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What have I unleashed???

by Kinkymike

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© Copyright 2009 - Kinkymike - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; leather; bond; chloro; vacbed; toys; cons; X

NOTE: Please excuse the punctuating!!! Let me know your thoughts and ideas! I LOVE FEEDBACK!… PS: NOT a true story… although I wish It was… .J (Blushing furiously) And here we go!!!!!!!!


“Remember… this is what you wanted!” she said sternly… a slight trace of amusement hidden inside her, only betraying the strictness of the scene very minutely.

The “She” of course was my fiancée, my future beautiful blushing bride.

Of course, at the moment, the only blushing that was taking place would be over the entirety of my naked body, standing in front of the Newly-Minted Mistress standing in front of me. Sorry… That wasn’t right… I wasn’t completely naked… . I guess on a technicality you could call the ankle and wrist cuffs clothing? Possibly! That of course wasn’t even a thought process in my head at the time; (I got to reminisce about it later… more on that in a bit)

No, the only thing that was going on in my mind at the time as I stood there, bound up and spread-eagled was, “man, am I the luckiest person on the planet right now!” The “Sweet” girl in front of me, now done up in a tight black latex corset, Soft leather pants, and calf-high patent leather boots definitely had her own definition of who was exactly the lucky one… and trust me, she was NOT thinking of me!

Let me back up a little bit… .

Ok, so basically, Tara… my future wife is a very sweet girl. To characterize her, I would say that if you could picture an all-American 29 year old girl, kind of medium length reddish-brown hair, cute face, nice body… almost like she walked out of a J Crew, or Abercrombie Catalog, your visual would be almost spot-on. Tara and I have been dating for 5 years, and living together almost as long. It would be ridiculous of course to think that she would not have an inkling of my fascination and desires of “non-vanilla” activities. In fact, I am pretty sure when she was looking for something one day and came across my collection of various Latex and Leather items, that cemented that fact that I was into things of a very kinky nature. Of course I never tried to force anything towards her… just every now and then provided insights and bits and pieces of the kinky lifestyle to her, without freaking her out too much. “Baby steps” is how I describe it… I wasn’t sure how well it would go down if I said that I did tend to spend a lot of time whilst home alone, bound in various cuffs, covered head to toe in some fun Rubber garment purchased from Eros Boutique, Wired up to electricity, while I gently inflated rubber latex cocks in my tight bum.

Yeah, I think baby steps were the way to go, in terms of not freaking her out..

The plus side of this is that she did say that the black latex catsuit I picked up for her as a valentines day gift, was pretty damn hot, and it made her feel almost superheroic!

All this was a couple of years ago, but I kept building upon that foundation of pervasive sexual fun, which was great, because it opened this sweet girl up to much more in the long run. The catalyst was when I decided to spend a summer back home to help out with some projects. I didn’t realize how much I missed her until I spent time apart for that amount of time. This was torturous in the sense that, being apart from her, my “Self-play” sessions started to focus on pervy latex and Bondage with me being at Her Mercy. So, of course what do I do? I get her some fun informative books as a gift from that were filled with all sorts of fun stuff related to female Domination! And of course, being by herself, she had plenty of time to read, think, and PLAN.

I finally came home at the end of summer and it was great! I missed my baby sooooo much and we made love, played around… you know, the usual stuff a vanilla couple do when they haven’t seen each other for awhile. However, there was a lot that I didn’t know about that she had been planning!

It started one night with a bottle of wine… Imagine that! Well, as all things usually do with a little bit of the “potent potable lubrication”, the talk started out relatively vanilla, but soon started to take on a slightly kinkier slant, when I casually mentioned the books that were her “Summer Reading”. And of course, one thing led to another and we ended up in the bedroom, where she produced a couple of silk scarf’s and blindfolded me as well as tying my hands and legs to the bedframe. I of course was loving this.. being of kinky nature and all.

“Ok, well… I have a couple of surprises for you, Hun” she had said to me, her voice trailing off. I could only guess, as I was in the dark, literally; that she was headed down the hallway. I waited about 10 minutes, deliciously spread-tied and blindfolded, when I heard her coming back.

“hehehehe! I guess its time for you to see the results of my “required summer reading!” Hmmm… . that didn’t sound good…

That was the last moment I remembered before everything went black.

I CANT BELIEVE IT! She had chloroformed me! This was the first thing that I thought of when I came to. Although, I DID admire her… that was pretty creative, I thought… and totally underestimated. It was only a few seconds later that I realized that I was a little more bound up then just silk scarves.

She had purchased some thick latex cuffs.

“Oh! You’re awake! Great!” that came from somewhere in front of me.

“Hey Hun, um… yeah. Don’t bother trying to get free… those are locked.”

Hmmm… . very underestimated I believe.

Well, so there I was, still blindfolded and cuffed… wait a second! What was I cuffed to??

My wait for an answer wasn’t that long in coming. “Well, well, well… . I’ll bet you were NOT expecting this!” my “Sweet and Innocent” fiancé replied, her voice trailing over to me, only a slight hint of triumph betraying her.

“Um… . no.?”

I could only manage a simple answer… . Man oh Man! I didn’t expect this at all!

I then felt her press up against me, her conditioner wafting in my nose… a very comforting and familiar smell of my beautiful girl, now turned Dominatrix. There was something else… was she in the catsuit? Being blindfolded of course, I couldn’t tell… I smelled leather as well. She leaned in towards me, her beautiful breasts warm and pushing against my body, the rubber heated up in between us. Her lips grazed my ear.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you would’ve.” Her voice picked up a slight huskiness… it wasn’t rocket science to be able to tell that she was getting turned on by the events! Where was she going with this? She nipped my ear, sending shockwaves down through my body, tingling every sensitive nerve throughout.

“Mmmmm delicious boy.” she murmured. I felt her step away. “Well, without further ado.”

She reached out and pulled the scarf off and I was greet by the sight of an erection-inducing, hot-as-hell Latex and rubber-clad Vixen of my dreams.

“Well, what do you think?” She put her hands on her hips expectantly, smiling coyly.

“Um… uh… .” Yep. Speechless.

“Aw… . Cat got your tongue, huh?” She smirked. “This is only the tip of the iceberg, babe.” The mocking tone turned to one of almost matter-of-fact. Uh Oh.

“Well, again. Thank you for the reading… it was very informative, and quite honestly I learned a lot from it, and A LOT about you as well.” She started to walk around me, continuing; “One of the things the books said was that most likely, you already had stuff floating around, detailing things you may like, or fantasize about… toys, all that fun stuff.”

She turned back and looked at me almost expectantly. “I knew you took all your fun toys with you, but I was pretty certain you didn’t take everything.”

Fuck! I automatically knew where she was going with this.

The Binder. The binder was a collection of fun kinky Internet porn stories and pics printed out over the years. This was a big 3-inch collection of smut with some REALLY kinky stuff in it! Rubber, watersports, chastity, assplay, you name it… it was in there. Fuck.

My thoughts were interrupted. “So… . Yeah… I searched your office, and guess what I found?” She stopped pacing and was looking me straight in the eyes. Ugh…

“I don’t know..” Wow!!!!! That was weak… Great.

“OH you don’t huh?” She immediately leaned in. “I think you are lying!” She stepped back and appraised me, waiting for yet another lame response.

I knew I was caught, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. She waited and realized I wasn’t going to say anything, and continued on.

“So, after reading all those very informing books you were so nice and thoughtful to send to me, I indulged in some more reading, and it occurred to me, after I finished the whole binder… you really enjoy some hardcore kinky stuff!”

All I could do was look down, partial shame and embarrassment filled my blushing body… but also… . this was kind of exciting… .

“Yep, I wasn’t aware of the extent of what you were into until I delved into your treasure-trove of info.” At this point she had leaned back against the bedroom wall, staring at me. “You apparently have a GIANT fetish for rubber I see.”

I just continued to look down, nodding slightly at her observation.

“Well… I just want you to know, that I am going to accommodate your Fetishes.”

Hmm… I wasn’t expecting that either.

Tara got up and walked over towards my side. She walked in behind me, her hand trailing across my stomach and side, tickling slightly.

“Yep, I think I can do that… ” her voice, again husky; trailed off in a slight whisper.

All of the sudden a sudden dampness and ether-soaked reality dragged me out of an embarrassing slightly turned on bliss and into dark murky unconsciousness. …

I awoke sharply, and completely immobile. WHAT THE HECK??

”Awww, I got you again didn’t I?” Ugh… there it was again. The sweet, yet slightly sinister voice of my beautiful goddess of a fiancé. Of course I couldn’t see where she was, as I was completely encased in the strict immovable prison of what seemed to me to be a vacuum bed… but usually they make noises don’t they?

“I am sure you must be wondering, baby… yes, you are in a vacuum bed! All of the sudden, I felt my future wife straddle my captive body, the heat of her loins clearly permeating her soft black leather pants and through the rubber. I could tell she was insanely hot over my whole predicament… How did I ever miss this??? I couldn’t see her until she leaned forward, her chest to mine. He luscious lips came into my view. “Yep… I noticed your stories had a lot to do with Latex and being completely covered, wrapped and immobilized by it, so I decided to give you a taste of that!”

Oh God.

She continued. “HOWEVER! I know you are a sucker for creativity so I got this specially made for you… I’ll bet you are familiar with the modifications I had done to this.”

Actually, this was a fantasy of mine… Strict latex bed bondage, with a few other added features. So much so that I had written out ideas and diagrams, which of course ended up in the Binder with all the stories that she found…

“You know… you really are a good engineer.” Tara stood up. “I’ll bet I can keep you here like this pretty much indefinitely!” I heard her walk over towards my left side, although she was out of my sight. “Or at least until I figure you have had enough.”


My mistress came into view, her lips barely hitting mine. “But you know what? I Think you can handle quite a bit, don’t ya think??” My eyes were locked with hers.

She pulled away. “ Yeah, you don’t hear a vacuum cleaner because this is that new bed you had looked at online from kink engineering… yep, I checked your Internet history.”

Damn… what else did she get into?

“But ya know what?” I could hear her walking around the room, doing things. “This is pretty awesome, but I think you want more… ”

She popped down right next to my ear. “Are you my little rubber slut, mikey?” she asked ever so slightly innocent.

“Ye-yes… Ma’am.” I could only go along and see how far we would both travel down the rabbit hole.

“Good.” She stood up again and walked around, fiddling with stuff now in a brisk, almost businesslike manner. “I think you may enjoy this… ”

Instantly, I felt this amazing vacuum bed pivot upwards, my immobile body with it. Now vertical, I could see myself in a full body mirror positioned 10 feet away. I was trapped, and polished up in thick shiny black latex. Tara stood beside me and we both looked at the scene in the mirror for a couple minutes, both of us silent.

She finally spoke, moving away after patting my ass… that felt weird… . like there was no rubber there…

“Alright Han Solo… I need to get you ready for bed!” she walked out of view. “I know you were always interested in being encased for awhile, so I took the liberty of making sure you would get your worth!”

What did she mean by that???

I could see her again in the mirror, but behind me, peaking out from being the vacuum bed and pivoting frame. She had that Cheshire cat grin that definitely did not bode well for me… or did it?

“So, I can’t just leave you all alone like this… that would be no fun, would it?”

I didn’t even have time to answer. “So I went through your collection of fun toys and found this.”

She pulled out the black latex inflatable cock. One guess as to what was going to happen next.

“Yeah, I think this will do, little latex slut!”

The lube was a little cold as she inserted the slippery black rubber into my ass. Apparently she had not inflated it yet. “Hmm… ” I could hear her from behind.

My ass started stretching as she pumped it a couple times. I could feel the rest of the rubber intruder slide in deep. “Just a little more.”

I sucked in as I felt her push the remainder in, my ass closing around the pump tube.

Tara stood up. “There we go!” she exclaimed now standing next to the frame. She squeezed the pump a few times, watching me excitedly as she did so.

I grunted a little but dealt with the rubber filling me up. “There ya go… nice job, honey… you really took that like a champ!” Tara winked at me with this statement.

“I’m sure you have had the practice..” she walked over and got ready for my next bit of suffering.

“Hmmm… well, I can’t have this falling out in the middle of the night, so I am going to make sure it stays put.” Tara picked up a pile of black latex. “Guess what? You get a second layer!”

I wasn’t expecting any of this.

“Uh Hun… ”I started to stammer.

“Shoosh! I did not ASK for your opinion!” She glared sternly, her voice rising.

“Well uh-.” I could only get that out before she hopped over to me and without warning jammed a cock-shaped gag into my mouth!

“If you won’t be quiet, this will have to do!” she said sharply. “Of course, I was going to do that anyway, but ehh... details, right? She turned around and grabbed a rather severe looking rubber hood. “This goes on too!”

I tried to protest a little as she slipped the hood over my exposed head. She pulled the breathing tube and pump hose through the grommet effectively encasing every bit of my flesh with black latex. I was truly trapped and at her whim!

I could hear her through the layer of rubber. “ Nope… I don’t even want to hear a peep!”

My mouth expanded with a couple pumps of the cock gag, filling my mouth with rubber dick. Jeezus! I NEVER Thought in a million years she would go this deep!!

It didn’t take her long on her next part of this ordeal. I could feel the thick cool black rubber of the secondary bag get pulled up over my legs and up the frame. When she got to my head, she stopped for a second, and looked me in the eyes… her face was so beautiful and excited. I could make out a faint rose color to her flushed cheeks, which was amazing. I had never seen Tara this horny!

“Well, like I said earlier… this is what you like, so I am going to oblige you. I love you so much baby… ”

With that, she pulled the gag tubes through a hole on the secondary bag and pulled it over my head, sending me in complete darkness.

It was quiet in my latex infused world for a couple of minutes. I could feel the bag of the outer layer hanging off me, slowly warming up to my already hot body. My ass and mouth were both plugged solid with thick black rubber, while my body was held rigid in the firm embrace of the oh so lovely latex. I heard a vacuum click on and immediately felt the thick outer layer of latex adhere to my immobilized form, binding me tighter and more solid than I had ever been gripped. After a couple of minutes, the vacuum switched off. She must have had a locking one-way valve on this bag as well, as the bag held tight to my taut body.

At this point, all sounds were quite muffled. She must have been standing right next to me and talking quite loud in order for me to hear her, but I definitely caught what she had to say. “Well Hun… . I hope you are enjoying this… I know I did… I am going to bed now.”

She was going to leave me like this all night!?

“Yes, I assume you have it figured out. I AM going to leave you like this… however..” She stopped and the frame pivoted and put me horizontal. “ HOWEVER… you should try to sleep, at least laying down… . but I doubt you will for awhile anyways.”

I couldn’t tell if she was laughing or not.

A couple of minutes had passed and she hadn’t said anything. I thought she had gone when she spoke up. “OH! I almost forgot… you may get thirsty in the night, so I will make sure you are well hydrated… I wouldn’t want you to sweat to death in that contraption!”

Immediately, I got a mouth full of warm liquid… . she was feeding me her piss!

I gulped down her golden nectar as fast as she injected it into me, drinking greedily.

I could hear her giggle as her juice came to a stop. “Well, that was the first of many drinks Hun… . i drank plenty of water so I am well hydrated… I just need to make sure you are!”

I could feel her lips oh-so-faintly kiss me on the forehead. “I absolutely love you, my kinky little man.” She trailed off as she headed to the living room to crash on the couch. “Good night, sweet baby… enjoy your night… I’ll check on you and give you drinks periodically… but don’t expect to be out for another 15 hours… ”

So I guess my sweet little innocent Fiancée had got me really good… .Sweet? Sure! Innocent? NAH! I tried to smile, thinking of the love of my life and everything she had done and would do for me, as I suffering in rubberized bliss. THE END!!!!!!!!


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