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Weekend Rubber Experience
by Jester
© 2003 - Jester
storycodes: M/f; latex; bondage; cons; X

Weekend Rubber Experience - Part Two
by Jester
Soul Mates by Aaron Roberts
Weekend Rubber Experience is @1999-2003 by Jester.  Any Unauthorized uses of this story in any shape will be dealt like this: Torture in a rubber suit, sealed in another vacuum suit, smothered in deep thick mud, and encased for an entire weekend.

Weekend Rubber Experience

Late Friday Night

Melissa stubbed out the cigarette, and rolled over into Jack’s arms.  “That…” she said, calming down,” was what it’s all about.  Once you have an orgasm like that, you’ll never have sex the same way.”  She placed her head on Jack’s shiny chest.  The glow from the fireplace was getting dim, and they were both exhausted.  “Jack, what did you like the best from that first experience?”

Jack was still running the night though his head.  First, he breaks up with Sandy.  Then he goes looking for a rubber club, with little success.  Just as he’d given up hope, Melissa splashes him.  Her cab, actually, but seeing Jack drenched made her feel sorry for him, and she invited him up to warm up.  “I got warmed up really quick!” he thought, as Melissa seduced him with the magic of rubber.

First she took him and rubberized him.  Jack had always fantasized about meeting up with a rubber woman, and it looks as though he finally did it.  They played some bondage games, and then climaxed in an apparatus that looked like a clock on acid. “ The Fucking Machine,” Melissa had called it.  It was like a huge cage-like sled, with springs and gears on its side.  “The machine was wild.” Jack said to her, looking at it with more detail. 

It was slanted, almost aerodynamic, with all of the shiny metallic braces and tubing.  His cock was getting hard again just thinking of it.  Melissa took notice of his growing cock, and lightly touched it.  “So I can see…” She trailed off, starting to stroke his rubber cock.  Jack’s cum was still in his suit, sliding down his legs, and his cock wanted more.  His batteries had never recharged that quickly with normal sex.

“This is the power of rubber.”  Melissa continued to slowly stroke his cock.  “Jack, I want you to stay the night.  It’s getting late out, and I don’t want to kick you out,” a grin formed on her lips, “ especially since your been a great lover.”  She started to play with her rubber pussy too.  “And I think I need to fuck you again, but I want to take this into the bedroom, so we can fall asleep.”  She tugged on his hard cock.  “What are you doing this weekend?  Since I own my own business, I don’t have to be anywhere, and there are some things I think you might like to see and experience.”  She continued to jerk him and herself, and knowing what kind of aphrodisiac the rubber was, continued with her game plan.  “You see, my lover and I are going to a party tomorrow night…”

Jack startled up, and was about to protest when a latex finger came across his lips. “Shhhh… my lover and I have an open relationship, one that suits us perfectly.  You will see that tomorrow.  If you want to go…” Melissa trailed off, stroking his cock a little faster now.  All Jack could do was run a hand over her breast, and firmly grab it.  “Yesssss….” Jack let it out of his system.  Melissa smiled and let go of his cock.

She got up, and looked at Jack.  “He was handsome in his suit”, she thought “ and for a newbie, he had surprisingly good stamina.  That’s why I’m continuing to lead him on…”

“Let’s go to bed, we have a long day ahead of us.”  She extended a hand to Jack.  He got up, and took it.

They walked around the corner of the large apartment, and Jack for the first time saw what could only be described as a large metallic angel with it’s arms open above it’s head.  The angel had large globe-like eyes, and no mouth to speak of.  It wings were spread wide open, almost touching the ceiling.  It was at least twice the size of a normal human body, and it looked like a figurehead from the bow of a ship, especially in the way it leaned forward.  There were a few small cables attached to the wings and upper body, connecting it to the ceiling.  As he bent down to examine the bottom, Jack saw that it actually was suspended from the cables.  The angel was about 6 inches off the ground.

“You like what you see?”  Melissa said to him, an even bigger smile came across her face.  She was interested in his assessment of the metallic creature before him.

“How can that huge statue be hanging from the ceiling like that?  I’ve never seen anything like it!”  Jack uncoupled his hand from Melissa’s, and walked around it.  He could make out a small crease in the back of the statue, and he raised his gloved hand to examine it. 

Melissa rushed to him, and raised her arm over his, to stop his examination.  “I’ll tell you everything later.  Come with me.”  See took his hand, and pulled him to the bedroom.  Jack was still mesmerized by the silver statue.

Melissa led him into the dark room, lit dimly by the other side of the fireplace.  Jack saw that there was a wrought iron 4-post bed with a large D-ring on each post. The bed appeared to be covered with a black latex sheet, and there was a comforter hung over the front of the bed. Melissa walked backwards to the bed, grinning like a mad scientist. Her locks and high heels clinked as she moved, and the jingling noise excited Jack.  She plopped down on the bed, and left Jack standing.  She writhed on her back, reveling in the latex sheets.  Jack started to crawl on top of the bed, but Melissa pushed him back.

Melissa reached down to her latex covered pussy, and stroked her clit.  Her eyes were wild again.  Melissa’s chest was heaving, as her motion quickened.  Jack was there, above her, watching the rubber woman frig her pussy.  She took a free hand, and grabbed her left tit.  She pulled one of her rings, and Jack could see her whole breast rise like a pyramid.  Melissa arched her back, and slid her wrist over to a D-ring.

“I’m going to be your slave.  Do what you will to me.  I don’t care.  I’m a primal animal right now, and these bonds are all that’s going to hold me from escaping and attacking you like the wild animal that I am.”

Melissa expertly slid her bonded wrist into the snap-lock, and she did the same to her other arm.  Her legs were kicking on the bed.  Jack looked at her with wanting, and moved closer to her.  She thrashed her body around the limited space that she had.  Jack put his weight on top of her, holding her down.  Her powerful legs were trapped, as he slid down to find the other D-rings.  Jack found the right one, and snapped that one down.  Melissa kept moving, as Jack got off the bed, and walked around to grab her other leg, and firmly attach it to her last ring. 

The entire bed was shaking from her motion.  Jack was almost afraid to join her, but he trusted her. No harm had come to him, so he had no reason not to.  Jack climbed up on the other side, and rested next to her.

“What are you going to do to me, tough boy?  Huh?  Come on, TAKE ME ON!”  Melissa screamed as she pulled both ways, and bent her head forward to see her leg bindings.  “You Fucker!  TAKE ME!”  Jack ran his gloved hand on her abdomen, tracing her lining.  Melissa thrust her hips into his hand, wanting him to fuck her so bad.  She was such a sexual beast right now, she was telling the truth about the bindings. All she could do was squirm and shake.  She could feel the waves pounding on her; she wanted to cum again so bad.  “Jack had better start fucking me, or I’m going cum and leave him out”, she thought to herself.  She grabbed onto the rings, pulling up on them to arch herself.

Melissa looked over to the full-length mirrors.  She saw her rubber body about to be mounted by Jack’s.  What a rubber vision this turned out to be.  His bald black head was exquisite, and it made her pussy wet.  She wished that Cris were here too…

Jack saw a tube of lubricant, and thought that it might make them slide so much easier.  He squeezed some in his palm, and rolled in down to her covered cunt.  He covered her hole, slipping his fingers in her pussy.  Melissa arched her head back, the waves almost breaking. 

Jack looked back into her eyes. “You want me to fuck you?  Is that it?  Is that what you want?”  He pounced over her, landing in-between her legs.  He took a hold of his cock, and slapped it on top of her black hole.  ”DO YOU?”  Melissa nodded; she could barely speak anymore.  She looked down at his cock, and wanted that prick in her so bad. 

“FUCK ME WITH IT!  FUCK ME!” she screamed.  Jack’s tongue flicked out, becoming a little wild himself.  Melissa waged back, her metal studded tongue making him want her so.  Jack slipped his cock in her lubed-up pussy.

“Yessss.”  He slid back and forth, her pussy the target for his rod.  Melissa wanted him to grind so fast in her; she could feel his tool grow with each thrust.  Jack and Melissa each fell more into the moment, both becoming more than just regular people making love did. Their bodies became truly one with the rubber; it brought out the animal from within.

Jack continued to pump into Melissa.  Her form was almost more than he could take.  She began to scream at the top of her lungs, arching, thrashing, and losing control.  She was shaking, but at the moment she wanted more than all, she fixed her eyes on his, knowing that when she gave her orgasm to him, that look of wanton sex would make him give his orgasm to her as well.  And it did.  Jack came in his sheath, the powerful squeeze of his cum flowed upwards to his abdomen, and he could also feel her pussy grip his cock harder than it did the first time they had rubber sex.

Jack’s orgasm was overpoweringly intense.  His senses overloaded, he could feel his entire body spasm, from his fingertips to his toes.  His body became one with the rubber.  Melissa, on the other hand, embraced her orgasm like a long lost friend.  She needed this to feel truly alive. Her mind gave up control, and her body became an independent living creature.  She was along for the ride, and she loved it.  She remained fixed on his eyes, and started to scream at the top of her lungs.  Some of her lovers were the silent type, cumming in whispers; she never was quiet.  She longed for this moment, her being one with the rubber and another.  She couldn’t imagine making love any other way.

When they both were finished cumming, their bodies collapsed.  Both of them continued to breathe rapidly, while Jack slid off her body, resting next to her.  He was so very spent; all he wanted to do was rest.  The king size bed allowed him to lie on his back, with his eyes closed.  He fell asleep very quickly.

Later Friday Night

Later, Jack rolled over to his side, and tried to place his arm around Melissa.  Groggily, his arm bounced on the bed.  She was not there.  Jack opened his eyes, and saw his reflection it the full length mirrors on the other side of the room.  He could see that somehow she had slipped out of her bonds.  Quizzically, he looked around the room.  It was still dark, so he knew it wasn’t morning yet.  There were no clocks, so he had no idea what time it was.  The fire was out, and he could see that the master bathroom door was opened.

Jack slid off the rubber sheets, stood up.  SHIT!  His cum had hardened in the suit, and it was sticking to his inner thigh hairs. This was the only thing he hated!  He carefully waddled to the master bathroom, and went in.  He closed the door behind him, and turned on the lights.  He saw Melissa’s discarded suit hanging on a drying pole on the wall.  Her bindings were nowhere in sight, and neither was she.  There was a huge combination shower / whirlpool against one wall. 

“I wonder where she is?” he thought to himself. “I need to get out of this.”  First, he went to the shower, and turned on the water.  Then he reached behind and caught the zipper.  He slid it down, and he could feel the cool air against his back.  He then reached to pull off his hood.  It slid upward and got caught in his collar.  He undid it, and his head was free.  He looked into the mirror, his flesh a contrast with all the blackness.  He gently pulled the chest of his suit off, and pried himself away from the rubber. The steam from the shower built a gentle film over the mirror.  Jack then slid off the arms, the legs, and he carefully pulled his cock out of the sheath.  The hardened cum was making that difficult.  Jack grimaced, and pulled the suit off his balls.

Jack held up the suit, and ran it up to the showerhead.  He immersed the suit, completely soaking it in the water.  He tried to squeeze all the water out, and then he placed the suit next to Melissa’s.  She had a drain right under the pole.  “This is a custom bathroom.” he thought, “she’s thought of everything.”  He started to pull the gloves off, and he remembered that he had that anal intruder up his ass.  The bulb hanging down.  It felt so right; he didn’t remember it until it was the last thing to pull off.  He let the pressure go, and he pulled it out of his ass.  He stepped into the shower, and started to clean himself.

He finished toweling himself off, and found a white terrycloth robe hanging on the back of the door.  There was no underwear, so he was naked underneath.  He dried his hair, and stepped out of the bathroom.  “Still no Melissa…” he thought as he walked to outside the bedroom.  The statue was there, and the thought that he saw it swing a little.  He walked past it, and into the living room. Melissa was not there either.  Jack walked to the rubber room, and looked in.  Still not there.  Jack was puzzled.  Where did she go?  He walked to the kitchen, and opened her refrigerator.  He saw some milk, and took a glass.  He needed something; he was so hungry.  After all, he had nothing for dinner, unless you considered the sex they had as nourishment.  Jack drained the glass, and then he noticed the statue was shaking gently.  He placed his glass down, and walked over to the statue. 

The metal was sweating, as small beads of water were forming on the outside.  Very gently, almost like a small pendulum, it was rocking.  Jack placed his hand on the statue.  He felt what could only be explained as water rushing like a river flow.  He also noticed that it was humming.  A very faint humming, never the less, it was making a mechanical noise.  Jack looked at it, and couldn’t make heads or tails of it.  He then saw the final piece of the puzzle.  There was a small box that was indented into the floor.  Like a step.  Jack then figured it out.  He was not horrified by the thought; it actually made some sort of sense.  Especially after their having sex in the Fucking Machine.

“Melissa is sleeping in that statue, somehow.” Jack thought to himself. “I wonder how she gets in and out of that, and what the hell is going on inside there?”  He wanted to know more than ever, but his tiredness took a hold of him.  Jack went back to the bedroom, and went back to bed.

This story continues in Part Three


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