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Willing Prop

by DepDot

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© Copyright 2009 - DepDot - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; D/s; kidnap; vacbed; latex; breathplay; mast; reluct/nc; X

The darkness was really starting to worry me. After nearly 24 hours in the clear vacbed, I had started to feel some movement when I tried to move. The sweat was acting a lubricant and I was able to move my hands to my crotch and grasp my manhood. It seemed to be in a constant state of erection and within moments I was cumming with an explosive force I’d never experienced before. After the orgasm subsided, the latex closed in on me and the panic of clausraphobia hit me. I heaved and twisted to try to escape but no dice. I was stuck and soon my breathing returned to normal.

Having been cleaned out and plugged before I was forced into the vacbed, this had been my only release of bodily fluids and it provided further lubrication and movement within the pressing confines of my latex prison. 

My anonymous captors had found me jacking off in a seedy adult bookstore on the outskirts of town. A man and women in their early 30s, they joined me in the booth and seemed to enjoy the show and the fetish video I was watching. In the throes of my orgasm, she slipped behind me and held my arms while he held a sweet smelling chemical to my nose and mouth. I was out in a matter of seconds. When I awoke, I was lying face up in a clear vacbed, sealed in between layers of latex. Able to see the room around me but unable to move a muscle. It looked like a bedroom and I was on the bed. The couple was dressed in tight latex catsuits and were wandering around the bed surveying my situation.

“So you like latex, do you?” the woman questioned as I tried to figure out where I was or what they wanted.

“Mmmmphh…” was all that came out of my gagfilled mouth.

“I’ll take that as a yes” she said. 

“My husband and I are Latex Fetishists and were lucky enough to find one another while we were still young enough to enjoy our passion” she explained. “You are here because we decided to add a little more excitement to our pastime by bringing in a rubber slave to play with.”

Her husband added. “You have been shaved, cleaned out and plugged. You have been sealed into a vacuum bed of clear latex so we can see you struggle and watch you try to deal with your situation. If you are good, you’ll get nourishment and relief. You may even be allowed to pleasure yourself now and then. If you are not good and don’t choose to cooperate, you’ll be punished. I’ll let you ponder on what that means. You will only be allowed consciousness when you are sealed in the vacbed. At all other times you’ll be kept in a sort of sleep induced by a variety of drugs that will keep you unconscious so we can clean you up and get you ready for your next confinement. We hope you enjoy your predicament, you might as well since you can’t do a thing about it. Once we’re done with you, you will reappear in that filthy jack off booth, unaware of where you’ve been. Richer, we hope for the experience”. 

With that, the two embraced and sat on the edge of the bed. They worked themselves into a passion and began to climb up my prone encased body. She kneeled straddling my torso and began to fondle my breathing tube. Placing her mouth over it. Immediately my air was cut off. She moved her mouth up and down and it was then that I realized that the tube was actually a phallus and she was giving it a blow job. The action caused my the blood in my loins to stir and in no time the sight of her mouthing the rubber cock and lack of oxygen had me hard and straining to get some sort of stimulation to my own wanting cock. 

I felt pressure at my feet as the man climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind the woman. She moaned as he inserted himself into her. The bed began to rock as he humped and pumped her. I was starting to get woozy as the lack of air took its toll when she bolted upright and screamed in ecstasy at the action behind her. I took two quick breaths before she began to deep throat my breathing cock. Filled at both ends, her crotch and pussy were sliding around on my cock and the precum was starting to give me some sense of stimulation.

Eventually they were at full throttle on top of me and my straining movement had me on the verge of cumming and straining for air. I could feel the impending explosion of my dick when she released the rubber cock and moaned loudly as her partner began deep, long thrusts and let out low moans of his own. My dick too, began to pulse into the latex envelope. He dismounted and she sat back on her knees to see the results. Panting into the tube, I was catching my breath when she reached up and blocked the opening.

“That was a very good showing but I don’t remember telling you that you could come. You’re a prop and nothing more. I think a minute without air should teach you a lesson.”

With that she began to count. 1… my dick was still hard from all this action and I was still aroused …..7…. panic settled in and I started to squirm and try to move against the stretchy latex surrounding me……20……. Unbelieveably, my dick is still hard and I find myself humping against the latex and my captor…..28…… “You seem to be enjoying this slave, you really are a little pervert”……35….. she starts to move her hand at my crotch to slide my dick back and forth like a windshield wiper….41…..

I’m getting light headed but can’t stop her from stimulating my dick, she’s laughing, “Come for me slave”…..49…. “Come For Me, Latex Slave, you want it don’t you” …54… I let go of the breath I’d been holding and It’s sucked away by the vaccum pump, my lungs are burning for air even as I’m on the verge of coming……60….

“ Nice work but I think I’ll just hold on until you come or pass out, come for me now… Now… NOW, DO IT…..”

I feel the light slipping away as I squirt another load into the latex just as cool air is again made available. I breathe long, deep breaths and try to fight the cloying sensation of the enveloping latex. Slowly I regain my senses and lament that I’m still in the vacbed, drained of semen that saturates my groin area.

“Very nice little slave. My what a mess you’ve made of yourself. I think we’ll just see how much cum you can squirt into that bed. I think a week should do it. Well then, nighty night for now”.  

A sweet smell and darkness…


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