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by OzFet

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© Copyright 2006 - OzFet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; toys; latex; cons; X

You've asked for a written report on last Saturday. I sit here in an anxious and aroused state, staring at the screen, running the events through and getting intense visual and tactile sensations.

My cock stirs with the images and I cup my newly discovered balls and rub the soft inside of my wrist and arm against the shaft, pushing in hard against the glans. A tiny, shiny, drop of pre cum beads from the eye of my twitching cock. I am having such sensations that I can only try and do justice to the four, five or however many hours I was in that fugue state. You were better than fantasy, a sincerity of purpose that transcended anything I could have imagined.

I give my cock and balls another fondle, thinking how displeased you'd be with the interruption. An involuntary shiver goes through me. The fear and the pleasure inextricably entwined. I remember the sharp slaps from the paddle, inside my thighs and the flick at my cock and balls. I tremble as I did then and remember the tightness round my wrists as I jerked from the blows. I can hear the jingle of the metal on the cuffs holding me helpless as you held my balls in your hand and looked disdainfully at my growth of pubic hair. You produce the rubber plug gag and buckle it on, pulling it hard into my mouth.

Languidly, you lean back against the bedhead and put your fingers lightly into your cunt and run them over your clit, your cunt glistens with juices, you work your fingers in further and run the juices down to your arse, one finger slides up, you groan with the sensation, recover and suddenly disappear.

I hear the sound of something heavy being moved, I look toward the side of the bed, feeling the deep collar tight around my neck, a full length oval mirror is in place tilted forward to allow us to watch. I see myself bound hand and foot with leather cuffs, linked chain holding my wrists tight against the high iron bedstead, feet the same with rope. My cock is throbbing into the air, a runnel of pre cum down the head. I moan into the gag at the reflection of my submission and restraint.  My surrender to your desire and power. 

Seemingly, instantly you return with razor, cream and water. I spasm against the restraints at the sight of you looking down as you lather my balls. Your look of pleasurable control as you wield the razor, pulling my sac up tight and slowly running it over the hair and removing large chunks. Slowly, slowly, you remove all the hair from my balls and arsehole. I can see you casually poised as you wield the razor, washing my balls with a cloth after each stroke. You make soothing noises as you shave my crotch and balls, not at all reassuring and with an underlying tone of menace. A sudden gasp into the gag as I feel the lather covering my arsehole. I'm rigid with pleasure and fear.

Your fingers caress my twitching arse, sliding in with lather. I jerk in response as the razor gently takes several slow sweeps around my clenching arsehole, finished. A cloth cleans me a little rougher than before. My cock is gripped tightly and pulled from side to side, making me pull harder against the cuffs. A slap across my face gets my attention away from the spectacle in the mirror. Calm down you tell me, you haven't really started.

The chill air makes goose bumps and gets me even harder. You look critically at the shaven, damp result and decide that it'll do for now. Your eyes have changed, there's a dangerous glint and they're an impossibly lighter blue. You reach behind and produce a wide, flat black paddle. You put your wrist through the strap and grasp the handle, swishing through the air against your hand. A frisson of real fear runs through me, an electric sensation, thrilling me from top to bottom. Groaning into the gag, thrashing my head as far as it can. The mirror forgotten at the sight of you considering where to begin and how hard. You let the paddle drop leaving it hanging from your wrist and brushing against my body.

A smile spreads across your expressive lips as you lean down pressing your full body down the length of mine. Your nose touches mine and you look deep into my frightened eyes. Gently you kiss each eye and cheek, pausing to look deeply into me. I try to move even closer I want so desperately to be inside you, returning those kisses. I'm calmer now. You slowly kiss my chin and face around the gag. I whimper with the sheer sensation, so simple, so intensely erotic.

Abruptly moving to my side you commence squeezing your breasts and pinching your nipples, they grow bigger under your fingers. Slowly fingering your cunt with one hand you smooth lube on the glans of my cock and slowly down over my exposed balls. My jerking and groaning into the gag irritates you. If I don’t stop - you will! I reduce my movement to an intense quiver gently jingling the restraints. You decide this is acceptable and continue with long slow strokes up and down my cock, squeezing my shiny hairless balls on the languid down stroke. The feeling makes my whole body rigid again. You notice and smile cruelly. Only the beginning you tell me, moving out of my limited vision.

There's a clink of metal and my nipple is pinched and extended to receive the bite of a clamp, before the bite hits, the other is gripped. The pleasure and the pain are unbelievably intense. My sense of time vanishes; there is only the intense sensation from your hand.

More lube is pored over my cock and balls, you smooth it down to my arsehole, I tense even more, you slide one finger deep up inside me. I can't possibly move, the rigidity has turned to a bone breaking paralysis. I'm consumed by the sensations; all of me is alive and electric. Another finger slides up and they both work my arsehole, stretching it beyond anything I've felt before. My cock is beating like a metronome in time with the matching movements of your hands. You stop, leaving me straining into empty air. 

A wand of thick, black anal beads is in your hand, glistening with lube. They look bigger than anything I've ever taken. A small tremor passes through me as you point the thicker end toward my clenching arsehole. You describe how it looks, puckering and squirming as if begging for the beads. A groan escapes as the first touch of the beads rests against the lips. I can feel myself squirming, willing the penetration of those shiny beads. Another groan as the second, and quickly the third slide in. You stop pushing and twirl the beads around inside my arse. My entire body erupts in sensation, my cock bounces hard. You hold my throbbing cock in a gentle grip, holding it steady as you simultaneously push and twirl the beads further and further into me. You stop pushing and tell me that I've nearly the whole long strand in. You know I could take much more, but you don't want to lose the beads.

You lean down very close, nose to nose, and look deep into my eyes. A small kiss to the tip of my nose and then I convulse as the first bead comes out. I scream into the gag and wrench against my bonds as every bead in increasing size is pulled from my arse. You are watching us in the mirror. Sensing I'm about to come you cruelly pinch the head of my cock and let it go. I drop my tension and relax into a shiver, my breathing fast and my heart pounding.

Your turn you tell me. You rise so I can have a full view as you insert a buzzing vibrator with clit stimulator. Insanely aroused I'm helpless and can't fulfil my desire to put my tongue and fingers where the vibrator has usurped me. You bring yourself to your first orgasm, looking deeply into my eyes as you cum. You remove the vibrator and slide the paddle into your hand.

Beginning with light slaps up and down the inside of my thighs, moving ever closer to my balls you pinch the flesh of my thighs with the other hand as the whipping continues in faster and harder rhythm. I'm terrified and delighted as the blows move closer and closer, retreating and soon a light flick on my balls. An instant flash of pain, followed by a hot sensation from where it struck. More light blows follow inflaming my cock and balls. I thrash and moan with each blow. You stop and lean down looking into my eyes, for what seems forever. You smile and move away from me. You remove the gag and make shushing noises, I nod and make an obedient noise.

With an evil look you reach for a vibrating butt plug and ram it into my stretched arsehole. I scream and you slap me across the face. I calm down as much as possible. You turn on my vibrator and I groan loudly, you give me a harder slap and warn me to keep quiet.

You reverse position and move your dripping cunt over my face, a delicious strand of your juices loops down and across my mouth. My nose is pushed deep into your clit while my tongue slides greedily into your cunt, sliding it between pushing as far in as possible and sucking your clit. You writhe in pleasure and move harder against my face, my tongue is now licking and sliding into your arsehole which is as wet and reactive as your cunt. I can feel both holes against my tongue and mouth. I move my tongue faster and faster in and out of your arsehole, as you writhe and grip my cock. You come with a shuddering, clenching groan.

Suddenly I feel your mouth over my bursting cock, before I can scream; your cunt is back over my face. I can feel your tongue around the head of my cock, gently biting to the edge of pleasure and pain.  I match your rhythm with my tongue and lips, licking and nibbling your swollen clit, alternately tonguing your arse. I can feel the surges of your pleasure from your mouth to your cunt, arse clenching against my tongue. We both spasm in an extended dual orgasm, you spray my cum all over your tits as I suck and drink your rush of juices. You collapse on top of me and regain your breath. You push your cum covered tits into my mouth and make me lick and swallow it all as I suck your breasts clean.

Rising off me, you gesture to me to not say a word. Swiftly you undo my right hand. “Get yourself out of the rest and hurry. I want you in that bathroom cleaning yourself – inside and out. Give yourself two enemas and after the shower, make sure you have that arsehole really well lubed, I mean really wet. I wouldn’t want to hurt you.” Mockingly.

‘When you’re finished and lubed, I want you kneeling here at the end of the bed, head down into the rubber and toys. Put the girly rubber pants on so I can see your arse and balls hanging free, then all your cuffs on and lock them together then kneel. Now hurry.”

Returning, clean and very well lubed. I do as you ordered put on my high collar and restrain myself hand and foot. I wait, what seems forever until the door opens and I hear you return. “Don’t turn your head or try to look at me. Keep down and quiet. I’ll be dealing with you soon enough slut.”

Keeping my head down, breathing in the odour of the rubber and feeling the shapes of the vibrators and dildo against my face. I wait in a mix of fear, arousal, trepidation and anticipation, my body trembling and cock beginning to stir as it hangs out of the rubber slit. I hear you moving around, opening and closing drawers, leaving and returning to the bedroom.

I sense you behind me, the cock gag is quickly thrust into my mouth and buckled tight. “No noise at all from you. That moaning thing you do really irritates and I wouldn’t want to hurt you more than I have to. So, not a sound. Here’s a little preview.”

I hear the sound of the riding crop before the searing pain spreads across my arse cheeks in a blinding stroke. The pain is intense, I jerk and let out a small groan into my gag. Another red hot streak across my arse cheeks, followed by a sharp slap to the back of my head. “I said no noise and I mean it.”

You tightly tie a rubber blindfold round my head. The burning sensations from the whipping subside into a double stream of heat. The skin seems alive and my cock stirs to erect throbbing in unison with the streaks on my arse. I’m totally sensorily under your control. A shiver of pleasure and pain moves through my body. I can feel my arsehole exposed to your view pucker and release, a small dribble of lube runs out and down to my shaven balls. You laugh. “Getting wet for me arse slut. You’re a pathetic little slut. Well I’m happy to humiliate and violate your slutty little arse. Get up.”

I struggle to my feet and stand upright feeling the restraints hobble my legs. You clip a lead to my collar and jerk me forward and give light slaps from the riding crop to my inflamed arse cheeks. You lead me from the bedroom and change direction every few steps. I’m totally disoriented. My arse is clenching and the cheeks totally sensitised. My cock is rock hard from the multitude of sensations. I suppress a moan. I’m pulled to a stop, my legs against a hard edge.

A harder slash from the crop. “Kneel.” I kneel and the hard edge presses against my stomach. My nipples are pinched and a clamp bites each in turn. I squirm and the crop strikes hard across my arse cheeks. I’m pulled forward by the lead and my bound hands pulled out in front. You push me down the nipple clamps pressed against a hard rubber cushion. I shake my head at the sudden extra pain. The crop strikes again. “Stop that you’ll only get worse. You wanted this slut, you begged me. Please Mistress, please Mistress. Well here it comes slut, exactly what you thought you wanted. There’s no escape. It’s as hard and long as I choose. Not you. We know your pain is my pleasure. Let’s see what you can do for me. Now get those hands down where I can secure them.”

My hands are pulled down hard and the cuffs attached to legs I can feel. I realize I’m bent over a small table and unable to move. Hands immobile, my body pressed hard against the nipple clamps. Only my head can move and that with difficulty. My cock is erect and throbbing in the air. My arse cheeks throbbing under the rubber pants. The rubber blindfold is pulled off and I see my Mistress standing there in rubber corset and stockings, high black heels, her nipples exposed and hard. She’s holding the crop in one hand and her other is stroking a larger than life size strap on dildo, a perfectly shaped giant cock. She strokes it and looks deep into my eyes. She smiles and pats my head the giant cock waving in front of me. “Yes, that’s for your slutty little arse. Don’t go wide eyed on me it’s going to happen and there’s nothing you can do. Let’s warm you up a bit more, that whipping makes me very wet. There’s a dildo and plug inside me and every time I whip you they move around making me wetter. I like that.”

My Mistress moves out of view and I feel fingers at my arse, they stroke my burning arse and three slide inside. I squirm and can’t help myself moving back onto them. You thrust them hard into me. “Just a start slut, or should I call you slave. Yes, my slutty arse slave.”

You move back and give me several hard strokes with the cane. My arse is on fire and throbbing under the pants. I can’t believe how sensitive the pain makes my arse. I feel the head of the giant cock move against the rim of my arsehole, pushing in just a little. “Not yet slut, you’ve got to make it want to fuck you.” You remove the gag and warn me to keep silent.

“Suck my cock slave, make it wet and wanting your arse, beg it with your tongue and lips to sink right up your slutty little arse. Suck it hard, make it really wet see if you can make it as wet as I am.”

The huge cock is thrust into my mouth, I suck and lick, running my tongue up and down it, sucking the head as far down my throat as I can. I feel violated and very hard. My cock is throbbing in time to my cock sucking. Abruptly the cock is pulled out of my mouth and next I feel it behind me, moving steadily into my puckering arse hole. Further and further it moves into me. It hurts and stretches me, involuntarily my desire overcomes the fear and the pain and I back onto it pushing it further in filling me completely. I can feel the balls of the dildo and my Mistresses thighs pressed hard against me. Fully in now you move it gently in and out increasing speed. I’m being fucked hard by my Mistress. You increase the tempo, I can hear you panting, I think of the two plugs transferring the fucking to your cunt and arse. My cock is bursting. 

You lean harder against me and press your body down on top of mine. I feel your breasts and the rubber corset pushing me down against the pain of the nipple clamps. My whole body is alive with sensation. I hear you groan with pleasure as you push harder and faster into me fucking my arse with passion. Your hand comes down and grips my cock, smearing the pre-cum down the length of it. You stroke my cock in time with your thrusting. I’m even more carried away with the pleasure and the pain. You move faster into me stroking my cock harder, I can feel your cunt contracting and pulsing the cock inside me. You breathe faster and faster gasping with each stroke, you start shaking and jerking against me the cock transmitting the movement inside me. You cry out and drop heavily onto me, spasming as you come. This is too much for me I come spurting into your hand, the cum gathered in your fingers and palm.

Slowly you subside and we both breathe easier, slowly you raise your filled hand to my face. “Eat it you slut, clean my hand and swallow it all.” Gladly I submit to the humiliation of eating my own cum. 

After writing solidly for a couple of hours with cock hard from the remembrance, aching with the desire to submit to you as soon as possible, I look at the clock and realise it’s very close to my reporting time. Knowing how much you enjoy my self humiliation, I decide to dress and prepare for the call to you – without instructions to do so. I know that preparing without your permission will incur humiliating and probably painful penalties. Excited by the prospect, I shiver and open the big black box containing all my rubber wear and toys.

Clearing the desk in front of the computer screen, I begin to arrange the toys ready for use. Small solid butt plug, large ribbed red, vibrating plug, black rubber realistic cock and ball sheath, black rubber elbow length gloves, belt with restraining straps to hold the butt plug in place, thin black rubber strip to bind my cock and balls over the sheath, nipple clamps and of course lube.

Now the clothes, nearly all shiny black latex. First the tight pants that expose my cock and balls, then the long overall trousers with slit through the crotch, calf high thin rubber boots, hooded jacket, maroon floor length cape and a sheet to cover my chair.

Hurrying because I’m nearing my deadline, I pull on the long gloves, revelling in their smooth feel and appearance. Picking up the lube and the smaller plug, I lube up the plug and kneeling on the floor with my face down into the assembled clothes, push the plug deep into me. I work it around stretching my arse, the sensation of the plug filling my arse makes my cock throb. Reluctantly removing the plug I lube my fingers and insert first one, then two and with painful effort a third. Mistress wants me to be able to insert four with ease. Clenching my arse tightly around my fingers I work them in and out, stretching it even further, the pain has stopped and the pleasure comes to the fore. Groaning to myself I remove the fingers and grip my cock smearing a drop of pre cum around the glans. I writhe at the pleasure.

Leaving my cock to bob in the air, I fill the sheath with lube and pull it over my cock and balls, pulling it down tight and secure around the base of my balls and cock. The shaft slides deliciously into the rubber, I pull it tightly down filling it to the end, shiny and throbbing in the light. Quickly the pants are pulled on and the bulging sheath pulled through.

Sitting exposed on my rubber covered chair in just the pants with the cock thrusting into the air. I dial. My breathing quickens as I wait for your answering.

You answer at last with a languid and faintly hostile tone. ‘Have you been writing slut? It better be good, remember it’s for me not for your perverted fun.”  Tensely I answer. Something in my voice alerts you. “What are you wearing? I recognise that tone. Have you been doing things without permission? Tell me now. You only dress with my permission.”

I confess and tell what I’m wearing and the preparations. “Well slut you’ll pay for this now, and later when you come crawling to my door with your pathetic bag of fetish. Pinch your nipples – hard – very hard, I want to hear them squeak. When they’re hard put the nipple clamps on and hang that metal weight I know you’ve got on the chain and lean forward so it’s pulling down on those nipples. Do it now.”

I scramble for the weight and attach it to the chain then pinch each nipple till it really hurts and attach the clamps. Letting go the chain the full weight pulls hard on my nipples as I lean forward the clamps stretch the skin down. The pain and the sensation are intense.

“Hurts does it? Good. Stand up and lube the big red butt plug. Then pull the back of your sissy rubber pants down and shove the plug hard up. No whimpering or hesitation, straight up hard and now.”

I follow orders and barely suppress a whimper as I shove the big plug hard up. It’s difficult and hurting, I slowly rotate it in and it’s in and stretching my arse hole severely. “Is it in. Good. Snap those pants up – I want to hear the snap of the rubber against your arse. Then belt the plug in tight.”

I hasten to obey and belt in the plug really tight pushing it hard into me. “Now get those sissy overall things on and pull your cock out the front, make sure the bib goes under the nipple chain, I want that swinging free and hurting. Turn the butt plug on to one.”

The big plug starts whirring and squirming in my arse, the belt pushes the sensations hard into me so I can feel it through my balls and into my cock as I struggle into the overalls.

“Leave the plug on and sit and bend forward to put those boots on, move fast I want that weight swinging and pulling down really hard.”

Pulling the boots on I feel the smooth rubber slide over my feet, the combination of the hurt from the clamps and the vibrating in my arse makes my cock jerk in the sheath. I touch it and groan. I could come immediately, but my Mistress has to give permission. The wanting is painful.

“Now put on the jacket and pull the hood tight over your head. The girly cape over the top and then bend down and tie your feet together I want your legs tight together right up to your balls. Clench hard on the plug and turn it up to two. Clench hard and swing forward get, that weight moving. I want that pain going right down to the plug and your cock. Brace yourself hard and touch the end of your pathetic rubber covered cock and tell me what you’d be doing for me if I was there.”

I shake as I obey and feel the sensations burning through me. I tell you how I want to worship your cunt and arse, licking and sucking your clit, running my tongue up your cunt and sliding down to your arse. I describe the beautiful taste and thickness of your juices, how I lick and suck it all up. Sliding a finger into your arse how I move it around, my deep desire to help you come, my eagerness to suck your clit and nipples to offer my pain for your pleasure, my genuine submission to your desires.

You tell me how you’ve lubed a plug with your juices and how it slides up and fills your arse while you slide the huge strap on up your cunt with fingers rubbing your clit. How close you are to cumming, but how I must come first into the rubber.

“Harder slut, I want to hear you moan as you come, harder and faster come for me now.”

I pant harder, the sensations and your voice driving me over the edge. I try not to scream as I come long and hard. I can hear your breathing get faster as you listen to me come. The noises from the sheath loud and sucking at my cock and cum.

“I’m nearly cumming slut, get the sheath off. I want to hear you sucking all your cum out. I ‘m going to cum as you swallow it, make plenty of noise, make it good.”

I tear the sheath off my cock and empty it into my mouth, slurping and sucking at the cum, the plug still writhing in my arse. I hear you breathe fast and groan as you come, a long drawn out orgasm. Your breathing shudders and you calm down. You’ve finished with me till we meet.

Obediently yours,



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