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by Phoebe Les Techs

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© Copyright 2007 - Phoebe Les Techs - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; latex; bond; scifi; vr; fantasy; cons; X

Priscilla wondered how she would look to beings from other worlds. She had pondered this question many times, for as long as she could remember. She ran her long rubber fingers over her perfectly round breasts, tweaking the rubber nipples as her fingers passed near them. As her fantasy dream sequence appeared on her secondary visual optics, she felt her love zones moisten and begin to pulsate. Just thinking about what it would be like, and what others would think, made the dream sequence come on, and activate the rest of the things that happened to her body when the dreams appeared.

She orgasma-stumbled just once as she "walked", in her spike-heeled rubber hover pumps, down the street toward the rendezvous point. She did not understand why she in particular had been chosen to greet the alien. Certainly there were many others more qualified, and certainly, more beautiful, than herself. But it was a dream come true for pretty Priscilla, so she did not verbally question the decision of the ruling powers.

Unbeknown to Priscilla, it was her programmed destiny, the very reason why she had been genetically conceived.

"Priscilla ?" she heard a voice question.

Startled, she turned to see her ... reflection !

"Penelope!" Priscilla cried out.

Until now, 'Penelope' had been only a very private, pretend playmate in Priscilla's fantasy dream sequences. Was this vision she saw now just an enhanced hologram, or a misfunction in her optic circuits ? But this was far too real ! Priscilla wiggled her fingers. This Penelope did not reciprocate, not like the Penelope that Priscilla had played with many times in her 3-D rubber mirror. Then, as if her gesture would prove that she was much more than an interactive rubber reflection, Penelope took Priscilla's hand, much to Priscilla's surprise.

" I have the same dream sequences, too, only with you in them, Priscilla ! " Penelope assured, as she embraced Priscilla as best as she could.

For like Priscilla, her arms were bound by thin rubber straps from the wrist to the shoulder, her upper arms bound tightly behind her back by the design of the tight rubber catsuit that she wore. Then their sensuously supple rubber lips met. Tongues probed moist oral orifices. Priscilla sucked in the ball gag ornament that dangled from Penelope's upper lip. Penelope did the same, then simultaneously, they inflated the gags. The ornament inflated through its three stages, until the largest of the three balls touched the little magic buttons at the back of their deep mouths.

The rubber balls on the oral gags did their dance up and down the stiffened shaft. Penelope and Priscilla tumbled to the rubber surface of the sidewalk, their gags momentarily deflated. Penelope peeled the rubber ziplock of her catsuit down to her crotch, then did the same to Priscilla's. Tethered arms and long, shapely legs all in a tangle, they squirmed and slithered their gorgeous rubber bodies into the '69' position. Lips met, tongues probed, then ball gags were sucked in and inflated. Their vaginal and oral clitorises swelled, touched and rubbed together, driving them both first into a frenzied state of symbiotic simultaneous bliss, then to a full body simu-orgasm.

"Penelope, we're going to be late if we don't hurry." Priscilla exclaimed breathlessly.

They lay, in a pool of the slippery liquid latex lubricant that had dripped, like sweat, from their skin, resting on the edge of the sidewalk, their pulsing rubber hearts glowing red through their pink latex skin.

"You are coming too, I do hope so."

" Yes, we should go ...," Penelope replied as she stood up, offering her hand to Priscilla to help her up, " it seems that we both have the same appointment".

Penelope slipped her hand around Priscilla's forearm and they strutted off on their matching hover pumps. With long forceful strides, they could glide effortlessly along at a much faster rate than by just stepping, despite the extreme height of the stiletto heels. Ahead they could see the transporter towers of the space port docking bays jutting up through the fluffy pink clouds of their world's atmosphere. It wasn't long before they entered the space port foyer, where they voice-print verified their ID, and stepped onto the transporter platform, only just in time, as the sexy computer voice announced the departure of their space flight. They embraced each other once again, as the huge red lips of the transporter tube lowered down over their supple bodies. Their own luscious lips met again in a deeply passionate kiss. When the airtight seal was made at the platform, they were sucked skyward up the long latex tube.

Jessica had been tracking down their Priscilla and Penelope's world for a very long time. After several wild goose chases and false leads to opposite ends of the galaxy, Jessica had finally found a reliable source for the galactic coordinates of the planet. Now, after several weeks travel at lightspeed, her ship at the suborbital docking bay, Jessica was about to add the ultimate prize to her collection. Virtually every civilized world had, at some point in their histories, created fantasy caricatures and eventually, animated entertainment, most initially of the "superhero" and cartoon genres, in various forms of media, from printed paper, to video and film, and holographic simulation, even crossing into fashion.

Many worlds, as they became more technically advanced and sophisticated, directed these efforts to the realms of fetish fantasy, replacing themes of violent and comic natures, with those of more erotic desires. It was this specific genre that Jessica specialized in collecting, bartering the superheroes, villains and comic caricatures to other collectors. Gathering examples of erotic illustrations and cartoons, animated films and holographic displays featuring voluptuously sexy caricatures, paraphernalia and costumes, from across the galaxy.

Jessica had obtained a galaxy class starship in exchange for surplus material to her collection. She had refitted the vessel to display her vast and highly erotic collection. Huge video walls and holographic display modules played erotic cartoons and animation examples. Huge libraries of printed media, each catering to specific fetishes, were lavishly decorated with coordinating paraphernalia, fitted with comfortable hover lounges and automatic page turners. Android caricature replicants roamed the ship, catering to Jessica's many guests, at the various night clubs, casinos and bordellos set-up to service virtually every cartoon fetish fantasy. Shops and boutiques displayed fashions, costumes, and fantasy wares, for sale or barter. Jessica, aboard her ship, roamed the galaxy in search for exciting new erotica, offering the pleasures of her ship to the inhabitants of the various worlds she visited.

Priscilla and Penelope's world had offered something much better, and much more unique than anything already in Jessica's possession: actual living caricatures. Not just high tech androids, or elaborate costumes as many other worlds had created, but real, genetically conceived beings. Their world had become so obsessed with their fantasy, fetish and fashion cartoons, they had sought after and developed a way to convert themselves, and live the life they had visualized through the evolution of a specific cartoon series to total eroticism.

"Zippers " had began as an adventure comic, with chameleon like heroes and villains, changing disguises and costumes by unzipping and stepping out of their fashions, revealing new ones. As the series became eroticized, the costumes became fetish fashion, the adventures, more explicitly sexual in nature, featuring the chameleon-like heroine, Priscilla, and her mirror image reflection, Penelope. All the various characters were represented in the erotic fashion that were one and the same as the skin of the beings of Priscilla's world.

Jessica had discovered Zippers in an obscure shop thousands of light years distant. and had become obsessed with finding the source. Priscilla's world sought nothing in trade for the two specimens, only that Jessica return someday, perhaps bringing some newly discovered living caricature specimens, should she ever find more. But Jessica would hear nothing of it. Computers downloaded and exchanged information. Samples of sex toys, fashions, accessories and high heeled footwear, enough to keep the Zipper planet in sexual ecstasy for quite some time. Jessica's invitation to sample the pleasures on board her ship was politely denied, their collective thought processes would allow them to enjoy every experience encountered by Priscilla and Penelope, even light years away, though there would naturally be some time delay in that regard.

Besides Priscilla and Penelope, Jessica took only one complete set of the Zipper series from start to present, and one of their bizarre 3-D rubber mirrors. The ship's computer would process and sort the information, and feed new ideas to the vast bank of replicators deep in the hold of Jessica's ship. Priscilla and Penelope were bid safe passage and delightful erotic experiences beyond their imagination from the view screen in the departure bay. One of Jessica's android stewardesses led them onboard the ship, and after showing them to their quarters, advised them that she would return shortly to take them to the bridge, where their host would greet them.

"I'm so nervous," Priscilla confided in Penelope. as she stood before the mirror in the dressing room of their quarters. They had showered, and were now polishing their catsuits to a very high gloss.

"Don't worry, darling, Surely our hosts know what we look like, and what we can do. Otherwise, they wouldn't have wanted us so much. The question is, should we be humble, or arrogant? Would we please our new hosts better as slaves, or as erotic dominatrixes? Search your data banks, Priscilla, look for things that please." Penelope paused, then a moment later she continued, "Yes, bizarre dominatrixes seem quite prevalent in Zipper lore. And it is Zipper lore that our hosts are obsessed with. High heeled, thigh high boots, corsets, whips, spiked jewelry, oh yes Prisy ! "

"Let's unzip," exclaimed Priscilla with great delight.

"Yes, let's," Penelope added demurely. And so they stood before the mirror and found the start of the invisible rubber zip of their "Zippers" space travel latex catsuits. Peeling them off slowly they saw their new images in the mirror.

"This looks just right," they said in unison, "yes, let's speak in unison, and move in exact mirror images, that should arouse our host."

"Oh, my ! " exclaimed the android stewardess when she returned to escort Priscilla and Penelope to the main bridge to greet Jessica, "How lovely you both..."

"Take me to your leader". The phrase was well worn, but it was the presentation that pulled it off.

" Follow me, then, if you will..."

" I am NOT ... walking !", the dominatrix mirror images retorted together.

"Oh, well, then, just a moment, I will find a suitable conveyance..." stumbled the 'droid stewardess, "Computer, double rickshaw, seats in mirror image, for our guests."

A door opened revealing a chrome hover ricksha with two perches, drawn by a pair of high heeled cocktailed steeds.

"This will suffice," announced dominatrix reflections before the stewardess could so much as inquire, though an outsider would have noted that there were signs of a mischievous smirk on their identical faces.

After offering a hand to Priscilla and Penelope to seat them on the perches, the stewardess raised the rickshaw's handles to the rear of the steeds, and inserted them into their anal orifices, inflating the gags at the handle tips that would hold them in place. Priscilla and Penelope simultaneously cracked their rubber whips, the steeds responing by strutting gracefully off down the corridor, their stiletto heels clicking erotically on the floor.

"My, my, I do hope Jessica approves!", muttered the android stewardess.



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