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Wheel of Fortune

by Ultraprene

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© Copyright 2002 - Ultraprene - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; D/s; latex; bondage; cons; X

Wheel of Fortune
By Ultraprene

One day, Mistress Mandy received a letter from her old friend Cynthia:

"During my recent visit I was most pleased with your on-going training of your long-time slave Flora.  I was also impressed with your new slave Jason.  For a beginner he showed some real promise.  I trust he is even better by now. As I told you in my last letter, I am now Curator of the Academy of Erotic Arts and Sciences Museum, and as such I am assembling some new exhibits for the Academy Museum.  If you would agree to  lend me Flora and Jason for a month or so, I will take excellent care of them and return them with some very valuable equipment and training.  If you accept, I will send you additional details and instructions."

Since Mandy had been planning a business trip anyway, and had been concerned about what to do with her slaves while she was away (She didn't want them to lose their conditioning.) she promptly consented to the deal. Cynthia was delighted and instructed Mandy to have Jason and Flora ready for the appointed day.  She instructed Mandy to pack certain specified costumes and equipment.  She also asked whether their measurements had changed since she had taken their body casts during her last visit.  They had not. On the appointed day, Cynthia arrived and took Flora and Jason to the Academy.  In view of Flora and Jason's endurance they were  to take a special advanced course to prepare them for Cynthia's most exotic living art, her dynamic  sculptures. 
Initially, the two started their training separately. 

Flora was led into a room in which there was a large wooden disk, or wheel, about 7 feet in diameter.  The face of the disk was  padded and upholstered in black leather and fitted with numerous  straps and buckles.  The wheel had bearings and a variable-speed motor to allow it to rotate.   In addition, the supporting  frame tilted so the wheel could spin  either horizontally like a phonograph turntable, or vertically like a wagon wheel, or at any  angle in between. Flora dressed in an all-leather body suit which laced up the sides of the legs, and arms, and up the front of the body.  Her trainers drew the laces progressively tighter as they progressed down the legs.  Once the suit was snug, they fitted Flora  with a leather discipline helmet which covered her whole head and  face, except for breathing holes at the nose, and an openable patch at the mouth. 

Now, with the wheel horizontal, they strapped her on her back to its face.   Her legs were spread about 2 feet apart, and her arms were slightly out from her sides.  Tight straps secured her at the ankles,  calves, above and below the knees, across the thighs, hips, waist, and above and below the breasts.  Other straps held her arms at the  wrists, above and below the elbows, and just below the shoulders. Additional straps ran over the shoulders and joined the face of the  wheel at her sides.  Her head was secured to the wheel by D-rings  sewn into the helmet at the sides  and top. For now her trainers left the mouth patch open so she could speak.  They explained that they would start the wheel spinning slowly at first and gradually increase the speed.  If Flora suffered serious discomfort or sickness, she was to speak out and they would slow or stop the rotation. The first training session involved relatively mild horizontal spinning for short periods.  Gradually, the speed and duration increased.  For the first week, Flora spent a total of 8 hours a day in training, though the rotation was intermittent. 

After the first week, Flora could endure longer periods of rotation, perhaps 30 to 40 minutes at a time, and at greater speeds.  As the speeds were increased, the trainers tightened her suit at the extremities so as to counter the tendency for the  blood to run to her head and feet from centrifugal force. Also during the second week, the trainers began to tilt the wheel slightly up from horizontal,  reaching perhaps 15 or 20 degrees.  They also increased the training time to 12 hours per day. During the third week, the angle was increased to 45 degrees and the rotation was almost continuous.  Some nights, she was put back on the wheel, but without rotation, to sleep. As a reward for her progress, Flora's trainers would sometimes fit her with a vibrating dildo during her most rigorous sessions.  She thus grew to associate the rotation with the pleasurable sensations. As her training progressed, Flora could endure being spun either horizontally or vertically for hours on end without  any ill effect.  She had actually grown to enjoy the sensation  and sometimes requested to sleep on her wheel with the rotation continuing slowly through the night. 

When her wheel training was completed, Cynthia showed Flora her display wheel, the one to be used in the actual work of art. This had been constructed by the Academy engineers using precise measurements from her body casts.  The face of the wheel had been hollowed in a cavity into which the back half of her body fitted perfectly.  In addition, the face of the wheel was somewhat dished so that when installed on (or rather in) it her crotch was at the center of rotation and raised.  The position also insured that her pelvis was tilted forward.  The A-frame supporting the wheel had hinges at its bottom and an electric jacking mechanism which could tilt the raise the frame to any angle from horizontal to vertical. 

For now the wheel was horizontal.  Flora did not even need to be told what to do.  She climbed onto the wheel and lay back, wriggling her body until it nestled perfectly in the formed cavity.  Once she was resting in the wheel, a rigid fiberglass shell or mold  that perfectly fitted her front half was lowered in place.  A flange around the front mold mated with the wheel face, and Cynthia's technicians squeezed the front half of the body mold in place with screws spaced about every four inches around the flange. The only openings were breathing holes at the nose and an opening at the crotch to allow access to her sex. The inside of the mold, both front and back, was lined with a double layer of quilted rubber with cells an inch or two square. A network of thin tubes allowed each cell to be inflated with air separately.  Thus through computer control, Cynthia could squeeze any portion of Flora body, subjecting her to pressure or massage at will.  The lining served an additional function:  The control system could generate a pressure gradient to neutralize the effects of gravity or centrifugal force so that Flora's internal fluids would not rush to whichever end was "down" nor would they rush to the extremities under centrifugal force. 

Flora's wheel, of which she was now an integral part, was then tilted to vertical. Jason,  had meanwhile been undergoing parallel training and was being installed similarly on his wheel facing Flora.  He was also encased in a body mold with only his cock protruding.  Of course, with their eyes covered by the body molds, neither subject had seen the other. The supporting structures for the wheels faced each other and were mounted on tracks so they could be moved together or apart.  Initially, they were about 10 feet apart at opposite sides of the exhibit hall.   After spinning both wheels up to speed to test the system, Cynthia shut off the motors and let the wheels coast to a stop.  Flora came to rest with her head at a 7o'clock position and Jason's was at 3.  Actually, the position made little difference to the two subjects since the extremely tight body molds were both equipped with the quilted rubber linings.  These had been programmed so whichever end of the body was down would receive just enough extra pressure to neutralize any gravitational sense of up-and-down.  Furthermore, when the wheels were spun, the pressure at both extremities increased to counter centrifugal forces.  Thus the inflatable cells of the liner served both sensory and practical purposes. 

Cynthia actuated a switch and the two structures started moving slowly toward each other.  One of her female assistants touched Jason's tool and it promptly stiffened.  The wheels continued to approach and with a little help from the assistant, Jason was guided into Flora.  When he was fully inserted, the two carriages came to rest. Cynthia then restarted the motors with the wheels spinning in opposite directions so the relative rotation (as felt by each subject) was effectively twice the speed of either wheel.  The stimulation to both Flora and Jason was intense, and within a couple of minutes Jason climaxed.  Shortly thereafter, he lost his erection and slipped out of his partner.  The fluids from their mating were slung by centrifugal force, leaving drops of stain on the floor and ceiling. Clearly this wouldn't do.  Cynthia switched off the motors and drew the wheels apart.  In a few minutes they coasted to a stop.  She instructed her assistants remove the subjects to clean up and rest.  When asked, Jason explained that he simply couldn't contain himself under the extreme stimulation.  Flora also was worried that the sustained friction might make her sore or even injure her tender parts.

Cynthia was in a quandary.  The exhibit is scheduled to open the next day to a group of select guests.  She will have to fake it, at least in part, until she comes up with a better solution. The next morning, she sealed the couple into their respective wheels, but she fitted Jason with a thick-walled rubber sheath that clamped by a flange to the front of his mold.  The outside of the sheath was approximately the same size and appearance of Jason's erection since it had been made from his cast, but due to the thickness of the walls, the inside was considerably smaller. "Well," Cynthia declared, "He can get hard or not.  It doesn't really matter for today." 

At the same time, to limit Flora's stimulation and protect her from excess friction, she was fitted with a soft rubber vaginal liner, a sort of rounded-end tube with a flange at its neck which bonded to the opening in the front of her body mold. It offered the necessary protection but was thin and flexible enough to preserve most of Flora's sensation.  A thin rubber tube provided a trickle of rubber-compatible lubricant. The exhibit was a great sensation as the wheels spun, sometimes in opposite directions, sometimes in the same direction so that there was no relative rotation between Flora and Jason. At the end of the day, Cynthia learned that Flora had come many times during the 8 hours,  but Jason, although he expanded as much as his sheath allowed, remained unsatisfied. Unfortunately, the exhibit could not be opened to the regular audience until the over-stimulation problem was solved more definitively.  Cynthia called in her technical consultants on this matter and they came up with a plan that combined both training and technology. 

Jason would increase his endurance by spending his nights in an apparatus called the Frustrator.  The first step was to make an extra rear half of Jason's body mold.  It was the same as the one on the wheel except that six short legs protruded from the back surface so it rested horizontally like a bench, though since it had the same arched form as the mold on the wheel face, it was higher in the middle than the ends.  It also lacked the quilted lining. Jason was dressed in a thin black rubber catsuit which covered his entire body, including hands, feet, and head. The hood covered the entire head, including the eyes and had openings only at the nostrils and mouth.  The thin rubber suit was even contoured to the shape of his sex organs with a tight pouch for his balls and a sheath for his penis.    Tight straps ran across his insteps, ankles, below and above the knees, across the thighs, hips, waist, chest, chin, and forehead.  More straps secured his arms at the shoulders, upper arm, above and below the elbow, at the wrist, across the back of the hand, and over each finger.  Thus his entire body was immobilized to the rigid mold yet the front half was exposed (save for the thin rubber skin) wherever the straps did not cover. 

Along with the straps, his body was fitted with physiological sensors which recorded EKG, respiration, skin moisture, and muscle tension, including his anal sphincter.   By computer-analyzing these data it was possible to determine Jason's physical level of arousal and proximity to climax.  A single meter displayed the resulting "arousal index"  on a scale of zero to 100.   The output was also available as an analog feedback signal.  Flora was assigned the task of stimulating Jason while watching the gauge.  She stroked and massaged his latex-clad body with her gentle hands, intermittently stimulating his sex. For variety, and her own pleasure, she sometimes straddled the arching body, but she always watched the arousal gauge.  She would hold his arousal index for hours between 80 and 90.  During these times Jason would strain against his bondage trying in vain to pump himself over the edge.  He would moan and plead, but of course it was all in vain; Flora knew her instructions. Occasionally she would let him cool down to 50 before she excited him again, but still she followed her orders which forbade her to let him go soft, nor to take him to climax. 

On the second night of Jason's frustrator training, he strained and complained persistently, and Flora warned him.  "I love to touch you all over and talk with you, but you must behave yourself.  We have to make this idea work.  If you keep on trying to squirm and complain, I've been told to put the front mold on you.  You know it covers your mouth and everything but your dick so you woun't be able to talk or even hear very well, and I won't be able to touch you." 

Jason agreed and calmed down, trying to enjoy the exquisite, though overpowering, sensations.  On the next night, however, he was back to his misbehavior and around midnight Flora made good on her threat.  She called an assistant who helped her lower the front mold over Jason.  As soon as it contacted his body, he knew what was happpening and begged for another chance, but the decision had been made, and he realized it as the bolts around the flanges were screwed tight, compressing his body in the absolutely unyielding grip of the mold.  For the rest of the night, Flora used her hands, her mouth, and her sex, never letting his arousal fall below 70.  At the upper end, though, she raised Jason's arousal to 95, and even 98.  With no means of self-stimulation, she could hold him even closer to the edge with no risk of going over.   That session was the only one where Flora had to install the full mold.  Apparently Jason learned his lesson.

The nighttime Frustrator sessions kept both Flora and Jason awake.  They were quite fatiqued by morning when they were both installed in their respective display wheels to maintain their rotation training.  Cynthia realized this and a allowed them to doze during the day as they whirled in the exhibit hall.  She helped by keeping the speed moderate and carefully adjusting the mold liners for the most comfortable support.  Only toward the end of each day were they mated and spun to maximum speed, bring a long awaited relief to Jason. 

After four days, Cynthia had the final component of the frustrator finished.  It was a cock sheath lined with the same sort of pneumatic quilted rubber as the body molds, but unlike the body mold lining, the material was much thinner and the cells were only about a half inch square.  They could be inflated and deflated very rapidly if necessary so that in addition to massaging and squeezing, they could generate localized pulsating vibration.  An automatic program operated the cells, but the overall level of activity was regulated by the feedback from the arousal index.  This caused the stimulation to diminish or stop short of climax. With this device, Flora no longer had to sit beside Jason during his frustrator training, and of course it would do Jason no good to protest, since the inanimate machine was oblivious to his pleading, responding only to its immutable program. 

Cynthia decided that, since symmetry was a theme of the exhibit, she, too, should receive some endurance training.  Thus Flora was placed in her own Frustrator at night.  It was basically the same as Jason's.  The main difference was that hers was fitted with a dildo having the matrix of quilted cells on its outside surface.  The two thus lay strapped into their contoured tables all night.  The Frustrators were close enough so they could converse, at least when their stimulation levels were relatively low, but when they were raised, each partner's moaning and heavy breathing served further to stimulate the other, but never quite sufficient to carry either to climax. 

The next day was sunday and no guests would be attending the gallery.  Cynthia decided to try once again to run the mated wheels, letting Flora be Jason's stimulator during the wheel session.  She had her  technicians equip the wheel molds with the full set of physiological monitors.  Electronics mounted on the back of each wheel would condition the signals, multiplex them and transmit them from the rotating environment of the wheel by slip rings.  This permitted the additional advantage that she could monitor the subjects' physical condition for safety as well as to determine arousal.  They now wired the arousal index signal as a negative feedback to the motor speed control for the wheels. Thus when the couple were mated, the wheels would spin in opposite directions until Jason was at the preset excitement level, but then the feedback signal from his arousal would cause the wheels to slow down or stop until he had cooled down slightly.  During the day, the resulting rotation was quite slow and intermittent, but since there was no audience, this was no problem.  At the end of the day, though, Cynthia had pity on the two and ran the wheels up to full speed until both subjects came.

The rigid forms whirling on their respective wheels gave no clue to the incredible explosion of passion contained within the body molds. Flora and Jason were held so snugly they couldn't even twitch.  This, however, only heightened their sensations. The monitoring sensors recorded a combined orgasm that lasted for several minutes.  The assistants then let the wheels coast to a stop, tilted them horizontal and removed the two depleted slave/volunteers.  Jason was exhausted.  So, of course, was Flora but she was sore from the sustained friction.  Nevertheless both had received such exciting sensations that they had no hesitation about continuing the program. The technical solution to overstimulation was a special cock sheath for Jason.  It consisted of a double layer of thin rubber. The outer layer was reinforced with sheer nylon fibers so that while it could flex freely, it would not stretch.  The inner layer was made of ordinary thin latex only slightly heavier than a standard condom.  The two layers were sealed together at the base where a flange attached them to the front of the body mold.

Only a thin rubber tube communicated with the space between the layers.  Through this tube, a pump could inject a thick gel into this space.  Since the outer layer could not expand, the effect was to compress the inner layer and with it Jason's tool. At the same time,  the gel insulated the cock from sensation. With no gel, the sensitivity was only slightly less than that of bare skin, and thus  sufficient for rapid arousal, especially with the rotation inside Flora.  The injection or withdrawal of gel could be controlled either manually by the exhibit operator, or it could be regulated by the arousal index feedback to maintain whatever level of stimulation the operator set.  In this way, the excitation could be controlled by either varying the wheel speed or by adjusting the sheath.To protect Flora from excess friction, the technicians again fitted her mold with a soft rubber insert which would only slightly attenuate her stimulation, but would protect her from direct friction.  They reinstalled the small ducts to provide lubrication so as to prevent Jason's sheath from sticking to Flora's insert. 

Monday morning, Cynthia and her assistants assembled the exhibit with the new features, and by opening time, the couple were mated.  As the first guests filed into the gallery, the wheels were whirling at full speed. The technical improvements combined with the endurance training were a success.  At the end of the day, the Jason was still hard and had not come.  Flora suffered no soreness from friction, and the reduced sensitivity from the insert had held her orgasms to only five.  All was ready for the two-week run of the show. 


Story continues in Wheel of Fortune - The Sequel

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