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The Training of Slave Selena
by James W
© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission
Storycodes: MF; latex; catsuit; SBR; mackingtosh; cons; X
The Training of Slave Selena 5: The Cottage by James W MF; latex; catsuit; SBR; mackingtosh; cons; X

Chapter 5: The Cottage

The walk home was a thoroughly wet affair and they were both looking forward to a shower and a change of clothing. They were both wet under their latex suits from their love making but warm as toast.

Eventually, not before time, the cottage appeared through the steadily falling rain; a haven of rest for them both. James unlocked the door and led Selena into the small hall. They turned to face each other. “Let me help you off with your SBR sweet damsel.” He undid the buttons, belt and neck strap, then the thigh straps and relieved Selena of her trusty mackintosh. She stood latex suited, corseted and looking quite divine, although somewhat dishevelled! Her suit, where moisture had collected had ruckled up, creased into attractive collections of latex. James counted his blessings in having met such a lady.

Stepping out of the shower Selena hung up her suit to dry, carefully putting a towel on the floor to catch any drips. James unzipped himself and divesting himself of his suit took his place in the shower. The fire in the sitting room had been lit and was now well on it’s way to becoming a real comfort. Selena stepped naked into the kitchen enjoying the feeling of being so for the first time today. She had worn her suit, she noted with a satisfaction for nearly eleven hours. She made a pot of coffee and brought it through to the sitting room just as James came through towelling his greying hair. He like Selena was naked. She noted his fine physique and tight buttocks.

Chatting over coffee with the rain dashing harmlessly against the windows they were both tired but very relaxed.

James had planned to speak to Selena on the matter he had mentioned in his letter but the time was not right, at least not for now; perhaps Sunday would give him a chance to do so it didn’t matter, he could wait.

Sitting naked in front of the fire on the large sheepskin rug, they sat quietly at ease in each others company recounting and enjoying talking about the full day which they had experienced together. Long comfortable silences when they both fell silent to explore their own thoughts were interspersed with comments recounting this or that incident, perhaps a chuckle together as they noted the various folk they had encountered and discussed just how inappropriately they were dressed against the elements and their complete unawareness of the sexual satisfaction to be gained form the experience of wearing proper weather protection. They concluded such people were really missing out, unaware of the delights of ‘D for P’ (dressing for pleasure) as they termed it. The tender touching of each others naked bodies affirmed their growing relationship.

As the evening drew on they discussed each others backgrounds, Selena had been one of two girls. They had grown up together enjoying each others company but like most sisters they had their ups and downs. Her sister, Elizabeth five years younger was now married with two children. Her husband, Richard was a super chap much into kit cars and tinkering about with engines. He was an engineer and lived and breathed motors.

Elizabeth was very supportive of Selena and was always making secret arrangements for ‘blind’ dates with a whole range of ‘uninteresting’ men for her older sister. She knew of Selena’s desire for Mr Right but was sure that she could easily deliver him to her sister’s plate. Over the years Selena had meet a whole range of unsuspecting males from her younger sister’s secret ‘marriage bureaux.’ Some of the men she met in this fashion had been handsome and interesting but none had the secret love of latex. When after a couple of months of dating they discovered that she wore ‘rubber’ pants for her own pleasure and got sexual satisfaction from doing so, they were invariably frighten off after initial enthusiasm for her free spirit. The fact that it did little for them, other than titillation which soon paled, led to a cooling off and end of the promising relationship.

Selena’s fantasies always centred on full enclosure in latex; it was why she finally bought herself her suit after the ending of her last relationship. He had felt threatened by her desire to wear latex. A final showdown had occurred on holiday when she had spoken at some length about her liking and some of her fantasies. She told him she couldn’t see their relationship continuing unless she could wear and ‘share’ her beloved latex. She was quite adamant about this; there could be no compromise. She hadn’t planned to be so direct but the holiday had been perfect barring the issue of latex which kept occurring. She had drunk just a little more than she really should have and was less inhibited than normal. The comment, “You love rubber more than me!” had been the final straw.

Returning to flat in London she had cried herself to sleep night after night, cursing her fate; why, oh why had she this overwhelming urge to dress up in latex. She was addicted, as a drug addict has no control, she had none, she had to wear latex; to deny it was hopeless. She could kid herself that she had no need and could live without it for weeks at a time, and then from deep within her unconscious she would be aware of a growing need, like an itch which demands to be scratched. She would try to ignore it but eventually it demanded fulfilment; she was a slave, yes, a slave to her unconscious desire to be contained in latex. She would resist, with great resolve, at first, but she knew that she would eventually break down under the inexorable unconscious pressure to satisfy the demand. It was an itch which demanded to be scratched. Just the wearing of washing up gloves could trigger her acquiescence to her secret desire. She would retire to bed, to her lonely bed wearing latex pants together with her trusty vibrator allowing the inevitable to happen, she reflected to her lover.

Now she had found a handsome man who not only allowed her addiction but actually encouraged her to realise her fantasies and was a fellow enthusiast and addicted also to wearing latex and enjoying the fetish way of life. She knew he understood her desires because he was in the same arena, he had, she reasoned, come along much the same route as her. Certainly the portents were good.

By the time Selena had recounted some of her earlier experiences the hours had been ticking away. James rolled over languidly and kissed her again.” Yes I understand your experiences, you poor thing, you must have just about given up any hope of ever meeting a kindred spirit.”

“No I didn’t,” she replied, adding “ Some day I just knew I would be fulfilled, but yes I had endless lonely nights of being tested; that’s why at the end of my last relationship I resolved to live as I wished. I had my SBR and other mackintoshes, but with the buying of the full latex suit I fulfilled one of my fantasies. You know, the first time I put it on I nearly took a pleasure.” She took pride in using the less direct word which James used.

“When I finally pulled up the back zip I was so complete. I was at once protected and invulnerable, every nerve in my body was heightened, I could have taken ‘pleasure’ without using my vibrator.” She exclaimed. “Then when I saw my image in the full length mirror I did touch myself at the zipped crotch entrance and took a full blown ‘pleasure’. I felt wonderful in my new suit and then and there swore to myself that I would save myself for my knight in shiny black latex. I would no longer make any compromise. Any future relationship would be based on the truth that I was a slave to latex. I would no longer kid myself that I could survive without it. It was then that things began improving; I was more relaxed accepting my fate. At work colleagues commented on my more relaxed approach. I had, they told me, been quite tetchy on occasions with no apparent reason. They had put it down to PMT or an ended relationship. Anyway, once accepting and enjoying my eccentricities I was far more contented, of course I still hungered for some one to share my interest but I never the less got on with enjoying myself when I felt the urge to dress up and slip between latex sheets to confirm my fetish sexuality”.

“Then out of the blue you came into my life when I was least expecting it. It seems as if we’ve known each other for years, yet it’s not yet a week, my lovely Black Knight.”

James was fascinated and excited by all of these revelations; he knew he had found a special friend in Selena, one who would join him on an adventure which would extend both of them and lead onto uncharted regions. Tomorrow, if the time was right he would speak of this matter, he resolved.

Now it was time to prepare the evening meal. James prided himself as reasonable in the kitchen; he had cooked for himself these last five years. “Come on, lovely lady, you can get dressed whilst I begin preparing a meal fit for two hungry walkers. I bet you are ravenous after your long day, especially your mossy bank experience.”

“You bet I am but I would gladly forego food to remain in your company.” She teased.

“You won’t have to this time.” came the rejoinder as James disappeared after throwing a couple more logs on the embers of the fire.

Selena went into their room; there she was faced, like all women, with the age old question, ’What on earth am I going to wear?’ She had few garments and looking at her silk blouse and leggings she knew this was the right outfit to wear. In a flash of inspiration she went over to the wardrobe that contained James’s clothing. There she chose a silver latex top in the style of a Cossack with black collar. The lancer front she especially admired, it was the in the same style high fastening as her SBR. A long black belt together with full sleeves would look good on her and would be just the right thing to wear for the evening. She slipped it on over her refitted corset. The shirt was too big for her but she did look stunning in it. Slipping on her stretch PVC leggings together with her black stilettos she looked, she thought, just wonderful. She felt confident that James would be pleasantly surprised. Reapplying her red lipstick and eye shadow she began varnishing her nails; she felt every bit the sensuous woman, confident that she would be appreciated. Before moving to the kitchen to show off herself to James she dabbed on her favourite perfume, ‘Red’ a heady fragrance.

She walked into the kitchen to be greeted by a wolf whistle. “Wow, come here, you look quite fantastic in my Cossack shirt.” He emphasised the ‘my’ then followed with, “you look tons better than I would in it. Stop and turn round, I want to see you from all angles!”

Selena did as instructed she really was enjoying his command. She felt good, graceful and comfortable in her lovers company. She wanted to show off to him and for him.

She lifted her arms above her head and began a provocative dance, then closing on her intended target she threw her arms around James’s all but naked body. He was wearing a black SBR apron and black house hold gloves. She kissed him urgently thrusting her tongue into his receptive mouth seeking to taste his unique taste. The heady smell of her perfume excited James even more and he was aware of his manhood swelling. He broke away when the kiss ended and in mock shock said. “Look what you have done now you temptress!” Eyes directing Selena’s inquisitive gaze to his tented apron.

“I can do more than that, given half the chance!” she teased back.

James began exiting “Won’t be a moment, the veg’ are nearly ready; I’ll just change.”

He re-emerged a short time later. He was wearing a latex shirt in pewter and black latex jeans; she was delighted that she had chosen one of his shirts in latex. ‘A whole day wearing nothing but latex, it seemed only right.” This was a special day for her and she knew it would lead onto other adventures together. In her heart she was aware of a voiceless singing. She was happier than she had ever been.

The meal was just like her day, perfect. The steak, medium rare with a delicious pepper sauce and a bottle of Australian full bodied Shiraz, was the perfect complement to the meal. They were both hungry after the adventures of the day. Raising a glass James offered a toast to Selena. He fixed her with one of his gazes; she was putty in his hands now, she felt a welling up of joy and a quickening of her pulse as he spoke. “To you Selena, may all your dreams come true.” Adding, “I’ve so enjoyed being with you, you look elegant, sophisticated and oh so sexy”. He raised himself off his chair to complete the toast.

For her part, Selena lowered her eyes then fluttered them at him and finally blew a kiss to him. “Thank you dear James, she whispered, a lump in her throat. “Now I raise a glass to you, to my lover who has satisfied me like no other person ever has, who has brought my secret fantasy to reality today, who has sensitivity, charm and has allowed me to discover new heights of ecstasy!” James was now on the receiving end and felt genuinely touched by Selena’s toast. He knew he would now speak to her on the morrow about his secret desires.

It was well into the early hours before they both took to his bed. They had spent hours talking and listening trying to gain an understanding of each others interests. They both wanted to please the other. They were both exhausted by the time they climbed naked between latex sheets. They enjoyed the touch of each other, but inevitably they both succumbed to the zephyr of sleep, clinging to each others body. Selena folded around James’s back just as they had been on his powerful touring bike; she enjoyed both experiences equally.


continued in part six


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