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The Wrong Suitcase

by RubberCravings

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© Copyright 2017 - RubberCravings - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; suitcase; mistake; discovery; latex; catsuit; hood; lube; cock-gag; harness; buttplug; insert; cockring; cuffs; electro; tease; denial; stuck; cons; X

Part 1

23 hours. 23 hours of chasing taxis, catching planes and running from exhaustion. 23 hours of cramped seats and a contraction of personal space from the humidity of another’s breath and scent of an armpit. 23 hours nearing an end.

A jingle. A fumble. A bang.

“For. Fuck. OFF!”

Dave forced himself to blink tears of exhaustion from his bloodshot eyes and force his key through the old lock blocking his way to his bed. Barely able to stand on heat-swollen feet cramped within stiff leather shoes, his shoulders hung from his neck; straining against the weight of his coat. When the lock finally gave way, he stumbled through the door hauling his heavy suitcase behind him; far heavier than it felt when he checked it onto the flight home. Leaving the case standing in his hallway next to the front door, Dave dragged his feet through his bare apartment to his bedroom, shedding the layers down to his bare skin as he progressed the hall, and collapsed onto the bed; hitting sleep before his head reached the pillow.

A sharp and deep inhale reconnected his sense of being back to reality as sleep finally wore off. A deep relaxation gently compressed him onto the mattress as his brain went over the events of last week:

Flights Meetings Sales Celebration Flights

A week off awaited and now he could finally get back into the swing of living. With 01:07 displayed on his alarm clock, Dave tried to find his way back to sleep but his mind was now fully engaged and not hitting stand-by anytime soon.

“Oh well,” he thought, “may as well shower and unpack.”

Proceeding to the bathroom, Dave washed and brushed away hours of stress and sweat from his body, deciding to add to the replenishment of freshness by applying hair removal cream from the medicine cabinet to all regions below the neck. Water dripping and with a tingle in his sensitive parts, he dried himself off and made his way comfortably naked to bring his suitcase from the hallway onto his bed. He found the combination lock on the zipper, turned the cogs and pulled.

It wouldn’t unlock.


He knew the shitty lock wouldn’t hold out for long. It was his fault for having faith in a lock which came free with the suitcase. Adding a new lock to his mental shopping list, Dave rooted through his toolbox until he found plyers which could cut through the cheap, thin metal.

Snap. Zip. Open.

He had the wrong suitcase.

The brand, colour and dimensions may have been identical to his own, but that was where the similarity ended. Expecting the waft of old clothes in need of washing, Dave’s brain instead went abuzz with a scent unfamiliar but a sight he had seen many a lonely night on the web and hidden deep within his mind.

Rubber. Black, sleek, shiny rubber.

In the centre of his apartment, isolated from the rest of a sleeping world, Dave’s pounding heart seemed to reverberate through the walls. The only stir awoken from this pounding, however, was that of his own cock. All senses were suddenly heightened; the room suddenly seemed colder as goosebumps spread across his body, every creak from the shifting of his weight on the floor seemed to echo as if from within an empty mansion, every sheen from every fold of black rubber sent a thousand signals through his optic nerves and the smell seemed to wash through his brain like a thick, sensuous fog.

“This isn’t my suitcase,” he reminded himself, “I have to take it back to the airport and report it to lost property...”.

 The faint tick-tock from the wall reminding him of how long it was until lost property would be open, however, and the deep sense of hidden isolation from judging eyes meant that no willpower he possessed could prevent the need to feel years of pent up frustration, fear and fantasy wrapping around his naked skin.

With a tremble from deep within his abdomen, he tentatively reached forward and sunk his fingers into the deep suitcase; letting the slippery blackness ooze around his sensitive fingers. Gently grasping the viscous material, he lifted from within the case a large item which presented itself to him in the form of a catsuit. Laying it gently onto his bed, he could see it was a full body catsuit complete with fitted gloves, hood with a cock gag attached, feet, and a cock sheath and anal sheath. He faintly noticed silver rings which appeared to be printed around the shafts of the cock and anal sheaths as well as on the wrists of the catsuit. It was almost, if not precisely, his size. Looking into the case again he saw other items, among which was a bottle of thick silicone lubricant.

Unable to wait any longer, Dave quickly grasped the lube and vigorously and liberally applying the slippery substance to his whole body, cock and ass. This wasn’t something he had ever done before but so many fantasies fulfilled in one night would not warrant a prude attitude. He next picked up the catsuit, undid the zip from upper to lower back and held the waist end open for his legs to be wantonly swallowed whole. Inside the catsuit too, he noticed, were a series of silver lines identical to those on the cock and anal sheaths; while this intrigued, it did not delay him.

Lifting his left leg, he slowly inserted it into the leg of the catsuit. The smooth and slippery rubber first caressed before gently squeezing more and more as the leg grew slimmer towards the foot. Allowing his foot to slip comfortably within the stretch of the material forming the sock, he slowly pulled the suit up to his thigh, feeling his skin be licked and kissed by the sensuous grasp of the suit. A slight and uncontrollable contraction of the muscles erecting his cock forced the first droplet of thick precum to form at the eye looking up at him eagerly. With a sigh of impatience, he quickly did the same with his right leg and pulled the suit up to his waist, stopping just shy of his anticipating cock so as to prepare for the sheaths.

Like the swallow of an expertly practice mouth, the sheath slowly slid over his cock and testicles in their entirety and squeezed the firm and sensitive member such that Dave thought he might explode into the catsuit there and then. He gently stroked and massaged the shining, throbbing, pulsing cock; enjoying every delicious sensation through the catsuit…

“Stop…,” he thought, “if this suitcase is returning to the airport in the morning, I want to experience everything it has to offer.”

He dragged his twitching hand away from his penis and instead worked on getting himself fully into the catsuit. After slowly and experimentally guiding the anal sheath into his ass using his finger, he pulled the catsuit up his trunk before letting the soft latex consume his arms and engulf his fingers one by one, before taking the base of the hood with his slippery latex-covered hands. Every inch of him was tingling with excitement. The smooth rubber squeezed and slid against his naked skin underneath with the sensuality of a lover’s tongue.

He hesitated slightly at the sight of the cock gag inside the hood, it verged onto the uncomfortably unknown, but he reminded himself that what happened within these 4 walls would never be discovered by anyone, and for now he should just enjoy everything this suit had to offer. Opening his lips, the gag slowly penetrated his mouth; stopping just before the triggering of the gag reflex. He then squeezed and pulled on the base of the hood until wrapped head and mind in its seductive embrace. Once the hood was in place, he allowed himself to suck on the gag and immediately felt… submissive.

He had never had feelings like this before and he didn’t know what it meant (nor did he particularly want to) but it made his cock feel something more than arousal; it was craving to be under control. Feeling for the zipper at his lower back, Dave slowly pulled it up towards his neck, relishing the feeling of every tooth biting on its opposite and tightening the suit so slowly and sexually over his body.

He had never felt this horny in his entire life.

Remembering the anal sheath, Dave looked into the suitcase and pulled out a leather body harness, attached on it were a metal cock-ring and butt plug. Unbuckling the strong leather, he stepped his leg over the strap which would run under his ass and, with the help of a little more lube, slipped the tight cock ring over his aching penis until it rested on the silver line at the base of the cock sheath. Next he took the metal butt plug, unconsciously suckling on the cock-gag while he took one last look at the intimidating phallus demanding his further submission to the suit, and slowly insert it into the anal sheath. He forced it home passed his quivering sphincter until it rested pleasurably on his prostate, causing his hips to thrust ever so slightly in horny need. He then reached through and under the remaining straps of the harness and buckled himself into his leather prison.

Dave looked into the mirror and no longer recognised a man staring back; it was a shining, black mass of throbbing, craving lust. It was the personification of a man’s sexual submission, and it was the suit from which sexual control was demanded.

With everything a blur of horniness and quivering frustration Dave reached, still sucking and squeezing on his invading gag and butt plug, for the final items in the suitcase: leather wrist restraints, a small black box and a small booklet. Connecting two metal wrist holders (which looked slightly too large to fit Dave’s wrists) the leather straps had coming from them wires feeding through a small black box  and then onto a plug shaped to connect to a power supply. Dave barely read through the booklet, not even trying to understand how the suit worked, before plugging in and fitting to his bed the restraints. Selecting what appeared to be a setting on the box which would provide intense sexual pleasure for the shortest period of time (around 20 mins) , Dave sought to climax his night of sexual fulfilment and end his torturous anticipation of ejaculation within his rubber imprisonment. All settings engaged, he lay back on his bed and reached his hands through the metal rings within the wrist restraints held at full arms reach on either side.


Dave jerked his hands in surprise but they met firm resistance after only pulling an inch or so towards him. Whimpering within his cock-filled mouth, Dave looked on either side to see the metal rings had snapped shut onto the silver lines on the rubber suit’s wrists. The circuit within the suit was now closed, and a torrent of slow, teasing, electrical pleasure tingled over his lower abdomen and thighs, stroking his tight, smothered cock and forcing his sphincter to hungrily tighten as he felt a trembling on his prostate through the metal plug.

He could do nothing. He was no longer in control of his craving need to explode into the thick, tight sheath which engulfed its hostage. The suit slowly build up the current, increasing the power of every tremble and tickle and shock to the point of no return… but he wasn’t allowed that yet. Every time he came close to pleasurable climax, the current would die down and simmer; an ever-present tremble which would neither cease not grant release. He would fight, he would pull, he would thrust his hips forward to pleasure his cock and pull them down to increase the pressure of the dominating plug in his sphincter. He would bite and suck and grunt into the gag and move his body to try and increase the pressure put on his by the straps of the harness. Every time he moved he helplessly wished he tied the straps just a bit tighter, because nothing helped enhance the pleasure beyond breaking point.

The suit wouldn’t allow it.

Every inch of him ached to rip through the shining membrane which covered him, but for every jerk of his arms and thrust of his pelvis was a stretch. A tension. Everywhere his skin covered there was another clinging on, sensually rubbing, letting him know there was no direction in which he could escape its squeeze, like a violating presence. The suit had him firmly where it wanted. The suit was in control.

For now


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