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A Whole New Pleasure

by Tech Webbie

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Storycodes: M/f; F/m; vacbed; fem; sex; toys; cons/reluct; X

Part One

Today was a very long day at work. I have received the package I order since 11 this morning and I still have 4 more hours left till I can get home and start working on my little project. In the mean time I continue working on the plan and yes of course doing my job, when customer finally comes in. I am just a regular sales for a local electronic store, you computer parts, some car audio equipment, and other things.

Few days later in the week end.

I have been waiting long, almost a month now from ordering till getting it all build and ready to go with few adjustments. Tonight when she come home this would be a surprise.

My wife is home from work and I hurry her to get ready to go out for dinner with me. She is pretty normal, Canadian born, Japanese. 5' 7 100lb and in really good shape, she works out lots aiming to be a fitness trainer

Well dinner was dinner a night out with her, nothing much special. So lets just head right pass it.

After dinner we got home and I told her to strip off, take a bath and come to the office.

As she walks in she was like "O" what on earth is that she ask. Well I told her she'll soon find out.

Then I told her what to do.

So she slip in through the opening. Match the right places to the right hole. Yes they are the few adjustment I have made. Over the pass couple days. I got an mouth opening and lower opening, and aside from these I have glue a "hm..." vibrating butt plug to the base side.

She look at me a little worry and slip right on to the plug. We do have try a few bondage and now is the next step. I zip her up after she was ready and started to vacuum out the air, and since I haven't told her what this does she was surprise.

The air quickly leap out and as it come to the point its perfect. The latex the body the shape was so beautiful. She can still move her mouth but I can't hear a thing from the vacuum. So I turn it off, and the valve worked great just like the commercial. I have transfer one of the vac bag opening I sold at the store to the Vacuum bed. Now she is stuck there silent adds to the complete picture. We had a few to drink before all this. So she was differently aroused already. The night isn't started yet.

I first turn on the vibrator, oh yeah the battery is adapter to a computer transformer so no worry about power for the whole night and also the remote is on the out side as well. I start low and jolt it to max, and she jumped but stuck in the position she was in and she started talking well what left of talking. Couldn't really made out what was that she is saying before I stuffed with gag. I continue teasing her. Her hard nipples, running my hands on her body, tickle her a bit. She really doesn't like being tickle.

I leave her there for a while.

I came back after an hour and she was moving a lot try to reach something. But as the way she is stuck in the vacuum bed she have no way of moving, much.

Ha its now time to deal with her other opening. As you may already know I have it save open for a reason. Well I first run my hand there for a bit and she react to it like magnet. She trying to get off on my hand so after a bit of teasing I put a dildo in her and left again.

I come back in half an hour and find that she is now shaking form all the pleasure she is having I pull out the dildo. I now let her have me I pump her till I release. And knowing her, I bet she also came at least 2 times when I am doing my thing. She now lay there not moving but breathing heavy. I leave her for a drink. And I come back to let her go after an hour. At that time she didn't come out right a way she was a bit week from all the pleasure she was having. She finally came out and tackle me down, as she told me that was the best sex we had, kissed me and continue with me not being stuck in the Vacuum bed. She was an explosion the way she ride me.

Part Two

The next morning she has to go to work good thing she works late today. So she doesn't have to be up till 11. As she went to work I work on another thing of mine.

At about 6 I got ready and slip in to the vacuum bed. I don't mind get plug in the ass. It was something different I have setup two timer one for the vacuum for a little long time to make sure it deplete most of the air before it shut off and the other one is to control the vibrator now in me. I know my wife usually gets home just before 7. So I know she'll know what to do with me. Aside from being in the vacuum bed I have dress up a bit. My wife knows I like to cross-dress, I had on stocking and a top with padding to the right area.

As I waited it seems like time was really slow it felt like its been more then an hour already she must be home soon. When key turn. I was on the living room floor waiting. I hear clicking of her shoe and heard her go straight to the office. After a bit I heard click coming this way, I know she must have found me. And I am relive that I am not going to be stuck here no one knowing if anything happens. I kind of expect her not the release me but not just that she turn up the dial to the vibe and now I am feeling really horny. I heard her shoe clicks to the door and the closing of the door. Oh shit where is she going? She must have one of the sudden project and going to stay over night at her work place. Then why was she home for a bit?

The Buzzing accompany me for the next little while before I fall asleep. I a woke to closing of the door. I guess its either really late or really early now. I feel a bit pain in my ass and still really horny. I was waiting for my release for a really long time now. And to my surprise she didn't release me. And I feel something cool. Its ice. she brought ice.... OHHH.....she is rubbing me at all the right places. Then she kiss me on the lips, as we then kiss passionately, and stopped as she peal up my stock and start cutting around my buddy. It was strong and ready now. and as she stroke I can feel my ass buzz and she start kissing me. I was so really to go now right there. I can hear her strip down. I its so warm and wet. as she ride me I as hard as I can be. After a bit of riding I came inside of her which was a bit unusual in the sense that she haven't put a condom on yet, and she doesn't take pills. I was so tire I fall asleep there as I am.

When I woke up the bed was release so I got out. Its 7am now and so I go to wash up and see that my wife isn't there. I guess she must have head to work early. I have to work at 9 so I got ready and head out.

Later that night I was home waiting for my wife when she call. She told me that there was an emergency at work that she had to fly to Toronto for the week and she'll talk to me later. The worse part was she left last night. So who was with me last night?

At about 8 I was sitting in the living room after dinner still wondering. Who it was last night when. Jen came through the door I was about to attack her not knowing who it was. She smile at me. and I was ashamed it must be her last night but why would she do that? She works for the local film industry. She does manage and also does professional makeup. She is hot. yeah tall skinny built and firm blossom. I guess that also how she stay in her business for so long. She is a best friend of my wife. She started talking first she told me she was here last night picking up the passport and thing for my wife last night as she was in a hurry. And you are not going to listen to me real good.

I was still very surprise as to what happened.

Part Three

This whole week she have been telling me to model for her as she did different things to me. She told me it was for her to practice since she is a manager now she doesn't do makeup much and didn't want to lose what she knows.

I was body casted for one day then got my face casted and hair done to what ever she wants. And one day I ask her if everything is back to normal when my wife got back. She assure me yes but still have to listen to her or else she'll tell her what happen.

A week have pass and my wife is back. Things did get back to the way it was, we had fun with the vacuum bed, did other things.

Till that day. A month later when my wife is on a business trip, Jen came to me and say that I am to do as she say for the rest of the month when my wife is away.

I listen and meet up at her place that night. I was told to wash up and shave my hair. including my head. I did as I have a month vacation anyways and was going to go with my wife it she is not stuck doing business.

I came out and wasn't allow to wear any cloth. I was then wave into her work area. She then put lotion on me neck down. She then present me with something totally unbelievable a pair of breast. it wasn't big but a good size for my height. She then hold it against me and push. I then notice those was glue she put on me a moment before. As she smooth out the ends and everything.

She came out with a airbrush. then started spraying me with paint. After that was a wig. She also glue to my head and now I know why I has to shave. I wonder if that what they do in the movie. she start to paint my nails on my hands and feet. Next she shape my eyebrow I haven't done that before and now I know I won't want to again. It was waxed and strip away so fast and painful.

She told me to look at the mirror and that I will be like this for the rest of the month. I was so surprise when she told me the glue she use was a special type that won't come off without a special solvent and the paint doesn't wash off as well. I was starring at a lady with great shape breast and nice skin and hair.

How am I going to go out? She then told me to wear a special underwear and I'll pass as a lady if I need to go anywhere as long as I don't speak. But tonight she still have a surprise for me.

She wave me to the bed room and I was stunned. A vertical vacuum bed and on her bed there is some clothing and shoe lay out. Am I ever in for a treat, she told me no there isn't going to be any sex for me tonight. As I put on the clothing. Stocking, skirt, corset which she help put on and drove me crazy, it sure is damn hard to breath in that thing, I now know, and a top. I then sat in front of her as she put make up on me. I haven't cross-dress ever this far, makeup and everything.

She told me to go in the vacuum bed. She lined everything up and started to suck on the air. Not long after I was stuck and wonder how long tonight is going to be. When suddenly a vibrating hit me in the front. I now know that special underwear was filled with something special. Next was a slight electric feel to my stomach and chest. Like one of those massager.

My muscle start to move on their own, and my body is ready to bust. It was so bad my feet is hurting form the 5in heels, I can't breath much and my whole body is stuck.

I fall asleep after I think was 2 hours, and came to wake up the next day as she slapped me on my face. Wakie wakie. then I was let loses. I fall to the floor as my feet hurts and I was tire from last night.

I was hard but can't release, all night. She then told me that we'll be going out later and I can sleep for a bit before hand. She told me don't worry about getting the bed dirty the makeup doesn't come off either.

I went on the bed and fall asleep not know what is going to happen for the next four weeks.

To be continue.



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