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What has happened to me

by I like Bdsm

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© Copyright 2007 - I like Bdsm - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; susp; spreader; toys; cons/reluct; X

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Oh boy oh boy what has happened to me.

I think I am in trouble, no, I am sure I am in trouble! And I think it will take some time until trouble is over.

But that will take time.

Why have I lost my mind and walked with open eyes into this situation.

I think it was not the right decision to walk into that small shop. It was a boring day. I was downtown to do some shopping without any major goal. And then I walked by this new small shop. The clothing into the window attracted me. I am not sure why this attracted. Maybe it was the shiny view of the clothes, or the smooth fabric. Now I know it is named latex and it can be used for restriction of movement, like I am experiencing now.

I opened the door and walked into the shop. A strange smell came into my nose. A smell of rubber. Into the small shop I only saw a lots of clothes made of this material.

I looked around and saw a woman behind the counter. She was dressed in the same style of clothes as I saw into the shop window. A shiny corset, a beautiful short skirt and long stockings. She walked on incredibly high heels. She had a friendly face. I guess she had time to put on her make up because it was simply perfect.

She welcomed me and asked if she could help me. I answered friendly and told her that I just wanted to look around.

I looked into the racks with different dresses and accessories. All made of the same material.

Just when I was looking into a small rack with several corsets, she asked my opinion about her shop. I answered that I was really new to this type of clothing, the fabric and the strange accessories like shoes with enormous heels. But the smell and the clothing tickled me and I told her that the clothes gave me a strange feeling.

She offered me to try some of these strange clothes and accessories. Just to find out how it should feel.

She took some samples from the rack and walked with me to the back of the shop. There was a changing room where she put down the small pile of rubber. She asked me to take off my clothes. Even my underwear because rubber must be worn on the bare skin she said.

I don't know why but I trusted her and without any additional question I agreed and started undressing. She closed the curtain of the changing room and walked back to her counter.

I examined the pile of clothes. It was a complete wardrobe made of rubber. The underwear consists of a pair of transparent stockings, and briefs. There was no bra but I found a beautiful corset with removable cups. There was a small rubber skirt and finally I found a pair of high heel shoes. I tried to put on the rubber briefs but it was not working that fine. I think she heard me struggling so she offered me help me which I accepted thankfully.

At first she took some powder and put that into the briefs and on my body. She told me that using talk powder made it easier to put on this rubber clothing. Then she helped me into the briefs. It was a wonderful feeling, also within my body. Then powdered my legs and within some time my legs shined because of the transparent stockings. The restricted feeling around my legs increased the feeling within my stomach. I used my fingertips to feel my legs and just touched my briefs. I closed my eyes to focus on the increased feeling within my stomach.

Yes, I am getting hot. When I opened my eyes I blushed because the shop-assistant was waiting with the small corset.

She helped me into this beautiful thing and started with lacing it up. Again my arousal increased because of the restricted feeling around my body. When the corset was laced on, she attached the straps of the corset to the stockings. Then she helped me into the elbow length rubber gloves. Then I stepped into the high heels. She closed the small bands around my ankles and put a small padlock on it to prevent them falling off.

She turned me around and showed me a full miror to see how my figure was changed. I looked into the mirror and saw that my body was changed into a super hot figure. This was amazing! Again I felt around the rubber clothes with my finger tips and closed my eyes. Wow, this was really the hottest experience I had in a long time. And it just happened on a boring afternoon.

When I opened my eyes again, I looked into the eyes of the shop assistant. I think she enjoyed the good job she had done to me.

I tried to walk on the high heels. At the beginning it was a little wobbly but after some time my steps were more stable and I was proud that I could walk on such high heels.

The shop assistant asked me about my feelings, and with a small blush I told her that I found it quite arousing to try these clothes. She asked me if I would like to experiment a little bit further.

I accepted her invitation so she walked around the shop to get some other items.

After some time she came back with a handfull of other rubber items. With care she positioned me into the middle of the changing room and put some rubber cuffs around my wrists. Then she connected the cuffs together on by back so I could not use my hands anymore.

Then she produced a rubber helmet and put it on my head. Carefully she tugged on the helmet so I could look through the eye openings and pulled my hair through an opening into the helmet and then closed the helmet with the laces at the back. I looked into the mirror and enjoyed the view. The helmet covered almost my whole head except my eyes and mouth. Two small holes guaranteed that I could breath through my nose. Then she put a wide collar around my neck and closed it on my back with a small padlock.

She kneeled down and closed another pair of cuffs around my ankles. I just enjoyed the view of the beautiful rubber figure I saw in the mirror. It was amazing how my body was transformed into a wonderful attractive and erotic female. I closed my eyes to feel that the fire within my body was getting higher and higher. With erotic delight I turned around my hips and enjoyed the sight. It was simply amazing.

The shop assistant unlocked my wrists, only to connect them to a overhead beam just above my head. I looked puzzled, but with small words she prevented that I run into panic. Softly she massaged my body with her hands so I went back into my rubber-dream. Then she produced another bar and locked each ankle cuff to the tips of the bar so I was forced to spread my legs. Then she covered my eyes with a small rubber blindfold. I felt something at my lips. I opened up my mouth to find out that something like a hard ball was pushed behind my teeth. Two straps prevented that I pulled out this rubber tasting ball.

With soft words she kept me aroused and I still drifted away into my dreams. I lost time so I did not know how long I was standing there. I guess the shop was closed, but I did not know. I still felt the fire burning within my body. Suddenly I had the feeling that the shop-assistant was nearby. She talked sofly and ran her hands over my rubberized body. My stomach went hotter and hotter and just when I was really on the heat she just pushed on the right button in the middle of my briefs. I gasped with joy and felt that she tried to get me over the edge.

A finger was not yet enough so she took a small vibrator-like thing and used that to give me an amazing orgasm. It was a wonderful experience. Somehow she switched the vibrating thing off and put it into my rubber briefs, just on the right spot. Again she used her hands to increase the fire within my body and suddenly again the vibrator started and gave me another amazing orgasm. Then she walked away and left me with the buzzing thing just between my legs.

I felt alone, but then the buzzer got into action again. Quickly I reached another high mountain and drifted away into the afterglow, only to find out that the buzzer fired another orgasm. So time went on, and I experienced orgasm after orgasm.

And now, is it quiet. It feels like hours ago since the buzzer requested an orgasm. I tried to find out how I could free myself, just to find out that it is not possible. I tried to scream, only to find out that the ball into my mouth effectively reduced my noise down. I panicked, but the only thing I could do was .. nothing.

Oh boy oh boy what has happened to me?

I think I am in trouble, no, I am sure I am in trouble!

Then I felt someone nearby.......



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