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You Never Know What goes on Next Door 3

by Tom H

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© Copyright 2017 - Tom H - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; discovery; Solo-F; latex; vacbed; encased; climax; FF/m; bagged; catsuits; gasmask; tease; torment; toys; breathplay; sex; denial; cons; X

story continued from part two

Part Three

You never really do know your neighbors. Case in point. Since I live in an apartment you know that you live in close quarters to one another but you never know what all goes on behind closed doors. My neighbor next door to me I hear the sound of a vacuum cleaner quite a number of times a week. Which gives me a good smile and perhaps a good chuckle given what they can sometimes be used for besides the obvious. She must be a neat-freak.

At any rate I was coming back from running some errands around town and I happened to run into her in the hallway of our apartment complex. We exchanged pleasantry and introductions. Her name is Jennifer. I was going to ask her about her vacuuming so often but I didn't want to be labeled as " the nosy kind of a neighbor" in our apartment complex you know.

One day I was passing her apartment on my way to mine and saw that the door was slightly a-jar and heard the vacuum running.... Well, curiosity got the best of me and I entered her apartment. I called out to her as I happened to look down next to the couch the tip of something shiny bright semi-transparent blue sticking out from the corner of the couch. The faint scent of latex hits me as I enter the room and close the door behind me. I get a full view of it. Arms above her head firmly grasping the top of the PVC frame shiny blue latex complete with built in hood into to the top latex sheet as I eye-up the scene as the vacuum is on a timed motor which explains things.

As I watch her squirm inside her latex prison. Her hips thrusting grinding against the skin tight latex, muffled moans coming from the air tube as I watch the scene unfold before me. As her breathing becoming more heavier with grunting and moaning. Arms thrusting, head wiggling side to side inside the blue latex prison. The squeaks of latex and skin rubbing against one another as she squirms helpless, nipples hard as rocks. I was going to go up to her but I loved watching the view.

I hear a muffled grunt followed by loud muffled groan as her latex prison shakes. Judging by the looks she had been in there for a good hour or more with the sweat build-up on the inside of the latex envelope as the bed shakes again. I figured she must be on her third orgasm since I had come into the room. As the frame shakes another time the timer to the vacuum had shut off. I thought about slipping out the door and leaving without having been noticed which I could have done easily.

After the suction had subsided I watched as she started to exit the vacbed by now she notices me standing there. She wasn't bothered by me being there she was quite releaved to have someone watching. She climbs out in her powder blue color latex bikini, a sight to behold a bit covered in sweat. She asks, "Did I enjoy the show?"

I nodded as she catches her breath. She goes on to tell me that she had been wanting to try it out for awhile and that she had gotten it as a gift from a friend but didn't have the nerve till now to use it alone or at least I thought I was alone till I found you standing there.

I replied, "It must be some special friend to get you one of these."

She laughs "Oh yea" she continues, "It was a gift from my sister she's had a thing for them for quite awhile, anything kinky latex play for that matter. She loves all things latex... Catsuits... straitjackets... gas masks... re-breather hoods... the latex body bag.

She had me try it out, which I must admit it's creepy to me out the thought of getting in a latex body bag, since it zips in the back side with internal arm sleeves on the inside and she wanted to test out since it was brand new toy, after a few drinks before hand which helped loosen me up to the idea. Much like you found me here in the vacbed is exactly how I happened to accidentally stumble in on her idea of fun all because I had came by without having given her a call before coming over.

"Its nice to have someone to share these feelings with you know how people are so uptight talking about things like this." she continues. "Well, she gave me my first taste of latex bed because she has one."

"Does she live around here?"

"Yes a little ways from here but not much". She smiles.

"What's her name?" wondering if this happened to be the same person.

"Her name is Kerri" she replies.

"It's a small world after all thats if its one in the same person I may know her too."

Jennifer puts her arms around the back of my neck drawing me closer. "If you would like I could give my sister a call and we can have a latex play-date the three of us". As she brushes up against me. How could I say no to an invitation like this. All I could do is nod in agreement. She smiles. "Done"

She goes and makes a phone call to her sister from another room and the play-date is set for the following night for the three of us. She comes back into the living room to tell me the good news. She said that Kerri wanted me to pass along to you that you know what she is referring to... Make sure he is in his special black latex undies with the built in sleeve and that I am supposed to know what she is referring to... nodding yes.

I arrive around 7 pm at Jennifer's place and her and Kerri are sitting across from one another. They are both wearing matching pink latex catsuits with matching gloves.

"Mmmmmm!" they purrrrr, "Don't cha love a guy that is punctual in arriving especially one that doesn't know what is about have happen to him."

As I take in the sight of them sitting across from one another. Kerri says, "Hi my pet. You know what I want to see remove your shirt and everything except what your supposed to have on underneath." she smiles.

Jennifer replies. "Wow! and obedient pet Kerri too." She continues. "Once you have the cock in your command the body follows"..... laughing to themselves. .

Kerri continues. "Well. My pet we have been pondering what to do to you and the only plan that us sisters have come up with. 'You're going to be the toy we both are going to play with'. The question now. What rubber fun to torture you inside of. My sister wants to use the vacbed on your but since my birthday is before her's I get to chose first. I am thinking the latex body bag for extreme fun".

She goes and gets it out of the duffelbag. "I know this will be fun for us but for you maybe not so much". Kerri laughs.. As Jennifer goes and gets out a gas mask with attached re-breatherbags. As I disrobe before them as they prepare the items I strip down to the thong.

"Jennifer I think he need's a slave's hood... Please go and get your black latex hangman's hood. Its soo fitting for this occasion. You think?" As Kerri chuckles.

"I can't have all the fun Jennifer put it on him". I lower my head as she approaches unzipping the back of it and slipping it over my head zipping it closed as it pulls skin tight. She pats my head eying me up and down. "Yes Kerri he is a perfect pet indeed.."

Kerri commands me. "Slave your latex body bag awaits you."

As I approach the bag with apprehension as she unzips the back of it. I go and kneel down before it sliding my legs into till I reach the bottom of the bag.

"Now the arms", Jennifer commands. She jokingly says I wonder what its like being sober in one of these things... They both laugh as I insert my arms into the internal sleeves...

OOOH MY!!!! As I roll on my tummy within the bag.. as they take turns zipping up the backside of it with each inch of the zipper the bag grasps my person tighter and tighter till I am enveloped in black latex. She rolls me onto my back, "So I can get a good look at what you have become - a toy." Kerri jokingly says "That could maybe arranged." to her sister Jennifer.

She pats me on the head running her hand down my bagged form making giving special attention to my already stiff member through the skin tight latex. She says. " Comfy in there? it must be getting sooo hot inside that rubber" .

Jennifer brings over the gasmask slipping it over my hooded head as she pulls the straps one by one tightly around my head making sure for a tight fit. As they both watch the re-breather bags inflate and deflate with each breath.. "Hey Kerri look. Mmmmm our slave has a hard-on. You were right he is such a rubber pervert!" As Jennifer rubs up and down the bag tracing my member with her fingers.

As my labored breathing increases, I moan loudly... "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"

"Just think about this slave," Kerri continues. "Two very horny rubber-loving gals and one boy-toy to play with just think the possiblities that we could both have with you." As they both continue to stroke the outside of the latex bag as I lay helpless to escape.

"We gave it serious thought what to do with our boy-toy", she states slowly unzipping the crotch zipper on the bodybag as they continue to run their hands over the latex back and forth as I see Jennifer reach... mmmmmmmmm OH MY!!!!!!!! my breathing getting heavy.

"Since Jennifer has never experienced having a latex covered boy-toy to play with she gets to ride you first."

I look up watching her unzip the crotch zipper on her catsuit and lowering herself wrapping her legs around my thighs.. As she wiggles side to side up and down thrusting as I pant through the gasmask, as she thrusts down harder and harder.

Kerri says, "Leave something for me Jen!" as she thrusts down in rhythm as she continues til I am about to cum and she stops..

"Your turn Kerri", smiles Jennifer. "He is such a fine boy-toy to play with." Then they switch places.....

"Well slave don't want you to pop yet, it would ruin our fun that we are having....."

I feel cold ice cube pressed against my member. "

We thought it would be good to ice you down." They both have a good laugh... "We decided that you have to have at least 10 erections before we let you have sweet relief from all this 'fun'".

As I lay there in a pool of sweat I say to myself something that I heard myself saying before..... 'It's going to be a long evening'.

Story to be continued

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