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Weekend with Anya
by Hazard
© Copyright 2001 - Hazard - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; bond; public; hum; bdsm; toys; cons/reluct; X
Weekend with Anya 2: Maid in Germany by Hazard F/f; D/s; latex; bond; public; hum; bdsm; toys; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 2: Maid in Germany

"The nights are for your pleasure, the days are for mine" said Anya.

Slowly, I felt the neck chain loosen and, unable to keep my balance, I started to fall forwards.  The tight boots stopped my legs from bending and, having my arms so firmly glued to my sides, I couldn't bend from the waist either so I just tipped forward on my toes. When my knees encountered something, my toes left the ground and I slowly fell forward onto a hard platform.  Anya unhitched the chain from the back of the collar. 

"I hope you enjoyed your night" she said. 

I mmphd through the gag but not much sound came out. I heard a faint hiss and felt the balloon in my mouth deflate.  I still couldn't breath through my mouth because of the gag, but at least I could move my tongue.  My cheeks and jaws ached with the release. 

Slowly, she undid the collar and removed it from my neck.  Then she eased the hood off and caressed my face. "You are very beautiful, my slave.  I have always thought so." 

Next, Anya unzipped the arm flaps and my arms fell forward onto the platform.  They had been so constricted that I couldn't move them at all at first.  I could hardly remember what they were for. She unlocked the chastity belt and very slowly pulled the vibrator out of my sore pussy, teasing back and forth as she pulled it.  When it was finally out, I felt oddly empty, as though something that had always been there was now gone. As Anya unzipped the back of the suit, my heart suddenly jumped to my throat.  Strangely, a not insignificant part of me didn't want it to come off.  I wanted to keep that feeling of pressure, of enclosure. At the same time the other half of me was hot and sticky and exhausted and wanted to get out!  I felt very confused and unsure of my feelings. 

Anya rolled the suit down off my arms and body, fondling my breasts and gently touching my skin as she did so. I could feel the smoothness of her latex gloves touching me, bringing me up again, in spite of my tiredness. My nipples hardened as she squeezed them, making me groan with pleasure. But I felt too weak to do anything but lie there and let her undress me. After rolling me over and sitting me up, Anya unlaced my boots and removed them, then pulled the latex suit down my legs and off my feet. I sat there blind, dumb, nude and helpless. 

"I'm going to remove your gag, but I don't want you to speak.  Nod if that's OK." 

I nodded. 

Anya unlocked the gag and took it off, then slowly and luxuriously kissed me, her lips flowing over mine and her tongue probing in my mouth.  Her taste was so beautiful after a night of rubber and I felt my sex coming alive.  I started to respond to the kiss but as soon as I did so, she pulled away, and I moaned "No!" as I felt her break contact. 

"Bad slave!", Anya giggled.  "No talking.  Now I'm going to have to gag you again." 

The last thing I wanted was that inflated rubber again and the first thing was Anya's lips on mine but I soon felt her slip a large ring in my mouth which she pulled forward until it was pushing behind my teeth then she padlocked it in place behind my head.  I could breathe, but I couldn't move my jaws at all. Slowly, she kissed me again, moving her lips all around my mouth.  "That's better," she whispered. 

"And now it's time for a bath.  You're all sweaty and stinky." 

She pulled me up by my hands and led me away. After a while we stopped and she told me to sit down.  Holding my hands, she pushed my gently backwards and I found myself sitting on a cold hard surface. 

"Now lift your right leg up and over."  I did as I was told and felt my foot go down into hot foamy water. 

"Now the other leg and sit down."

Soon I was in soothing water over my waist. Anya took my hands and cuffed them to the sides of the bath with soft furry wristcuffs.  Then she started sponging my face, moving down to my neck and then all over my body.  I felt her lips on my breasts and her gloved hand slipped between my legs, working its way slowly towards my pussy.  Being blindfolded hightened my senses and in spite of my tiredness I found myself getting hotter and hotter.  I moaned and groaned through the gag, murmoring "eth, eth" but she teased her fingers closer and closer until I was frantic but she wouldn't let me come. 

After a while Anya let the water out, released my wrists and pulled me up, helping me over the side of the bath.  Then she dried me with a towel and sprinkled me all over with scented talcum powder.  Finally, she led me to the toilet and sat me down so that I could relieve myself.  I was desperate to go, but I felt strange and helpless sitting nude and blindfolded, knowing Anya was watching me.  After a couple of minutes I relaxed and let go.  It made me feel even more excited knowing how totally Anya was controlling me.  When I was done, she took my hands with her latex-covered fingers and led me back out. 

"Today, you're going to be my angel," she said and started to dress me, her gentle hands driving me to ecstasy. 

When she had finished, Anya put soft cuffs around my wrists and attached them to the belt she had put around my waist, forcing my elbows back.  She asked me if I'd be a good girl and keep my eyes closed if she removed my blindfold. "I want to brush your hair and I can't do that with the blindfold on. But I don't want you to spoil the surprise by opening your eyes too soon." 

I promised as well as I could with the gag on and she unlocked and removed the blindfold. I had been blind for so long that I had no difficulty keeping my eyes closed while she luxuriantly brushed my long hair.  Finally, when she had finished, she pulled me up and walked me a couple of steps.

"Now, you can open your eyes and see my angel." 

I forced my eyes to open and found myself looking in a full-length mirror. I couldn't believe my eyes.  I was dressed all in white latex: full length gloves and stockings, garter belt and bra.  The belt and wrist cuffs were fur-lined white leather as were the ankle cuffs, attached to each other with a short chain.  I had white high-heeled sandals on my feet with ankle straps that came just below the cuffs. There was also a fur-lined white leather collar around my neck. Anya stood behind me in an almost identical outfit in bright red but without the belt or cuffs.  "Aren't you beautiful?" she asked and I nodded proudly.  I felt like a queen. 

"Talking requires decisions and I don't want you making any decisions so you have to promise me not to talk if I take off your gag.  OK?"

I nodded and Anya removed my gag. 

"All I want to hear from you is 'Yes, mistress' or 'No, mistress' when I ask you a question.  OK?" 

"Yes, mistress,' I said in a submissive voice.  I was so happy to have the gag off and to be dressed so sexily I would have done anything to please her. 

"Then let's have breakfast," she said and led me to the kitchen, walking slowly so that I could keep up. 

"Make us something to eat.  I want to watch you move," she said.  I certainly did have to move as I could hardly reach anything with my hands cuffed to my sides.  With a lot of effort, I got some bread, butter and jam out of the fridge and made sandwiches.  I could feel Anya's eyes on me as I struggled to reach things, twisting my body so my hands could reach.  I felt fabulous being her slave and I knew that my movements were turning us both on. 

Of course, I couldn't feed myself and Anya tenderly fed me, running her hands over me and caressing me as she did so. When we had finished, Anya told me that there was a bondage fair that afternoon and I would go as her slave.  At first I was horrified at the thought of going out in public this way, but she assured me that everyone there would be perfectly at ease and that I had nothing to worry about.  Then she led me to a bedroom and suggested I get some sleep so I would be fresh for the fair.  She helped me lay down on the bed and then attached chains to my ankle cuffs and collar. She pulled these tight and then put a white silk blindfold over my eyes.

For the first time since the previous afternoon, I was able to think. I tried to analyze my feelings but they were still confused.  I had never been so turned on in my life.  I wondered what my friends and co-workers would have thought if they could see me.  My life before this weekend seemed pale and distant as if it had happened to someone else. I didn't think I'd be able to sleep being so excited but tiredness and darkness got the better of me and I eventually dozed off. 

I awoke to feel Anya removing my chains.  "Time to go," she said, and pulled me gently to my feet.  I felt her put a loose-fitting thigh-length latex jacket over me.  "That's to keep you warm on the drive," she said.  "And I don't want just anyone to see your nipples," she giggled, squeezing them. 

Anya hooked another chain to the front of my collar and led me out to the car.  She helped me into the back and fastened my seat belt, cinching it up tight.  As my hands were still cuffed to my waist, I couldn't reach the release.  I heard her get in the front and we drove off.  I was very nervous about being seen like this but I kept telling myself that no-one would know who I was or was ever likely to see me again. 

After a while, the car stopped.  Anya got out and opened my door. "I'm going to use a cloth gag this afternoon.  It won't hurt but it will stop you from speaking by accident.  I'd hate to have to punish you while we're at the fair."  She slipped the cloth in my mouth and tied it behind my head.  Then she kissed my over the gag, licking my lips.  "You really are an angel, aren't you, my slave?" 

"Mphh mphmph" I responded. 

She helped me out of the car and we walked for a while until I could hear voices, mostly speaking German.  I stood obediently when Anya stopped leading me, not that I could do much else with the halter and blindfold.  Anya had several conversations with people and I sensed that much of the talk was about her new slave.  A couple of people came up and stroked me seductively.  Then someone unzipped my jacket and fondled my nipples! 

Suddenly I felt very ashamed.  I didn't want anyone but Anya to see me or touch me.  These people were treating me as if I were a new puppy or a doll - as if I had no feelings.  I wanted to tell her it was all off - to take me home and let me go but the gag made that impossible.  I started to cry under the blindfold. I was devastated.  This was not what I had expected and it wasn't what I wanted but I was helpless. I heard someone ask Anya in English if I was for sale!  I was afraid she would say yes and I would become the property of some sadist but she giggled and said she hadn't finished with me yet. 

"Perhaps when I grow tired of her." 

The afternoon went on and on with Anya leading me from group to group, showing me off and letting people fondle me and kiss me however and wherever they wanted.  I became more and more miserable and ashamed until I just wanted to die. After what seemed like an eternity, Anya said her goodbyes and led me silently back to the car.  She must have been aware of my sobbing on the drive home but all she said was "You were a big hit, slave.  I knew they'd love you.  Mistress Greta was green with envy.  You're ten times more beautiful than her slave." 

I was furious and ashamed and I was ready to let Anya have it as soon as she took off my gag.  I intended to tell her exactly what I thought and make her drive me back to my hotel.  Then I'd be on the next plane back to New York.  I let her lead me back into the house and waited my chance. 

"You feel degraded, don't you?" she asked when we were back inside. "You thought that being a slave was all pleasure.  You thought that all this was just play-acting, didn't you?" 

I kept quiet, trying to appear submissive in the hopes that she would untie me. 

"And you greatly improved my reputation as a harsh mistress with your crying!" she laughed.  "So I'm going to reward you.  But first, I sense a little rebellion.  I don't think you love your mistress very much right now.  I think I need to teach you some humility.  You have forgotten your place." 

Without removing my cuffs, Anya tied a rope around my arms above the elbows and pulled it tight, forcing them almost together.  Then she unlocked the wrist cuffs and pulled my hands together behind my back. With my elbows tied, I couldn't even struggle.  She wrapped another rope around my wrists and ran it through my fingers pulling my palms together and forcing my fingers apart before she tied it off.   I felt something pulling my arms upwards towards the ceiling, forcing me to bend from the waist.  She then undid the halter chain and stretched my feet apart, locking them to a bar.  Helpless again, a little of the morning's feeling crept back but I held on tight to my anger. 

She brushed something over my ass and then I felt her lightly whip me. "I'm going to take that gag off now.  You better limit yourself to 'Yes, mistress', 'No, mistress' and 'Thank you, mistress' or you're going to be very sore." 

She untied the gag and removed it.  I licked my lips with my dry tongue but said nothing. 

"What do you say?" she asked.  I hesitated.  She whipped me again, much harder this time.  It stung like crazy. 

"What do you say?" 

I surrendered.  "Thank you, mistress." 

Again she whipped me.  "I didn't hear you, slave." 

"Thank you, mistress." 

For several minutes, she continued to whip me, sometimes hard, sometimes gently, sometimes lightly against my pussy.  Each time as I responded "Thank you, mistress" I found myself submitting a little more.  I was getting hot in spite of myself.  Then she stopped the whipping and I felt her kissing my backside.  Her tongue moved closer to my sex and I groaned.  She brought her tongue lower and lightly licked my pussy.  She knew exactly how to drive me and I was drowning in myself, groaning and thrusting under her expert tongue until I exploded in the most violent orgasm I had ever experienced.  I hung there gasping, forgetting everything in that total release. 

Several minutes passed with me trying to calm my breathing.  Then: "What do you say?" 

"Thank you, mistress." 

"Am I forgiven?" 

"Yes, mistress." 

Anya released the rope holding me to the ceiling and I eased myself upright.  She removed my blindfold and turned me to face her. 

"You may kiss me now, slave," she said and I did, hungrily pushing my tongue deep into her; sucking on her sweet lips. 

My anger was forgotten as excitement and passion took over.  I wanted so much to hold her, to touch her, but my arms were still tied firmly behind my back.  She kissed back as hungrily as me but then pulled away, leaving my lips bruised and aching from the loss. Anya detached the bar from my legs and took me back upstairs.  She took me to the bathroom and helped me relieve myself.  It was much easier the second time, and I watched her hungrily as she took care of me.  Then we went to the kitchen where she fed me some cold meat and cheese with a cup of coffee.  I felt so helpless with my arms tied behind me but it felt so good to have Anya taking care of me. 

As we ate, Anya told me how much she had been looking forward to this. She said she had wanted me to be her slave ever since she had first met me but she had to wait until she was sure how I would react.  Even on the drive down she had not been sure until I had said I was in her hands. 

When we had finished, she kissed me again, running her gloved hands over my body. 

"Tonight I have something special planned for you," she said.  "I just know you're going to love it." 



continues in part 3: Yes, Mistress


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