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Wheel of Fortune

by Ultraprene

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© Copyright 2002 - Ultraprene - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; D/s; latex; bondage; cons; X

The following story is a sequel to "Wheel of Fortune" posted earlier in this Library.  Readers are reminded that this is a work of fiction involving explicit sexual scenes.  If you are a minor, or if such material would cause you legal or moral problems, please do not read further.  The activities in this story are fantasy and some would not be practical nor safe in real life.

Wheel of Fortune -- The Sequel
by Ultraprene

Chapter 7

     It was tough explaining the problem to Mark through the Ultraprene shell, but he replied he was in no immediate discomfort.  John made it clear that unless they were prepared to destroy the shell and possible injure mark, there would be no way to get him out until Monday morning when a new blade was available.  "Think of it as an adventure," he coaxed. 
"Besides, I am sure these ladies will keep you from getting bored.  With your mouth uncovered, you can even eat and drink a little. 

     "But what if I have to take a leak?"

     John replied, "We can turn you face down and use the tube at the end of your sheath. If you have any other physical needs, the butt plug is hollow so we can probably solve that problem, but I hope we don't have to.  At least you were smart enough to use the toilet before you got into this thing." 

     "Gee, Thanks.  I wish you'd been smart enough to have packed a spare blade."

     "As I said, think of this as an adventure."

     Well, it turned out mark didn't need to think very hard to make his predicament an adventure.  The combined attentions of Cynthia, Mandy, and Flora provided all the adventure he could stand, even though the only accessible parts of his body were his genitals and mouth.  Needless to say, the "adventure" was hardly a chore for the ladies either. 

     It is, however, worth describing Flora's special contribution.  Her wheel was now fully operational, and following Saturday night's activities she was put into the apparatus to sleep.  Mark had by now recovered from his last encounter with Cynthia, and was again showing signs of arousal. 

     Jason had come up with the idea of suspending Mark in front of flora's wheel so he could penetrate her as she spun.  Using the head harness was out since, with just one point of suspension, it would be hard to keep him facing forward.  John then proposed suspending mark by his feet.  These were separated by a significant distance, and with two ropes, his orientation would be fixed. 

     "That should work," Jason agreed.  "I presume the Ultraprene mold is tight enough to prevent any distress from being upside down?"

     John answered, "Without a doubt.  The material was skin tight before we hardened it, and it actually shrinks slightly as it hardens.  He's squeezed about as snug in there as you could ask.  Imagine your quilted mold with all the cells pumped up to maximum.  The only possible problem is overstimulation so we should fit Flora with her internal sheath, and give Mark an extra layer of latex.

     When the setup was complete, Mark was suspended upside down with his arched body facing Flora.  A length of cord ran from the ring in the head harness through a ring in the floor just in front of Flora's wheel.  By drawing up on that cord, Mark was swung slightly forward to mate with Flora.

     It was now time to secure jason for the night, and with his wheel on its adjustable stand, it was a fairly simple matter for Cynthia and Mandy to clamp him into his body mold and tilt the wheel to vertical.  They set the program for intermittent spinning through the night.  As a final touch, they set a soft bristle paintbrush on a stand so as to just touch  his spinning penis in its thin latex sheath.  "Just so he won't get too relaxed during the night," Mandy explained.

     Without physiological monitors in his shell, it was not possible to determine Mark's precise state of arousal, but given his previous orgasms and the thickness of his sheath, it was possible to keep him at a moderate and "safe" level.  It was therefore Flora's arousal index that was fed back to the speed control on her wheel.  She was kept just short of orgasm for the entire night as she spun on Mark's constantly erect tool.  It was only in the morning that Mandy removed Flora's internal sheath.  She was about to do the same for mark when Cynthia stopped her. 

"Wait a minute.  We don't want to discharge his batteries.  I'd like to use him this morning." 

     So mandy kept Mark's thick sheath in place and reinserted him deeply.  Spinning Flora again finally brought her to a screaming climax.  at which point Mark was withdrawn. 

     "Hey," he said as loudly as he could through his closed teeth.  "I wanna come, too. This isn't fair."

     "That's right, it isn't," Cynthia replied with a grin.  "But there's not much you can do about it, and I want some of you, too while you're still useful.  Tough luck, Mark."

 It took five minutes for Flora to coast to a stop and by this time, Mark was "cooled down" a bit and supported on two benches in a face-down position.  John removed Flora from her wheel and helped her to stretch her stiff muscles. before starting on Jason's de-encapsulation. While this was going on, Flora told how much she enjoyed being able to spend the night in her rotating mold again.  However, with the constant stimulation from Mark, she had not gotten much sleep. 

     Once Mark had "cooled down" enough  Cynthia and Mandy opened the end tube of his sheath  and allowed him to take his morning leak into a jar. 

     All six now went to breakfast, although Mark had to be wheeled in on a hand truck and leaned up against the kitchen wall.  His breakfast, unfortunately, consisted only of liquids through a bent straw,  since that was all that could get through his limited mouth opening, but at least he wasn't adding bulk to his stomach.

     After breakfast, all returned to the playroom to finish the improvements to the crates. Mark, unfortunately, was in no position to help, but they brought him along anyway. Although he could not see where he was going he felt the movement of his handtruck and guessed correctly.   Cynthia, assisted by John, took Mark's encapsulated and rigid form off the handtruck and laid it on the floor so the heels and head formed a tripod with the arched body rising above the floor.  The suggestiveness of the position caused mark to return to his earlier state of arousal and  he reminded his friends of how they had left him unsatisfied after a whole night of stimulation. 

     "OK," replied Cynthia, giving Mark's latex clad tool a friendly squeeze.  " They need me to help here for about an hour, and then I'll have you to myself.  Meanwhile why don't you just rest up."

     She therefore pitched in and helped move the wheels from their stands to the crates and finished setting the crates in their supporting frames.  Once this was done, she left the others to finish the cable and tubing connections.   She lost no time opening the crotch zipper of her latex catsuit and mounting Mark.  At first she rode him like a horse, but then she shifted position and lay down on top of him.  On seeing this, John, Jason, and Flora whispered a few words, and then like a flash, the two men grabbed Cynthia and held her down on top of Mark until Flora wrapped a stout leather strap around both bodies just under the shoulders.  Additional straps followed at the waist, thighs, knees, ankles, and arms. Within a minute, Cynthia was immovably bound to the rigid living  sculpture on which she had impaled herself.   Unable to move, she could bring only minimal stimulation to either mark or herself.  Mark, of course, had no idea what was going on.  All he felt was the warmth and pressure of Cynthia around him but without the vigorous pumping he expected. His frustration was now unbearable and he protested through his teeth. 

     The others returned to working on the crates, connecting cables, adjusting the mounts, and occasionally glancing over to the bound couple at the other end of the playroom and whispering like the conspirators they were.  After about an hour, both Cynthia and Mark were begging for release and Mandy finally relented--partly.

     "OK, Cynthia,  I'll let you finish, but only if you do it my way."

     "Any way you want, just let me out of this frustration."

     "That's all I wanted to hear, my friend," said Mandy.

     With that she began untying Cynthia, but as soon as she had her off Mark, she bent her friend double so her legs were flat against her chest and extending beyond her head. Reaching for the straps she had just unbuckled she, with help from John and jason began re-cinching them about the doubled-up Curator. 

     "Owww," She protested.  "I'm really not flexible enough for this.  It's not going to work."

     Mandy answered, "OK, we don't want to hurt you so let's just unstrap you and let you finish up with Mark.  I guess I'm just used to Flora's amazing flexibility." 

     Given their prolonged excitement, it took Mark and Cynthia only a couple of minutes to "finish" with incredible screaming and squirming--at least on Cynthia's part as she rode the arched figure of her encapsulated satisfier.  Mark passed into that state somewhere between swoon and sleep.   He'd be useless anyway till his "batteries recharged."

     It was well on into the afternoon before Mark awoke.  As consciousness returned to his totally cocooned body, he momentarily forgot where he was and tried to stretch, but nothing moved.  He tried to see, but there was total darkness.  For a moment he cried out in panic until Cynthia ran to him and spoke soothingly. 

     "It's all right.  You're with me.  You're in an Ultraprene mold, that's all." 

     She gently touched his sex and his lips (the only parts exposed to touch) with her fingers.  Mark had by now awakened to comprehend his situation again and calmed down.

     "I"m beginning to want out of here," he complained. 

     The others reminded him that it was now Sunday afternoon and that John would have a new blade first thing Monday to cut the mold.  Mark had to admit that his confinement hadn't been all bad and he conceded that he could probably hold out till the next morning.

     "In fact," Cynthia added, I think Mandy and Flora have another treat for you--if you can get it up again."

     Mark responded by promptly getting it up again. 

     "Flora," Mandy asked.  "Do you think you could do that doubling-up position that was just a little too tough for Cynthia?"

     "I'll try."

Chapter 8

     Flora was already dressed in her catsuit with the crotch zipper.  She therefore had only to don her thin latex gloves and the full-coverage latex hood whose only openings were the nasal breathing tubes before presenting herself to her Mistress mandy.  With a little help from John they soon had her doubled up with legs pressed against her chest and her arms extending past her bottom.  They secured her thus with straps at the thighs, knees, and calves.  These were followed by a laced-up leather sheath that further compressed the former gymnast into her doubled form.   Once this was secured it covered her body from the feet all the way over her hips, leaving only her latex-clad bottom and hands exposed, and her breathing tubes extending through an opening at the head-and-feet end. .  A large D-ring also at this end allowed suspension from the swivel hook of the travelling crane. 

     Mandy hoisted Flora up and made sure she was secure and not too uncomfortable. But then she lowered her again and retrieved the spring they had used for Mark's suspension. Letting Flora's bottom rest on the floor, she undid the swivel hook and installed the spring before re-suspending Flora.

     It took a bit of careful maneuvering to position the doubled and packaged Flora exactly over the arched and rigidized Mark, but once in place, Mandy opened Flora's zipper and lowered her onto the upthrust tool.  Mark sighed with anticipation, but then groaned as mandy lifted Flora so she was only half-way impaled.  He was convinced that he was to be teased again.  Not so.  The small gap now allowed Flora's hands to reach between their bodies so her fingers touched the base of mark's organ.  By a combination of a slight bouncing on the spring, her internal contractions, and the touch of her fingers, Flora was able to generate the most intense stimulation Mark had felt since his encapsulation a day before. Flora, too was sufficiently aroused that she was in no mood for teasing games.  Even Mandy relented and just as the couple reached orgasm, she lowered Flora all the way onto Mark, letting her rest there until several minutes after their explosive climax. 

     The crates on their elevating and pivoting stands were now finished, and after dinner, all six sat in the living room for conversation and a little gentle touching.  Obviously, Mark's participation was limited, but Flora and Cynthia took turns gently stroking his lips and sex, the only parts not sealed in his Ultraprene shell.  There was no attempt to really arouse or tease him, just to provide some gentle sensation to the fellow so totally isolated and deprived of all other contact by his rigid shell.  So, Mark was kept semi-rigid throughout the evening.

     That night, Flora and Jason were more than ready to try out the modified cabinets with the wheels inside.  Using the pivoted supports, it was now quite easy to tilt the crates to a face-up position low to the floor and thus facilitate the installation of their willing occupants. In preparation, Jason donned his sheath briefs and lay down in the rear half of his body mold. 
Mandy and John then lowered the front half, threading Jason through the snug-fitting opening. They tightened the flange bolts, making the usual three cycles around to draw the halves together uniformly.  The final step was to connect the electrical and pneumatic fittings from Jason's form to the connectors on the wheel so they could monitor and control his condition.

     With the ball bearing mounted in the cabinet door, they carefully closed the front, again making sure Jason's organ was threaded through the inner race of the bearing.  With the door latched shut, the only visible part of the encased occupant was his latex sheathed penis protruding through the bearing in the cabinet front.  Following her instruction from John, Mandy checked the readings on the control box and switched on the motor.  Slowly the erect organ, pointing straight up, began to rotate, carrying the inner race of the bearing with it. With no direct friction, there was no longer any rubbing on the sides of the hole in the door, and hence no restriction from that cause on the speed nor the duration of Jason's spin.

     Gradually the tool spun faster and the air cells in the mold squeezed Jason's encapsulated and immobilized body to compensate for the centrifugal force.  At about 120 RPM, the speed stabilized and according to the monitors, Jason was in no distress, but was showing an arousal index of 60.

     They left Jason to start work on Flora.  She was already dressed in her full-coverage latex catsuit with its internal sheath.   The next step was to seal her in her body mold on the wheel.  As John and Mandy tightened the flange screws, Flora could feel her body being squeezed between the perfectly fitted but absolutely unyielding halves of the mold.   As John prepared to swing   the cabinet front into place he pointed to his additional modification.  Not only had he made an access hole in the middle of the lid, similar to jason's, but he had installed a   thrust bearing whose flange contacted the portion of Flora's mold where it covered her crotch and matched up perfectly with the access hole. 

     "you see,"  John noted,  "the bearing will rotate with Flora and keep her from scuffing on the inner surface of the door--even if she is just strapped in without the mold front."

     "Clever,"  Mandy replied.  "It looks like you've been earning your keep as an engineer.  I notice the bearing is very thin, but the inside diameter is a bit oversize.  Is that so whoever is screwing her won't feel the bearing rubbing on his tool?"

     "Exactly, and that's why the inner race doesn't extend outside the door.  It's just to allow Flora to be pressed tight against the inside without any local friction.  In fact, I have added a shim behind her hub so she's now just a bit forward from the way she was originally installed.  Do you mind if I try her?"

     "While she is my 'slave' I still insist that you ask her, Mandy replied."

     John was extremely aroused at the prospect of testing his new invention with the beautiful Flora.  He  had to shout in order for Flora to hear him through both the crate and the body mold, and then press his ear against the front panel, but Flora did hear, and with her one-grunt signal indicated her consent.  John then undressed to his latex bicycle shorts with their attached sheath and lay face down on the still horizontal cabinet.  Mandy started the motor  and John could feel Flora's sex begin to rotate around his.  Given his excitement, though, he embarrassingly climaxed within just a couple of minutes.  Red-faced, he climbed off the cabinet and went to the bathroom to clean himself up. 

     Mandy said, "We can't leave Flora unsatisfied like that, perhaps we can call on Mark again.  It's not like he has a whole lot to do."

     So, with a little help from Cynthia and Jason, Flora's crate was tilted to a face-down position and raised to the top of the support frames. (By now John had returned to help.)  It was a fairly simple matter to position the living sculpture of Mark under the crate.   His arched position enabled his form to stand on the head and heels with his penis sticking straight up.  As they lowered the Flora-crate the team shifted Mark slightly to gain perfect alignment.   But to insure better endurance than John had shown, they slid a thick lubricated rubber sheath over him.  This would limit his arousal and, combined with his recent heavy usage, should keep him from going over the edge. Again John wished he had thought to install arousal monitors in the Ultraprene mold, but one must make do.

     As soon as the Flora-crate was impaled on the Mark-sculpture, Mandy turned on the motor at about 40 RPM so as to provide a continuous but relatively mild stimulation overnight.  But now it was Jason's turn to be "put to bed" in his crate.  Mandy wanted to make sure she could manage the new apparatus on her own.  She started by turning the cabinet face-up with its tilting motors and lowering it close to the floor with the jack screws. It was now easy to unlatch the front panel and swing it open.  Jason promptly undressed, except for his latex sheath-briefs, and lay on his back in the rear mold-half while Mandy used the traveling hoist to lower the mold front.  She tightened the flange screws step-wise just as John had demonstrated, and soon Jason felt the tight but comfortable compression of his rigid enclosure.  There was a sense of total security and relaxation balanced with excitement and anticipation.  Jason sensed that this would be a thoroughly enjoyable night.

     Mandy now connected the signal cables and pneumatic hoses from the mold to the wheel, and released the brake.  The wheel turned freely.  She raised the cabinet and tilted it to vertical to check for balance.  Giving the wheel a very gentle spin by hand, she saw it turn a couple of revolutions, but then it oscillated about the head-down position before coming to rest.  "A bit head heavy," she thought, (and so did Jason although in his tight compression he could barely tell) and she slid the counterweights to compensate.  After a couple of adjustments the balance was exact and a touch of her latex-gloved hand caused the wheel to turn with perfect uniformity.  She closed the front, carefully threading Jason through the bearing. 

     John and Cynthia watched this procedure with satisfaction, not only because of Mandy's prompt mastery of the mechanics, but because they had their own plan.  With the crate still horizontal and face-up, they approached Mandy and suggested she lie face-down on the crate front, impaling the vaginal sheath of her latex catsuit on Jason's protruding latex-sheathed and lubricated tool.  As she did, Cynthia slid a cushion under Mandy's waist to as to tilt her pelvis forward and make Jason's entry angle more nearly perpendicular.  During the modification, John had installed numerous threaded inserts in the crate front, and he and Cynthia now screwed in eyebolts to form a pattern which outlined Mandy's face-down body with its legs apart and arms slightly out from her sides.  With the eyebolts as anchoring points, they stretched dozens of canvas straps over Mandy's body, straining at the buckles until the woman was pinned immovably to the face of the crate.  When only her head was free, they laced on a full-coverage leather hood which covered everything except breathing tubes at the nose.  They turned her face to her left side and supported it on a thin cushion before strapping down her head by the D-rings sewn into the compressing leather. 

     The final steps were to raise the crate in its A-frames so it could be turned vertical, but instead of stopping the tilt motors at that point, John locked them on so the crate slowly tumbled end-over-end.  Mandy thus turned from head-up to face-down to head-down to face-up beneath the crate, with the tight straps still pressing her against it.  The cycle repeated endlessly.  Inside the crate, Jason felt the wild tumbling-and-spinning along with the snugness of Mandy about his latex-clad penis.  He even sensed Mandy's minute shift as their shared environment turned end-over-end.  he was puzzled by this unaccustomed axis of rotation, but of course there was nothing he could do about it and he calmed himself by the confidence that his friends were both trustworthy and skillful enough that they would never let him come to harm--although they might come close.  John finally activated the pressure cells in Jason's cocoon and programmed the wheel motor speed to be regulated by Jason's arousal index, with the setpoint randomly varying between 50 and 80 until 6 in the  morning when it would "staircase" to 98 and hold that value until 7. 

     As the motor picked up speed, Jason spun inside Mandy while their entire world tumbled slowly end-over-end.  Both knew that they were in for a long night,  so they relaxed and rode the waves of sensation.  John and Cynthia made a final check of the controls and monitors, making sure a bell would signal any distress.  They set the alarm clock for 7 and retired to the bed in the corner of the playroom.

     During the next two hours Mandy lost count of her orgasms and finally either passed out or drifted into sleep, and Jason drifted in a haze of erotic stimulation.  He would doze during the down cycles of the program and awaken to a raging erection during the peaks, then drift off again as the unsatisfied excitement abated.  All the while the wheel spun, its speed automatically varying to carry Jason through the programmed levels of stimulation.  Yet the end-over-end tumbling was ceaseless. 

     At the other side of the room, Flora was quietly spinning in her cabinet, face down and impaled on Mark's erection, but by now both had fallen into that strange sleep combining exhaustion, arousal and erotic dreams. 

     The loud buzzing of the alarm clock awoke John and Cynthia where they lay in each other's arms just as the sun was streaming through the windows.  They blinked the sleep out of their eyes and remembered their friends, Flora in her cabinet rotating slowly on Mark and Jason spinning inside Mandy as the two had tumbled through the night.  Both a visual inspection and a check of the monitors showed that all were pretty much as they had been left.  Jason's feedback control had regulated his stimulation so that while he had been all night and kept at the brink for an hour, he still had come not come.  Mark, of course had no monitoring but he was now awake and Cynthia asked him how he was.

     "Can you get me out of this thing  soon?  But please, at least let me come before you take Flora off me!" 

     Without speaking, Cynthia reached for the speed control of Flora's wheel and cranked it to about 100 RPM and lowered the crate  slightly so she was impaled on Mark just a little deeper.   This must have awakened her because a couple of grunts followed by  squealing noises emerged from the cabinet as the intense stimulation began.  her resulting contractions quickly brought Mark along and after the convulsions subsided, Cynthia raised Flora free of Mark and let her wheel coast to a stop.

     Meanwhile, John was dealing with Jason and Mandy.  he stopped the tumbling with Mandy on top and overrode the feedback so Jason would reach maximum speed.  Just as the couple reached climax, John resumed the tumbling and continued it until both Mandy and Jason were completely spent.  He then stopped the system so Mandy was again on top and let the wheel coast to a stop.  There he let them rest for about five minutes before beginning to disassemble the apparatus and release them.  At the same time,  Cynthia had turned Flora's wheel face up and was releasing her. 

     John now walked over to his toolbox and picked up a brown paper envelope from which he withdrew a new blade for the cast saw.  "You said you had no spare," everyone shouted at once (except of course for Mark). 

     "Well,  I lied."   I wanted to try keeping mark in there for a good while, and if he knew there was a way out he would have been constantly begging for it.  When Mark heard this he cursed a blue streak, but John just let him run out of steam till he finally realized he had hardly suffered any real damage.

     John now began the process of cutting him out.  He began on the right side, worked his way down to the foot, up the inside of the leg, and down the other.  He continued on until he had split the mold into two complete halves.  with help from the others he finally lifted the front half.  Mark was sweaty and, quite frankly, smelled bad.  Taking their courage in hand, and Mark by his arms, John and Jason gently lifted him to his feet.  After two days of confinement and total immobility, he was unable to stand on his own and his companions had to help him along to a nearby chair.  He groaned in pain as his stiff joints flexed for the first time. 

     "Ooohh!  Thank God to be out of that thing!  You bastard for having the blade all the time!"

     "Yes, I lied," John answered, " but you tell the truth, too.  You enjoyed most of it, didn't you?" 

     "Well it was quite an experience, and I guess it was all for 'science.'  But can you help me to the bathroom so I can wash and relieve myself?"

     Mark needed help walking to the bathroom, but by the time he came out, he was pretty much back to normal.  For the first time, he joined the others at the table for breakfast and he was able to eat solid food.  Afterwards, John, Cynthia, and Mark loaded their bags into the truck and prepared to leave.

     Cynthia announced, "It's Monday morning, you know.  We have to get back to the Academy.  There are some exciting experiments in progress and even though the Museum is closed on Mondays, there are somevery interesting new exhibits to set up for tomorrow.  Isn't that right, Mark?"

     Mark nodded somewhat, but not completely, reluctantly.

THE END (for now)


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