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White Noise

by Latex Jessica

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© Copyright 2011 - Latex Jessica - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; bond; armbinder; conditioning; mc; electro; fist; anal; rubberdoll; climax; cons; X

This story deals with kidnapping, training and behavioral modification of a girl into an avid rubber slut. Maybe this will be part one of a series, maybe not. But this story is about the willing surrender of a girl into the hands of the man she loves, to become nothing but his fucktoy. If you're under legal age, and/or shocked by D/s, fetish and alternate forms of human sexuality, please, stop reading right away and leave this site at once.

This is just an experiment, based on recurring ideas and desires that sometimes show up in me, and I guess I'll refine it when I have some time, but I hope you enjoy it. If this was a comic, it would be just closes on the action bits, and very short, somewhat raw, just trying to play with sensations and suggestions. Not sure it's a good one, but it's an experiment :) Since these ideas ( urges, cravings, etc ) feel like flashes, that's how I'm putting them in paper. Maybe in the future I will try to wrap a real story around them :) Anyway, hope you like it ;)


He picks the camera, and moves it around, so I can see my enclosed face, the special gasmask strapped to my head, my kneeling body bound to a surgical table, ballet boots that only serve to increase my feeling of immobility and incapacity for reaction. “TOY” is written in white on my forehead, “FUCK” and “DOLL” on each of my ass cheeks, and the rest is nothing but shiny black latex.

My shoulders got used to the armbinder. I'm guessing the next one will be more severe. Or won't be there at all. Sometimes, the white noise will stop, replaced by his voice, or by some music, the electro stim on my pussy still pushing me hard, orgasm after orgasm. I'm a puddle. No longer a human being, embraced by my latex skin, black and shiny.

I have no idea how long I have been here. It's pain and pleasure at the same time. I no longer care for my sanity, as it's not needed for what I become. My whole body still goes on a series of waves of pleasure, being spent to exhaustion, just to collapse and sleep and wake up for more.

He moves again, and places the tripod facing my ass, nothing but my shiny ass and the shiny rubber plug and it's hose, to be seen. And his shiny thick rubber coated hands. I know another session will start. The huge plug is deflated, and the cold lubricant starts to find it's way into my body, rubbed into the distended hole that is now the whole of me. All I can see in the special LCD in the gasmask is his hand, working into me.

My head is enclosed in a heavy rubber hood, black, shiny, and constantly compressing me. It doesn't hurt, you get used to the constant pressure after a while, and with some creative nudging in the right direction, you'll get to like it. Since I'm already into it big time, it alone would make me incredibly aroused. But right now, I'm way past this point.

Breathing becomes harder and more labored. His musk is scenting everything. His sweat, his cum, his pee, his smell, his scent. Deeply linked to my own pleasure. I can no longer smell this delicious scent without getting incredibly aroused.

The hand in my ass hurts, feels like ripping me in two, but again, with some creative nudging in the right direction, and great sexual incentive, I'm orgasming like crazy. I am bound, gagged, and if I open my eyes, I see nothing but the images of the camera showing me my own ass, being fisted hard and wide by my Master's hand. My ears are filled with nothing but white noise. White Noise. I'm getting used to it now.

His voice then starts talking to me. Tells me what I am. A slut, a hole, nothing but a rubber dollie, and rubber dollies must have their asses ready to serve their owners at all times. He turns me into a puddle of a moaning latex doll. He doesn't touch my aching pussy, which craves for his attention, or the life of the E-stim again. He knows what I need. He knows what I am. Better than I do, so I must trust him to chip away all imperfections and bring what I am to the surface, to the light of truth, so it can shine. Shine like black latex. Shiny like a slut rubber doll.

He opens his hand in me. His fingers create ripples of sensations over my body, not all of them pleasant. But they become pleasure in his hands, in the need I have for release, for more, for so much more. He talks to me, he explains how much I love to have my ass filled. I nod, with my bound head, the posture collar making my neck ache already from this unforgiving position.

I thrash against my bondage. My body tired and aching. My sweat coating every inch of my inner skin, while my outer skin is still the perfect, shiny glossy black of a rubber doll. He pulls out his hand, and the plug comes back in, inflated bigger than before, but that I cannot tell, as I'm dilated beyond anything I have endured this far. I'm sore and hurt and moaning in lustful pleasure. The music comes back on, replacing the white noise, and a hot rubber porno starts playing. The Estim comes back to life, and every now and then the music will be interrupted by my Master saying how good a rubber doll I am.

A gag fills my mouth. I am alive because he feeds me. Sometimes, his own urine. Sometimes, his own cum. Sometimes, just boring plain water or a juice. Now I am rewarded with some more of his cum, followed by his delicious pee. I moan. I do not know what day it is, what week it is, if it's day or night. All I know is how much of a good rubber dollie I am, and how much of a delicious fucktoy I am becoming. And smiling, I cum once more, until my body collapses into the bondage keeping me safe.

And have my mind filled with sweet dreams of nothing but his delicious hand, ripping me in pain and pleasure to be just his fuckhole once more.

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