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We Will Rock You

by Lee

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© Copyright 2007 - Lee - Used by permission

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We Will Rock You

The High Tech Mess


Not again! OOOOhhhhhhh AAhhh AAhhh SSSshhhhhiiiittttttt. Ah Oh Wow. Wait a minute let me catch my breath. My name is Candy. No I am not a dumb blonde. I have Red hair that flows to 3” below my shoulders. I have a degree in Body Mechanics and Psychology And I am currently in a mess.

Maybe I should tell you what my mess is. I love bondage. That’s not the mess. That get’s me into the mess. Tight I cannot move, tttooooootttttaaaaaalllll bbbbbooooonnnnnandge. Shit. My husband is a scientist. He specializes in body mechanics. Oohh Oh Oh Oh DDddaaammmmmn. Steve and I are working on the next generation of body armor and space suits. Crap AAAAaahhhhhhhhhh. Oh God that feels good.

We both love bondage. Probably me more than Steve. In our profession it gives us some very interesting play toys. I’m in one of them right now. UUUuuuhhhhhgggg. Oh Shit. Wait, Wait, Damn. It is a full body latex based suit. The only openings are for the eyes, crotch, and mouth. But that’s where it’s similarity to the normal suits ends. Oooh SSSshhhit. Damn.

When Steve was working on the prototypes they used latex because it was easier to modify than what they are going to use in final production. He used me as his body model. I got to keep the suits. Oh Nooooo  DDdddddaaaaaammmmmn. Oh God this has got to stop.

“Candy, What are you doing?”

Oh thank Heavens. It was Steve. My eyes looked over at the computer. Cause I couldn’t move my head. I saw my hubby on the screen. Ok! A little more explanation is in order. The suit is filled with biomechanics. It’s hooked into the computer by radio waves.

“Candy the screen came up with the suits information. Wow an hour. Damn Girl.”

AAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhh Oh Oh Oh Oh UUUgggghhhh. The drool coming around the ball gag had the latex of my chest wet all the way to my crotch. There it was mixing with the juices that were oozing out of the suit where I had left it open a little. I didn’t know I had been here that long.

“God you look good. Been having fun!”

“Candy I can see you are alright by your readings. But I have some good news and bad news.”

I looked at the monitor again and OOOoohhhhhhh SSSSshhhhhhiiiit.

“Candy have you got the Little Devils on battery or plugged in. Ok, Sorry Blink once for Battery, twice for AC.”

I tried to concentrate and blinked twice.

“Ok I have some bad news. I can’t come home for another 45 minutes. I told you I didn’t have the remote control set up for the suit yet. Your just gonna have to tough it out, at least I can set the Little Devils for tease. What happen to your release? Did it fail again? Ok once for yes.”

I blinked once.

I could see the bastard smiling. He had to turn away from his PC cam he was trying so hard not to laugh. “Are you going to be alright till I get home?” I blinked once. Nnoooww, Oh Man, Thank God Steve finally turned them down. Now that the Little Devils weren’t trying to kill me. The orgasms won’t stop. I’m so turned on right now a cold wind will make me CCccuuumm. Shit. But now that I can breathe a little BBBeeetween aftershocks. I will try to tell ya’ll about this suit and the mess I’m in.

The suit is black latex. It has body sensors embedded with nanotechnology. They monitor heart rate, pulse, hydration, and about a dozen other things. The suit is not as thick as the normal latex suits. But it feels the same when I’m wearing it. They respond to the computer and can actually tighten or relax the suit as needed. Steve said the suit is being designed to actually compress the chest of a soldier if his heart stops from battle wounds. Yea the suit will be able to give the soldier CPR. Cool Huh?

I am sitting in a chair. Well it’s a stool. My hands are cuffed at the wrist. There is a rope that goes up to a hook in the pole that’s behind the chair. There is a strap that is hooked to the ring at the top of the ball gag I have on. It goes up to the hook also. My feet are tied at the ankles, below and above the knees, and cinched with rope.

I thought this was going to be a short bondage session. The suit makes it so easy. Well OOOokkkk Oh Damn. Wow! When I woke up I decided to play a little. I came down to the dungeon and decided on the black latex. I have them in red and blue. I took the Little Devils. This set are mounted on black latex panties. Impossibly tight latex panties.

I stepped into them and pulled them up to my hips. Rolled the latex down and grabbed the warm lube. Once they were LLluuuubbed up. Wait a second. Ohhh!. Ok.  Oh yea, once they were in position they went in pretty easy. Just the thought of what was to come I broke out in a sweat.

Once I had them filling me up I rolled the panties up to my waist and smoothed out the latex. Next came my favorite bra. It’s latex and has little nubs in just the right location to just tease the shit out of my nipples. I rubbed some of the warm lube on them before I slipped into the bra. Then came the suit.

When you first put it on it feels like it is almost paper-thin. Kind of like spandex. Makes it real easy to get into and smooth it out. Like I said the only openings are for the eyes, the crotch, and mouth. The small opening at the crotch can close and there is a closure that runs partway down the back. Some new high tech zipper. Just enough for me to get into it.  And to allow Steve in you know where.

Once I had it on I went over to the keyboard of the computer and started the cycle. The suit responded by tightening up all over. At this point it felt like ¼ inch of latex pressing real tight. Heavenly. I chose my 4” lace up latex boots and sat down to put them on. The Little Devils reminded me they were there. Wow. I had not started them up yet. So I reached for the remote and pressed warm up. I could feel a low vibration start in the front and a little swelling in the rear. I’ll tell you more about them in a little while.

I didn’t need to but added a bright red latex corset. It starts at my hips goes up till it just covers my nipples. I backed up to the lacer and set it on automatic. As the corset started to tighten the suit did the same. Steve had it programmed to match the tightness of the corset.

The lacer stopped and I got them tied off. I added a latex black full hood. It laces up the back. I pulled my hair out the hole of the hood and laced it tight. The suit did the same as it did for the corset. I picked the red ball gag. It was the type that had the straps meet just above the eyes. The straps went over the head and met with the straps from the mouth. I buckled them and the ones that go under the chin.

I picked a few pieces of 3/8-diamond braid rope took one and looped it 4 or 5 times around my ankles. I cinched it and did the same thing just below and above the knees. The cinch was enough loops that my legs were held apart about ½”. I loved to look down and see my legs covered in black bound with white rope.

I took a pair of handcuffs and clipped a rope that hung from the pole just behind the chair to the connecting chain. I reached over to the keyboard and typed in the command to start the program. I now had 45 seconds to clip the leather lead rope to the ring at the top of my ball gag. It runs to the ring that the rope does. Then I had to cuff myself, and sit down.

As I sat on the chair my hands were pulled up behind me and my head was pulled back till I was looking straight ahead. When the program started the suit for lack of a better word became solid. The electrical pulses caused the material to shrink to a preset compression and then become hard. So I really didn’t need the ropes and cuffs. The suit would keep me from moving. It would monitor my chest and only flex when I was breathing.

I had a mirror set up across from me and I loved to see myself in ropes and cuffs. The computer routine was not finished. Steve still had to program the timers into it. So in the meantime I came up with this release. There was a ring in the beam above the keyboard. I had a round fishing weight hanging from some cord that went through an eyehook in the beam over to another eyehook in the wall. That’s where I would put cubes of ice in a pair of knee-highs. When the ice melted the weight would come down and press the escape key. Tada the program would abort and let me out. Yea Right. This is the second time my little plan blew a fuse.

Ok about the Little Devils. They are remote controlled dildos. They can shock, swell, vibrate like a bitch, and even squirt. They can run on an extended battery or be powered by a pad that keeps them charged by me sitting on it. Works like a transformer. At least that’s what Steve tells me. That’s another part of the mess. That’s what I am sitting on now. So the Little Devils will run till the power dies.

Ok Now you know the set up. A little bondage. A few heavy orgasm’s. A shower then a movie. At least that was the game plan. That’s until my cat Misty jumped up on the keyboard chasing a bug. The keyboard is now lying over by the printer and the weight is lying on the floor. The last time it failed the hose hung in the hook over by the wall. And the damn cat was slapping the weight around till Steve came home.

Oh thank God. I just heard the back door close. “Hello Baby. Wow by the size of that puddle you have had a ball.”

Just let me out Steve I said. Of course that came out. MMmmm mmm mmmmm. Thanks to the ball gag. He picked up the keyboard and put it back in place. Reached for the Little Devils remote. And paused in his tracks. STEVE!

And the Son of A Bitch ran them back up to torture. “I’ll be right back I want to take a shower.”

OOhhhh  OOOhhhhh  God AAaahhhhhh SSSSStttttteeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeee.


“I’ll be right back” 

OOOOhhhhhh GGGGGGGGGGGooooooooooodddddddddd. Damnit. Yooouuuuu Bastard. Oh Shit. I Wiiillllll GGgeeeeeetttttt EEeeeavennnn WWiiiiith You.  Come Back HHhhheeeeeeee  Ooohhhhhh Crap. All I could see was stars. The Little Devils were going nuts. The whole nine YYYYaaaarrrrddddddsssss.

SSStttteeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeeeee! Ooohhhh Yes! Yes! God that is AAAAaaahhhhhhhh.

Between the stars and the earthquakes. I heard the shower turn on and Steve start to sing.

God DDDDaaaaammmmmnnn Him. Oh Mommma.

“We Will, We Will Rock You.     We Will, We Will Rock You”



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