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A Week in Rubber

by Lurko

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© Copyright 2016 - Lurko - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; catsuit; hoods; gag; sleepsack; encase; bond; sendep; chast; toys; insert; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

Day 0:

"OK, so let me summarize what you want. You want me to lock you up in latex for a whole week because you would like to experience full enclosure but you don't feel determined enough to do it yourself."

"Mostly yes. I would feel like I am in chastity, give you the key and full control."

"All right. You said catsuit, hood, gloves and socks. But if you want it then I want full control therefore I choose the clothing. Strip down and wait for me in the bathroom."

It was Sunday afternoon.

The bathroom was next to the wardrobe and I heard you were packing and sorting. I was working at home in my own company, nevertheless I have a lot of design work for the next week. I was thinking about how I will handle it.

You came in with some lube, an inflatable butt plug with tube for enema and with a big bag.

"Uhh or wow?!"

"I think you will like it. I thought about some fun for the week. Let's prepare the base!" you said with a big smile.

I bend over, you pushed the plug inside and filled my stomach with at least 3 liters. It was a shocking, exciting, amazing feeling as the water filled me.

"I don't want you to be disturbed by all these backdoor things, you will go on a liquid diet, then you can be plugged for the whole week."

You repeated the procedure two more times to be sure I'm empty and clean.

"Now let's get dressed. I already prepared your outfit."

First came an underpants with penis sheath and pissing tube and zipper for rear entrance.

"Ahh, I forgot. Open wide! I don't want to hear complaining from now." You said and put an inflatable butterfly gag in my mouth, than lightly slapped my cheek.

Then I had to dress up in long red stockings and matching shoulder length gloves. After that came a back zipped black catsuit. You took the gag out, fitted a black hood with mouth, nose and eye holes and put back the gag. I had to put on platform boots with high heels, then ankle and wrist cuffs from thick latex and a red neck corset.

"Now bend over!" with that you cuffed my wrist to my ankles. "Legs wide open!"

You zipped down the catsuit and pants and inserted a vibrating inflatable butt plug. My hard on was even bigger after it. You took a corset and wrapped it around my waist, tightening it as my breathing was a little restricted. Last I got padlocks for every possible position.

"Now we are ready for the moment. As it is almost evening I will dress up for watching TV."

You disappered, but before you lead me to the living room, made me to kneel and restrained my arms behind my back. I took the chance to play with myself, as I got access to the plug's inflator and the vibrator control.

"Ohhoohoo! How you dare? It would be better to restrain you more!" Soon I found myself in an armbinder with the vibrator turned off but the plug inflated to huge.

You took up a panty with a hood on it at the crotch. You put me inside the hood and I have to lick you while you were watching TV. If I stopped you slapped me on my butt with a riding crop and give the inflator one more squeeze.

"Well, maybe it would be a better week than I first expected!"

I lost the counting how many orgasms did you have, but my tongue and jaws were aching like hell. But I had to lick because my butt was going to tear. Finally you had enough. Being such a good slave you deflated the plug and switched on the vibrator, nevertheless didn't allow me to come. I was really frustrated and I felt as my manhood would explode if I couldn't come. You lead me upstairs where a tight latex sleepsack was lying on the bed. You forced me inside and I didn't have any possibility to touch myself. Fortunately you removed the plug for the night, however I couldn't sleep, but it seemed you could. You hugged me and fell asleep shortly. My mind was racing. Full of feelings and thoughts about the recent few hours and what is coming next?

Day 1

I was waking up for a wild and wet dream. I was still in the sleepsack, my buttplug was vibrating and you were riding on my throbbing manhood. You were wearing a nice royal metal blue catsuit with attached feet, gloves and hood. It was a fabulous sight how it was shining and enhancing your curves. You had massaged me through the two layers of rubber and I was totally wet and slippery inside my cocoon. Then suddenly I felt it is no longer a dream but reality. We had both came and you lay over me caressing my rubbered face with your rubbered fingers.

"Good morning! Hope you enjoyed the show! I decided to tease you even more and also help you to concentrate on your work. For that I am going to put you in chastity. We will see how a good slave you are and maybe I will let you out."

Then you raised your hip, reached for the bedside table and installed the rings and cage to my latexed cock. It was such a scary but erotic view, knowing that from the moment you click the lock on I am going to be yours totally.

"Now, I'll let you out from the sleepsack and you can cool yourself down with a shower. But first I'll insert a new plug to keep you aroused the whole day."

You inserted a prostate massager one. I immediately felt the pressure on my prostate however I could not got an erection in the chastity.

Then we headed to the kitchen for breakfast. First I had to serve you then you prepared my liquid diet meal while I was restrained to the chair. A gag was put inside my mouth with a feeding tube in the centre of it and I had to use it as a straw to drink.

"How much work do you have? A lot?"

I nodded.

"It's a pity. I would have liked you to make some household works but then just go on with yours."


"Later this week you think you could do? Perfect!"

"Mmmpppphp!!" I shook my head with protest but without any success.

You left the kitchen to leave for work but left me restrained. Soon you came back and fortunately released me, forced me back to the high heeled platform boots then headed to work.

I was trying to summerize my current state. I was completely encased and locked into latex and a chastity device, plugged in my butt and mouth. It was a highly erotic sensation, but I had to cool down to start my work. My clients wouldn't accept that I am a rubber whore so I missed the deadlines.

I went to my office room, switched on the computer and tried to start working. As I was sitting in the chair the prostate massager started its journey inside me, gently pushing my prostate at the most delicate point. When I moved on the chair it made me hornier but the chastity on my cock reminded me to my situation. I tried to divert my thought and started designing. Hours passed and I felt hungry. I had almost forgot about the plug in my ass when I stood up and felt the immediate high pressure and I almost climaxed. I went to the kitchen to drink the food you prepared for lunch. I realized I hadn't used the toilet since morning so I made a large jug of tea also.

I went back to work, settled on the chair again with the feeling of the plug. This design job was so important therefore it was quite easy to concentrate on it not on my latex enclosure. Sure the chastity also helped a lot. And if I finish the work, I will get a lot of money so we can buy the already choosen toys and clothing. I almost forgot to drink the tea I made and when I sipped it through my gag it tasted a little rubbery.

Around 4 o'clock you arrived home. I was still busy with my work and hadn't heard you entered the house just when you came into the room.

"What's up, honey? Do you feel good? I was thinking about this week and have some thoughts how to make it more exciting. Just finish your work while I prepare dinner." you kissed my latexed cheek and left the room.

An hour later I finished working, switched of the computer and headed to the kitchen. You were still busy with the dinner but had already changed clothes, wearing the same catsuit as in the morning. I was stunned, stepped behind you and started caressing your body.

"Calm down little boy, everything in the right time!"

But I didn't stop I was so aroused and tried to provoke you. Soon I found myself in the living room well restrained. Before you had put me in an inflatable hood with only a mouth piece which was connected to a breathing bag to constrain my breathing and smell heavy rubber, I had had to watch you giving yourself pleasure while inserted a dildo inside your pussy.

I was smiling under my hood as far as I can. When we started to date, you hadn't known anything about latex. You were the one and only I have told my secret when I was brave enough. You seemed curious, didn't show reserved so we stepped into it together. Of course it was me who pushed it further and further, buying new clothes, toys. Meanwhile you had became more and more interested about the playing and the transformation latex can do with our body and mind. When we moved together and were alone we started to create our own clothes to satisfy our own ideas, creativity and especially lust.

Now we own quite a large collection from ordinary street wear to the most bizarre bondage suits. We are still discovering our interests and it is changing constantly too as we are trying out various new things. Now we are deeply into latex which means often wearing it under normal clothes too, have an inclination for bondage and sometimes domination/submissiveness. And I am very happy that I found a person with whom I can share my deepest feelings, passion but moreover it seems you also feel like this.

Time passed and I heard muffled steps than felt you release the tube from my mouth piece. You pulled me up from the couch and escorted to the kitchen. We sat down and you showed where my bowl was. With me still in two hoods and the gag in my mouth I strawed the liquid with care, because this was my only option for breathing too.

After dinner we went back to the living room. You restrained me back to the couch and sat down to watch a series on the TV while you rested your head on my thighs and fiddled with my caged manhood. I was nearly in heaven within my enclosure, with my stomach full and lying there. It was and is one of the most relaxing situation I can imagine. I think after the second episode you led me to the bathroom, put me in the bathtub and opened the tap to let me sink in the warm rather cold water. It is also a very delicate feeling, while I am sunk in a bathtub full of water but sealed by the rubber and the inflatable hood holding my head above the water. You left me there for the third episode I think.

I don't know, where this love for latex comes from. I've always felt a thrill when I saw shiny, figure hugging clothes on females. I've always wanted to feel it on myself and now I can do it. Am I daydreaming or is this reality? I was floating in between, can not decide until I felt your hands on me. You pulled me out from the bath, toweled me and lead somewhere. For now I totally lost directions.

You removed my butt plug, chastity, inflatable hood and gag. I was blinded by the light but I saw we were in the bedroom. You put back a hood over my head with no eye openings and a large gag was forced back to my mouth. This gag was a bifunction one. Either it silenced me it had a large dildo protruding where my mouth was. You made me to kneel next to the bed, positioned yourself on the dildo and signaled I could start. I was moving back and forth until you came.

Then you removed the gag and hood and ordered me to my inflatable latex sleepsack. You noticed how excited I was, but didn't care about it. I crawled inside my bed and you inflated it to a degree where I couldn't even move my finger. At last you gave me a long kiss and put a blindfold on my eyes to have a nice and relaxing sleep.

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