Mandy crooned, lifting up a rubber hood. It had several attachments and fittings and she wiggled it as she walked toward Flora with it. The thick rubber made a sort of liquid rustling sound as she shook it. Flora looked mournfully back. Fine beads of perspiration had appeared on her forehead.

"Oh, knock off with the sad eyes Flora, I know you too well. You're probably having the time of your life right now. Well, you may think this feels wonderful now, but remember, it's possible to have too much of a good thing."

"Too much sex?" Flora taunted, panting, "is that possible?"

"That, my dear, is what we are… that is you… are going to find out. I'll wager that you'll be begging for relief before this is over."

"Yeah," panted Flora, "Sounds like…ah! a safe bet." She was grinning openly now.

Mandy held up the hood, turning it 'round, so that Flora could get a good look at it.

"You like discipline hoods, don't you, slut?"

The game was afoot again.

"Oh yes, Mistress," replied Flora, picking up on her cue.

"Well, you're not going to love this one for long," Mandy said softly.

Flora looked at it with a little apprehension. It was a heavy rubber helmet moulded from more extra-thick latex. It too, looked to be nearly 1/8 inch thick. The face had been moulded to look exactly like a natural female face, if human women had very shiny ebony-black skin. There were naturally shaped holes for the eyes, and stubby little tubes that fit up into the nostrils. It had a long collar built in. There were buckling straps along the sides and back, a breathe-through inflatable gag fitted at the mouth, and two dozen 'd' rings down the back for lacing. It was a formidable helmet, and Flora was duly intimidated.

Without further ado, Mandy pushed it on over Flora's defiant, grinning face, pulled it back, and checked to see that the nostril tubes were properly seated. She made sure that the inflatable gag was forced well into her slave's mouth. She lifted one rear edge and asked Flora if she could breathe easily. Flora grunted once to indicate that she could. Fun was fun, but you didn't play games with your breathing.

Next Mandy seated an earpiece in each ear, pulled the flaps back, and began lacing it up. From the start, it was obvious to Flora that this hood would be quite severe. Before Mandy tightened the laces, there were almost 2 inches of space at the rear. When she was done, there were none. The lacing went all the way down the neck, the posture collar sealing nicely against the collar of the body suit, forcing Flora's head erect and her gaze straight ahead. Flora moaned a little more loudly during the lacing process, perhaps testing the gag, perhaps losing control but unable to do anything about it.

The last thing Mandy put on her slave was a wide rubber belt that had a pair of opera-length, moulded rubber gloves glued to it at the palms. Flora's arms were released from the lacing bar, powdered, and the gloves pulled on all the way up to her shoulders. Her hands were forced to conform to the gloves where the fingers and palms were cemented to the belt. Eyelets at the top of the gloves and at the shoulders of her corselet were laced together, trapping her arms in the tight-fitting gloves. When the belt was put around her waist and laced at the back, its purpose became clear. She now appeared to be standing with her hands on her hips, and they would stay that way until she was let out.

Mandy's last step was to attach a bulb inflator to the tiny fitting at the mask/helmet's mouth, and give it four slow squeezes. She removed the bulb from the miniature one-way valve and inserted a small red plug into the valve. The valve now looked like a red mole or beauty mark next to her mouth. The breathing hole was practically invisible between the moulded red lips of the mask.

When all was said and done, Mandy stepped back to admire her handiwork. Before her stood a strange but proud-looking mannequin, over six feet tall, wearing shiny red patent thigh boots laced tight and smooth, right to the bottom of her black rubber corselet. Her hips and breasts were exaggerated enormously by her tiny 19-inch waist. Her breasts heaved as she breathed, her diaphragm being temporarily unavailable for duty. Her back was literally straight as an arrow, and her head was held proudly (if forcibly) high.

She stood with hands planted on hips, as if daring all comers to a sexual duel. Her face had the appearance of polished ebony, with prominent, if artificial, cheekbones. Her head was bald, and gleamed like polished obsidian. Various chromed steel tubes peeked from behind her. Mandy carefully turned her around to look in the full-length dressing mirror. A muffled "Mmmmm, mph!" announced Flora's appreciation for her new look. She twisted this way and that to examine the hardware attached behind her, grunting with pleasure as each twist of her body resulted in something being stimulated.

Experimentally, she lifted a foot, and groaned. Mandy had to catch her to keep her from falling. Mandy attached a small wire lead to a socket in one ear of the helmet. The other end was plugged into a small box, which she clipped onto Flora's belt. When Mandy flipped a switch, a light glowed on the box.

"If you can hear me, Flora, nod your oops, no…grunt once."

"Grmmp" said Flora.

"Excellent! Now we're going to breakfast. I'm sure Jason is practically starving, and I know he'll be glad to see you. Now walk ahead of me, and don't worry about going too slow, heh-heh."

They headed for the lift cage, just over twenty feet away.


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