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The Wolf

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; escort; latex; gimpsuit; bond; susp; chain; tape; bfold; gag; frogtied; harness; van; transported; bed; straps; cons; X

Name: Sarah Gold
Age: 21
Home Address: 76 Heartfield Street, Oxford, UK
Job: Nome

Appointment Time: 12pm, Monday 27th, April 2015
Reason for Appointment:

Sarah was spotted on a little known fetish website by myself. She has the good looks and perfect curves I am looking for. She is unemployed and will be looking for money. She has a long list of kinks and fetishes which is listed on her profile. I see her as the best person for my needs and should be easy to control.


Offer her a long term contract with our new fetish escort agency and send her to the highest paying client. We don't care what they do to them as long as they come back.

Notes completed at 11:11am
By J

J was the manager of contracts and control. A website he had just up a couple of days ago. He planned for the website to act like a middleman with sexy girls he would show to clients. The website was set-up for people with extreme fetishes and kinks. He needed girls who found bondage a turn on and would need money. He would then offer them a long term contract and sent them around the UK. They would go to the highest paying client. Sarah would be the first girl employed by the company if the meeting went well.

April 27th.

Sarah rushed into the meeting room as the clock past 12. Her high heels made loud clicking sounds as she ran over the floor. J was waiting for her with the contract laying on the table. He was not happy with her late arrive and told her it should never happen again. But after that poor start, they soon got talking. With Sarah's overall love for the world of fetish, soon winning J over. They talked through the contract and soon signed.

She needed to have a few photos taken and have her profile set-up. She also needed to be given an outfit to wear to the clients location. She had done her make up and hair beforehand and looked stunning. Her bright soft eyes and black eye-liner cut through the air. Her long brown hair was folded across her face. Her skin was flash and clean looking and her red lipstick was shiny and glossy. She was a tall girl with long sexy legs. She was slim with amazing curves and a beautiful backside. She had one of the best pair of breasts, J had ever seen. He took photo after photo as she slowly removed her clothes. Soon she was completely naked and playing to the camera. She was a top class girl and would do very well for him.

He sent her home for the night and give her a parting gift. She got dressed and left with a smile on her face. He said he would call her in a couple of days after he set-up her web page. She was the only girl working for him at the moment and would be loved.

April 29th

J had spend the last two days working on the website and finding other girls. The website had been very slow and no client coming forward. He was thinking about shutting the site down and starting again. It was then an email popped up on his laptop with a unbelievable offer.

The message was from a user calling themselves the wolf. They wanted Sarah for a week of extreme rubber bondage and would pay a stunning £7000 to do so. He quickly text Sarah to see if she wanted to do it. He got another email telling him the meeting location and pick up point. She got back to him in a heart beat and accepted the offer. J told the client the offer had been accepted and he would pass on the information to her. He got a final email back with the day and time they would meet and how she would be delivered.

May 1st

Sarah was waiting in the back of a white van in the centre of a car park. She had been told the location for the meeting and knew she was somewhere in Liverpool. It was a warm night as she moaned through her gag. The wolf had wanted her to be well bound and in rubber. She was wearing the outfit given to her by J, which was a full crimson red rubber gimp suit. It had built-in hands and feet and was skin tight. It had a short zip from her neck to her backside. Her ass and tits looked perfect in the eye opening rubber. The suit was shinning brightly as light poured in through the windows. She was suspended off the floor of the van by strong metal chains. Her legs had been frog tied with plastic wrap and duct tape. Her ankles had been handcuffed together and her feet taped up. A black leather body harness was pulled tightly around her. Her hands had been locked into red rubber bondage mittens and her wrists had been cuffed together. Her elbows had also been bound and a chain linked them to her wrists and ankles. 

It was a horrible mix of a frog tied and hog tied and it was very strict. Her mouth was filled by two pairs of used knickers. A layer of duct tape covered the lower half of her face. Plus over the top of that was a thick layer of electrical tape and plastic wrap. The plastic wrap covered her whole head and only had three small holes. Two for her eyes and one for her nose. Tape was also wrapped under her chin and around her head. A black stocking had been placed over her head and taped in place.

She was moaning away to herself in the van and was enjoying the bondage trip. She had been tied up like this from the second they left J's office. The position was painful and uncomfortable, but Sarah could put up with it. The smell of rubber filled her nose with each breath. The tape pressed against her head and the cuffs made a lovely clicking sound as she struggled. She had been left in the van and sooner or later, the wolf would drive her away. To be on the safe side and to advertise the agency, J had put cameras in the van as well as a tracking device.

He was happy with the set-up and was well on his way home as a black car moved up to the van. The keys for the van had been left on the drivers side wheel. The car park was for long stays and Sarah could hear the sound of a car engine. Even through the walls of the van and the endless tape around her face. Her heart was running and sweat was building inside her suit. She could hear the car stop right next to the van and the engine cut out. The next second the driver's side door was open and someone was in the van with her. They said nothing and closed the door with a loud bang. They had the keys from the wheel in their hand and started up the van. The trip was a blur of rocking from side to side and night turning to day.

Sarah was on the road for so long she drifted off to sleep. She was jumped back into the real world as the van stopped. The sun was high in the sky and the heat was building inside the van. It had to be around mid day. She could see nothing out the windows as the back doors opened. She was hanging from the ceiling by chains as a figure walked up behind her. She could feel his hands rolling over her rubber suit as she struggled playfully. The hands then vanished from her body and did not come back for around 5 minutes. The wolf had some equipment for her as she waiting in her helpless state. He placed a asylum style bed below her suspended rubber body.

She felt his hands moving all over her back and then she dropped onto the bed. She bounced a couple of times, before coming to rest in the centre of the mattress. The drop had been horrible and she moaning loudly into her gag. She was then wheeled out the back of the van and placed beside it. He shut the back doors of the van and locked it. Sarah was soaking up the sun as she cried behind her taped face. He left her for a long time as he parked the van out of sight. She was moving around on the bed as she tried to see what was going on. The bed had high metal bars to stop her from falling off, but they made it harder to see.

She could make out a new looking farm house with metal panels covering the windows. A huge metal door was slowly opening and revealing the darkness within. She struggled with her bondage cuffs to see more. The door was now fully open and Sarah could still see nothing. She could see cameras hanging on the outside wall of the farm house and that it had two floors. The walls had been made from white limestone bricks and looked new. Her head was then forced down into the bed and a strip of tape was placed over her eyes. Sarah was frighting the attack as her world turned to blackness. But could do nothing about it as the bed started moving.

She could feel the wheels moving and she guessed they were going through the inescapable door. She was inside his play house and would be his toy for a whole week. She could see nothing as the sounds of the wheels rolled on. It sounded like the corridor was made of metal and she could hear something else. It sounded like the door closing and the farm house locking down. That was because it was. She was wheeled into a room at the end of the corridor and left to struggle for the night.

She tried finding a comfortable position to stay in. But with the cuffs and tape made it impossible to get a good nights sleep. Her suit was hot and filled with sweat as she had been wearing it all day. She was trying very hard not to go to toilet as it would stay inside the rubber all night. It was a battle she lost very quickly. She somehow closed her eyes and drifted off. The wolf watched over his new toy as a camera focused on her. He was slowly wanking himself off as he started thinking about his plans. He watched her for the next hour, until he cum.

Then he went to bed with his mind filled with rubber bondage ideas. Sarah's mind was also filled with images of rubber and BDSM. But the images she saw were miles darker and involved her being a tortured slave. The night was long and hard for Sarah and it would not get any better. Suddenly she was hit by a bucket of ice cold water. And was given a massive slap on her left ass cheek. She jumped around the bed for the next minute as she moaned into her huge gag.

He unlocked her cuffs and removed the tape. She allowed herself to be controlled by him as she was freed from her bondage. Her body was sore and stiff as her limbs become movable again. He ripped the stocking and tape from her head and she could feel the pressure fading away. The tape covering her mouth was taken away and she spat the drool covered knickers out her mouth. Her jaw was killing her as she took a few deep intakes of breath. She was manhandled out of bed and onto her feet. Her wet and sweaty rubber gimp suit was squeaking away.  

She was uneasy on her feet, but was ordered to move. She was pointed towards a door and slowly stepped through it. She saw a sign on the door saying 'Pig's Bedroom' which opened her eyes a little bit to the mind set of the person she was with. She was lead into another room with 'perpetration room' on the door. She knew she would be in for a long and painful stay.


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