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What The Babysitter Found

by Rubberking

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© Copyright 2004 - Rubberking - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMFF/mf; latex; bondage; cons; X

Warning! this story deals with Alternate human sexuality. Namely: Rubber fetishism, B&D, solo, mmmfff, mf, Fam, Ect, as well as other types of fetishes and should not be viewed by persons under the age of Eighteen or whatever may be the legal age of consent wherever you may live. This is a work of fiction and should not be construed to be reality in any way, shape or form (although it could be) and if you should happen to be offended by anything herein, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Warning! This story is the intellectual property of the author and is considered to be copyrighted, it may be posted on free sites or other places where persons can read it for nothing, it should not be used anywhere else without the authors written permission. Or else! [email protected].

What the Babysitter found.
By Rubberking

Lyn had finally gotten the baby to bed and was relaxing in front of the TV at the Bakers where she had been the sitter for little Robert for the last four years. She was tired, he was becoming a real handful now that he was done crawling and was walking, if she took her eyes off him for even a second, he was off and gone like the flash, that old comic book guy. He had kept her busy all through the evening until finally, he had run out of steam and she had finally been able to lay him in his little bed and sneak away, closing the door behind her. Now, after clearing up the mess from dinner, she was watching one of her shows and sighed as she used one foot to push off the low-heeled shoes from her poor, sore feet.

She pondered again wither it was worth it to continue to watch the Bakers child, as she had grown up, all the rest of her old babysitting clients had drifted off and next year she would be off to college and this would all be behind her, an old fond memory. Still, it was better paying than working at some fast food place and the kid was all right, if a little precocious. The Bakers were a nice couple, in their early thirties, Bill was a handsome guy and his wife Kim was always slipping her a few extra bucks to help her to get clothes and things when she was a little short. Lyn enjoyed working for them and they all got along fabulously. So Lyn sat, wiggling her tried toes through her knee-highs and stretching languidly on the couch. Content, she sighed again as she pulled a pillow up against her chest and curling up, got back to the program. Then there was a loud thump from somewhere under the floor and curious, she looked down, listening for it to come again. Nevertheless, no, no other noises came.

If Lyn had any faults at all, it was that she hated strange noises and would always, always have to try to find out what caused them. It was an obsession almost. She got up and walked around to the door at the end of the entrance hall behind the stairs leading to the upstairs bedroom and placed her hand on the doorknob. Here, she hesitated. This was the one room in the house that she had been told never to enter, the door led down to the basement she knew. However, both of the Bakers had insisted that she should never go down there, ever. Period.

She warred with herself for several minutes, if they found out; she would lose her job and then what would she do? Worse, the Bakers could charge her with breaking and entering or something and sue her and there was no way that she wanted anything like that to happen, not when she was going off to college later that year. It could ruin everything. Oh, what to do?

She listened to see if the baby had woken up and if it might have been him bumping around in his room perhaps, nothing. She grimaced; she knew she should not do this…she turned the knob and the door swung back revealing a set of steps leading down into the dark. The door had always been locked before (she knew, she had tried it often in the early years) and now it was standing wide open before her astonished gaze. Guiltily, she looked back over her shoulder; the Bakers would be home in just an hour or so, having gone out for dinner at a local restaurant. She could be caught!

Still and all, she should see what was down there that had made the noise, so she felt around for the light switch and turned it on. The stair bottomed out before another door, besides, which hung a rack of shiny keys. They were labeled: Basement main, play room and there were several rings with ten or more small padlock keys like the ones she used to use in school on her locker. Ok. The basement door key she could see, but what was the playroom? Moreover, what were these other rings full of keys and what were they doing here?

She tried the door in front of her and found that it was locked. Frowning at her own duplicity, she took down the basement key and tried it. Nope, wrong one. She replaced it on the hook and her hand shook slightly as she took down the one marked playroom, something about the idea of it nagged at her, she really shouldn’t be here doing this…the key turned in the lock with well oiled precision and unlocked with a quiet click. The moment of truth as they say, she thought to herself as she turned the knob and the door slid back on oiled hinges. The area was in darkness and the short hairs came up on the back of her neck as she felt along the sidewalls for a light switch.

The tips of her fingers touched something cool and smooth and she drew back. Feeling out again with her hand again, she brushed against it and tried to grasp whatever it was but it was floppy and slid out from between her fingers even as she tried to pull it towards her, some piece of clothing? It was stretchy when she did get a hold of it and since she did not want to hurt anything down here, she let it go and resumed feeling along the walls for a light-switch. In the dark, she felt more of the strange material, hanging or tacked up to the wall like art of some kind, once, a piece had come free and as she franticly tried to hang it back up on it’s nail in the dark, it had felt very strange against her arm, snakeskin like, like dancewear of some kind, but smoother and cooler feeling. At last, in the center of the wall, she found the light switch and flicked it on.

All around her was racks of shiny clothes in strange colors (the Semi-see through pee yellow things hanging in one rack and on several places on the wall freaked her out just at the sight of them) and styles. Some were hung like the art she had thought them to be earlier all along the walls, chains and tubes of all kinds hung and dangled from the ceiling from beams and there was odd furniture she had either never seen the likes of before or had only seen in books. Torture implements, things from the burning times centuries earlier. The scene burned itself into her mind; she noticed the smell of something was strong in this room, a scent she had noted before. Kind of like dishwashing or medical gloves. That was it! Latex! Rubber? Like her moms old raincoat. She ran her hand over a red foundation garment she had only seen in pictures of fifties women’s underwear. A body shaper? No…a longline corset, that was it, because of all the garters running along the bottom of it. It was all one piece, from the shoulder straps, to the molded breast cups, all the rest of the way down to the rows of garter clips that would hold up stockings when they were worn with it. Wild! Somehow the idea appealed to her, she wondered how it might look on her, it seemed to be her size and since it was stretchy, it would fit no matter what anyway.

The room had a big bed against the far wall, hidden by a canopy above it that was draped with more shiny black latex sheeting. She replaced the body shaper carefully and went over to it. Drawing back the curtain of heavy rubber, she felt her nostrils assaulted by even more of the thick, cloying smell of the stuff. The danger was making her feel funny, kind of fluttery in her belly and she could feel her nipples getting hard under her tee shirt and bra. On the bed were a set of black coated chains, some strange looking cuffs like the tough boys at school wore along with their leather jackets and an odd looking sleeping bag, thinner than normal and made of the same stuff that everything else in this room seemed to be made of, rubber. Even the sheets and pillows were made of the stuff and there was a thick ring around the bed that she figured might be to keep whomever was inside from rolling out. Totally whack! What was this shit?

She ran her fingertips over the drape and wondered what went on down here. The Bakers seemed like such nice folks, were they in some weird sex cult or something? Deep in thought, she made sure everything was in it’s place, having found what caused the noise earlier, a thick metal and rubber collar that had fallen off a high, rubber covered stool and had hit the floor, she placed it back on the seat and locked up the outer door on her way out, hanging the key on the hook again and then went back upstairs and settled in again on the couch to wait the remaining thirty minutes for the Bakers to return home so she could go home herself and try to sleep after all of this. What a thing to find out by snooping, now she wished that she had not been so nosey after all.

“Hi Lyn, everything quiet tonight?” inquired Mrs. Baker when the two of them came through the door. Mr. Baker waved and wandered upstairs with a smile and wave and she smiled back. 

“Oh yes. The hellion hit the hay about eight and it’s been quiet ever since. Enjoy your dinner Mrs. B?”

“I always do, whenever I can get Bill to spring for it. Cannelloni was scrumptious, I brought you a piece if you want it, here you go.” The older woman said pleasantly, handing her a Styrofoam container.

“Thanks Mrs. B” she said taking it after standing up, Bill would be down any moment to take her home.

“Anytime dear. Thanks for watching Robert for us. Bill has your check, seven hours, right? I made him give you two extra hours on top of that for your troubles. How about this Friday then, can you sit for us again then?” Kim asked, placing her purse on the living room table and kicking off her high-heels and walking around in her stocking feet as Lyn slid into her own shoes, getting ready to go home.

“Sure Mrs. B. no problem. What time?” she asked as she heard Mr. Baker coming down the stairs.

“How about four PM, Bill’s taking me dancing at the Hall after dinner at Scampi’s. Could you stay the night? We’re planning on getting a room in town so we don’t have to drive all the way home later, you’d have the place to yourself, would that be OK with you? We’ll pay you for the entire night as well.”

“That’d be great Mrs. B” she responded as Bill came over, looking anxious to go take her home and get back. She thought now she knew why.

“All right, see you then. Thanks again, you’re such a good babysitter, we’ll surely miss you when you go off to college. Goodnight Lyn.” Kim said, pecking her on the cheek as they shuffled towards the front door.

“Thanks Mrs. B. see you Friday. ‘Bye.’ She said, following Mr. Baker out the door.

The trip was short, only a few blocks. And the check Mr. B handed her was more than she could have hoped for, slightly under a hundred bucks. She would tuck it in her jewelry case beside her bed after getting out and heading inside her own house. Her dad was up, but only nodded and smiled at her as she went past, kissing his cheek dutifully. She showered and sat at her dressing table, drawing a brush through her blond locks and wondering about what she had found in her employers basement. She wasn’t a child anymore, she was four months over her eighteenth birthday and she had sex ed in school. So why was this bothering her? 

She remembered the cool feel of the strange garment she had held in her hands and felt a flutter in her lower body. She stripped for bed and looked at herself in the mirror, she wasn’t model material, but she was kind of pretty in her own eyes. She placed her hands on her breasts; cupping them and feeling the nipples crinkle as they became erect from her touch. Why was she getting horny all of a sudden? Was it finding the strange clothing? She sighed and cricketed her thighs together, feeling a warm glow form there in her loins. Deciding to find out some more about this new idea that seemed exciting to her, she got up and crossed over to her computer and turned it on, school was over so she had nothing else to do besides her regular chores around the house tomorrow anyway.

She called up her search engine and typed in “Rubber clothing” and pressed enter.

Reams of hits filled her screen, there were a whole host of people selling this type of thing it seemed and she clicked on a few and found a huge assortment of clothes were available, everything from dresses and shoes to underwear and bodysuits of all kinds, she blushed as she read about some of the features that some of these item came with, dildo’s, breast suckers and other kinds of strange devices. She started feeling hot and bothered just looking at them all and felt herself getting moist and itchy in her young vagina. What was it about this stuff that was doing this to her? She idly fingered her tiny bud of a clitoris through the material of her panties as she surfed around, shuddering with a strange illicit pleasure.

She found several places that she wanted to look at more later and book marked them. Then found a site devoted to nothing but stories about what people did while wearing this kind of thing and started reading a few of these, they weren’t like the romance novels her mother read, that was for sure! These were filled with sex and strange adventures, men and women being tied up and made to orgasm powerfully through an art and skill she had never heard of before, men being dominated and woman having many, many orgasms even while playing at games that seemed rather mundane to her. Things like simply walking in the rain or playing in the mud or in dungeons like the one she had discovered in the Bakers household. She was reading a kind of romance story, about a man looking for the perfect wife and the things he was putting his girlfriend through trying to get her to become like him when she felt her vagina contract in orgasm around her thrusting fingers. She bit her lip to suppress a low squeal as hot fire shot from her clit and she hunched in her seat, her hand suddenly coated in thin vaginal secretions.

Somehow, that made her even hungrier for more and she just kept on reading, she came several more times throughout the story, as the characters grew together, their love for each other growing with each hot scene. Finally, as the story ended and the couple were joined in a last frantic rubber embrace, the man driving his penis in like a piston as the woman howled her love out for him as he filled her vagina (or pussy as the story graphically stated) with semen, Lyn couldn’t suppress the cry that rose from her throat and gave out with a tiny shriek as she felt her own “pussy” flutter and she came, her hips banging down on the hard plastic chair, her hand and the seat getting sticky with her juice.

She sat back, breathing hard and licked her tart fluids from her fingertips, this was so hot! She had discovered a rare kind of secret and it turned her on even more knowing this, that the Bakers were themselves rubber fetishists, a rare kind of thing that these two people shared with each other to show their love and caring for one another. She was suddenly feeling jealous, she wished that she could have sex like this, to be covered in latex, feeling the sensuous feelings these people did against their skin, to have someone so in love with you that they would do anything for you just to get you to wear it for them.

She sighed heavily again, no. No one would ever want her like that she knew; she wasn’t skinny like the girls from school or like Mrs. B was. She was shaped more like a pear, her hips normally stood out wider even than her bust line and her ass was big enough to sit on. She frowned, feeling a little unloved and unwanted. Her last boyfriend Pat, the prick, had left her for one of the school cheerleaders and she hated them now, for their skinny bodies and easy ways with the guys, her guy. A single, lonely tear worked its way free and tumbled down her cheek. She wiped it with the back of her hand and caught a whiff of her secretions and smiled a little smile and continued reading 

She found another story, not quite a romance this one, kind of a mind control thing this time. The woman in it sounded almost like her, a wide track kind of, but her features were hidden by her captors behind a rubber mask that hid her plain face away and then the men she made love to didn’t know what she looked like, so they just assumed that she was pretty underneath it. She liked that idea, although she didn’t like the captive heroine bit. But she read it through anyway, it was kind of hot, the woman got to have lots of sex, was protected from getting VD or something else worse by the thick clothing she wore. She was not as turned on by this story, but it gave her ideas anyway.

Rubber , she noted, seemed to be able to whittle away the pounds and inches from fatties like herself through perspiration and wearing masks allowed you to be almost like anybody that you wished to be, the person looking at you would only see what you or they wished to see, unless you took it off. That idea somehow appealed to her greatly.

She spent longer than she had wanted to reading and looking around at all the different, strange kinds of outfits these people seemed to wear for their pleasure (they called it “Dressing for Pleasure”) and sex. Late into the night, she surfed the webs. She read articles about the history of this fetish and how it came to be and how it was spreading now with the advent of AIDS, since every part of you was covered in rubber or latex, (even on the insides in many cases) and so, you were often safer than if you simply had sex without it. How people like this met each other (often through the web or at outings or through personal introductions by others like the Bakers) and how the Power Dynamics played out between them. It was all really somewhat complex, she thought. Finally, tired, she got up and went on to bed, and slept heavily, dreaming sensuous dreams of herself and the Bakers dressed in the strange rubber clothes and doing wild sexual things to each other.

The next morning, she went about her business, doing her chores and walking up to place her babysitting check in the bank. Feeling kind of light-headed and giddy about what she had found. She went to the library and found some books on fetishism and took them home, they were dry, textbook and not very helpful. She had read on the net that that most kinds of fetishism had been looked on until recently as some kind of a mental disease. Still, she spent the week reading them for the information they contained and used the web as a kind of mediator, drinking in the information like a sponge.

On Thursday, she was browsing in a local second hand store and came across two items she knew she wanted to own as soon as she laid her eyes on them, a long, black rubber Macintosh raincoat and a latex catsuit without hands or feet like some of the ones that she had seen on the net. They seemed about her size and were rather inexpensive, so she bought them. Maybe she could figure out what this was all about by wearing them for herself. As she was about to exit the store, she walked through and browsed the shoe isle and found a nice looking pair of rain boots in shiny black rubber with white soles and two inch heels, she was walking towards the front to buy these as well when she heard the sounds of thunder crash outside and the sound of heavy rain beginning to fall out there.
She paid the three dollars for the boots and the clerk asked her if, since she had brought what seemed to be the right things for the weather, she would like to use the booth to change into them so she wouldn’t have to get wet on the walk home.

Somewhat shocked at the idea, she pleasantly said sure and asked if the store had any talcum powder so she could get into the catsuit too. The saleslady reached down below the counter and handed her a bottle of talc and she went off to change. Peeling off her dress was no problem, she left her white cotton bra and white granny panties on and quickly dusted her body and the inside of the suit and eased a leg inside, the cool rubber was stretchy going on her legs and she had to struggle a little to get the suit up over her wide butt. She reached back and fitted her arms inside the catsuit and pulled the body of the suit on and had to pull the edges closer together with her hands in order to pull up on the zipper. The suit molded to her figure, lifting her butt high and holding it in, shaping her as it came closed, it whittled her waist down and flattened her bust line somewhat and she let out a little gasp of surprise at how good it felt to be so enclosed in this manner, it was like getting an all over massage all at once. She slipped her feet into the boots, which fit her feet and calves snuggly and belted the raincoat on over it all. Looking in the mirror, she was quite pleased, her waist was narrowed and she looked more like a shiny model from some kind of fashion magazine or something. She put the rest of her clothes in a plastic bag and exited the booth.

As she was fixing to leave, the smiling clerk commented on how well the outfit seemed to fit her, she blushed at the complement, then the clerk looked kind of nervously around the all but empty store and then asked her. “Look. Since you bought those things. I have some other items that go with it. Some underwear and things, would you like them too? I would be glad to let you just have them for free. They all came here from an estate sale after the owners died. They and that suit have hung around here for almost a year now and no one seems to want them and they look to be about your size. The three pairs of boots in there should fit you too, if those do, and there are some other things in there about them and the people that had them before as well. Would you like to have them also? They’re just taking up space right now and I need to get rid of them if I can.”

Excited at the prospect for gaining her, her own new latex wardrobe, she said sure and the woman grinned at her and walked into the back, coming out a few moments later with a large black suitcase and placed it heavily on the counter. “Here you go. Hope you enjoy them. I have tried them on myself and they seem to…do things to you. Know what I mean? Well anyway, they’re yours now. Hope you enjoy them and please come back and see us; I would really like to know how they work out for you. Have great day, even if it is pouring outside.”

“At least I’m dressed for it. Let it pour, hell or high water! Ha ha!” she laughed, taking the heavy case in her right hand and waving with her clothes bag with the other as she walked out. That was very nice of her, she thought to herself.

It was coming down in sheets outside and her hair was turned into a soaked helmet as soon as she walked outside, but under the coat, she felt totally dry and comfortable as she started walking the mile or so home. Happily splashing in the growing puddles as she went along the streets edge and laughing like a child as the rain beat down ineffectually upon her protected body. 

At home, she shook the water off her new coat and hung it on the coat rack behind the front door to dry. The suit underneath was shiny from the wet weather, but seemed mostly dry as if the rain had cleaned off the dust of neglect simply by her wearing of it. The boots looked brand new now that they had been washed by the water and clung glossily to her calves as she set the suitcase in her room for later and went to the kitchen to fix a snack to eat before mom came home to fix dinner.
The suit had massaged her all the way home and her skin beneath it felt all tingly from it. It was a very pleasant feeling, like being hugged all the while. She ate quickly and left a note on the table for her dad that she was going to be surfing the net and she might be asleep when he got home and so not to disturb her. He would not have barged in anyway, but you never knew.

Back in her room, she sat on the bed and opened the suitcase up. Her eyes bugged and her mind boggled at the huge assortment of rubber clothing it contained. She pulled out dresses and skirts and blouses, all in latex and rubber of various colors and styles, well made and from her research, probably quite expensive when the were bought new. There was a body shaper like the one at the Bakers, this time in black and with open holes for her breasts to hang out through molded into it, four garters to each side to hold up the stockings she found to go with it, also in black, but there were a pair in red and one in a smokey clear color too. There were a few bras, some with cutouts for the nipples to poke out through and one with little rows of bumps on the inside right where her nipples would go. One was just a bra, bias colored in red and blue that she instantly liked.

There was two corsets, one kind of diamond shaped that laced in the front and one that was long and held many garter straps that could be detached if you wanted to wear it as outer wear over something else. There was another suit, very floppy and heavy looking, it was like one of the ones that she had seen on the net, one like the one in that story she had read, with an attached mask and hands and feet, she felt along suit, noting the molded breast cups and the crotch and sure enough, there was a floppy sheath that would go inside the wearers vagina, molded into it. She shuddered and laid it back in the case, she was not really ready to go as far as to wear something like that just yet.

She found a few different kinds of garter belts; some narrow waisted with only a couple of garters on them and one that was quite high waisted with three garters to a side and a snap-on crotch panel. Then looking further, she found the panties and other underwear, there were plain kinds, like the granny pants she was wearing and ones called “knickers” with various lengths of leg, some down to the knee, all of these had slits in the crotch so you could pee or have sex in them if you needed to. There were some thongs and then there were three very sexual pants, all high waisted, one pair had sheaths both front and back for the wearers ass and pussy, one pair had a thick knobby dildo and rows of little fingers in the front inside and the last held two thick dildo’s that looked like they would split you open like an overripe peach if you wore them.

There were three pairs of boots, all did indeed look to be her size, one pair were high heeled ankle boots that locked on with tiny padlocks on the wearers feet. They looked rather pretty in an S/M/Goth kind of fashion and she set these down on the floor next to her feet. There were a pair of lace-up knee boots in black with red flames along the sides and with huge heels, at least five or six inches high on them, she set these down on the floor too. The last pair was incredible though, long, crotch high thigh boots with long zippers along the inside of the legs and with huge narrow stilettos even higher than the kneeboots were. She lusted after them as soon as she laid eyes on them, but could she walk in them? She’d find out soon.

The last rubber items were the masks and the sets of gloves, the gloves ran the gambit from short, black medical looking types to opera-length ones that would go all the way up to her armpits. She laid them aside for now, and looked through the array of masks and hoods, there were open faced ones, half masks that covered only the face or eyes and full hood masks that covered everything and left nothing to the imagination, or was it the they left everything to the imagination? Since you couldn’t see the wearers face, you had to imagine what they might look like underneath. She really liked these. The last one she found on the bottom was a full-head hooded gasmask, like soldiers wore except that this had an attached hood that covered the entire head and would give the wearer an insect-like appearance when worn, an English style gasmask was attached to the hood, it had an oval mouth and a wide, thick metal filter jutted out from along the side, she stared at the wide triangular eyepieces wondering why someone would wear something like this.

She looked in the pocket of the suitcase and found some of the magazines the clerk had mentioned, called Rubberist and DFP and Skin Two and a small photo album. In the album were pictures of a man and woman dressed in rubber and doing things, some sexual, some mundane, she kind of got that part of it now that she had, had so much fun splashing around it the puddles like a kid earlier, they seemed to kiss and hug a lot in the old photos. It was kind of romantic, she could tell that some of the pictures had been taken long ago and that this couple had enjoyed this kind of thing probably all their lives.

There were some letters in the pouch, writ in both a masculine hand and a feminine hand, opening one up, she found them to be love letters to each other, she blushed as the woman described what she would do to her husband Tom when she saw him next, she felt heat rising in her lower body as she pulled another one out and read his response and how he would fuck her full of his hot rubber love the following week, out on the moors and later how he would tie her up in rubber sheets and make her cum all night long with battery powered vibrators as he masturbated over her restrained form as she squirmed under the latex sheets of their bed.

“Wheew!” she gasped, fanning herself as she replaced the letters in their envelopes and put them away for now. “Those two must have been some couple, that’s for sure! I wonder what happened to them in the end?”

She sat on the bed, wondering what to so next when she heard a soft knock on her door. “Pumpkin? It’s dad. Me and mom are home now, so if you want dinner, it’ll be ready in about twenty minutes, ok?” she heard her fathers voice say through the door.

“All right daddy. I’ll be down in a few minutes all right?” she answered, feeling suddenly guilty about all this sexy stuff that surrounded her on the bed, hurrying to put it away just in case he used his key on her door.

“See you downstairs babygirl. Oh, did you just buy this raincoat hanging on the rack by the door? I haven’t seen one like that in many years, great coats, very warm and waterproof as I remember. Nice choice, your mom used to have one just like it.” She heard him saying as he retreated down the hallway. Wow! Mom used to have one too, go figure. Lyn glanced around her room, spying the boots still sitting at her feet, she hurriedly put them away in her closet and exited her room. She heard her parents talking as she eased down the hall.

“…so our baby’s growing up Don. She will be gone off to college soon. So just let her be herself, will you? I hope that she will find a nice young man and settle down afterwards. It’s not too much to hope for is it?” her mother was saying, plates clinking as dinner was being laid out.

“Yeah, I hope so too. It’s just hard for me as a father to see her taking on a woman’s air and style. I still see her as our little girl, is that so wrong Shel?” her dad was saying. Lyn smiled, her dad was always like this. He had a hard time with her becoming a woman, had been since he had seen her go out to her first prom.

“Get over it Honey. She will have her own life; her own style and we just have to love her for who she is. You just have a hard time seeing her as a woman, with a woman’s needs. She’ll be here any minute, so let’s drop it, ok?”

“Right, Maybe you’ll take care of my needs a little later, huh?” her dad said with a smile in his voice. Her mom just giggled and then they both shared a laugh. Lyn could tell that her mom was shaking her finger at him like she always did when he brought up sex.

Lyn rounded the corner and took her seat by the window saying “Hi mom, dad. What’s for supper?” her mom turned and spied her outfit, frowned slightly and then said. “It’s Thursday Honey, so it’s fish and scalloped potatoes like always.”

Her dad looked her up and down. “Where did you get that outfit? Are you going scuba diving or something? Oh, yeah. The rain…right. Sorry.”

She put her hand on her fathers arm. “I bought it at the second-hand store, along with the boots and raincoat. Like it?”

“It looks…very nice.” He said back. Lyn saw little beads of sweat form all across her father’s brow line.

Her mother’s eyebrow arched as she laid the plates before them and set a bottle of tea where everyone could reach it and sat down herself. “Looks expensive dear, you didn’t spend a lot on it I hope? Looks good on you though, slimming.”

Lyn’s fork paused in the air. “MOM!” she cried in the way of the young when faced with possible disapproval. “I paid less than twenty bucks for everything…and they gave me a whole bunch of other stuff that goes with it as well…for free!” she finished putting her food in her mouth and chewed, glaring at her mother.

Her mother held her hands up for peace. “Whoa tiger! I meant nothing by it, just wondering. I paid a lot for my old raincoat like that and I know that that kind of outfit cost a lot new, I was just concerned…can’t a mother be concerned anymore?” she said with a lopsided grin.

Relaxing. Lyn glanced down and smiled back at her across the table. “Yeah mom. It’s ok. I…I’ve just gotten some strange reactions wearing this home, that’s all. Sorry I yelled, ok?”

Her dad kept his eyes on his plate as her mom gave her a look that said “we’ll talk later” before saying. “That’s all right dear. Your father used to give a hard time when I wore my coat too. Sometimes I think it was that coat that made him want to pursue me in the first place, not that I minded of course.”

“Shelly!” exclaimed her father, dropping his fork to the plate with a clink.

Both women just smiled at him and knowing he was defeated, he picked the fork back up and took another bite, chewing slowly, looking back and forth between them both. 

After dinner, her father quickly retreated to his den and the two women talked as they cleaned the plates by hand. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you dear, by saying that earlier about the coat and catsuit, I mean.” Her mother said, taking the wet dish from Lyn and toweling it off before placing it in the cupboard.

“Don’t worry about it mom. I wasn’t embarrassed. It’s just that you and dad still try to treat me like a child sometimes, that’s all, and it gets to me.” She replied, handing her mother another dish.

Taking it, the corners of her mouth turning down, her mother asked. “You said you had some…strange reactions from people coming home wearing that. Do you mean…from men?”

“Yeah. It was kind of weird, men hardly notice me most of the time. This time, three different guys hit on me before I made it back here. Is it…this suit? Is something wrong with me wearing this? I like it, but gee…”

Her mother let out a little chuckle and placing her hand on her arm, said gently. “I believe that it was darling that…some men have a…thing for latex. Did you know that? I think it looks good on you, but be aware that it could bring you a lot of…perhaps, unwanted attention from the opposite sex.”

She smiled back, dropping here head slightly before picking it up and saying point blank. “I know now. I did some looking around the web and now I know why. 
Dad was…uncomfortable about it. Wasn’t he?”

Her mother’s laugh was musical and her eyes flashed as she nodded slyly. “Your fathers one of those kinds of men. Don’t be afraid of them, many of them are really quite nice really. But so now you know…about fetishes. Men aren’t the only ones that have them you know. I think women have more fetishes them men, they just get to get away with them more because of society, that’s all. Why else would women still lace themselves up in heavy corsets or wear high-heels? No, it’s just another expression of how we all try to live up to this idea of what “beauty” is. For some it’s supermodels, for others…it’s things like this. We just package and repackage the human body, hoping that we’ll find the right bird if our plumage is pretty enough. But do you like this kind of thing honey? Rubber and latex, I mean? Don’t be shy, I’m not judging you, I’m just curious, like all the women in our family are, right?”

Lyn shrugged and handed her the last plate, thinking a moment before saying. “Yeah mom…I really think I do like it. It feels really great to wear something like this. It’s kind of like armor, sort of. But it’s like lingerie too, it does things…you know? And to tell you the truth, it makes me feel hot looking for the first time I can remember, like I’m pretty. And… oh I don’t know. Like I could have any man I wanted to pluck from the trees if I so chose. Know what I mean?”

“Indeed I do! Ha Ha!” her mom said with a laugh. “I never felt so powerful in my life as when I was wearing my old Mac and your father started sweating just like he did at dinner at the sight of me in it. Moreover, I agree, it does feel nice. Like armor, just as you say. I never thought of it like that before though. However, if you like it, wear it. Just be ready for all kinds of different reactions, from both women and from men, ok? It is very sensuous, and if you wear it enough, it’ll help you with your figure and then your body and your feelings will become in harmony and you’ll feel so much stronger, about yourself and about your…sexuality. Latex has that power, it allows you to become what you might not feel that like you are in real life, sexy and in charge of what you want from a man. Now are you embarrassed? Because I’m talking frankly about it? Don’t be, all women love to feel powerful and sexy in the bedroom.”

“I know, and no, I’m not. I’m glad we can talk like this. I needed to talk to someone about it and I’m glad it turned out to be you. Do all men have this…thing for this stuff?” she asked as she let the dishwater run out down the drain and they returned to the kitchen with some coffee and sat down, sipping it as they talked.

“No dear. Only a small percentage of men do, about three in twenty perhaps, if that much. Most men are happy just looking at women in bikini’s and skirts, because that’s what they’ve seen the most of in their lives. I’ve noticed that most of the men that like latex are quite intelligent and are often rather well off money wise. They seem to feel that that makes it easier to find women that feel the same as they do, even though there are far fewer of them then you might think. They tend to be introverted and shy, men don’t like to talk about their feelings very much anyway and mostly, they’re afraid that they’ll be thought of as freaks or sexual perverts if they bring it up to their lady friends. Some kinds of women are jealous of women that are more comfortable then they are with their sexuality and react negatively, catty, you know? So watch out for them, they tend to be a repressive sort and can make trouble for you. Women wear their fetishes everyday, like hose and lingerie and things, it’s become part of society, and so they tend to think that anything else is a threat to their idea of how the world works.” She said to Lyn over the rim of her mug. Sipping thoughtfully. “You know, I think this is the almost first time I’ve ever really talked about this, like this to another women, even though I’ve know about it, in all these years with your father and all. It does feel good to get it off my chest at that.”

They chuckled again at that and Lyn felt a warm feeling of mutual understanding between her and her mother. “I’m glad too mom. Maybe you should try to get yourself another coat, dad sure seems to like mine.”

“Ha Ha Ha ha! He did at that honey; did you see the sweat on his forehead pop out? Oh, I still have some things I wear for him from time to time, to “get” him in the mood. Don’t think I’ll have any trouble with that tonight though, what do you think?” her mom giggled like a girl and Lyn grinned at her.

Later, in her room, Lyn took off the rain boots and set them in the closet and returned with the suitcase and placed it again on her bed and opened it back up.
She took of the catsuit and laid it across the bed and took off her bra and panties, intending on exploring the latex underwear some more, it looked like fun. And she had to admit that she felt horny from wearing the suit so openly all afternoon. She wondered what it would be like to wear a whole ensemble along with it.
Turning on the computer, she sat on the bed and rummaged through the piles of latex clothing. She felt warm and the cool feel of the latex seemed a counterpoint to the way her body felt. With an evil smile, she took out the panties with the thick front-mounted dildo and the longline body shaper and laid them aside. Shouldn’t she wear the bodysuit under the suit or over it? She didn’t know, so she just kept looking. She found the diamond-shaped corset and laid it out too, she liked it and wanted to try it on for sure.

She started to wiggle into the dildo pants, but they soon caught on the sensitive hairs on her legs and she quickly decided she needed to have a bath and shave them, why not take it all off as well, she didn’t like the way her body grew hair everywhere, anyway. So she did, luxuriating in the tub a long while before trimming the hair around her pubes and shaving it clean away. It felt smooth and very, very sensitive and she couldn’t help but finger herself a little before finishing up by shaving under her arms and finally, taking off the hairs on her arms also as an afterthought, better to make a “clean sweep” of all of it, she thought.

Returning to her room, the panties slid like glass up her legs and she shuddered as she felt the thick shaft bump up against her moistened labia. The sensations were almost overwhelming as she positioned it properly and eased it in, pulling the edges up her waist and it quickly slid all the way inside her wet vagina, the little fingers digging into her clit. She sat, moaning as the dildo worked it’s way around inside her, trying to get a grip. But it was to much stimulation for her, she squealed as she felt her pussy contract around the monster and she came fitfully, unable to keep from running her hands over her smooth-shaven skin and play with her breasts, twisting at her rock-hard nipples as she bounced on the bed, making the shaft move around even more inside of her. She came several times, each time stronger that the first and she tossed her head, biting her lower lip, trying to bring herself back under control as she shook through another orgasm, then another.

Finally, her body must have come to terms with the intruder, because she calmed down a bit. She was still hot as hell, but it was slightly more manageable feeling.
She had brought some talc from the bathroom and feeling her pussy flutter as she moved, she dusted the inside of the bodysuit with it and tried to figure out how it went on. She pulled it on over her head, but it bunched up over her breasts and she had to fight to find the bottom with trembling fingers and snapping and popping, she pulled it down over her torso. Her breasts popped into the open holes and dangled out, squeezed along the edges by the rubber all along the edges and flopping about like full wineskins, then she finished pulling it down over her hips. The latex felt so good over her skin and she shuddered through another strangled orgasm as she sat rolling one of the stockings up, rocking unconsciously and forcing more of the thick dildo into her molten pussy.

She pulled the stockings on and clipped them to the myriad of garters and found the bra with the tiny bumps on the inside and had to twist about as she pulled it on over her head, she had another cum strike her with stunning force as she put her breasts in the cups and the bumps came into contact with her erect, throbbing nipples. She bit the side of her hand to keep from screaming at the delicious, pleasurable feelings and stood up, having to hold onto the back of her computer chair to keep her feet as she skin crawled with the sensations of constant massage and enclosure. She was in heat, she knew that, but her mind seemed to be taking a back seat to the desires of her body. She dusted the catsuit and stepped inside, the second layer compounding the feeling of ants crawling across her skin and she bit back as she came again as she brought the suit up and fit her arms in and zipped it up to her throat.

Flopping weakly back onto the bed, she shook and shuddered as the rubber squeezed her in it’s lurid hands and wrung another shuddering, protracted climax from her, she had already had more orgasms in the time it took her simply to get dressed than she had experienced in several months and she couldn’t believe it was possible, but she knew in her heart that this was only the beginning. She fumbled through the case and found one of the full-faced hood masks and rolling it up, brought it on over the top of her head and pulled the stretchy rubber on over her face. Something bumped up against her mouth and she started to pull it off when another cum gripped her in an iron grip and her mouth popped open in surprise, suddenly, something thick and spongy filled her mouth and panicking, still locked in orgasm she felt wildly around over her face, it was smooth as silk, noting was there was nothing on the outside. She mumbled around the thing in her mouth, but she could say nothing, it was a built-in gag, it had to be, that was the only explanation possible.

Unable to stop herself anymore, she tucked the neck of the mask into the neck of the suit and zipped it closed. Now she was covered in latex from head to foot and she came so hard that sparks formed in her vision as she wantonly mauled her breasts through the suit and ground her hand deep into her crotch, hungrily pushing the dildo ever deeper into her spasming core. She quaked on the bed for some time, snorts and muffled cries of pure pleasure the only sounds she could seem to get out. It was a good thing too, if not for the gag, she would have screamed so loud that the house might have collapsed around her and she wouldn’t even have cared at that point. All that mattered was the next orgasm, and the next, and the next one after that.

At some point, she started to get control back again. But it was a hazy kind of control at best. Still locked in rut, she drew the diamond shaped corset on and hooked it closed around her waist, hauling on the busks and laces to draw it ever tighter around her as it crushed her in, taking away her breath. It seemed to contract around her and she shook and came once more. Still in that strange haze, she staggered to her feet and brought the tall thigh boots back from the closet and unzipping them, fit her legs and feet inside and added another layer to her already sealed frame.

Layering seemed important somehow, the more layers, the more rubber, the stronger her cums were and the more frequently they came, she was babbling in her latex prison, her mind and body awash in powerful sensations and subject to whims not of her own devising. Her body seemed to be in charge here, it knew what was best and she surrendered to it totally, helplessly, locked in a sea of onnanistic pleasures from which there seemed to be no escape. Time stood still, the only markers, the convulsions and contractions of her pussy around the big dildo and the lightening that fired from her nipples to her clit and back again, her whole body becoming one big erogenous zone and the tight rubber locking in all the explosive force of her cums as she ran her hands over her sensuous second skin and flopped around like a limp rag around on her bed and finally slid off, falling to the carpet and thrashing in ever weaker jerking motions as she lay orgasming on the floor.

She must have fallen asleep, she thought. Getting to her knees, she noticed that she was still hot and horny, but that her body, even though as she tried to get to one knee and came weakly again, she was in control again. Somewhat in control anyhow. She was sweaty under the layers she was still wearing, her skin sticky, as she got weakly to her feet in the tall heels. For some reason, they seemed natural to her; she walked back and forth a few times, marveling at her newfound ability to master these towering heels so quickly. Through her mask, she heard a noise. Crossing her room, she laid her head against the wall and heard the steady thump, thump of the bed in her parent’s room banging against the wall. They were fucking, and loudly too. She smiled slightly around the gag in her mouth and went and sat down at her computer. 

My god! She thought. It’s two AM! I’ve been lying there cumming since seven-thirty! She looked aghast at the computer clock, how could that be?
Another strangled orgasm seemed to answer her question for her and she held tightly onto the arms of the chair until it passed over and through her, unable to keep from grinding her pussy against  the seat of the chair. Able to think again, she moved the mouse and went online, unsure of what she was doing or why.

She found herself in a rubber fetish chatroom, signing on as “Rubbergrrrl” she watched as people said hello and asked her what she was wearing, typical, she thought.
<RbbrDan> hi Rubbergrrl. First time?
<Rubbergrrrl> yes it is. J
<RbbrDan> dressed in rubber?
<Rubbergrrrl> oh yessss. And hot as a firecracker. U?
<RbbrDan> full suit, mask and waders. Feels wonderful, doesn’t it?
<Rubbergrrrl> more than I ever could have realized. I can’t stop cumming! Lol
<RbrmisstressMary> lol J that’s the lure of rubber dear grrrl
<RbbrDan> poor grrrl. Can I help you out? J
<RbrmisstressMary> never mind him little one, men don’t have the same responses that we women do. He’s good for a fuck, but will he stay and do the dishes the next day? J lol
<RbbrDan> Try me J rotfl
<Rubbergrrrl> perhaps. I’m very new, just born in fact. This thing is so overwhelming to me still. Uuuurrrrrr, still cumming!

Lyn had to stop typing a moment as another orgasm crashed through her, she must have missed something, when she looked up she saw:
<LatexPhil> wish we could do something for her though. It’s hard being born again. I remember what it was like for me. I came over and over for two days lol
<RbrmisstressMary> and I had to stay locked in my house for a week. God it was intense. My husband found me and thought I was having seizures. Poor bastard, he never got it, said I scared the hell out of him J
<Rubbermantic> Wonder if she’s available? Maybe we could talk about it? Perhaps she’d like some company and we could play online a little. J

Lyn leapt in her seat and set off another wave of sensations. Someone wanted to play with her! Rapidly, her fingers flying, she PM’d Rubbermantic. Her thighs felt soaked and her breathing deepened as she pushed enter.
<Rubbergrrrl to Rubbermantic> yes, I’m available. Want to take a walk sailor?    * wink *
<Rubbermantic to Rubbergrrrl> yes ma’am! Meet me in chatroom “the park” and we’ll talk more, ok?
<Rubbergrrrl to Rubbermantic> see you there, hope it’s raining. Lol
Rubbermantic has left the chatroom
Rubbergrrrl has left the chatroom

Lyn breathed deeply through the nose of her mask and sucked at the gag. This was going to be fun! Her first rubber date, with a real rubber man, and all on the first night of wearing rubber, wow!
She found the chatroom and had to design a profile. What should she be? A cheerleader? A bitch goddess? She shrugged her shoulders and typed.
Height: 5’4
Weight: 137
Eyes: blue-green
Appearance: total enclosure, hoodmask,(open eyes, nostrils, mouth) catsuit, gloves, (short, tucked into suit) longline body corset (open breasted w/garters) dildo panties, stockings, narrow corset, (over suit) boots, (crotch height, zipped along inside, pointed toe, 6in stiletto heels, no platform.)
Likes: romance, rubber and sincere men who aren’t afraid of a little hot action.
Dislikes: dishonesty, cruelty, pain.

She liked the profile she had entered, it was basically who she really was.
Quickly, she input the profile and clicked to enter the room.
Rubbergrrrl has entered the chatroom
Welcome to chatroom “the park”
<You enter a city park, lush vegetation and trees line the grounds, to the north, children are playing on a playscape, to the south, the sidewalk follows a large waterway. The path splits to either side and a large tree sits in the fork.
::it is drizzling slightly and thunderheads sound in the distance. The children scramble from the swings and sandbox’s, screaming joyfully, run off  out of the playground and rush off to seek shelter.::
A ::Male:: stands leaning against the tree, waiting for someone.
::he wears::
::A long black rubber trenchcoat over a full body latex suit w/a full faced mask and gloves and black rubber trousers and black knee-high low-heeled mens boots:: see/Rubbermantic/discription/91794818

<Rubbermantic> ::Pushing off from tree and approaching you slowly:: Hi. Thanks for coming. Care for a walk?
<Rubbergrrrl> ::smiling, allowing you to walk beside me:: that would be nice.
<Rubbermantic> ::offering left arm, heading south a few hundred yards along the pond’s edge as the rain makes your skins slick and shiny:: nice weather huh? You’d think you had it custom made just for you… (Grins)
<Rubbergrrrl> ::taking arm:: seems so, doesn’t it? Lol (still smiling)
<Rubbermantic> love your look by the way. Read your profile while I waited for you to arrive, you must have just conjured it. Dress like that in real life? (Raises eyebrow under mask visibly)
<Rubbergrrrl> ::Blushing:: dressed like that right now in fact. First time. Boy is it… Stimulating! Aaaahhhh! ::Cums banging at the keys:: Damn, see what I mean?::

Lyn did in fact, orgasm in her chair and it took her a few moments to finish her sentence. She was so tired now; she really just wanted to go to sleep. But, hey. She was out on a date and you don’t stand up a fellow that’s interested in you, hee hee hee!
She closed her eyes and then opened them to find his reply to her situation.
<Rubbermantic> ::shocked and amused. Stopping to take you in my arms and hold you against the storm within and without:: My goodness! How long have you been dressed and cumming tonight? Your first time for real? You should be sleeping it off, not hanging out with a cad like me?
<Rubbergrrrl>::feeling protected, laying my head against your shoulder and allowing you to continue leading us down the walk:: yes, my first time actually wearing rubber. I’ve cum so hard and so many times that I’ve passed out earlier and woke up about two and went online. I don’t know why really, maybe to find someone like you perhaps? Moreover, I do not think you are a Cad…I think you are…well…Romantic. You seem nice, are you like this in RL?
<Rubbermantic> ::arm about  your shoulders, walking slowly, leading you up under a tall tree and stopping:: Thank you. That is nice of you to say, I like you too. I’d like to think I’m like this in RL. (Lifts chin with one gloved finger and gently kisses you on your masked lips. Hungry for you, wanting you)
<Rubbergrrrl> ::wrapping arms around your waist, kissing back, hungry for you too:: Purrr! Like this much better than sleeping. Lol. More…Please?
<Rubbermantic> ::Holding you tighter, kissing your harder, squeezing you, wanting you more:: anything the lady wants…Mmmmm!
<Rubbergrrrl> ::moving your hands down to rest on my asscheeks:: I like a man who thinks that way. (Stoking your mask with my gloved hand, holding you tighter around your waist, kissing you hard again, our tongues dance)
<Rubbermantic> Grrrrr! You’re making me hard! Can we possibly take this up later? I’d like to get to know you better first if I may? Would that be all right…Please? (smiles, still holding you and kissing you between words)
<Rubbergrrrl> ::Pouting slightly, still holding you too, listening:: Ok. Talk then?
<Rubbermantic> I’m sorry. I don’t mean to put you off. I really like you.
<Rubbergrrrl> ::smiles tolerantly:: I like you too. Or else I wouldn’t be here with you. Keep talking…
<Rubbermantic> you need rest. Can we meet here again tomorrow? I know you must be ferociously horny right now, but it’s four AM and we both need some sleep. (Wishing fervently it would be with you at my side)
<Rubbergrrrl> you do say the nicest things. :: batting eyes at you, backing away slightly, taking your arm again and letting you lead me back towards the entrance to the park:: I have to work a little tonight then, how about I meet you in the main chat after ten. Better yet, where do you live? What city I mean?
<Rubbermantic> ::awed by the wonder of you:: I live in XXXXXX(name deleted by security protocol #99171)
<rubbergrrrl> :: placing hands over face, happily:: Lol. That’s wonderful! Me too! After our little tet’a´tete tonight, maybe I’ll grace you with my presence for real. (Winking at you) feel lucky sailor?
<Rubbermantic> ::grinning like I’ve just won the lottery:: like the king of Persia! Sounds like a date then.
<You come to an entrance to a park, lush vegetation surrounds a forked sidewalk that leads in the north towards a playscape and south towards a large body of water…

Rubbergrrrl has left the chatroom
Rubbermantic has left the chatroom
Rubberking has entered the chatroom “the park”

<Rubberking>  hello, anybody here? Thought Rubbergrrrl was coming in here.
<Rubberking>  ::rolling eyes:: Oh well. Another lonely night. (sighs)

Rubberking has left the chatroom

Lyn was torn by conflicting emotions and feelings as she shut her computer down and turned it off. She was more or less flattered by this strange mans attentions, what would he be like in real life, she wondered to herself as she spun in the chair? Well, at least she seemed to be a little more or less in control of both her own mind and her rubber covered body now, talking had calmed and inflamed her both, but her body had cooled it’s internal fires for now somewhat. She unzipped the neck of her catsuit and un-tucked the neck of the mask and pulled it forwards over the crown of her head, it came free with a wet, sucking pop and the round ball-shaped gag yanked it’s way from her between her lips all in one snapping motion and she stared, blinking in a little disoriented confusion for a second until she got her bearings back.

Her hair was matted and wet with sweat underneath, she wiggled a finger in her ear to get some stray sweat out and felt a fire being fanned as she stood for the first time in hours and bending at the waist, unzipped the boots and took them off, quickly undoing the corset and shucking the catsuit as it slithered off her body like a sticky snakeskin, leaving her standing sweaty in her new underwear, the bodysuit, bra and panties and stockings. She unclasped the garters and then hooked the panties with her fingers and hissed and gasped as the panties came free wetly, sticky girl-cum running out and leaving trails down her stockinged thighs as the dildo came free, inch by shuddering inch. She came one tiny last time as the end popped out and looked sadly at the floppy pants that had given her so much pure pleasure this night. She sighed; perhaps this was only the beginning…

She finished undressing and took the bundle of clothes, all except the boots, to the bathroom and running a warm shower, got in with some dish soap and washed everything out and taking the more intimates to her room with her to towel off, left the suit hanging from the shower rod to dry. She hung the rest in her own rather bare closet rods to do likewise and rubbing herself and the outsides of the boots down with the wet towel and hooking it over the top of the door, slipped into bed thinking about her new conquest. Soon, she was fast asleep, a smile of happiness pulling lightly at the corners of her mouth.

A soft knock at the door woke her.
She sat sleepily up on her elbows and said groggily. “Come in mom”

Her mother’s head poked inside saying with a smile “How did you know it was me darling?”

Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she replied, returning the smile. “Because you didn’t say “Pumpkin.”

They both shared a laugh as her mom brought her catsuit in and going to the closet, hung it from the rod, looking at the new boots and the things hanging there beside it, and then glancing down at the closed suitcase. “Is this some of your new things? Rather sexy looking. What were you up to last night after we retired?”

“I was just plying with them, trying them on, you know…”

Her mom gave her a tolerant smile and nodded. “Yes, I do. May I look that them dear? Maybe an old dog could learn a few new tricks. You should have seen your fathers face when he came back from his “constitutional” this morning, ha ha!”

“Sure, help yourself mom. And I can imagine…I heard you guys last night. I was up somewhat late and…you know. The walls…” she said, waving her hand idly and watching her mother. She swore she saw a slight blush flush her cheeks as she bent and picked up the suitcase before coming over and setting it on the bed beside Lyn and opening it up “My goodness! Look at all this; did you really get it at the second-hand store? Maybe I should go there more often.” She said, smiling down at her daughter as she fingered some of the items and looked at them.

“Yep. Spent less then thirty bucks on everything, they threw in the stuff in this suitcase for free.” She replied, getting out from under the covers and sliding her legs off the bed to sit next to her mother as the woman sat looking wonderingly through the myriad of latex and rubber clothing.

“Mom.” She asked. Her mom’s eyes tracked over to her and she raised an eyebrow questioningly. “What dear?” her mother replied.

“I…I met someone online last night. I’m thinking of meeting him in real life. I know we talked about this before. However, he seems really nice and I think I would like to do this. What do you think?”

Her mother laid the bra she had been examining down and turned to look at her before saying evenly. “You know he might be totally different from his on screen “persona.” If you are going to do this, you should meet him out in the open somewhere and take it slow until you get to know each other a little better. You’re a big girl now and I trust you to make your own decisions about who you see, but be careful…please honey. I’d hate for something bad to happen, ok?”

She gathered her daughter in her arms, placing her head on her breast. Lyn drank in her mothers strawberry scent and said quietly. “I will mom. Now what time is it and can you cook me something to eat please, I’m starving!”

They both shared a laugh and her mother held her for a while before braking the embrace and swore that she saw tears in her mothers eyes as she folded the lid shut on the suitcase and replaced it in the closet and saying as she went out, closing the door behind her. “Kids, they grow up so fast, sigh. It’s late darling, two o’clock, I’ll fix you some bacon and eggs. You have to be at the Bakers in a little while, don’t you? Of course you do, sorry. Excuse me, I’ll be in the kitchen, see you in a few minutes dear.”

She dressed in her normal fashion, in jeans and a tee shirt, pulled on her tennis shoes and pulled the suitcase back out. She had known she was going to take it with her from the moment she woke up and so simply piled everything she had except the raincoat that was still out in the living area inside and closed it back up, laying the talc on top so she could get dressed later at the Bakers after little Robert had gone to sleep. Might as well have some fun, she thought to herself. Mr. B wouldn’t mind if she used his computer to chat after Robert had fallen asleep so that would not be a problem. Heading out, she set the case next to the front door and walked into the kitchen, the aroma of fried foods made her mouth water and she hugged her mother around the waist in thanks and for love as she set a large plate of eggs and bacon and toast before her at the table and Lyn dug in heartily. 

Lyn arrived at the Baker house about ten minutes early. Robert was running around in the background, flying a plane and making swooping noises as Kim let her inside. Hers and Mr. B’s luggage sat next to the doorway and Lyn had to step around it to dodge the incoming flight of Robbie’s plane. The two women grinned at his antics and retired to the kitchen.

“Well, all righty Lyn. I’m glad you came early tonight. Bill’s a little antsy to be off. and I admit, I am too. We’re going out to have some real fun for a change, not just a dinner out at the local places for a change. And I’m so glad of that.” Kim said as the two of them sat down at the dinner table and Mrs. B brought them both some iced tea and sat across from her.

“Sounds like it Mrs. B. you look very happy tonight. What should I serve Robert later?” Lyn asked, sipping the cold drink and looking around.

“Dinners all ready in the fridge. You can let him stay up if he wants, but he’s been hard at it all day. He’s excited that we’re going to be away all night, but I don’t think it’ll last. If he cries, just let him get it out and then he’ll go straight to sleep I’m sure. There’s the numbers where we’ll be on the fridge as well. I left the wine bottle in there too if you want it later. Any questions before Bill…” she said smiling radiantly, patting at her hair. She was dressed in a tight-fitting silk print dress and heels tonight.

Just then, interrupting Kim’s speech, Mr. B came into the kitchen, adjusting the tie around his neck. He grinned at both ladies and dutifully pecked Kim on the cheek as he passed by them both and went out to the garage to back the car out and let it warm up, they watched him go, both admiring his athletic build and sharp dress.

“Mrs. B” Lyn asked.

“Humm? Oh what? Pardon me, I was thinking there a moment. What is it dear?” replied Kim, her thoughts broken by Lyn’s question to her.

“Can I use your computer tonight after Robert’s gone to bed? I have an online date I promised to meet later tonight.” She wheedled.

“Ha ha! An “online date” later huh? Well, all right. Boy, have things changed since I was young. Are you planning to have him over in real life too? Not that I mind really as long as it’s after Roberts asleep, all right. Sure thing. Have fun on your “date” and let me know how it works out for you. Oops, I think the big lug is calling me to come on. See us out?” Kim chuckled and said rising to her feet as the sound of the cars horn bleated from outside.

Lyn got up as well and they went to the front door. Mr. B appeared with a broad smile, gathering the luggage in his arms and going quickly back out to put it in the trunk. Little Robert hugged his mom and then his dad and Lyn and he stood waving as the couple entered the car and drove off down the street. Well, Robert didn’t cry at all. He was a little hyper there for a while as she busied herself reheating the dinner Mrs. B had made. She let him watch TV for an hour or two after they ate and later, looking over with a tender smile, found him dead asleep on the couch. She bundled him up to bed and tucked him in, closing the door gently behind her. Knowing him, an atom bomb could go off and he would still sleep until eight AM when his favorite cartoons would be on and then he would be planted there until she fed him breakfast and by then the Bakers would be back home again once more. Checking the basement door, she found it unlocked again and gave a little smile as she went to go turn on the computer and go shower and get dressed in her fetish outfit before meeting her date in cyberspace. It just seemed right somehow.

Washed and dried and talced, she slid into the one-piece suit that had she had found in the suitcase, the cool latex gliding on over her now equally smooth skin and raising delicious gooseflesh as she wiggled it up her body. It fit like a proverbial glove, molding to her every contour, hugging her in it’s tight, clingy embrace. She was glad she had chosen to finally wear it tonight. It had seemed so alien last night, tonight it seemed to call out to her to wear it and she joyously surrendered, shivering with illicit pleasure as she fit her face and head into the mask and brought the zipper up the back to the crown, sealing her in totally to a rubbery world of sexual bliss. Her breasts bounced in the molded cups, exact down to the raised nipples and she had her first orgasm of the night as she used the dildo of the panties she had worn the night previously to seat the sheath into her molten pussy, damp even as she slid the suit onto her body earlier, she shook as the dildo bottomed out and had to bite down on a groan of pleasure, she had no gag to hold it back now and wanted to take no chance at waking Robert while she was in the midst of her reverie.

In the mirror was a reflection of an earth mother. Well, not quite that thick, but wide enough where she needed to be and slim enough she didn’t need to be, the suit held back her flab and like the sheath was molded, so was she molded by the suit. Her ass was lifted into sensuous twin globes of female enticement, almost a match, but instead, a compliment to her heavy, elongated and molded titties. Her legs seemed longer and shapelier than before, her arms firmer and more muscular, her stomach flatter. Her face was a frozen mask of perpetual beauty, all made of the same jet-black latex skin. Even her mons and labia were outlined and defined. When she moved, her skin crawled, stimulating her real flesh underneath by the sheer movement of her body alone.

High in a way she had never imagined, she clasped the ribbon corset (that was what it was called, at least in one of the magazines anyway) around her waist, sucked in and hooked it up and drew it in with the laces before tying and tucking them in and stood with a finger alongside of her chin trying to decide what shoes to wear. She chose the thigh-highs of course and put them on, licking her lips at her reflection as she drew up the zippers to the tops of her crotch, shivering in excitement as her hands grazed her sex as they stoked her new skin. She was the image of sex in rubber, curvaceous and frightingly inviting, any man could easily fall under her spell. She laughed, she had one waiting on her now.

A glass of white wine in her seamlessly molded hand, she sat down at the computer and used her own passwords to log on to the net. She surfed to the chat site and logged into the main room, adjusting her profile beforehand to fit her new costume.

Rubbergrrrl has entered the chatroom “rubberfetish main”

<RbrDave> hi Rubbergrrrl J
<Rubbermisstress> Hello again dear. How are U? J
<RbrPerv> and so I was stuck on the frame, the vacume tube going crazy and no one to let me down. I came all night! LOL

Lyn smiled, it felt good to be accepted somewhere. For who she was and who she was quickly becoming. She typed.
<Rubbergrrrl> Hi everybody. Good to be back.. how’s tricks? ;-)
<Rubbermisstress> good to see you again dear. Have fun last night (winks)
<RbrDave> lol. Missed you, rubbergrrrl, miss us?
<Rubbergrrrl> oh yes indeed. Lol. Seen Rubbermantic yet? I’m looking for him for another snack, yum yum!
<Rubberboy> I want to be him! Lol
<Rubbermisstress> not yet dear. Can I come? I love romance, I’ll just watch, ok?
<RbrPerv> can I come too? I won’t tell hee hee. J

she smiled, pervs, typical. She typed.
<Rubbergrrrl> I’ll let you know Rubbermisstress. The rest of you guys, sorry. Private outing. Back off, he’s my toyboy. Ha ha!
<Rubbermisstress> don’t mind me dear. My hands are off! J Well, they might be busy somewhere else, but you know what I mean. Lol
<RbrDave> I’m with rubberboy, I want to be him. (jumping up and down gleefully)

Rubbermantic had entered the chatroom
<Rubbermisstress> speak of the devil….poof! lol!
<Rubbermantic> Hello everyone. J hello Rubbergrrrl.
<Rubbergrrrl> the man is at least punctual ha ha! Hello Rubbermantic, ready for our date?
<Rubbermisstress> go on ahead dear, I’ll be fine. I’ll keep the boys busy until you return to see us. (((((((Rubbergrrrl))))))
<RbrDave> you lucky stiff. Have a good time you two. (sheds tear) this is so….Romantic. (sobs softy into tissue) 
<Rubbermantic> please excuse us, rubbery people. We have a plane to catch.
<Rubbermantic to Rubbergrrrl> dear lady, may I request you meet me at “the inn” at your convince. * offers arm *
<rubbergrrrl to Rubbermantic> I’m all yours (suggestive wink)
they logged out and Lyn’s fingers danced as she typed in the roomname

Rubbergrrrl has entered chatroom “the inn”
::you go through the oaken doors of an inn. Smoke greets you and the rumble of small talk abounds. The walls are paneled with red velvet. A large bar faces you from along one wall::
::All the patrons wear one-piece latex bodysuits, high-heels click resoundingly as women walk past and you push through the masses to the bar::
::Amongst the patrons a ::Male:: stands waiting::
<Rubbermantic> hello again. Feeling better tonight?
<Rubbergrrrl> hello yourself. Yes I do, thanks for asking.
<Rubbermantic> I’m glad. Nice outfit. You look lovely tonight. ::places arm around your waist:: have a seat?
<Rubbergrrrl> ::sitting:: Flatterer. (bats eyelashes at you)
<Rubbermantic> so, what shall we talk about. Us perhaps? ::looking deep into your eyes, smileing as you flirt with me, hand on chest grandly::
<Rubbergrrrl> so can I trust you? I really don’t know you all that well, but I really like you a lot. You won’t break my heart will you? :: takes and places your hand over my heart::
<Rubbermantic>why would I want to do that? L I don’t really know you all that well either, but I’m willing to take a chance. If you are… (gazing scared and hopefully at you) ::cupping your breast in my gloved hand, running that hand up to stroke your face::
<Rubbergrrrl> want to do this for real? I’m working. Well, babysitting actually, at some friends house and as long as we don’t wake the baby, we can really get to know each other. They have a playroom downstairs if you want too…
<Rubbermantic> for real? In person? ::looking down guiltily: you may not like me for real, I’m not handsome or anything. You might be disappointed L
<Rubbergrrrl> as you said, I’m willing to try. I’m no Madonna either. What do you say?
<Rubbermantic> I donnknow. / hold that thought! What am I saying! I’ve dreamed of this moment for years. I’d be honored if you wanted to see me realtime. Are you sure about this though? I’d hate to blow my chance with you. ::holding you close, looking deep into your eyes, hoping against hope::
<Rubbergrrrl> no matter how you look, you’re wonderful to me. ::kisses you deeply, holding you tight:: (((((Rubbermantic))))) 
<Rubbermantic> where do I go to find you my love?
<Rubbergrrrl> 31717 Old hollow RD and Rubbermantic…
<rubbermantic> I’ll fly on angels wing…what is it my love?
Rubbergrrrl> are you dressed? If you aren’t, you can’t play with me. Mask and everything, leave the coat, we’ll see what we truly look like after, ok?
<Rubbermantic> already dressed my love. Be there presently ::kiss kiss::
Lyn almost jumped for joy! So many mysteries, so delicious and naughty and she was going to have sex for the first time in eight months! Whoohoo! They each logged off and she sat back, fighting the urge to bite her fingernails through the thick rubber of her gloves. She could hardly wait!

Twenty-six agonizing minutes later, a light tap sounded on the front door. Lyn, who was already pacing, strode over to the door and opened it. On the other side was a man in black rubber from head to toe like she was, black and shiny, like she was. He wore a pair of black jogging pants over his suit and tall, low-heeled knee boots and a belt around his waist over a heavy-duty looking mens style corset. He looked nervous, his hands fluttered to a pouch on his belt as though from long habit.

“You must be my date. Rubbergrrrl? Or have I come to the wrong house? Perhaps there is another young lady in full rubber running around here somewhere? Hee hee…” he said, blinking at her. His eyes were the deepest shade of blue she had ever seen.

“Welcome to my parlor, Rubbermantic. No, I’m the only one here in rubber at the present, although these are the people that inadvertently led me astray in to this strange world. Please, come in and let’s talk.” She said back, standing aside and motioning towards the living room.

He came in and took the seat next to her on the couch and she went to get another glass and the bottle of wine and came back and then, after filling both glasses, she sat again.

“Uuurrr, nice place…” he stumbled, looking all around before bringing his intense gaze back to fall on her form, her black skin, and her heels. He drank the sight of her in like a thirsty man and she squeezed her thighs together and felt flush from his appraisal.

Acting quickly, she put her hand on his thigh and said. “Don’t be nervous. We’re two of a kind here. You can tell me anything… do you want me Rubbermantic? Do you desire me?”

Her touch was like a shock to him, he jumped, but allowed her hand to linger. His eyes were such a deep blue, the blue of the ocean. She wanted to melt in that sea she saw there.

“I… I want you so bad my heart is aching, my blood is pounding, and well… you can see the rest for yourself. I… I’ve just met you and already I think I love you Rubbergrrrl. What should I do? How can you love me back? My desire is manifest in you. Where can we go?” he whispered hoarsely. He was right; she saw a nicely built cock standing proud under his shorts, throbbing with the beat of his heart before her eyes.

She took his hand and stood. “Come with me lover. We’ll use the facilities here in the basement, maybe you can explain them to me as we fuck.”

He winced at her use of that word, but stood and followed obediently as she led him by the hand to the door down to the playroom.
Downstairs, she used the keys and took them with her as they went inside.

“Oh my god!” he said in a low tone. “This place is fantastic! My own place is puny compared to this! Look at the rack over against the wall, that’s quality work I’m telling you, and these horses, superb! Oh I see where you’re taking me, nice bed.”

“Isn’t it? Wait until we get inside.” She replied. Remembering Robert, she quickly returned to lock the door and came back to stand beside him as he peered in through the parted curtains 

“Go on, get in. I’m right behind you lover.” She said smiling under her mask.

Once in, she drew the curtain shut and turned to him, the smell of rubber thick in the air around them. She hooked her fingers under the edge of his short and peeled them off his prone form, his cock was bigger than she imagined, long and thick and so hard the veins showed through the tight sheath he wore, his balls snug in a tight fitting sack underneath.

“You don’t need these anymore. Now, what’s this Rubbermantic?” she asked, pointing to the bag.

“A sleep sack. I think it’s big enough for two. You get in and…well you know.” He replied as she wrapped her hand around his thickness, he throbbed as he spoke.

“Show me.” she purred.

He spread the bag out and ran a long zipper down with a “burrrr” sound and opening it up, laid down in it, gathering the edges about him. Still holding him firmly, she got on top and gave out with a little cry of joy as she positioned him and slid the head into her fake-faced vagina, quivering as she impaled herself on him, moaning his name as she sank down all the way on his glorious prick. He reached down behind her and pulled the zipper up, as the rubber grew tighter around them, she could no longer keep from crying out as she came sobbing into his shoulder, her hips moving of their own accord. Finally, the zipper came up her back to her neck and they were sealed in layers of thick rubber, their body heat started to make it smell and that wonderful aroma soon filled the air inside the enclosed space under the canopy.

“Oooohhh Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me in rubber and fuck me until I scream Rubbermantic! Ooohhh oooohhhh yessss! Oh yes, yes yes YES!” she screamed out as her insides clamped ecstatically around his manly meat. He started to buck under her and she slammed her hips down to meet him, their bodies slapping together and squeaking as rubber met rubber as they danced and drove against one another.

“Oh god, oh god, Rubbergrrrl! Oh shit! Oh fuck, oh god you are sssoooo hot! You pussy is so tight on me! Fuck yeah, aaaahhhh shit!” he cried from under her.

His words of hot lust for her took her over the edge and she came, her pussy fluttering and her hips grinding together with his as she rode to a stop, her lower body freezing as she yawped and cried and shook and resumed slamming her hips down on his stiff joy tool, again and again, she clamped her pussy around him as she rode out a series of ever stronger orgasms and sobbed and shrieked his name over and over, their tongues dancing as they sucked at each others rubbery lips. His hands continually kneading her breasts and engorged nipples through the layers of rubber covering their franticly pitching bodies. He came once, his roar of release rising until it almost deafened her, then she kept him hard by using her pussy to continue milking him until he was rock hard once more, having never left her box.

On on on, it went. Their rut maddening in it’s intensity. Babbled squeals and cries and hissing endearments boiling from their lips as cock sank into pussy and pussy rippled over cock, their hips banging painfully now as they strove for the greater climax, the one that would end all climaxes before it. It wasn’t quite simultaneous, but it made up for it in sheer, gut wrenching intensity. His cock took on new, huge dimensions inside her and she could feel his balls pull up in their sack. Her pussy was a field of lightening, of fire, of sparkling cold, her cums so close together that she was astounded that she hadn’t died from the pleasure of it all yet.

When he came, her pussy made like a gymnast and milked him like a bull, clamping down so hard his cum was arrested half way up his pulsating shaft and he shrieked like a woman until she relaxed her cunt enough as the next massive wave hit her for it to squirt on past, ballooning the end of his sheath with it’s voluminous spew. Things went dark for Lyn for a few moments as they rode to a stop, her thighs clinching one last agonizing time and then relaxing as she all but passed out on top of him. Her insides massaging him in grateful thanks for all his efforts.

When the darkness lightened, she was still kissing him reverently, still moving weakly against him, his mighty cock deflating slowly inside her still quivering body.
Their breathing slowed, they held each other in the bag for a long while. Enjoying simply kissing and holding each other.

Lost in his eyes still. “I wondered what this was going to be like. I think I like it, I’ll have to get me one of these sometime. Oooohh lover, that was amazing.” She cooed, giving his now flaccid penis a last squeeze with her pussy as it pulled out all except for the sheath that housed it. If he got hard again, she bet it would grow right straight back into her. She sighed happily.

“You’re amazing Rubbergrrrl. I’m so happy you chose me. Thank you.” He enthused, his eyes sparkling.

She laughed. “Don’t thank me for sex lover, you enjoyed it too, as much as I did. It takes two to play these games, or so I’m informed.” She teased.

He eased a hand up her back and worked the zipper back down, freeing them.

“I wish we could stay like this, but I have to check on my charge. I’ll meet you back upstairs on the couch and then I guess this is goodnight for now. What an evening lover, whooo!” she said, easing her legs out, carefully so that her heels wouldn’t catch on the rubber bag and tear it.

“What can I say, that was the most amazing experience of my entire life. More! Ha ha!” he said happily, getting out and laying the bag out pretty much as they found it and sitting on the edge to pull on his shorts and get to his feet.

Lyn was already across the room and going out the inner door, she called out over her shoulder to him. “You got that right! See you upstairs, leave everything else alone and I’ll shut up after you go.” In addition, she threw him a blown kiss from her gloved palm as she laid a spiked heel on the first stair on her way up. Feeling totally fulfilled and glowing from their intense bout of lovemaking. Robert was still out like a light, snoring lightly in his new bed and she shut the door with a light heart and tromped down the hall and back down to the living room and Rubbermantic.

She sat back down, fitting easily into the crook of his arm and sighed. “I wish you didn’t have to go yet, but I have to get cleaned up and changed before I go to bed.”

“Will I see you again? Should we see each others faces before I leave, perhaps never to return. I’m lost as to what comes next.” He said evenly, she could tell he was very emotional under that tone he was using with her, thinking he was never going to see her again.

“Do you really want too? And yes, I’d like us to do this again, very soon if possible. I get the feeling there is so much more out there for me to learn about. If the bag was that good, what would some of the other things be like? Believe me, I want to do this more often from now on. But I’m off to college in a few months, what will I do then? Aren’t rubberists rarer than gems. Oh woe!” she said, doing the last as a defenseless maiden with the back of her gloved hand to her masked forehead.

They laughed easily.

“So we’ll keep the mystery going for a bit longer then, all right by me. I do think I should tell you my first name though. Hi, I’m mark, pleased to meet you.” He teased, offering her a hand, which she took and shook.

“I’m Lyn. I like this Mark, two people, joined by fate, linked by a passion few people could understand, sounds like a movie of the week!” she joked back 

“Seriously though, can I call you later this week, we could do the movies or something.”

“Like this? There would be a riot! The crowd would think we were the aliens come down from the screen. Although I would love to try that sometime. I have movies at home though, if you want to see them. Somewhat raunchy stuff though, German stuff mostly, no subtitles needed. Let me give you my number and I’d love to get together. Probably scare Mrs. Winslow, my landlady to death seeing you like that. She thinks I’m some kind of strange pervert as it is, wait till she sees you! That’ll send her to the U.N. switchboard in a hurry. “Please help, there’s rubber people invading my apartments, and they’re breeding in there, Iiieeeee!” ha ha ha ha!” he laughed so hard she had to shush him least he wake the child. She laughed too, but managed to keep it to subdued chortles.

“I’d love that mark, let’s send the old bat to the Looney bin. Aliens indeed!  I’m insulted, we’re government agents, doesn’t she know anything! Hee hee hee!” she laughed low and husky against his strong shoulder, feeling loved and appreciated at last. Not too many men stood up to her dry sense of humor as well as this man did, she had to admit, he was really living up to his namesake.

They sat giggling for a few more minutes, then he leaned in and kissed her until her knees felt like jelly and leaving her there sighing. He rose to his feet and reached in his pouch and brought out an old fashioned calling card with his phone number and first name and online handle and e-mail printed on it. He gave it to her and tipped an imaginary hat at the door. “Good night Lyn, call me soon. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship, ‘bye for now” he said with an unseen but discernable smile, the door closed and she was left alone with her thoughts, his card and her still fluttery pussy.

“Classy.” She purred, hugging herself.

After a bit of post colital mooning, she rose and went down to the playroom, trying to rearrange everything just as it had been before, then back upstairs and into the bathroom to take another shower, clean and dry her things and put them away in the case and then, into the guest bed and was soon fast asleep. She dreamed of many things, the funniest was the two of them stalking an old lady down a hallway in an apartment building, she almost woke herself up laughing in her deep slumber, but not quite, she was beat.

The Bakers were back before she awoke the next morning, looking chipper as Robert ran around banging pots together and playing at being a rock drummer.
Mr. B took her home and dropped her off with the promised payment and she lugged her suitcase in and set it in her closet. Still tired from last night’s antics, she went out to the kitchen.

She joked with her mom about her “date,” not telling her yet about what happened after she got offline and reducing her mom to a puddle of giggling woman flesh as they traded tips for making their men go bug-eyed with lust and sighing about how the felt afterwards. Dad poked his head in, listened to a few snatches of the conversation and retreated wisely back to the living room and his recliner before he was hauled up as some kind of example of mankind everywhere.
The ladie’s brayed with renewed laughter at seeing him run out so quickly.

About six that evening, Mr. B called her and asked her if she could come back over and spend the night as they were thinking about doing what they had before one more night in a row, he asked her to bring her things in case they did decide for her to sit Robert again, they would discuss it all after she arrived, he said.
She got her dad, out of hiding now, but still wary, to give her a lift, suitcase in tow, in case she had the opportunity to dress again and maybe give Mark a call to get him back over to play one more time. That would be nice, she mused, to be drilled and filled two nights in a row. Mrs. Baker let her in, Robert was already passed out, she said as Lyn entered and grabbed a place on the couch beside Mr. B. Kim got right down to business after getting everyone a glass of wine.

“Did you have a nice night dear, last night? How was your date? Was he as nice as you thought he would be, did he take you places online and buy you virtual candy and flowers?” Mrs. B asked a little pointedly Lyn thought.

“Aaah, yes Mrs. B. he was very nice, we had a great time. Thanks for asking. Why do you want to know though, if I may ask?” Lyn replied, something was very wrong here, she thought to herself.

“You’re sure there’s nothing else you want to tell us about last night Lyn? Perhaps you had your young paramour over here after hours like we had talked about. It’s all right if you did, like I said yesterday. We don’t mind as long as Robert’s asleep.” Mr B asked, a slightly brittle tone in his voice that Lyn had never heard before coming from him.

“Well, yes. I did have him over for a while. You said it was ok, I hope you’re not mad at me for it. I’m sorry if I disappointed you somehow. It won’t happen again.” She said, getting very, very worried now. What was going on here? She felt the hairs on the back of her neck prick up. She was getting scared.

“And our basement, did you go down there after we told you not to, after all this time that we trusted you with Robert?” Mr. B asked, his voice rising, sitting on the edge of his seat looking at her hard. Oop’s! They knew!

“I’m sorry, yes I did. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me, I didn’t mean anything by it. And last night…I was down there with Mark, my boyfriend. I’m so sorry!” she was close to tears now, her job was flying out the window, along with the trust of these good people that she had worked for, for all these years. She could see it now. Oh god!
They all sat in silence for a minute or two, then Mrs. B spoke up.

“Lyn, we have a confession to make as well. Last year, because of Robert getting into the medicine cabinets. We installed hidden video cameras throughout the house. I want you to see something with us.”

Using the remote control, Mr. B turned on the TV and VCR and pushed play. For the next hour and a half, they all sat in absolute silence as the whole evening played out before the Bakers and Lyn’s tear filled eyes. She sobbed several times, like when mark was telling her how much he cared for her, crying her cyber name out in the throes of bliss and just after as they were sitting, joking on the same couch that she sat so forlornly on right now. The tape ended as she walked back upstairs, showered and cleaned and dried her suit and slipped between the sheets. She was inconsolable as she cowered beneath the stares of her employers and cried for several long minutes before she could get a hold on her emotions.Once she had, Mrs. B handed her a tissue and spoke again.

“We’re really quite disappointed that you went against our wishes about entering the playroom Lyn, that hurt. Stop! Please don’t cry anymore until you’ve heard what we have to say about this “lapse in judgment” and decide if you should continue on working for us after all this.” 

Lyn jerked back her tears and said miserably. “All right Mrs. B, Mr. B. I’m so sorry I did this to you. I just hope you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me. I really like working for you and in a way, because of this incident, I learned I had a fetish myself and found someone to love me, that’s all. Please…”

Mrs. B cut her off with an up-raised hand. “We have to know that you’ll follow orders given you from now on. I mean really know. We did not mind that you had your young man over for sex in our home. We have no problem with that at all. It is that you broke the rules about using our playroom, which really, really bothers us. Do you really want to stay and continue working for us Lyn?” Kim hissed at her, her voice low with anger.

“Yes I do, Mr. And Mrs. Baker. I really and truly do! I’ll do anything, anything! I need to keep this job so I can go to college this fall, please let me stay!” she wailed forlorn and to the point of crying anyway.

“There is one thing you could do.” Kim said with a smirk.

“Anything, you name it, I’ll do it!” Lyn pleaded.

“You have your suitcase, do you have your things in there tonight?” Mrs. B asked

Lyn nodded, not quite understanding.

“And you have that lovely suit you were wearing in the tape as well?”

Again she nodded, a flicker of hope breaking the horizon.

“Go put it on and return to us, use the upstairs bathroom and don’t wake Robert, he’s seen us in rubber before. But we don’t want to scare him, he thinks we’re playing superhero games and we don’t’ want him hanging around for your punishment, do we? Kim said with a smile creeping onto her face.

“Punishment? What kind of punishment? I don’t like pain Mrs. B.” Lyn replied shakily.

“You should have thought about that before you broke our most solemn rule young lady, no one goes into the playroom by themselves without one of us present or knowing of it in advance, period. Now, go upstairs and get dressed, take the suit and you’re shoes out here in front of us and leave the rest behind. On the other hand, you can leave of your own free will and we’ll consider your employment terminated. Your choice Lyn, what’s it going to be?”  Kim said flatly, no compromise in her voice at all.

With a gulp, Lyn went and got the suitcase and opened it and retrieved the suit, boots and corset and stood upright to head towards the stairs.

“One moment. Hand me that corset please, we have a different one you’re going to be wearing tonight. Thank you, now, go ahead. Take your time and we’ll be waiting for you right here.” Said Kim that steel still in her tones as Lyn handed the corset over and it was replaced in the case.

“Yes Mrs. B. I’ll be back as soon as I can. It takes a little while to get dressed in this suit ma’am, but I’ll be back as soon as I can, ok?” Lyn said quickly still standing, taking her suit and boots and almost running to the stairs in her rush to try to get back in the Bakers good graces, but still concerned about what she might be getting herself into and yet more than a little excited to finally be included in the Bakers own rubber games.

Upstairs in the bathroom, her hands shook as she talced herself, wondering how she was going to fit the sheath without her dildo pants or something like it. She heard a knock at the door and her eyes went wide as a fully enclosed and masked shiny black rubber woman entered with a triple humped buttplug and handed it over to Lyn. She was still taking in the sight of the wrinkle free, custom made one-piece suit with a thick body harness with built in shelf bra tightly cinched over the top of it, laced knee boots with spike heels a full six inches or higher when the rubber woman spoke, it was Kim saying evenly. “Here, use this, the suit will hold it in. There is K-Y in the cabinet and if you need to flush, there is an enema set in there also. For the sheath, there’s a dildo in the top left hand drawer. Now hurry, we’re waiting for you.” And the black skinned woman turned and left. Wow! Thought Lyn, that was fast! She must have been dressed already under her street clothes to be ready so fast.

The plug was a chore to fit, she had to use lots of the K-Y and still the last portion wouldn’t go in past her resisting sphincter, she struggled into her suit and had to fight it all the way, not as excited as when she first wore it and so it was harder to pull on this time. The suit pressed against the plugs base as she pulled the torso up her frame, making her grit her teeth, it was uncomfortable since she was unused to having anything larger than a finger up there and the pressure pushing against it as it poked out of her bottom constantly trying to push it in deeper was distracting to say the least. Finally, she had the hoodmask on and the suit zipped up, she pulled the boots on her feet, having to do it more than once to keep the rubber from bunching up as the heel dragged the rubber of the suit.

She used the dildo, a thickly ringed and knobby affair, to seat the sheath. Flushing as the penetrations brought her to a fast, gasping orgasm, her anus winking around the evil plug as she held onto the counter to keep her footing. Panting, she replaced the dildo in the drawer and went back downstairs to face whatever fate was awaiting her. What she found was a small gathering of wildly dressed rubberists, all in one-piece suits like hers and Kim’s, all anonymous behind glossy molded rubber faces, they stood talking softly until Lyn came down and then conversation fell off. 

A deep male voice, Bill’s spoke up. “Very nice, not a bad fit for not having been custom made. Come here Lyn, let us see how well it fits you.” He said, motioning her closer. She strode over in her tall heels, feeling petulant, and her head down. “Yes sir” she squeaked.

They had her turn around several times in the center of the group, running their hands over her rubber skin. “This plug is not seated fully. I’ll fix that!” said Kim, taking the base of the plug through Lyn’s suit and her gloved hands, she pushed suddenly and Lyn let out a shocked shriek as the last ripple ripped past her sphincter, seating itself fully as the muscles in her overstretched ass pulled tight around the invader’s base. One of the men, one that had yet to speak held her shoulders as she struggled to stand the sudden pain and rush of feeling, the suit still pushed against the plug’s base, making it move when she did and the pain was quickly replaced by more pleasurable sensations as she stood upright again, gasping for breath.

Kim spoke again, holding a long riding crop in her left hand and occasionally slapping it into her gloved palm for emphasis. “Now Lyn. You are still rather new to this, so we won’t hurt you really, perhaps a spanking or so, that’s all this time. But you shouldn’t have broken our rules and so you must be punished and your little gentleman friend also. So you must get him over here, already dressed, so we can finish both of you’re punishments and you can be welcomed back to fold, a part of our group, for real this time. And no more breaking the rules, infractions mean punishments, none as mild as you and yours shall receive here tonight, trust me, you won’t like it if you do so again in the future. Now, go call him over, say whatever is necessary to bring him here. Now go to it, we’ll be listening through the speakerphone in the other room.”

Wary of being hit with the crop, Lyn said in a hushed whisper. “Yes ma’am, just as you say ma’am.”

Ha ha! Laughed the tall woman. “I think this might work out very well, my dear. If you remember to keep that tone at all times with me and the other Dominatrix’s here. Now call him, make him drool for you my dear. He’s really quite infatuated with you, as we all saw from the tape.” Kim said as she led Lyn over and handed the phone to her.

Lyn really didn’t want to bring Mark into this, but it seemed she had no choice if she was going to keep her job. So she punched in the numbers and laid the receiver against her covered ear so she could hear better.

He picked up on the second ring. “Hello?” he asked.

“Mark. Lyn here. I have a little problem. It involves last night, can you come back over to the house where I met you last night, please?” she asked straight out.

“What’s this all about? Are you in a fix? Is there anything I can do?” he replied, hearing the unspoken plea in her voice.

“Just come back over. Dressed head to toe like before, I’ll explain it all when you get here. Please come Mark, I need your help. And hurry…please!” she exclaimed, the slight panic in her voice speaking volumes.

“I’ll be right there as soon as I can get dressed. Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to make it all right, I promise. Don’t worry my rubbergrrrl. See you as I can. Bye for now lover.” He said, she could see him keying up to fight St George’s dragon, her knight in black rubber. She sighed as he hung up on her. “Bye, my love. She whispered, guilty at sending him into the pit for her sake.

The others came back out of the den to stand in a half circle around her as she cradled the receiver against her breast.

“That was sweet dear.” Said Kim, taking her by the hand and leading her towards the back of the stairs and the door leading down to the playroom. “Ah, young love. Come along now, we have to finish your attire before your prince arrives.”

Lyn in tow behind Kim, with the others following close behind, they went downstairs and opened the playroom door, entering, the rest went to find seats on the equipment or the bed’s edge as Kim picked up a heavy looking bundle of black rubber and opened it up. It was a full, body harness corset, heavily boned and wicked looking.

Without any more words, Kim had Lyn hold her arms up and proceeded to wrap it around her waist and hips. Kim belted it shut around her waist in front and Bill handed her a small handful of tiny padlocks, which she used to lock the buckles closed. Then straps were passed over her shoulders and buckled tightly over them and across her chest and back and more straps went on under her thighs and between her legs and were locked and buckled, then the lacing at the back and sides was collected by the three other people in the room as Kim held her hips still. Her breasts were squeezed out of the strange corset like twin torpedoes and Lyn’s breath whooshed out as the laces were simultaneously drawn in and her body felt itself being crushed beyond belief. She would have cried out, but the resulting loss of air changed her mind real fast about that idea. She could hardly pant fast enough to keep from passing out as it was and any exertion at all made her feel faint.

She swayed in Kim’s grasp as the laces were expertly tied and tucked inside the horror around her torso. “Now you can’t run off. Moreover, if you wear this regularly, you can have my figure my dear. I used to be fat too, now look at me. After one year, and no dieting either, that was before we moved here, but you get the gist. Now, we can’t have you letting lover boy run off after he gets here, so…” the woman said and drew on the gagged hoodmask that she had worn her first time wearing rubber over her head, quickly fitting the round mouthpiece into her mouth and smoothing the collar to add to the ascetic aspect of her costume. She was now rendered silent and unable to run from whatever came next. And it wasn’t long in coming either, as Bill took her arms and fed them into a baglike device and forced her arms back behind her, buckled and strapped them up tight almost up to her shoulder blades, adding a thick posture collar to keep her head erect.
She staggered to and fro, weak in the knees, feeling totally helpless. And for some reason, that made her horny as all get out, her endorphins began firing and she felt lightheaded and giddy with ever-growing rubber lust pounding in her tormented body.

Bill held her upright as she shuddered and shook through a protracted, strangled but highly profound cum, wrenched from her without so much as a finger being laid on her. Masochism? Lyn wondered as her lower body contracted around nothing by air and the butt plug, fighting to keep from passing out as the darkness pressed in on all sides.

She shook for a few more minutes, buoyed by Bill Bakers strong grip about her waist. As the haze slowly cleared a little bit, Kim was speaking to her again. “Now you can’t run away, or warn him away or signal him with your hands, you can’t easily get out of your bondage, we have all the keys. When he knocks on the door, you will be standing there waiting on him. With this note for him…” Kim stuck a post-it to her mask over her mouth. “Once he reads it, you are to lead him down here. If he tries to break for it, the men will subdue him, trust me, they can with ease, just lead him down here and everything will be fine for the both of you. Now, he should be along any minute, help her upstairs gentlemen. We’ll be watching you Lyn, don’t fuck this up!” and she was sped along on her mission by a burning, painful whack from Kim’s crop on her left asscheek.

Quickly, she crossed the room and ascended the steps to the main floor, followed closely by the two men, who, once they were topside and saw that she was headed in the right direction, turned and retreated for the back door to slip out unseen and stand guard, waiting in the shadows. Lyn couldn’t help it, scared and unbelievably horny, she rubbed her encased lower body against the walls edge, the coat rack, the arm of the couch, anything to try to get off again so her mind could clear, but it was useless. The best she could do was to send a shower of sparks out from her clit as she banged her cunt against the doorknob. Seconds later, the expected knock sounded at the door and she kicked lightly at it to let Mark know she was inside.

Hesitantly, he opened the unlocked door and eased his masked head in. Dressed like last night and spying her, he entered the door and shut it behind him. Looking her up and down in her predicament, he smiled. ‘Well now, isn’t this a nice package to find waiting for me.”

Her wide-eyed look must have said something; he frowned under his mask and pulled the post-it from her lips. “What’s this?” he asked. He read for a second and then smiled at her again lustily, saying, “You dirty little girl you, all right, lead the way.” She tried to plead with him with her eyes, but he seemed oblivious to what she was trying to tell him. And so, hanging her head as far as the collar would allow, resigned, she turned and walked angrily back to the playroom steps and down to meet some fate akin to her own, served him right, he should have thought more with the head upstairs for a change, hrrummpph!

At the base of the steps, she stopped. He pulled up short and looked at her, trying to get what she wanted from him. She nodded her head to the inner door as far as the neck collar would allow and he opened it and she followed him through, hearing the men coming down the steps behind them as she went to stand beside her man. Kim and the other anonymous woman stepped from the sides of the bed’s curtains and Mark halted in his tracks in the middle of the room, looking at Lyn sidelong. She blinked slowly at him as Kim started speaking to them both.

“Hello young man. We are glad your young lady here could convince you to come over so fast tonight. The words written on the note were from me, not young Lyn here. Do not worry; no harm shall come to either of you. But she has led you unknowingly to break our rules and so you both must be punished for your transgressions, don’t you agree?”

Nonplussed for a moment, Mark quickly rallied. “If we did ma’am. We didn’t mean to, if you must extract payment for breaking the rules, let be me who pays, I have a bit more experience than Lyn does and can take it better. If Ma’am so pleases.” He said, inclining his head differentially.

Both Dominatrix’s laughed evilly. “Such courage becomes you, young sir. And your manner is pleasing to us as well. Nonetheless, you both shall pay for breaking our rules, which state that no one enters the playroom without one of us present at all times. This is a safety rule, one that I am sure you have heard before. We must take it very seriously, but let it never be said that we are overly cruel. Boys, take him in hand. Mayhem, if you please. See to our young male charges needs please while I ready the swing…”

Mark struggled only a moment when he felt Bill’s and the other mans hands grip him firmly by the arms and held him as the woman, now named as Mayhem, came around the sawhorse and sidled up to look at him. Lyn could do nothing, as the woman peeled his shorts quickly down, revealing his rapidly hardening prick. Tossing them to the side, the woman reached behind a settee and retrieved a mens version of the same heavy harness that Lyn wore and opening it up, quickly buckled and laced it around him with the mens help. The bug-eyed gasp for breath, Mark let out as the corset wrenched him to the point of being unable to breathe, was inflaming to Lyn’s overstimulated mind and body. She hunched around the room, looking for things poking out that she could rub up against, trying in vein to get herself off and mumbling screams into the hated gag as she was repeatedly frustrated, her pussy awash in her juices and unable to cum. 

She fell to her knees before her man, rubbing her masked, gagged and sealed mouth over his now rigidly hard cock, wishing she could get it into her lips, either one would do, she fumed. Oh god, what was going to happen to them? The tension was more than she could bear, she gurgled a long, low moan out from under both masks as she was yanked to her feet. “None of that now! You’ll be taken care of soon enough my slutty little sitter. Bill, string our young friend up and me and Mayhem will put our little prospect in the swing, move!”  Hissed Kim, pulling Lyn over towards the far corner of the room by her shoulders, smiling evilly the whole while.

In this corner, swinging gently from four points of the hanging chains, was a broad piece of thick rubber sheet, the swing they mentioned. Mistress Mayhem busied herself by undoing the armbinder and removing it, placing baggy rubber bondage mittens on her hands, buckled, they rendered her hands all but useless. Next came a set of heavy ankle restraints from which dangled large “d” rings almost to the bottoms of her tall spiked heels. The two women picked her up by the harness and pitched her upon the swing and pulling her arms and legs up along the chains, locked padlocks through the links to the “D” rings, spreading her arms and legs widely apart, her ass almost hanging off the edge, she tried her bonds as the two women backed away, she was secured helpless and spread-eagled on the bouncing platform. Burning up with unimaginable lusts, she squirmed, moaning pleas for someone to do something, anything so that she could cum.

The men had strapped ankle, thigh and bicep restraints on a strangely passive Mark, a pair of matching mittens locked to his sides removed the use of his own hands and the men were quickly hooking cables to his harness and other restraints and Lyn watched as he was hoisted slowly and evenly above her and they positioned him with his rampant meat pole just above her smoldering pussy. Lyn thrust her hips up and squealed in joy as his wonderful prick sank just inside her folds, unable to dip any further in without her greatest efforts, she growled low in her throat, pulling on the chains, striving to get him further inside her fluttering, cumming cunt. Sweat poured from her every pore inside the suit as she drove her hips up, sucking at his member with everything she had.

“Now, isn’t that a pretty picture everybody. Tales of modern romance. Ahh, it makes me weak in the knees just thinking about what our poor young lass is feeling right about now. Let’s cool her down a little, Mayhem, winch him up a bit and bring me my flogger. Bill, you and Rubbertool, give the lady what she wants, so our young man can see what’s in store for them if they remain. Look smart everybody, don’t make me get out the suckers and the isolation bags!” purred Kim menacingly. Lyn, lost in her lusts, whined as Mark retreated out of reach, his now freed cock jerking in farewell over her up thrusting hips.

Suddenly, she felt her pussy being filled full of hard man meat and wailed around the hated gag as she came so hard that her head lolled off the back of the swing. She felt cool air and the pressure on her jaws finally stopped as her neck brace was removed and the gag mask was pulled off with a slick “pop” and the gag came out leaving a line of drool hanging from her lips. She cried out as the cock in her pussy started driving into her molten loins and then her mouth was filled again, this time with a hard prick encased in rubber, she sucked wildly at it, wanting it to spray it’s milky payload in her mouth, punching at it like a calf sucking it’s mothers udder. Above her, Mark hung helpless as his goddess was fucked from both ends beneath him, his tool swelling as he looked upon the passion in her eyes as she squirmed and came around the other mens dicks.

He cried out as pain flooded his ass, thighs and lower back, then again, this time the blades of the whip wrapping themselves around his throbbing cock and licking like lightening at his balls, protected only by the rubber sheath and sack. He was experiencing pain as his love was at the same time experiencing orgasm and the tableau switched as the men withdrew and the whip came down on Lyn’s encased titties and rubbered cunt as female hands wrapped around his tool and the hot mouth of Mayhem deep-throated and sucked hard on his sore shaft. He quickly came twitching and jerking in the harness as below him, Lyn shrieked in pain as the lashes smacked onto her boobies and clit, his seed ballooning his sheath as it was wanked over the twitching body below him. Then they switched again, Lyn was filled with hard cock once more and he was whipped again, his cock never falling as she came and her cries of release echoed around the cock thrusting between her lips, beside his own cries of agony, then back and forth they went, until he had cum four times, his sheath a bloated sack filling his with male fluids and she was a writhing mass of female sensuality, so turned on she couldn’t stop cumming herself from the pain and stimulation of being fucked and whipped over and over. All she could do was lie there and moan and writhe and cum again and again.

Then everything stopped, as if ice had been thrown on the two of them. They jerked back to awareness and Kim spoke pleasantly to them this time. “Very good for a first time out. Now you young people watch as we show you how it’s done. Mayhem, you can have Bill, I want a taste of what Rubbertool has to offer.”

Enraptured, the two young lovers couldn’t help but watch as the four paired off and Bill was led over to an inclined backboard and restrained to it as Mayhem took down a heavy inflatable rubber bondage helmet and slipped it on his head, placing the breathing tube squarely in his mouth before pumping it up, turning Bill’s head into a round balloon. Then she straddled him and began slapping his erect prick back and forth as it bobbed before her splayed rubber faced pussylips.
Kim, in the meantime, threw back the curtains from the rubber bed and pushed Rubbertool down on the sheets, taking a pair of rubber pants with a loose looking front, she drew one pair on over her legs and hips and then took down another pair and drew them up the mans body. Straddling his head, she quickly pulled the loose front on over his head, locking him in between her thighs. 

Grinning over at the two young folks, she purred. “We play these games all the time around here. Now that you have paid for your misdeeds, you may feel free to join us whenever we get together, or if Lyn is sitting for us and we know in advance that you two will be planning on having some rubber fun, you can use our facilities, it’s good to let them be used, but you must do so safely. Understand? Aaaaahhh, that’s it!” the woman cried as the hooded head underneath her moved and she her pussy was licked by her hooded slave. “A little more to the left, oooooohhh yyyeessss! Aaahhhh! Lick me! Harder! Right there you bastard! Oh yeah! That’s IT! Iiieeeeeee! Cccuuummmiinnngggg! Ah, ah, ah, aH, AH! SHIT! Ah!” with a strangled cry, Kim leaned forward and pulling on the hood at the mans waist, burrowed inside, her face was outlined through the rubber as she sucked long and hard at his shaft as he ate her box out, twitching, moaning and screaming as they came over and over again.

Back over at the bench, Mayhem was fucking up and down on Bill’s hard shaft, uttering tiny cries of passion as his hips came up slightly from the bench to aid in burying his prick to the hilt in her rubbered slit. Mark and Lyn both were left simmering watching the hedonistic activities around them as they were held apart from joining in themselves. And they would have, lust had long since blinded them to any form of moralistic inhibitions they might have possessed, both of them jerked and swayed, their eyes aglitter as they made the best of it, so close and yet so far from Eden. It was punishment, worse by far than what they had experienced before earlier. Marks cock hard and pulsating in the sodden sheath once more and Lyn moaning and working her hips around fitfully, begging him with her eyes, fuck me! Fuck me please, I’m burning for you, take me,  I need you, I must have you. They said without speaking. Lyn’s nipples so hard under the rubber they tented the molded imitations, so erect as to feel like knives. Her pussy boiled, as sodden as his sheath with her girl-cum and the sweat trying to find a way out of her suit. She felt a pool of her cum and sweat leak out through base of the rear zipper and drip like lead unto the concrete floor. She lay squirming, wanting to feel her lover fill her empty void.

“Oh god Mark! Please, do something! I’m burning up! Fuck me, FUCK ME! God, somebody, ANYBODY! Please Fuck me! Oh goddd! Soooo horny, please, please, please. Oh god.” Lyn cried to Mark, to the room, to their captors, praying someone would just please take pity on them.

Wordlessly, Mayhem slid off Bill’s cock and smiling under her mask visibly, went to the wall and pressed a button. Slowly, he descended, until he was inches from her prone form, his cock knocked at her slot, she squirmed, trying to get him in. He growled low in his throat, maddened with primal lust, frustrated by not being able to get inside her heated pussy. He listened to her moan of frustration, then felt a hand grip him and give a friendly squeeze as it guided him in.
Oh sweet bliss! He filled her to the brim and they drove hips up and down to meet each other with slapping ferocity. They screamed together as she milked him for all he was worth, her pussy like a clamp upon him, drawing him in, never letting him have the opportunity to slip out and leave her high and dry. She came repeatedly, shrieking her head off as she felt him swell and then begin to shoot his love into her.

Mark hung limply above her as she continued to squeeze him as he deflated, cooing contentedly as she gazed up at him and then back to the action going on around them. Running a gloved fingertip along the head of Bills prick, after aiding Mark and Lyn, Mayhem had hiked her long rubber coated leg back over the prone bill and sank with a sigh and a shudder back down on his prick shaft, riding him slowly as he grunted and bucked helplessly underneath her, rising to let only the twitching head stay inside if he got too rambunctious, then sliding back down as he stilled and let her do the driving. Muffled grunts, slurps and sighs came from the bed where the other two joined rubber lovers were still at it even after the rising sounds of eminent orgasm and strangled cries indicated completion, shiny heads continued bobbing, striving for ever greater pleasures.

Mayhem, growling and squeezing her outthrust rubber udders in her gloved hands, rose to the apex and shrieked as she brought her hips crashing down, cumming and Bill under her thrashed as her clutching hole pulled the hot sperm from his balls. Sinking down to lie on Bill’s chest for a moment, Mayhem ran her hands sensuously over his helmeted head, when that moment had passed, she released and unhooded him. Then, wordlessly helping him up, she indicated the two youngsters and they went to the wall and slowly let Mark down, Mayhem undoing his restraints and freeing his hands from the mittens as Bill released Lyn’s wrists and ankles, taking off the heavy restrains from her hands and feet as she lay moaning and whimpering for more, more, More. Mayhem pulled Mark close, whispering in his ear.

Mark nodded, went to her and lifted her bodily from the swing and following both the older people over to the bed, he laid her out beside the twisting forms of Kim and the man she was busily bringing again to a groaning climax, twisting her hips to bring his tongue deeper into her rubber-faced cunt. Lyn moaned tiredly, spreading her legs open in invitation, holding her arms out to him. Mark crawled between her splayed thighs and held her, kissing her gently, lovingly as Mayhem lay back and spread herself open with the gloved fingers of one hand, beckoning Bill to mount her with a finger of her other.
A snap and pop sounded loudly in the area as Kim’s head came free of the cunni-hood. “yyyyeeeeeesssss.” She purred. “Join us, become one with usssss. Let the rubber lust take you to new unimagined heights of rubber ecstasy. Fuck her Mark, make her scream and then we’ll all taste each other before we finish for the night. Take her!”

Marks cock, defying gravity, lurched to erection, the sheath fat, filled with the evidence of his lust for Lyn, he let her grasp him by the shaft and guide him into her sore slit, still hot for more. He grunted as his own soreness added pain to his pleasure as he filled her up, the butt plug still making her tighter than the tightest virgin and feeling it’s ripples through the membranes of her being as he slid forward and back, forward and back, sawing into her as she cried softly pulsing around his prick, so glad to be filled by him again and still wanting more as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. Kim pulled the cunni-hood from rubbertool’s head and swiveled around, impaling herself on his tool through the open neck of the pants, now the only women on top as they all picked up a rhythm and went with it, reaching ever higher, feeling the rubber skins of the others as they rutted together on the bed.

The women moaned and the men grunted in syncopation as hips danced and heated rubber cunts were plumbed by sheathed cockmeat, shuddering together, hands clutching each other, rubber squeaking as bodies rubbed up against one another “More, more, More!” cried one of the women, which one or all of them was uncertain, it didn’t matter as they all strove for the same nirvana, that place were rubber and cum were one. The men were overtaxed, their tired muscles began to pull, causing them to halt until they relaxed enough to resume pounding into the depths they were filling, the women moaned and sighed, and pleaded with them to please, please cum, to make them cum again.

The room spun in Lyn’s vision, her lack of breath was driving her under almost to the point of passing out, orgasms bringing her back to screaming, shrieking reality as Mark’s cock rubbed her raw and kept going, as she begged him never to stop, but to cum, to cum and make her cum again, and he did, over and over, her ass churning around the plug filling it, adding to her pleasure and pain and cumming so much she never wanted it to end, but knowing that it must, or else she would be nothing but a pile of quivering meat if they didn’t stop soon.

The tempo increased, the speed increased, the number of cums the women were having together increased, the men dripping sweat from the eye-holes of their masks except for Rubbertool, who wiped it from his eyes with the back of one gloved hand, the other busy gripping one of Kim’s tits and pinching the nipple like a vise-grip, Kim gasping and rolling her head on her shoulders as she massaged Marks asscheeks and egged him on to greater exertions in Lyn’s swampy slit. Bill was arching his back, a howl of release upon him, then Kim cried out, slamming her loins down on the man she was fucking with crushing force as she rode him to a standstill. Cooing and urging Mark onward as he battered Lyn with everything he had left.

Lyn’s pussy muscles felt it before Mark started to let loose with a huge stream of hot cum, arresting it before it made it out and making him holler as she held him in a vice like scissor with her legs as she screamed out the mother of all orgasms, then relaxing enough so he could finish filling the bloated sheath to overflowing like a balloon inside her. He collapsed on her, and she wrapped her arms around him, holding him close as they all sought enough air to say something or simply to breath enough to keep from passing out.

After a few minutes, Kim leaned over, still stroking Mark and Lyn, and whispered to them both in a low voice. “Welcome to the Rubber-room, hope you enjoyed the stay. Consider yourselves punished for breaking the rules. Next time, let Bill or me know and we’ll give you the keys, ok? That was so fucking hot, I don’t want to quit. But we need to get you out of that harness and into something a little more suited to regular respiration. First though, the unmasking. From the tape, we saw that nether of you have seemed to have seen the other without your masks on, is this true?”
Mark blinked, looking puzzled. “Tape? What tape?” he asked.

“Oh, that’s right, you don’t know yet. The reason you two got caught was that there were security cameras around the house and you were taped last night during your little fun. Don’t blame Lyn, she didn’t know either. That’s why you had to punished, for not following the rules about safety in our home. Someone must always know you’re down here, in case something happens, to keep from getting hurt or worse. But, that’s behind us now. I’m sure you want to see what Lyn looks like, don’t you? In addition, Rubbertool and Mayhem have a secret to reveal themselves as well. Ready for the moment of truth?” Kim said, motioning everyone to sit up on the bed so that they all could see each other.

“Wait a sec. Mrs…I’m sorry, Kim, right? Suppose me and Lyn wanted to hold on to our secret selves. I’ll do it if Lyn wants to, but I don’t know…what do you want to do dear heart?” said Mark, shaking his head in wonder at all that was happening and then looking at her with a question in his blue eyes.

Lyn sat curled up beside him, gazing lovingly at him and then at the rest of them as she said. “We’re both afraid to show ourselves, because what if we don’t like what we see? It could ruin everything for us. Perhaps we wouldn’t love each other as much then, perhaps it was only the rubber that made us fall in love…”

“Poppycock! That’s the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever heard in my entire life! If you love each other, the rubber only adds to that! If you really love each other, nothing else matters! You make up your own minds, but hiding isn’t the way to start what looks to me to be a wonderful, budding relationship. Don’t blow it by hiding behind your fetishes, that’s no way to live.” The man till now known as Rubbertool said loudly and with fire. That voice, Lyn thought, where have I heard it before?

Kim and Bill silently unzipped the backs of their masks and slipped them down to their necks, kissing in greeting and then turning back to look at the rest.
Looking at Mark, Lyn raised her hand to stroke his cheek fondly. “No matter what you look like, you’ve been the sweetest, kindest man I’ve ever met, in rubber or out. So don’t worry about losing me, ok? Here…I reveal my inmost self to you, my love.” She said, taking a line from her favorite movie. She reached up and grasped the zipper on top of her head and pulled it down, the sticky mask stuck to her skin as it came free, showing him her face.

This time, he was the one that stroked her cheek with his hand. “You’re…beautiful! Just as I knew you would be. You’re the one I’ve sought for all these lonely years…” he whispered, his voice falling off at the last. “Here, it’s my turn now. I hope you like me too…” and he reached behind his neck, pulling on an unseen zip sunk deep in his mask, freeing his mask, he pulled it forward.

He was young looking, brown hair, blue eyes, a little acne but not much to speak of, he was rather handsome in a rugged way with a set of full kissable lips and a strong chin.

Leaning forward, she kissed him deeply, then drew back, saying. “See, I didn’t run away. I still want and love you, silly boy, you have nothing to be ashamed of with me.” She snuggled up, cuddling under his arm, looking curiously now at the two rubberists left with their masks still on, wondering who they were?

The woman spoke up first, puling the zip from the crown of her head down, looking sidelong at her mate. “Well, first. To keep you from shock. I should tell you that we’ve been rubberists for many, many years. We met and fell in love at almost your same age. And we’ve been swinging almost as long… Dear.”
Lyn’s eyes bugged. “Mom?!”

The woman pulled her mask off with a “POP” and said. “Yes, it’s me dear. Stunned? Don’t be, we’ve known the Bakers all your life, this was where we went when we used to leave and go out of town, that was when the Bakers lived in Realto. Then they moved here and we had more fun when we went out regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you remember?”

The man beside her removed his own mask and smiled broadly.

“Dad! Why didn’t you tell me! My god, wasn’t earlier incest! When you…I…I sucked you off! Oh fuck!” Lyn cried out, stunned and shocked out of her mind by what she had done.

“Actually, no. Look.” Her father said and reaching down, with a snap, detached his penis from his crotch, holding it up for her to see. It was an exact model of a man’s prick, as seen in a rubber sheath, right down to the sliding rubber skin, it snapped on over the crotch of his groin, looking for all the world like the real thing. He pulled up on a hidden zipper between his legs and let his real, now flaccid and sheathed penis and testis’s flop out for all to see. “See, you didn’t really fellate me darling, Kim just did that through the cunni-hood, it was just a dildo, you just thought it was real. Scary huh?”

Lyn’s mother Shelly laughed delightedly, clapping her hands. “That was my idea dear. Don’t be mad and don’t look so shocked. Tasted like the real thing too, didn’t it? It’s a life replica of your father’s penis. It’s for when I’m really hot and he’s worn out from too much of a good thing, right dear?” her father nodded, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. “And actually, you only sucked the replica, I got to have the real deal before we arrived, right dear? It’s only fair that the wife have first dib’s on her husbands prick before handing him over to other women. And so, you were kept in the dark until you had your punishment and your fun with young Mark here. You’re eighteen and you can make your own decisions. But we felt that you should expand your horizons if you were getting into the world of rubbersex. It was just a fluke that you developed the same fetish as the rest of us have. And to our surprise, found a nice young man to share your fetish with. 

But you broke the rules of the house, we all have them and abide by them for our own safety, they’re for everyone’s protection. So when Kim came over, boiling mad about you breaking into the playroom, we watched the tape, found it all charming and put our heads together and decided to let you see how the other half lived. So what do you think? Are we all sicko’s? Still want to join our little club? There’s more of us you know, about thirty more or less. We attend a special fetish gathering once a month at Ru Pauls, out on route 32, remember driving past it a million times? I asked you about it and you said it was “weird” remember? That’s where we all went last night, in fact.”

Mark looked at Lyn, then her parents, then Lyn again. Shaking his head wonderingly as he said, pointing from the Bakers, to Lyn, to her parents. “Let me see if I’ve got this right. The people that own this house, you baby-sit for, ok? Moreover, their rubberists, right so far? In addition, these are your folks? Your parents? And they’re like us too? Too weird!”

Everybody but Lyn erupted in laughter; it rang in the large room, booming almost, as Lyn sat, still to stunned to get the joke. She hugged her knees, hunched up for more than a few minutes as the rest of the group chatted animatedly around her. She rolled back the past few days, looking for some sense of purpose, some anchor, to keep her whirling mind from breaking into scattered fragments. Finding the room, finding and buying her first rubber clothes, having sex with a man she had met through the internet, getting caught, having the most wonderful sex she could ever imagine and then finding out that her parents and the people she worked for, were all in collusion. And that they all were into the same fetish too. It made her poor mind ache trying to try to comprehend it all.

She loved Mark, she knew that, he was the kindest man she had ever met, next to her father. Who, even by proxy, she had sucked off. And her mom, who had conspired with Kim, to bring both of them here, put them both in bondage and later, to have heavy rubbersex with them all and to teach them a valuable lesson in trust. It was almost overwhelming. But it was glorious in it’s own right and who was she to question it? She shook her head as if to clear away the cobwebs inside. It didn’t matter, not really, she had Mark, and everybody had everybody else, they were all paired. She wasn’t alone, she had Mark to love. And the rest if she wanted, even her parents. Well, no, that was too weird a thought, and probably illegal in all states, even if she was eighteen and six months. Wild! No, what was important was Mark and her and their love of each other and of rubber. The rest would work itself out in time.
Her mind slowly cleared, she listened to what was going on around her for the first time in several long minutes.

“…and in nineteen eighty-six. Shelly and Kim walked down main in full rubber, hugging and rubbing each other as they went. The town went wild, they couldn’t figure out who it was and so decided like the sheep they are, that it was alien lesbians from New York, out thumbing their noses at middle American values. It was the talk of the town for a full six months, and all the time, me and Bill were just smiling. Knowing that every guy in town had seen them and instantly gotten hard as a rock for them, not that they’d say so. But there was a marked increase in mail order sales coming into town ever since then, let me tell you. Anyway, now that you know our story, tell us all a little more about yourself and how you came to love rubber, if you would please Mark?” her father was asking.
Lyn eased her legs back down and gazed adoringly at him, lending Mark support.

Mark glanced at her, then at her parents, then at the Bakers. Lowering his head, he kissed her, a quick peck, and then said. “I…uh. Well, I got into rubber when I was about fourteen. I saw this picture in a magazine, of the fetish model Dita in full rubber fetish gear. And I was hooked. I ordered some magazines from the backs of some stroke mags and as they say, the rest was… well, you know. Anyway, I’d been looking for a woman that wasn’t adverse to wearing rubber ever since. No takers, anywhere at all. I was starting to get a rep and I was fed up and fixing to leave the area, move to another, larger city or something, in order to better my chances of finding someone like Lyn. And then she just dropped into my lap, so to speak. We met in a chatroom, online and it was magical, at least for me it was. Here was this girl that was finding her sexuality and it was exactly the same as mine was. I was smitten, to say the least. She let me into her life and that’s all there is to it. And now…if a person could fall in love with another person in only these couple of days time, I AM certainly in Love with Lyn, if she’ll have me that is…”

“Oh Mark! Oh yes…I’m in love with you too, I have been since I first chatted with you online. You’re so sweet, so smart, so…Hunky and you build and tell such a good story that I’ve known that I had to have you since before we first laid eyes on each other online!” she looked at her mother and father, mirror images of them except older. Her fathers arm around her mothers shoulders and Mark’s arm around her own and looking down shyly asked. “Is this possible? Is this more than just a wonderful dream? What we did together was incredible, but what me and Mark have found together in just these few nights time is what I’ve wanted all my life, a man that loves me and wants me more than anything. And my new love of rubber, was it preordained that I found out so suddenly about this side of myself. Is it heredity? Was I born to be a rubberist like my parents? Oh, I don’t know. But one thing I do know. I love this man beside me and I never want to leave his side, in rubber or out and that’s saying a lot right now! Anyway, I’m tired, can’t we go home and shower and get out of these suits? I love rubber, but…”and here Lyn lifted Marks overfilled balloon of a sheathed penis and wiggled it once or twice and then continued. “I think Mark needs a breather and a refill, tee hee! And I need some rest too, I’m bushed!”

This spawned another hearty round of laughs from everyone this time and then Kim asked. “ We did have fun, didn’t we? In addition, since I guess we haven’t lost our favorite sitter, and I hate to ask this, could you sit for us tomorrow night? Bill and me are going to Antojoni’s and we can’t get his mother to sit for us. Would you do it for us Lyn, please? We’ll make it worth your while.”

Lyn pulled herself upright, back straight and proud. “Well, that depends Mrs. B. Can I have a friend over for the night and can we use the playroom after little Robert goes to sleep?”

“Oh bless that child, he sleeps so soundly. Good thing we soundproofed the walls when we moved in. All right, you win. You can have Mark sleep over with you and you both can help with Robbie, and you can use the playroom afterwards. As long as you play safely and clean it up afterwards and we’ll pay you double for your time this time. Next time, you have to negotiate with us, deal?” said a giggling Mrs. Baker.

Her father spoke up suddenly. “Whoa, wait a second here! Now that you’re seeing my daughter, I need to know your full name at least Mark. The ladies may never forgive me, but I have to look out for these two. So speak up son, tell us your full name and where you live!”

Several emotions crossed Marks face, Lyn watched every last one of them. Surprise, stunned, deliberate, then clearing to an open, happy grin as he said deep voiced. “ Mark Danial’s sir, pleased to met you, I live over on Ridge Runner Street two blocks away from your place, can I call you “Dad” yet?”

That did it, the six of them rolled out laughing until tears ran from their eyes and their sides were like to split open, Lyn’s mother Shelly sliding to the floor so weak was she, her mom’s rubber covered ass smacked loudly as it hit the floor and brought another round of renewed laughter from them all as her dad helped her up again..

Thirty minutes later, the Bakers stood in their doorway. Lyn held her suitcase until Mark took it from her with a crooked grin, it was raining again, harder this time, and all of them had their masks back on and sealed away from the wetness, the men cleaned up enough to get home at least while the ladies talked and made plans, chatting idly about the wild sex and what they thought of each other and all that had happened.
Now, they were outside in the rain, it beat down on them like tiny fingers beating on they’re skins. The four of them waved goodbye to the Baker’s as they stood in the door, waving back. Then turned to face each other.

“I’d like to walk Lyn home if I may Sir? We’ll be back in about a few hours, before dawn. I think we have a lot to talk about…” Mark shouted to be heard over the noise of the rain falling.

Her dad’s mask turned up, showing his own grin. “All right, we understand, take your time. Have fun you two, and if it matters’s Lyn, I think I approve. I look forward to seeing you again Mark, lets talk later in the week, perhaps we can help each other out, whatta ya say?”

“ Sure Sir, I’m sure I’m going to seeing a lot of the both of you. Goodnight Sir, goodnight Mrs. Dunmoore, thanks for opening my eyes even further, ha ha!” Mark Joked.

“Goodnight Mr. Danial’s, take good care of my darling girl, or it’s the whip for you Mister, ha ha ha!” her mom joked back, turning Don around, they headed off into the night, Shelly laughing and skipping into the occasional stray puddle in the road.

They turned around too and headed in the other direction, Lyn snug and cozy in her rubber and under Mark’s arm around her own waist. They wondered off under the streetlights, unafraid of being seen by people. Happily, Lyn hummed a nameless tune as they walked along, her heels clicking time as they headed over to Mark’s place to spend the night, shower again and get something to eat before turning in. probably for the day or until she was needed over at the Bakers once more. Mark was like her, waiting for the fall to enroll in collage and he spoke about it along the way, getting more depressed by the minute as he talked.

Finally, she stopped him and said with an impish grin. “Mark. Yes I’m going to college in the fall, you are too. You’re locked into Reed College and that’s that. But I found out something more than just that rubber runs in my family tonight. I’m a lock too.”

“Oh great.” Mark said, more dejected then ever. “Where? Danforth? Roland? Maxwell? Still way too far for me to travel with no car. Oh man.” He sighed.

“No silly, closer.” She said, grinning from ear to ear, milking it for all it was worth. Making him squirm.

“Milburn? I don’t know, where?” he said, lifting an eyebrow under his mask visibly. Glancing at her with a jaundiced eye.

“Somewhere close to home.”

“Where! For Christ’s sake!” he exclaimed, totally out of patience, hopping up and down in the torrential rain. 

“Where I can be with the man who loves me. Right here silly, I’m locked into Reed, just like you. Foolish mortal, did you think you could get away from me so easily? Bwah-ha-ha-ha!” she brayed, arms akimbo. Watching the look of shock and disbelief slowly became displaced by one of joy and acceptance and full of doe-eyed love for her.

They embraced under the last of the heavy rains, the deluge slacking off to a drizzle, like in “the park” where they had their first date.

“Oh Lyn, do you mean it?!” he whispered in her masked ear.

“Yep, I’m all yours now Mark. Don’t make me regret it ok? Now I’m hungry, feed me! Then I want to go to sleep forever next to you. What are you waiting for? Take me away silly! Besides, I simply can’t wait to get this buttplug out of my ass. Ha ha ha, ha ha ha!” she cried.

In quick-step formation, he turned and led her up a side street and around a corner. There was his apartment house, she had seen it every day for years and never knew he even lived there. It had been a near thing for them both. Happiness almost passed them both by within an arms length of each other. If they hadn’t spoken out across the airwaves, they might have never met at all.

As he put his key in the lock, she turned him and kissed him. What a wonderful life they were going to have, and rubber love was the icing on the cake.
They entered the low apartment complex and disappeared from view, a few minutes later, a high-pitched scream was heard and seconds after that, an older woman in a frumpy blue housedress came running high stepping out the front doors. She was yelling something incoherent about aliens invading her building as she ran off into the night.



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