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Who Dares...?

by Greyrose

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© Copyright 2002 - Greyrose - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/ff; latex; bond; chast; slaves; cons; X

Ann eased herself into the steaming hot bath, a much needed tension breaker. As she lay there swirling the scented waters over her tired and aching body, Ann began to think of ways to enjoy a long week-end. Her favorite idea was to think of a Dare for Carol. Even though the game was one they had played since college, lately it had been taking some decidedly kinky turns.

Ann remembered the first time the game had taken such a sexy turn. Carol had held up a pair of shiny silver handcuffs and dared Ann to wear them out to a movie. They had draped a sweater over her cuffed hands and gone out. Ann could never remember what movie they saw, she had been so distracted by her pinioned hands.... That night was the first time she and Carol had made love.

Later, wrapped in a warm robe, drinking some wine, and listening to some soft jazz, Ann was still trying to come up with a really good Dare for Carol. This was always much harder for her, besides being more submissive than Carol, her friend was a writer and just seemed to think up ideas with ease. Teasing a few possibilities around, looking for ways to make them more interesting, Ann's musing was interrupted by someone ringing her doorbell.

At the door was a tall woman in a gray uniform, a shiny latex uniform. In the woman's hands were a clipboard and a pen, at her feet was a rather large box. After signing, Ann maneuvered the box into her bed-room. On the top was an envelope with her name and address typed on it.

Ann was electrified with excitement, could Carol have gotten an advance, a big one, on a book? They had talked about getting an agency to help them with their game, but the prices were just too high. But by the looks of the delivery girl, Carol had done just that. Ann tore the envelope open and started reading.

Dearest Ann, I Dare You...
(Yes! That was the formula for the game!)

Inside this box are what you are to wear to a luncheon
tomorrow. With them are instructions on how and in
what order you are to put them on. Also you are to
arrive by taxi, after walking from a specific location.

There are ways for you to gain 'bonus points' in this
Dare, or for you to loose points. And to make things
even more interesting, both parties have the same items
and options for high score.

The point of this Dare is to see who can go the longest
without having to ask to be let out. If you can make
it through lunch, you will have a chance for the Grand
Prize itself. But you'll have to get there to discover
what it is!

As for tonight, have fun playing with these new toys!

One Whom Dares You!

Though it was odd that Carol had not signed the letter, Ann shrugged it off as having been printed by the service. Buzzing with excitement she laid each item out on the bed in order of how she would be putting them on. As she pulled out each item she held it up against herself then caressed it and reveled in the feel and smell. Everything was of black latex, obviously new with silvery metal bits all over.

First to be laid out were the boots, long enough to go all the way up her leg to the hip. Their lacing's ran almost from the toes up to the wide strap that would close and lock the boot on her. The heels measured at 5.5 inches, the tallest heel she could still walk in. The new latex was thick and stiff and she was going to have problems bending her knees, but she knew that with them on she was going to be sooo sexxyyy!

Next up was the corset. Ann shivered with delight as she pulled this item out. She had wanted to buy such a long and heavily boned corset for so long, but just could never afford it. She had a satin one and practiced wearing it quite often, but it just did not have the power or the intensity that this one did. Ann planned on wearing this one most of tonight, if not all night long, so that she could get her waist as small as could be. This corset had one detail she had never seen before. There was a flap of latex that could be locked down over the laces, sealing the corset on to her just as securely as the boots and apparently everything else was to be.

Here came the first chance for the extra points, a chastity belt. It was made of steel bands padded with latex. This one had a wide waist belt with a shaped front panel, leading to a narrow strap going right between her cheeks to the lock in back. On the inside of the crotch strap were places to fix plugs. One for her front and one for her rear. Ann looked at this one for a long time before putting it down. She had heard of belts like this but had never really thought about wearing one.

The last item in the box was a glove & collar harness. The gloves were a thinner latex than what was in the boots but was still thicker than she thought was necessary. At the top of the gloves 2 chains ran up to the collar. There was no way to wear one with out the other. The collar was 2 inches wide and made of the same stiff latex as the corset, which was of thicker latex than the boots. In the back was a place for a lock to fit, sealing the collar closed.

There were also 6 very small, sturdy, but unobtrusive locks, 1 for each boot, 1 for the corset, 2 for the belt, and the last one for the collar. No keys for any of these locks were included. For tonight Ann had a few snap rings that would do in place of the locks.

The rest of the evening was spent trying on her new clothes. Ann played with everything but the belt. For some reason the thought of the belt bothered her. Sitting there wearing the boots, corset, and collar harness, she turned the belt over and over. Finally she understood, while she had sex with men frequently enough, none of them had ever entered her rear. And yet the thought of putting the plug there and locking it in, with someone else controlling when or if it could come out, was one that scared her because she knew it WAS going to happen.

Finally tired, relaxed and filled with anticipation, Ann got dressed for bed. With such a special day happening tomorrow, Ann chose her wardrobe for bed very carefully. The corset was a must, she was able to tighten it already. Next, 2 straps for her legs, bare for tonight, one for her ankles, the other for her knees. The collar harness with two small items for a grand finale, a ball-gag and a set of handcuffs (the original pair!).

Hanging the key to the cuffs so that it hung where she could get it in the morning, Ann gagged herself, bound her legs, and turned out the lights. She then snuggled under the blankets and slid the cuffs under the strap at her knee. Tucked securely into bed the night passed with warm sensuous dreams.

The morning passed quickly as Ann got ready for her luncheon. Looking at her image in the mirror with critical eye, she readied herself for the big step. She had placed both plugs on the belt and had tightened the corset so that she was almost panting, she pulled the belt on and locked the waist. Having made sure that both intruders were well lubed Ann settled the first one in her already juicing pussy. She could feel it slide in, it almost seemed to leap inside with eagerness, making her gasp and grab a table to keep from losing her balance. Next came the one from behind, with equal parts trepidation and anticipation, she bent over and pushed. After it failed to enter, Ann focused and relaxed, then it popped into place. This time it was good that Ann had placed her shoulders onto the table for balance since her knees did buckle. The only reason she did not fall to the floor is that the boots were too stiff to allow it.

Quickly before she changed her mind, Ann swiftly locked the belt tightly in place. Next she put the collar harness on, and went to view the total image. She saw a towering woman in gleaming black latex with her breasts presented to the world, with a waist that looked too tiny to support her upper torso. A woman that no longer had control of her own body. Her hand drifted down to stroke and excite herself and discovered that the front of the strap sealed her most intimate parts from all touch. When the realization that she could not masturbate, no mater how hard she tried hit her, Ann's arousal doubled.

Moaning with need, Ann tore herself from the mirror. She needed to get finished getting ready, before she made herself late. Having already run through her wardrobe mentally, she had decided to wear her red suit. This suit had a long snug skirt that would cover her latex clad legs almost completely. Also this suit had a vest and a jacket that would 'normalize' her torso lines, covering up her tightly cinched waist. And with a large scarf to hide her collar, her 'slave collar', as Ann thought of it, her wardrobe was complete!

Checking the time, Ann saw that she had timed it perfectly, so far. Walking down the hall was a new experience with the tightness of the boots and corset shaping her body and limiting her movements. Also the plugs deep within her that had started their special magic with her fist step to her closet, continued to shift and squirm within her with each step.

It took all of Ann's self control to appear normal as she walked the few blocks from her home to a park. From there she called a taxi and gave the driver the address that she was told to arrive at. Though it was a long drive, time flew past as Ann daydreamed various fantasy's and squirmed against her self applied rubber bondage.

After about a 45 minute drive Ann paid the driver and exited the cab. She was now about 3 blocks from the restaurant and had time for a leisurely stroll there. Which was good, for between the height of the heels and the tightness of the corset on top of the rubber intruders deep writhing her, a casual stroll was about her best speed and still be able to control her arousal.

Finally she arrived at the restaurant about 5 minutes late, and found that Carol had already been seated. As she walked up to the table Ann could see that her friend was wearing a white denim jumpsuit over a white turtle neck blouse. The gleaming black latex at her hands and feet contrasting powerfully with the white of her clothes.

Each woman looked her friend over with a great deal of interest, but as was common for when they played the game, what was uppermost in their thoughts was the last thing they would mention. So they chatted about the weather, TV shows, movies, simple trivia. When it came time for the desert, the Mater'd arrived and told them that something special had been arranged for them, and asked if they would be so good as to follow him.

They followed him to a well hidden side room and found the woman in the grey uniform awaiting them. The Mater'd ushered them into the room and closed the door behind them.
"Greetings Ladies, I am pleased to see the both of you today. As of this moment you are not to talk, just nod or shake your head, or to just do what it is you are told." The driver told them. "Now are both of you ready to try for the Grand Prize?"

Ann almost spoke, going so far as to open her mouth and take a breath before stopping herself and just nodding her head. She could see Carol nod her head as well.
"Very good then," here she opened two cases and placed one before each of them. "You will now remove everything that you have the ability to remove and place those items into these cases. Everything including jewelry. Quickly now!"

With a glance at each other Ann and Carol quickly removed everything that had not been locked onto their body's. Ann had been feeling quite horny ever since she locked the chastity belt on and seeing Carol's equal unavailability heightened her need even more. Added to that was being in the control of a stranger, made Ann a quivering bundle of helpless desire. When they were finished and had placed everything in the cases, the driver took a slow walk around them. Looking over every square inch of their bodies, those few inches that were exposed and those unchangeably locked into black rubber. Neither Carol nor Ann dared to move while she walked around them, each feeling helpless before her.

Once she had completed her circuit, she stopped and turned to them, "Now in the pocket inside the lid of each case is something. I want you each to take it out. Now!"

Carol and Ann did as they were commanded. They each now held a rubber hood, one that covered the entire face except for holes over the eyes, and mouth with small breathing holes for the nose. Each hood would cover their heads and down their necks to the shoulder.

"Each of you have chosen to accept another's dominion over your own flesh, now do you willingly choose to forgo your individuality for the facelessness of a latex slave?" She paused to let each woman think it over. "If you chose to accept, nod your head now."

Ann nodded her head immediately, Carol hesitated for a few heart beats but then nodded as well. After they had both agreed, the driver took something from her pocket and walked behind them. She unlocked each of their collars and threw the locks with the keys still in them into the cases. Standing behind them she said, "Now put on the hoods so that your hair and faces are covered in latex. Then secure your hoods under your collars. I have new locks for your collars to seal your new identities and your fates."

Ann shivered from the drivers choice of words, but quickly covered herself as directed. She opened the now unlocked collar and smoothed the tails of the hood down her neck to her shoulders, then she replaced the collar, tightly, as it had been. The driver handed her a new lock, and she used it to secure the collar once more.

The new Latex Slave turned to see a sister in rubber submission lock her collar, and turn to look back at her. The driver walked past them and closed both cases. She then took them out a door on the far side of the room from which the two women had entered. Through the door they could see a limousine parked just outside. The driver put the two cases into the trunk of the car and opened the door to the rear compartment. Standing next to the car door, the driver pointed at Carol.

"You! Come here and sit on the far side of the rear seat."

Carol paused as they both realized that she was being commanded to exit the building in broad daylight with her breasts bared for all the world to see! "Slave are you disobeying a direct order?" The drivers tone was filled with menace. Carol quivered for a moment and then bolted through the two doorways and planted herself in the seat as directed.
"Now you slave, the other side of the same seat. And slowly now, I want you to show some decorum as my slave!"

Ann gulped with nervousness, and slowly walked to the first door. From here she could see that they were in a semi-enclosed garage and that there were no people visible in the street outside. Continuing her slow walk she entered the limo's back area, and sat on the near side rear seat. The driver closed the door and sat on the seat facing them. From there she pointed at some ankle straps that were chained to the floor in front of where they sat. Knowing what to do they both buckled the thick rubber straps tightly about their ankles, limiting them to just a few inches of movement.

Next a pile of red latex straps next to the driver was sorted through and their legs received a rubber strap for both below and above the knee. This was followed by the lap belt that most rear passengers skipped. The driver then gave them some clips that she had pulled down from the ceiling of the car. Each of their nipples were to be teased with these clamps that were still attached to the front of the compartment. Also they were given a wire that was to be plugged into the chastity belt.

Now came the gags, also in red rubber, they each had a large phallus shaped plug-gag mounted on a wide strap that cupped the entirety of their lower faces. There was also a set of straps that went over the top of their heads and buckled in back. For the first time since entering the car the driver spoke, "Now slaves you will lean your heads back and attach the hook behind you to the top of the gag-harness. This is a rubber strap and you will have to pull on it so that it can stretch that far."

She waited while they did as she ordered them, and when they were done their heads were pulled back so that they were now looking almost straight up. They noticed for the first time that the ceiling was mirrored and that they could now see their hopelessly rubber fettered body's being displayed by the bondage that they had willingly placed themselves in.
"Well done slaves, one final item and we will be ready to go. Behind your heads you will find a pair of openings behind each shoulder, place one hand in each and squeeze the bulb you will feel inside."

Fumblingly they reached over their heads and searched for the openings that the driver had described. Ann found hers and squeezed the bulbs just as she had been told. There was a pneumatic hiss, and the sacks that her hands were in collapsed about her hands and pulled her arms backward until her elbows were behind her head. She grunted with the strain that this placed on her entire body. At the same time she could feel the chains on her feet pulling forward and the cords linked to her nipple clamps also pulled tight. Forcing her body into a tensioned bow.

Perhaps a second later she heard another hiss and a grunt from Carol signifying that she too was now stretched to the breaking point. Ann started to squirm in her bondage, testing the limits of how well the rubber restrained her. She could hear the latex creak as she tried harder and harder to escape but all she did was useless. They both were totally helpless now, vulnerable and begging for someone to toy with them at their leisure.

As they struggled the driver climbed out of the rear area and slid into the driver seat. Once there she placed a call. Ann could hear the driver talking, "... please tell the Mistress that I have them. Yes, of course I'll wait."
At this point the driver starts the engine and backs the vehicle out of the garage. The two women helplessly pinioned in their latex bonds, squirm at the thought that anyone glancing inside will see their heaving, clamped breasts dancing atop their rubber corsets. The thought of being such a public display causes them to fight even harder to cover themselves.

Uselessly they struggle, not realizing that the mirror on the windows exterior finish provides total privacy to their pinioned plight. It is several miles later that someone picks up the phone on the other end.

"Yes Mistress. All went as you specified, both completed all tasks correctly, except the taller one was late arriving at the restaurant. ... Yes Mistress, speaker phone now."

A new voice now fills the space next to the two struggling women.
"Well my dears, it is so good of you to come, and let me congratulate both of you! It is so gratifying to see devotion such as the two of you have shown here. And to think that neither of you are responsible for this round of your game, but first things first."

Ann is puzzled by this woman's choice of words, and slowly she guesses.....

"You have both played in my game and you are both winners of the Grand Prize! And the prize is... A lifetime enslavement in my dungeon!"

With this signal the driver turns on the vibrators that both women locked deep within themselves, granting them the tactile presence of their new Mistresses pleasure with them. The merciless buzzing of 4 vibrators makes a chilling background to the Mistresses laughter, and their helpless moans.

An End / and A Beginning.

* * * * *

At this time I plan no continuation of this tale. If I get enough encouragement I might work on a part 2. If anyone wishes to continue this on their own, please let me know of your interest.


Thanks for reading my offering. I'd appreciate hearing your comments.


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