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Prisoner in Rubber and Bondage
by rbp818
© Copyright 2008 - rbp818 - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; D/s; rubber; bond; straitjacket; cell; cons; X
Prisoner in Rubber & Bondage Chapter 10: Nurse White enjoys herself by rbp818 FF/m; D/s; rubber; bond; straitjacket; cell; cons; X
  continued from part nine

Chapter 10: Nurse White enjoys herself.

She released the steel waist belt, collar and wrist manacles and let them drop to the floor. Then from the pile of items she picked up the full arm length bondage mittens and fitted them over my hands and arms. She took her time and carefully laced them up tight and buckled all the straps, one at the top, one above and one below my elbows and one around my wrists. She had secured them much tighter than my Mistress did and I found I was now unable to bend my arms or my wrists.

“What a wonderful bondage device your Mistress has provided. I shall have to make sure you bring them with you to my place.”

Now she picked up the heavy rubber lined SBR Mackintosh and holding it out in front of me – but back to front – she guided my arms into the sleeves and pulled the SBR Mackintosh over my shoulders. She pulled my bondage mittened hands behind me and pushed them down into the pockets of the SBR Mackintosh. From the worktop she picked up two lengths of chain and fastened them to the rings on the ends of the bondage mittens, which were fed through reinforced holes in the bottoms of the pockets. The chains were just long enough to reach to my ankle manacles and she pulled the chains tight and secured them to the manacles.

Next the buttons were done up down what was now the back of the SBR Mackintosh. She pulled up the collar of the SBR Mackintosh and buckled the two neck straps pulling the collar tightly around my neck. She positioned the wide belt around my waist and buckled it viciously tight at the back. The steel waist belt was secured around my waist over the SBR Mackintosh belt and the chains to the wrist manacles were stretched out and the manacles secured around my arms above my elbows. This had the effect of pulling my arms forward and tightening the chains that went from the tips of the bondage mittens down to my ankle manacles. I could see this was going to make walking extremely difficult as the tight chains would make it hard to take a step forward. She picked up the inflatable butterfly gag and the head harness that would keep it firmly in place.

“I’ve seen one of these gags but never actually fitted one,” She said. “But it looks as if it is very effective. If I don’t get it positioned properly shake your head from side to side and I’ll try it again.”

Well I thought at least she is being a bit more considerate than Mistress usually was. But then Mistress seemed to know what everything was for and exactly how to apply it. Nurse White pushed the gag bladder into my mouth and poked about with her fingers to get the two wings of the bladder alongside my cheeks. I worked my mouth about and the bladder finally popped into place. She soon sorted out the head harness and that was placed in position and tightly strapped up. She screwed the inflator onto the bladder valve and gave it a couple of experimental pumps.

“I don’t intend to ask you to tell me when it is inflated enough. I think I can work that out for myself. Now I don’t do things by half measures so you can expect to have it fully inflated.”

She gave the pump another half dozen squeezes and then poked my cheeks behind the harness straps with her fingers. The side wings of the bladder were almost at maximum inflation and my cheeks were pressed hard against the straps, and the mouth bladder had filled my mouth and was pressing down on my tongue. She gave it three more pumps and then removed the pump and fitted the sealing cap onto the valve.

“That’s something else I must make sure comes with you to my place. I do like a silent victim.”

She lifted up the SBR Cape and dropped it over my shoulders and fastened the sixteen buttons down the front. Between the two top buttons she passed out the chain with the steel collar attached to it and after adjusting the collar to fit my now much larger neck because of the SBR Mackintosh and SBR Cape collars secured the collar around my neck. She pulled up the attached SBR hood on the SBR Cape and tied the drawstring tightly under my chin. She clipped a lead to the ring on the front of the steel collar and gave it a sharp jerk.

“Now then follow me prisoner and don’t dawdle, or I’ll put you on a short chain on your walking machine.”

I was dreading this moment, as so far I had been standing still while she put me into the bondage mittens, chains and manacles the SBR Mackintosh and the SBR Cape. I took a couple of tentative steps and I was immediately aware of the difficulties she had put me into. As I put my foot forward the chain down to my ankles tightened up but the chain with the manacles secured around my arms didn’t give and to get a small amount of slack in the bondage mitten to ankle manacle chain I had to pull myself up very erect and draw my shoulders back.

With the weight of the SBR Mackintosh and the SBR Cape I could see it was going to be very tiring if I had to do any walking for any length of time. I had no idea how long ten circuits of the house would take, but I felt sure I was in for a very testing time. I wondered if Nurse White knew just how severe she had made my bondage. More to the point I wondered if she was aware of the severe ordeal I was about to endure and how much she had contributed to my forthcoming suffering.

Outside she removed the lead and secured the chain hanging down from the walking machine to the front of my collar. She operated the switch and the electric trolley moved off along the track. After the first circuit around the house I desperately wanted a rest. The strain of holding my shoulders back to obtain some slack in the chains was becoming unbearable. As I trudged by the back door of the house Nurse White stepped out and giving me a wicked smile walked along beside me.

She said, “Nine more circuits to go prisoner and I suppose you are enjoying every minute. I must admit your Mistress really has got this punishment thing down to a fine art. I would have probably left you dressed and secured just as you are without the ability to sit down. But to make you walk round and round the house dressed in all this rubber clothing, chained up and gagged as well is absolutely wonderful. She was telling me that you really enjoyed all this and you were deliberately making her give you demerits so you could be punished. One of my interests is in Anaesthesia and controlled breathing and the effect it has on a man’s sex drive. It’s quite amazing how if you restrict a victim’s air supply his sexual drive is heightened out of all proportion. I have had some very exciting times with some of my visitors and I’m sure you will have some very exciting times with me as well. Well if you don’t give me an exciting time when you have finished doing all my little jobs I can assure you I will satisfy your desires by keeping you in a state of permanent punishment. Oh, this is where I stop walking as I have a rubber bed and some bondage to prepare for a very wayward rubber bondage prisoner. But you keep on walking as you have quite some way to go yet.”

She stopped by the back door and I kept on walking, following the electric trolley on its endless journey along the track. When I next went past the back door there was no sign of Nurse White.

I was now beginning to feel the strain of holding my shoulders back to keep the chains slack. I found after a while that I could relax just a little and so ease the strain on my shoulder muscles. But any attempt to completely relax made the chains tighten and several times I nearly fell over as the chains tightening up shortened my steps. I was dismayed on my tenth circuit to find there was no sign of Nurse White at the back door. After another three more circuits of sheer torture I could see she was waiting for me. She walked towards me and turned and walked beside me.

“Was my rubber bondage prisoner thinking I had forgotten about him? Well you needn’t worry I am looking forward to our time together in your cell. Your Mistress has kept me busy showing me all the amazing and wonderfully severe rubber clothing she has for punishing you. I am now undecided whether to forget about the jobs that need to be done at my place and move in here when your Mistress is away and amuse myself keeping you in a state of permanent day and night punishment. It will all depend on how well you perform during the next part of your punishment. Of course if you fail to please me then that could be a very good reason for me to punish you day and night. But on the other hand if you do please me then it could be just as good a reason to keep you in permanent punishment and have you giving me endless pleasure. It is going to be quite a dilemma for you isn’t it prisoner, it is the old ‘catch 22’ situation and neither situation will bring you any relief from continuous punishment.”

We had by this time made another painful circuit of the house and as we reached the back door she reached up and operated the switch and stopped the electric trolley and I was at last able to relax and ease the terribly painful torture on my shoulder muscles.

“Now that part of your punishment is over,” said Nurse White with a sinister chuckle, “it is time to continue your punishment when I put you to bed.”

She released the chain from my collar and clipped the lead to it and led me inside the house and back down into the cellar and into my cell. I could see my rubber bed had been fitted up with the totally enclosing rubber bondage sheets, and I wondered if Mistress had received the new bondage bars for the rubber bed.

“Now I wanted to put you to bed dressed just as you are but your Mistress had other ideas. She has agreed I can have a totally free hand with you so I picked out something from your store cupboard that will I’m sure complete your punishment. But first we will have to remove all this lot and then get you into something much more suitable for a night of rubber bondage.”

I was now well aware of what was in store for me as Nurse White gradually removed all my rubber clothing and chains I was wearing until I was left in the rubber underwear.

“You can remove your rubber stockings, rubber shirt and rubber knickers then I want to check and see how you are coping after having the catheters removed.”

I removed the rubber underwear and Nurse White peeled down the so very tight rubber pants and looked inside the cotton pants I was wearing.

“Well you surprise me prisoner. Not a stain or spot, you really have regained control of your bladder and bowel. Well that solves one dilemma, I can leave your cock and balls free inside your rubber bondage so we can have a little bit of sexy excitement. Take off the rubber pants and the cotton pants and then have a shower and use the toilet as well.”

As I removed the two pairs of pants and made my way to the shower I wondered what Nurse White had in mind for her sexy excitement. I could only assume she was going to use me for her own sort of excitement.

I couldn’t imagine there would be any excitement for me. My Mistress only used me for her own pleasure and only very rarely would she allow me any sexual relief. I thought for a moment that perhaps Nurse White was different, but I dismissed the thought as idle speculation as I was sure she could be just as cruel as my Mistress.

After I had used the toilet and then showered and dried myself I went and stood beside the rubber bed and waited for Nurse White to start her preparations. I could see laid out on the rubber bed the heavy rubber straitjacket and the heavy shoulder high rubber waders. Also a totally enclosing rubber suit was lying on the rubber bed with attached socks, gloves and hood. It had a tight genital hole in the crotch so now I knew what she meant by leaving my cock and balls free. But I was now wondering what she intended to do either with or to my cock and balls.

“You can get yourself into the rubber suit and I’ll zip it up, and make sure your cock and balls are brought out through the crotch hole.”

I worked the rubber suit up over my feet and legs and with a struggle managed to force my cock and balls through the tight hole. I pulled the rubber suit up over my shoulders and slid my hands down the sleeves. The rubber suit was a tight fit all over my legs and body and also between my legs. I discovered when I pushed my hands into the attached gloves that the fingers and thumbs were all joined together. Nurse White pulled the attached hood over my head and face and closed the rear zip from my waist up to the top of my head. The hood had very small eye holes covered with a clear lens, nostril breathing tubes, which I couldn’t think of a reason for them being fitted as the hood had a large, wide open mouth.

She picked up the rubber straitjacket and held it open in front of me. I slid my arms down into the sleeves and she brought the edges together behind my back and closed the heavy-duty zip from the bottom up to the neck. There was no attached hood just a very high, stiff collar, which she drew tightly around my neck and secured with two straps and buckles at the back. Over my exposed cock and balls she fitted on a rubber sheath and tight ball bag with a wide flange around the base. Then she worked my now encased cock and balls out through a tight hole in the crotch piece of the rubber straitjacket. She pulled the crotch piece back between my legs and secured the two straps to buckles on the bottom of the rubber straitjacket.

The six straps down the back of the rubber straitjacket were fastened and tightly buckled up, as were the two straps on the crotch piece. My arms were folded across each other in front of me and the ends of the sleeves were buckled together behind my back. She pushed a long strap across my back, then pushed it behind my arms above the elbows and passed it over my arms and buckled it tightly behind my back. This pulled my elbows in to my sides and towards my back and at the same time tightened even further the buckle on the ends of the sleeves. I had a feeling Mistress had been instructing Nurse White on the correct way to apply a rubber straitjacket.

“Prop yourself against your rubber bed and push your feet down into the legs of the rubber waders.”

I did as she said and when my feet were down into the bottom of the rubber waders she pulled the rubber waders up over my rubber straitjacket encased body and buckled the four straps across my shoulders. I could see there was a zipped access panel in the front of the rubber waders, which no doubt accounted for my cock and balls being left loose inside the rubber waders.

Nurse White turned back the top rubber sheet on my rubber bed and I was relieved to see there were no bondage bars fitted to the rubber bed. She pushed me back towards the rubber bed and picking up my feet swivelled me around.

I found myself lying in the centre of the rubber bed. She quickly fitted wide leather binders around my ankles and above and below my knees. I was now completely immobile apart from being able to rock my body from side to side and I knew that once the rubber sheet was secured over me I would be in rigidly immovable rubber bondage. I wondered what Nurse White intended to do to me if I was secured in such a totally unmoving position.

“I am now going to ask you two direct questions, and you will answer me truthfully. Is my rubber bondage prisoner very happy in his fully secure and immobilising rubber bondage that kind Nurse White has put him into? And is he looking forward to an exciting time with his rubber Nurse?”

“The rubber bondage prisoner thanks kind Nurse White for making him extremely happy and delighted with the way she has secured him in her very immobilising and rigid rubber bondage. The rubber bondage prisoner is looking forward to an exciting time with kind Nurse White, but the rubber bondage prisoner is a bit apprehensive about what she intends to do to him.”

“Oh my, what a wonderfully subservient speech, your Mistress really does have you under control. I wish some of my visitors were more like you. But then you have been under the control of your Mistress for quite a long time so she must have a problem making your rubber bondage more and more severe to keep you happy. I was hoping you would be happy with my rubber bondage, and you can rest assured that with the right equipment – and you have plenty of that - I can be a lot more severe than this. However it is for you to find out what I intend to do to you. To begin with I’m going to find out how good you are at getting a woman aroused with that tongue you have in your mouth, and if you can manage to impress me then you will discover what other pleasures I have in store for you. So enough of the talking let’s have some action.”



to be continued ...


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