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Willing to be a Mistress

by Enclosed Lady

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© Copyright 2005 - Enclosed Lady - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; breathplay; mum; cons; X

Willing to be a Mistress by Enclosed Lady – enclosedlady (at) yahoo (dot) com 
Dedicated to: Claudia and Sir Marc from Canada 
This is a long story and English isn't my 1st language, so you might find some mistakes. Hope everyone enjoy. Adult story +18 evolving F/f. – Feedback welcome. 

One chloroform handkerchief clamped over my mouth and nose as soon as I entered my friend's house. I tried to get rid of the grip, but was too late. I woke up hours later, disoriented, slowly becoming aware of my surroundings. The large room was illuminated by a faint spotlight, there were some odd furniture and bdsm devices and I could feel the floor was covered by a smooth carpet. I still had my boots on and my shirt, but the rest of my clothing was gone. I felt a presence but couldn't move, my body was bound with hard leather straps and a very tight leather gag strap filled my mouth muting any protest. Another device was also hard to ignore, a dildo with a finger-like flange curled up from the base, pressed a pad against my clit while another larger flange curled inside my back channel. I heard soft footsteps and I tried to call for help, but only muffled sounds came out. "Just relax." was the only thing I got from a female voice and then a click switched on the device deep inside me. At first it was a faint hum, I moaned, it was pleasant, but after a few minutes the buzz increased and several vibrations and pulses were tickling and poking my clit and anus, both entrances could feel the movements of my hips. The pulsating invader was guiding me to an inevitable orgasm; I was moaning and gasping without control, shaking inside my restraints. My inner contractions soon began and I violently succumbed into a heavy orgasm. The buzz then diminished turning again into a faint hum. My breathing was heavy and I thought the nightmare maybe ended but the panic hit me again when the lights went off, 
exposing my naked and sweat body to the darkness. 

I laid there for 20 maybe 30 minutes before the lights turnwd on again, hurting my eyes and finally revealing my captor: Lynne, 32 years old, 5'6", short black hair, 34-21-34, a petite in full black latex outfit, with high heels and corset, a perfect Domme. That woman was also a lawyer and friend of mine for 18 months now but during the last 4 months she asked me about bondage. Of course I helped her, giving tips about the D/s relationship and sending her website's addresses, including mine, so she could learn. Sometimes she talked to other Mistresses online, but I kept telling her 'don't trust internet chats', the lifestyle is more complex and not everyone is careful with bondage. Despite my warnings, she was so excited about learning, willing to become a mistress that she read all she could find about BDSM. I felt seriously angry for being trapped by her. "Having fun?" She asked moving closer. Apparently, somehow, she learned way too much and decided to test her skills. I just wished she had asked me first. "Don't worry after tonight you'll beg me to be your permanent Mistress..." she leaned down kissing me in the gag strap. "The only problem is... I know you won't cooperate so here's the deal, you can start acting like my slave pet or... I leave you here with this toy buried inside you and whenever I like I'll use chloroform to knock you out, change your position and play with you... Now, what to you prefer? Blink once for pet and twice for chloroform." I of course, blinked once. "Good girl..." She smiled beginning to remove my restrains and plug. 

I was now free, but still half-naked, my knees wide apart with my hands behind me, cooperating, waiting for Lynne to came back inside the mysterious room. She soon returned with a heavy black rubber hood and a wide posture collar with a strong D-ring attached to the front. "Put this on and manage to tuck in all your hair". After the task was complete, Lynne set the collar closing it with a tiny gold padlock, preventing any access to the hood's end. My neck was stiff now and I couldn't look down. "Hope you liked it, cause it won't be removed until I think otherwise" She pointed. "Now let's see something for your lovely mouth shall we..?" She asked and I nodded quietly. She moved to one of the closets inside the same room, removing a bag that she brought closer. Reaching something from inside, Lynne told me to open my mouth and I obeyed. The huge oral invader was a 2"½ large 4" long cock shape that she made me suck before plunging into my mouth. I couldn't believe that from all gags in the holy bdsm universe she decided to choose that, but the tight leather straps made it clear, she wanted the fake organ buried deep inside my mouth. I thought about protesting and Lynne clearly saw my discontentment on my eyes. "Oh dear, don't get mad, I know what's best for you my pet.." Lynne said dipping a finger into my slit and I gushed in surprise. "Sshh..see? Your pleasure is my pleasure.." She teased me lazily circling my clit, making me convulse every time she swiped across my nub. She toyed with me, increasing the pleasure slowly, agonizingly; she knew I'd be desperate for more in a few seconds since I told her I was easy to get excited. My body began to betray me and I thrust my pelvis up to reach her fingers. "You like that don't you my pet?" She asked devilishly. I confess I was loving and getting aroused with that sexual molestation... 

Finally when I really getting ready to climax, Lynne removed her hand, leaving me in agony and in a high level of desire "oh please..." was my low moan and she laughed saying I'd get a lot of that. Standing up she returned to the closet and removed a catstuit and a pair of leather 4" inch heels boots laced in the back. "Dress it up you've got 10 minutes" she said leaving and locking the door. There I was, alone again, exposed, trapped inside a comfy but all sealed room, hostage of a wannabe Mistress. I tested my collar and realized I'd never remove it, maybe would be better to obey. I began to dress the latex suit and surprisingly it was a crotchless "great...". When I was finishing to lace the boots Lynne came back "A little lazy aren't we?" she leaned down helping me to lace the boots, tighter then before. "There, I love a woman in tight latex, stand up I want to see my new pet.." Funny thing I was much taller then she was, but somehow I thought the idea was sexy and the latex feeling was already impregnating my thoughts. "Mm nice, shaved and prepared… now spread your legs pet" she ordered and so I did. She came behind me and firmly attached the spreader bar to each ankle. I felt a cold breeze invade my private areas. It was hard to hold myself in that position, especially with high heels. "Now lets work on your silhouette.." She said moving behind me. A few seconds and she showed me the discipline full-length boned corset. It was very restrictive covering most of my upper torso and down my breasts. Took some minutes to finish lacing it. She sadistically pulled the laces tightly, rigidly to control my breathing, my 29" waist was now 25", and it was like a constant squeeze. 

"Look at you... a lovely pet, but I've to do something about these arms..." Gosh she was such a mystery, but I wasn't really worried about that, I was concentrating on my balance and breathing. Somehow I felt more secure when she held my arms behind me and slipped the arm-binder over them. She continued to buckle the straps and began to lace it up. "Mmmm, that's nice… your arms will be bound as one as soon as your elbows touch each other.." I knew that and I moaned as my arms were pulled together tighter and tighter! I could barely move my arms and the binder forced me to arch my back and stick out my latexed breasts. Lynne walked around to face me with an evil grin. "Oh… I’ve waited so much for this moment... you said it'd take a year for me to learn and look at you now... gagged, trapped, helpless… mmm, I bet you changed your mind didn't you pet?" Her voice was definitely different, more defiant, more... Domme. I can't deny I love to meet a new Domme, real or online, but this was a complete different situation. I didn't know her twisted plans and was wondering what would happen next as she pushed a large soft leather bench behind me and help me to seat. The D-ring at the end of the arm-binder was pulled by a chain, stretching my arms, I was now seating upright straight, leaving my pussy more exposed. Two other chains were attached to the corners of the bench to the spreader, lifting a little my boots. I struggled against the bounds testing my limits… I couldn't reach the floor. 

Lynne kept her constant smile, pleased with my latexed bound image. "You know… the only thing isn't right in that picture is that wet and hot open flower of yours!" And she was right. My juices were flowing, a reflex from my latex and bondage passion, unconsciously I was enjoying that moment as a submissive. Lynne could read the desire and fear in my eyes and right now she was the only one that could alleviate my inner lust. Moving to a closet she removed a suitcase, from inside she removed one dildo, then another, then another and another. All different sizes and shapes. She looked back at me and smiled, turning her attention back to the dildos. My heart was biting fast and I was preying she wouldn't choose the big one... please not the big one... not the big... nooo!! "MMMNNnn Mmmpphh!" was my reaction when she returned holding a 2"½ tick and 9" long rubber penis sculpted with accuracy. "Oh come on my pet don't be a shy ..." Lynne said while attaching the monstrous phallus at her leather harness "…a few seconds and you'll be so good friends." 

I found my own hips trying to move, trying to escape when I saw Lynne lubing the phallus with KY and coming closer "...say hi to Mr.Dick!" she said rubbing it on my clit before gradually push against my labia. "MMMMmnnWWwnn!!" My inner muscles involuntarily squeezed the invading phallus. A strong vibration shot through my body. My muscles contracted again as she insistently buried it into me filling and stretching my cave with each push. "MMnnnMMphh!!" I moaned and groaned over and over again. The thick invader was too powerful, painful and uncomfortable. Seems the base of the invader was ticker and I felt myself full with the object. I could feel my protesting inner muscles spasm against it. Lynne then stood there, inches from me, enjoying, appreciating my panic, my struggle, my pain. I was hot and my breath was out of control. I gasped and moaned trying to push the phallus out of me. Useless. Lynne was giving my pussy some time, but not enough. As soon as my breathing was under control but still elaborated, she moved back and the forward. "MMMNNwwwmmmMMPHHH!!" and then again.. "MMMNnnMMMOOMM!" and again, and again, faster and harder. Her body pushing mine and the bench moving a little as she forced the thick invader several times. She only stopped when my body stiffed and couldn't control the waves of orgasm. I remember my body was still spasming and shaking when she removed the phallus. But Lynne wasn't satisfied. She moved behind me releasing the chain attached to my binder and ankles. Telling me to stand, she held me until I could control my trembling body and wouldn't loose balance. A chain from the ceiling came down and my binder was pulled up, I had to bend over, a classic strappado position. Legs spread apart, arms behind and up, head down, ass exposed... 

I was completely helpless, restrained, doomed. I looked at Lynne hoping she would notice my tears but she didn't care. My rosebud was now complete exposed to the new Mistress Lynne. I could feel her hands holding my hips, there was no tenderness in her grip, I could see her getting closer and leaning forward to touch another black head of a dildo against me. She then tightened the grip, I closed my eyes and contracted my muscles as she started to bury inch by inch the 2" diameter and 7" long rubber lubed invader inside my anus, just like she did with the previous monster. At first it didn't enter so she forced until I felt the head of the phallus pop inside my core. "MMMNmmWWMMMoommpphh!!" I cursed her over and over in my mind. But Lynne worked her hips moving slowly forward, tormenting my channel, I wanted it to stop, to escape, to scream, but was useless. She increased the rhythm harder and harder and I gasped and groaned deeply with each fast thrust. My knees went weak and the chain at the ceiling secured my position. I'd be screaming out loud if wasn't for the horrifically tight gag. I was feeling hot and consumed by Lynne's non-stop excitement. And when she finally stopped, tears streamed from my eyes, I was sweating, my breathing was heavy. My ass was burning, aching and I was glad it was over. 

But it wasn't, it never was. She unlocked the chain of ceiling and removed the spreader bar. I could kneel and rest my abused body on the soft carpet…as a pet. My inner muscles were pulsing and I felt sore. Lynne then used a towel to clean off my juices and tired as I was, relaxing my body, I didn't realize she greased 2 new tormenters to push inside my holes. The dildo was again 1½" diameter tick and 7"long, holding my knees with her own weight and hand, she used the free hand to slide it in. I groaned again when the base hit my nub. Flipping me over on my stomach, she pushed a 2” diameter butt plug deep inside my anus. I've no idea how many times I moaned and I did all my best to expel the intruder. Lynne laughed at my helpless attempt. It's was a hard uncomfortable rubber piece stretching unmercifully against my channel. To finish her task, she attached a leather strap around my corset with 2 rings, passing another leather strap between my legs to hold both plugs. She carefully adjusted the strap and the pushed. “MMmmpphhh!” God, I was now with three uninvited penis tormenting my anus, pussy and mouth.  

Fulfilled, I twisted my body side by side, moving my legs trying to get a comfort position. But Lynne of course wouldn't leave my legs free. Several tight leather straps were laced around my ankles and high heels to prevent any movement of my feet, then above the knees and finally thighs. It was very humiliating, struggling now like a worm, crawling with my sex greased. Lynne in the other hand was appreciating the view, once in a while spanking my butt, with another leather strap she had in hand. “Move!! Moan for me!” She provoked slapping my ass cheeks with the leather – sometimes softly sometimes harshly. “Now let's play another game that you and I like: breath play! I looove watching a pet being suffocated and you want that don't you slut?" Lynn asked, lifting my head through my collar strangling me. All I could do was to gasp and nod. "Good girl". 

Bringing a transparent plastic bag she told me to get ready. But it was stuck on my head as I tried to inhale. I knew as much as I struggle more sweat the plastic would stick on my hood. Would be harder to breath so for a few seconds I remained quiet breathing slow, but I also knew it was only a matter of minutes until I succumb to my sealed agony. The plastic was now getting hot, sweaty and beginning to stick. While I was suffocating, the wet and horny Mistress Lynne began to rub her clit through her latex suit, watching me helplessly struggle for air. I was admired to see Lynne, so strict before, now loosing her composure. She busted into an intense orgasm while keeping an eye on me. I shook my head several times in an attempt to get free of my plastic prison and the growing lust between my legs. But the plastic seemed to seal over my rubber hood now, I was inhaling nothing but plastic. While I was panicking, getting suffocated my level of euphoria was getting higher and higher until my body busted into orgasm. As I was about to lose consciousness, Ms Lynne removed the bag over my head and I could breath again. "That was quite a show my pet... mmm… very impressive I'm proud of you slut. Now I'll release your arms and legs, so we can continue our relationship…” Lynne said with an evil smile. Quietly she removed the large arm-binder and straps, a moment of relief for me, already trapped into her world of slavery for a few hours at least. I was sore and still impaled with the plugs; certainly both would stay there as much as she wanted. Moving away she reached another bag, bringing it closer and removing rolls and rolls of duct tape and plastic film. 

"Remember those stories about being enclosed that you love? I've the same passion..." she confessed "…stand up now!" she ordered and I complied. The elaborately wrapping began with my hands and arms. I couldn't move a finger and my arms soon were wrapped to each side of my body. The latex catsuit helped the grip and the tightness was too intense, my chest couldn't expand properly. She wrapped me horrifically tight over and over again, layer after layer. Lynne furiously swathed my thighs but not under the knees so I keep standing. With a new roll she carried on mercilessly around my shoulders, collar and even the hood. My groans filled the room and I "Mmphed" loudly but she kept going with a fiery obsession. My head was now mummified except for my eyes holes and nose nostrils. Moving behind me she guided my helpless body to the floor and began to wrap down my knees with the same fury. I felt my legs as one because of the tightness. Testing my bounds I tried to struggle but couldn't move an inch, I was flattened and cover with God knows how many layers of tape. "See? You first came here walking and now you can barely flip around...that's the difference between a Domme and submissive, I rule and you obey, I demand and you lick, I breath and you... don’t!" She affirmed quickly inserting a plastic bag over my head again sealing it around my wrapped collar. I didn't have time to inhale before it. Leaving me with very little fresh oxygen I could only breathe through my nose, the pressure on my waist because of the corset and all plastic layers were crushing my lungs and diminishing my changes to survive. 

Few seconds and the bag was expanding and retracting around my hooded face. Was very hard to keep my breathing stable, I couldn't stand that anymore. Moisture from my heavy breath was forming in the bag that began to cling in my nose. Thousand thoughts were invading my mind, I struggled and moaned as hard as I could, I felt an unexpected wetness and the plugs were being swallowed deeper inside my channels with each muscle contraction, the air supply was now completely gone and I began to buck and desperately jolt in the floor. Suddenly the bag is gone and I engulf fresh cold air again. My chest worked hard now, quickly, taking advantage of my freedom. "There, there... breathe my pet, now you understand I own your life… you'll be my private slut and slave and anytime I call you'll come running... We'll keep our good friendship at work but here you'll be the bitchy submissive, understood?" She asked holding my head. I nodded and dizzily moaned "Hmm-hhmm". Her pleased smile was pointing that the game was over. A very thin knife was then used to carefully remove the plastic around my face without cutting the hood. Lynne then removed my gag and the first thing she did without warning was to lean close and kiss me as she had never done before, a passionate unbelievable kiss. I was till seeing stars when she broke the kiss and left. Minutes later she came back dressed in a black leather corset, long boots, upper-arm length black latex gloves and that's it. Her sex complete exposed. She leaned closer of me again, her sex close to my chest, my neck, my face. 

"A Domme also needs to be pleased my puppy… unless you want to loose your breath again.." 

The rest you know.... 


Some details are fictional, but if You are a Mistress like me *blink*. Play safe. 


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