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Rubber Bondage Prisoner 2

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2004 - rbp818 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; forced feed; urine; enema; bodybag; hum; toys; cons; XX

A visit by a very unfortunate rubber bondage prisoner to the Rubber Bondage Centre at Fantasy Acre.

Chapter 4. 
In which the prisoner learns the meaning of true obedience.

“I don’t know whether to be angry or pleased with you 8-18. I am angry because you have disobeyed a direct order from Me your Rubber Mistress, but at the same time I am pleased you want to be punished; and punished you will be. I was fully aware that you would be unable to prepare any food for yourself once you had fastened the manacles on your wrists, because part of your training involved force feeding and I wanted to be sure that you were very hungry and thirsty. However your training will now be postponed until you have received some more punishment. We shall shortly take what will be for you a fairly short walk to my Dungeon where you will become acquainted with Pandora’s dilemma device the outcome of which will be very painful. I think we can spend the rest of the day gainfully employed in My Dungeon. Yes I think that in addition to your punishment we can make a start on your training programme and combine the two. By the time I have finished you will be more than ready for bed, assuming I allow you to sleep in a bed tonight.”

“But Mistress you said I could have something to eat and drink, and I thought you had got your instructions back to front. I can only say I’m very sorry and it won’t happen again.”

“After today I feel quite sure it won’t happen again. I have already told you that the Rubber Bondage Centre is for real, I am for real, and you are a real Rubber Bondage prisoner. The fantasy ended the moment you drove through the gate. The sooner you come to terms with your position as a real Rubber Bondage prisoner the sooner we can have a sensible relationship. I give you orders and you will obey them without question or disobedience. Failing to obey Me your Rubber Mistress results in punishment. Anyway we are wasting valuable punishment time chatting here. Stand up and remove the SBR Mackintosh and the Rubber Boots.”

I stood up and She bent down and unlocked the ankle manacles and I was able to remove the SBR Mackintosh and Boots. She picked up the heavy brass padlock I had worn during the night and quickly secured it around the base of my cock and balls. She strapped the leather harness tightly around my cock which was rapidly becoming erect, then looped a cord around the back of my neck and tied the ends of the cord to the ring on the end of the harness. This pulled my cock upwards and made it lie against my stomach. There were two lengths of heavy chain hanging down from the body of the padlock and I could feel the cold chain brushing against my bare legs, but She did nothing with them so I thought they were just there for another purpose under different conditions.

“Put the Rubber Waders back on and the waist belt and secure the Waders to the belt, and make sure the chains from the padlock are outside the Waders.” 

I put the Waders and the waist belt back on and fastened them to the rings on the belt, and checked the chains were positioned as She had ordered.

“Arms up and out in front of you.” She snapped.

I held my arms out and She forced over my Rubber Gloved hands a pair of stiff, tight fitting heavy leather Bondage Mittens and tightly buckled the wrist straps. I was unable to bend my fingers and could only barely flex my wrist. I felt completely helpless and impotent again, just as I had when She had enclosed me in the Rubber Strait Jacket. Now She fitted the Rubber lined SBR Mackintosh on me back to front. She did up the buttons and pulled the Collar up around my neck and buttoned the storm flap. The wide stiff Leather Collar was now fitted on and the three straps buckled tightly at the back of my neck. She refastened the wrist manacles over the Bondage Mittens and closed the ratchets up viciously tight. Then She bent down and did the same to the ankle manacles. The cool Rubber lining of the SBR Mackintosh was rubbing against my restrained cock and the resultant erection was becoming very painful. 

“Now kneel down prisoner facing the bed and hold your head back.” 

I managed to kneel down, finding it very difficult with the chain linking my wrists and ankles without falling over. Mistress fitted over my head and face a Leather harness. It was in fact a mass of leather straps, which She carefully positioned and then tightened over my head, face, under my chin and around my neck above the Collar. She clipped a padded blindfold to press studs fitted to the leather strapping cutting off my vision completely.

“Open your mouth prisoner, wider than that.” She snapped. “This gag makes sure you don’t disturb Me with your shouting and screaming. I prefer my prisoners to be silent when I’m working. It helps me to concentrate and do the job properly.”

She forced into my mouth an enormous Rubber Gag. It filled my mouth and held my tongue down to the bottom of my mouth and I could only make low mumbling noises when I tried to speak. It was attached to a thick, wide, Rubber lined brank that was fastened to the leather strapping with heavy press-studs’. She clipped a long, heavy chain dog lead to the front of the Collar and She slipped the leather loop around Her wrist and gave the lead a sharp tug.

“On your feet prisoner and follow me. It’s not far to my nice Dungeon, but done up as you are it will seem like miles and you will want to get there as soon as you can, but once you are there then you will wish you had never arrived. We can while away the rest of the morning, the afternoon, the evening and most of the night as you are taught a long and painful lesson in obedience.”

I stumbled after my Rubber Mistress trying to avoid bumping into doorways and trying to feel with my feet for obstructions. The ankle and wrist chains hampered my ability to walk properly and I had to take very quick steps to keep up with Her as She pulled and tugged at the lead. This all made the harness strapped tightly around my cock pull on the cord around my neck and send stabs of pain shooting into my cock and balls. I could see nothing but I turned once to the left and felt my shoulder rubbing along a wall, which felt like a narrow passageway, then a turn to the right and a small step that I nearly tripped over and then another turn to the left and Mistress stopped pulling on the lead. I was breathless from the effort of keeping up with Her and the Gag filling my mouth made it hard to draw deep breaths. I sensed I was in a large room with a high ceiling from the echoing sounds as She dragged things across the floor. She unclipped the lead and released the wrist and ankle manacles. Then She pushed me forward three or four steps.

“Kneel down, not on the floor, on the padded boards, then move forward until you feel more padding in front of your knees.”

I did as She said and I felt wide, thick straps being buckled tightly around my ankles, behind my knees and opening the rear vent in the SBR Mackintosh around my thighs. This made me lean forward and I put my hands out in front of me to prevent myself falling over and felt another padded area in front of me.

“Lie down and reach forward as far as you can and push your arms and hands out in front of you.”

Something was attached to the ends of the Bondage Mittens and my arms were stretched forwards. I felt more straps being buckled around my wrists and around my upper arms. A strap went across my shoulders, and another across my waist, and they were buckled extremely tight forcing my body down into the padding. I was strapped down to a very ingeniously designed piece of equipment which I guessed was a Whipping Bench, unable to move or flex my limbs or body and I could visualise that my bum cheeks were raised up in the air making them a perfectly placed target for what was to come.

I felt Mistress pulling at the chains attached to the padlock around the base of my cock and balls and I felt they were being fastened somewhere below my body. Now I could sense She was doing something to the padded arms my legs were strapped to, and then suddenly my legs were moved sideways, spreading them wide apart, and I could feel the hasp of the padlock stretching the base of my cock and at the same time pulling on the cord around my neck. She really was making sure I was not going to move a fraction of an inch.

“There we are prisoner, I shall leave you for a while nicely secured and prepared on My custom built Whipping Bench. I shall go and have a cup of Coffee, and when I come back I shall explain about Pandora’s Dilemma Device and what I intend to do to you. Of course I shan’t tell you everything that would spoil the anticipation, and the start of your punishment begins with a period of anticipation and waiting.” 

“I’m sure you are well aware of the reality of your situation, and you can rest assured this is all very real, there is no place for fantasy in My Dungeon. My Whipping Bench is used only for two purposes. There are those Rubber Bondage prisoners who enjoy being strapped to it and are then given a thorough and severe beating within their agreed limits and this gives them extreme pleasure. Then there are those Rubber Bondage prisoners who find themselves strapped to it for a Punishment beating to which there are no limits other than my endurance and this gives Me extreme pleasure.” 

“You are of course in the second category and I have no idea whether you will get any pleasure from it. Somehow, based on your letters to Me I don’t think you will. While I’m gone you can think about how hard you must try to be obedient to your Rubber Mistress, and how you can become the perfect real Rubber Bondage prisoner.”

I felt Mistress step in-between my wide spread legs, I felt Her cool rustling SBR Dress brush against my bare legs. Then She leaned forward and pressed herself against me. Her cool SBR Dress sent fresh waves of arousal coursing through my cock and again I felt it straining against the tight leather harness it was imprisoned in. I moaned through the gag in my mouth, but I didn’t dare try to make any movement for fear of doing myself some harm.

 “Does that do things to My disobedient Rubber Bondage prisoner. Well there will be more torment and torture before your punishment is over.” 

“Now I shall go off and have My coffee and when I come back we can make a start on your punishment.” 

She gave my bum cheeks several hard stinging slaps with Her hand, and I heard her swish out of the Dungeon and the door was locked and bolted. What was this Pandora’s device She kept on about? What did it do and why did She have to explain it to me?

I didn’t want to know what She was going to do to me, but I could guess even though I had said to Her and written that I had no interest in C.P. No doubt She would have agreed to my request, as it would have been an agreed limit. But I knew only too well this was different. I was going to be punished and the rules said quite clearly that punishments were entirely at Her discretion. I could see that because I didn’t want C.P. then it was the perfect form of punishment to use on me. I could see that it was no good giving someone who enjoyed C.P. a severe beating it would only make them more rebellious to get even more of what they liked. In my case it was not making the punishment fit the crime it was a case of the punishment having the most effect. 

I still couldn’t understand how I had been so easily led to make this visit to Her. She was like no other Mistress I had ever met. Most of them were always very indifferent and made you feel they were doing you a favour by letting you visit them. But this Rubber Mistress was so different, She was always pleased to talk on the phone and She was pleased when I asked if I could visit Her. But I had never realised just how real She would make my visit and this was very real. Dressed in Rubber, sightless and dumb, strapped down securely to a most ingenious Whipping Bench, unable to move a fraction for fear of doing myself an injury to my manhood, which was tightly strapped up to ensure I didn’t get any pleasure. Oh yes, it was so very real and always I had no idea how long the reality would go on for.

My thoughts were broken by the sound of the bolts being released and the door was unlocked and Mistress came into the dungeon. I could hear something being dragged along the floor and positioned in front of my sightless face. Now She came and stood between my legs. She unbuttoned the SBR Mackintosh and I realised why it had been put on back to front. She turned back the edges of the SBR Mackintosh exposing my now bare bum cheeks without having to release any of the very secure Bondage. I could feel cold Rubber brushing against my bare bum but it didn’t feel the same as Her SBR Dress. She leaned over me making the cold Rubber press against my bum. This aroused my tightly imprisoned cock again, and She pulled off the Blindfold. As I adjusted my eyes to the dim light I could see in front of me a small low table and stood on it was a small black plastic box.

“Meet Pandora’s Dilemma Device,” She said with obvious delight in her voice. 

“It is an electronic dice machine with two dice. When I press the button on the box it rolls the dice and when I let go of the button each dice shows a number of lit up dots, which is the count. I shall add them together which means each throw of the dice can be anything between 2 and 12. I shall press the button again and then multiply the two numbers together and that determines how many strokes you get. I expect even in your present state of fear and trembling your mathematics will stretch to work out the possibilities. The count can range between 4 and 144. Did I forget to mention that I have selected 10 implements to use on your well-raised bare bum cheeks? So the minimum you can receive is 40 strokes and the maximum is 1440 strokes. So we will both be praying won’t we prisoner. Me that it doesn’t throw double 1 and you that it doesn’t throw double 12.”

“I’m sure you grasp the meaning of the title of this device. The twist in the tiger’s tail is that I will always win. A high number of strokes will mean I apply them very hard and a low number of strokes will mean I apply them twice as hard. Also I don’t tell you what all the ten implements are, nor how many times I intend to use them. It really is a Dilemma for you isn’t it? I know you have no love of C.P. and that is why I am using it for your punishment. It will I’m sure have the most effect on you to ensure you will obey Me. So lets give Pandora a double roll and we can get started on the first part of your punishment.” 

“Ah! I also forgot to mention that there is a lot more to this punishment than just the C.P. Well never mind you’ll find out as the time drags slowly by for you.” 

She walked round into my limited area of vision. She had changed Her SBR Dress for a loose fitting, floor length Dress made from Red Rubber Hospital Sheeting. It swished and crackled very loudly with every movement. As She leaned forward to press the button on the front of the electronic dice She looked at me and said. “Do you like the sound my Whipping Dress makes. I had it custom made from this lovely Rubber Hospital Sheeting. It makes such a lovely sound when I move, and you will hear it every time I raise my arm.” 

She turned away and pressed the button in the centre of the electronic dice. All the little coloured lights lit up and then when She released the button some went out and some stayed lit.

“H’mm, not too bad prisoner, a 3 and a 4, which makes seven for your first number.”

She pressed the button again and this time She waited for quite some time before releasing it.

“Huh! That’s no better a 2 and a 5, which is another 7. Well it will have to do. So 7 times 7 is 49 and then times 10 is 490. I shall round it up to 500 so you can have 100 each day. I don’t want to waste the rest of today giving you all 500 strokes. After this first session I’ll make it your early morning awakening call for the rest of your visit here, although your visit might have to be extended if we don’t make any progress with your training. As part of your punishment I might decide to leave you on the Whipping Bench tonight so you will be ready for me first thing in the morning. It will all depend on how well you behave yourself for the rest of today.”

Chapter 5.
In which the prisoner discovers what punishment is all about

Mistress fitted the blindfold back over my eyes and I heard Her Dress rustle and crackle as She moved behind me. There was a rustle of Rubber followed by a sharp ‘thwack’ as the first stroke landed across both bum cheeks. It was not painful but it was more of a stinging sensation. I lurched against the tight Leather straps and felt the chains tighten below my cock and send a sharp pain shooting along my erection. I tried to brace myself for the next stroke, but again I strained against the straps and my cock received another sharp jolt of pain. I counted the first ten stinging strokes, there was a pause as Mistress rubbed her hands over my warm bum cheeks. The next ten strokes hurt, they were much more of a searing pain. But not knowing what implements she was using I could only guess at what it was. I managed to mentally keep track to about 35 strokes and then things became a constantly increasing level of pain as each round of ‘rustle’ and ‘whack’ continued with short breaks between each implement. Mistress laid on the prescribed 100 strokes, and then I felt Her standing between my legs and rubbing my burning bum cheeks with Her Rubber Dress, which only served to make my cock erect and send more pain shooting along it. 

“There that wasn’t too bad prisoner was it? Now I shall rub some cream over your bum cheeks and while that is taking effect I shall go off and have another cup of coffee.”

I felt Her rubbing something cold over my burning bum cheeks, between my thighs and over my balls. I felt quite relieved at this turn of events and I felt that perhaps She wasn’t such a cruel Mistress after all. I heard Her rustle out of the Dungeon and lock the door. 

I slowly became aware the cooling effect of the cream was wearing off and a warm sensation was replacing it. Very soon my bum, thighs and balls were on fire as I realised She had rubbed something other than a cooling cream into them. What had been a fire on my bum cheeks had now become a raging inferno as well as the insides of my thighs and my balls. I was well aware these last two places were extremely sensitive and I was sure Mistress was also fully aware of the pain it would create. I now had to think again about how cruel She was, and I vowed I would do everything I was told and do it exactly as She said. I didn’t want to go through all this again. I hoped She would relent about the idea of leaving me strapped to this Whipping Bench for the night. I had visions it would be far worse than the night I had just endured in Her Rubber Bondage Punishment. Although I was only too well aware of the promised 100 strokes each morning for the rest of my stay with Her. I had no idea of the passage of time but I was by now feeling extremely hungry and thirsty having had nothing to eat or drink since yesterday. I hoped I would be released when She returned and be allowed to have some food and drink.

After what seemed an eternity I heard the door being unlocked and Mistress swished back into the dungeon. I felt Her rubbing with a damp cloth at my burning bum cheeks and guessed She was cleaning off the cream that had set my bum cheeks alight. After She had rubbed my cheeks dry I felt Her releasing the straps around my ankles and legs and then over my body and finally my hands. She unclipped the blindfold and I was able to see She had changed back into Her SBR Dress again, but She was wearing a Rubber hospital sheet Apron over it. She released the collar, unbuttoned the SBR Mackintosh I was wearing and released the chains that were attached to the cock and ball padlock and I wondered what was to happen next.

“Stand up prisoner.” and She removed the SBR Mackintosh and after untying the cord around my neck and removing it from the harness strapped around my cock She fitted the SBR Mackintosh back on me, but this time it was the right way round. She buttoned it up down the front, raised the high, stiff SBR collar, and strapped the wide leather collar back around my neck. She gathered the hem of the SBR Mackintosh around each leg on top of the Rubber Waders and wound a leather strap several times around each leg and buckled the straps tight. She pointed to a padded bench “Sit on the edge of it, then swivel round and lie down on it.”

As I shuffled across to the bench I was able to see there was a large number of wide, thick leather straps hanging down along the edge of it. As soon as I was lying down She flung about six of the straps across my body and legs and slipped them underneath my arms and then threaded them through the buckles fitted along the other side of the bench and fastened them tight. My bum cheeks felt tender from the beating She had given me but I was relieved to find they were not too painful to lie on. 

“Now then prisoner we shall make a start with your training. I’m quite sure you are hungry and thirsty so I shall rectify that with some force feeding. While that is being done I shall continue your punishment, that way we should be able to get your programme back on schedule.”

She carefully bound each foot and ankle with a length of rope and pulling my legs apart She tied each ankle to rings fitted to the sides of the bench. She then took each mitten encased hand, threaded a rope through the ring on the tip of each mitten and pulled my arms back alongside my head and over the ends of the bench and tied them to more rings fitted at the top of the bench. Now She buckled the rest of the straps across my shoulders, chest, waist, thighs and legs, but She left the area around my cock and balls clear of the straps. A final strap was fitted across my forehead making it impossible to move my head. She unclipped the brank and removed the gag filling my mouth, but immediately replaced it with another brank which had a Rubber Ball fitted to the inside with a hole through it. A length of Rubber tubing was connected to the hole and I was well aware what it was for. The Rubber Ball made sure I couldn’t push it out of my mouth with my tongue, so whatever was going to be poured down the tube would have to be swallowed. She lowered two hooks down from the ceiling and a bulging Rubber hot water bottle was hung on each hook and then hauled back up to the ceiling. Each bag had a Rubber Tube fitted into the stopper and a valve was fitted on the end of each tube.  The Rubber Tube connected to the Rubber Ball in my mouth had a ‘Y’ connector on the end of it and the valves from the Rubber Bags were connected to the ‘Y’ connector.

Now I felt Mistress releasing a button on the front of the SBR Mackintosh just above my cock and balls. She slipped a Rubber Gloved hand in through the opening and pulled my cock and balls outside the SBR Mackintosh. Then Her hand was back inside the Mackintosh again and the padlock and the two lengths of chain were also pulled outside. Mistress re-buttoned the SBR Mackintosh and with all this handling of my cock I could feel I had a very firm erection which was quickly becoming painful as my cock swelled inside the leather straps fitted around it.

Mistress reached up above the bench and pulled down from the ceiling a cord with a clip on the end and clipped it to the ring on the end of the cock harness. She moved to the end of the bench by my feet and reaching up again pulled two cords down from the ceiling, threaded them through two pulleys fitted to the end of the bench and then clipped each cord to the two chains attached to the cock and ball padlock. She now wheeled a trolley across the room and picked up from the trolley what looked like lengths of copper tube with hooks fitted to them. Once again She reached up above the bench and hooked these tubes over some cords hanging down. As soon as She released the tubes I realised only too well what they were. They were tubes filled with lead and as they pulled down on the cords so my cock was stretched upwards, and at the same time the padlock was drawn out towards my feet. It was not really painful but I was well aware of the tension on my cock and balls.

“There now prisoner that will help you to concentrate while you are being force fed.”

She reached across and slowly opened the valves on the two Rubber Bags hanging above me, and I felt a trickle of thick liquid slowly run into my mouth. 
“The flow is quite slow prisoner, so provided you don’t allow your mouth to fill up, but you swallow the feed in small amounts you won’t choke. It will take about an hour and a half for the bags to empty, which will be time enough for me to have a late lunch. You will find after about an hour that you will need to urinate if you don’t already feel the need. With your nice erection that won’t be possible so you will have to suffer in silence. Also you will get quite bloated because this is to be your only meal today and I don’t want to starve you. You don’t need to know what you are being fed, suffice to say it is nutritious and wholesome.”
Mistress leaned over me and clipped the blindfold back in place, cutting off my vision.

“As I said prisoner, your punishment will continue during your force feeding, so whatever happens don’t forget to swallow will you?” and She gave my tightly strapped, erect cock several flicks with Her Rubber Gloved hand. Now I felt Her going round each of the wide straps holding me to the Bondage Bench and She slowly tightened each one, pressing me down into the padding on the Bench. Then I felt Her doing something to the cords attached to the cock and ball padlock and also the cord attached to the cock harness.  Suddenly it felt as if my cock and balls were being pulled violently towards my feet, while at the same time I felt my cock was being pulled out from its root.

“Just a few more weights prisoner to keep you well aware of the true meaning of obedience to your Mistress. Don’t forget to swallow will you, because the punishment for making me release you and sort your force feed out will be very unpleasant indeed.”

In trying to overcome the terrible pain the extra weights were creating to my cock and balls I had forgotten about the force feed. I found my mouth to be almost full of the thick liquid and with great difficulty I managed to swallow small amounts and clear my mouth. I found myself in a terrible dilemma, the pain was occupying my mind to the exclusion of anything else, but the force feed was relentless as it slowly filled my mouth and I had to swallow so as not to choke. I wasn’t able to think about time or how long I was going to have to endure this torment. But in the back of my mind I knew Mistress was going to leave me suffering like this for at least an hour and a half, and I was sure that when She did eventually come back there would be more suffering to endure. I could recall that when She had found me in the Stable preparing my breakfast She had made a remark about how long She would have to punish me. I recalled She had said ‘the rest of the morning, the afternoon and most of the night.’ I shuddered in spite of the severe Bondage holding me to the Bench as I realised it was only early in the afternoon and I knew it would be a long painful time before She had finished punishing me.

In concentrating on the force feeding I had managed to blot out the pain in my cock and balls, but as I felt the feed slowing down the pain imposed itself into my thoughts and with it came two more agonies as I felt my stomach becoming bloated with the feed and the need to have a pee. Several of the straps Mistress had so carefully and viciously tightened before leaving me were positioned across my stomach which made it impossible for my stomach to extend as the feed filled it up. The need to have a pee was made worse by the cock Bondage, which kept my cock fully erect and I was engulfed in wave after wave of pain and agony. I tried desperately to move to try and ease the tension pulling at my cock and balls, but so tight were the straps across my body that I couldn’t move a fraction. The way Mistress had roped my ankles apart and secured my hands and arms above my head made it impossible to obtain any leverage, so I had to accept that I was being well and truly punished by an expert in Bondage and torture. I had been severely punished for breaking the rules at ‘Fantasy Acre’ and I was now being punished for disobedience. I was being taught the hard way by a very cruel Rubber Mistress that I had to be obedient to Her at all times, and I knew this was a lesson I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

I heard the sound of the Dungeon door being unlocked and the unmistakable rustle of Rubber told me my Mistress had returned to - I hoped - release me. But Her first action soon dashed any hopes I might have had of being released from this torment. I guessed She was squeezing the two Rubber feed bags as my mouth filled with more of the thick liquid and I was forced to add to the pain in my bloated stomach. 

“I can’t let my Rubber Bondage prisoner waste any of his feed and go hungry, so I’m squeezing out the last of the feed in the bags. I hope you are feeling quite full by now, and I know you are in desperate need of a pee. Well that will come later, in fact much later. Disobedient prisoners have to be properly punished, and your punishment has some way to go yet. I think I’ll carry on with the next part of your training programme, so after tomorrow morning’s visit to the whipping bench we will be almost back on schedule. I expect that after that force feed you are still feeling thirsty, well your Rubber Mistress has just the thing to alleviate that thirst. Do you remember what you wrote in several of your letters to me about some of what you referred to as your more outlandish fantasies. No, I expect you are unsure because you wrote such a lot at various times. Well I keep all letters and file them away, then when a visit is arranged as in your case I get them out and make up a programme to bring those fantasies to life. There is nothing haphazard about ‘Fantasy Acre’ and the things I do to my prisoners. All your dreams and sometimes your worst fears are brought to life. I take you to your limits and beyond. We have even discussed this fantasy over the telephone, and if you recall I sent you an article about ‘Urine’ and the benefits some people have got from drinking it. I firmly believe in practising what my prisoners preach, and you are in the ideal position for me to practice some of your preaching. Well you are in no position to protest are you prisoner?” 

Chapter 6
In which Mistress continues the punishment of Her disobedient prisoner.

The remains of the force-feed had finally stopped, and I guessed the two Rubber Bags were now completely empty. I felt the tube fitted to the mouth brank being pulled about, but with the blindfold still clipped in place I couldn’t see what Mistress was doing. I heard something being dragged across the floor, and could hear the Rubber of Her dress swishing about. Then the blindfold was removed and I could see there was a wooden platform with a handrail along one side. It was positioned across the Bondage Bench I was strapped to just above my body. Mistress climbed up some steps at one side of this platform and stood in the middle of it looking down at me. A Rubber tube hung down underneath Her Rubber Dress and I could see it was connected to a plastic collecting bag. The outlet from the bag was connected to the Rubber tube fitted into my mouth brank. I guessed She had a catheter fitted into Her cunty and the bag would be used to control the flow. There was now no doubt what She was going to do.

“I know you are well aware of ‘Water sports’ prisoner, you have written to me often enough about it. Well this is the supreme accolade a Mistress can offer to Her prisoner. I don’t believe in wasting my wee by letting it run all over you. I firmly believe in the therapeutic benefits of drinking it. I am going to allow you to drink my ‘Golden Champagne’. I have had several coffee breaks today and also a very pleasant lunch with several more cups of coffee and just for you I have also had quite a few glasses of water. To ensure you get full measure I have delayed using the toilet. Now I need to have a pee just like you do. However in my case I have a very disobedient rubber Bondage prisoner to pee into, and unfortunately because of your erection you can’t. You’ll be able to see how much you have to drink, and the secret is not to let the bag fill up. If it does it will become pressurised and you could drown yourself trying to drink your Rubber Mistresses wee. When I open the valve on the catheter you had better start swallowing because I am not controlling the flow. The catheter is inside my bladder and it will empty itself quite quickly and you will be able to quench your thirst for quite some time.”

She crouched down on the platform and opened Her legs, which I knew was the ideal position for a Woman to take up to be able to pee easily. She put Her hand up underneath Her Rubber dress and I saw Her wee running into the bag. I was fascinated as the bag started to fill with a pale yellow liquid, and then there was warm, salty liquid flowing into my mouth. I swallowed rapidly as the bag continued to fill, and my stomach was feeling more and more bloated as I forced myself to swallow this copious flow of wee. It was something I had often fantasised about and I had imagined it would be a very pleasurable thing to have done to me. But this was different. Mistress was using it as a punishment and I was being humiliated and made to suffer for my disobedience. Eventually the flow ceased and I was able, with a great deal of effort, to empty the bag. I was now in extreme pain, not just from my bloated stomach being squeezed by the wide Leather straps but also my desperate need to have a pee myself.

Mistress disconnected the tube to my mouth brank from the bag and climbed down from the platform. She replaced my blindfold and I could hear the platform being dragged away from the bench. I was hoping that was the end of my punishment and I would now be released and at least allowed to have a pee, but I also needed to use the loo for a major relief as well. 

Mistress unclipped the brank with the feeding tube and replaced it with the totally silencing Gag I had worn during my beating. 

“Well that’s your meal-time finished with prisoner, so we can continue with your punishment uninterrupted. Before I go and have some more coffee I’ll just make sure you are properly filled up. Then when I come back we’ll see about emptying you out.”

She unbuckled all the straps holding me to the bench and released my hands and feet. She removed the weights and undid the Bondage to my cock and balls. The relief was wonderful as the pressure on my stomach eased off and my cock and balls were no longer being pulled off.

“Sit up and get off the bench and then stand up.”

When I was on my feet She guided me by my shoulders and pushed me towards where I remembered the whipping bench was positioned.

“Kneel down prisoner, you did this earlier on. Then lie forward and stretch your arms out in front of you.” 

I was right; She was securing me to the whipping bench again. Surely She wasn’t going to give me another beating. She quickly secured me to the whipping bench in the same way as for my beating. But several extra straps were buckled tightly across my back, waist and buttocks forcing me down hard into the padding of the whipping bench. Now what was She going to do to me. This time She opened the rear vent in the SBR Mackintosh, turned the edges of the SBR Mackintosh vent outwards and pushed them underneath the strap buckled tightly across my waist. I felt Her push Her finger inside my bum hole and realised She was lubricating it. Then something thin and flexible was pushed deep inside my bum hole.

“Another of your fantasies is about to become reality prisoner. But not I can assure you in the manner you were hoping for. Enemas were on your training programme, and they are quite therapeutic, erotic and pleasant and when you can’t hold the enema any longer you are allowed to expel it. But your introduction is as one might say in at the deep end with a punishment enema, which is not intended to be therapeutic nor at all pleasant. I have inserted a double catheter which will keep you sealed and totally water-tight, and I have prepared 3 pints of hot soapy water which will I can assure you get your bowels and your colon moving very rapidly. Unfortunately you won’t be able to expel anything, and it will quickly become quite painful, in fact after several hours it will be extremely painful. With your now well filled bladder which is making you have a fairly desperate need to have a pee, which can only get worse since I added to the contents with my ‘Golden Champagne’, your stomach which is I’m sure very full from the very generous force feed, and as I’m sure you have discovered the way you are very tightly strapped down to the whipping bench will all help to make your enema a very memorable event. I shall come back from time to time to make sure you are suffering and I will probably think of something to add to your punishment to make sure you are really suffering.”

I felt a bladder expanding inside my bum and then a second one was being pumped up and I could feel them getting bigger and bigger as they forced out against the sides of my bum. I felt Mistress pulling at the catheter and She seemed satisfied that it was well and truly fixed inside me. I felt the catheter become warm were it entered my bum hole and then I felt the first trickle of the enema as it slowly flowed inside my bum. As Mistress had foretold the reaction was quite rapid. After only a few minutes I felt a desperate need to defecate, my rectum was reacting to the soapy water and the two inflated bladders were making sure nothing was going to be let out. As more of the enema flowed into me so I felt more discomfort and slowly the pain built up right through my abdomen. I was trying to visualise where all three pints of soapy water were going and with my stomach pressed down so firmly by the tight straps Mistress had secured across my back into the padding of the whipping bench there didn’t seem to be anywhere for it to go. As I slowly filled up so the pain became stronger and a dull ache settled deep inside my expanding bum hole.  The pain from my need to pee and defecate was becoming unbearable. I was aware of all sorts of rumblings and odd noises from my overfilled stomach and bum and the pain became more and more acute. Suddenly I was aware that Mistress was standing beside me.

“How is my disobedient prisoner enjoying his punishment enema? I think if you could answer me you would probably say ‘not a lot’. Oh, goodness gracious those straps look quite slack, I had better tighten them up or you won’t get the full benefit from your punishment.”

I couldn’t imagine how the straps could become slack, but Mistress did indeed tighten them and add to the terrible pain I was experiencing.

“I might be back in about an hour or so prisoner and if I think you have learnt your lesson in obedience I might decide to release you. On the other hand another pint of hot soapy water will definitely drive my message home. When this is over you can have another night of Rubber Bondage but more severe than last night, and by the morning when your 100 strokes are out of the way we can start your training in earnest.”

If She was going to start my training in earnest then this punishment must surely rank as severely serious. I wondered if I could take another hour of this terrible torture. I was at my wits end, so tightly was I strapped to the whipping bench I couldn’t move a fraction to ease the dreadful cramps in my bowels. But Gagged as I was there was no way I could ask for relief from this torment, but in view of Her threats if I did ask to be released I felt it was better just to moan and groan as wave after wave of cramps racked my body. I really was being punished and I vowed I would obey every last word of this cruel Rubber Mistress into whose clutches I had the misfortune to fall. Eventually I felt the straps holding me to the whipping bench being slackened and I hoped I was to be released from this diabolical torment.

“Hello prisoner it’s time to be released, and also to be humiliated. I have a bucket ready for you to sit on and empty yourself into, while I stand and watch.” 

“Then you can have a shower and it will be as Zebedee says ‘time for bed’.” Mistress removed the Blindfold, but not the Gag and She released the straps and the chains securing me to the whipping bench. 

Across a corner of the Dungeon a Steel Gate was fitted and inside there was a bucket. She led me over to the corner, opened the gate and indicated I was to sit on the bucket. I sat down, and Mistress reached behind me and I felt the bladders deflate and She pulled the catheter out of my bum hole. She closed the gate and because of the lack of space my legs and feet went between the bars of the gate and were outside the cage. I couldn’t hold back against the enema and even while she was roping my legs together I was excreting violently into the bucket. As the pressure subsided in my stomach I was at last able to pee as well. The relief was overwhelming as my body emptied itself. All the time Mistress stood and watched me with a contented smirk on Her face. I considered myself to be broadminded and I had no qualms about undressing in front of a woman. But somehow this was different, I was performing two degrading functions and to have a woman watch me while I had no control over the functions was very humiliating. The fact it was my Rubber Mistress watching me, and it was She who had brought me to this lowly state only made it all the more humiliating.

Eventually I had finished peeing and defecating, and some sort of normality was returning to my sore and aching body. My legs felt weak from the sudden expulsion of the enema, but I was slowly recovering from my ordeal. Mistress left me sitting on the bucket while She tidied up the Dungeon and put various things away and hung other items on racks on the wall. She came over to me and untied the rope around my legs and unlocked the gate and opened it. She released the Bondage Mittens and after unlacing and unstrapping them pulled them off. She handed me a length of toilet paper and said, “Wipe yourself clean and drop the paper in the bucket.” I did as She said and I was surprised at the quantity of mess in the bucket.

“Now then prisoner when you leave you will take the bucket with you back to the Stable and empty it into the toilet and then clean out the bucket, and place it by the door in the lobby. When you have done that strip off, shave and have a shower. You will find a Rubber Suit laid out on the bed. Put it on and the set of manacles, with your hands behind your back and take up your position across the bed. Is that all understood prisoner, because I’m sure you don’t want to go through all this again do you.”

I nodded my head and tried to make a mumbling acknowledgement through the Gag.

“Don’t mumble at me prisoner, a nod or a shake of your head is sufficient. The Gag is to keep you silent, and silent you will be at all times. In future you will only speak to answer a direct question assuming you are not Gagged. If you are Gagged then you will either nod your head twice or shake it from side to side twice. If you are unable to move your head then you will give one ‘grunt’ for yes and two ‘grunts’ for no. Any further noise from you will result in a much more severe Gag being applied which will not only stop any noise, but it will make it very difficult for you to breathe as well. Right follow me back outside.”

Mistress led me through several passageways, which were totally dark so I was unable to see where I was actually going. When we arrived outside I was surprised to find it was nighttime. I could only assume I had been in Her Dungeon for the whole day and the evening. She unlocked the Stable and as soon as I was inside she closed the door behind me and I heard Her locking it on the outside. I wondered how I was going to cope with the new instruction about only speaking to answer a direct question. I could see the regime was becoming more and more strict. She really was my Fantasy Rubber Mistress become very real. 

I wondered if I would be able to last out a week under Her very strict control. Based on what I had just been through and with more promised for the night I felt I was going to be hard pushed to last out. But this was what I had made this long journey for. To be a Rubber Bondage prisoner, and to be totally under the control and domination of a Rubber Mistress. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that such a place could exist. But here I was experiencing far more than my dreams and my week had four days and nights to go. But I remembered Her threat about prolonging my stay if the planned programme was not fulfilled. I wondered how serious that threat was, and I realised that based on my experiences so far it could be a very serious threat. Having paid in advance for my week under Her control I certainly wasn’t going to see what would happen if I insisted on being released. I was sure there would be no refund and there was no guarantee I would be released. I decided to stop daydreaming and get on with carrying out Her instructions before She came back in and found me not ready for Her. I hoped that by tomorrow I would be in a better state of mind now I knew how serious She was, and what I had let myself in for.

I emptied the bucket and cleaned it out and placed it by the door to the Stable. I removed all my Rubber Clothing and quickly had a shower. This restored some of my spirits as I felt more relaxed but my spirits subsided a little when I saw the Rubber Suit Mistress had put out on the bed for me to put on. It was a close fitting double thickness heavyweight Rubber Suit with attached Feet, Gloves a Hood and a tight cock and ball hole in the crotch. But it was the Hood that made me feel apprehensive. I could see it was double thickness and a close fitting one. In place of eyeholes, pads were fitted to the inside to completely cover the eyes and prevent any light from getting inside. There were no nostril holes and fitted into it was a large Rubber ball Gag with a breathe thro’ hole in the middle. Although the Gag was attached to the Hood it had a strap harness fitted outside the Hood, no doubt to make sure it couldn’t be pushed out of the mouth. I collected my thoughts and realised I would have to get the Hood fitted on before I attached the wrist Manacles of the chain set behind my back. 

I powdered the inside of the Rubber Suit and slipped my legs down into the legs and into the attached feet. I was immediately aware of the tight fit of the Rubber Suit and also the weight of the two layers of Rubber. I forced my cock and balls through the tight hole in the crotch and pulled the Rubber Suit up over my body. I slid my arms and hands into the sleeves and was dismayed to find the fingers and thumbs of the attached Gloves were all joined together. The Gloves were more like a pair of Mittens but my fingers and thumbs were all enclosed in Rubber. By holding my hands together I was able to grip the front zip runner and close it up to my neck. I dragged the Rubber Hood over my head and face and with a lot of fiddling I was able to close the zip fitted in the back of the Hood. I tried for a while to buckle up the straps on the Gag Harness and in spite of the restriction the Gloves created to my fingers I finally managed to get all the buckles secured and the harness a fairly tight fit around my head. I groped about and found the Chain Set and snapped the Manacles around my ankles. Then I knelt down and with some more struggling I managed to secure my wrists behind my back. Then I moved close to the edge of the bed and let myself flop down across it. I had done it again, put myself into Rubber Bondage from which I had no means to release myself; this Rubber Mistress really was in control of me. I now had to wait until She returned to find out what She meant by ‘more severe than last night’.

I had a distinct feeling that Mistress was always waiting for me to complete Her instructions. I didn’t have long to wait before I heard the door being unlocked and I heard Her come rustling in. I heard Her drop something onto the spare bed and then She caught hold of my wrists and pulled me up into a kneeling position. I felt Her fingers pulling at the Gag Harness and the buckles were tightened up forcing the Rubber Gag fully into my mouth.

“Not tight enough prisoner, but I will accept the webbed gloves do make things difficult. Now then stand up and move away from the bed.”

Mistress led me backwards to the end of the breakfast bar and She lifted up my manacled hands and attached it to what I guessed was a screw eye on the post at the end of the breakfast bar. This tightened the link chain to the ankle manacles and I had to rise up on my toes to ease the strain on my wrists. I could hear the sound of something heavy being placed on the bed. Then I could hear Rubber being shaken about. There was now and again the clinking of buckles or it might have been chains. I could see nothing so I had no idea what was being prepared for me, but I had visions of some sort of Body Bag being got ready for me to spend the night in. She released the chain from its attachment point and I was led back towards the bed. Mistress unlocked the wrist manacles and let the chain drop to the floor between my feet. 

“Sit down on the bed prisoner but get your bum right out into the middle.” I did as She said and She released the ankle Manacles. “Now lift your legs and swing them up onto the bed keeping your knees bent.” I could feel cold Rubber striking through the Rubber Suit and I waited for Her next instruction. “Push your feet out in front of you and let your legs slide forward.”

I could feel my feet sliding into a Rubber enclosure and Mistress pulled the Rubber around my feet and legs. “Lift your right arm and slide it into the pocket and push your hand right down as far as it will go. Now do the same with your other hand and arm.” I felt my arms were encased in a Rubber sleeve, which was attached to the Rubber around my legs. “Now lie down and lift up your bum.” I could feel Her pulling the Rubber underneath my body and at the same time the Rubber was pulled up around my body.  Something Rubbery was slipped over my cock and balls and a strap was buckled tight around the root. I felt Mistress pushing something down between my legs and I guessed it was a drain tube, and the Rubber around my cock and balls was some sort of collection device. I heard a zip being closed and I felt the Rubber tighten around my legs and body.

I heard the clinking sound again and as I felt the straps being drawn around my Rubber encased body I knew it was the buckles making the noise.  Mistress passed a wide stiff leather band around my ankles and I felt her secure and tighten two straps and buckles to hold it in place. Then She did the same above and below my knees and two more around my thighs. I then felt straps being buckled tightly around my wrists, and above and below my elbows and I guessed they were inserted through the Rubber Body Bag I was enclosed in, passing around the captive arm sleeves and could then be buckled on the outside. Now another wide Strap was secured tightly around my waist and two more around my upper and lower chest. These very effectively kept my arms and hands securely fastened to my sides. A heavy Rubber Hood was fitted over my head and face and secured with a zip at the back, which, Mistress closed by lifting my head off the bed. It felt as if it was padded or quilted, as I could no longer hear any noises. Faintly I heard the rattle and clink of chains and felt them being attached to each side of the wide leather bands that were buckled tightly around my double thickness Rubber suited body encased in the thick Rubber Body Bag. There was a ‘click’ in my ears and I could hear Her rather breathless voice speaking to me.

“You are quite welcome to have a struggle, but I can’t imagine for one moment that you will be able to release yourself from your Rubber Bondage. As a precaution I have chained and padlocked you to the bed and to complete your security I shall fit the double thickness Rubber sheet over you. I shall release you sometime tomorrow when I have finished all the more important things I have to do. As I said yesterday Rubber Bondage prisoners being punished tend to be forgotten and they come a long way down my list of priorities. As a small consideration I have fitted you up with a drain tube, not because I am being kind to you, but it saves clearing up any mess you might make during your time in this nice secure Rubber Bondage. I won’t wish you ‘Good Night’ because I know you won’t be having one, nor will you have a ‘Good Morning’. By the time I do eventually release you I’m sure you will be wishing you had never agreed to come here. But you have the training programme I have planned for you to look forward to which because of these punishments you have had to endure will occupy us for quite some time. This will of course mean you will have to endure some extremely severe Rubber Bondage, which in your case will only get even more severe as the days and nights slowly pass by. Oh yes! Don’t forget your daily 100 on my whipping bench plus some more you are sure to be awarded for the many minor misdemeanours you are sure to commit. I think we shall have a very rewarding time together prisoner.”

I felt the heavy Rubber Sheet being dragged over my body and then the pressure as it was secured to the edges of the bed. Then the top of the Rubber Sheet was stretched over my head and my face forced itself into the elasticated opening, and I faintly heard the click of the padlocks securing it in place. I was utterly and totally immobile. The wide leather bands strapped so tightly around my body and thighs were carefully placed to prevent me from moving my fingers or my arms. The chains attached to the wide leather bands and the sides of the bed made sure I didn’t move a fraction of an inch from side to side, and the heavy Rubber Sheet stretched tightly over my inert Rubber encased body ensured my head was held immobile. I shuddered inwardly as I realised I had to spend not only the night but part of the next day like this and I wondered how on earth I would cope with this total Rubber encapsulation. 



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