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Xia's Pony

by Zephrum Cochrun

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© Copyright 2017 - Zephrum Cochrun - Used by permission

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Tired to numbness and buzzed from too many shots, Kim walked out of the bar and onto the streets of the city. The sunlight flickered then went out, plunging the city into the eerie twilight of neon and streetlights. She decided to take the long way home, the new way she’d found while looking for a new Chinese restaurant. The old Red Light district was now safe territory thanks to urban renewal. Mom wouldn’t approve, but Kim was too tired to worry about it. Besides, she had her mace.

She wandered along, still numb to anything but the wind whipping through the concrete canyons, blowing her long red hair wildly. It seemed she had no control over her life, that each moment of each day held a duty for some other person, some task that made her put off the act of simply being Kim. And people wondered why she liked to drink. Yet she actually felt an inner peace tonight, her mind free of the stress generated by her ignorant, power mad bosses. She found it strange how the city could bring such tranquility to her at times.

Her peace was broken by the sobbing of a woman who she saw ahead of her, talking into a pay phone. In the plastic-filtered light, she could see that the woman was slightly taller than her, not ominous in her stance, but she was clad in black, and she could see wicked heels sticking from underneath a gleaming black overcoat. Misery seemed to flow from the dark figure, and Kim felt a connection with the woman for no reason she could understand. She stopped a few feet away from the dark woman, whose back was facing Kim, and listened.

“No, Mom, I know you miss me, but I can’t see you or Dad now. There’s too much for me to do. I have too much responsibility now in my life,” sobbed the girl into the phone. The sound of her tore at Kim’s heart. “I promise I’ll see you, but I can’t say when. I love both of you, and you need to know that. I have to go now, Mom.” And the dark woman hung up the phone.

Kim watched her spasm and sob for several moments. She was a compassionate person at heart, she’d never been very good at pretending not to care about people, which is something that city people seemed to accept in themselves. So years later, when she asked herself why she decided to console the dark woman, she knew there’d been no other choice. She moved forward.

“Are you okay?” she asked, concern in her voice.

The dark woman snapped her head up to look into Kim’s eyes. The woman had a cruel beauty, with black painted lips, huge, dark eyes, skin that was powdered white or hadn’t seen the light of day in a long time. Her red hair was long, but tied behind her head in a hurried knot. The black coat covered her body completely, but there was an energy about her that Kim couldn’t place. She looked like an actress who was making a call in between acts. There were tears trailing down her face, but the lines around her huge eyes didn’t run. Kim looked into her eyes and saw something that made her scared and sympathetic at the same time. There was an awkward minute of silence.

“No, I’m not okay,” bubbled the dark woman, trying to restrain her sorrow. She started crying again. Kim put her hand on the woman’s arm lightly, not knowing how she could ease her pain. The woman, to Kim’s shock, took this as an invitation and hugged her, finally opening up to a full cry on Kim’s shoulder. Kim put her arms around the woman and patted her.

“It’s okay,” said Kim, not knowing what else to say. “Everything will be alright.” Was this woman wearing rubber?

“I’m just so tired,” blubbered the woman in a little girl’s voice, sniffling in between words. “So tired of always having to be strong, always having to do the right thing without anyone to help me.”

“I know just how you feel. I work for such total bastards. They don’t help, yet they expect the world from me. It’s so degrading.”

“I just wish I could see my family again,” breathed the dark woman. But I can’t let them see what I’ve become.”

“I’ve got the same problem with my parents. They’ll know how much I’ve changed just by looking into my eyes. I don’t want my mother even guessing at some of the things I’ve done in bed.”

“But what if you’ve become better than what you were when you were with them?” the question sounded strange coming from this woman.

“The world is going to change you,” replied Kim, “doing what everyone tells you and getting nothing in return perverts the spirit worse than anything my mother’s worried about.”

The dark woman laughed, a sobbing, gusty laugh that brought a smile to Kim. “That’s so true. Have you ever been with another woman?”

Kim hesitated, but only for a moment. “My first sexual experience was with a woman, and I’ve kissed one or two since, but I just like men too much I guess.”

At that, the woman squeezed her and wouldn’t let go of Kim, no matter how many times she tried to disengage. She was pretty sure this woman was a lesbian now, maybe even a performer at one of the local strip clubs (which would explain the rubber outfit), yet she still felt a strange connection between them. They were the same height minus her spiked heels, the same build, even the dark woman’s face resembled Kim’s somewhat. The dark woman held her and cried silently for ten minutes before Kim finally said something to her in her best city voice. “Uh, look, would you like to go get a drink or something?”

The dark woman stopped crying abruptly and pulled back slowly, grasping Kim’s arms firmly and holding her tightly in front of her, inspecting her with those dark, red-rimmed eyes. Like an eagle looking at prey from above. The dark woman looked like a different person now, hard, as if she’d cried all of her humanity out onto Kim’s shoulder. The dark woman raised a hand to touch Kim’s face and she saw that it was encased in rubber. She stiffened, and as she did, the dark woman grabbed her arm tighter with an almost inhuman strength. The dark woman turned Kim’s head and looked at her profile. Kim was in shock, her heart suddenly racing with a fear she didn’t understand. Her mind told her to run, but she couldn’t get her body to obey.

“It may appear unkind now,” began the dark woman, her voice suddenly like steel, “but I’m going to take you back with me. To a place where you get something real for doing what you’re told.”

And then the dark woman sprayed something in her face and Kim was pitched into blackness.

* * *

When consciousness returned, she was aware that her arms were over her head and that the blood had drained from them. She was on her knees, and the dull pain told her she’d been in the position for some time.

Movement to her right and male voices. “She is awake, my Queen.”

Warm, smooth fingertips gently lifted her head up into the light. The smell of rubber was sharp in her nostrils. Things became more defined as the seconds passed and she opened her eyes. To see the dark woman, now without her coat, in a full body, black catsuit, gleaming in the dim illumination, her pale face, black lips and eyes the only indication that she was human and not some life size rubber doll. The eyes bored into hers and tried to hypnotize her. The black lips grinned warmly in that cold face.

“Behold me, your Queen Xia. Do you know that many, many people would pay me huge piles of money to enter this place?” she asked, joy in her voice. “I understand you. I used to be you. I know that you will like this place. I’m about to initiate you into a life that will be more to your liking, I think.”

“Where am I?” asked Kim groggily. She was scared now, confused, not knowing where she was.

“You’re home,” Xia grinned, turned to the owner of the other voices. “We’ll begin with the usual.”

“I was only trying to help you,” gasped Kim. Why are you doing this?” She felt smooth, warm fingers sliding across her flesh, tried to turn her head to see the faces of the people they belonged to. But the dark woman called Xia grabbed her chin, held it in a smooth palm.

“Because you stopped to care about me. This is a privilege, an honor that I’m about to bestow upon you. You’ll be part of my own royal entourage.”


“Shhh,” said Xia, putting a black finger to Kim’s lips, “I won’t hurt you in a bad way. Trust me and do as you’re told, and life will become a pleasure for your burden. All you need to do is submit.”

As Kim felt her body returning to normal, she felt more smooth fingers grab her flesh and help her to a standing position as the rack her hands were tied to was lifted with a clank of chains. The black clad woman held her chin, never took her eyes off of Kim as she felt the fingers gently caress her entire body. The slick fingers seemed to be guided by an intimate knowledge of her, finding the sensitive zones, turning her fear energy into a tense sexual charge. Her mind recoiled from the pleasure looming at the edge of her consciousness, the uncertainty of her situation cooling the horny energy being generated by the persistent, groping hands. She closed her eyes, wished it away.

“How can you do this to me? I was only trying to help.”

“You’re resisting,” purred the rubber woman. Her words were calm, caring, almost loving. “You need to relax, haven’t you been everyone’s beast of burden long enough to know that resisting only holds off the pleasure longer. You won’t be harmed unless you want to be.”

As if the truth in the Queen’s words were magic, Kim felt herself loosen, felt the warm wetness come even as the Queen’s words ended. It cooled on her thighs as the hands streaked it over her flesh. Her breath came in gusts now, as if she’d started breathing finally after years of holding her breath. Her body was burning with a fire that she’d never known, that she’d only heard about from her sluttier girlfriends. But the hands kept the burning even, never let her get too close to the orgasm that would surely happen if they would just touch her lower, or deeper. She turned her head to see her handlers, to tell them to let her come, but the Queen turned her head to face hers again.

“Yes, see, now it can begin. Now we will begin your transformation, dear girl,” cooed the dark woman.

And then the hands just stopped. She gasped and cried out softly in frustration. It totally derailed her orgasm.

Xia caressed her cheek as Kim panted, “Fit her with her training harness.”

The helpers slipped something made of spandex around her waist. Kim felt one of them adjusting a plastic clip over her clitoris. He fiddled with a buckle and the clip grasped her clit in such a way the she could stimulate herself by moving her hips. But the device didn’t rub enough to bring her climax. She moaned. The other attached rubber tipped clips to her nipples, expertly adjusting them to keep her on the edge of pleasure and pain. Still not enough to unleash the tide of pleasure. Both men worked a ball gag harness over her head, fitting the ball into her mouth carefully. She was too grasped by sexual frustration to resist.

“Fit her with a tail,” said the Queen with a smile.

One of the unseen strangers pulled the rack holding her hands down while the other one spread her bare buttocks. Suddenly she felt her asshole pierced by a small, but lubricated phallus. Kim screamed into her ball gag. She felt the intruder fill her hole and hairs brushed against her bare cheeks.

They unlatched her hands from the rack and pulled them back behind her back. They fit a sheath over her arms and tightened it around them. Her ample breasts were pushed out towards the Queen, who touched them lightly with her rubber clad fingers. Kim could only moan in pain and frustration.

The two men walked next to their Queen. She could see the two of them now, young men dressed like horses, with elaborate rubber and leather outfits, chains, slave rings, strange boots with hoof-like soles that they walked on with impressive grace. Their huge members were pierced, one of them still erect from the teasing she’d just been given.

“Welcome to your new home, my little pony.” And with that the Queen took her horse boys by their leashes and left the dark stall.

There’d been a lover that had preferred her in leather outfits, who’d preferred her tied up and writhing, who’d taken her while she was the most helpless. But he’d left her without saying goodbye, and she’d had to shut all of those wonderful sensations out of her mind because those memories had belonged to him. Now here she was again, and she was expecting it to end, but it didn’t, and there came a day that it started to frighten her that it would be taken away.

* * *

For uncounted days it was the same thing. Rubber encased eunuchs took Kim to a large, underground room that smelled of sweat and the sod upon the floor. They attached her training harness to a pole set in a spindle that was attached to a small two-wheeled carriage. They fit a bit harness around her head with reins then made her run for hours around the spindle until she was tired, aching and sweaty. But the harness felt so good expertly set against her clitoris that it became difficult to resist when they came to take her each morning.

Next they’d take her to the training room with the other ponies, where a leather-clad trainer taught them how to act like real ponies. The more correctly she acted out her new role, the tighter they made her harness and the better it felt against her crotch. After a thorough cleansing and rub down, they shaved her body and kept it clean of all hair save her eyebrows and head. Then they would adjust her training harness for the Queen’s arrival. Every day after training, Xia and her studs would come to tease her. Xia would stand before her, hold her gaze and kiss her as the pony boy studs stimulated her expertly to within inches of a climax. The better she did in training, the closer they let her get. Different tools and apparatus were brought in each day so that she never knew what to expect, but she was never allowed total release, never allowed to cum.

The Queen would always send all of her servants away after their session, and then she’d unleash Kim’s arms and let her sit in a chair and the Queen would tell her that she was doing good, and that if all went according to her plan, she would be given more power than she had ever had in her life. It was always a quick conversation, but the Queen would kiss her lovingly and then she would be taken back.

For the rest of the time, she was left alone in her stall, with only the faceless eunuchs coming to feed and adjust her. She alternately cried and masturbated against her harness for the first few days, and when thinking became too painful, she shut off her mind.

She knew what was being done to her, but there really was nothing about her old life worth resisting the brainwashing. Even the thoughts of her family had to be released, the shame of her situation too perverse to mix with their purity. Gradually, her desire to resist the over-stimulation waned as it became the only stimulation in her world. She began to live in it, to accept it. The less she resisted, the better it felt, and in this the Queen had spoke the truth. Her increased obedience brought her closer to orgasm each day. She began to look forward to the training sessions with her trainers and the hour long sessions with the Queen and her two studs because it was the only human interaction she was given, and she was always the center of attention. The Queen taught her commands, and she submitted to all of them without thinking, knowing the reward that would come one day like a crashing wave.

“I have good news for you, my little pony,” said the Queen one day after countless days. “Today you will be prepared to join my herd. Today you will be allowed to cum.”

Kim found herself excited at the prospect. Perhaps she would finally be allowed to come this time. She actually smiled.

“Excellent. Fetch the preparers.”

A door opened and her nameless eunuch trainers entered, bearing lotions and assorted gear that Kim couldn’t make out. They closed the door.

The two men went to work right away, with the dark woman watching as they worked. First, one of them applied the lubricant to her body while the other one removed her nipple clips and pierced her nipples with two giant rings. She submitted to a tongue piercing without even a thought, something she’d never had done in her old life. Kim was surprised by how little it hurt, by how good it felt when the pain stopped. Next, as the Queen played with her new rings, they removed the training harness. They released her hands from the rack.

Her new clothing was brought to her. The preparers helped her into the gleaming rubber sheath which covered her upper toro, leaving her pussy and tits exposed. A pony hood was carefully pulled upon her head, with the long tail of her hair being strung through the back. Her pale face was framed by the shining blackness. They pulled on her rubber thigh boots with hoof shaped soles attached. They were much nicer than the ones she’d trained in. A new harness of rubber and leather was settled upon her head, a rubber bit fitted into her mouth firmly. The two men stepped back when they’d finished, waiting.

“And now for the last, my pony.” The Queen took her time fitting Kim’s arms into the leather and rubber arm sheath, slowly lacing her tight.

The Queen stepped back and grinned widely. “You are exquisite.” She moved forward with a leather collar, a slave ring hanging from it. Xia secured it around Kim’s neck, moved around to her backside and slowly inserted a rubber buttplug with a long, horsehair tail attached into the young woman’s ass, eliciting a gasp around her bit. Xia finished the circuit around the transformed woman, attaching a chain to her collar.

“Come, I’ll show you that your transformation is complete,” and Xia led her out of her stall transformed, leading her to a slash of silver in the dark. The rubber end of the tail moved uncomfortably in her ass, but the hair felt good on her bare cheeks. Kim looked and didn’t recognize the image staring back at her. A thin, muscular, rubber clad, pierced woman stared back at her, a tail hanging down behind the smooth, bald pubic mound. She was afraid to move lest it prove to be her. And there was Queen Xia behind her, wearing a full rubber jumper, a pony tail hanging, pussy exposed, leather thigh boots with wicked heels.

“You are my pony girl now. You are my bitch,” she snarled, grabbing the rubber end of the tail and moving it even as she reached around and inserted her rubber fingers into Kim’s pussy.

“You’re wet at that prospect I see,” cooed the Queen. “Does the prospect of being at my beck and call each day give you a thrill? I want you to answer me.”

Kim’s eyes were wide staring at the image in the mirror, saw the Queen staring at her there, the smile on her face. And the ecstasy was there upon her own face to see. The image looked caught in rapture, looked happier than she’d seen it in years. All Kim could muster was a nod accompanied by a high sigh. She was coming close to orgasm now, so close, almost there, she closed her eyes, awaiting the wave…

Then quite suddenly the Queen stopped.

“And now I give you a chance to end this,” and she took her hands off of Kim, pulled the bit out of her mouth. “Now you may choose to leave. We will blindfold you and drug you, but we will bring you back to your old world and give you back your old life. We want no prisoners, only loyal subjects.”

The frustration over another missed orgasm was her first thought. It took a moment for her to realize that an answer was expected from her. The demand for a decision was suddenly too much for her to deal with. She realized how little she’d thought for however long she’d been here (how long HAD she been here, she didn’t even know). A sudden rush of memories came to her then, the pressure of having to make decisions all day long in the service of others, of a life of unrequited burden. The old memories didn’t include the intense stimulation she felt now as she looked at her rubber and leather clad self in the mirror in the darkness. Part of her wanted the normalcy of her old world back, but here was something that excited her, here was an unknown, an easier life that promised constant stimulation, reward for doing what she was told. A small part of her was shocked to hear her quavering voice say “No, I want to be your pony girl, my Queen.”

The Queen grinned in the mirror, “You may come, High Priestess.”

A sultry, placid-looking woman materialized from the blackness then, her two crystal blue eyes staring straight into Kim’s in the mirror from a painted, white face. A massive, five pointed star with a rune in the middle hung in the cleft between two perfect, naked breasts. All she wore was a white pony hood, rubber leggings and opera gloves. The platinum shock of her pubic mound glowed with a life of its own. Kim knew she was the High Priestess. In one rubber gloved hand there was a knife and in the other a smoldering, red hot branding iron. The Priestess stopped before Kim as the preparers turned her to face the Priestess. The white lady motioned with her knife in the air.

“To be the rider, one must learn to be the ridden. You will be ridden until you are ready to ride.” And with that, the Priestess stabbed at Kim’s thigh with the branding iron. Kim screamed, spit flying. Burned flesh smell rent the air.

Kim’s eyes teared and her breath came in gasps, but the preparers held her head to face the holy woman.

“It is done, my Queen,” and the Priestess left without another word.

Xia stood before Kim again. “Forget your name, your name is now Uma. I promise you that you will not regret your decision to stay, my little pony.”

The Queen took her chain again and led her down a dark hall that opened up to a larger hall that Kim couldn’t see the end of. There was a black, two-wheeled carriage with a very comfortable and elaborate seat. Two runners ran out in front of it that ended in a harness. One of the preparers moved to the front and lifted the runners level with the floor. The Queen handed her leash to the other preparer who led Kim to the harness. They reset her bit and strapped her in tightly, connecting her bit to the reins of the vehicle. Kim felt Xia take them in her hands.

“Now you begin your new life, my little pony bitch,” and she shook the reigns.

Kim pulled, her new muscles rippling to do her Queen’s bidding. She clip-clopped down the dimly illuminated hall, feeling the rush of adrenaline, the stimulation of her harness, felt the nipple rings bobbing gently against her heaving breasts, the tail moving back and forth. Her breath settled into an even rhythm and Uma felt like she could run to the ends of the Earth.

It only took a few minutes to pull the cart to the large, ornate door that was the Queen’s chamber, but Xia didn’t spare the rod on her bare buttocks. Barely panting, Uma was detached from the carriage by eunuchs and led by leash into the black, impressively decorated room. The eunuchs were dismissed to their corners and when the mighty doors were closed, Xia took Uma’s chain and led her to a large bed at the back of the room. It was covered and draped with black veils. Xia turned, smiled and ran her rubber hands over Uma’s body.

“Only kissed a couple of women, eh? You’re about to go a little further than that, and it’s the least I can do for doing all I’ve told you.”

Uma knew that the time was finally here. She was finally going to be allowed to achieve orgasm at the hands of her Queen. Her breath grew deeper, and she thought she was going to faint from the rush of blood.

And then the Queen was on her knees, grasping the pony girl’s thighs, licking her pussy gently, expertly, lovingly. That the Queen was doing this after so many months of watching her was more than she had ever imagined. Uma moaned even as she came violently. Xia laughed and began again.

Thus she became the Queen’s favored steed. She was given a larger stall, better food, more luxurious outfits for her pulling duties. She trotted more proudly and worked harder. At night she would be brought to the Queen’s room to be relieved attentively by crop, dildo and strap on.

She performed any act her Queen desired and was taught how to pleasure Xia according to her tastes. Great meetings of the royalty of the underground society were held regularly, with the ponyboys and ponygirls being ridden by the royalty. Uma wore all manner of gear, was bound in a thousand different ways, suspended, caged, given pain so carefully that it was really pleasure disguised. She’d never known such ecstasy in her life and all she had to do was submit to the Queen’s orders.

And during the day she was kept in fit condition by the Queen’s trainers. In all ways, she was treated like a beast of burden. But she was always rewarded for her obedience with sensations and experiences she’d never dreamed she’d enjoy. She was loved. The only thing that gave her pleasure anymore was pleasing her Mistress because it was all she was allowed to do.

One typical day, Xia was examining Uma’s body, caressing her ass while the pony girl stood at attention, her arms shackled above her head to the bar of her stall, her legs spread apart for inspection. Uma was shaved clean, her pubic mound smooth and warm in the darkness. Uma knew that anything could happen next, and her skin tingled, ready to respond according to her Mistress’ wishes. Xia walked slowly, sensually before Uma’s eyes, her newest outfit, a rubber jumper with a full hood that only exposed her eyes and ruby red lips, gleaming brightly in the dramatic lighting of the stable.

“You have grown so strong and firm, Uma,” purred the Queen. “You have served me well this past year.” Xia slid the tip of her crop teasingly between Uma’s pussy lips. She moved in closer, pressing her bare breast against Uma’s rubber clad back firmly. “Is there anything you’d rather do than serve me?”

Uma obediently made no acknowledgement that a question had been asked of her. She hadn’t spoken in over a year. She’d forgotten the sound of her own voice.

“No, you would do anything to please me, wouldn’t you?” and Xia’s breath was on the part of her cheek not covered in latex. “Yes, you would. And now I’m going to tell you how you will please me. I want you to take my place for a month.”

Uma didn’t know how to reply to this. She waited out her Queen.

“Yes, Uma, dearest pony, you heard what I said. My wish is for you to take my place as the Queen of this world.”

“But…why?” To hear her inner dialog expressed vocally seemed strange to Uma.

“Do you remember the night I met you, the night I kidnapped you? I was talking to my mother that night. I need to go visit her, Kim.”

The mention of her “Christian” name seemed to slap her consciousness. She cleared her throat. “But why would anyone take my word as Law? Everyone knows I’m your bitch.”

“Oh, I’ve thought about it ever since I met you. My newest outfit, as you can see, includes an eye/mouth hood. You’re the same build as me now, the same eyes. No one will question you if you simply mimic me, and I know you can.”

“But my Queen…”

“You can call me Molly, Kim…”

“Why have you done this to me all this time if you wanted me to take your place?”

“Because I know it’s what you wanted.”

“How were you so sure?”

“Because we’re alike in more ways than just physically, Kim.”

Kim just grinned.

“You can do it, Kim. Are you ready?”

“You’ve trained me to please you, my Queen. If this pleases you, then I’m ready.”

Molly peeled off her hood to reveal her petite but stern features. Even if she weren’t the Queen of this world, she’d command the attention of whoever caught her gaze. Molly lowered her arms, unshackled her wrists. There were so few times when her arms weren’t bound that Kim didn’t know what to do with them for several moments. Molly overrode the awkwardness of the moment by moving to Kim and lovingly kissing her. Kim put her free arms around Molly, her Queen, and kissed back. She found it strange she should feel such emotions for a woman who’d kidnapped, brainwashed and tortured her for so long, but the feelings were there.

They continued to kiss, to stroke and grope until they ended up on the floor of the stall, poking each other, rubbing. Kim stuck her face into Molly’s crotch and began licking gently, expertly the way she’d been trained. Molly writhed in ecstasy as Kim reached for the strapon lying in a corner of the stall. She attached it quickly, inserted it into Molly slowly and thrust until the Queen of the underworld came vocally.

When she was done, Kim was almost horrified by the desire that had gripped her, but Molly was looking back at her, laughing.

“You’ve been wanting to do that for a long time now, I suspect.”

* * *

It happened fast after that. No sooner had they finished saying goodbye than Molly was peeling her outfit off, giving it to Kim. As Kim was pulling the royal garb on, Molly produced another suit of rubber and began pulling it on carefully, expertly.

“So what do I do?”

“There are documents in my chambers, in the third closet, in my initiation robes. I’ve outlined everything you need to do while I’m gone.”

“What about unexpected events?” asked Kim, smoothing out a wrinkle.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine,” replied the Queen, working her arms into the tight suit she’d chosen to escape in. “I picked you for more than your looks.” She took the time to flash a sexy grin at Kim, who just laughed silently.

“Is there anyone who might be able to tell?”

“Anyone who will be able to tell will probably be turned on by it,” said Molly as she turned her back towards Kim and indicated she needed help zipping up.

Kim moved over to her with her tits still hanging out of her unzipped suit, began the careful process of zipping the back of Molly’s suit. “But no one is going to try and kill me or usurp the throne while you’re gone, right?”

Before Molly pulled the mask over her head, she stopped to turn and give Kim a sarcastic look. “Are you serious? What the hell do you think this is, a Playboy channel soft core movie? Or is that just some twisted fantasy you have? I’m going to say one last thing before I encase myself and you lead me out of here. Rule with an iron fist. There has been a lot of talk in the society whispering that I’ve been growing lax in my rule over our people. Not enough discipline, not enough domination, bondage, etc. They say I need to be more of an example. Why don’t you kick it up a notch and keep them all stimulated so that no one will care if it’s me or not. Bread and circuses, Kim.”

And with that she turned to face the mirrors and pulled the mask over her head. Kim finished her up and looked at the final result in the mirror. Queen Xia was now just another fully encased rubber eunuch, ready to do the Queen’s bidding. Kim thought about this as she pulled the half mask over her own head. Adjusting herself, she looked at herself in the mirror and realized how much like Xia she now looked. There was a slight size difference in their breasts, a bit more tone to her limbs, but not enough to have anyone suspect.

“How do you like your new outfit?” asked Queen Kim, touching her on the shoulder, watching herself do it in the mirror. She was the Queen now, and the power she suddenly felt caused her clit to throb. The urge to call in the other eunuchs and have them strap her into the bondage machine to use on the Queen suddenly gripped her. She moved in closer to the Queen who was now just Molly. She knew that the Queen would not blow her cover now, that she might even like it.

Molly was caught up by the tightness of the rubber suit, by the smell of it, caught by the thought that for the first time in years she was free from all responsibility, free to be one of the common people. The thought sent a rubber sheathed hand to the rubber mound that was one of her breasts. Her universe was nothing but the sensation of encasement, the all-encompassing scent of rubber, the tight pulsing at her crotch.

Queen Kim could sense her arousal, could see it in her stance. She slid her hand around her waist, rubbing the smoothness, reaching for the sphincter seal that led to Molly’s wet pussy. She pressed her shining finger in, eliciting a gasp from behind the mesh of Molly’s full mask.

“Do you like the fact that I now have power over you?” asked Kim in a very different voice.

That voice drove the blood to racing in Molly’s veins. “Yes.”

The Queen clapped her hands as she’d seen done many times. The sound was a crack in the air and eunuchs ran in to grab Molly by the arms and lead her to a bondage machine in the corner. The Queen felt a rush through her body with the knowledge that she had power in this situation, that her will drove the course of this moment.

Encased Molly was attached to the device, and the Queen could see that Molly’s breath was coming in great gusts now. It wasn’t like her at all. No one suspected that Queen Xia was the one being secured to the steel frame. No one had any idea that the Queen’s favored pony was the one wearing the royal garb, strapping on the dildo, inserting it into the actual Queen and thrusting until both women cried out in unison at the secret game they were playing.

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