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See Emily Play
by I Rule Alone
© Copyright 2011 - I Rule Alone - Used by permission
Storycodes: Solo-F; FF; mast; caught; les; hum; denial; voy; latex; catsuit; cons; X
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See Emily Play I Rule Alone Solo-F; FF; mast; caught; les; hum; denial; voy; latex; catsuit; cons; X

Slowly but surely the New York subway train gathered speed, the firm forward motion sent an almost unnoticeable shudder through Emily’s body as she was having yet another orgasm. She knew pretty damn well how to hide this for the outside world as Mrs. M had taught her the hard way. To the innocent bystander it would look like she was just shivering with cold. Only someone really paying attention might notice there was something else going on. Her body shivering while her look would turn to a gaze for only a second. But in New York no one paid attention. As the orgasm slowely subsided Emily relaxed a bit as her mind started wandering back to almost a year ago. Back to the events that would change her live for good.


Sex had never really been a thing for Emily. When she was 15 years old, her mom had caught her red handed while she was playing with herself. It had been the first time ever that Emily tried masturbating and the absolute shock and horror over the fact that she got caught plus her mom raising an absolute shitstorm about it, meant that, from that moment on, she didn’t even dare to go near her pussy in that way. During her sophomore year in college she had pretty much figured out that she was more into girls than boys and one cold winters night she ended up having an ‘incident’ with Flo, the girl in the nextdoor dormroom. They had stayed firmly at 1st base for weeks, but that night, as they were laying in Emily’s warm bed, Flo started making advances to go to 2nd. The moment Flo touched Emily’s pussy though, Emily froze, shut her legs tight and jumped out of bed.

“Sorry Flo I.... I cannot do this. It’s....”.

Flo looked kinda shocked and alarmed and then angry and humiliated. “You stupid cunt!” Flo yelled. “I thought you liked me? What is this psycho shit all about? Stupid faker!”

Flo jumped out of bed too, threw on her robe and left the room. The next day all the girls in school knew that Emily was a crazy lesbian bitch who had made a pass at Flo who, as everybody knew of course, was as straight as an arrow. Emily endured the humiliation. Had to endure it. Eventually things sorta went back to normal, but the incident had cost her all her friends, and the muffled grins and laughs behind her back would last all through the rest of her college days.

Now she knew for sure that sex was not her thing. Twice she had surrendered to it. Twice she’d got hurt bad. So instead she started focussing on her study, ignoring the smoldering fire in her belly. She graduated best of her class and went to KU for a law study. As partying and fooling around where banned from her life, she had little else to do than study, and study she did. In fact she got her degree in the shortest period of time ever and was also offered a dream starting position at a NY lawfirm.

In less than two weeks she was gone from the small Midwest hometown she grew up in. She said goodbye to her parents, to her one childhood girlfriend and hopped onto a train towards the great unknown. She had no idea she would never see her family and friends ever again.


That first autumn in New York was wonderful. Nobody knew her and nobody cared. She loved it. Her work was very demanding but she liked it a lot. On top of that, she had been very lucky with her apartment. It was located in Harlem which meant she had to commute to Manhattan every day, but on the flipside it was fairly big and set in a really nice neighbourhood with shops and restaurants right around the corner. It was a shame the next door apartment was empty though, but since Emily liked keeping to herself she didn’t care that much.

Then, one day in november she noticed a U-Haul truck standing in front of the apartment building. When she got off the elevator, she noticed that the door to the empty apartment was open and she heard stumbling inside. She went to take a look.

“Hello? Anybody there??” Carefully she entered the apartment. It was empty save for some boxes, some of which were quite big. “Be right with ya!” A guys voice came from one of the rooms in the back and as she turned around, she saw a sweaty guy in coveralls walking towards her.

“Hi”, Emily said as she walked towards him with her hand held out as to shake his. “My name is Emily and I am the girl living next door.”

The guy smiled at her and said. “Well you’re not my neighbour hon’. I am only the poor sod who can carry all these boxes up here is all. Some lady called and told me to pick it up at this really fancy place on the Upper East side? She sounded like a bitch to me but the pay is good. Anyway, I’d love to stay and chat with you but you know errrr..... I have things to do”. Without saying another word he walked past Emily and left the apartment, probably to pick up some more boxes. She never saw or heard anyone.

It had been four weeks now ‘or was it five’? And the apartment might as well still have been empty. Every night when Emily came home she would look at the apartment door but it was always closed and she never heard anything.

Just about the time she had almost completely forgotten about the ‘new people next door’, she ran into one. She had come home a bit earlier than normal that day as she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to take a couple of Excedrins and call it an early night. Just as she was about to stick her key in the door, someone came walking out of the apartment. Emily saw a girl in what looked like baggy jogging pants and an even baggier sweater. She turned around and stepped up to her. “Hi, I’m Emily, your neighbour! So nice to finally meet you. I started thinking the apartment was still empty.”

Emily gave her her best smile but the girl hardly responded. “Thank you.” She muttered and gave a vague and absent smile. It struck Emily how pretty she was, even though her clothes were awfull, the girl looked stunning. Thick, long blond hair, the bluest eyes and a considerable amount of make-up, that made her look ( a streethooker....) even prettier. And then those tits! Even the baggy sweater couldn’t conceal that she had at least a size 38 DD under there.

“Look I err, I’d love to stay and talk but I have to ......... ermm. I have to go.” Emily noticed a vague shiver going through the girls body. Also her eyes went blank for just a second. The girl started walking towards the elevator and again Emily noticed something strange. The girl walked funny. Almost like, like (......she had something crammed up her ass.....) she pooped her pants or something.

“Hey, I never caught your name!” Emily said but the girl had allready entered the elevator and shut the door.

‘Well, that was nice’, Emily thought sarcastically. ‘Nice to meet you to too’, she thought and went inside.

Later Emily decided the girl must have been in a real hurry and therefor acted kinda strange, maybe she was sick or something? Who knows. Now that she knew someone was living there she decided to give it another go. The next day she bought a nice bottle of wine and that same night she went over. She knocked on the door and yelled, “Hi! Emily here.... I thought it would be nice to say hello and maybe we can get to know each other a bit better.”

Nothing.... Silence. Emily waited a bit, knocked again and finally gave up. But then, just as she turned to walk away she heard something. She stopped and turned again.... Nothing. She waited. Silent, and just as she thought she had just been hearing something outside, she heard it again. A slow moaning. There was somebody in there after all! She knocked on the door again. Angry. “Hey! HEY! I know you are in there! I can hear you. All I want is to say hi, you don’t have to act so stuck up!”

Nothing... Emily leaned forward and listened at the door... She could hear a slow, droning hum and then there was that moan again, like someone was (....having an orgasm?.....) in pain or something. Confused and not knowing what to say next, Emily left the bottle of wine at the door and went home. ‘Some neighbours’ she thought as she undressed herself to go to bed. ‘Well, so much for trying to be a good neighbour.’ She thought, as she turned the light off and went to sleep.

An hour later, the banging started.......


Something woke Emily up. She felt out of it, as you can sometimes feel when something startled you out of your sleep. She looked around in the dark, trying to find the comforting glow of the alarm clock. It would give her an orientation point and also tell her what time it was...

0:15am. And she heard banging?? She got out of bed and listened carefully.

Thud, thud.... Thud..... Thud, thud, thud.....

It came from next door. ‘What the hell?’ She thought. ‘What are they doing in there’???

Emily walked to the far end of the room and tried to put her ear against the wall so that she might hear a bit better. It didn’t help much, except maybe for the fact that she could sometimes hear somebody say things, but it was indistinct.

‘Ok, this is ridiculous! I don’t care what they are doing but do they HAVE to do it in the middle of the night’??

Emily grabbed her robe and walked to the door. ‘Why did she end up with such crazy people next door’? She thought.

Knocking on someones door in the middle of the night, asking if they could keep it down, whatever they were doing in there, was the last thing she wanted. The last thing that came to her mind when she fantasized about what it would be like to have new neighbours. She walked out to the hallway and knocked on the door. Nothing. She knocked again. She was really, really! Trying to stay calm. She didn’t want to yell like she did earlier.

She knocked again and said to the closed door; “Hello uhm. Hi! This is Emily from next door? I was wondering, could you please stop with whatever makes that noise? I uhm, I am trying to sleep, thank you!”

Again no response so she gave up and went back to her apartment, hoping they got the message.

They didn’t. When she walked back into her bedroom things were quiet, but the moment she took off her robe and laid back down. Thud, thud... silence.....thud, thud, thud, thud.....silence......thud, THUD, THUD.

Emily sat back upright. Now what? She felt like crying. Her first impulse was to start banging on the walls and scream on the top of her voice to shut the hell up. But that wasn’t gonna help. Then she thought of something. She knew that the fire escape bordered the window to the room were the noise was coming from. Maybe, if she went outside and leaned over far enough, she would be able to see what the hell it was they were doing in there.

She went to her bedroom window and opened it. It was a good thing it was still fairly warm for a November night. She sat in the windowsill and pulled her feet outside. Landing on the cold metal surface of the fire escape made her shudder, but the thought of spying on her neighbours gave her a strange feeling of excitement. She walked over to edge and leaned over. Damn! The window was too far out for her to see. Plus it looked they had boarded it up or something. It was pitch black. For a moment she stould there. Disappointed and desperate. What else was there to do?

Then she noticed a very small streak of light coming from the upper righthand part of the window. A small hole. ‘Maybe I can peek through it’? she thought. She looked at the ledge underneath the window. It seemed big enough to support her. Maybe if she got on the ledge, she could hold on the the fire escape and scurry over far enought to peek in. The fact that she wasn’t scared of heights made the descision quite easy. She worked her way onto the ledge and started shuffeling to the window.

When she got as far out as possible she was still not able to peek through the little hole. Just to the right of her sat a metal drain pipe. She’d have to let go of the fire escape, shift her balance and grab the pipe. It was doable but risky. If she fell she’d for sure break something. She stoood there for what seemed like a long time. Her mind said it was better to go back, but her heart wanted to look into that window so bad now! Just when her mind had won and she was about to scurry back, she heard that noise again.

‘That’s it’! She thought and without hesitating she let go of the fire escape, shifted her balance and grabbed the drain pipe. ‘There! Easy enough miss Croft!’ She grinned. She put one foot on the ledge of the window and sort of hoisted herself up. There! She still had to stretch and she wasn’t going to be able to keep this up for long but she could finally peek inside.

Her heart was racing now, she stretched her neck and was finally able to peek inside. She saw..... Nothing?

Well, she saw something of course but it wasn’t what she expected. She could make out a corner of the room. She saw a door and part of a wall padded with..... Rubber?? There were things hanging from the wall looking like hoses and probes and.... (....clamps and rubber dildo’s.....). And then, just as she was beginning to lose her grip, a figure entered the room entirely clad in rubber... She let go.


Emily couldn’t sleep. She was in shock over what she had seen. Couldn’t place it. It was just too far out there. A person all dressed in rubber? Rubber walls? And what’s with the tubes, probes and dildo’s? She laid there for perhaps and hour when she finally gave up. She got up out of bed, turned on her laptop and sat down. She had to find out what this was all about.

And did she find out....

When Emily first looked at the clock it was 8am. She had been browsing the net for 5 hours straight and what she had seen was beyond anything she had ever imagined. She got up to go to the batroom when she noticed her knickers where soaked through and there was even a wet spot on her chair. She felt that fire in her belly screaming at her. It had always been there since she gave up on sex, smoldering, growing. Now it was roaring like a forest fire! She had seen things that made her crazy with lust. Made her wonder what she had been doing all her life?

Now she knew about Enema’s, Vacuum pumps, golden showers, whipping, caning, forced orgasms, Mistresses, slaves and so on and so forth, and it had made her crinch with desire. She lowered her knickers to pee in the toilet, but then she hesitated. One thing she had seen was girls pissing through their panties, they’d just let go on the spot. She sat there for a second and then slowely, as in a dream, she pulled her panties back up. She walked to the kitchen to (....piss herself...) make coffee. And then, as she was standing at the kitchen counter getting a coffee cup, she let go. First a slow trickle and then a steady stream of piss that ran down her legs onto the kichen floor.

‘Oh my God, I am really doing this!’ Emily thought as her hand moved between her legs as to confirm that there really was a steady stream of piss coming out of her sex depraved pussy. She came so hard that her legs gave way and she stumbled to the floor. There she sat in her own puddle of piss and she loved it!



story continues in part two


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